AlanBellgosh, it is tomorrow already00:00
shaunothe end is nigh ;)00:00
gordback in the early days of unity i had to stress test something or other, but basically it involved opening xeyes fullscreen on my netbook for a few seconds, closing it and repeating. automated of course. still, very freaky after a few hours00:00
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AlanBellgord: someone should have done an xeyes version of the mdz picture00:03
shaunough.  a friend's had their wordpress hacked & asking for advise.  not sure what to tell them past "nuke the site from orbit"00:13
AlanBellideally export the content, reinstall from bare metal and reimport and keep the thing updated00:15
shaunoit's pretty sneaky.  the site looks fine, unless you visit with googlebot's user-agent00:16
AlanBellotherwise backup, wipe, install latest version, restore the config file with the database passwords and the wp-content directory, having checked it for uploaded stuff00:16
AlanBellyeah, then full of links?00:16
shaunoyeah.  appears as a blog dedicated to canadian viagra if you're google00:18
shaunoquite successfully too.  it's the top google result for her name + viagra  lol00:19
AlanBellthat is probably cleanable00:19
Azelphurshauno: got it working, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/May%202011/2011-05-20-234911_1461x476_scrot.png :)00:19
shaunonice :)00:21
shaunoso you're gonna take over the world while everyone's busy watching the rapture?00:22
Azelphursomething like that, I forgot we are supposed to be dead now00:22
AzelphurI'm alive, yay.00:22
shaunoI should head to bed, but I'm poised ready to invade china :/00:24
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Rocking The LoCo Community In Oneiric - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/05/20/rocking-the-loco-community-in-oneiric/00:25
Laneyjono is being rather prolific on the ol' blogosphere lately00:25
AlanBellhmm, so the plan for 200,000,000 users is organic growth done by the loco teams00:27
Laney835 members of ~ubuntu-uk00:31
Laneythat's... 239,520.958 each!00:32
AlanBell~locoteams 18353 members worldwide00:33
Laney10,897.401 — that's more like it00:34
AlanBellyeah, we can do that00:34
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AlanBellnight all00:35
Laneylet's work this out00:36
Laney2.95192682% of the world's population (as of 2009)00:37
Laneyapplied to the uk's population, that's 18,254.170500:38
Laneywhich is only 21.86 each!00:38
AzelphurLaney: it's almost like that time the RIAA sued limewire for a little under the collective wealth of the planet01:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Dominic Watkins] Automating APOD - http://rowla.dyndns.org/blog/2011/05/20/automating-apod/01:25
shaunodiscovered I turn into a stereotypical american when I play civ  :/  so close to a cultural victory, but I don't want to waste all the nukes I made ..02:40
gingso you secretly sold some off to some 3rd world bananna republics ?02:43
ali1234ati cards still suck on linux :(03:14
ali1234hdmi output doesn't work properly with fglrx03:14
ali1234everything is all flickery on vga03:14
shaunothis I never understood.  half of you say ati cards suck, the other half say nvidia suck.  so we're stuck with intel integrated?04:03
gingno because everyone says intel suck04:09
MartijnVdSging: no, intel rocks06:17
MartijnVdSIntel and ATi are the best choices atm, as both have well-supported Free drivers06:17
gingwell how come my old pc could never come out of suspend mode?06:19
MartijnVdSthere you have it: old.06:19
MartijnVdSI haven't had problems with suspend (and/or Intel) since about hardy-ish06:20
shaunoI haven't had a problem with suspend since I quit using linux on laptops  *duck*06:20
MartijnVdSshauno: 8-)06:20
shauno* Looking up localhost:1000206:22
shauno* Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it?06:22
MartijnVdSmessed up your /etc/hosts?06:23
shaunonope.  stupid client is just stupid06:23
MartijnVdSaren't clients always like that06:23
MartijnVdSoh wait that's customers06:23
shauno(irc client;)06:23
shaunothought I'd be clever and forward to irssi-proxy over ssh tunnels06:40
shaunoturns out gui irc clients all blow chunks06:40
popeySomeone has asked me to put Ubuntu on their computer for general surfing and such09:10
popeypondering what version to give them09:10
popeyintel 945, 2GB RAM09:11
popeywas thinking 10.04 but actually Unity should work fine on this09:12
popey60GB disk09:12
shaunoI'd be tempted to try it too.  It's going to be completely unfamiliar to them anyway09:18
popeyyeah, that's what I'm thinking09:18
shaunowhy make them learn 'the old way' just to be yanked onto 'the new way' at some indeterminate point in the future09:18
popeyI should make some notes about this.09:18
AlanBell11.04 and then try out unity, unity-2d, classic gnome09:18
popeyI suspect unity3d will work fine on this09:19
popeyits a dell inspiron 640009:19
AlanBellyeah, should be fine09:19
shaunoit'd be interesting to see how someone actually reacts to unity with little to no preconceived notions going in09:19
shaunobut guinea pigs aside, I think it'd be the wiser choice going forward either way09:19
popeyI am going over for an hour or so tomorrow to hand over / introduce09:19
popeyif it goes well I'll probably upgrade my mums PC to natty too09:20
popeyand going to give her a bigger screen too09:20
popey"With this bigger screen you get a new UI"09:20
AlanBellmy kids are using natty09:20
popey"oh, ok"09:20
popeyis how that will go09:20
popeyher revo should run natty okay09:21
shaunothat's pretty much how my mom went on linux.  her single complaint, "why is the start button at the top".  click, drag. to the bottom.  "oh, ok".09:21
AlanBellyeah, shame on Natty the BFB is so useless09:26
