brouschi'm using ubuntu with unity00:35
brouschit's working so far00:38
brousch4 workspaces is kind of annoying00:39
brouschand i'm way too used to my mbp multitouch pad00:40
brouschnipple and tiny touchpad seems barbaric00:40
brouschforgot all the shortcuts. good thing i saved my cheatsheet00:43
snap-lHappy happy happy01:53
snap-lGot our crawlspace relined.01:53
snap-lYeah, no more cold feet in the AM. ;)01:55
snap-lThat and no dead rats in the crawlspace01:56
snap-lAlways a +01:56
_stink_you weren't saving them?01:59
snap-lNo, I'm afraid not01:59
brousch1is there a list of geek groups in detroit?02:50
snap-lGood morning15:35
_stink_hey folks19:49
snap-lJust got done working on the yard20:56
rick_h__good day for it seems like21:13
snap-lyeah, was out there with my dad21:17
snap-lYeah, he's got all of the equimnent21:18
snap-lThough I got got the little push mower21:18
snap-land it'll be nice21:19
snap-lThough you need to make sure you get a good run with it21:19
snap-lotherwise it just bends the grass21:19
rick_h__heh, haven't tried one of those since I was a kid21:19
snap-lYeah, they've modified the tech so it's a little more like a snow-blower21:21
snap-lrick_h__: You sick?21:22
rick_h__snap-l: think it's strep throat :/21:24
rick_h__hit me like a hammer Friday. Felt like a truck ran over my whole body.21:24
snap-lSeems to be your favorite. :(21:24
rick_h__heh, well fortunately we went low key. Had some left over antibiotics and the wife checked me out/put me on the meds21:25
rick_h__so now's a good time to submit my Pyohio talk21:26
rick_h__debating on tring to get a 2hr tutorial session21:26
snap-lWhat ar eyou planning on presenting?21:26
rick_h__thinking sqlalchemy21:26
rick_h__figure I could hand out some sqlite database stuff, and go through beginner/middle for 2hrs21:26
snap-lOk, that would be awesome!21:27
rick_h__yea, I know when i gave a SA talk for work, one hour seemed a bit short to fit things in21:27
rick_h__but that's a lot more work/prep than a talk...21:27
snap-lWould someone confirm?22:15
brouschtwo hours of rick_h__?22:56
rick_h__yea, crazy22:58
rick_h__I might pass out before the end22:58
brouschpyohio is on the same day as detroit makerthing22:58
snap-lMan, I hate Apache23:20
snap-lrewrite rules need some priority.23:20

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