ExtractBeliefsubuntu doesnt support btrfs ?00:00
escotthase, you don't want mesa thats the software glx00:00
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic please ExtractBeliefs00:00
Jordan_Uhaffi: Can you be on IRC and at the grub shell at the same time (on a different computer)?00:00
bazhangExtractBeliefs, sure it does, but asking which is best is -ot00:00
Jordan_UExtractBeliefs: Yes (though obviously it's experimental support).00:00
ExtractBeliefsshyould i be asking wich is worst instead ?00:00
bazhangExtractBeliefs, no polling here at all.00:00
ExtractBeliefspoling ?00:01
BluesKajchubber, escott what about rdesktop client?00:01
schnuffleExtractBeliefs: If you want to use it right now the only choice is lvm. In future btrfs might become a viable alternative00:01
ExtractBeliefswell default for ubuntu is ext4 so i guess that is better00:01
escottBluesKaj, that would work. i had forgotten its name00:01
haseMy nvidia card drivers are activated but not currently in use00:01
haffiJordan_U: Yes00:01
Jordan_Uhaffi: Ok. Please reboot to the grub shell and tell me when you are there.00:02
mneorrhey , does anybody know if 11.04 default mount 2.17.2-9.1ubuntu4   supports discard flag for TRIM??  because in man it's not documented00:02
BluesKajhase ,have rebooted since activating ? I have to ask00:02
escotthase, well don't install mesa it will just make things more complicated. can you pastebin your Xorg.0.log from /bar/log00:02
haseyes i ahve rebooted several times00:02
ExtractBeliefsi do need the alternat install cd to install LVM ?00:03
haffiJordan_U: I'm there00:03
Jordan_Uhaffi: What is the output of "echo $prefix"?00:03
Jordan_UExtractBeliefs: Yes.00:03
rmxzI see that 'nice' can help an unimportant program keep the CPU available to more important processes,   and ionice can do similar for I/O scheduling;   is there similar for virtual memory?      For example, can I tell Ubuntu that it should be free to swap out much of a particular bloated non-time-critical process to avoid getting in the way of more important uses of that memory?00:03
ocouttsHas anyone been able to install Ubuntu on the latest gen mac minis? A co-worker and I have been having a super tough time.00:03
haffiJordan_U: (hd0,msdos1)/boot/grub00:03
rmxzLooks like /proc/sys/vm/swapiness can do that as a global setting for all processes --- but is there something similar where I can set a per-process swappiness00:04
Jordan_Uhaffi: What is the output of "ls $prefix/grub.cfg"?00:04
escottrmxz, you actually don't want that to happen. if the process is running the last thing you want it to do is have lots of page faults. nice it out, and it will run less and its pages will be later in the LRU and will get swapped00:05
haffiJordan_U: grub.fg (it's there)00:05
Gnearmxz: not really, swappiness is as good as it gets00:05
BluesKajescott, he may not hav an xorg,conf file unless he ran nvidia-xconf00:05
haffiJordan_U: And BTW there's a new version of the Boot info script results (I installed lzma) at: http://pastebin.com/LEp3sKv600:05
Jordan_Uhaffi: What happens if you run "configfile $prefix/grub.cfg"?00:05
schnufflermxz:   You can configure swappiness per cgroup:  http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/cgroups/cgroups.txt  http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/cgroups/memory.txt00:05
BluesKajanyway , time to go00:06
haseI did rune nvidia-xorg00:06
haffiJordan_U: The screen clears?00:06
Jordan_Uhaffi: If you press escape do you see a menu?00:07
haseI don't understand why it says direct rendering: yes but I'm stuck at 640x480 could it be because i'm using an hdtv for the monitor00:07
escotthase, since there is some concern your X is loading the wrong drivers can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:07
ExtractBeliefsis windows LVM aware ?00:07
schnuffleExtractBeliefs: Wondpws knows extacly: FAT and NTFS nothing more00:07
bazhangExtractBeliefs, ##windows for windows questions00:07
haffiJordan_U: Nope, just gives me a new input prompt in the console (grub>)00:08
ExtractBeliefscan i install ubuntu on LVM in a pre populated HDD with win 700:08
bazhang!lvm | ExtractBeliefs have a read00:08
ubottuExtractBeliefs have a read: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:08
GneaExtractBeliefs: win7 would be on a different partition, the lvm would not contain that partition.00:08
schnuffleExtractBeliefs: If you have a spare partition yes, if not you need to use a partition tool00:08
ExtractBeliefsthanks Gnea  that was usefull info00:09
hasedid I pastebin the right thing00:09
escotthase, your CRT is not reporting EDID data (which describes the maximum height/width the monitor supports) and you are being dropped back to 640x480. you should be able to force a mode in your xorg.conf, the guis may be protesting in order to prevent you from breaking your monitor00:09
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Gneahase: what video driver are you using?00:10
hasegnea I'm not sure i installed nvidia-current00:10
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haseescott how do I force the mode in my xorg.conf00:11
gem_catmy router is still reluctant - it just bugs me - 2wire was a mistake I guess00:12
Gneahase: you installed it from the repository?00:12
rmxzschnuffle:  thanks!  I'll go read that fine manual...00:13
Gneahase: hdtv? a base model?00:13
schnufflermxz: your welcome00:13
hasevizio 1080p00:13
gem_catnow back to the other issue - how to mount a data cd - and what did they do to fstab?00:13
escotthase, well do you have one? /etc/x11/xorg.conf (i think would be the name)00:14
haseescott I have a xorg.conf00:14
haseVizio voj320f1a00:14
Gneahase: should be able to adjust via display settings and choosing screen 200:14
vorlovhow can i make the keyring automatically open upon login? in gnome00:14
haffiJordan_U: Thank you very much for your help so far, do you have any further ideas for me to try00:14
rmxz escott: "...nice it out, and it will run less and its pages will be later in the LRU and will get swapped"00:14
rmxzProblem is that on the 24-core system there's always CPU available so even the lowest priority processes seem to run full speed.00:14
escotthase, see if you can find a Monitor section in there, and it should have a "Mode" or "Modeline" you could use that as a template for your desired mode00:14
psionhow do I get hardware acceleration to work for an nvidia card in 11.04?00:15
Jordan_Uhaffi: Try asking in #grub.00:15
vorlovin natty 11.0400:15
haffiJordan_U: Thanks00:16
hasehere is a pastebin of xorg.conf00:16
Jordan_Uhaffi: You're welcome.00:16
haseI really don't feel comfortable editing the xorg on my own00:16
Taar779I can't get my ubuntu server to connect to the internet, can some offer any advice?00:17
gem_catis it peculiar to want to mount cd's in ubuntu? it looks like it may be mounting them and hiding them immediately is that possible?00:17
bazhangTaar779, sudo dhclient eth000:17
schnuffleTaar779: How is your network interface configured? Through /etc/network/interfaces?00:17
vorlovdoes someone know how to make gnome-keyring open on login00:18
vorlovwithout the nagging request00:18
FloodBot1vorlov: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:18
nit-witvorlov, what are the apps to be opened with the password, or is a autologin you want?00:19
Taar779Bazhang: I'll try that -- schnuffle: auto eth0 ... iface eth0 inet static ... address X ... netmask X ... gateway X00:19
vorlovi have autologin already, but my wifi network password is saved in it... without me entering the password it wont start the network00:20
Taar779X being the actually addresses00:20
vorlovid like a compelte automatic start00:20
psiondoes anyone know how to enable hardware acceleration of an nvidia card?00:20
escottvorlov, add it to gnome-session00:20
vorlovid like the keyring to open with the autologin asas well00:20
vorlovhow do i do that?00:20
vorlovim a new comer to the gui00:20
nit-witvorlov, open the edt to the wireless click on auto and enable all users00:20
vorlovnit-wit: lemme try...00:21
schnuffleTaar779: and your network card is configured, so that you get the right information with ifconfig etho? Can you ping your default gateway?00:21
gem_cator add your user to the wireless group vorlov00:22
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nit-witvorian, your looking for connect automatically and allow all users.00:22
vorlovnit-wit: it worked! thanks much!00:22
schnuffle!anyone | Guest4620100:22
ubottuGuest46201: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:22
Taar779schnuffle: No ping router or ping does nothing. I'm not sure how I would go about configuring my network card. I'll try to google it in a sec00:23
Guest46201can you help me?00:23
schnuffleGuest46201: Ask your question and we'll see :)00:23
nit-witGuest46201, ask your question00:23
bazhangwith what Guest4620100:23
Guest46201i get this error when trying to load BT5 onto my computer from a live disk00:23
bazhang!backtrack | Guest4620100:24
ubottuGuest46201: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition00:24
gem_catGuest11276, you need to add a user before getting on IRC - bad things can happen00:24
bazhangGuest46201, not supported here, /join #backtrack-linux00:24
nit-witvorlov, no problem.;)00:24
Guest46201atkbd serio0: unknown key released (translated set 2, code 0x8d on isa0060/serio000:24
bazhangGuest46201, its not supported here. please stop asking.00:25
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SeanInSeattleIs it possible to remove unity alltogether, and switch to gnome only?00:34
bazhangSeanInSeattle, no, use classic from login00:34
escott!classic | SeanInSeattle00:34
ubottuSeanInSeattle: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. You can switch back to regular !Gnome by logging out and clicking on your user name, in the Session box at the bottom of the screen select Ubuntu Classic.00:34
gem_catI understand things change but the docs on fstab do not help much - and most of what is on line is now obsolete00:35
SeanInSeattleubotto:  How to use gnome3 with Ubuntu?00:35
SeanInSeattleubotto:  How to use gnome3 with Ubuntu  11.04?00:36
bazhangSeanInSeattle, its an unsupported ppa that will break things and require a reinstall. best to steer clear00:36
SeanInSeattlebazhang, Yes, that's what I went through, but I actually want to install gnome3.  Am I forced to use a different distro?00:37
bazhangSeanInSeattle, its unsupported. up to you.00:37
gem_catgood luck00:38
arnotixehi all what kernel modules informs the kernel of AC power unplug (on a laptop)? My problem is that when I unplug the AC power, the wireless card borks and stops working. Have to turn off the machine and on again to make it work.00:39
gonzaloHello, I installed Ruby (programming language interpreter) with: "sudo apt-get ruby". This installed Ruby 1.8.7, but I want 1.9.2. I did't find 1.9.2 in the synaptic package manager, so I downloaded the source and compiled. However, the Ruby my system has is still 1.8.7. In the folder I downloaded I execute "./ruby --version" and there it's 1.9.2. How do I replace the ruby I have installed...00:40
gonzalo...for the new one??? Thanks!00:40
tim___whats the discussion?00:41
bazhangtim___, ubuntu support00:41
bazhanggonzalo, why do you need a new one?00:41
tim___ow just general support00:41
gem_catarnotixe, have you googled your model number - that may be answered fr your laptop somewhere00:41
gonzalobazhang: because I installed the wrong version. I have 1.8.7 but I want 1.9.200:41
bazhanggonzalo, installed how00:42
escottgonzalo, you dont want to just install something you downloaded. see if there is a ruby1.9 package in synaptic (i thought there way) otherwise put your downloaded ruby in /opt and prefix your $PATH to point at it00:42
invisiblekcross your fingers that my hdmi audio works after i reboot00:42
schnufflegonzalo: http://www.web2linux.com/05/installing-rails-3-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/00:42
gonzalobazhand: sudo apt-get install ruby00:42
arnotixegem_cat, yes it's the infamous broadcom 4312.00:42
tim___how do i contribute to the ubuntu art without joining a mailing list00:42
bazhanggonzalo, how is that the wrong version00:42
gonzalobazhang: apt-get install ruby installs ruby version 1.8.700:42
bazhangtim___, check the #ubuntu-artwork channel (may not be the correct name)00:42
gem_catarnotixe, the laptop model00:42
gonzalobazhang: by default.00:43
tim___bazhang thanks00:43
gonzalo(I'm checking the link!)00:43
bazhangtim___, /msg alis list *ubuntu* to find it00:43
haseSo I just installed nvtv and the output for running it is Fatal: No supported video card found.00:43
gonzaloschnuffle: to follow this guide, should I uninstall my current ruby first? If so, how?00:44
bazhanggonzalo, thats the newest for your version of ubuntu00:44
arnotixegem_cat,  Lenovo S-10. something is wrong with the b43 driver. I just wanted to see if unloading the module that detects power unplugging helps. See, when power is plugged in, I kan rfkill it, kill it with the physical killswitch, re-enable it and so on. Still works. But when I unplug power, all fails. This used to work in 9.04...00:44
gonzalobazhang: Is there no way to have version 1.9.2 in ubuntu?00:44
invisiblekwow, 11.04 is sweet, it actually automatically rebuilds my nvidia drivers when the kernel is updated (something i always wished happened)00:44
arnotixeI've seen something on BIOS updates, but I think I need windows to do that...00:44
bazhanggonzalo, by breaking package management, sure.00:44
Guest90776Hello, can anybody help with with setting up svg support for ubuntu and apache2?00:45
schnufflegonzalo: If you compiled it by your own you could use a prefix like /opt to install it there, so you can use  it without interfering with your normal system00:46
Jordan_UGuest90776: apache2 doesn't need svg support to host svg images...00:46
yoaimecan anybody tell me how to navegate to a different partition in the command line00:46
gem_catarnotixe, maybe it is something simple - google the combination00:46
Guest90776Jordan_U, when I try to view the svg image through the browser, it says XML Parsing Error: not well-formed00:47
WeSSaM_hi all00:48
Guest90776technically it is an svgz, but both when place in the img tag show a brokenimage icon00:48
schnuffleGuest90776: add this to your apache conf AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz AddEncoding gzip svgz00:48
WeSSaM_any1 know how i can install gnome on backtrack5 ?00:48
Jordan_UGuest90776: And if you try to just open the svg file in the browser?00:48
bazhangWeSSaM_, thats not supported here00:48
bazhangWeSSaM_, #backtrack-linux00:49
gonzaloschnuffle: I'm very confused. I opened synaptic package manager and searched for "ruby 1.9.2" and I get two results: 1) "ruby" which shows as installed and says it's version 1.8.X in the description. 2) "ruby1.9.1", which also shows as installed, but which says 1.9.2 in the description. However, in a terminal, "ruby --version" returns "1.8.7". Any thoughts on this?00:49
WeSSaM_oh thanx bazhang00:49
hiexpoWeSSaM_, backtrack is not supported here go there #backtrack-linux     and good luck with that00:49
Guest90776when I add those to the .htaccess file I get the following... Content Encoding Error                                                                The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.00:49
schnufflegonzalo: check id you have more than one ruby binary in your system: locate ruby | grep bin00:50
hiexpoWeSSaM_, i would suggest pento myself00:50
Guest90776this is in Firefox 4.0 fyi00:50
arnotixegem_cat, yep I've googled quite a bit last weeks. And tried lots of stuff. But it keeps failing. So, is it possible to make the kernel NOT figure out when power is unplugged?00:51
WeSSaM_kk hiexpo00:51
DK_2hi, anyone else getting sound drops and program crashes with natty and VLC?00:51
schnuffleGuest90776: One line: AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz00:51
hiexpoWeSSaM_, no problem00:51
gonzaloschnuffle: "/usr/bin/ruby", "/usr/bin/ruby1.8", "/usr/bin/ruby1.9.1", "/usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/ruby1.9.1", and more...00:51
gizmobayWhen I reboot me computer, the system shutsdown and then the BIOS screen is displayed and then I'm taken to a blank purple screen. If I hit the reset button, then my computer will boot. It shows the grub2 menu even though I have it turned off.00:51
schnuffleGuest90776: second line: AddEncoding gzip svgz00:51
gizmobayonce I hit the reset button00:51
gonzaloschnuffle: apparently, I do have more than one. How can I erase all and start again?00:51
gizmobayWhich log can I look in to get a hint the boot.log shows nothing00:52
skiburI did a #apt-get update.  How can I list the update list without installing?00:52
Guest90776schnuffle: got it... it still gives me the content encoding error00:52
schnuffleGuest90776: Hmm, remove all the svgz stuff so only one line: AddType image/svg+xml00:53
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DK_2skibur:  sudo apt-get update00:54
schnufflegonzalo: there's a tool called alternative which can switch between the versions00:54
Guest90776schnuffle: that gives me an internal server error00:54
gonzaloschnuffle: I'd rather just erase the older versions... any way to do that?00:54
schnufflegonzalo: apt-get remove <package>00:55
DK_2skibur: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine00:55
gem_catarnotixe, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerManagement - this might be a 'wait a bit' prob00:55
Guest90776schnuffle, if you meant AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz , it still gives me the encoding error00:55
schnuffleGuest90776: strange00:56
gonzaloschnuffle: ok, but I believe that will erase ruby1.8.7, which is the default... how do I make Ubuntu recognize the other version as default once the old one has been removed?00:56
Guest90776schnuffle, no I'm sorry... then it says XML Parsing Error: not well-formed00:56
schnuffleGuest90776: but your image is right and you can see it when you open it with a image viewer?00:56
skiburI already did #apt-get update00:57
skiburI just need to list the updates00:57
skiburnot upgrade00:57
Guest90776it was created in Adobe Illustrator, and can be viewed locally threough IE 900:57
Guest90776or Adobe svg viewer00:58
gem_catgonzalo, you may have to uninstall both and reinstall the one you want - or you might even not have a prob00:58
schnufflegonzalo: use update-alternatives00:58
gem_catbest that00:58
gonzalogem_cat: I removed ruby. "which ruby" returns nothing. However, "locate ruby | grep bin" returns exactly the same as before00:59
lucas-argagain, suspend wasnt working in my laptop... I had to manually remove SPLASH from /etc/default/grub was it a plymouth bug or what? when are devs cutting plymouth off the ubuntu default installation... it just doesnt work never did in any of the different hardware computers...00:59
gonzaloschnuffle: How exactly do i use update-alternatives?00:59
Guest90776ok, just found something, the svg was the wrong file name, but that does not solve the issue with the svgz00:59
DK_2skibur:  http://ubuntu-for-humans.blogspot.com/2009/12/using-apt-get-terminal-command-in.html    <---does that help?01:00
wcchandlerHas anybody setup bitcoin mining?  Is it essentially a python script that gets run?01:00
schnufflegonzalo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java It shows how to use it with different java versions. It can be used analog for ruby01:00
gonzaloschnuffle: ok, will do.01:01
gem_cathttp://groups.google.com/group/rails-oceania/browse_thread/thread/8a2b256d117db49f gonzalo01:01
skiburChecking.... DK_201:02
schnuffleGuest90776: You mean  AddType image/svg+xml svg  works and AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz doesn't?01:02
DK_2skibur:  also check  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/see-what-updated-packages-are-available-from-ubuntu-command-line/01:02
arnotixeok gem_cat ,thank you I'll try that01:02
Guest90776no  AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz works, but only the uncompressed svg shows01:02
Guest90776the svgz is a broken link, and if you try to view the image directly you get the content encoding eror01:03
tophuok apparently I'm missing some dvd decryption library that will allow me to watch "the big bang theory" seaon 2 disk 2 :-( how do I install this01:03
DK_2Anyone else getting sound drops and program crashes with natty and VLC?01:03
mhalliganusing dpkg or aptitude, how do I reinstall a package when I've deleted some files from that package, and actually make those deleted files reappear?01:04
schnuffleGuest90776: You need to set the AddEncoding gzip svgz as well01:04
mhalliganI cannot purge this package because it's depended on by ubuntu-minimal, which means I'm shaving yaks.01:04
Guest90776snuffle, it is added01:05
Damian85hello is there a good ubuntu alternate because i dont like the new 11.0401:05
Loshkimhalligan: have you tried apt-get install --reinstall <package>01:05
tophufor that matter why the heck wouldn't ubuntu come with the codecs required to play dvds?01:05
Guest90776if it helps, check it out here http://www.relationshipdriven.org/new/test.php01:05
HelloWorld321Hello Damian: if you liked the old desktop, it's still available01:06
Guest90776svgz is on the left01:06
mhalliganloshki: yes, I still get the same problem: Not replacing deleted config file /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf01:06
Damian85where is it avaiable or how?01:06
Kuwangermhalligan: Well, with apt you can just install it again.  I'm not sure how you do that with dpkg, though. :/01:06
Damian85apt get install old-gnome ?01:06
morganI can use ssh with x11 if I start it from a terminal with -X, but when I set ForwardX11 yes in ssh_config and reboot it doesn't work for X11 by default. Am I missing something01:06
DK_2tophu : ubuntu is worldwide, but your dvd's are regional01:06
Cube``guys how do i format an SD card01:06
Cube``thunar doesnt have any option for that01:06
mhalligandebs aren't idempotent like rpms, are they?01:06
Loshkitophu: licensing issues...01:06
HelloWorld321Not sure.  The new desktop is the "Unity Desktop".  Need to turn on "Ubuntu Classic" desktop (that's the new name) ... I'll get a link01:07
Damian85thank you very much :)01:07
