Unit193xkill makes me feel better (But then I have to open it again...)00:01
Unit193So I'm going to have to download a bunch of files I don't want just to get the ones I do.... Great!00:02
paultagcanthus13: goddamn right00:17
paultagcanthus13: they effing rocked00:17
paultag2700 drinks00:18
paultagin like 3 hours00:19
* Cheri703 is back home now...00:20
Cheri703Unit193: I'm going to be going to OLF00:23
Cheri703one way or another00:23
Cheri703so you can probably carpool (if you are ok with being there whatever hours I am00:23
Unit193Would you go up every day?00:24
Cheri703o.O for some reason my desktop is black and white...like everything...00:25
Cheri703to the googles!00:25
Cheri703cable was knocked loose :)00:27
=== dequire is now known as ronnoc
skrappjaw_I cant remember who it was that asked about blackberry and syncing music but Banshee works fine for my 8330.00:41
Cheri703hehe http://theoatmeal.com/comics/rapture00:42
canthus13Cheri703: Heh.00:44
dmcglone1happy friday all00:49
dmcglone1The clocks ticking, I just wanna say I love you all and I'll see everybody in "Ubuntu heaven" ;-)00:50
canthus13dmcglone1: if you go, I'm looting your place.00:52
Unit193Why wait?00:53
dmcglone1good luck finding it after I burn it down00:53
dmcglone1Unit193: he'll wait out of courtesy.. LOL00:53
canthus13Unit193: Guess I shouldn't, now that he's threatening to burn it down.00:53
dmcglone1canthus13: I already planned on doing that, I want to go to heaven Debt Free00:55
dmcglone1anyone watch pawn shop wars?00:57
* canthus13 watches pawnstars.00:58
dmcglone1canthus13: thats it00:59
dmcglone1may bad00:59
Unit193canthus13: http://www.motifake.com/index.php?start=13475301:03
Unit193You were the one that didn't like her, correct?01:07
Cheri703Unit193: the ONE?01:07
Cheri703more like "you were one of the 2334879872398 people who didn't like her, right?"01:07
Unit193Doesn't she have 2 songs?01:07
* Cheri703 neither knows nor cares01:08
Unit193That number is too high...01:08
canthus132.3 trillion people?01:09
Cheri703*shrug* I dunno01:09
dmcglone1When the End of the World Arrives, How Will the Media Report It?01:09
* Cheri703 doesn't care01:09
dmcglone1USA Today: WE'RE DEAD01:09
dmcglone1Microsoft Systems Journal: APPLE LOSES MARKET SHARE01:09
dmcglone1Victoria's Secret Catalog: OUR FINAL SALE01:09
dmcglone1Sports Illustrated: GAME OVER01:10
dmcglone1Rolling Stone: THE GRATEFUL DEAD REUNION TOUR01:10
ronnocNASA: The Final Countdown02:33
ronnocHi all!02:33
Unit193Not too fond of today...02:39
ronnocHey Cheri703, Unit19302:41
* Cheri703 is catching up on chuck episodes02:41
* ronnoc was playing Minecraft for the last hour or so02:43
* Unit193 has never opened Minecraft02:43
ronnocDon't...it's too addictive02:43
* canthus13 full of blah. :/02:44
canthus13and, of course, blargh.02:44
canthus13Unit193: It's boooooring.02:44
ronnoccanthus13: Have you played it in multi-player? Or watched any Youtube tutorials on it? Or listened to The Shaft podcast? If yes, then you can have your opinion :p02:47
canthus13ronnoc: It's boring.02:47
canthus13ronnoc: I've messed with it, watched videos, tried to get into it... It just bores me to tears.02:48
* canthus13 would rather count files in /proc.02:48
* Cheri703 wants nerdy female friends :(02:50
canthus13Cheri703: Heh. my wife is semi-nerdy.02:50
ronnocto each their own, right? I was just talking to Fab from Linux Outlaws. He's hopelessly addicted.02:50
ronnocCheri703: Lots of nerdy women play Minecraft :)02:50
Cheri703I got to hang out with awesome people at UDS and now back home, my friends look at me alternately like I'm speaking in tongues or like I'm a wizard :/02:50
Cheri703meh @ minecraft02:50
Cheri703I poked at it once or twice and went *shrug* meh02:50
Cheri703canthus13: send her to mansfield to hang out with me02:51
Cheri703nerdy friends in general would be ok, like hanging out with people02:51
