wrstgreetings cyberanger01:23
* wrst is not for sure how running pc-bsd in a VM is going to work out01:23
chris4585I just encountered an odd issue, when I turn my brothers computer on grub does not display at all03:53
chris4585I hit esc a few times, hit down arrow key a few times to get to boot windows :/03:53
chris4585not quite sure whats causing this issue03:53
chris4585nothing appears to load visually until gdm loads03:54
oriasbios shows though right? have you tried to refresh grub?06:17
chris4585yeah bios does, but not grub, how do  you refresh grub?06:22
oriasonce you get in the grub prompt you run a command. look up in the ubuntu wiki update grub and it should walk you through it, its part of reinstalling grub if another os hoses the grub install. quick and easy. sorry i dont remember anything specific06:31
oriasofc you will want to backup your grub files first06:31
oriasgood luck!06:33
chris4585meh, I think I will just leave it, I don't think my brother minds imagining grub07:19
cyberangerchris4585: or ignoring it for that matter08:04
cyberangerwrst: not a usual blend of bsd, so idk08:04
cyberangerMorning everyone12:03
cyberanger.weather 3731112:04
cyberangeroh, the bot's gone again12:04
cyberangerwrst: where did your bot go?12:04
xpistosHey guys19:37
xpistosCan someone give me a hand with my NFS shares? Something is missing on my 11.04 box19:37
oriaswhas up?20:18
wrstcyberanger:  you want it back?20:45
wrst.weather cookeville tn21:44
testbot8570Scattered, 87.8℉ (31℃), 29.96in (1011mb), Light breeze 6kt (↑) - KCHA 19:53Z21:44
cyberangerwrst: if it's working, why not22:55
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oriasWhats a Wiki Jams?23:57

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