tphamhi, i select places-><any harddrive>, and vlc would launch instead of nautilus file browser.  does anyone know how to fix it?01:07
Cube``guys how do i format an SD card01:07
HelloWorld321Damian: http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-11-04-natty-login-to-classic-gnome-2-desktop01:07
HelloWorld321Damian: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/05/enable-ubuntu-classic-desktop-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/01:07
morgantpham - check default applications01:07
gizmobayWhen I reboot me computer, the system shutsdown and then the BIOS screen is displayed and then I'm taken to a blank purple screen no grub menu or anything. Hitting the shift key does nothing. If I then hit the reset button, then my computer will boot but first it shows the grub2 menu even though I have it turned off in the default conf file. Which log can I look in to get a hint the boot.log shows nothing?01:07
Damian85so its default installed?01:07
tophu:-( mint didn't have this issue01:08
m_tadeuhi...I have a problem...ubuntu doesn't detect my cdrom drive01:08
tophuso where do I get the codec?01:08
tphammorgan, where do i go to get to def. application?01:08
mhalliganso apt-get --reinstall install packages doesn't work, aptitude reinstall package doesn't work, any other options for making a package do the right thing and actually reinstall itself? or do I need to reinstall the whole os?01:08
Guinness2702So, I have package x installed on 10.04 LTS Server, and it's client installed on 11.04 Desktop.  The versions of x are incompatible, and I want to A) upgrade the version of x on the server or B) downgrade the version on the desktop, without changing the versions of ubuntu.  Can I do this? How?01:08
gonzaloschnuffle: I removed many ruby packages with the synaptic package manager. Then, I installed (with SPM) the package "ruby1.9.1". Now I do "which ruby", which returns nothing. "which ruby1.9.1" returns "usr/bin/ruby1.9.1" why isn't it installing correctly?01:08
DK_2tophu: also, the only thing i use to play dvd's is VLC media player. never had any issues but i dont watch many movies or seasons. also did you install ubuntu restricted evtras?01:08
morgantpham - system -> preferences -> preffered applications01:08
HelloWorld321Yes.  I was annoyed by it at first, too.  But then I sorta decided to try the new one.  It's a bit of a hassle to get used to a new UI just because somebody else decided ... but it is good01:08
tophuprobably not01:09
Damian85yes maybe but my sister wanted to use it and just thought what is this. remove this fast :D01:09
DK_2tophu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu-restricted-extras01:09
tophuis that a repo?01:09
mhalliganNot replacing deleted config file /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf01:10
schnufflegonzalo: It install correctly, just do a sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.9 /usr/bin/ruby  or use update-alternatives as I told you to create the link01:10
DK_2tophu: its in there somewhere01:10
Kuwangermhalligan: Hmm..perhaps dpkg --configure is what you want?01:10
Cube``how do i format an SD card01:10
Guinness2702Cube``,  mkfs should suffice01:10
mhalligan@kuwanger: dpkg: error processing rsyslog (--configure):01:10
mhalligan package rsyslog is already installed and configured01:10
mhalliganthat doesn't work01:10
schnuffleGuest90776: Can IE show the compressed svg locally?01:11
escottgonzalo, just add a symlink in /usr/bin from ruby to ruby1.9.101:11
gonzaloschnuffle: ok, I'll try the "ln", since the update alternatives gives me: "no alternatives for ruby"01:11
m0n0where in the world can I find declaration of  struct _GMutex ?01:11
DK_2Anyone else getting sound drops and program crashes with natty and VLC?01:11
mhalliganwhen I run into this problem I usually just say screw it and rebuild the image, but I can't do that this time01:11
Guinness2702DK_2, - I've had odd sound behaviour with VLC, since I upgraded ubuntu to 11.0401:11
Guest90776schnuffle, no01:11
DK_2Guinness2702: ive read about choppy sound on vlc recently01:12
Guinness2702DK_2, yeah, I get that01:12
notyournamecan anybody help with my mousepad. it just stopped working01:12
Guinness2702DK_2, workaround I found is to go into VLC's audio preferences, and it fixes it01:13
Guinness2702but i have to do it every time01:13
morgananyone know x11 in ssh any?01:13
tophuok so how do I install this?01:14
Jordan_U!anyone | morgan01:14
ubottumorgan: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:14
DK_2Guinness2702: if you open vlc, with the icon for it, without media, and change the settings, then close vlc, they stay on those settings forever01:14
Guinness2702DK_2, Does that fix the problem?01:14
Guinness2702I don't have to change any settings, just open the config01:14
DK_2i havent played with the audio settings yet01:14
gonzaloschuffle: it did't work well. I did "sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1 /usr/bin/ruby", which returned: "ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/bin/ruby': File exists". However, "which ruby" returned nothing...01:14
bazhangtophu, ubuntu-restricted-extras ?01:15
Guinness2702Anyone know how to install a 11.04 package in 10.04 LTS ??01:15
gonzaloschnuffle: it didn't work well. I did "sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1 /usr/bin/ruby", which returned: "ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/bin/ruby': File exists". However, "which ruby" returned nothing...01:15
morganI can use X11 over ssh if I start the server with -X, but I've set ForwardX11 yes in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, but it won't work by default (after reboot)01:15
tophuyea I don't see instructions in the wiki01:15
bazhangGuinness2702, you dont01:15
notyournamehelp me with my mousepad. it doesn't work01:15
DK_2Guinness2702: to test that out ill have ta play a media file for a while, so testing is gonna take a little while01:15
bazhangtophu, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:15
schnufflegonzalo: first you have of course tell it that you want to manage alternatives of ruby: sudp update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/ruby ruby /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1 101:15
IdleOnenotyourname: you mean on a laptop?01:15
tophu@notyourname: buy a new one01:15
Kuwangermhalligan: Well, the hack solution is to just extract the config file manually and copy it to the right place. :/01:15
Jordan_Ugonzalo: What is the output of "ls -l /usr/bin/ruby"?01:15
bazhangnotyourname, thats not an ubuntu issue01:15
Guinness2702bazhang, So the only way I can upgrade the version of something on 10.04 is to do it manually?01:15
Loshkimhalligan: well, they *ought* to be idempotent. check all the "force" options in man dpkg. confmiss/confdef. If all else fails, you could edit the package out of /var/lib/dpkg/status and retry (make a backup of the file first)01:16
bazhangGuinness2702, upgrade what01:16
notyournameso what do i do01:16
DK_2tophu: do you know how to use synaptic?01:16
gonzaloJordan_U: "lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 2011-05-20 20:12 /usr/bin/ruby -> /usr/bin/1.9.1"01:16
schnufflegonzalo: then check: ls -l /usr/bin/ruby01:16
Kuwangermhalligan: It'd seem dpkg itself supports a --force-confmiss, but I don't know how to make dpkg reinstall a package.01:16
gonzaloschnuffle: doing the update alternatives now...01:16
Guinness2702bazhang, mythtv backend - my server is 10.04, but my desktop is 11.04 - the versions that come with them are incompatible - I don't want to upgrade the server, just to get the latest mythtv backend :(01:17
Jordan_Ugonzalo: And the output of "ls -l /usr/bin/1.9.1"?01:17
tophuI got it I had syn open on another desktop that's why my sudo apt-get install failed :-(01:17
bazhangGuinness2702, I'd ask in #ubuntu-mythtv honestly01:17
tophuthanks guys ^_^01:17
gonzaloschnuffle: "update-alternatives: --install needs <link> <name> <path> <priority>"01:17
Jordan_Ugonzalo: Wait... That should be /usr/bin/*ruby*1.9.101:17
schnufflegonzalo: wait, don't hurry. You should try to understand what you are doing otherwise you'll get stucked with a damaged system sooner or later01:17
gonzaloJordan_U: going...01:18
Guinness2702bazhang, I'll try there, but I was hoping to do cleanly with packages - i.e. it's not really a mythtv problem, but an ubuntu/package problem - i.e. I want to force 10.04 to use a 11.04 package :\01:18
Jordan_Ugonzalo: Run "sudo rm -i /usr/bin/ruby" then make the symbolic link properly.01:18
bazhangGuinness2702, thats unsupported and will break things.01:18
gonzaloJordan_U: "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5460 2010-11-02 17:48 /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1"01:18
Kuwangermhalligan: Hmm.. Well, it'd seem as simple as dpkg --force-confmiss -i /var/cache/apt/archives/rsyslog-*01:18
KenBW2Is it possible to get my phone to transmit audio to my laptop over bluetooth?01:19
gonzaloJordan_U: ok01:19
escottGuinness2702, the whole point of packages is to track the dependencies, so it wants to pull in the rest of the system01:19
m_tadeuubuntu is unable to detect the cdrom from my laptop...what can I do to overcome this problem?01:19
gonzaloMake symbolic link properly would be: "ln -s /usr/bin/ruby1.9.1 /usr/bin/ruby" ??01:19
elkngwhat if I have solaric partition and boot in to ubuntu-liveCD will it use this partition as a swap autimatically ?01:20
gem_catm_tadeu, my prob is similar I think - you are trying to mount a data cd?01:20
escottm_tadeu, is it a particular cd or all cds?01:21
hiexpohola all01:21
gonzaloschnuffle: oh my, I think the update alternatives worked01:21
Loshkim_tadeu: what does dmesg | egrep -i 'cd|dvd' say?01:22
tophubrb gotta reboot to test this I think01:22
HelloWorld321Ken: if you find anything, post a link!01:22
morganJordan_U - my ssh query: I can use X11 over ssh if I start the server with -X, but I've set ForwardX11 yes in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, but it won't work by default (after reboot)01:22
gonzaloschnuffle: i was missing the "1" at the end (the priority, i guess). now "which ruby" returns "ruby 1.9.2p0"01:22
gem_catescott, there is no entry in fstab for the cd - and the rules for making one have changed in natty01:22
DK_2m_tadeu: your BIOS is reading from the harddrive before the cd-rom. at bootup press either "f2 - f10 - del" to enter bios and change and save settings"01:22
schnufflegonzalo: fine, and you could have done it without uninstalling the default version :). Next time you'll know01:23
escottgem_cat, generally you dont want an entry in fstab, leave it out and gnome-volume-manager should auto-mount the partition01:23
gonzaloschnuffle: yes, good to know. thanks a lot for your help!01:23
schnufflegonzalo: your welcome01:23
m_tadeugem_cat, escott I'm not even trying to mount....it doesn't show up in /dev/cdrom01:23
Loshkimorgan: there's also X11Forwarding in /etc/sshd_config. You might need that too on the server side...01:23
escottm_tadeu, what about /dev/dvd01:24
mithridateswhenever I click on a mpeg or ogg video file firefox crashes!!! why?01:24
m_tadeuescott: not there either01:24
mithridatesit happens without exception!01:24
escottm_tadeu, do you know what kind of cd/dvd drive this is, and how it is connected? eide or sata?01:25
mark__hey guys01:25
mark__anybody talk here?01:25
morganLoshki - both options set to yes, reboot server and try to get in and I have errors..01:26
gem_catescott, in the previous version you stuck in a cd and it mounted - natty doesnt01:26
schnuffle!anyone | mark__01:26
ubottumark__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:26
bazhangmark__, ubuntu support question?01:26
m_tadeuescott: I changed it to eide now in the bios, just to check...don't know which drive it is01:26
Loshkimorgan: what kind of errors?01:26
mark__is this just for help?01:26
bazhangmark__, yes01:26
mark__ah i see01:26
escottm_tadeu, changed it in the bios? what were your options?01:26
morgansame errors I get unless I start ssh with the -X option from commandline on server01:26
escottgem_cat, what is the output of groups?01:26
HelloWorld321mark: if you have a question, just ask.  If you want to gossip, try #ubuntu-offtopic01:27
schnufflemark__: might try /join #ubuntu-offtopic01:27
mithridatesguys whenever I ask a question in ubuntu noones answer me, I'm really dissappointed. my firefox crashes whenever I click on a video file like mpeg,... and nobody wants to help me01:27
m_tadeuescott: ide mode or ahci mode01:27
schnufflemithridates: Maybe nobody can?01:27
gem_catadm disk dialout cdrom audio plugdev netdev lpadmin admin sambashare01:27
morganLoshki -  same errors I get unless I start ssh with the -X option from commandline on server01:27
escottm_tadeu, you should be fine with either01:27
mhalligan@loshki I'm thinking the guys who write dpkg/apt/aptitude have never bothered looking up the definition of idemptoency. rpm --no-deps --reinstall package, bam I'm done in 3 seconds. *rage*01:28
m_tadeuescott: I'm not happy with neither of them :)01:28
escottm_tadeu, check the output of dmesg | egrep -i "CD|DVD"01:28
mithridatesschnuffle: that's another question...01:28
schnufflemithridates: which version of Firefox?01:28
Whisky_Help! Due to a power failure, my computer shut down half way while booting through Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. It won't boot now and displays a bunch of errors :( It's the same even in Recovery mode.01:29
mithridatesschnuffle: 4.0.101:29
notyournameso how do i fix my mousepad on laptop01:30
gem_catescott, the ownership of cdrom in media is root root01:30
Loshkimhalligan: something like dpkg -i --force-depends <package>. Sorry I'm not handier with dpkg....01:30
mithridatesschnuffle: http://tinyurl.com/3gbnfjf this is the crash report01:30
m_tadeuescott: new advancement....on boot, the cdrom is there...as soon as I touch the eject button(which doesnt do anything),  it sudenly disapeers from /dev01:31
m_tadeuescott: before that, eject cdrom works fine01:31
escottgem_cat, i would remove the folder in /media, remove the entry from fstab and if that doesn't work try udisks --monitor-detail01:31
gem_catdo doubt the ownership in /dev matches the cdrom entry01:32
schnufflemithridates: have you installed the vlc plugin?01:32
mithridatesschnuffle: I'm not sure, but I guess yes. let me see01:32
escottm_tadeu, so `eject cdrom` works, but the eject button messes things up01:32
Loshkimorgan: I'm confused about which is client and which is server. Note you have 4 separate pieces of config to worry about: ssh_config and sshd_config on both client and server...01:32
m_tadeuescott: in deed01:32
escottLoshki, sshd is the server config01:32
Kevin_FlynnI downloaded a game.  Its an .exe.  I have wine, but it won't open.  I'm using xubuntu 10.10.  Error:  "The file '/home/user/.opera/temporary_downloads/LuxorSetup.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit."01:32
escott!permissions | Kevin_Flynn01:33
ubottuKevin_Flynn: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:33
sudokillkevin, make it executable01:33
Whisky_Kevin_Flynn: chmod +x FILE.exe01:33
sudokillif its in home u can right click on it and check mark as executable01:34
escottm_tadeu, and dmesg doesn't show anything for the event that lead to the removal of the /dev/cdrom device file01:34
Whisky_Help! Due to a power failure, my computer shut down half way while booting through Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. It won't boot now and displays a bunch of errors :( It's the same even in Recovery mode.01:34
mhalligandid dpkg deprecate the --reinstall flag or something?01:34
escottWhisky_, what errors01:34
syockitescott, Whisky_ : but do you need to chmod for using wine on exe?01:34
m_tadeuwhat happened to /var/log/messages?01:34
sudokillwhen i tried 11.04 it disappeared01:34
Whisky_syockit: I wouldn't know about that. Sorry. Try copying the exe file to .wine directory in your home directory and then wine ~/.wine/FILE.exe~01:35
escottsyockit, you have to do that for bash scripts as well. you could call it by `wine program.exe`01:35
Loshkimhalligan: --reinstall is an apt-get flag, not dpkg...01:35
morganLoshki - you're right, I've been editing ssh_config for the server (pointless), just opened sshd_config, pretty sure I got it from here, cheers.01:36
Whisky_escott: I don't recall right now as I'm Dual booting with windows on the same PC. Is there anyway to run a restore or something? I'm sick of Ubuntu crashing on me everytime. That is why I moved from 11.04 back to 10.04 LTS hoping it'd be stabler01:36
mhalliganaptitude -o DPkg::Options="--force-confmiss" reinstall rsyslog eventually did it.01:36
Loshkimorgan: hope so...01:36
syockitescott: I usually do not have to chmod +x on .sh file to sh it.01:36
mhalliganthanks for the help veryone, I'm going to go track down the dpkg maintainers and tattoo the word idempotence on their genitals.01:36
escottWhisky_, use your install cd/livecd01:37
Whisky_escott: Assuming I do boot with the livecd, what do I do? :(01:37
escottWhisky_, fix the errors you haven't described to us :)01:38
syockitKevin_Flynn: if you tried to open it from within opera, it will open using the default associated program, but I don't think wine is the first associated. maybe you use a file browser (like nautilus. open Places) to go to the folder (.opera is hidden, hit ctrl-H to show hidden files/folders) and right click LuxorSetup.exe and select open with Wine01:39
escottsyockit, i believe the natty version of wine may be configured to respect the executable flag for security reasons01:40
Kevin_FlynnI got it, thanx guys.  Permissions are the most anoying thing about Ubuntu.01:41
sudokillull get used to it01:41
sudokillthey are there for a purpose01:42
escottKevin_Flynn, trigger locks are the most annoying thing about guns ;)01:42
sudokillthink of windows and viruses how easy they are to run01:42
Kevin_Flynnescott, can't kill anyone with an OS.01:42
GoGi2why does grub2 not show a menu even if there is set timeout=10?01:42
Cube``why the heck are you even talking about computers. the world ends today01:42
sudokillirs not 2012 yet01:43
aeon-ltddonkey bull!01:43
JabberWalkiethe internet is its own world01:43
escottGoGi2, i think if you have only one boot option it skips the menu01:43
sudokillit should still show a menu01:44
sudokillGoGi2 paste ur menu.lst01:44
Jordan_U!grub2 | GoGi2 sudokill01:45
ubottuGoGi2 sudokill: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:45
escottGoGi2, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Initial%20Default01:45
sudokillmy bad, im on grub 101:46
gem_catescott, very interesting - it sees it but there was never an entry in fstab - isnt that required01:48
escottgem_cat, no you DONT want an entry in fstab. the existence of an entry in fstab tells the userspace mounting daemon that you want to manage the mountpoint and NOT to automout it01:49
gem_catwell my fstab is as it was born - no entry01:49
escottgem_cat, i think your problem was the existence of a folder in /media with the name of the mountpoint it would have chosen, but with root ownership01:50
=== roaming is now known as INFURNO
m_tadeuescott: tail -f /var/log/messages gets me this http://pastebin.com/zbXpEAVa01:50
gem_catwill the automount make an entry or do I need to adjust the ownership01:50
escottgem_cat, it will make its own folder. i think the presence of that folder is confusing it01:51
gem_catok - is gone01:51
escottm_tadeu, this sounds like some kind of hardware issue with either your motherboard or your cd drive01:52
ShermanBoydhow do I run wireshark gtk under natty?  I tried adding gksu to the menu shortcut01:53
escottm_tadeu, you could put tape over the eject button :)01:53
hiexpoShermanBoyd, gksu wireshark no ?01:53
coz_ShermanBoyd,  mm I havet tried .. are you on Unity or calssic?01:54
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
m_tadeuescott: :):):)01:54
ShermanBoydgksu wireshark01:54
ShermanBoydthat's a cut and paste from my properties01:54
escottShermanBoyd, don't you want gksudo?01:54
qinShermanBoyd: gksudo wireshark01:54
ShermanBoydoh wait ... it worked this time01:55
superman097how to install udp packet reflector on ubuntu? what is the name of the application?01:55
coz_ShermanBoyd, phew,, I was just about to install wireshark to test :)01:55
gem_catescott, no significant behavior here - maybe I should reboot01:55
ShermanBoydat least it asked for the pass01:55
escottSuperLag, iptables?01:55
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
escottgem_cat, or use the udisks --monitor-detail01:55
=== dhfhsdfh is now known as m00se
superman097with ip tables i can do udp reflector?01:56
ShermanBoydhmm it still hasn't launched ...01:56
ShermanBoydmaybe I'll gksudo01:56
gem_catescott, that shows activity when I eject the disk only - nothing when I put it in01:56
Igor_Elezhi PPL, can anyone tell me how to disable "force maximize" in Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook?01:57
escottgem_cat, well thats the problem. not sure how to fix it though01:57
gem_catshows mount path blank01:57
ShermanBoydhmm gksudo seems to work!01:57
Igor_ElezWhere is the option to disable "force maximize"? ANYONE?01:58
ShermanBoydescott: thanks!01:58
coz_superman097,  did you see this?   http://majuric.org/software/udpfwd/01:58
gem_catescott, what is normal for natty? should it be mounting the cd01:58
escottShermanBoyd, remember gksudo is sudo, gksu is su, su asks for the root password and there is none01:58
ShermanBoydnow I get it01:59
nDuffIn Ubuntu 11.04, I've gone to "Keyboard Shortcuts" in the terminal and unchecked "Enable the menu shortcut key" and "Enable menu access keys". Even so, pressing F10 within the terminal is summoning the menu rather than passing that sequence through to the curses app I'm running. What else do I need to do?01:59
escottgem_cat, well it should be detecting the insertion, which generates events in udisk and that triggers mounting or the media player popup depending on what kind of disk01:59
gem_catmaybe I have a hw prob - I can check on that01:59
* nDuff finds that this is bug #75070002:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 750700 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity Compiz plugin captures F10 for menu even when explicitly disabled in gnome-terminal (dup-of: 726639)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75070002:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 726639 in unity (Ubuntu) "F10 is captured even if gnome-terminal setting is explictly set to not capture" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72663902:00