AlanBellI don't get why the top level menu of the bfb isn't the categories in the Applications menu09:27
hamitronhaha popey09:32
popeygonna mail the list too09:33
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:34
brobostigonmorning daubers09:37
* daubers makes a cuppa09:41
shaunoit's starting to feel like I should have tried sleeping instead of playing civ all night :(09:42
* Laney has a nice cuppa lapsang souchong09:42
daubersshauno: Which Civ? Civ V is aces as is IV09:44
shauno5 :)09:44
* hamitron likes civnet09:44
hamitronnever had 4 or 509:44
shaunonever was a fan of 1, liked 2, never tried 3, hated 4 just because of what they did to colonization :/09:45
hamitronI never got into 2, but my comp of the time was underpowered09:45
daubersV makes my laptop really toasty09:45
hamitronhmmm, toast09:45
shaunoyeah.  the fan on mine gets really quite loud if you zoom out09:46
shaunowhich unfortunately some of the city views do for you :/09:46
hamitronI wouldn't mind getting civ5, only they seem to release things so often09:46
hamitronget as much $$$ outta ya as they can09:47
hamitronprob worth it for someone who plays that particular game a lot more than I would09:48
shaunoto be honest, I only got civ5 because I got a shiney new laptop, and had a handful of 4-5yo games to play on it09:50
shaunoso I got civ5, and then portal2 a couple of weeks later.  then realised I'd spend e100 on games in one month, and felt bad09:51
hamitrondo people still play freeciv?09:51
popeysome do ☺09:52
shaunonever tried it.  I do play freecol when I get really bored tho09:52
popeyi have a friend who does09:52
shauno(colonization was always much better than civ ;)09:52
hamitronshauno: what is different?09:52
shaunoa lot more micromanagement I guess09:53
livingdaylightgetting my Adroid gingerbread upgrade this morning10:00
MartijnVdSwhich phone?10:01
dutchiehmm, really should get round to finishing portal110:03
MartijnVdSSearching for Unity features/bugs on google is annoying10:07
MartijnVdSthere are apparently 2 other things with that name (at least)10:07
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: why search there10:07
czajkowskihow about ask ubuntu for features and lp for bugs10:07
MartijnVdSczajkowski: because the wiki search sucks10:07
MartijnVdSczajkowski: so does launchpad search10:07
czajkowskiaskubuntu ?10:07
MartijnVdSNever used it.10:07
MartijnVdSGoogle always worked before.10:07
czajkowskihandy lens you can install on unity10:08
czajkowskisearch from dekstop10:08
MartijnVdSbut I have my browser open 99% of the time10:08
MartijnVdSso why would I need that?10:08
MartijnVdSthe Search interface in unity is broken/annoying as well, so I don't use it.10:09
czajkowskiI'm sure you filed a bug then10:09
MartijnVdSczajkowski: Nah, it'll probably get closed with "This is how the design team wants it, quiet, you peon"10:10
livingdaylightMartijnVdS, htc desire hd10:10
livingdaylighton 3network10:10
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: do you have any idea how annoying it is to hear people give out about thigns, but tell them to file a bug and then they wont they rather just give out10:10
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I'm not annoyed by search being bad, because I never use it _anyway_10:11
livingdaylightI hope we get swype back on gingerbread10:11
shaunoI gotta admit, I find it more annoying the other way around.  it used to be that people would help you figure a problem out.  now they'll just let you languish in bugzilla10:14
MartijnVdSshauno: yeah launchpad is a bit of a place where bugs go to die.10:14
MartijnVdS(or live forever)10:14
AlanBellso triage stuff10:14
MartijnVdSAlanBell: can't triage my own bugs10:15
AlanBelltrue, but you can triage other peoples10:15
AlanBelland you can look after your own bug a bit10:15
MartijnVdSSo their bugs get fixed and mine don't? :P10:15
czajkowskiof ffs10:15
czajkowskiI give up10:15
AlanBellproviding information, finding people to confirm it etc10:15
AlanBellMartijnVdS: and other people will fix your bugs and you fix theirs10:17
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I've been reporting bugs since Warty (back when it was bugzilla), most have been closed "Not a bug" or "Oh we fixed that weeks ago and forgot to tell you"10:17
MartijnVdSAlanBell: that doesn't help motivation.10:18
AlanBellyeah, I do agree it is easy to become a bit jaded when dealing with launchpad10:18
MartijnVdSEspecially the unity bugs last cycle, that all got closed "Wontfix, design team override"10:18
AlanBelland difficult bugs in general where the right people don't have the broken hardware10:19
MartijnVdSyeah, that as well10:19
AlanBellfor instance every core i3 laptop has had a broken VGA port for over a year10:19
MartijnVdS(I have this tuning issue that even the devs on the dvb mailing list cry about..)10:19
MartijnVdSpopey: did you order that DVB->USB box you linked to a few weeks back?10:20
AlanBellso in Unity is there a way to navigate my installed applications by the categories I am used to?10:22
AlanBellso if I used to click Applications-graphics-gimp how do I do that in unity?10:23
MartijnVdSAlanBell: BFB -> More applications -> top right of the black overlay10:23
AlanBelleww, ugly grey dropdown10:24
AlanBellpersonally when I click the bfb I want a big friendly icon for each category which takes me to a page with just that category10:25
gordAlanBell, yeah the grey dropdown was a running out of time thing, sorry10:27
AlanBelland universal access doesn't show me orca and onboard (both installed) but shows me a load of other stuff for download10:27
gordwe can only show things that a, want to be shown and b, have the right categories, unfortunately. sometimes things are out of our hands10:28
AlanBellunderstood, any idea where I fix it?10:29
gordthe .desktop file for the applications normally10:29