ronnocCheri703: it's like realizing that you love Linux. It's an epiphany that just has to happen :)02:51
ronnocbut I know what you mean - felt that way after a week in SD for Camp KDE :/02:51
canthus13South Dakota?02:52
canthus13Or San Diego...02:52
ronnocSan Diego...sorry for my laziness02:52
canthus13and shouldn't that be 'Kamp KDE'?02:52
Cheri703we don't have much of a social life :/  only one couple we're really friends with :/ need more friends in general, but particularly nerdy folks :)02:52
ronnocI don't like using all the "K" thnigs02:52
canthus13ronnoc: that's part of the reason I hate KDE.02:52
ronnochate? lol ouch02:53
ronnocCheri703: I hear ya. It's touch being from this geographjical area sometimes02:53
canthus13ronnoc: It feels awkward, the defaults aren't exactly sane...02:53
Unit193canthus13: Did Gangsta show up in #ubuntu ?02:54
canthus13Unit193: Who?02:54
Unit193canthus13: Gangsta02:54
* canthus13 hasn't paid much attention to #ubuntu in days...02:54
Unit193He called !ops and !staff in #lubuntu and #xubuntu (Only worked in #xubuntu where he got banned)02:55
Cheri703I'm good at superficial chatting with people, but I find it difficult to make close friends :/ and we don't exactly get out much these days, so it's hard to meet people02:55
ronnocCheri703: I'll help you, as loco council member, to get more nerdy women! ... that might not have sounded right, but hey02:55
canthus13ronnoc: ...I think she was wishing for it to rain men the other day...02:56
canthus13then again, nothing wrong with equal-opportunity. :)02:56
ronnocI'm not going there.... :p02:56
ronnocthough after another glass of wine I might02:56
* canthus13 wonders what to listen to.... :/02:57
Cheri703listen to your wife!02:58
ronnoccanthus13: Well you don't like KDE or Minecraft...the last thing I'd do is recommend music to you! lol02:58
ronnocand what she said02:58
dmcglone1Cheri703: that sounds sexist ;-)02:59
Cheri703nah, it's just generally good advice, for anyone02:59
Cheri703happy wife, happy life02:59
canthus13Cheri703: Heh. She's buried in her laptop.02:59
Cheri703just in general, not just right now :)02:59
* canthus13 puts on Metallica, Papa Roach.02:59
ronnoccanthus13: Metallica \m/02:59
Cheri703meh @ metallica02:59
* Cheri703 is meh'ing a lot tonight03:00
ronnocMetallica <--- usually not "wife approved" lol03:00
ronnocat least my ex didn't like them03:00
dmcglone1Metallica runs deep in this household03:00
Cheri703the first date husband and I had was Warped Tour 2005 :)03:00
dmcglone1even my kids jam to Metallica03:01
canthus13Old school metallica... Master of Puppets.03:01
ronnocand all my friend's wives, moms, cousins, aunts, etc03:01
dmcglone1thats right canthus1303:01
ronnocCheri703: Smile :)03:01
Cheri703I invited him :)03:01
* dmcglone1 has seen Metallica 8 times03:02
canthus13I haven't seen them since they toured with Guns 'n' Roses in the 80's.03:02
* dmcglone1 has to take a piss03:02
Cheri703get a bottle03:02
ronnocCheri703: <-- apparently moonlights as a Mexican truck driver03:03
* dmcglone1 sighs03:04
* Cheri703 was in drumline in high school, about 4 girls, 30+ guys...03:04
dmcglone1That was a good movie. Drumline that is03:04
Cheri703so that type of stuff doesn't phase me03:04
* ronnoc thinks drummers must be urinary-challenged individuals 03:05
canthus13Cheri703: I had several friends with the Phantom Regiment.03:05
Cheri703no, they were just gross boys :)03:05
Cheri703that's cool03:05
dmcglone1ronnoc they did a lot of beating in their days ;-)03:05
* canthus13 played sax, couldn't march drum corps. :(03:05
ronnoclol. didn't we all, my friend03:06
dmcglone1when I was younger I had to march in a baton and drum corp.03:06
dmcglone1both my sisters twirled baton03:07
dmcglone1ronnoc: Yup.. LMAO03:07
dmcglone1my extra curricular activities revolved around my sisters :-/03:07