gem_catthanks for talking to me escott02:00
escottgem_cat, np. goodluck finding the issue02:00
gem_catI know I can figure it out eventually02:00
druciferreI cannot navigate into ~/.gvfs anymore. I receive "bash: cd: .gvfs: Transport endpoint is not connected". Can someone please help?02:00
ShermanBoydcan anyone help me formulate a wireshark filter ... I just want to look at ping traffic02:01
sudokillanyone having trouble with choppy dragging windows in 11.04? (nvidia driver)02:01
druciferresudokill, what do you mean by choppy ?02:01
superman097 @coz_ i will read that link02:02
coz_ShermanBoyd,  lik a traffic analyzer..yes?02:02
ShermanBoydcoz_: yeah02:02
coz_superman097,  cool,, I am the one least likely to have info on any kind of networking issues,, doof here  with networking :)02:03
coz_ShermanBoyd,    http://www.debianadmin.com/network-traffic-analyzer-for-your-ubuntu-system.html   << maybe that might help02:03
ShermanBoydI tried !(ssh) to filter out the ssh noise but I don't see the pings ...02:03
hiexpohola coz_02:04
coz_hiexpo,  hey guy02:04
* Cibort a02:04
coz_ShermanBoyd,  there is a ##networking channel ,, I have never  been there so not sure  if they can help02:04
escottShermanBoyd, http://wiki.wireshark.org/CaptureFilters#Useful_Filters02:05
ShermanBoydcoz_: hah, I just found #wireshark ... thanks02:05
coz_ShermanBoyd,  excellent :)02:05
mark__hey guys i have a problem with flash02:05
ShermanBoydescott: thanks ... I think icmp is what I need02:05
sudokilldont we all02:05
mark__when i play a game the audio is out of sync but in videos its fine02:05
mark__is there a fix to this?02:05
sudokilltry reinstaling it02:06
KodecGremset ?02:06
sudokilli had problems with white pixels all over the show reinstall solved it02:06
yuskhanzabanyone play assault cube here? i got problem to play in multiplayer server02:06
coz_yuskhanzab,  sorry ,, no I havent played that at all02:06
druciferre I cannot navigate into ~/.gvfs anymore. I receive "bash: cd: .gvfs: Transport endpoint is not connected". Can someone please help?02:06
thr01kept getting logged out of this02:07
Kodecwhere can I find Back-track 5 Channel02:07
thr01anyway seemed someone doest have the graphics card to drive unity02:07
rwwKodec: #backtrack-linux02:07
mark__reinstalled flash and audio is still bad02:08
hiexpokodapa, backtrack-linux but would suggest pentoo02:08
sw0rdfishhey guys I wanna have the contents of the default "/usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos" folder to be set as my background with the pictures rotating/changing every 5 or 10 seconds02:08
mark__i've always had this problem but never been able to fix it02:08
sw0rdfishor more seconds...02:08
Dice-Mandoes clonezilla copy also bad sectors when doing a partition save ?02:08
Kodecrww can't connect !02:08
rwwKodec: register your nickname with nickserv and identify to it, then02:09
coz_sw0rdfish,   did you take a look at the script associated with that group of images?02:09
m_tadeuhow can I set an new key in xorg?02:09
KodecThanks :) rww02:09
sw0rdfishcoz_ yes i did02:10
coz_sw0rdfish,   no way of changing it there ?02:10
hiexpokodapa, #pentoo02:10
KodecGuys : where Can I find Metasploit Channel ?02:10
coz_sw0rdfish,  there is an .xml file in that directory for it,, I meant xml02:11
sw0rdfishwell i'm new to *nix...but there is a tag with <duration></duration> for each pic02:11
coz_sw0rdfish,   in terminal  gksudo /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos/background-1.xml02:12
coz_sw0rdfish,  that xml should have durations in it since it is the driving force of the cosmos images02:12
something_herewhy is it that i can connect to sshd externally when there is no iptables rule? I was under the impression it was a default deny any02:13
sw0rdfishare those durations in minutes or seconds02:13
coz_sw0rdfish,  mm I am going to guess seconds,, however I have not played with this for some time ,, I have never used the cosmos image changes02:14
coz_sw0rdfish,  although 1795  as minutes seems reeaal long :)02:14
sw0rdfishlol yeah02:15
sw0rdfishi'll edit that to 10 seconds :)02:15
sw0rdfishwhat does the gksudo do?02:15
coz_sw0rdfish,  it allows you to open a file as root user  to edit it,, especially .xml since if you try to just click to open it will be uneditable02:16
skrapsIm having a problem connecting to my router with wpa, it works on some routers and then with others it just keeps asking for the password02:16
sudokillsw0rdfish, it's sudo for graphical apps like gedit etc02:16
tapplehow do I figure out what opengl driver X is using? I believe it's using the wrong one. my symptom is that glxinfo and every other opengl application freeze and have to be force killed. I googled that, and got a suggestion to "remove nvidia drivers from an ati system". How do I find out if I'm using nvidia drivers, and get rid of them if so?02:16
skrapsim getting a deauth reason of 1502:16
tapple(and yes, it's an ati radeon I have)02:17
coz_tapple,  which card do you have on that system.. in terminal      lspci | grep -i vga02:17
Jordan_Usomething_here: No the fefault is accept all.02:17
tapple01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV610 [Radeon HD 2400 XT]02:17
skrapshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo I have looked here but cant find a wpa_supplement config file, im using gnome network-manager02:17
coz_tapple, mm  there are peple here who are far more experineced with ati video than I am ..however if no one here has any solutions,, I would check in the #radeon channel02:18
=== JohnRandom_ is now known as JohnRandom
sudokilltapple, try going to package manager and searching ati and nvdia02:20
b44apt-get supports terminator v0.93, is v0.95 also supported unter ubuntu ???02:21
sammydoes anyone know what happened to the bleeding edge wireless drivers that existed in maverick?02:21
sammythe package was removed in natty, and I can't find a wireless kernel driver backported module package or a compat-wireless package for natty02:22
sammyand the wireless drivers included in the stock ubuntu kernel with natty also don't work well with my wireless card, same as with maverick. i'm out of ideas. at least it worked okay with the backported modules in maverick. i'm not really sure how those drivers didn't either get folded into natty or put into a new package for natty.02:23
sudokillb44 u can install other ways if it's not in apt-get02:23
MaRk-Isammy: what chipset?02:23
infinituxI just installed 11.04 on my new system. It has the nvidia module loaded, and seems to be operating well. Should I screw with it and install the nvidia driver from nvidia.com for my hardware - and will this increase the system performance, or should I just leave it alone?02:23
sammyMaRk-I: lemme double check.02:24
b44sudokill: I installed the newest version by using: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-terminator, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install terminator02:24
b44SudoKing: thank you anyway02:25
MaRk-Iinfinitux: if it's working fine i'll leave it alone02:25
infinituxyeah, but how do I know if I'm getting best performance?02:26
gartralhow do i remove the logon jingle/sounder from ubuntu.. that thing is obnoxious02:26
mikeruI have a problem with my Magic Trackpad. on Maverick, while it lacked multitouch gestures at least two finger tap was right mouse button. on natty however, for some reason two finger tap is middle mouse button, and three finger tap (actually, drag) is for moving the window (the only multitouch gesture I have seen so far btw) and right mouse button is nowhere to be found02:27
superman097@coz_ i got the eror when *make in ../src directory http://paste.ubuntu.com/610889/02:27
rodrigoopa e aee - hello world02:28
mikeruI *need* my right mouse button ): I'd love it if it was possible to reassign moving the window to four finger drag and keep middle mouse button as three finger tap, but it's fine if I can only choose between middle mouse button and right mouse button02:29
rodrigofalem algooooooooooooooooooo02:29
mikeruhelp, anyone (: ?02:29
rwwrodrigo: English here, please02:29
sammymikeru: I believe there is an option to change those in the mouse preferences under system? if not there's a bug with information about those settings. search for it if you can, ill help you find it in a minute if you can't find it.02:29
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:29
coz_superman097,   you are compiling this ..yes?02:29
mikeru!br | rodrigo02:29
ubotturodrigo: please see above02:29
coz_superman097,  can you link me to the source package02:29
superman097@coz_ yes but failed, why?02:30
rodrigovou para ubutunbr02:30
gizmobayWhen I reboot me computer, the system shutsdown and then the BIOS screen is displayed and then I'm taken to a blank purple screen no grub menu or anything. Hitting the shift key does nothing. If I then hit the reset button, then my computer will boot but first it shows the grub2 menu even though I have it turned off in the default conf file. Which log can I look in to get a hint the boot.log shows nothing?02:30
superman097@coz_ http://www.sns.ias.edu/~mjuric/udpfwd02:30
mikerusammy: nope02:31
cannonfoddagartral: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/session-loginsound.html02:31
coz_superman097,  I am getting the identical error here02:31
mikerusammy: I did https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=magic+trackpad&search=Search+Bug+Reports&field.scope=all&field.scope.target= and couldn't find anything related to my problem02:32
coz_superman097,  mm not sure,, I cant seem to rectify this  error :(02:32
=== Wolf is now known as Guest52805
al3jandrusi got problems installing backtrack 5, i get the blackscreen, i red every and each toturial on the internet but cant fix it.. please HELP!!02:33
superman097@coz_ hmhhh any other software can be UDP reflector?02:33
Jordan_U!backtrack | al3jandrus02:33
ubottual3jandrus: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition02:33
superman097@coz_ i have use quagga, but confuse when using and config the reflector function02:34
coz_superman097,  as I mentioned , unfortunately I am the last person to have real solutions for anything networking,, however I did a search on google with   the string,,,   ubuntu  udp reflector  and I believe it did bring up a few hits ,, you may want to try that again,, or maybe go to the ## linux channel or  #networking channel,,,  << I believe that one is on irc02:34
al3jandrusim actually trying to connect to backtrack-linux but forgot my user..02:35
al3jandrusanyway if someone knows the solution i would appreciate a lot02:35
atdprhsshit, i was the worse position of all times02:35
coz_al3jandrus,  you will have to change and register you nick02:35
finalbloggerhello everyone02:35
coz_finalblogger,   hey guy02:36
finalbloggeri using ubuntu 11.03 on sony vaio laptop02:36
finalbloggermy touchpad is working fine02:36
hell_got a question, anyone know how to get drivers for a vaio laptop?02:36
finalbloggerbut its scroll is not working02:36
IdleOneatdprhs: please keep the language clean02:36
superman097@coz_ yes i have to ask in the ##networking and #ipv6 channel, less people that respect to my question at all...02:37
atdprhsSorry IdleOne02:37
escottfinalblogger, go to the ubuntu icon in the top left, type "mouse" and go to the trackpad section02:37
atdprhsI typed it in the wrong plae02:37
coz_superman097,  I would also hang out here,, because of timezones mainly,, different people log on at different times... I am just a doof with networking issues :)02:37
=== mikeru_ is now known as mikeru
pdtpatrick1You cannot enable wobbly windows in ubuntu 11.04 ?02:40
escott!ccsm | pdtpatrick102:40
ubottupdtpatrick1: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz02:40
superman097@coz_ yes, you're right, a lot of great people here at freenode, but everyone can't solved every problem :), thx for you..02:40
pdtpatrick1escott -- already have ccsm installed. Ran gksudo ccsm and turned on wobbly windows. But it does nothing02:42
pdtpatrick1This is using Unity02:42
naiadanyone using gnome-shell ppa is the gedit file-browser plugin broken for you?02:42
gartralcannonfodda: THANK YOU02:42
qinpdtpatrick1: ccsm do not need sudo02:42
tophuok still getting that I need to install a dvd decoder to play my dvd02:42
superman097@pdtpatrick : you have turn on the extra animation?02:43
Jordan_Updtpatrick1: Never run a command as root unless you're sure it's needed. (just seeing a permissions error is not enough to be sure sudo is needed).02:43
MaRk-Itophu: and have you installed the dvd decoders?02:44
tophuprobably not02:44
MaRk-I!dvd | tophu02:44
ubottutophu: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:44
tophuif they don't come with a default natty install then no02:44
escott!dvd | tophu there is a command you need to run from the terminal02:44
ubottutophu there is a command you need to run from the terminal: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:44
coz_tophu,    run this command  and then try the dvd     sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh02:44
tophuthanks peeps02:45
cannonfoddagartral: :) no worries. you're my first:)02:47
sammyMaRk-I: it's using the rt2800usb module. so the ralink 25xx chipset02:47
tophuwoot that worked thank you guys SO much02:48
tophuoff to watch / rip the big bang theory ^_^ you guys rock. you are why linux rocks02:48
PKIlusionheloo br02:48
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest72075
sammyMaRk-I: the bugs I can find about the driver, including some that have exactly the same messages I find in my system logs, talk about solutions involving packages available in maverick, and drivers I can't find in natty, and they have to be somewhere02:51
mikeru): my magic trackpad is useless02:54
slack-mmikeru, what do you mean?02:54
slack-mo wrong channel, i thought this was #slackware, I really don't know shit about ubuntu02:54
sammymikeru: search for a synaptics trackpad multitouch bug in launchpad. I recently found asolution for exactly what you're talking about, a regression changing the right click/middle click behavior that didn't involve installing new drivers02:55
coz_slack-m,  ah ok  but here you meant to say,,,  "I really dont't know  caca about ubuntu" :)02:55
coz_slack-m,  its a family channel :)02:55
mikerusammy, in natty it uses evdev02:55
sammymikeru: then it might be the same solution for everyone.02:56
slack-mcoz_, ah, whoops, sorry ;]02:56
coz_slack-m,   :)  no biggies02:56
sammymikeru: give me a minute to see if actually uncommenting the backport repositories in natty helps me find the backported kernel modules02:56
mikerusammy, it also appears that I'm the only one who suffers from this dilemma, I've googled for this bug and I've never found anything02:56
slack-mmikeru, hey, synclient?02:56
slack-mmikeru, what is it thats not working?02:57
mikeruslack-m, it uses evdev02:57
slack-mis it not working at all?02:57
slack-mmikeru, i know that02:57
mikeruslack-m, for some reason, two finger tap is acting like middle button instead of right click02:57
slack-mmikeru, synclient still applies02:57
slack-mmikeru, synclient -l02:57
slack-mmikeru, 'synclient -l'02:58
mikeruslack-m, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/610895/02:58
GatorAlliI'm running a script on Ubuntu that is supposed to run on 256MB RAM Ubuntu 10.10 servers. The vps servers belong to different hosting companies, but technically they're identical. When I run the python script on one server, it runs fine. On the other server however, I keep getting "OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory" I am threading multiple instances of subprocess.Popen (about seven instances at a time) What's wrong?02:58
mikerunote that I'm using it on a MacBook, so that might as well be the MacBook's trackpad02:58
slack-mmikeru, well synaptics driver seems to be reading02:59
slack-mlook at those options02:59
slack-msee if you can find one that looks wrong02:59
slack-mfor the operation your looking for02:59
mikeruslack-m, also, if that is from the MacBook's internal trackpad (which I believe it is, that one does use synaptic as it's an old, pre-multitouch trackpad)03:00
sammyGatorAlli: I'm guessing somehow they aren't actually identical. I'd start by trying to find out the differnce between the server it runs properly on an the server it doesn't.03:00
mikeruuhmm, slack-m, I'm 100% sure that is from the MacBook internal trackpad03:00
slack-mwhen i upgraded my slackware laptop i had to change it from two finger scroll to sidepad scroll03:00
slack-mmikeru, you have more than one trackpad?03:00
slack-mim lost bro03:00
mikeruanyway, the macbook internal trackpad sucks, it moves really weird diagonally like _| instead of /03:01
mikeruslack-m, hahaha yes I do03:01
sammyand apparently the linux kernel bleeding edge wireless page says that an ubuntu team has maintained a package called linux-backports-modules-compat-wireless, but there isn't one listed for natty, nor do I find one in the repositories. hm. bug filing time, I dont' know where else to go03:01
mikeruslack-m, yeah I know everyone tells me that03:01
danbhfivesammy: use tab complete03:02
mikeruslack-m, plus the fact that I also have a Magic Mouse... so sad no application seems to use multitouch gestures yet on linux :(03:02
slack-mmikeru, well03:04
slack-mi can tell you how to do it i think03:04
mikeruslack-m, well03:04
mikeruhow ?03:04
GatorAlliwhen i run "free", i see no swap memory03:05
GatorAlliSwap: 0 0 003:05
sammydanbhfive1: to find the package? it doesn't exist. I found it in launchpad, it was manually removed in natty (the backports-modules-compat-wireless package) and there isn't a corresponding package in natty.03:05
syockitGatorAlli: is swap enabled?03:05
slack-mmikeru, gimme a sec to look some stuff up03:05
tappleI'm stuck with a half-installed fglrx package. I'm trying to switch to the radeon driver, but am unable to uninstall fglrx. I'm following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver03:05
mikeruslack-m, ok03:06
danbhfive1sammy: looks like it is linux-backports-modules-net- ...etc03:06
slack-mmikeru, how do you have the second touchpad hooked up, ps2/usb?03:06
=== fred_ is now known as Guest2622
tapplemy error is: http://pastebin.com/C21RgJaJ . How to fix?03:06
mikeruslack-m, which? the magic trackpad? Bluetooth03:06
GatorAllisyockit: idk how do you do that?03:06
slack-mmikeru, ahhhhhhh03:06
mikeruslack-m, ohhhh03:06
danbhfive1sammy: on the commandline type this: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-[tab][tab]03:06
mikeruslack-m, the MacBook's internal trackpad, well, it's internal03:06
slack-mi figured that03:06
syockittapple: remove xorg's as well03:07
balleyne_I used to be able to save flash videos by looking in /tmp for a file named FlashXXXX, but not in recent versions of Ubuntu or with recent versions of flash. Where can I find these temporary files now?03:07
mikeruslack-m, haha03:08
syockittapple: make sure you have xorg vesa installed so that it can fallback03:08
slack-mmikeru, can you figure out which /dev/input/event it is on? dmesg/syslog/messages?03:08
tappleam not sure how to do either the things you said syockit03:08
escottballeyne_, i like firebug plugin for things like that, you can isolate the stream in the browser and save it off03:08
balleyne_escott: hmm, didn't know about that one03:09
piboytravisHello! Is anyone here using irssi?03:09
mikeruslack-m: hmm, funny, it's not on dmesg nor /var/log/syslog (isn't that what dmesg prints though?)03:10
tappleI am using irrssi03:10
=== dhfhsdfh is now known as `mOOse`
mikeruit's definitely connected though03:10
slack-mmikeru, ok one min03:10
syockittapple: did you install the prop driver before removing fglrx?03:10
piboytravisWell, I'm curious as to what the 'Act: 1' means in the status bar. . .03:10
tapplefglrx is the proprietary driver. I just have the fallback drivers installed right now, and am running using them03:11
danbhfive1balleyne_: I heard that flash deletes the files right away, so they don't appear in the filesystem, but still exist for programs that already have the file open03:11
MaRk-Isammy: sorry was afk, no can't find anything related to your card03:11
litropywhat's the command to show all peripherals (usb ports, infra-red devices, etc)?03:12
trismpiboytravis: it means there are additional messages on that window (alt+1 to go see them)03:12
MaRk-Isammy: except this but it's not even related to yours http://askubuntu.com/questions/37409/why-is-my-internet-so-slow-with-an-atheros-wireless-card03:12
mikeruslack-m: AFAIK I have seen it before, appearing as Apple Wireless Trackpad, but I can't seem to find it neither on dmesg nor /var/log/Xorg.0.log (I believe I once saw it there...)03:12
mikeruI'm using it right now though03:12
julian_clitropy: lspci for PCI devices, lsusb for USB devices03:12
piboytravistrism: Ahh, thanks!03:12
slack-mmikeru, ok, gimme a sec, im helping someone with my pick up gaming network right now03:12
m_tadeuwhere should I set a new keycode?03:12
slack-mnoobs :/03:12
mikeruslack-m: hahaha ok03:12
balleyne_danbhfive1: thanks. yeah, looks like that may have been happening since Flash 10.2... I normally use Gnash, but it doesn't play Facebook videos. Blah.03:13
piboytravisHTML 5 will (hopefully) make Flash a thing of the past.03:13
tapplesyockit: my system also has no symlink /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2 , so I've no idea what the apt error even means03:13
litropyHoly wow! I _do_ have an IR device! Ooooh ... this is going to be fiun!03:13
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jaybee_hi  all - is there a channel for Unity support? I tried #unity, but there was noone there... or should I ask here? Just switched to Natty Narwhal...03:13
litropyand fun, too!03:13
syockittapple: by the way what version of Ubuntu is this? xorg-driver-fglrx is not on natty, so it could be a deb produced by the propr driver03:14
Wakko10WarnerI am building a new system, and was wondering what was more important for speed, one 2 core cpu and three GPU cards. or 2 4 core CPUs and one GPU card.03:14