AlanBellright, ok10:29
livingdaylightmy android been upgraded to version 2.36.405.810:31
shaunois there a sensible way to get thunderbird to check for new mail in all folders?10:45
bigcalmGood morning kids :)11:21
shauno'lo bob11:21
shaunodon't make me link you to weebl & bob.  it's 2011 already :p11:25
gorddon't worry bigcalm - i have no idea what he's on about either :)11:25
gordi think its better that way11:25
bigcalmshauno: there was no context to hint that you were making a Weebl reference. I still need coffee as well11:30
shaunoyou're right, there wasn't.  I get just bored of 'howdy' sometimes11:34
AlanBellgord: how do I find (and slap) the person who did this? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/onboard/oneiric/view/head:/debian/patches/01_disable_menu_icons.patch12:17
AzelphurAlanBell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/onboard/oneiric/revision/26 ?12:18
MartijnVdSAlanBell: "View revisions to this file"12:18
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/onboard/oneiric/changes?filter_file_id=01_disable_menu_icon-20100414061233-bk6cf6sdsaty3jr8-112:18
AlanBellI think that is just who synced it from Debian12:18
AzelphurAlanBell: go upstream then?12:19
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Luke Yelavich (themuso) did it12:19
AlanBellhuh, Luke did it O_o12:19
MartijnVdS"To bring it in line with other assistive technologies, or something"12:19
MartijnVdSs/, or something/", or something12:19
* awilkins is stuck at his daughters ballet class surrounded by screaming kids and people talking about bring stuff.12:20
awilkinsboring, not bring12:20
popeyI just left daughters ballet class :D12:21
* awilkins feels he'd score much higher on the Asberger's quiz right now...12:21
MartijnVdSpopey: You linked to an ebay auction for a DVB-S2 receiver a few weeks ago. Did you end up ordering it?12:21
popeyno MartijnVdS12:21
MartijnVdSpopey: ok, because mine still has a flakey driver :)12:21
MartijnVdS(and the kernel people say it's not a bug, or something.. or at least that the available patch isn't correct)12:22
awilkinsThese things are pretty simple, mostly aren't they12:22
awilkinsWell, in principle12:22
awilkinsI get the impression they all present themselves as a network adapter12:22
MartijnVdSAlanBell: DVB cards? No.. they're special.12:23
MartijnVdSawilkins: DVB is its own subsystem12:23
awilkinsYes, but when I plug them into Windows they have a MAC address and everything12:23
MartijnVdSawilkins: ah sure, but that's Windows :)12:23
MartijnVdSAll cards work in Windows (they have drivers)12:24
awilkinsWhich is why I gain the impression that the hardware is abstracted as a network interface12:24
MartijnVdSawilkins: but it's not :) It contains a network bit (for IP-over-DVB reception: satellite internet)12:24
MartijnVdSawilkins: but that's about it12:24
awilkinsOnly really mucked about with MythTV and the userland tools12:25
awilkinsAnd the last time I had to actually do anything was years ago.. the drivers on the hardware I've got work ok.12:26
MartijnVdSyeah usually it does12:26
MartijnVdSbut this revision of the chipset is weird. Or something12:26
bigcalmMorning popey. I've been sent a new 'welcome to vm' letter. Did that happen when you upgraded?12:26
awilkinsHeh, they do that, totally revise the internals of the card, call it by the same model number, but totally different hardware inside12:27
bigcalmpopey: ignore it or call them up?12:27
awilkinsI must get onto VM at some point and review my current bill / service ratio12:27
MartijnVdSawilkins: No the card is fine -- it's just that one of the chips works slightly differently in the batch that I have12:28
awilkinsI'm comfy enough on 10MBit/s but I'm sure they are probably overcharging me for it12:28
gordAlanBell, yeah a few apps have done that, i'm working my way through convincing the desktop guys to revert all that stuff12:28
awilkinsDammit, should have brought my PSU, apparently tethering the phone sucks charge like a McD's milkshake12:31
gordhehe, prize for worst analogy of the day goes to awilkins and its only midday!12:32
AlanBellgord: yeah, the "decluttering" argument (which doesn't have much merit at the best of times) is totally invalidated by including icons for stuff you don't even have installed12:32
AlanBellit would be better to not have onboard on the CD and then it would be more discoverable!12:33
* awilkins has left his earplug/phones at home and has to cope with the gossipings of working class Northern mothers without 45dB attenuation or distraction. Curses.12:36
awilkinsDon't suppose anyone can link me to some pretty pictures of the internal design of RCS / CVS12:42
awilkinsThe project I'm working on apparently has a version control design demonstrable worse than systems released 38 years ago. *sob*12:46
popeybigcalm: I havent opened it ☺12:53
popeyAlanBell: what does that patch do?12:53
Azelphurwow, paid aircondirect for next day delivery, 2 days ago, say they won't get my item to me till monday and won't refund12:54
Azelphurprobably gonna raise paypal dispute on this one12:54
popeyhahaha aircodirect12:54
popeyI wouldn't touch them with a bargepole12:54
Azelphurnoted :P12:54
popeysame people12:54
popeytheir marketing guy replied on that thread12:55
bigcalmpopey: I've opened mine at it is a new contract to sign :|12:57
popeyalso, someone has setup @popeydishwasher13:01
czajkowskioh I had war with them13:02
czajkowskievil horrible place to buy laptop from them13:03
czajkowskipopey: gt a gifgaff sim13:05
czajkowskiany idea how I get to port over my O2 number to it ?13:06
popeycall O2 ☺13:06
czajkowskiah as simple as that13:06
czajkowskiwondered who I had to tell13:06
dutchieo2 will give you a PAC number13:07