ronnocCheri703: what's the Phantom Regiment?03:08
* dmcglone1 is going to get midnight snack of cereal :-)03:08
Cheri703DCI is awesome03:08
Cheri703canthus13: have you ever watched Blast?03:08
canthus13dmcglone1: ...That sounds really awful.03:10
dmcglone1what my childhood torture or the cereal?03:10
Cheri703canthus13: basically drum/bugle corps on stage: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Blast!_%28musical%2903:10
* Cheri703 has a dvd of it03:10
canthus13Cheri703: Ah. Cool.03:11
ronnocCheri703: Thx for the link. That's pretty cool.03:11
Cheri703it's pretty sweet03:11
* Cheri703 saw it live03:11
dmcglone1I've seen some pretty amazing drummers03:12
dmcglone1I once seen a drummer with no arms03:12
dmcglone1and he rocked them drums03:12
dmcglone1no arms from the elbow down03:12
dmcglone1Dang, this room and go from screamin' to silence in .1 second, it's gotta be a record03:15
canthus13dmcglone1: It's all you, man...03:15
dmcglone1Ah shux I kinda figured :-/03:16
* Cheri703 is kinda out of it all of a sudden03:16
Cheri703I cleaned up my living room today!03:16
Cheri703and did a bunch of other stuff03:16
Cheri703today was a busy/productive day03:16
dmcglone1Cheri703: are you sure you were ever "in it"? ;-)03:16
* canthus13 needs to clean.03:16
Cheri703have to transfer vhs to computer this weekend (several home movie tapes from a client), also redo a spreadsheet for another client03:17
canthus13...but that means dragging myself off the couch.03:17
dmcglone1I don't need to clean, thats what I got a wife for ;-)03:17
Cheri703canthus13: I just did a little bit at a time and took lots of breaks :)03:17
canthus13Cheri703: I can't work like that.. Once I start, I don't stop 'til I'm done.03:17
Cheri703dmcglone1: ------____------03:17
Cheri703I do sometimes03:17
Cheri703it varies03:17
dmcglone1canthus13: I am the same way03:18
dmcglone1if it takes me all night, I'll work at it till it's completly done03:18
dmcglone1but there are drawbacks to that type of behavior03:18
dmcglone1if your building a house, Um well after a while you start cutting corners, and the finish product is a lopsided house03:19
canthus13You live in a crooked house?03:20
dmcglone1depends on which person your referring to.. HAHA03:21
Unit193Bloody, idiotic computers....03:22
dmcglone1Huh? when did computers aquire blood?03:22
Unit193RDP does NOT work in Ubuntu correctly....03:23
* Unit193 just opened a few (100?) emails....03:24
dmcglone1Unit193: it works over here03:24
dmcglone1I use it to keep tabs on what my kids are doing on the computer in the other room :-)03:25
Unit193dmcglone1: .... RDP?03:25
dmcglone1yeah, I use it with Remote Desktop03:25
Unit193dmcglone1: Are they using Windows? Does it kick them off when you connect? No? You're not using RDP...03:26
dmcglone1Unit193: my bad, I'm using vNC03:26
Unit193VNC works better...03:26
dmcglone1ditch RDP and use VNC03:27
* Unit193 is just a little ticked today...03:27
dmcglone1drink a beer Unit19303:28
* dmcglone1 throws Unit193 a samual adams03:28
ronnocgood choice. Yuengling here  tonight03:31
* Unit193 doesn't like beer, trades for Jack Daniel's03:33
dmcglone1domestic beer rocks03:33
dmcglone1I like Jim Beam better than Jack03:33
dmcglone1My next best is straight Vodka03:34
Unit193I don't really have Whiskey03:34
Cheri703Unit193 is too young03:34
Unit193Cheri703: Not if you're with a parent03:35
Unit193+at home03:35
Cheri703unless ohio has laws I don't know about, then...technically still not supposed to have it03:35
dmcglone1how old are you Unit193?03:35
dmcglone1Correct Cheri70in3. if an adult including parents gives a minor alcohol it's contributing to a minor03:36
ronnocunless they live in Holland03:37
ronnocand maybe Manatoba03:37
* Cheri703 doesn't drink...not too young, just don't wanna :)03:37
canthus13Heh. In texas, you can drink under 21, if your spouse is over 21.03:38
ronnocdoes she have to be with you?03:39