sammyMaRk-I: thats okay, i'm looking into this -net package, but I think it may just be wired ethernet drivers, not wireless drivers. i'm finding a list of included drivers now.03:14
syockittapple: it's registered in dpkg, so when that's messed up, fun happens03:14
aeon-ltdWakko10Warner: depends what for and the specifications of the hardware03:14
sammyMaRk-I: I did hear complaints of it being slow, and also frequent disconnects/reconnects. I'll check out tha tpage and see if the backported net driver package has wireless drivers as well03:14
julian_cWakko10Warner: depends on how much you're going to push the GPU(s).03:14
syockittapple: you didn't remove it by yourself right? it was not there all along, right?03:15
Wakko10WarnerI was just wondering in General.03:15
MaRk-Isammy: ok, good luck03:15
Wakko10WarnerI am going to use it was a web and boinc server.03:15
litropyWakko10Warner, ya what are you going to be doing with it? for gaming, get more GPUs; for crunching non-visual data get the CPUs03:15
litropyWakko10Warner, go with the CPUs03:16
Wakko10Warnerok, litropy thank you.03:16
tapplesyockit: I tried removing fglrx once, but I was stupidly running on X while I uninstalled the driver, so I locked up the computed mid-uninstall, and had to kill the computer and reboot03:16
eipi-1hey, i try to setup conky on ubuntu natty with classic gnome and compiz. it either is a movable window on top of others or makes the nautilus icons disappear on every refresh. any suggestions?03:16
tappleand this is the result03:16
litropyWakko10Warner, Graphical Processing Unit; Central Processing Unit.03:17
syockittapple: oh drats. try removing both fglrx and xorg-driver-fglrx at once and see if it budges03:17
Wakko10WarnerI heard that Graphical Processing Units can be used for supercomputing and parallel processing ...03:17
syockitWakko10Warner: google CUDA03:17
edbianWakko10Warner, They are03:17
edbianWakko10Warner, Multiple processors (graphical or otherwise) are by definitely parallel.  They are used for super computers03:18
Jordan_Ugizmobay: That all sounds normal. In Ubuntu you need to hold shift during boot to see the grub menu and also in Ubuntu grub is configure to set a flag, recordfail=1, which is stored in /boot/grub/grubenv and is cleared on a successfull boot. If booting isn't successfull (like when you pull the plug before /etc/init.d/grub-common is run and clears the recordfail flag) then the timeout is disabled in the grub menu.03:18
piboytravisWakko10Warner: GPUs can be used for supercomputing, but there are only useful for certain typer of processing/data.03:18
syockitWakko10Warner: it's offtopic to talk about that in #ubuntu, you are welcome to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic. by the way, GPU aren't meant for general purpose computing in the first place03:19
Wakko10WarnerI need to learn more about what type to see what I need more of.03:19
tapplesyockit: the status of xorg-driver-fglrx in aptitude is pB. I don't know what that means03:19
rh45y[** | NOTICE | **]  IN JUST UNDER 2 WEEKS, JUNE 1ST, FREENODE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU CONNECT TO IT. UNLESS YOU ENABLE SASL YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE. PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND LEARN HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION, BEFORE YOU LOSE FREENODE FOREVER  [** | NOTICE | **]   rh45y tyatpi_ SuBmUnDo hamnegga aholzschuh test_ Odysimus se7en earthmeLon Wakko10Warner jaybee_ ecinx zamba preecher mysteriousdarren litropy m00se eipi-1 Hunterm piboytravis bo03:19
rh45y[** | NOTICE | **]  IN JUST UNDER 2 WEEKS, JUNE 1ST, FREENODE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU CONNECT TO IT. UNLESS YOU ENABLE SASL YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE. PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND LEARN HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION, BEFORE YOU LOSE FREENODE FOREVER  [** | NOTICE | **]   ymasory mikeru awolfson mushuchan LedZeppelin tlab bU1337Pr00f something_here eckirchn ufita Guest52805 dzup Toaday crlcan81 bloodboy exchgr mluser-home finalblogger gartral abou03:19
rh45y[** | NOTICE | **]  IN JUST UNDER 2 WEEKS, JUNE 1ST, FREENODE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU CONNECT TO IT. UNLESS YOU ENABLE SASL YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE. PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND LEARN HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION, BEFORE YOU LOSE FREENODE FOREVER  [** | NOTICE | **]   Lmull3-Netbook Kurwacka Cain pizzledizzle Cobi coz_ braiam jsurfer pragmaticenigma ShermanBoyd tsimpson multipass ckrailo truepurple GoGi2 yuskhanzab JabberWalkie elocina gerzel 03:19
syockittapple: it's broken03:19
coz_again with that ?03:19
piboytravisWhat's SASL?03:19
coz_I meant that notice03:19
syockitat least it's not rapture03:20
ckrailopiboytravis: SSL for script kiddies03:20
piboytravisAhh, I see.03:20
edbiansyockit, that's scheduled for tomorrow03:20
piboytravisWell darn it. . .03:20
litropydisregard rh45y and similar posts. and don't join #freenode and ask about it. This is just to pander #freenode admins. No, you don't have to switch to SASL.03:20
syockittapple: package can get broken dpkg doesn't exit cleanly03:20
mikeru"[..] One form of spam, popular recently, claims that freenode will require SASL to connect. [...]"03:21
ckrailohmmm piboytravis apparently it's a real thing... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Authentication_and_Security_Layer03:21
syockitfloodbots on full standby03:21
litropyWakko10Warner, I suppose the GPUs, if configured properly, might be best for BOINC. But if you're leaning more toward web hosting, still get the CPUs03:22
syockittapple: what does aptitude suggest?03:22
piboytravisI don't think BOINC would be able to take advantage of GPU processing.03:22
Wakko10Warnerlitropy: thank you. I may end up with two systems, one for web hosting and the other for BOINC03:22
tapplesyockit: it suggests I keep fglrx03:23
litropyWakko10Warner, just a note, I'm no expert on using GPUs for alternative purposes. You should do some research on BOINC and GPU processing before you decide to drop the cash.03:24
gem_catescott, it was a hardware prob - 2 dif brands of ide/sata converter orient opposite to each other03:25
Wakko10WarnerI will ask the projects I am doing what I should do.03:25
litropyWakko10Warner, very good idea.03:25
syockittapple: can you try removing both? (I predict it will fail as one package can't uninstall because the divert is owned by another, and vice versa)03:26
tapplehmm. I think aptitude just tried downgrading fglrx03:27
tripelbbullcan I get an equalizer for my youtube videos (for the audio) I have pulseaudio but no equalizer. 10.0403:27
tapplexorg-driver-fglrx is cleanly uninstalled, according to fglrx, and the error persists03:28
tappleaccording to dpkg, I mean03:28
piboytravisOK, irssi is showing a little '+i' next to my nick in the statusbar. I didn't set myself as invisible, is it in irssi default?03:28
amd64how do i fix this error? srst failed (errno=-16)03:29
julian_ctripelb: For a more fine-tuned mixer, I often recommend using either alsamixer (CLI) or GNOME Alsa Mixer. What you have available on the mixer (in terms of EQ) depends on the capabilities of your sound card/adapter.03:29
julian_c(I think my 13-year-old Sound Blaster Live and 10-year-old SB Audigy still offer more options than the typical HDA.)03:30
cannonfoddaDBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus) - i get this error when trying to access shared public folders in 11.0403:31
amd64i changed nothing, and one day i got srst failed (errno=-16). please help03:31
syockittapple: hmm, so xorg-driver-fglrx only shows up as "p" in your aptitude? this time, what does dpkg say about fglrx?03:31
amd64how do i solve "srst failed (errno=-16)"?03:34
tapplesyockit: dpkg -l lists fglrx as rH, and xorg-driver-fglrx as un03:34
psionhow can I tell if my ethernet is connected at 100mbit or gbit from the terminal?03:35
ira_gershwinis it part of the ifconfig -all ouptut?03:36
walllablewhat happens when i answer the spam check incorrectly?03:36
tapplesyockit: if I install xorg-drivers-fglrx, it installs fglrx as well, and they both list as ii in dpkg -l03:36
syockittapple: no divert problem there? now try reuninstalling03:38
psionira_gershwin: if by that you mean ifconfig -a, I don't see it.03:38
amd64please help me to get rid of this error message, "srst failed (errno=-16)"03:38
tapplesyockit: uninstalling causes an error again. aptitude lists fglrx as HpA and xorg-drivers-fglrx as pB03:39
ira_gershwinpsion: well i guess the good news is that it'll only come up if you have a local connection at 1 Gbps, and then you'll be able to tell by how long it takes!03:39
syockittapple: I'm not familiar with H flag. let me check the man03:39
kalon33@psion: ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed03:40
ira_gershwinaw someone had a real answer03:40
walllablewhats ubuntu unregged?03:40
tapplesyockit: I think it means half-installed03:40
ira_gershwin(shakes fist at god)03:40
kalon33walllable, it's an anti bot system03:40
psionkalon33: thanks :)03:40
tappledpkg -l and aptitude don't list the same status codes03:40
walllablewhat happens if i answer incorrectly accidenly?03:41
m_tadeuwhere should I put the setkeycodes command?03:41
syockittapple: correct. you may need to hack the dpkg post.rm scripts for the packages03:41
kalon33walllable, I didn't try but you wouldn't be allowed to join #ubuntu03:41
kalon33walllable, if your nickname is registered, you only have to do this one time03:42
kalon33walllable, no, it would be too much !03:42
tapplesyockit: where would those be?03:42
syockittapple: or if you can find a way to remove the diverts, then dpkg can continue with its work03:42
tappleI don't know what a divert is03:42
pitthappensok, i need some help03:42
tappleit's not a symlink, is all I've been able to tell, as no such file by that name is on my system03:43
pitthappenswhen i created ubuntu 10.10 user account it as user pw:user but i created a new user in users and groups and i want to delete user and use my new user account03:43
ecinxI want to get involved wit the helping and implementation of Touch03:45
ecinxHow can I do that?03:45
ecinximplementing and testing..03:45
syockittapple: in /var/lib/dpkg, there are various configuration files for dpkg. the preinstallation and removal script (or triggers) are in /var/lib/dpkg/info03:45
pitthappens when i created ubuntu 10.10 user account it as user pw:user but i created a new user in users and groups and i want to delete user and use my new user account03:46
tappleok. I did sudo dpkg-divert --remove /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2 and now am able to remove fglrx03:47
syockittapple: nicely done!03:47
kalon33good night all, see you !03:47
syockittapple: I was about to do it the hard way: editing /var/lib/dpkg/diversions03:47
syockittapple: and I wonder if that would work in the end.03:48
syockittapple: okay, now you can resume installing the proprietary drivers. but where did fglrx come from in the first place?03:48
syockittapple: oh right, you installed while in X. okay never mind03:49
pitthappensok, can someone please help me with this issue03:50
tapplesyockit: actually, I'm trying to install the open source driver on suggestion from someone in #radeon, and I was stuck removing the proprietary driver, fglrx03:50
syockittapple: ah okay. never mind03:51
syockitamd64: yeah you're no longer here, but maybe you have problem with your ATA03:51
hellzhi im looking for some help installing ubuntu and im having blinking cursor problems using usb install03:51
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=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ouyeshellz, which version03:52
hellzit wouldnt even start grub03:52
hellzim downloading the alternate installer right now to see if that works03:53
hellzbased on everything i read on forums and stuff the problem seems to be the grpahics card03:53
ouyeshellz, what type is your computer03:53
hellzintel chipset with nvidia vid03:53
hellzits a laptop btw03:53
ouyeslaptop MODEL?03:54
hellzasus f-5003:54
hellzasus f50S*03:54
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|ZNC
ouyeshellz, I have a thinkpad x201, I get a problem about GUI when exit from a 3d game, the screen was dead03:54
ouyeshellz, go to 10.04 or debian03:55
hellzyea thats the plan if the alternate installer doesnt work03:55
=== lpt is now known as lbt
syockithellz: look up how to start live cd using vesa instead of the usual auto driver scan03:56
mdelim having trouble with freenx... when I hit the D key in any window, it minimizes it.... clearly the  meta key is "stuck"03:56
coz_hellz,   you could try the mini.iso instead which is similar to alternate  but downloads the system as it is being installed03:57
hellzok thanks ill do that now03:57
ouyeshellz, ubuntu launches its release twice per year, that is also coming along with too many bugs03:57
ligginsadobe  do not work for 11.0403:58
julian_cliggins: Adobe [what]?03:58
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!03:59
superman097@hellz : same with me 2 year ago i can't install ubuntu 9.10 with normally way03:59
xxiao_someone used uml in eclipse and umbrello?03:59
ligginsadobe do not work for xubuntu 11.0403:59
ouyesliggins, why you use xubuntu?03:59
superman097i have install it with noapic and no lapic option03:59
hellzhmmm lets see if xorg.conf is in the installer04:00
xxiao_umbrello is kde-based and it seems great, but i use eclipse for ide04:00
xxiao_never  tried uml with eclipse04:00
hellzbecause when i try to boot from the live cd all it gives is the copyright message and a blinking cursor04:00
ligginsi did  the upgrade04:00
ligginshow can i get adobe reader to work ubuntu 11.0404:01
syockitwho called ops and why?04:02
Soupermanitoquestion, when i install a game that goes fullscreen, like angry drunken dwarves, it goes out of sync 81.5kHz / 65Hz , and it doesnt have any options to windowed mode or changing the refresh rate that i can see, is there a way to fix this?04:02
ouyesliggins, why you use xubuntu?04:03
slipp3dsyockit, ouyes is the one that called ops04:03
syockithellz: I don't think xorg.conf is there.04:03
hellzyea its not :)04:03
ligginsit work o.k for me04:03
hellzim about to try the alternate installer04:03
hellzif my stupid mini sd wud work lol04:03
Piciouyes: Why did you call for ops?04:04
hellzwhen i use a usb install what file system should i format it as?04:04
ouyesPici, I called for ops? no I just want to know which ops are there04:05
syockithellz: xorg.conf is by default missing since jaunty. also, see if what superman097 suggested works or not,04:05
syockithellz: blinking cursor, you mean like the terminal?04:05
Piciouyes: Please do not use that command unless you need to bring the ops attention to an issue.  YOu pinged all of us.04:05
syockitouyes: nope, that's not how you use that command04:06
hellzok so04:06
hellzi create a usb installer04:06
hellzi boot using the usb installer04:06
Piciouyes: If you just want to see channel permissions: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list04:06
hellzONLY the copywright mesage shows with a blinking cursor04:06
hellzthats all04:06
hellznothing happens04:06
hellzive left it for over an hour bfore04:06
hellzand still nothing04:06
FloodBot1hellz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:06
ouyesPici, I do apologize, I just don't know how to communicate with bots04:07
syockithellz: ah, something like "Welcome to Ubuntu 11.04", yes?04:07
hellzno not even that04:07
ouyeshellz, try to use unetbootin to parse the installation disk, not usb startup creation04:08
=== AndChat is now known as turkusama
hellzfor disk you mean a cd?04:08
superman097@hellz he means http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/04:09
superman097download it the linux version04:09
superman097run it with terminal04:09
litropyI'm about to attempt to sync my Comcast universal remote to my built-in IR receiver. Anyone had any luck? Joining #lirc now.04:09
hellzim running windows on the computer im trying to replace with ubuntu04:10
superman097and find your file *.iso then click OK04:10
hellzok doing that04:11
superman097if you run in windows04:11
superman097download the unetbootin windows version04:11
hellzlol i think i can handle that :p04:12
omgxfirehello, i installed ubuntu, but cannot login "authentication failed"04:15
nawk    04:15
nawkhow do you do case-sensitive search in the manual-pager (default is 'less')?04:15
omgxfireis there a particular command i can use to reset username/pass?04:15
ira_gershwinomgxfire: you can boot in recovery mode from grub, and that'll put you in single-user mode as root.  then you can use setpwd or something04:16
Soupermanitoomgxfire, not really, you need to log in whit root powers04:16
nawkATM, it ignores case04:16
nawkI don't like that behavior04:16
MagicJI have a system that when I connect to tells me that 17 packages can be upgrades, 12 are security patches.  I do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and it tells me that I have none to do - what's going on here04:16
omgxfirecan i use "adduser admin && passwd admin" ?04:17
ecinxhow do you perform a proper driver check? to make sure your device has all the right drivers04:17
pragmaticenigmaecinx: what device are you trying to determine is working?04:21
Loshkinawk: there's an --ignore-case flag mentioned in the 'less' man page you should probably look at...04:21
nawkLoshki I don't want to ignore case04:22
ecinxmostly touch screen04:22
pragmaticenigmadoes the touch screen respond?04:22
pragmaticenigmaecinx: If touching the screen responds, then it's working... otherwise it's not04:24
mlmg317-himtsHello.  Can someone give me some insight.  My 60 GB laptop running the newest version of Ubuntu is reporting I only have 3 GB of disk space left.  How is this possible when I only have about 6 GB of documents and pictures on my computer?  I've already run BleachBit which freed up about 2GB.  What else can I do to free more disk space?04:24
Loshkinawk: I mention it because in my man page it says: "if a pattern contains uppercase letters, then that search does not ignore case."...04:24
ecinxit responds but not correctly04:24
ecinxit acts like my finger is a mouse04:24
ecinxbut when i look at my hand it looks like a finger (sarcasm)04:24
pragmaticenigmaecinx: then your touch screen is working, the drivers are setup to act like a mouse04:25
ecinxin otherwords its almost useless. no scrolling or anything .. and no multi touch04:25
ecinxhowever with Xournal the Pen input works perfectly04:25
pragmaticenigmaecinx: you might have to do some google searching for your model of your device04:25
ecinxi've done so for days04:26
mlmg317-himtsAnyone got any thoughts regarding my question on how to free more disk space?04:26
=== derp is now known as Zalgo
pragmaticenigmaecinx: touch displays is relatively new for linux, driver support is very limited04:26
bazhangmlmg317-himts, how big are the various partitions currently04:26
ecinxwhen I had natty alpha kubuntu it worked much better04:26
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: I don't think my drive is partitoned.  I completely wiped Windows.  I am only running Ubuntu.04:27
ecinxhowever, this is a clean install of 11.04 Unity04:27
bazhangmlmg317-himts, so a huge /  partition then?04:27
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: Right on :)04:27
bazhang!home | mlmg317-himts you may consider this04:27
ubottumlmg317-himts you may consider this: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving04:27
bullgard4seahorse > My Personal Keys shows 4 entries. Why does seahorse on another computer in the same LAN not show these 4 keys also?04:28
=== piboytravis is now known as whooper
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: So I guess the next question is - what files (perhaps ones that are automatically stored) in my home directory - do I absolutely not need and can remove?04:28
bazhangmlmg317-himts, the config files matter to you or not04:29
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: K - why would they matter to anyone?04:30
bazhangmlmg317-himts, do they matter to you or not04:30
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: By the way, I just refreshed the Disk Usage Analyzer - and now it is saying (after I ran BleachBit) - that there is close to 40GB available now.  I can't believe I didn't find a program like BleachBit and run it sooner - cleaning out all the crap ...  Config files probably do matter to me to some degree - depending on which applications they are for ...04:31
bazhangmlmg317-himts, the guide at the link given should hold on to those, may as well save it all then clean out as you have finished moving home to its own partition if you go that route04:33
unkmarye haw04:34
=== sbell_ is now known as sbell
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: How does putting your home directory onto a separate partition solve the problem of disk space?  If you have a 60 GB hard drive, for example - you might partition it into 40-20.  I don't see the difference.  Can you explain?04:34
bazhangmlmg317-himts, you likely would never fill a 20gb /04:35
unkmarmy 11.04 appears to be stuck in some form of fullscreen mode only.  I can't resize or move windows.  How do I disable this feature.04:35
bazhangmlmg317-himts, and in future if you want to clean install, then you can do so, knowing that /home is protected04:35
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: I see.  That makes sense.  I will think about this option, then.  I just can't believe that BleachBit removed about 38 GB disk space.  WOW.  So how do I do a clean install while protecting / ?04:36
* unkmar lies. I don't have a 11.04 or ubuntu. but my cousin does.04:36
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: Do you have a link or something I can use and bookmark?04:37
bazhangmlmg317-himts, protecting /home , not /    ; / will be wiped completely04:37
bazhang!home | mlmg317-himts same link as before04:37
ubottumlmg317-himts same link as before: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving04:37
unkmarmlmg317-himts: which means any specifics set in /etc are also wiped.04:37
bazhangunkmar, classic or unity04:38
