jpdstsimpson / jussi: rsync: failed to connect to ubottu.com: Connection refused (111)00:25
tsimpsonjpds: xinetd died for some reason, just restarted it00:27
bazhangmousepad is the thing under your mouse right?01:14
rwwcould also be a notepad app for xfce01:16
IdleOnebazhang: it could be an ubuntu issue01:16
rwwbut then one wouldn't say "my mousepad" normall01:16
IdleOnenow that we know he means a trackpad on a laptop01:16
rwwwords are hard!01:16
IdleOnehard is a hard word01:17
bazhangtpgs hrd01:17
ldunnvwls r hrd.01:17
ldunno7 IdleOne01:18
IdleOnebanned anyone yet?01:18
IdleOnewhat you waiting for?01:18
ldunnA good enough excuse :(01:18
IdleOneI would give you one but I have been removed enough times from -ot01:18
bazhang (~N3M35I5@lick3d.your.sist3r.out.in.my.bunkhouse.us)01:24
bazhangthat host seems offensive01:24
rwwit is01:25
bazhangand the real name too01:25
sdhasuIm a true gangsta02:17
sdhasuBan me02:17
IdleOneback to this gangsta stuff are you02:20
IdleOnesdhasu: how about we do this. you part the channel, I will set a ban, you don't try to rejoin and we can both be happy02:21
sdhasuI am a true gangsta02:21
sdhasuthat means u wont set a ban02:21
sdhasuok set a ban02:21
IdleOneWell, it doesn't involve a certain level of trust on both are parts02:21
IdleOneerr does*02:21
sdhasudude ban me its simple =)02:22
IdleOnedude stop joining here, it's simple02:22
highvoltageman why am I so susceptable to troll bait!02:22
sdhasudude just ban me, its simple02:22
* IdleOne sets mode +b sdhasu*!*@*02:23
IdleOnenow please part02:23
highvoltagewhat happened there and why did he want to be banned?02:25
IdleOnehe's just trolling and wants to get banned for some reason02:25
IdleOneI guess so he can then complain that he has no way to resolve his current bans02:25
rwwI guess attention seeking02:26
IdleOnethat also02:26
GangstaTHis is a plea to get banned pleas eban me02:27
IdleOnehow did you get passed my ban?02:28
IdleOneyou hacking freenode?02:28
ldunnBan-evading, tut tut.02:28
Gangstamy laptop crashed02:28
Gangstawas i banned?02:28
IdleOneI set a ban you should not be able to get in here02:28
IdleOneI will have to notify freenode staff about this.02:28
ldunnoh, I see. You set it on the nick, not the host.02:28
Gangstahaha my name is not set on /mode +b02:28
IdleOneI suggest you quit now and not return here02:29
Gangstai say ban me now02:29
Gangstaor kline me =)02:29
* IdleOne sets +b *!*@c-66-30-168-93.hsd1.ma.comcast.net02:29
IdleOneplease leave now02:29
Gangstai am not leaving until i am banned or klined02:29
Gangstai will wait here all night until tomorrow until i am banned02:30
IdleOneI guess three days of this is reason enough to tell you that now you will have to deal with IRCC if you want any of your bans to be removed02:31
IdleOne!appeals > Gangsta02:32
ubottuGangsta, please see my private message02:32
elkysome people are far too easily amused02:34
IdleOnewas hoping to scare him straight with the hacking freenode thing02:35
elkyhe's in -irc-council now02:35
ubottuGangsta called the ops in #xubuntu ()02:35
IdleOneelky: all yours :)02:35
CoreyI can PM if you'd like.02:37
elkyCorey, go for it02:38
elkyCorey, don't be expecting too much though.02:38
IdleOnebtw long weekend in .ca02:38
CoreyLet's see if he responds.02:39
CoreyYeah, with "I demand to be banned" then a /quit.02:40
elkyPretty much what I expected, yeah02:42
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (rh45y appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)03:19
ubottuouyes called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:59
Pici"I wanted to see who the ops were"04:06
elkyIn case you ever need evidence why insults as nicks is not appropriate.06:54
Jordan_Uelky: How common is that though?07:00
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (long)09:36
IdleOneGood morning necreo, anything I can help you with?13:49
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Hoez appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)14:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Staticlv said: Ubottu this is a 64 bit system17:05