dutchieczajkowski: http://support.giffgaff.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/599/session/L3NpZC9XSDZyYnVoaw%3D%3D13:07
AlanBellpopey: it hides onboard from the unity menu13:07
dutchiethat needs a better url13:07
AlanBellpopey: and the regular gnome menu too13:08
popeyi thought it just hid the icon13:08
AlanBellit does13:08
AlanBellclick the applications lens, use the dropdown in the top right (that doesn't look much like a dropdown) to select universal access and it just shows you stuff you don't have and hides the stuff you do have13:09
czajkowskidutchie: cheers13:10
dutchieczajkowski: np13:12
AzelphurAnyone know about A/C's reckon this will do a small room with 8 computers in it? http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Air-Conditioners/buy-PROLINE-CL220-Air-Conditioner/37121113:30
penguin42Azelphur: Just normal PCs?13:33
penguin42Azelphur: With monitors? High end or just normal? And are there people in there?13:33
Azelphurpenguin42: GPU cluster, so high spec graphics cards at 100% but no monitors and no people13:34
penguin42Azelphur: OK, so what do you reckon each computer is drawing? 500W ?13:35
Azelphurthat sounds about right, yes13:35
Azelphurhopefully a bit lower than that, 500w is worst case13:35
penguin42Azelphur: OK, so 8*500=4kW l that says it has 2.4kW cooling capacity (and that's normally based on a room with humans in - so probably 2kW or a bit less for mostly computers)13:35
penguin42so no, it won't do it13:36
Azelphurso i need a 4kw unit xD13:37
penguin42Azelphur: Well, a bit more than 4kW if it's designed to cool a room with 4kW of mostly humans in; humans give off hot warm liquid that's easier to cool13:37
penguin42Azelphur: The other thing with that is I'm assuming it's one that has a water tank that will need regularly emptying13:38
Azelphuri would have thought computers dont give off heat at a 1:1 ratio of power usage?13:38
penguin42Azelphur: Where else would you expect the power to go?13:38
Azelphurno its not a swamp cooler? :p13:38
Azelphurto be used in the computer?13:39
penguin42Azelphur: And then what happens to it?13:39
Azelphurand then its used? o.o13:39
penguin42Azelphur: *all* power that goes in ends up as heat13:39
Azelphuri see13:39
penguin42Azelphur: (The light from the LEDs and the sound of the fans even end up as heat when they are absorbed by the walls)13:39
penguin42there is a TINY information theoretic usage from reordering information into information with erm is it more? entropy that uses some of the energy13:40
Azelphuri see13:40
penguin42hmm thinking about it I think it's working on something to produce something with less entropy that would use energy? But heck that's above my physics knowledge without reading it up again13:42
penguin42Azelphur: In the UK it's easy; you measure computer energy use in kWh, they put out kW of heat and you measure aircon in kw cooled; in the US however their computers take kW of energy, they measure heat output in BTU and cooling capacity in tonnes (of ice)13:44
Azelphurbut btu means british something unit13:46
penguin42Azelphur: You're actually better with say 3 of those 2kW coolers than one 4kW unit; first they're fairly cheap and secondly when one fails (which it will) you won't suddenly burn it out13:47
penguin42Azelphur: I bet they use about 1kW for every 2kW cooled though!13:48
Azelphurhaha its not quite that bad13:48
penguin42Azelphur: There is another way13:49
penguin42Azelphur: You can get rid of some of the heat by using fans just to blow the heat from the back of the machines straight out of the window13:49
penguin42of course, the cops will think your running a cannabis farm but still13:50
Azelphuryea, i figured theyd think that anyway13:50
penguin42Azelphur: If you can organise an airflow to get the exhause fans straight outside it'll save a LOT of cooling13:51
Azelphurlike a wind tunnel with the computers in it?13:51
Azelphurwith some big desk fans to keep thins moving, ghetto style? :D13:52
penguin42Azelphur: The data centre design for cooling is really hairy13:52
penguin42yeh; try reading some of the way Facebook do it oin their public data centre design13:53
Azelphurcool, will do :D13:54
* penguin42 used to keep a room with about 25kw in it going13:54
Azelphurpenguin42: fun :p14:02
AzelphurPenmy brothers getting right miffed about it and saying that a 2kw unit will do it14:02
Azelphurpenguin42: *14:03
Azelphurpenguin42: he also says that you can't use energy twice (once for the computer, and twice for heat) lol14:03
penguin42Azelphur: Correct; the answer to that is that there are two lumps of energy; the original energy that goes in to the computer and produces the heat, and the 2nd energy that's used to move the other energy and that's the nergey that goes into the aircon14:04
AzelphurI see :P14:04
* hamitron is using wind power for cooling14:05
penguin42Azelphur: IMHO it's a bit nuts to have 2kW of compute power at home :-)14:05
AzelphurI know :)14:05
Azelphurpenguin42: 4kw :p14:06
hamitronthere is no debate on that, we know he is nuts ;)14:06
penguin42Azelphur: In the winter it'll work well if you spread them out and use them as heaters - then you don't need the cooling14:06
Azelphurthey are a bit noisy for that14:06
hamitronpenguin42 is right, computer heating ftw14:06
Azelphurpenguin42: so basically I have 2 rows of 4 computers with a GPU in each14:07
Azelphurreckon I can just build tunnels out of cardboard14:07
Azelphurand stick some desk fans and point it out the window?14:07
penguin42Azelphur: Surely this isn't worth it once all the costs are taken into account?14:07
Azelphurpenguin42: we'll see, I already have the computers it's just cooling now :)14:08
penguin42Azelphur: Certainly tunneling it out of the window will help, I might go for something a bit more punchy than desk fans14:08
Azelphurwhat would you recommend?14:08