mlmg317-himtsbazhang: Oh I see.  You would move your home to a separate partition - and then do a clean install on the other partition.04:38
RA_drcI've had trouble installing some drivers from this website, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Can someone help me?  http://boundarydevices.com/git?p=imx-camera-utils.git;a=tree04:38
unkmarmlmg317-himts: such as server and dameon settings.04:38
bazhangmlmg317-himts, yes04:38
bazhangRA_drc, drivers for what04:38
RA_drcbazhang: a camera04:39
unkmarbazhang: idk, I didn't install it.  how can I tell? (When I get access again in 30 minutes)04:39
bazhangunkmar, a dock on the left?04:39
unkmarno dock04:39
bazhangRA_drc, cameras dont need drivers04:39
bazhangunkmar, classic then04:39
* unkmar likes the classics.04:40
bazhangRA_drc, unless you mean a webcam04:40
RA_drcbazhang: yes04:40
bullgard4seahorse > My Personal Keys shows 4 entries. Why does seahorse on another computer in the same LAN not show these 4 keys also?04:40
bazhang!webcam | RA_drc check here first04:40
ubottuRA_drc check here first: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:40
RA_drcbazhang: it's a new camera, and i don't think it's supported yet.  is there a way i can install the drivers myself?04:41
bazhangRA_drc, compile yourself? got build-essential installed?04:41
bazhang!compile | RA_drc04:42
ubottuRA_drc: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:42
morgandoes anyone ssh in to their linux box using win xp or win 7? If so, is there a consensus on the best software to use?04:43
unkmarmorgan: most use putty04:43
REK_007morgan: use putty04:43
RA_drcmorgan: try putty?04:43
zarlan1984morgan: putty04:43
unkmarmorgan: good for winCE as well, smartphone and old windows mobile PDA's04:44
mark__i can't use the software center on my android phone running ubuntu04:44
REK_007tensorpudding: you here ?04:44
morgancheers fellaz04:44
mark__anybody used ubuntu on an android phone?04:45
bazhangmark__, ubuntu on an android phone?04:45
nawkby default, my 'less' is set with the '-i' option on by default (NO I DIDN"T change anything), can someone point me to which configuration files might did this by default?04:45
REK_007anyone running ubuntu 10.04LTS on intel i5 2500K ?04:47
tripelbre julian_c> tripelb: For a more fine-tuned mixer, I often recommend using either alsamixer (CLI) or GNOME Alsa Mixer. What you have available on the mixer (in terms of EQ) depends on the capabilities of your sound card/adapter. -- I will. I thought it happened in the software. Hmm.  I asked a few days ago and got several replies, yours makes sense. Thanks.04:48
bullgard4mark__: Android is an operating system Ubuntu is an operationg system but another one. So what do you mean?04:49
=== No-Disponible is now known as ufita_
mark__bullgard4: i used a command in adb shell to run it04:50
mark__bullgard4: google ubuntu on nexus one04:50
unkmarso, 11.04 and the windows appear to be locked in a maximized, no resize, or move mode.  HELP?04:50
mark__top left to the right of the button04:50
unkmarand I tried google.  Can't figure out the magic encantation.04:51
bazhangunkmar, sounds like your window decorator04:51
mark__when u have the window selected04:51
mark__the buttons are on top left04:51
unkmaralt + click drag won't move the windows either. :(04:51
mark__that's weird04:51
mark__close it and open it again?04:52
mark__right click in the unity launcher on the icon04:52
CrustyBarnacleunkmar: all windows? Always?04:52
RA_drcbazhang: yes, i have build-essential installed04:52
unkmarCrustyBarnacle: yes.  All windows, Always!04:52
mark__anybody know how to get ubuntu software center working on my android phone?04:52
maxagazI'm in China where many website are banned, but I have a server abroad on which I installed OpenVPN, from this, can you tell me the main lines on how to open some website using this VPN ?04:52
REK_007anyone running ubuntu 10.04LTS on intel i5 2500K ?04:52
bazhangmark__, as thats a hack and not supported, not likely04:53
CrustyBarnacleunkmar: Only in Unity? or in Ubuntu Classic (Gnome panel)04:53
bazhangREK_007, what is your real question04:53
unkmarsome windows were partially out of reach, I used wmctrly to pull them down but.. that is very hackish.04:53
mark__bazhang: im able to use synaptic and open .debs but there always the wrong architecture04:53
REK_007bazhang: its not running on my PC with i5 2500K perviously on core2quad it used to run04:53
Stralytici'm having trouble with my web server, http://localhost/index.php correctly renders the php script... but http://localhost/ downloads the source code of the php script... I used to know how to fix this, but now I'm too lazy to figure it out again, so I came here to ask if anyone knew how?04:53
bazhangunkmar, try changing window decorators then04:53
unkmarCrustyBarnacle: Either it is Classic or Unity is broken enough that I haven't noticed a icon dock bar.04:53
ScuniziI'm looking for someone that has used pdfcrop successfully. I want to eliminate the white boarders of a 1 page pdf with the output put on an 8.5x11 (letter) sheet. Any takers? google has shown me 2 ways to do it without success04:54
litropy$ lsusb shows my built-in IR receiver, but $ cat /proc/bus/input/devices doesn't. Any ideas?04:54
mark__im able to download apps using the command line using apt-get04:54
bazhangREK_007, not running means failed to install or what04:54
mark__i can use my computer to type the commands or i can do it in the phoen04:54
mark__but i can't use the software center04:54
unkmarI'll get my cousin to switch his font so I can read it, then I will attempt the window decorator.  thanks.04:54
bazhangmark__, well I avoid the software center, why not stick with apt for now04:55
julian_clitropy: It might depend on how you're trying to use the IR receiver. Does </dev/TTYS#> (where # is a number -- e.g. 0) exist?04:55
=== MTecknology is now known as EvilMTeck
mark__bazhang: it's running 9.10, do you think it would be possible to get ubuntu netbook edition/unity?04:55
mark__thats what i was trying to use software center for04:55
bazhangmark__, no idea, netbook died as of 11.04 its all inn one04:56
mark__i'll do some googling04:56
REK_007bazhang: I am running from USB . The GRUB comes I select to run it live . Then ubuntu splash screen comes and then screen goes black and PC doesnt respond04:56
bazhangREK_007, not installable?04:56
bazhangREK_007, and the alternate installer has the exact same issue?04:57
REK_007bazhang: 10.10 and 11.04 are working but 10.04 LTS is not working great04:57
REK_007i tried the inside installl windows once it also gave same issue04:57
bazhangREK_007, as live systems?04:57
REK_007bazhang: As live as well as installed systems04:58
bazhangREK_007, you have how many versions installed?04:58
REK_007am on 11.04 right now. But since no LTS coming up soon hence wanted a LTS04:58
litropyjulian_c, yes, I have many ttyS#'s04:58
REK_007I have 11.04 only installed now04:58
mark__i found it, it's ubuntu-netbook-remix04:58
mark__not sure i'm going to be able to run it though04:59
bazhangmark__, not for 11.0404:59
litropyjulian_c, I'm trying to use it as a receiver for my Comcast universal remote.04:59
mark__it's running 9.10 like i said04:59
ubottuStarting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.04:59
bazhangmark__, ^04:59
ScuniziHow do I find out the version of a program on cli?04:59
mark__i just installed it though04:59
icerootScunizi: dpkg -l packagename   or program -v04:59
Scuniziiceroot: thanks05:00
bazhangmark__, there is no such thing for 11.0405:00
mark__i told you05:00
mark__im using 9.1005:00
mark__not 11.0405:00
mark__on my phone05:00
FloodBot1mark__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:00
bazhangmark__, easy on the enter key. get a supported version.05:00
carnage1they have Azenis in  green?05:00
bazhangcarnage1, this is u buntu support05:00
carnage1its an ubuntu theme05:01
bazhangcarnage1, from where05:01
REK_007carnage1: check http://gnome-look.org/?xsection=home05:01
mark__well i can't log out to switch to the netbook remix05:01
mark__or shut down cause it logs me in as root05:02
julian_clitropy: Trying to use LIRC?05:02
litropyjulian_c, yes.05:02
litropyjulian_c, brilliant idea, aye?05:02
mark__oh and i can't use the android virtual keyboard, only on screen keyboard apps, any idea why this is05:02
REK_007carnage1: it comes in green05:03
bullgard4seahorse > My Personal Keys shows 4 entries. Why does seahorse on another computer in the same LAN not show these 4 keys also?05:03
julian_clitropy: My experience with LIRC is sparse, at best. Sorry I can't help more.05:05
litropyjulian_c, thanks for trying, fellow geekster.05:05
pdtpatri1kQuestion for you smart folks.. why is it when you do static IP, ubuntu empties out /etc/resolv.conf .. even if u replace it, upon reboot, it will delete it. Is it because Network-manager looks at that file? So then just remove Network-Manager from boot up ?05:09
mark__go ahead and try it05:09
litropyHmm ... a bit of googling shows there's a possible power shortage. I do have a bunch of USB devices plugged in ... however the receiver is built in. Apple's design dictates the receiver might take priority. but let's see what happens when we unplug a few things ...05:10
KonataI do believe that the installer just crashed05:12
KonataIt said to file a bug report, but it didn't specify what to include, just what NOT to include05:12
diegopdomingoshello guys05:13
litropyDoes lsusb only show _active_ USB devices?05:13
diegopdomingosIm having problems with my Atheros RT2413 in new Ubuntu 11.0405:13
diegopdomingosCan anyone help me please?05:14
litropyactive, as in ... "Yeah, it's there and I'm putting electricity to it?" or is it, "Yeah, it's there, I don't know what to do with it ... but here's the info I got?"05:14
litropydiegopdomingos, is that a wireless card?05:14
diegopdomingoslitropy, yes! I cant connect to wireless lan!05:15
christopher_whats up everyone05:15
diegopdomingosJust one time, and nothing more05:15
litropydiegopdomingos, does ifconfig show the card?05:15
Onionshey, what is the difference between sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?05:16
litropydiegopdomingos, what about iwconfig?05:16
diegopdomingoslitropy Yes! Both are showing informations about the card05:16
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
litropydiegopdomingos, when you scan for wireless networks, do you see any?05:16
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest59312
diegopdomingoslitropy, no! It shows that "No lan was found"05:17
diegopdomingoslitropy, I tried to compile and install a driver that some people said in ubuntu forum, but I cant get work05:18
litropydiegopdomingos, is this an external card?05:19
diegopdomingoslitropy, no! its a internal card (Im using this card now, but in windows)05:20
tapplemy ubuntu installation is all messed up. Sound never really worked, and now I broke opengl too. I heard there is a newer version than 10.04 anyway; would upgrading probably help, or should I install it fresh?05:20
bazhangtapple, sounds like a fresh install05:20
bazhangtapple, unless you provide more info to troubleshoot05:21
dintapple: i would back up any sensitive data and reinstall.05:21
litropydiegopdomingos, are you sure it's an Atheros RT2413? Why do all my google results end up japanese?05:21
bazhang!dist-upgrad | orions05:21
doc|homehow do you disable the VERY annoying window auto resizing when you move it to the edge of the screen?05:21
tapplehmm. am busy backing up another computer. maybe once that is finished05:22
bazhangtapple, could also move home to a separate partition if not done so05:22
litropyAtheros AR2413 seems more feasible, diegopdomingos05:22
tapplecan I keep the var partition the same?05:22
diegopdomingoslitropy, sorry! its AR2413!!!05:22
tappleI has some web stuff on it05:22
litropydiegopdomingos, aaaah05:22
tapplenot much though05:22
bazhangtapple, back it up then05:23
litropydiegopdomingos, welp ... hmm.05:23
dintapple: you could try upgrading it if you are confident it would work. it has been my experience that upgrading is almost seamless.05:23
bazhang!home | tapple if you are interested05:23
ubottutapple if you are interested: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:23
diegopdomingoslitropy, I tried some searchs in Google... some people got this same problem!05:23
litropydiegopdomingos, yeah ...05:23
bazhangtapple, if you did that a fresh install would only overwrite /05:23
tappleI don't know how to upgrade05:23
mark__^that's my phone05:24
litropydiegopdomingos, did you say you upgraded to 11.04?05:24
dintapple: sudo do-release-upgrade05:24
bazhang!upgrade | tapple here have a read05:24
ubottutapple here have a read: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:24
=== root is now known as Guest65949
tapplethe upgrade from 9.10 happened automatically, but it never told me to upgrade past 10.0405:24
mark__why is my phone guest6594905:24
bazhangtapple, check to allow non lts05:25
IsmAvatarhey guys, I added a ppa, but it's erroring. How do I remove it?05:25
mark__so can anyone help me get software center working?05:25
diegopdomingoslitropy, I installed from the ISO!05:25
mark__(on my phone)05:25
bazhang!info ppa-purge | IsmAvatar05:25
ubottuIsmAvatar: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB05:25
IsmAvatarthank you05:25
diegopdomingoslitropy, First I formated my pc, then instaled the Ubuntu (sorry for the wrong wrong english hehe)05:25
doc|homeanyone know how do you disable the VERY annoying window auto resizing when you move it to the edge of the screen?05:26
REK_007Can I keep GNOME 2 and 3 at the same time like a dual setup?05:27
mark__why would you want to disable that05:27
diegopdomingoslitropy, I saw a solution thats saying to install wicd... This really works?!05:27
mark__i have gnome 2 and 3 on my linux mint machine05:27
yigaldoc|home: #compiz05:27
amin`hi I want a file manager for TWM windows manager sth very light with no relationship with gnome or other windows manager05:27
mark__it works fine, choose at login05:27
REK_007mark__: how to go about setting it up and how will i change the interface if needed?05:27
yigaldoc|home: seriously if I wasn't so drunk I'd tell you but it's in ccsm05:27
bazhangREK_007, gnome3 is completely unsupported and unstable, but yes you can keep it as long as you are able05:27
dinyigal: win05:28
mark__REK_007: at login on the bottom it says session, you choose what you want to log in with05:28
yigalno Gnome 3 isn't unstable but it is unstable with Unity +05:28
yigaldin :D05:28
bazhangamin`, thunar?05:28
mark__bazhang: gnome3 isn't unstable, it works fine for me05:28
REK_007bazhang: thanks for the info i  saw some pics with GNOME 3 so thought they might have been released05:28
yigalGNOME 3 is nice05:28
bazhangmark__, this is hardly the place for that discussion05:28
REK_007yigal: I dont like unity so am running on ubuntu classic mode ... will it be a problem then?05:29
yigalin any event tru that bazhang05:29
tappleguess I can copy /var/www to /home/www and everything I care to keep across an upgrade will be in /home05:29
mark__no rek it wont05:29
yigalREK_007: not so much, if you want to try out GNOME imo you should05:29
bazhangtapple, sure05:29
REK_007mark__: so how do i install GNOME 3?05:29
bazhangREK_007, from a PPA05:29
doc|homeyigal: is that something I need to install? I can't find anything that seems to relate in any menu or command line tool05:29
tappleooh. there a gnome 3 now?05:30
mark__REK_007: google it05:30
bazhang!gnome3 | REK_00705:30
ubottuREK_007: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.05:30
amin`bazhang: something very lighter05:30
bazhangmark__, please dont suggest google05:30
tapplegnome 2 was new last time I paid any attention to it :/05:30
yigaldoc|home: it should be installed default, ccsm on a terminal if you are comfortable05:30
REK_007thanks bazhang i needed the PPA only :)05:30
mark__bazhang: why not? google has helped me countless times05:30
IsmAvatarppa-purge is failing to remove my undesired ppa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/610928/05:30
bazhangamin`, no idea, check the package manager05:30
doc|homeyigal: sudo: ccsm: command not found05:30
Random832mark__: but telling people to 'google it' is insulting05:30
bazhangmark__, its not what we do in this channel. if you dont know, then just dont answer05:31
Random832ubottu doesn't have a snappy response for that?05:31
litropydiegopdomingos, I wouldn't - I never had luck with wicd.05:31
ubottuRandom832: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:31
* vibhav is ready to help others!!05:31
yigalREK_007: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome305:31
bazhangRandom832, its !google05:31
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:31
yigaldoc|home: ok then, sudo apt-get install ccsm05:31
vibhavanybody has a problem??05:32
yigaldoc|home: it's just a way to control compiz which is the default window manager05:32
bazhangdoc|home, its compiz-config-settings-manager05:32
litropydiegopdomingos, but I don't know. I mean, it jsut seems like something's up with either the driver or your router. You've tried rebooting your router, right?05:32
yigalbazhang: tru dat05:32
bazhangvibhav, please dont ask that05:32
litropyIs there a chan for macs and ubuntu?05:32
bazhanglitropy, ppc?05:32
diegopdomingoslitropy, yes! I tried with 2 different routers!!05:32
doc|homeyigal: E: Unable to locate package ccsm same for compiz-config-settings-manager05:33
vibhav<bazhang> OH hi!05:33
bazhangdoc|home, try compiz then tab05:33
IsmAvatarppa-purge is failing to remove my undesired ppa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/610928/05:33
vibhav<bazhang> Why sould not I ask that?05:33
yigaldoc|home: I believe it's actually called compizconfig-settings-manager05:33
bazhangvibhav, no need to solicit, answer as you know the answer to05:33
=== android is now known as Guest15614
bazhangIsmAvatar, then comment it out?05:34
vibhav  <IsmAvatar> try sudo ppa-purge  ppa:stretch/bitcoin05:34
doc|homeyigal: only compiz            compiz-decorator05:34
doc|homebazhang: ^05:34
yigaldoc|home: what repositories do you have?e05:34
gnewbIsmAvatar: What version, lsb_release?05:34
vibhav  <IsmAvatar> try sudo ppa-purge  ppa:stretch/bitcoin05:35
IsmAvatarvibhav: http://paste.ubuntu.com/610932/05:35
doc|homeyigal: the standard ones plus one for my printer05:35
litropybazhang, no: Intel05:35
doc|homeyigal: bazhang apt-get ... compizconfig-settings-manager works05:35
gerzelSo anyone seen any Rapturing yet?05:35
IsmAvatarbazhang: I'm not advanced in unix/ubuntu, I don't know how to do that.05:35
vibhav<IsmAvatar> bitcoin repo must be unavailabe05:35
gnewbIsmAvatar: Here:> https://launchpad.net/ppa-purge05:36
doc|homeyigal: bazhang ok, got it, thanks for your help05:36
yigaldoc|home: well this compizconfig-settings-manager is the package05:36
bazhangIsmAvatar, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list  , place a # in front of the repo, save then refresh05:36
Corey!ot | gerzel05:36
ubottugerzel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:36
yigaldoc|home: sorry I meant to paste my apt-cache show?05:37
yigaldoc|home: one moment05:37
vibhav IsmAvatar bazhang has given a fantastic solution05:37
gnewbbazhang: Thank you, I forgot about that one.05:37
litropydiegopdomingos, ugh. I'm spent. You're gonna have to get someone else's attention. I remember having issues with my network card and it was a mess, but mind you this was many releases ago and it's likely my issues have already been addressed.05:37
yigaldoc|home: http://paste.ubuntu.com/610933/05:37
IsmAvatarbazhang, vibhav: I don't see it listed05:37
doc|homeyigal: thanks. I have it. apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager did it05:37
yigaldoc|home: great@05:37
yigaltoo drunk lol05:38
bazhangIsmAvatar, what about sources.list.d (in that folder)05:38
qinIsmAvatar: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and paste to paste.ubuntu.com05:38
vibhav IsmAvatar give mah the screenshot05:38
IsmAvatarbahzang, qin: It's in there, named stretch-bitcoin-natty.list05:38
yigaldoc|home: ya that package contains ccsm05:39
vibhav IsmAvatar put a # before it05:39
yigaldoc|home: or is, in a sense ccsm05:39
qinIsmAvatar: You can just remove this file05:39
IsmAvatarvibhav: It's a file, lol05:39
unkmarI still don't know if it is UNITY or CLASSIC05:39
qinIsmAvatar: and update05:39
doc|homeyigal: sweet, thanks05:39
unkmarThe wallpaper is automatically chaning. Don't know if that makes any difference.05:39
vibhav IsmAvatar oops05:39
IsmAvatarqin: Thank you, that seems to have fixed it. Update worked05:40
bazhangunkmar, not really05:40
diegopdomingoslitropy, Ok! Thank you for the help! Ill try some others solutions...Then I go back here :D! Thank you again for the help litropy!05:40
bazhangunkmar, check at login window05:40
unkmarI don't see decorators.  I do see. Windows and tha tis USELESS05:40
unkmarI can't see his login.05:40
IsmAvatarvibhav, gnewb, bazhang: Thank you for your help. qin fixed it.05:41
vibhav IsmAvatar nO PROB!05:41
unkmarbazhang: set as classic05:41
bullgard4seahorse > My Personal Keys shows 4 entries. Why does seahorse on another computer in the same LAN not show these 4 keys also?05:43
* vibhav is in love with Emacs05:43
yigalvibhav: I'm a Vim lover, but it's cool05:44
KerrMDHowdy all05:44
vibhavyigal I can view star wars on it05:44
yigalKerrMD: peace dude05:44
yigalvibhav: :D05:44
KerrMDQuestion: I have kubuntu installed. Basic / and /home partitions. If I simply format / and have /home mount as such without formatting will I still be able to use the apps I have installed via wine when I am done installing mythbuntu?05:46
=== adante_ is now known as adante
bazhangKerrMD, installing mythbuntu how05:46
genupulasvibhav: do you got the solution for password encryption05:46
KerrMDVia cd of course.05:46
yigalKerrMD: so let me get this straight, all of your libraries etc. are in / and you're going to reformat everything and you expect Wine to work?05:47
bazhangKerrMD, no need for that05:47
bazhang!info mythbuntu-destkop | KerrMD05:47
ubottuKerrMD: Package mythbuntu-destkop does not exist in natty05:47
KerrMDNo. I have a root partition as well as a home partition05:47
yigalKerrMD: yes and all of your wine libraries are in /05:47
yigalKerrMD: so if you erase / you lose the libraries.05:48