rwwIs it just me, or has #ubuntu been busier this release than last one?17:21
Tm_Trww: I would imagine all the new things like Unity does bring a bit more fuzz17:24
oCeanwho/what is pulgoki? (in #u)17:24
oCean<pulgoki>bazhang was last seen Fri May 20 16:02:50 2011 being deopped by ChanServ in #ubuntu17:24
rww16:25 [freenode] [ctcp(pulgoki)] VERSION17:26
rww16:25 [freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from pulgoki: xchat 2.8.7f Windows 6.1 [i686/3.41GHz]17:26
rww16:25 [freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from pulgoki: BitchX - FreeBSD 8.1 p317:26
rww16:25 [freenode] CTCP VERSION reply from pulgoki: xchat 2.8.7c - FreeBSD 8.1 - release p317:26
Tm_Tsmells like a bot to me17:27
rwwsmells like someone who uses too many scripts to me, but I poked them about it, so next time it gets trigged they get the usual banforward.17:27
oCean"usual" is forwarded to -ops ?17:28
rwwsince we have newbies around and they tend to not know: banforwards are bans that forward to a different channel instead of just not letting you in. They're made by appending $#channelname to a regular ban17:30
rww/mode #ubuntu +b *!*@ubuntu/member/rww$#ubuntu-offtopic, for example17:31
rwwif the destination channel isn't chanmode +F, you need to be opped in the destination channel to set a banforward.17:31
rww(#ubuntu-ops and #fix_your_connection are both +F, though)17:31
rww(##fix_your_connection **)17:32
teadictdon't kill me ):19:04
teadictI come in peace..19:04
teadictin the form of an apology19:05
teadictfirst and foremost, elky: despite I know you know I was joking and on top of that, drunk, I ask for your forgiveness19:06
teadictI'll PM that to her later19:11
Tm_Tall the new ops, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride20:10
FlannelTm_T: Where are the emegency exits, and what do we do in the case of a water landing?20:20
oCeanalso I only just found out that there are no seatbelts20:20
FlanneloCean: You only need seatbelts for takeoffs and landings, which only make up like 0.5% of the time spent, so it's not really cost effective to have them.  Budget cuts and all.20:22
Tm_TFlannel: emergency? landing? nooo we don't do those20:24
topyliwe never land, we just fly from one emergency to the next!20:30
rwwmy head is now thinking up analogies where our op mentors are seatbelts20:32
oCeanthey are not flight attendants?20:34
LjLoCean: sir are you going to turn that phone off or shall i throw it off the plane for you?20:34
oCeansorry :(20:35
* rww turns off everyone's portable electronic devices with the EMP cannon20:36
LjLwhat the... mine was in "flight mode", and i was at the final boss!20:36
rwwSir, switching your shotgun into "flight mode" does not make it pass FCC regulations.20:37
IdleOneFCC is freenode cargo containers?20:38
rwwFreenode Crashes Constantly20:39
rwwhighlighting the acronym yo20:40
IdleOneoCean: most important thing to remember as an op is that ops are always right. Long live oppression!20:40
oCeanIdleOne: now that should have been in the call for new ops!20:43
rwwtopyli transcends terrible puns like "oppression" :(20:44
IdleOneone more thing, you may want to schedule weekly appointments with you shrink right away.20:44
* LjL takes note... no wait, i'm doing that already20:44
rwwLjL: you have a shrink? They're doing a terrible job. You should fire them.20:45
LjLrww: :( they're free though20:45
IdleOneJust like Ubuntu, you get what you pay for :P20:46
LjLis that why my shrink keeps saying my thoughts should have more unity?20:46
Jordan_ULjL: Does he have you lay on his couchdb?20:48
LjLJordan_U: no, i just sit ifdown, except for when we part we stand uptime. but i'm a bit tired of her inaptitude.20:49
IdleOneperhaps install telepathy-tubes20:49
Jordan_ULjL: I guess that's apropos.20:49
topylimy shrink is the emacs doctor-mode21:08
topyli"interesting, but please mind your language"21:08
rwwmine is /mode #ubuntu-unregged +i21:17
LjLgood idea21:19
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (ghrtytr appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)22:09

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