hamitron300 PSI compressor14:08
penguin42Azelphur: You can get some chunky floor fns - big 40/50cm things14:09
hamitronprob blow the gpu over :/14:09
penguin42Azelphur: And seriously keep an eye on the temperature - if you've not got airflow in/out of windows then you could hit 40c in there if your aircon stops14:10
Azelphurpenguin42: the fans I have are pretty close, 30cm14:10
Azelphuryea, temp monitoring is always a must14:10
AzelphurI thought the tunneling mitigated the need for aircon?14:10
penguin42it helps a lot14:10
penguin42but I'm not sure how much and how to quantify it; I've never tried it myself, just read about doing that14:11
Azelphurbut can we mitigate the need for it altogether? :p14:11
hamitronunplug the comps?14:11
penguin42all the stuff I've done is with air con units14:11
AzelphurI see14:11
hamitronimo, you should use A/C for the room, then possibly 2 floor fans to move the hot air away from the mobo14:12
Azelphuryea, so definitely gonna want an A/C14:12
Azelphurso start with http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Air-Conditioners/buy-PROLINE-CL220-Air-Conditioner/371211+ tunnels and keep an eye on the temps?14:12
penguin42I'd actually go with trying to duct as much of the heat out as possible - if nothing else it'll save you measureable aircon costs14:13
hamitronsuppose an extractor fan on the window, with an intake at the other side of the room maybe....14:13
penguin42Azelphur: When you do this please keep room temp graphs; I'd love to see them as you add each extra machine14:13
Azelphurdon't have any room temp sensors :(14:13
Azelphuronly card sensors :p14:13
hamitron"each extra machine" <-- he is gonna prob plug everything in and hit the switch14:13
Azelphur^ that too14:14
penguin42hamitron: It'll make bunsfield look tame14:14
Azelphurpenguin42: so do you think buying that aircon unit and ducting all the mobos straight out to the window is the best course of action to start?14:14
Azelphurand see how it goes14:14
penguin42Azelphur: Get yourself one of the ~£10 plug in energy monitors to see how much one machine actually uses when it's running14:15
AzelphurI have one14:15
Azelphurthat's how I knew the 500w figure was accurate :)14:15
hamitronwtf is it?14:15
Azelphur(although I'd like to get that way down, I havn't optimized anything yet)14:15
penguin42hamitron: And he has 8 of them14:15
hamitronyeh, but 500W for a comp seems a lot14:15
Azelphurhamitron: that's the 6990 overclocked with the memory hiked up too14:15
hamitronI mean the power for the nodes wtih the 587014:16
Azelphurreally plenty of optimization to be done there14:16
Azelphuryea, they arn't out of the boxes yet14:16
penguin42Azelphur: It might be worth doing the maths of whether the overclocking is worth it; the compute power probably goes up slower than the energy/heat14:16
Azelphurpenguin42: but yea, do I go to the shop now and buy that A/C or not? :P14:16
Azelphuryes, I need to do that too :)14:16
hamitroni was thinking 8 x 500 + 550 + AirCon_unit14:16
Azelphurhamitron: nah, I wanna get that way down14:17
hamitronand make sure you check the ring is fused14:18
hamitronhouse fires ftl14:18
Azelphurhamitron: I'll get you to help me with that :P14:18
hamitronI can't see :/14:18
penguin42hamitron: Power wise it's not that high; his 8 machines at 500w is still only a little more than a kettle14:18
hamitronpenguin42: it isn't just them14:19
Azelphurhamitron: what else is it?14:19
hamitronthe 699014:19
penguin42Azelphur: Don't laugh until you've taken out a 100A fuse - a few times - and knocked out the breaker to a 1/3 of a building14:19
hamitronyour main comp14:19
Azelphurthat's only one more lol14:19
Azelphurpenguin42: haha14:19
hamitronand you mentioned something about an electric heater14:19
Azelphurpenguin42: but yea I need to get down to this shop before it closes and buy an A/C if we all think that's the good thing to do :)14:19
Azelphurso shall I do that?14:20
hamitronpenguin42: we added stuff up and worked out there could be about 34A14:20
Azelphurit sounds good to me, weak A/C and duct to start with14:20
penguin42Azelphur: Seems a bit wimpy aircon to me, but starting with that is probably a good learning job14:20
Azelphuryea, I can always buy another one if it's wimpy right?14:21
penguin42yeh; you want to check there is a way to duct the water out of it - other wise you'll spend your entire life changing buckets on them14:21
AzelphurI reckon tunnels + that ac should be a good start :D14:21
Azelphurit has a 1.5m hose, they usually chuck the water out the hose14:22
penguin42ah good; some have a bucket14:22
Azelphurok then, I'll sort out getting one of those and work on ducting everything out the window :p14:23
Azelphurbuilding supercomputers in the spare bedroom is fun :D14:23
hamitronand a heavy dutty mains extension14:23
penguin42well it'll need more than one; >13A14:23
penguin42hamitron: How did you get 34A?14:23
hamitronthat included everything else on the circuit14:24
hamitronto avoid blowing a fuse14:24
penguin42that's a shame given they're typically 32A fuses :-)14:24
hamitronso he may need to plug a main extension in a different part of the house, to power the A/C on a different circuit14:24
* penguin42 would probably split it into 214:25
penguin42hamitron: How long before he starts getting a 32A commando wired in ?14:25
hamitronthe A/C unit was 6.3A I think14:25
penguin426.3A for 2.4kw cooling? heck that's a bit grim14:26
hamitronbut less now he is downsizing14:26
hamitronmy figures are for a larger unit I think14:26
* hamitron grips his head in terror14:28
hamitronoff for tea and cheese scone14:30
hamitronwith butter anyway14:30
=== OmNomDeBonBon is now known as RaycisCharles