DasEibullgard4: by default seahorse is locally, have to import keys from other boxes manually to share05:48
KerrMDa simple apt-get install wine should remedy that without blowing my windows/wine apps?05:48
KerrMDLet me rephrase. My apps in /home05:48
bazhangKerrMD, the package mythbuntu-desktop will let you choose it from the login window05:48
bullgard4DasEi: Thank you very much for explaining and your help.05:48
yigalKerrMD: if you remove /, not really, but maybe if you are using mythbuntu with Wine installed05:49
bazhangKerrMD, ie no need for install from cd05:49
yigalKerrMD: this might work05:49
DasEibullgard4: http://tinyurl.com/3d2yrwo05:49
yigalKerrMD: it will most likely work if you have Wine installed on Mythbuntu05:50
vibhav<genupulas> what encryption?05:50
KerrMDbazhang: The whole point of me wanting to switch is that I really hate Unity. I am not a huge fan of plasma either. I'm downloading mythbuntu 11.04 to check it out righ tnow.05:50
bazhangKerrMD, then use classic05:50
yigalKerrMD: or just use Compiz05:50
KerrMDI want to step away from gnome05:50
yigalKerrMD: there are many options05:50
DasEiKerrMD: you can simple switch to gnome classic in natty, it's still there05:51
KerrMDand myth is based on xfce iirc05:51
yigalKerrMD: then use XFCE, Awesome, etc.05:51
yigalKerrMD: ok05:51
KerrMDDasEi: I want to step away from gnome.05:51
KerrMDxfce is tried and true. It has been ages since I've used it05:52
yigalKerrMD: GNOME is a in general a hog compared to many other comparable DMs05:52
KerrMDtrue yigal05:52
yigalKerrMD: if you want minimalism try Open Box05:52
new2netstupid bug....  it shows the wrong day on the calender between 12AM (midnight) and 12:59:59PM05:52
DasEiKerrMD: well, lots of alternatives out, but support is best for gnome still, and how unity grows only time can tell05:52
unkmarthere is no try, only do05:52
KerrMDI'm not really sure if minimalist is what I want. I want utility without a lot of overhead. I want to be able to control my own desktop instead of letting something like plasma tell me what I can and cannot do.05:53
yigalunkmar: yes Yoda :D05:53
KerrMDI want power at my disposal should I need it. flexibility, etc. That is why I was thinking xfce05:53
yigalKerrMD: cool, I'm GNOME + mostly GNU screen I'm a CLI dude05:53
html_inprogress how do i get a video from the web to play in open office presentation ?05:54
KerrMDI used to be a gnome person. I just think gnome has gotten a tad too heavy05:54
yigalKerrMD: GNOME has always been heavy, since it's creation :D05:54
yigalits sorry05:54
html_inprogressits fat ? i thought it moved very fast05:55
yigalihateyou: I love you too dude05:55
yigalhtml_inprogress: like as in fat32 or fat64?05:55
=== HammerTiem is now known as DavidDavidson|Of
=== DavidDavidson|Of is now known as HammerTiem
KerrMDSo, it's fat with legs. ;)05:55
html_inprogresshuh ? whats you talking about ?05:56
=== sammy is now known as Guest35119
yigalhtml_inprogress: get your file systems st8 son05:56
mikereyigal: in what way do you mean heavy - cpu usage, memory usage or ??05:56
=== fez_ is now known as fez
yigalmikere: memory and cpu.05:56
yigalmikere: though I'm a fan of dwm at http://dwm.suckless.org/05:57
yigalso I'm by nature I'm a minimalist05:57
mikereyigal: I'm sitting here in xchat with python, pan, console, nautilus and firefox with 6 tabs open and my cpu is 3% or so with a few hundred megs of ram in use.05:57
html_inprogressyigal,  ive been here a while and i have NOt a idea what your saying ,, what do you mean ,,05:58
yigalmikere: yes it is far superior to Windows in every way05:58
yigalmikere: but if you want to compare it to a sparse WM it isn't05:58
rogerzhHi all, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"05:58
yigalhtml_inprogress: live and learn05:58
mikereBut if you want to compare to a sparse wm, you do without an awful lot of features05:58
abhinav_singhsudo cd /var/lib/mysql/ gives me thie error sudo: cd: command not found ...how do i fix it.05:58
yigalmikere: unless you know how to implement them to your own liking :D05:59
mikereI'd rather use an extra 1% cpu and 100mb ram than time =)   But to each his/her own05:59
yigalmikere: I'm a big geek who loves minimalist stuff, put I'm also a pluralist in the sense that to each their own05:59
yigalmikere: yes, cheers06:00
mikereyigal:  on my servers, ltsp and old hardware I'll use a light weight wm if I use one at all, I know what you are saying.06:00
html_inprogressyilgal, what is  file systems st806:01
yigalmikere: and right now I'm using GNOME with compiz and unity with my GNU screen session so I understand06:01
html_inprogressim using ubuntu 10.10 64bit06:02
yigalhtml_inprogress: well if it's working for you, great!06:02
yigalperhaps, we'll see :D06:03
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"06:04
Coreyrogerzh: Is dbus running?06:05
rogerzhI am new to Linux. could u teach me how to check?06:06
litropy$ lsusb shows my built-in IR receiver, but $ cat /proc/bus/input/devices doesn't. Any ideas?06:06
herman__hi. what is the app/program that lets me see cpu temp? i have 11.0406:07
DasEiherman__: lm-sensors and an applet to display it's values06:07
Corey!pm | rogerzh06:08
ubotturogerzh: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:08
herman__DasEi: cool thanks06:08
DasEiherman__: sudo apt-get install lm-sensors sensors-applet06:10
herman__is lm-sensors command line only?06:10
DasEijust follow...06:10
RA_drcvibhav: are you still ready to help?06:10
DasEiherman__: sudo sensors-detect06:10
herman__DasEi: thanks!06:11
DasEiherman__: when it asks to auto-add in the end, answer yes (write to /etc/modules)06:11
anotherjesseAny advice on installing python-eventlet in a clean lxc-maverick container? I'm running into:06:11
anotherjesse  python-eventlet : Depends: python (>= 2.6.6-2ubuntu2~) but 2.6.6-2ubuntu1 is to be installed06:11
anotherjessebut I have 2.6.6-5ubuntu1 as shown http://pastie.org/193481406:11
DasEiherman__: sudo modprobe -a06:13
=== ty is now known as Guest90312
DasEiherman__: are you using unity ?06:15
rickeyi need the code  for unlocking adep mmmmangerr06:18
tom__hey guys when i listen to any audio on 10.10 it makes it sound like barry white is singing the vocals - they're super weird. any idea what this might be06:19
yigaltom__: so super base?06:19
tom__yigal: yeah it's really strange06:19
tom__yigal: it might be that it's actually a little bit slower06:20
yigaltom__: no idea dude, wish I did06:20
rickeydose anyone  know the sudo command to unlock adep manger06:20
tom__yigal: like when you play a record at less rpm06:20
yigaltom__: right right06:20
yigaltom__: do you have mplayer?06:21
tom__yigal: no but i tried it with the standard installed players, vlc and then playing stuff on youtube06:21
yigaltom__: mplayer has mad debugging info06:21
tom__yigal: ah k06:21
rogerzhhi all, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"06:22
tom__yigal: it's all good - i'm just in a virtualized install on w7 for coding. i'll just use my iphone for tunes :)06:22
yigalrogerzh: how are these 2 computers connected?06:22
yigaltom__: good to hear, no one should be without their tunes06:22
yigaltom__: :D06:23
tom__yigal: cheers anyway :)06:23
rogerzhboth of them connect to a netgear06:23
yigalrogerzh: so do you see them via a network share?06:23
rogerzhyes, there is an icon06:24
html_inprogress how do i get a video from the web to play in open office presentation ?06:24
rogerzhthe pop error msg pop-up when I try to open it06:24
yigalrogerzh: so what you need to do is see if these two computers are sharing files.06:25
yigalrogerzh: right?06:25
cyphasesince when has Cut-ing a file in Nautilus made it light up?06:25
yigalcyphase: wow!06:25
rogerzhyes, I would like to copy some files from one to anther06:25
yigalrogerzh: so you need to make sure that both of the machines "see" each other06:26
yigalrogerzh: that's 1.06:26
cyphaseyigal, wow, you didn't know it did that, or wow, it's been there since gnome 1.0 and how did i just notice :P?06:26
yigalcyphase: what color?06:26
cyphaseyigal, it just gets brighter06:27
cyphasethe icon06:27
cyphaselike when you hover over a file06:27
yigalcyphase: all my machines are down except my netbook and my Nokia N900 open source Maemo phone so nice06:28
yigalcyphase: but it sounds like a party over there06:28
cyphasei've always thought it should change how the file looks when cutting, but i never noticed until now.. not sure how long it's done that06:29
cyphasei usually dont cut anyway, i just drag06:29
rogerzhyes, I can read one sharing icon under network floder06:29
gnewbhtml_inprgress: Like a Power Point thing?06:29
yigalthe problem with both of you dudes, is that I use the command line ssh to transfer stuffs06:29
rogerzhusername on the xxxx machine public files06:30
yigalor rsync06:30
* vibhav just got RickRolled gr...06:30
yigalok well let's try to work this out06:30
=== DrHouse|Hyperion is now known as DrHouse|TARDIS
yigalvibhav: lol06:31
yigalvibhav: you'll learn06:31
gnewbhtml_inprogress: Here:> http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1158506:32
eckirchnHello all06:33
yigalgnewb: damn I'm so l33t I use LaTeX and create my presentations via pdflatex06:33
yigalwn1zid: Homer?06:33
syrinx_eckirchn: hi06:33
gnewbyigal: That is the way I do also, that link is from Oo, it explains it pretty well.06:34
eckirchnsyrinx_ how are you this evening?06:34
syrinx_eckirchn: not too bad, you?06:34
yigalgnewb: got no energy for learning Oo skilz, I just don't Beamer is bolmb06:35
eckirchnsyrinx_ struggling a bit with something in Mediawiki, that i want to do, and my dog ate my dinnner.. but otherwise..06:35
yigaleckirchn: dude that's not cool06:35
Jordan_U!ot | eckirchn syrinx_06:35
ubottueckirchn syrinx_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:35
syrinx_eckirchn: #mediawiki would actually be a better place to talk about that06:36
gnewbyigal: I switched to Lo, but I keep Oo on a HDD with another *nix system.06:36
yigalgnewb: Lo?06:37
jaisonHi, My ubuntu 10.10 boots too slow. This is on a new laptop. Samsung. 2 Gb ram, Intel core i3 processor, Harddisk 320 GB.  But the same version on my old desktop with 1 gb ram, core 2 due processor boots faster. Help needed, Thanks.06:37
gnewbyigal: LibreOffice06:37
yigalgnewb: aww, cool06:38
yigaljaison: it could be many things, it's probably some device in your machine Ubuntu doesn't know exactly what it should do with06:38
litropy$ lsusb shows my built-in IR receiver, but $ cat /proc/bus/input/devices doesn't. Any ideas?06:39
litropyI also show it in /var/log/messages.106:39
yigaljaison: you might need to get familiar with dmesg06:39
nit-witjaison, how long does it actually take to get to the login screen?06:39
yigallitropy: sounds like you need the a driver for your IR baby06:40
CoreyKafanaGore--: Help you with something?06:41
yigalKafanaGore--: S.a?06:41
KafanaGore--Speak Turkish ?06:42
litropyyigal, it's an Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver. I can't find it anywhere. Google has some talk about appleir, but this was years ago, and they're referencing old kernel mods.06:43
yigallitropy: what maci do u have?06:43
litropyIntel 7,106:44
yigallitropy: what year?06:45
m477h3wi run virtuual box and i cant find on virtual machine exchange folder, do you know where is it?06:46
litropyyigal, http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/stats/imac-core-2-duo-2.66-20-inch-aluminum-early-2008-penryn-specs.html06:46
yigallitropy: sounds nice :)06:46
litropyyigal, yep -- I've got it HDMI'ed to my flatscreen :)06:47
mathiassoHello. I just set up a OpenVPN connection in network-manager. But I don't know how to connect to this connection now. Can anyone help?06:48
yigallitropy: so what exactly do you want to be able to do with your IR sensors?06:49
jaisonyigal, nit-wit it takes about 2 minutes to get login screen.06:49
html_inprogress how do i get a video from the web to play in open office presentation ?06:49
litropyyigal, hopefully, custom configure lirc to my Comcast remote.06:50
jaisonyigal, nit-wit is there a way to remove some programs or *something* to increase speed?06:50
yigaljaison: dude calling me a nit-wit doesn't help me help you06:50
mathiassohtml_inprogress: do you mean a youtube video?06:51
jaisonyigal, It is the nickname of another person in this irc channel who asked me about boot time.06:51
jaisonyigal, sorry.06:51
yigaljaison: oh, lol06:51
yigallitropy: all I can do is search forum posts dude06:52
litropyyigal, thanks for trying06:53
yigallitropy: have you installed gnome-lirc-properties?06:53
html_inprogressmathiasso, yes , but other videos to,,, i perferrablly play in the slide show .....06:55
html_inprogresshttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbhqat_cooler-master-haf-932-amd-atx-full_tech              like this one06:56
mathiassohtml_inprogress: a easy way is using the JDownloader, but it requires java06:56
litropyyigal, I have ... but it's borked. doesn't even open. Bunch of python errors.06:56
html_inprogressjava ?06:56
html_inprogress what do you mean /06:57
yigallitropy: sorry to hear06:57
litropyyigal, I'm not even there yet. I likely need to get it into /proc first.06:57
yigal litropy yes, it sounds like it unfortunately06:58
mathiassohtml_inprogress: sry, but this is really fundamental knowledge06:58
yigalhtml_inprogress: java downloader, like wget if you're familiar06:59
html_inprogressi heard of java but havent done it .. so do i need something ?06:59
html_inprogressno,, i dont know06:59
RealOptyanyone modified the default ubuntu theme?07:00
RealOpty'Ambiance' ?07:00
yigalRealOpty: of course in what way though07:01
RealOptyyigal, move the close, min, max buttons to the right side07:01
RealOptyyigal, and im open to other suggestions too. but i love the theme, but cant get used to those buttons on the left.07:02
yigalRealOpty: dude this is for 10.10 but I believe it still applies07:02
yigalRealOpty: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13535/move-window-buttons-back-to-the-right-in-ubuntu-10.04/07:03
RealOptyos[Linux 2.6.35-28-generic x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "maverick" 10.10] cpu[1 x AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-1250 (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.21GHz] mem[Physical: 2.9GB, 85.9% free] disk[Total: 915.9GB, 53.8% free] video[nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 220]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia]07:03
yigaloh 10.0407:03
yigalbut still I belive it will work07:03
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ouyesI get  a battery charging info 627wh,  and it is still charging?07:09
RealOptyyigal, sweet, ty again07:10
xorAxAxare the mirrors broken or is it me?07:10
ouyesthis is strange, I only get 63wh battery07:10
REK_007Guys I can run AngryBirds on ubuntu but few obstacles are not coming .. any idea why? Am running it on wine 1.207:11
yigalgnight everyone07:11
REK_007yigal: good night07:12
rogerzhhi all, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share (WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"07:13
morganis it a common problem to run video over ssh, but the audio plays on the server, not the client. Easy solution?07:16
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Guest8715hello unbuntu pals07:20
Guest8715my name is james07:21
mah454I have a problem with firefox . i can not open some sites . for example "launchpad.net" . receive this message : Connection was intrupted07:21
Guest8715any good people on here?07:21
Pete_Hello i need some help. I currently have ubuntu 11.04 and want to back my hard disc up so i can go back to 10.10....07:21
Guest8715 mah let me try to launch it07:21
MACscr|lappyok, my ubuntu 11 system is running like crap after trying out xubuntu and reverting back. Anyway, i think im just going to make an image of the system, format and install 11.04 from scratch. I am though not looking forward to resetting everything up, such as thunderbird, firefox, chromium, deluge, etc, and all of its custom settings that i have setup for it. Think I could possibly restore some of those configs from the user folder07:22
Sterist!offtopic | Guest871507:22
ubottuGuest8715: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:22
MACscr|lappyPete_: why? if you dont like unity, just use classic. Either way though, your not going to have a supported system in the near future07:22
Pete_um i did not no i could go classic07:23
MACscr|lappyPete_: believe me, i hate unity as well07:23
Pete_and how do i navigate to classic?07:23
MACscr|lappyPete_: yes, just logout and log back in under the gnome-classic option07:23
Mean_Adminso anyone using webmin ? you recommend it ?07:23
Guest8715launchpad.net opened in my mozilla07:23
MACscr|lappyMean_Admin: for what? I use it on tons of my servers07:24
Guest8715you of course have the latest version07:24
REK_007I hate it as well fellows using Classic with custom compiz :)07:24
MACscr|lappybut mainly because of its integration with cloudmin07:24
Pete_when i restart it just logs me in and asks for my king ring07:24
Steristcanonical made a mistake by changing the default environment. they should just promote it.... this may cause a loss in the user-base07:24
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: I just learned of its existance07:24
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: so I'm wondering whether I should bother to learn to use it07:24
MACscr|lappyPete_: i said logout, not reboot07:24
MACscr|lappyMean_Admin: for what purpose though?07:25
MACscr|lappywhat do you need it for07:25
Pete_oops sorry about that07:25
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: well for the moment, home server07:25
Pete_thanks so much.. Yea me not like unity07:25
MACscr|lappywhats the home server used for?07:25
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: DNS, Samba, Wiki07:26
MACscr|lappyPete_: but as i mentioned, they are removing that option when 11.10 comes out (though maybe with enough push back, they wont)07:26
MACscr|lappyMean_Admin: lol, your doing a home wiki? for what07:26
Guest8715hello knowedgable unix users07:26
morgananyone used ssh -X to play video and had the problem that audio plays through the server, not the client?07:26
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: ultimately, my goal is to push aside Win Servers and use a linux server with OpenLDAP, Samba, Wiki, email server, BIND07:26
REK_007I was using filezilla FTP Server on windows so can i get an alternative on linux ?07:27
Mean_AdminMACscr|lappy: so home server, used as practice07:27
REK_007apache server will be an alternative right?07:27
SteristMACscr|lappy what are they removing?07:27
Guest8715I'm having trouble installing 3rd party software on LXDE, with Ubuntu no problems. what is it I'm looking over?07:27
MACscr|lappySterist: the gnome-classic option07:27
MACscr|lappyat least that was the word when 11.04 first came out07:27
MACscr|lappyaka, that they were not going to have the option with 11.1007:27
SteristMACscr|lappy if i used gnome, that would be the end of ubuntu for me; but xubuntu all the way :)07:28
MACscr|lappySterist: i tried xubuntu. I freakin hated it07:28
MACscr|lappymight as well been centos =P07:28
Guest8715another way to put it why was Ubuntu easier to install software on? I'm a unix newbie07:29
Guest8715I know about pkg managers07:29
Guest8715but that is about it07:29
REK_007I want to setup a LAN server to share between LAN users what the best way I can do that ..  And it should support cross platform ..mainly windows I mean07:29
MACscr|lappySterist: it just had a very outdated feel to me07:29
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MACscr|lappyREK_007: for just file sharing? samba07:30
=== THEMACG33K is now known as themacg33k
REK_007Guest8715: Use software manager .. its user friendly07:30
Guest8715with lxde is the only way to install new software through the synaptic pkg manager07:30
Jordan_UGuest8715: Are you using LUbuntu?07:30
SteristMACscr|lappy what's the last version you tried it on? i've used it since 9.10 and is very lightweight & nimble07:30
REK_007MACscr|lappy: How do i configure it ... setting up a file sharing is seeming as a mammoth task ATM07:30
MACscr|lappyREK_007: minidlna is great for streaming music/photos/video as well07:30
MACscr|lappyREK_007: extremely easy, just google: ubuntu share folders07:31
MACscr|lappyor something like that07:31
MACscr|lappyits very easy out of the box07:31
Guest8715I just woke up at 2 am sorry07:31
Guest8715for the delay07:31
Jordan_UGuest8715: You can still use Ubuntu Software Center then.07:32
Jordan_Uusertom: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?07:32
REK_007actually google always returns results belonging to 2006 or older07:32
Guest8715yea but the thing is with unbuntu I could download any software from the net07:32
usertomI get an error 15 from grub07:32
Guest8715no i have to use the managers07:32
Jordan_Uusertom: What version of Ubuntu are you using?07:32
usertomand I could only boot into the live cd07:32
Guest8715no about lxde07:33
usertomthe latest07:33
Guest8715maveric meercat07:33
Jordan_Uusertom: Upgraded from an earlier version or a fresh install?07:33
frensihi all, i use xp, ubuntu one PC with grub.Grub is damage i cant repair,cant erase,cant update.I will format ubuntu partition as ntfs via xp ? is there someting wrong?07:33
usertomfresh but using the bottom option to chose a partition myself07:33
Guest8715I can't download things like ICQ other 3rd party software07:34
DasEifrensi: sure you can't repair ?07:34
superkuhIs it possible to run virtualbox from an ubuntu liveCD?07:34
Steristfrensi try reinstalling it07:34
Steristfrensi or just 'fsck' it :P07:34
frensii can start ubuntu no problem but OS cant update07:35
Jordan_UGuest8715: That question wasn't directed at you. It might help if you changed your nick (to somthing not likely to be already taken like james was).07:35
DasEifrensi: error message ?07:35
Guest8715sorry just woke up and this is the first time ive used this chat client07:35
frensinow with XP sorry cant remember07:35
Jordan_Uusertom: Did you change where grub was set to install to?07:35
DasEifrensi: .. and if can boot, grub isn't broken07:35
Guest8715let me back out and try again07:35
frensiDasEi yes07:35
usertomno, i wouldnt know how to do that!07:36
dzupsuperkuh: extremly slow07:36
