nhainesI'm heading to the Rathskeller in Huntington Beach to drink German beer!  \o/01:01
pleia2nhaines: have fun :)01:08
nhainespleia2: "Im Himmel gibt's kein Bier / Drum trinken wir es hier!"01:35
pleia2nice :)01:36
nhainesThe song continues (but in German): "And when we're no longer here / The others will drink all our beer!"01:37
pleia2DarkwingDuck: btw, no amount of qualifiers will make your blog post not sound like "quit yur whining" :)01:38
pleia2(being one of the others)++01:38
pleia2I'm spending the weekend with my boyfriend's jewish family :)01:39
pleia2no ascension for us01:39
akkIs DarkwingDuck not on planet.ubuntu-california.org ?01:42
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Yeah, I know...01:49
DarkwingDuckI think paultag said it best though.... "Nice suck up to canonical blog post the day before your interview"01:50
DarkwingDuckakk: I think I changed my blig URL since then. I'm now at wonderly.com and not darkwingduck.org01:51
akkI googled and found it.01:51
akkheh @ paultag01:51
pleia2haha, paultag++01:51
pleia2DarkwingDuck: you know, we do have the ability to update planet feeds :P01:51
DarkwingDuckYeah, I'm more dedicated to getting ready for the second interview at the moment.01:52
akkProblem I have with the blog post is that so many communities make it really hard to do more than spot problems (and blog workarounds or put them in blog comments).01:52
pleia2akk: that's what I said in my comment01:53
akkThat "how to post a patch so it might even get considered" thing I blogged earlier this week was maybe my longest blog entry ever. And it was as condensed as I could make it.01:53
pleia2yeah, I was actually thinking of your debdiff blog post when I wrote my comment01:54
pleia2(among other things)01:54
pleia2saying "just make a debdiff!" without giving any documentation borders on insulting01:54
pleia2(and makes me feel like a moron, why can't I figure out how to make one? clearly it's easy if they are saying just do it...)01:55
akkIt took me maybe 4x as long to make the bzr diff as it did to install the source, track down why the program was crashing, find a fix and make the initial diff.01:55
akkMaybe only 2x as long if you count the time I took going back realizing I could make a cleaner fix.01:55
akkOf course, most bugs aren't nearly that easy to fix (alas!)01:56
pleia2yeah, there is always that too01:57
broderpleia2: we're trying to fix that!01:59
broder(for ubuntu at least)01:59
broderthe long-term goal is that you just need to mark an attachment as a patch in LP, and the normal review process will kick in01:59
pleia2broder: this has been a long term goal for a couple of years01:59
akkbroder: That would be SO much better.02:00
broderyeah, but i think it's starting to approach feasible02:00
pleia2that's good to hear :)02:00
broderwe're going to point patch pilots at operation cleansweep this cycle02:00
brodersince the sponsorship queue is at the point that it's usually short enough that patch pilots run out of work02:00
pleia2(btw, this isn't all just me being the spotter, I am actively working with some bug and docs people to improve their contributor docs to help with this :P)02:01
broderbut it'll still take time, since there are just so many marked-as-patches attachments in lp right now02:01
broderhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-review-sponsorship-process and http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/meeting/community-o-review-sponsorship-process/ are the relevant links02:01
brodererr, most recently relevant links02:01
pleia2yeah, that session conflicted with another so I had to read those afterwards02:02
pleia2(always too much happening at uds! :))02:02
akkThe SRU process is also crazy.02:02
broderfriday this cycle was really bad. i don't remember being so thoroughly overbooked last cycle02:02
akkThat's even harder than making a bzr patch/debdiff.02:03
pleia2friday was actually my light day, thursday was gruesome02:03
akkAnd not well documented.02:03
wes_hey guys05:36
nigelbDarkwingDuck: aha, gonna work for Canonical? ;)15:36

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