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] Teams up for re approval Re-approvals for O-Cycle - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2011/05/21/teams-up-for-re-approval-re-approvals-for-o-cycle/15:25
kaushalCan someone please help me understand about 3G USB Modem ?16:26
kaushalDoes USB modem means CDMA or GSM ?16:27
kaushalvery confusing16:27
brobostigoninthe uk, it will be gsm.16:28
brobostigonthere arent any cdma networks inthe uk, that i know of.16:28
kaushalso 3G means UMTS ?16:29
kaushalUMTS 2100 ?16:29
brobostigonor hsdpa.16:29
brobostigonwhich is 3.5g.16:29
* popey notes kaushal isn't in the UK16:32
brobostigonoh, i didnt know.ok. then ignore whati have said.16:32
kaushalbrobostigon: np16:33
kaushalpopey: Any reference about 3G ?16:39
kaushalIts so confusing16:39
kaushalGPRS EDGE HSPA WCDMA .....16:39
popeyCan you ask a specific question?16:40
kaushalHow do i get to know these terms16:40
kaushal2.5 G 2G 3G 3.5G blah blah16:41
ali1234why does screen clear the LD_LIBRARY_PATH?16:45
hamitronnew bash instance?16:46
hamitronor it fully clears it?16:46
ali1234LD_LIBRARY_PATH=foo BAR=bar screen16:46
ali1234inside screen: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH; echo $BAR16:46
hamitronI've just added up what linux has cost me over the years16:48
hamitronali1234: it does on mine too16:52
hamitronbut when I load screen, the bash it is using is a different process16:52
hamitronso it is like opening a seperate terminal16:52
kvarleyhamitron: Linux has cost me nothing except time16:54
hamitronit has cost me that too16:54
hamitronthe price is for the books I bought, because of linux16:55
kvarleyhamitron: I was lucky enough to have time to play around and learn. And also access to wiki and irc resources helped massively16:56
kvarleyUbuntuForums is where I initially started getting help :)16:57
hamitronwell, I can't blame ubuntu, it didn't exist16:57
hamitronfor sure, ubuntu, by providing a stable, easy to use platform, has reduce the cost of ownership16:58
hamitronit would have still cost me though, I have to read up on things when I show an interest16:58
hamitrontook me 4 books to get X working though16:58
* popey tickles bigcalm 17:15
czajkowskipopey: how was rio ?17:16
* bigcalm squeeks17:16
bigcalmHi kids :)17:16
popeyyea, ok. not as good as disney films17:17
czajkowskiwant to get tangled17:18
czajkowskididnt see that yet17:18
bigcalmI forgot how much fun Dymo labler is17:21
popeythe clunk ones?17:21
popeywith the tape that makes you bleed when you peel it?17:22
bigcalmYep :D17:22
bigcalmExcept, they've improved the peeling bit17:22
bigcalmNow, as well as cutting the tape, it also semi-cuts a bit before it, so you can peel it back17:23
popeyoh ours did that, but it still ended up with blood ☺17:23
bigcalmBlood \o/17:24
danfishblack pudding \o/17:32
bigcalmYes please!17:36
bigcalmHi mgdm17:36
danfishnot quite sure why I typed "black pudding" but hay hoo!17:36
danfishHaving a barbie 2nite - I wonder if you can bbq black pudding?17:37
bigcalmI see no reason for not typing it :)17:37
danfishoh well - nothing ventured, etc.....hmm an idea is forming for experimental cooking pt 2 - breakfast on the BBQ :D17:41
gordstoopid laptop, get out of donnington, thats not where you live17:46
bigcalm4sq wouldn't get out of Wolverhampton today :(17:51
mgdmHi bigcalm17:51
bigcalmI want to refactor this project from 200017:54
bigcalmIf only I had about a year to work on it and do nothing else17:54
bigcalmI hate to admit it, but I think even Drupal would work for most of it17:55
* bigcalm feels very dirty now17:55
bigcalmAt leat I get to make it 'modern' with bits of jQuery :)17:57
mgdmI've been revising my dormant JS skills of late17:59
popey\o/ end of the world18:01
danfishhas the Rapture happened? Where did I end up?18:03
gordyeah but it only took cliff richard18:03
danfishthat's price worth paying IMO ;)18:04
mgdmsadly I didn't get to implement the plan I heard about the other day, to leave loads of pairs of shoes lying about with dry ice in18:05
czajkowskiwhat time is dr. who on at18:05
czajkowski7 or 818:05
danfishczajkowski: 6.4518:06
bigcalmI just started to check a tv guide app on my phone18:06
bigcalmCan be useful18:06
danfishbut time for dr who is a very grey area ;)18:06
popeyit's wibbly wobbly18:07
popeywell, this laptop is all installed18:07
mgdmanythign special?18:08
danfishI was supposed to be moving a (work) zoneminder install to a new low power dual atom MB, but the weather today has been too good18:09
mgdmthe weather here is pretty miserable18:10
bigcalmGrey grey and more grey18:11
mgdmif I have 2 monitors, of different heights, am I always going to have a virtual desktop the same height as the largest monitor, so there's a bit off to the bottom left of the smaller one that I can't see?18:11
danfisha bit of a north/south divide :(18:12
danfishvirtual desktops and dual monitors takes a bit of thinking about18:14
mgdmSadly the control panel applet which should make it easier crashes X every time so I have to use xrandr, which probably isn't the cleanest way18:14
danfishis that on natty/unity?18:15
bigcalmWhy can I never remember how to do pagination quickly and easily? Always seem to be reinventing the wheel18:15
mgdmdanfish: nah, "classic" on natty18:15
mgdmUnity did some decidedly odd things :)18:15
anulondonlondon_are you using 10.0418:16
danfishpopey: how's you do the smily? or is it under a superinjunction?18:23
mgdmctrl-shift u 2 6 3 a space18:23
mgdmit's a unicode codepoint, so rather fiddly to type18:23
mgdmctrl-shift-u should get you a sort of underlined 'u'18:24
mgdmthen type 263a and hit space, then you should have your smiley18:24
mgdmthere's a pile of "useful" stuff in there :)18:25
danfishI solemnly promise not spam the channel with rubbish unicode ☺18:29
popeyi have an alias in my irc client18:29
czajkowski  ▌         ▌      ▐  ▗18:30
czajkowski▞▀▌▙▀▖  ▌  ▌▛▀▖▞▀▖ ▜▀ ▄ ▛▚▀▖▞▀▖18:30