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share(WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"07:36
frensibut cant update OS07:36
superkuhYeah, I figured. But it'd be possible?07:36
Jordan_U!details | frensi07:36
ubottufrensi: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:36
dzupif you have plenty of ram07:36
frensii want to download new ubuntu end install it so i want to format via xp07:36
Largetokelargetoke is james07:37
superkuhdzup: 4GB okay?07:37
usertomi had previously had ubunto 8.something with win 7 and grub was working wonderfully07:37
Largetokeobviously i was a stoner in my earlier years07:37
Jordan_Ufrensi: You don't need to format before re-installing. The Ubuntu installer can do that.07:37
DasEifrensi: so I don't really get on how to help you , sure you could delete ubu from windows with no harm but loosing all the data, but if apt hangs, then boot to ubuntu so help here makes sense07:37
Largetokejames =largetoke07:37
dzupsuperkuh:  why not?07:38
superkuhOkay. Thank you.07:38
Jordan_Uusertom: That error message is not from grub2, which is what current versions of Ubuntu use, which means that you are (for whatever reason) not booting from the drive that grub was most recently installed to.07:38
Jordan_U!bootinfo | usertom07:38
ubottuusertom: To diagnose boot issues, you can use the Boot Info Script available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ Run the script with !sudo and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).07:38
superkuhI figured there might be kernel modules needed that would not be available.07:38
vanquish349where do you go to add more workspace07:38
frensiok i will try online via ubuntu , will ask again there thanks all (i am sure that it will be take a little time)07:38
vanquish349i did it in 10.10 but then i could browse through apps07:39
usertomok wait i'll try!07:39
Steristvanquish349 right click a workspace and go to properties. change the number of workspaces07:39
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Largetoke I had no clue this was such a vibrant IRC community07:40
Steristvanquish349 that's how it works for Xubuntu anyways... might be different with Gnome or Unity07:40
REK_007how do i view the shared files ?07:41
vanquish349there is no properties option when i right click on a workspace07:41
REK_007on another PC?07:41
bullgard4DasEi: Your recipe http://askubuntu.com/questions/32438/how-to-share-one-pgp-key-on-multiple-machines works very well with me. --  Thank you very much again.07:41
Steristvanquish349 try asking again and specify which desktop environment you use07:41
Largetokewhich linux desktop environ do you kind people enjoy the most?07:42
DasEibullgard4: nice, have safer fun07:42
Steristvanquish349 i'm not too familiar with anything outside xfce07:42
bullgard4Largetoke: GNOME version 207:42
ExDotNothey does anyone know if there is a netbeans for linux irc?07:42
vanquish349where do you go to add more workspace, i use the defualt settings for ubutnu 11.0407:42
Largetokelet me research that one sec, newbie here, former microhandcuffsoft user07:43
bullgard4ExDotNot: I don't think so.07:43
usertomsory how do I run this script?07:43
hbalintvanquish349: just use Indicator Workspaces...07:43
hbalintIndicator Workspaces: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/indicator-workspaces-simple-switching-between-workspaces.html07:44
usertomit says gawk not found07:44
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share(WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon under network folder, but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"07:45
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
usertomI tried  sudo sh boot_info_script.sh07:47
rogerzhdoes anybody have any idea?07:47
bullgard4rogerzh: I do not have a ready-made answer. But you should ping from the two machines if there is a connection.07:48
usertomin the live cd terminal07:48
Jordan_Uusertom: It's not an sh script. It's a bash script.07:48
usertomok, so I replace sh with bash?07:48
Jordan_Uusertom: chmod +x boot_info_script.sh; sudo ./boot_info_script.sh07:49
usertomnow how do I share the results with you?07:50
Jordan_Uusertom: Yes, replacing sh with bash would work, but it's a good habbit to get into to make scripts executable and then execute them allowing their own #! line to select the correct interpreter.07:50
Jordan_Uusertom: You're welcome.07:50
ExDotNotbullgard4: thnx for a response i can't seem to get some netbeans support07:50
Jordan_U!pastebin | usertom07:50
ubottuusertom: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:50
rogerzhbullgard4: they could ping each other, and the share icon was already show up under network folder such as 'username on xxxxmachine public files', but when I click on it, the err msg pop-up07:50
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bullgard4rogerzh: I cannot help you any further, sorry.07:52
rogerzhbullgard4: THX07:52
ouyeshi all here is my battery info http://pastebin.com/1nhJhXUi, it is now fully charged but it is still charging, and the power statistics say energy when full 681.2wh,07:54
eossi have sound still playing from a ustream stream07:54
eosseven though i exited all firefox07:54
eosshow do i kill the souns?07:55
ouyeswhat does present rate:4082 mW mean?07:55
DasEieoss: try to find the pid in htop07:55
PoppyHoneyhi can i get some help please07:55
DasEi!info htop07:56
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-2 (natty), package size 57 kB, installed size 204 kB07:56
NisargSare graphics slower in 11.04 as compared to 10.10? my laptop was running very smoothly in 10.10 and there is considerable lags in 11.0407:56
DasEieoss: sudo apt-get install htop && htop07:56
PoppyHoneycan someone tell me how  can i make .exes executable manually?07:56
eoss&& ??07:56
hbalintPoppyHoney: what kind of source from?07:57
DasEiPoppyHoney: (sudo) chmod +x execFile07:57
NisargSplus, ATI redeon graphic card drivers were running very well in 10.10, but on installation in 11.04, they are actually making the whole animation slower!07:57
PoppyHoneythanks i'll try07:57
PoppyHoneyum its not working lol07:58
PoppyHoneyi got multi theft auto on another partition on windows07:58
DasEieoss: one line, as given07:58
PoppyHoneyand i want to run it, the gui wont let me07:58
DasEiPoppyHoney: you try to run a exe under wine ?07:58
PoppyHoneyi got it installed07:58
PoppyHoneyit gives me the error thats its not executable07:58
PoppyHoneyi tried using the gui but it unchecks itself07:59
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share(WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon from each other under network folder, such as 'username on xxxx machine public files' but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"07:59
DasEiPoppyHoney: what happens if you do in terminal :07:59
hbalintPoppyHoney: try to move the file to your eg. Document folder..07:59
DasEiPoppyHoney: wine /path/to/file/gt.exe ?08:00
PoppyHoneyim confused with the path part >_>08:01
usertomJordan_U:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/610958/08:01
NisargScan someone tell me why basic desktop animation is much slower in 11.04 than 10.10, all hardware being the same?08:02
DasEiPoppyHoney: just cd there, then can copy from the prompt08:02
hamneggaanyone here get java working in firefox?08:02
hamneggaI've tried many many times fixing the plugins, in every possible directory, but have had no luck ever.08:02
DasEiNisargS: can be either fglrx dropped, unity too heavy with compiz08:03
hamneggaunity sucks08:03
NisargSbut i switched to classic08:03
bullgard4ouyes: Your computer is still charging even though your battery is fully charged. This is what we call in German "Erhaltungsladung". (I do not know the proper English term for it.) The purpose is to not let your battery become discharged but rather to keep it fully charged all the time you have the computer connected to 230 volts.08:03
NisargSand its still slow08:03
eosshad to restart had no idea what process it was08:04
NisargSeven alt +  tab takes a second for the running app window to appear, and installing the ATI drivers makes it even worse, upto 3 seconds!08:04
eosscan anyone tell me how to get eclipse to run in shell after just typing eclipse and not have to navigate to its folder?08:04
ouyesbullgard4, thanks you08:04
gartralI have a WEIRD bug. whenever i open my bluetooth headset's sound properties, a terminal opens and starts a speech synth that plays at full volume through system speakers.. it's annoying!08:04
NisargSeoss: can you try symlinks to the eclipse file for execution08:05
PoppyHoneylol the real sad part is that the game im trying to launch isnt supported by wine >.<08:06
NisargSthere is something called as launchers that launch applications fron the menu itself08:06
PoppyHoneyanyway thanks for the help and i feel that i will really enjoy ubuntu :p08:06
Jordan_UI'm getting extremely low framerate for any program (even gnome-terminal) since upgrading to 11.04. I have a "nVidia Corporation C78 [GeForce 9100] (rev a2)" and I am using the proprietary drivers.08:07
NisargSJordan_U: same here, ATI radeon, disabling the graphic drivers gave me BETTER framerates!08:07
gaelfxif I set up my router to use vpn, is it possible to make it only use the vpn for wireless connections and use the normal service for wired connections?08:08
NisargSits disabled now, and i am thinking of switching to 10.04 now08:08
lonejackcan, anyone help me on printer? When I print for example a pdf file the printing operation is very slow. It seems that it prints as an image. For your knowledge I've an epson laser EPL5800...08:08
Jordan_UNisargS: Unfortunately at the moment disabling the proprietary drivers gives me a kernel panic :(08:08
bullgard4How is a DEB program package composed? What is the structure of a DEB program package?08:08
Jordan_U!packaging | bullgard408:08
ubottubullgard4: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports08:08
NisargSJordan_U: i am trying the drivers from the website now, lets see if that changes anything08:09
gaelfxhahaha, sorry08:10
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share(WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon from each other under network folder, such as 'username on xxxx machine public files' but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"08:14
bullgard4Jordan_U: The »packaging guide« does not answer the question which I have put or only in a very difficult accessible way. The »packaging guide« is written for MOTUs and similar people to compile a DEB program package. For example https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PackagingOverview starts with the headline "The changelog" which clearly is not in my scope.08:15
usertomJordan_U,  are you still there?08:16
Jordan_Uusertom: Yes.08:16
usertomhow bad is it?08:17
Jordan_Uusertom: Your BIOS is booting from /dev/sdc which contains an old and broken grub legacy install. If you change the boot order so that /dev/sda is first it should boot fine.08:18
usertomJordan_U, how would I do that?08:18
gaelfxbullgard4: perhaps you should restate your question and make the problem you're having clearer08:19
Jordan_Uusertom: It depends on your BIOS. When you boot you should see a message like "Press F8 for more options or F12 for a one time boot menu", where F8 and F12 could be any function key depending on your particular BIOS.08:20
bullgard4gaelfx: You are probably right. I will try to re-word.08:20
usertomJordan_U,  I remember that my bios boot options go to the level were i can choose bewtween hardisk, cd or usb08:21
usertombut not which hardisk...08:21
Jordan_Uusertom: Are you booted into a LiveCD right now?08:21
usertomi tried reinstalling grub1 and 208:22
gaelfxis there a tool for checking SMART status for a drive connected via USB?08:22
gartralI have a WEIRD bug. whenever i open my bluetooth headset's sound properties, a terminal opens and starts a speech synth that plays at full volume through system speakers.. it's annoying!08:23
usertomaslo found a promising gujin bootloader08:23
usertombut all to no avail08:23
Jordan_Uusertom: Run this in a terminal: sudo mount /dev/sdc6 /mnt/; sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev/; sudo mount --bind /proc/ /mnt/proc/; sudo mount --bind /sys/ /mnt/sys/; sudo chroot /mnt/"08:24
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:24
Jordan_Uusertom: After running that you should be at a prompt ending in '#'. Tell me when you're there.08:26
usertomJordan_U,  yes08:26
usertomJordan_U, im there08:26
Jordan_Uusertom: Good. Now run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc"08:26
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=== Guest7327 is now known as tuxxers
gaelfxI recently got a USB3.0 card and an HDD dock to use with it, but it seems to be operating at 705Mbps (according to Disk Utility), is there any way to figure out if that's because of the card or because of the dock?08:27
gorskii just bouht a mp3 on ubuntu one music store and rhythbox don't won't to download the song 'cause it says internet connection needed!!!! help08:27
tuxxersmany are upset of no google gadgets in natty08:27
Jordan_Uusertom: It will ask you some questions. We only care about the question having to do with install devices, leave all the other at their default (which may be blank, that's normal).08:27
Jordan_Uusertom: Tell me when you get to the question about install devices.08:28
alextybobHi i'm trying to use ubuntu to help me recover a hard drive08:29
tuxxersanyone got Google Gadgets running on Natty?08:29
ShapeShifter499can I dump my whole ubuntu system to a live cd then restore from the cd when I want or need to onto a new computer ?08:30
fengSo many people08:30
usertomJordan_U,  ok its asking about sda as default?08:30
Jordan_Uusertom: You select devices with space bar, then continue by pressing Enter. You want to select sda, sdb, and sdc.08:30
gaelfxtuxxers: um, I thought google gadgets were for websites? shouldn't they work if you're using Chromium?08:30
gartral_gorski: do you have ubuntu 1 setup?08:30
gorskiyes i have08:30
pepribalhi all... Need some help with configuring indicator area anyone? thx.08:30
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
tuxxersgoogle gadgets for google sidebar08:30
gartral_gorski: then sync the folders.08:31
gartral_gaelfx: tuxxers is talking about the Google Gadget Widget engine08:31
usertomJordan_U,  ok got it08:31
gorskigartral_ tnx it is downloading08:31
usertomJordan_U,  finished no error08:32
gaelfxgartral_: gotcha, thanks08:32
gartral_gorski: your welcome, i know google 1 can be confusing, but i love it08:32
alextybobHi, ubuntu is recognising my hard drive is there but it is saying it is unformatted. what should i do?08:32
pepribalhi all... Need some help with configuring indicator area in the unity panel... anyone? thx.08:33
thr01nayve it is unformatted?##08:33
coz_pepribal,  what are you trying to configure?08:33
alextybobthat's the problem08:33
coz_pepribal,  specifically I meant08:33
alextybobmy computer just crashed (windows...) and i'm trying to sort my hard drive and its saying it isn't formatted =/08:33
pepribalhi coz_, I want to remove a couple default icons, for example08:34
thr01meh ive been up too long to type properly cant help yu :(08:34
coz_pepribal,   can you tell me w hich ones?08:34
gartral_pepribal: what does the disk utility say?08:34
pepribalmail configuration, and the one with the user name08:34
alextybobany hard drive fixing suggestions (i.e. any program that might be able to do the job)?08:34
Jordan_Uusertom: Run boot info script once more to confirm, but you should be done now.08:34
pepribaldisk utility? which one?08:34
coz_pepribal,  if you right click any one of them   untikc the Lock to panel,, then right click it again ,,it should show a quit option08:36
coz_pepribal,  and that should be respected for next log on08:36
pepribalI don't get the lock to panel option...08:36
rixthow do I get unity to change the wallpaper periodically?08:37
tuxxersno google gadgets >:(08:37
new2netI'm looking for a program to monitor my cpu temp. Using natty08:38
gartral_tuxxers: are you on unity or gnome claasic08:38
pepribalHow can I get the lock to panel option in Unity?08:38
gartral_new2net: lmsensensors08:39
gaelfxnew2net: libsensors08:39
tuxxersbut they could have got it goin08:39
gaelfxer, haha, lmsensors :P08:39
gartral_tuxxers: "yes" what?08:39
nit-witpepribal, search lok screen08:39
U53r__hey everyone08:40
=== mathy is now known as Guest48035
tuxxersanother reason to migrate to mint08:40
pepriballock screen? where?08:40
gartral_new2net: i asked a two part question, "yes" is not an option08:41
U53r__one question, in ubuntu 11.04 how do you hide/remove the icons on the top right corner in that toolbar thingy?08:42
nit-witpepribal, it is somewhere it comes up using the synapse search function, not synaptic08:42
nit-witpepribal, synapse needs to be installed though08:43
nit-witpepribal, it is the first choice in the icon far right corner for shutdown...etc08:43
Jordan_Uusertom: Did you see my last message?08:44
nit-witpepribal, apparento ctralt-l is the keys to get it08:44
U53r__Hell everyone.08:45
pepribalah, yes, I can lock screen08:45
pepribalbut i cannot unlock icons from panel08:45
nit-wit! ask } U53r__08:45
ubottunit-wit: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:45
nit-witpepribal, nobody can unlock them08:46
mang0Hm. Guys, whenever somone tweets me, I get the notification message. I have uninstalled Empathy and stuff. I don't want the notification message, how do I get rid of it?08:46
pepribalThat means I cannot ever remove icons from the default indicator area?08:46
nit-witpepribal, the top panel08:47
U53r__One Question, Mind Answering It?08:48
pepribalSo icons in the indicator area of the top panel cannot be removed then?08:48
U53r__how do you remove 'em?08:48
usertomJordan_U,  are you still there ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/610969/08:48
nit-witpepribal, I don't think there is a function to remove any top panel icons, that I know of.08:48
gartral!question | U53r__08:48
ubottuU53r__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:48
rogerzhAsk for help, I met the problem when I tried using gnome-user-share(WebDAV) to share the files between 2 ubuntu 11.04x86_64 machines. I could find the share icon from each other under network folder, such as 'username on xxxx machine public files' but I got the error msg when I click on it; the msg is "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)"08:48
REK_007HWAWEI EC95008:49
REK_007compatilbe with ubuntu?08:49
U53r__@ubottu ok, Thanks :)08:49
Jordan_Uusertom: Looks good.08:49
usertomdoes it?08:49
usertomSHOULD i RISK A REBOOT?08:49
pepribalOk, thanks nit-wit08:49
MACscr|lappyhow can i mount an xfs disk in the ubuntu live cd environment?08:50
usertomJordan_U,  i'm not sure I find back here to thank you!08:50
MACscr|lappysudo apt-get install xfsprogs doesnt seem to find anything08:50
pepribalOne last question: isn't there in Unity a button for selecting workspaces?08:50
localuserwhere can i enable remember active sessions in natty?08:50
nit-witpepribal, no problem, you never know there are ways to add icons not available stock, so somebody will hack the bar.;)08:50
linuxkinghey there, I'm having a problem, I installed linux ultimate edition 2.9 alongside ubuntu Natty but now each time I boot into natty the ultimate edition partition gets corrupted08:51
REK_007HUAWEI EC150 supporte on ubuntu ? reply fast guys please ... will be buying one08:51
JWayany suggestions why my lenovo v200 has its fan running constant after ubuntu 11.04 resume from suspend?08:51
JWayi have to reboot to make it work normally08:52
pepribalnit-wit, ok, I just wanted to know if there was any official way of doing it08:52
=== new2net is now known as Guest18622
linuxking hey there, I'm having a problem, I installed linux ultimate edition 2.9 alongside ubuntu Natty but now each time I boot into natty the ultimate edition partition gets corrupted so what could be the problem08:52
linuxking  08:53
nit-witlinuxking, how about a definition of the corruption.08:53
pepribalQuestion: where is the button for selecting workspaces in Unity?08:54
linuxkingnit-wit I don't get you08:54
localuserperibal: u can drag n drop icons in it08:54
usertomJordan_U,  I cant see the line giving the option to boot linux on sdc608:55
nit-witlinuxking, your description lack any detail of what this "corruption" is, can I be any clearer.;)08:55
Jordan_Uusertom: I don't understand what you mean.08:55
Gneahey everyone, I'm having a total brainfart - what's the name of that program that can download an Ubuntu ISO for you and then burn it straight to a device?08:55
usertomJordan_U,  I do see the line for the win7 boot option08:56
Gneayes! thank you :)08:56
usertomJordan_U,  but not for linux on that 33gig partition...08:56
usertomJordan_U,  actually no! win 7 is on sdc108:57
U53r__I was wondering, if you're in an IRC Chat are you vurnerable to getting hacked?08:57
Jordan_Uusertom: I don't know what lines you are talking about.08:58
usertomfrom the last http://paste.ubuntu.com/610969/08:58
icerootU53r__: you are always when connected to other pcs08:58
rixtOK, so I can now find my way around in Unity, but how do I get my wallpaper to change periodically in Natty?08:59
linuxkingnit-wit ok, now I get you. this is what's happening, I can boot into ultimate edition as many times as i can but the moment I boot into natty, If I reboot the machine my grub will be gone and if I boot with a live cd and open gparted, The ultimate edition will be said to be an unknown partition08:59
Jordan_Uusertom: For some reason the grub.cfg was not found / included in that boot info script output. I'm guessing that it's just a bug in the script. If you reboot you should be able to boot into Ubuntu or Windows.08:59
usertomJordan_U,  its listing sda1/boot.ini09:00
usertomJordan_U,  can i look at grub.cfg 'manually'09:01
localuserwhere can i enable 'remember active session' at boot in natty?09:01
Jordan_Uusertom: Yes. It's in /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg09:01
usertomJordan_U,  I see but thats a quite extensive script!09:03
nit-witlinuxking, I wonder if you don't have overlapping partitions how did you make the partitions for both setups? Just guesing off the top of my head, this script if you run it in a pastebin will give us more info.09:03
