cjwatsonLaney: please pull the transition-tracker branch19:19
Laneycjwatson: righto20:44
Laneylooks easy ;-)21:38
cjwatsonI may be turning into a slight NBS obsessive21:40
Laneythere are worse things to be obsessed with than archive health21:41
Laneycurrently i'm obsessed with f5ing nm.d.o21:42
cjwatsonmeant to be RSN, eh?21:44
* cjwatson remembers that phase ...21:45
cjwatson(actually, *that* bit was short in my case, it was the two AMs who vanished on me that slowed things down)21:46
cjwatsonthe DAM approval stage was 10 hours or so ;-)21:46
Laneyit's "how soon can you get enrico involved"21:47
cjwatsonit was tbm in my day21:47
* cjwatson tries to work out why dvbstreamer is missing its shlibdeps21:51
cjwatson... also missing its binaries, well that explains that part ...21:53
Laneyyour tin anniversary has passed :-)22:00
Laneyalioth being down is irritating, maybe i'll join the nbs-fest22:01
cjwatsonheh, yeah22:02
* cjwatson fixes dvbstreamer22:02
cjwatsonpoked the Debian bug for multiwatch to see if I can help with sponsorship22:07
cjwatsonand uploaded everything else for libev22:10
cjwatsonocaml is done aside from the llvms22:11

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