czajkowski▌ ▌▌  ▗▖▐▐▐ ▌ ▌▌ ▌ ▐ ▖▐ ▌▐ ▌▛▀18:30
czajkowski▝▀▘▘  ▝▘ ▘▘ ▘ ▘▝▀   ▀ ▀▘▘▝ ▘▝▀▘18:30
brobostigon:) in 15mins.18:30
czajkowskibest thing Daviey ever did for my irc client18:31
mgdm...you broke your own combo?18:31
popeyno spoilers pls18:31
mgdmHmmm, I've not been very impressed with this series so far18:31
mgdmso Im' not sure if I'll bother watching18:31
czajkowskimgdm: likewise18:31
popeylast weeks was good18:31
popeybest for a long while IMO18:31
mgdmThat was Neil Gaiman's, wasn't it?18:32
mgdmI expected it to be good18:32
danfishmgdm: as I've said before, time, and opinions are all relative ;)18:33
Davieyczajkowski, lol, i forgot i set that up for you.18:33
mgdmdanfish: I'm not trying to force anyone into the same opinion, it was just a statement18:34
czajkowskiDaviey: :D18:34
czajkowskiDaviey: see you have a use18:34
Davieyi so do!18:35
mgdmWhy, when I try to resize a window using the grabber at the bottom right, am I instead getting the same menu I'd get from the window icon at the top left?!18:35
mgdmOh, the titlebar was offscreen, which makes it do that18:36
danfishmgdm: when I look at the TV schedules, there is so little worth watching - I'm just happy to see anything remotely good ie Dr Who. It's that or "Britain's got talent in the jungle ice skating" ;)18:38
mgdmI wished they'd make a combination of "SAS: Are You Tough Enough?" with "I'm a 'Celebrity'@18:40
mgdmactually, if they'd make a celebrity version of I'm a Celebrity, that might be quite good18:40
danfishmgdm: :)18:42
czajkowskiand we can taljk again19:28
=== tubadaz_ is now known as tubadaz
popeywe can?19:32
czajkowskiindeed  the dr.who is over so channel chat can resume19:38
danfishno spoilers plz as recorded19:47
czajkowskiI usually rant in the morning on fb19:48
danfishmy 2 year old will probably wake me up at 5am giving me catchup time;)19:52
czajkowskidanfish: eh ?19:53
danfishczajkowski: he can watch cbeebies while I watch dr who on laptop....at 5 am19:54
czajkowskidanfish: unusal arangement19:55
czajkowskiwhat ever works though19:55
popeyblimey 5am19:56
popeyI'd put them back in bed19:56
czajkowskiat least till 6:3019:56
czajkowskithats when I wake up19:57
czajkowskistupid hour19:57
danfishpopey: sunrise19:57
popeyour kids wake up time is 7am19:57
popeyif they wake before that they are told to stay in bed19:57
czajkowskimate loves it when I stay over her kids wake up at 6 they come into me when I'm there19:57
popeydanfish: blackout blinds ☺19:57
czajkowskiit does however spoil you19:58
popeythey still sometimes wake at 6am, but they get told to get back in bed19:58
czajkowskiireland house has them19:58
danfishpopey: drugs ;D19:58
czajkowskidanfish: :o19:58
czajkowskicalpol tastes nice19:58
czajkowskias long as it's the kids one19:58
czajkowskithe 6+ isnt so nice19:58
czajkowskione for you19:58
czajkowskitwo for me19:58
popeyI have never tasted it19:59
czajkowskipopey: take a swig of it19:59
czajkowskiyummy strawberry sugarness19:59
danfishczajkowski: why, oh why?19:59
TheOpenSourcererMy kids wake at sunrise pretty much - They just go downstairs and watch telly. Don't even bother to wake us up anymore19:59
czajkowskidanfish: tis nice19:59
popeyours aren't allowed downstairs till we get up19:59
popeybut they're still young19:59
popey7 and 419:59
TheOpenSourcerer10 & 619:59
danfishmine our 2 & 419:59
czajkowskihard to believe the 4 year old is 4, he's  as smart as 5/6 year old20:00
TheOpenSourcererI will be making a beef Madras for dinner tomorrow :-D20:00
popeyooo yum20:00
TheOpenSourcererHang on! How come we are still alive?20:00
TheOpenSourcererAre we now in heaven?20:00
TheOpenSourcererI didn't feel a thing20:00
* danfish is making lamb flaps tomorrow - no sniggering!20:01
livingdaylightI've been to Madras, now called Chenai, but didn't know they did beef20:01
TheOpenSourcererWTF are lamb flaps?20:01
TheOpenSourcererYou can make a curry with any meat.20:01
danfishlamb breast - braised for 1 hour then BBQ'd20:01
TheOpenSourcererSome religions in India do eat Beef and in Sri Lanka some of them eat Pork too.20:02
TheOpenSourcererSounds fun danfish.20:02
TheOpenSourcererWe need some twitpics  I think.20:02
livingdaylightHindus definitely don't eat beef20:02
TheOpenSourcererI will be having my second go at home made Naan tomorrow too.20:03
livingdaylightMuslims like their meat20:03
TheOpenSourcererlivingdaylight: Hindus do generally not eat beef yes.20:03
danfishI will put the recipe/pics on the receipe bit on ubuntu-uk wiki20:03
livingdaylightTheOpenSourcerer, not at all, lol, Cows are sacred to them20:04
livingdaylightI don't know whether that is where the expression "Holy Cow!" comes from?20:04
TheOpenSourcererI'm not 100% sure it applies to *all* hindus. There are shedloads of gods and many different kinds of Hindu.20:04
livingdaylightHindus are supposed to be vegetarian afaik.20:05
TheOpenSourcererI spent 5 weeks travelling around India with an Indian family in 1989. Great place.20:05
livingdaylightunless their dacoits worshipping Ka20:05
TheOpenSourcererWant to go back with the kids when they are a bit older.20:05
livingdaylight*Kali or Durga20:05
* livingdaylight is making pizza dough20:09
popeyRIght, Doctor Who time for me20:09
popeynow sophie is in bed20:09
livingdaylightAnyone watch The Wave late last night? good film i thought20:10
czajkowskipopey: got the beer and curry in to watch it20:10
popeycant really have too much beer20:10
popeydaddy daycare20:10
czajkowskibut 1 is allowed20:10
czajkowskidon't spill when you jump20:10
popeyso I am having vodka ;)20:10
czajkowskipopey: you have the most oddest logic of any person I know20:11
gordits true, you really can't have too much beer20:11
czajkowskiand I know a lotta odd balls20:11
