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bcurtiswxjbicha, were you able to get the icon theme right on oneiric18:28
bcurtiswxor do we need another package for that?18:36
jbichabcurtiswx: are you using the gnome3 ppa or just straight up oneiric?19:02
jbichaI believe you need gnome-themes-standard, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic & then poke around dconf-editor (or gnome-tweak-tool but that needs gnome-shell) to customize your theme19:08
jbichasupposedly a community guy has a port of Ambiance to gtk3 but the official one is probably weeks away19:09
bcurtiswxyeah, lots of dep problems20:30
jbichajust oneiric?20:34
bcurtiswxjbicha, yup20:34
jbichaok, some of gnome3 hasn't been pushed from the ppa yet20:35
bcurtiswxwhich not having upload rights ticks me off20:35
bcurtiswxbecause i just took 3 hours to rebase seahorse20:35
bcurtiswxbut i have nobody to check on it for me20:35
bcurtiswxalthough it builds locally, and seems to work fine20:36
jbichabut seahorse was already done?20:36
bcurtiswxi did seahorse because they wanted it rebased20:36
bcurtiswxwhich i took th e PPA, then rebased 3.0.020:36
jbichaat least it was in the PPA, maybe it needed merged with debian though...20:36
bcurtiswxrodrigo did a lot of work i didn't want it to go to waste20:37
jbichaah ok, debian's svn has been down most of yesterda and today20:37
bcurtiswxso it went into my rebase20:37
bcurtiswxapt-get debian debian/seahorse or something like that works20:37
jbichaoh, I've been pulling from svn, experimental20:38
bcurtiswxbzr get lp:debian/seahorse20:39
bcurtiswxthats what i use20:39
jbichaoh, that's what I should have done, forgot we had our own mirror20:40
jbichabummer, well now I know for next time20:41
bcurtiswxi don't know anything, so when i learn something i shouldn't have i typically just thank them for the new info and ignore the fact i feel like that dumb kid20:43
bcurtiswxwhich i do :P20:43
jbichaactually using the debian bzr mirror might be better for me anyway even without the other being down20:56
jbichaunless they get generous and give me svn write access20:57
bcurtiswxthe many _'s of kjcole21:16
bcurtiswxhow many _'s you never know21:16
bcurtiswxo/, where you at?23:04
bcurtiswxmaco, do I need a 64 bit machine for pbuilder to build a 64 bit (amd64) debian package?23:06
bcurtiswxor will my 32 bit machine do it?23:06
macobcurtiswx: im at TOI. and yes you need a 64bit machine to build 64bit packages, but a 64bit machine can also build 32bit packages since its backwards compatible....assuming thats amd64 not ia6423:40
bcurtiswxgreat :) thanks.. maco you should've sent an e-mail i would have ventured out23:41
macobcurtiswx: aaron from debian is here23:41
macojbicha is on his way i think....23:41
bcurtiswxsay hi to him for me23:41
macoPendulum (a11y lead) is here too! she's visiting from Connecticut23:41
bcurtiswxit would take me around 45 mins to get tehre23:42
macojbicha just got here23:42
bcurtiswxi met sarvatt at UDSO and since he lives in alexandria I told him I'd mention our next get together in hopes he'd come chill23:42
bcurtiswxmaco, mr cole there?23:49
macobcurtiswx: yes23:50
bcurtiswxhmm, how late is TOI open?23:50
bcurtiswx10 as per online23:51
bcurtiswxmaco, i guess we'll hope on the metro and attempt the journey23:52
bcurtiswxor hop23:52
bcurtiswxcya there23:52
bcurtiswxi'll bring my 3 packs of stickers23:53
bcurtiswx1 partly used23:53
bcurtiswxno computer though23:53

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