PennBotTitle: Javascript PC Emulator (at bellard.org)00:42
mikedep334it has vi00:42
mikedep334arrgh, it has rpm but not dpkg!00:44
mikedep334it has qemacs00:55
ChinnoDogGoing to convert it to Ubuntu?01:06
mikedep334ChinnoDog: sure, it will only take 1 hour to boot :)01:51
mikedep334but yes01:51
mikedep334if I was an expert hacker01:51
mikedep334I would totally work on that.01:51
mikedep334working on that would involve implementing LOTS of emulator code01:51
PennBotTitle: Javascript PC Emulator - Technical Notes (at bellard.org)01:52
mikedep334read the limitations01:52
ChinnoDogI have. Let me kno when jsbuntu is ready.02:00
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ChinnoDogcalvin_: hallo19:22

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