dmcglone1Cheri703: I don't drink much at all either03:40
dmcglone1every once in a blue moon, I have one03:40
* canthus13 has had 4 beers and some champagne in the last year...03:40
canthus13God... we're boring.03:40
dmcglone1canthus13: nah just smart :-)03:41
dmcglone1I grew up with an alcoholic step dad, I will not become one03:41
dmcglone1and thats my vow to my family03:42
dmcglone1Ahhhh piss on that, lets drink03:42
canthus13dmcglone1: Totally awesome.03:42
canthus13...meant the not becoming an alcoholic part.03:42
dmcglone1thats true03:42
* canthus13 never could get the hang of drinking every weekend. Hangovers aren't worth it. :/03:43
dmcglone1heh, I've never had a hangover03:43
ronnocdmcglone1: I'm causually doing my part here03:43
dmcglone1and I've drank firewater till I passed out and got up at 4 am the next day feeling like a million bucks03:43
dmcglone1I could have run a marathon that day03:44
dmcglone1I passed out in my back yard and my neighbors who by the way I only knew for about 3 months had to put me in bed!03:44
dmcglone1That will never never happen again... LOL03:45
Unit193I used to fall asleep (not drunk) everywhere...03:45
Unit193Under the table, on the steps you can just about name a location...03:45
* canthus13 used to do that too.03:45
* canthus13 once fell asleep standing up on fire watch in boot camp...03:46
dmcglone1I'm the total opposite Unit193, I can't sleep anywhere but in my bed03:46
canthus13Nothing like waking up to your RDC screaming in your face.03:46
dmcglone1dang canthus13 stading>03:46
Unit193I can't now...03:46
dmcglone1I have never in my life even taken a nap03:47
dmcglone1when I try, my mind just wonders, although my body seems to be a sleep03:47
dmcglone1I remember trying to sleep in school and hated the slobber. It's like you knew you were slobbering all over the desk, but didn't care until the bell rang03:49
dmcglone1Oh yeah, that shut everyone up03:51
dmcglone1Y'all like: I ain't gonna admit to that ;-)03:52
canthus13Heh. I never slobbered.03:52
dmcglone1Ah you can admit it, remember tomorrow is the last day of our life :-/03:54
* jgould wanders in03:56
Unit193jgould: Do you slobber when you sleep?03:57
Cheri703hola jgould03:57
Unit193^^ that's a better welcome...03:57
jgouldUmm...  No, I don't03:57
jgouldHola, Cheri70303:57
canthus13jgould: How do you know? you're asleep...03:58
dmcglone1jgould more like when your half asleep03:58
* canthus13 doesn't drool...03:58
canthus13My wife does, though.03:58
canthus13Puddles big enough to swim in. :)03:58
dmcglone1hasn't anyone ever laid down and tried to sleep and they body is like lifeless but their mind still wonders?03:59
Unit193canthus13: Did you try?03:59
canthus13Unit193: No, but I splashed in it accidentally.03:59
Cheri703dmcglone1: that happens to me all the time, I put on headphones with white noise and it helps drown out my thoughts03:59
dmcglone1lucky you can do that04:00
dmcglone1with me, it's so damn quite I'm stuck with myself.. LOL04:00
dmcglone1quiet that is04:00
Cheri703I got soft motorcycle headphones and put them into an eye mask, so light and sound are blocked04:00
dmcglone1Cheri703: I'm deaf. I can't sleep with my hearing aid on... LOL04:01
Cheri703true, you can't hear ANYTHING without it?04:01
Cheri703maybe something that would vibrate lightly, create a buzzing feeling in your head, to distract?04:02
dmcglone1Nothing zilch unless an really loud siren is put next to my ear04:02
dmcglone1I've never tried that04:02
Unit193dmcglone1: That can be very handy04:02
dmcglone1LOL Unit19304:02
Unit193It really could...04:03
dmcglone1When I take off my hearing aid, which it's off right now, I'm in my own world04:03
dmcglone1the siren or vibrations Unit193?04:04
* jgould goes through the pile of stuff that a coworker left for him04:04
Unit193Being deaf...04:05
dmcglone1I've never used it in a handy way though04:05