livingdaylightpopey, I was thinking bout what you said in relation to Sony laptops, and wondered how that didn't equally apply to Apple Macs?20:11
ballI wish I could watch Doctor Who20:11
czajkowskirunning ubuntu on my last sony was a royal pita20:11
czajkowskinon of the sony special keys would ever work20:11
czajkowskiand which is a nice feature of sony to have20:12
czajkowskiso never buying one again20:12
czajkowskido like my toshiba though20:12
czajkowskibut next laptop is going to be light!20:12
livingdaylightsamsung do a nice 13" one - i5 processor and light20:12
popeylivingdaylight: apple laptops > sony laptops20:13
popeyin some ways ☺20:13
ballSony generally is a PitA in my experience.20:13
ballI don't know about over there, but here their laptops have a common failure mode in the cooling fan.20:13
livingdaylightpopey, that's what I thought, if I understood you - Apple are king of proprietary, no?20:13
gordsony laptops seem to be for the person who wants to buy a product, all wrapped up in a bow, they don't want to do anything to it, they just want to have it and it do what they want20:14
ball...and for a while they were partitioning their Windows machines in a way that made no sense for anyone.20:14
ball(not an issue for us, but inconvenient for their customers)20:14
popeylivingdaylight: *shrug*20:14
ballIn some ways Apple are less proprietary than they used to be. In others, perhaps a little more.20:15
ballEither way, provided the person buying it knows what they're getting into, that's fair enough.20:15
popeygosh this vodka is ferocous20:16
* ball is drinking ginger ale20:16
* ball is full of Chinese food.20:17
* ball seems to be referring to himself in the third person.20:17
* livingdaylight wonders why ball does that?20:17
balllivingdaylight: It may be a side effect of the noodles.20:21
popeymmmm noodles20:24
popeybah, I'm in two channels where people are talking about food20:24
nigelbpopey: That tends to happen a lot when I'm hungry :/20:38
gordjust FYI - i have pringles20:40
czajkowskigord: I have coconut rings20:40
czajkowskiand kitkats!20:40
gordbleeeeh things with coconut on it20:42
* penguin42 doesn't have any mini rolls any more 20:42
ballNOM! :-920:43
ballOh well... off to the garden centre20:43
nigelbgord, czajkowski: EVIL people!20:54
czajkowskiI had a twinky during the week20:55
czajkowskithe bf got a lot of american sweets20:55
czajkowskia whole box of them20:55
czajkowskithought I didnt like them20:55
czajkowskiturns out I do20:55
gordi don't like american sweets, its all wrong20:58
gordeven things that are the same brand as here? its all wrong20:58
gordi tried some american gummy bears? ew20:59
penguin42gord: Yeh I've occasionally had stuff people have bought over, they have some very odd things21:04
* penguin42 remembers some things that looked like maltesers but tasted almost exactly unlike them21:05
jacobwpenguin42: reeces peices?21:35
penguin42no - those don't look anything like maltesers21:36
penguin42jacobw: I think they may have been 'whoppers'21:36
penguin42very odd things21:37
czajkowskiwhoo time for some Tangled21:45
Azelphurhmm, I installed the fglrx package, but when I run startx it says that the fglrx module does not exist :S21:48
Azelphurwhat's up with that?21:48
penguin42any errors during package installation?21:55
Azelphurpenguin42: I did have one originally, it was about a file not existing, I created the folder and then it carried on21:55
Azelphurnow I can reinstall fglrx with no errors21:55
Azelphurpenguin42: I can even modprobe fglrx, this makes no sense \o/21:56
Azelphuryep, it's there http://pastebin.com/i3dXiRSX21:56
penguin42I['m wondering if that's the X server module not the kernel module21:57
Azelphurmaybe, what's the package for the x module?21:58
Azelphuranyone? :p22:03
Seeker`To all the people who were expecting the rapture today, cheer up, it's not like it's the end of the world. Oh...wait...sorry.22:16
Azelphurhaha :D22:17
daubersSeeker`: It's rather rude making all this noise about coming and then not turning up22:18
daubersI made a cake and everything22:18
JGJonesHmm I don't think much of this Rapture thing...everything look the same as before...oh wait...does that mean we're in hell without knowing it?22:20
jacobwJGJones: we've all got until october to die22:35
jacobwJGJones: and presumably go to hell22:35
Laneyhappy smug atheists day22:45
jacobwatheism is so last 00's, possibilianism is new thing.22:59
jacobweurgh. -last.22:59
jacobwgrammar fail.23:00
JGJonesjacobw, at the risk of repeating a joke too often repeated....don't worry about the grammar fail, it's not the end of the world after all.23:29
Azelphursigh, just had another DDoS attack on my server from another comcast user, 3rd one in the past couple months23:43
Azelphurand comcast abuse@ just ignores my emails \o/23:43
Azelphurvery tempted to make a happy fun time thread on my forum with all the information I can gather (inc real name and home addresses) for everyone to play with \o/23:44
Azelphurpopey: ^ you was in favour of abuse@ instead of posting before, any thoughts now? :D23:49
Laneyhow can you have a ddos from a single user?23:57
AzelphurLaney: because they say "Look at me I'm going to DDoS the server"23:57
Azelphurthey tend to be rather obvious about doing it23:57
Laneynot very distributed is it?23:57
Azelphursure it is, it's a distributed attack instigated by one person23:58
Azelphurthat's pretty much the norm with DDoS attacks23:58
Laneynot sure what comcast are going to do about it then23:58
penguin42how can you tell they instigated it?23:58
AzelphurLaney: I sent them one when it wasn't even distributed for example23:59
AzelphurI sent connection logs, chat logs, packet dumps, multiple forum threads from other servers attacked by the same guy23:59
Azelphurand got no reply.23:59

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