Unit193I still wouldn't want it, but it could come in handy... (My sister needs it...)04:06
dmcglone1but it is nice being able to sleep through storms and such04:06
Unit193I can do that! "Go get me my brick!"04:06
* canthus13 hands Unit193 an iPhone.04:06
dmcglone1LOL canthus1304:07
dmcglone1good one04:07
Unit193I'll take an iPhone!04:07
dmcglone1I also do like my option to turn the volume down04:08
dmcglone1My Mom says I've got the best of both worlds04:08
* jgould hands canthus13 an origional iPhone04:12
dmcglone1Ok, I'm out. night all04:20
* canthus13 is soooooooo confused...04:28
jgouldMe to04:28
Unit193Quit the LSD then...04:28
jgouldI have no clue04:29
canthus13I'm trying to get backtrack 5 to install on an SD card. Bactrack 4 installed fine on it... now I get a boot> prompt... unless I plug in my USB drive with the unebootin install of backtrack 5.  then the unetbootin menu comes up, but boots off the sd card.  If I boot just the USB without the SD card in the drive, it can't find a boot sector on the USB drive.04:30
jgouldOw.  I just ran my knee into my desk04:30
canthus13jgould: Watch out.  there's a desk there.04:30
jgouldI noticed.  It attacked me04:30
jgouldI'd like to file a report04:31
Cheri703rawr again04:34
Cheri703I'm watching the first episode of a (so far) crappy crime drama show04:36
Unit193503 on the ubuntu ohio site04:36
Cheri703I'll give it til the end and decide if I'll keep watching the rest of the season04:36
Unit193The first episode can be the worst04:37
jgould:|  I have no idea what happened to my copy of BadgeMaker04:39
Cheri703I was randomly reminded of this video, it's hilarious, but turn down volume a bit :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWZRGZInJkw04:43
jgouldOh my god... They still have a picture of the Z on the corporate website04:45
jgouldThat beige thing weighed in at 35 pounds...04:50
jgouldbut you really couldn't take one out unless you took the door off of it04:51
jgouldUsed that thing up until the end of 200704:52
Unit193Cheri703: Do you remember when you sold that laptop?05:44
Cheri703NO REFUNDS! ;)05:45
canthus13looks like we didn't make the cut... none of us got rapturfied.05:45
Unit193I was just asking when (Project thing)05:45
Cheri703oh, ok05:46
Cheri703I thought you meant it like, "hey, remember that time..."05:46
Cheri703probably jan/feb? or so?05:46
Unit193He needs to buy another power cord...05:47
Unit193Was I supposed to answer?05:51
Cheri703why does he need a new cord?05:55
TheErkGreetings programs!05:58
TheErkHow the heck are you06:06
Cheri703doing alright06:08
TheErk90 minutes and i'm still waiting to be raptured06:21
canthus13TheErk: It's still 38 minutes out.06:22
canthus136pm NZ time isn't 'til 2am EST.06:23
TheErkAre they going by NZ time?06:23
canthus13Anyway.. I'm off to bed.  Gonna get enrapturized in my sleep.06:23
Unit193You think you will be taken out? What if you are one of the ones left behind?06:26
TheErkBecause God couldn't have made a better person.. and humble.06:32
Unit193Well... I have an early (8am) morning tomorrow, have a good night!08:15
jgouldhmm...  I seem to have lost two finger scrolling even though it's turned on...08:28
jgouldA reboot fixed it... (what doesn't a reboot fix08:41
=== dequire is now known as ronnoc
* Cheri703 followed a link to an ikea product earlier and is now in a " :( :( want furniture / new nice things" mood :/16:55
Cheri703after browsing the site for a while16:55
Cheri703and seeing all kinds of things we could use16:56
Cheri703:D http://thedailywh.at/2011/05/21/having-fun-with-fundies-of-the-day/19:10
Cheri703finally rendering my gnucash screencast thing23:27
jgouldSo, did anyone disappear?23:29
* Cheri703 certainly didn't23:30
jgouldI didn't either23:39
* canthus13 did.23:57
canthus13freaking overtime. :/23:57

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