MACscr|lappyis there an official Ubuntu blog by canonical?09:03
MACscr|lappyim curious what was said after natty was released09:03
usertomJordan_U,  ok, thanks Jordan! I'll try it then and you have the best of lives for your generous help!09:04
MACscr|lappyim wondering how they have reacted to feedback about unity, etc09:04
nit-witlinuxking, this script http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/09:04
Jordan_Uusertom: You're welcome.09:04
GneaMACscr|lappy: they basically said "this is unity, this is what we're using, it's the wave of the future"09:04
MACscr|lappylol, they still went with that mantra after the release and feedback? thats just stupid to completely ignore your userbase09:05
GneaMACscr|lappy: in the corporate world, money talks, no one cares about the users09:05
localuserthere is always to choice to run ubuntu classic09:05
MACscr|lappylocaluser: not always, just until the next release09:05
nit-witMACscr|lappy, #ubuntu-offtopic09:06
MACscr|lappylast i heard, its gone in 11.1009:06
GneaMACscr|lappy: how do you figure?09:06
MACscr|lappyGnea: because thats what they announced09:06
GneaMACscr|lappy: let's take this to #ubuntu-offtopic09:06
K|nGHello there PLease I have one problem there show this how I can get an example of pppoe.conf ??09:07
UongikaOla penguinz09:07
linuxkingnit-wit my partitions were ext3 and ext4 for U.edition and unity respectively09:07
superman097@uongika ola buddy09:08
K|nGPlease someone can help me check this:09:08
UongikaHozsi superman097 bro09:08
K|nGPlease someone can help me check this: http://pastebin.com/JVss7huM09:08
UongikaPici bruder ola09:11
usertomJordan_U,  it worked!09:11
usertomJordan_U,  but I didnt get an option to boot my win 7 on sdc109:11
Jordan_Uusertom: What is the output of "sudo os-prober"?09:12
adminuseranybody know anything about dell wireless 1397 (broadcom) driver under the bt409:12
adminuserif anybody charged of information about , pls help09:13
usertomJordan_U,  /dev/sda1:Windows 7 (loader):Windows:chain09:13
usertom/dev/sdb1:Windows NT/2000/XP (loader):Windows1:chain09:13
Jordan_Uusertom: Run "sudo update-grub" and an entry for Windows 7 will be created.09:14
nit-witlinuxking, okay, so if a partiton comes up as unallocated does it still boot and was it maybe this way to begin with, IE the partition table got messed up, or you have overlapping partitions.Th script link I posted will get us closer  suspect along with your dialogue.09:14
albechi need to create a SSH tunnel from my external machine to an internal machine behind a NAT firewall. The NAT firewall DNAT port 10044 to the internal machines port 22.09:14
go8765432hello/ can anybody help me to install sbxkb please. when i try to configure it have message:http://paste.ubuntu.com/610952/09:15
adminuserso what about bt4 , driver from dell wireless 1397?09:15
albechwhen doing 'SSH -L 10873:Firewall_IP:873 -l username -p 10044 -N Firewall_IP' the tunnel is created correctly, but the port on the internal machine is not 873, but rather some random port09:16
gartralgo8765432: looks like you need too install gklib09:16
usertomJordan_U,  sweet, youŕe an angel, thanks Jordan!09:16
=== UndiFineD is now known as hajour1
Jordan_Uusertom: You're welcome.09:16
gartralgo8765432: gdklib*09:17
gaelfxI recently bought a USB3.0 card and an HDD dock to go with it, but according to Disk Utility, it's only operating at 705Mbps, is there any way to tell if it's the card or the dock that's limiting the bandwidth?09:17
adminuserbt4 working into oracle VB , but did not recognize wlan0 (dell wireless 1397) , pls advise09:18
go8765432gardar, i cant find it in synaptic09:18
gartralgaelfx: it might be the hdd your putting into he dock09:19
linuxkingnit-wit I've been having the dual boot of the two OS's since 28 april up until last wednesday, what's confusing me is that the U.E partition is the only one that comes with an unidentified file system but the other one stay ok and No, it on't boot09:19
ttiicchello guys Im runnning Ubuntu 10.4.2 LTS, for how long will updates be available for this version?09:19
gartralgo8765432: a) i'm not gardar b) it should be in under lingtk09:19
gaelfxgartral: ok, is there any way to test that? It should be able to do 3Gbps, it's not an old drive09:19
ttiiccand when will I have to upgrade?09:19
theadminttiicc: There's no such Ubuntu version as 10.4.2, do you mean 10.04.2?09:20
Gnea!lts | ttiicc09:20
ubottuttiicc: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)09:20
ttiiccyes sorry I meant 10.04.209:20
gartralgaelfx: actually, the SATA link has NOTHING too do with the drive's actual throughput09:20
theadmin!lucid | ttiicc09:20
ubottuttiicc: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100409:20
theadminttiicc: Check those links.09:20
Jordan_U!bootinfo | linuxking09:21
ubottulinuxking: To diagnose boot issues, you can use the Boot Info Script available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ Run the script with !sudo and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).09:21
ttiiccok so I will be able to use it for another 3 years09:21
gaelfxgartral: ok, ok, but how to figure out what's limiting it?09:21
ttiiccthat's nice to know!09:21
=== sammy is now known as Guest77290
ttiiccthanks for your time guys, I appreciate the help09:21
gartralgaelfx: well for starts Disk Utility has a nice suite too tell the Drive's throughput09:21
go8765432gartral, , i cant fing lingtk too09:22
* theadmin always finds it funny how a "long" support for some release makes those non-rolling-distro users happy.09:22
CLR-200hi to all, i have a video problem with ubuntu and an acer aspire one zg509:22
CLR-200i think it because i don't have installed proprietary drivers, but where i find they usually, they aren't actually09:23
theadminCLR-200: What is the problem, exactly? Also, please give the output of lspci|grep -i vga09:23
gaelfxgartral: right, but if the card or the dock is limiting the connection, then how can it accurately gauge throughput?09:23
CLR-200theadmin, i can't see milkytracker or other app in fullscreen09:23
CLR-200i got two black row at the margin of the screen09:23
gartralgaelfx: i'm not sure.. two things too check first are Drive's throughput, and rather or not your Computer's PCI bus/chipset/cpu can handle the load09:24
CLR-20000:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)09:24
go8765432gartral, http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/6m0mxibv/1_001.png09:24
ttiiccLTS support makes the easiest version of linux to run for years on my computer, I can focus on the system and probably learn how to master it more or less from the commandline before I have to upgrade it09:24
ttiiccso Im buying my self just time with LTS versions of the system09:24
gartralgo8765432: LIBGTK09:25
theadminttiicc: Here with my distro I always have the latest release just by installing all package upgrades :D09:25
gaelfxgartral: how to check the pci or chipset?09:25
gartralgaelfx: lots of googling..09:25
go8765432gartral, it is installed already09:26
Nighthawk``or everest application will do the trick - i'm using it alot09:26
CLR-200theadmin, here is: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)09:26
theadminCLR-200: Meh, intels... I'm not sure they even produce Linux drivers09:26
go8765432gartral, http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/7wzmf51z/1_002.png09:26
ttiicctheadmin: so you run the LTS version but upgrades those packages which you like to the latest?09:27
testi_Is there a package for MPWM - or any other Windowmanager that can handle multiple pointers?09:27
theadminttiicc: Nah, I'm not running Ubuntu09:27
theadminttiicc: It's offtopic, so /msg me if you want to know more09:27
CLR-200theadmin, thanks09:27
Uongikaunity contains a few dozen of bugs, bro09:27
ttiicchey are that guy a boot?09:28
theadminttiicc: Sorry, what?09:28
ttiiccare you a boot or a humanbeing?09:28
gaelfx!info lbs09:28
ubottuPackage lbs does not exist in natty09:28
theadminttiicc: Me? I'm human. I suppose.09:28
Uongikattiicc bro ola penguin!09:28
CLR-200what is the command for install a specific driver?09:28
linuxkingubottu how do I !pastebin for you to see it because I now have the results.txt09:29
ubottulinuxking: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:29
theadminCLR-200: Well, there is none, you need to know which package it's in09:29
gaelfxis Linux Benchmark Suite in the repos?09:29
theadmin!find benchmark09:29
ubottuFound: libbenchmark-ocaml-dev, libbenchmark-progressbar-perl, libbenchmark-timer-perl, octave-benchmark, php-benchmark09:29
go8765432gardar, can you help me to install sbxkb  ?09:29
ttiiccok sorry theadmin09:29
theadmingaelfx: Premsumably not.09:29
ttiiccdo you run debian?09:29
* theadmin runs Arch, ttiicc 09:30
CLR-200theadmin, thanks09:30
Jordan_U!pastebin | linuxking09:30
ubottulinuxking: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:30
UongikaArchlinux, yes, great!09:30
andantinoim havving a problem here....09:30
CLR-200!00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)09:30
gaelfxtheadmin: wel, thanks for checking :D09:30
ubottuCLR-200: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:30
=== imxubuntu is now known as imubuntu
COBOL2121Anyone know when VMWare will add tools support for the latest Ubuntu release?09:30
andantinoat first i could not get my mic to work on ubuntu09:30
andantinothen i read some instructions on line and followed them09:31
theadminCOBOL2121: I suggest trying VirtualBox out.09:31
andantinoand its working but now my mic is always on...i can hear my typing through my headphones09:31
go8765432can anybody help me to install sbxkb please ? when i configure it i have message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/610952/ ?09:31
=== joh_ is now known as joh
COBOL2121theadmin, what is VirtualBox's advantage over VMware Fusion?09:32
theadminCOBOL2121: Dunno. I just find it faster, plus I can use a real HD for the guest hard drive, not sure if VMW does that.09:32
COBOL2121theadmin, I may have to give it a go09:32
gaelfxtheadmin: maybe you have a better idea about how I can find out the bottleneck in my USB3.0 set up? I've got a new 3.0 card and an HDD dock connected to it, but it only transfers at 705Mbps, I need to find out if it's the card or the dock, or possibly the drive, but I should check the other two first09:33
andantinodoes anyone know what would cause my internal mic to be playing back09:33
theadmingaelfx: If I'd know, I'd gladly tell ya09:33
ttiiccheu guys Im trying to remove evolution and I get this error message! http://pastebin.com/HnurykCh09:33
gaelfxworth a shot09:33
nit-witgaelfx, whats it plugged into a usb port?09:33
gartral_ttiicc: removing evolution is a PAIN09:34
ttiiccIm gonna remove evolution couse Im more comfortable with thunderbird09:34
theadminttiicc: Consider running this: sudo apt-get remove evolution*09:34
theadminttiicc: With a * at the end.09:34
ttiiccso what's your recommendation if I would like to use thunderbirg instead of evolution09:35
long  hello09:35
icerootttiicc: just install thunderbird09:35
long who is a girl in the rom ?09:35
icerootlong: stop it please09:35
long   why??09:35
theadminlong: ...This is not a meeting channel.09:35
ttiiccbut I woul like to have thuinderbird as the standar accociated program for mail09:35
long   that??09:35
theadminlong: It's only for support questions, not for asking for naked pics.09:35
_Rixhey guys09:35
long   boy and girl09:36
_Rixhow do i remove Windows Vista from my Ubuntu/Vista dualboot09:36
icerootlong: now stop it09:36
theadminttiicc: System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications.09:36
long   why??09:36
long  who are you ?/09:36
iceroot!ops | long09:36
ubottulong: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!09:36
* theadmin facepalms09:36
long   what are you doing??09:36
ttiiccok thanks theadmin, then the only thing with keeping evolution would be disk space which I have plenty of, right?09:36
theadmin_Rix: Format the Vista drive?09:36
theadminttiicc: Suppose so, btw Thunderbird rulz xD09:37
long  windows ??09:37
bullgard4!unity | dominik09:37
ubottudominik: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.09:37
Jordan_U!guidelines | long09:37
ubottulong: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:37
theadminThanks a bunch, Jordan_U09:37
_Rixhow would i go about doing that the09:37
ttiiccyes it really does :theadmin09:38
theadmin_Rix: ehh... sudo mkfs.FILESYSTEM_TYPE /dev/sdXY -- substitute stuff properly.09:38
Atari-Teenage-Rianyone know how to get battery applets for xubuntu 11.04?09:38
theadmin_Rix: After this, run sudo update-grub to remove Vista's entry from the GRUB menu09:39
_Rixalright theadmin09:39
_Rixi'll just boot into vista at the moment to see if there's anything important09:39
ttiiccdon't you guys think the Indicator Applet 0.3.7 id annoying?09:39
_Rixbe right back09:39
nit-witAtari-Teenage-Ri, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/the-omg-guide-to-must-have-indicator-applets/09:40
ttiiccwould you guys recommend me to remove it or to keep it and try to get use to it since you guys sees it's functionality09:40
ttiiccsorry I splitted the question in to two sentences!09:41
theadminttiicc: I find it useless.09:41
theadminttiicc: Your choice though09:41
ttiiccok so I could just go ahead and remove it, I pretty annoyes me and I have just been using it for some hours09:41
Evanescencehow to remove PPA source, I found that I can not remove one software completely, when I upgrade , then this software will in that install list still. which command can remove PPA source ?09:42
theadminEvanescence: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list/whatever-ppa.list09:42
theadminEvanescence: sources.list.d rather than sources.list09:42
Evanescencetheadmin: i see09:43
theadminAPT is confusing :(09:43
nit-witlol you beat me to it theadmin09:43
bullgard4Why does seahorse > Other Keys show the validity of a certain entry as "Full" but on another Ubuntu computer in the same LAN as "Unknown"?09:43
theadminnit-wit: xD Happens. I often do that09:43
Evanescencetheadmin: so what is .list.save ?09:44
theadminEvanescence: Eh... No idea, probably remove that too09:44
Evanescencetheadmin: huhu ....09:44
theadminEvanescence: After that do a apt-get update09:44
gaelfxDisk Utility reports benchmarks in MB, is that actually megabytes or is it supposed to be mebibytes?09:46
gaelfx(I only ask because I was under the impression that Ubuntu software was supposed to report in binary bytes)09:47
=== XOXO1 is now known as Monkfish
uni4dfxcan someone tell me if the month names in command "last" are translated in non-english ubuntu?09:50
theadminuni4dfx: If you have another language installed, you can check yourself, something like this: LANG=ru_RU.UTF8 last09:50
ttiiccthis might be a silly question but I downloaded and installed thunderbird with sudo aptitude install thunderbird! Now I just wonder where the icon for thunderbird is placed on the HD?09:51
uni4dfxtheadmin: must say i didn't know this, but unfortunately i don't have any other language installed other than english09:51
Fonzie2k2does anyone have a recomendation for a firewall/router distro based on ubuntu/debian ?09:52
theadminttiicc: Probably around /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps09:52
ttiiccthanks again theadmin!09:52
theadminttiicc: To see all files from the thunderbird package, run: dpkg-query -L thunderbird09:53
Surlent777I notice that in "Additional Drivers" it claims I have the proprietary nvidia drivers installed and activated, but they are not in use. I further notice that going to System > Preferences > Monitors no longer makes the system yell at me and tell me to use nvidia-settings. What exactly does this imply?09:53
ttiiccthe icon for thunderbird were found in /usr/share/pixmaps!09:54
theadminSurlent777: That you must run sudo nvidia-xconfig.09:54
Surlent777theadmin: well, that's new. Let's see if something happens.09:55
theadminSurlent777: Restart X (or reboot) after that's done09:56
Surlent777theadmin: I tried restarting X to no avail; I'll try the reboot I guess09:57
xwjwhy use ubuntu or linux?10:01
Jim8255coz windows looks a kind of gay?10:01
theadminxwj, Jim8255: It's offtopic here. We use Linux cause we like it (btw, I don't like Ubuntu and don't use it)10:02
Jim8255dude, i'm joking10:02
xwjaccording linux what we can do?10:03
MuNk`is it possible to remove the chat option from the unity/messaging menu? as im using pidgin instead10:03
xwjwhat's the used mostly linux version?10:04
theadminxwj: Ubuntu's the most popular distribution. Doesn't mean it's the best though10:04
bazhang!ot | xwj10:04
ubottuxwj: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:04
xwjok,thank you10:04
xwjwhat we talk here10:05
bazhangxwj, ubuntu support10:05
bazhangxwj, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here10:06
xwjsorry,my english is poor10:06
Surlent777theadmin: even after rebooting, it says the same thing10:07
Surlent777"This driver is activated but not currently in use"10:07
theadminSurlent777: Well, odd, sorry. I'm not sure. If it was Arch, I'd tell you to blacklist the default driver in rc.conf, but...10:08
Surlent777theadmin: and yet I can still use everything more or less normally. I suspect somehow that the nv drivers or something are being used instead10:08
Surlent777maybe removing and then reinstalling it will magically fix everything10:08
Nissanola boa tarde a todos10:09
momoleedoes anyone know how to install gimp 2.7.1 using gdebi10:10
theadminWas nice talking to you, but I have to go - -- bb10:10
Surlent777momolee: assuming that was provided as a deb, you simply open it with gdebi and hit "Install"10:11
Nissangood night10:11
ttiiccI removed the applet which you could reglate the sound colume with, wonder if you guys know with which character combination the sound could be lowered in gnome?10:11
superman097@momolee download the gimp package at apt-web apt-web.dahsy.at10:12
superman097choose the distribution seris10:12
superman097then download all the package that show there10:12
usr13momolee: Why not use apt?10:13
superman097entry to the directory that saved all files .deb10:13
superman097then use the command sudo apt-get install *.deb10:14
momoleesurlent777 and superman097 I got the .deb file but each time I try to instal I a error massage that says "Breaks existing package 'gimp-data' that conflict: 'gimp-python'. But the 'gimp_2.7.3-2011042102~nn_i386.deb' provides it via: 'gimp-helpbrowser,gimp-python'"10:14
superman097oh sorry10:14
superman097i means sudo dpkg -i *.deb10:14
superman097@momolle try sudo apt-get install -f10:15
momoleeusr13 apt is giving me an error massage "Couldn't find any package by regex 'gimp_2.7.3-2011042102~nn_i386.deb'"10:17
superman097@momolee use the pastebin and put the command and error message here... can you?10:18
usr13momolee: What happens when you do sudo apt-get install gimp ?10:18
momoleesuperman097 using apt I get the error massage "Couldn't find any package by regex 'gimp_2.7.3-2011042102~nn_i386.deb'"10:19
icerootmomolee: dont use sudo apt-get install *.deb10:20
icerootmomolee: and dont use apt-get for local deb-files10:20
momoleeusr13 I don't want to use the internet do redownload the gimp because I already have the  deb and it's dependencies10:20
superman097@momolee : use the pastebin (like paste.ubuntu.com) then put your command and error message right here... example http://paste.ubuntu.com/610889/10:21
superman097we must know the detail, thx...10:22
usr13momolee: dpkg -i gimp_2.7.3-2011042102~nn_i386.deb | pastebinit10:22
jacky_anybody here?10:22
momoleeiceroot that's why I'm using gdebi and not apt10:23
superman097@jacky : welcome10:23
iceroot!offline | momolee10:23
ubottumomolee: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:23
jamiewanask ! jacky10:23
jamiewan! ask | jacky10:23
ubottujacky: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:23
Steristanyone familiar with OpenOffice spreadsheet functions?10:25
usr13momolee: Best to use apt. sudo apt-get install gimp10:25
ubuser1i have a dual boot win xp+ubuntu can yo help me to restore grub after a windows reinstall?10:25
Steristi've tried using it's help guide but the more i look the more i suck :(10:25
bazhangSterist, #openoffice.org may be10:25
Steristo really :) thanks10:25
usr13Sterist: what is the porblem?10:26
Steristubuser1 boot with LiveCD and open terminal. command Sudo apt-get install grub10:26
cebongcan you restore with live cd brother...10:26
Steristubuser1 verify with someone else on that10:26
Steristubuser1 that's the part of the command that i CAN remember lol10:26
ubuser1Sterist: that comand will not install grub 2 on hdd10:27
jamiewanubuser1: i think theres a bit more than that to it10:27
Steristubuser1 like i said, verify with someone else10:27
jamiewangoogle up unix toolbox go to section 1.9 repair grub, that worked for me10:27
cebongubuser1 : you can boot with live cd and open the terminal10:27
momoleeubottu I got the files from the archives of installed .deb files from a friend's machine and he got them from the repositories10:27
ubottumomolee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:27
ubuser1i tryed sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt10:28
ubuser1sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda BUT NOT WORK10:28
MattiasSay I want to use the package manager instead of downloading manually, is there a way to get a single "unsupported backport" of a program like say, virtualbox-ose-guest-utils 4.0.8 somehow?10:28
cebongubuser1 : and you find your ubuntu filesystem with " fdisk -l10:28
usr13ubuser1: is the root directory mounted in /mnt/?10:28
Steristubuser1 sudo apt-get grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda  ?10:28
usr13ubuser1: but where is the root filesystem mounted?10:29
Steristubuser1 grub is not supposed to go anywhere but the device root. don't put it on sda310:29
usr13ubuser1: Get the mount point right and it will work10:29
cebongubuser1 : yah thats true10:29
usr13ubuser1: mount | pastebinit10:30
ubuser1no i tryed this command sudo apt-get grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda10:30
Steristusr13 i'm trying to set up some simple math functions in the spreadsheet10:30
ubuser1but not work10:30
jamiewan#mount /dev/sda? /mnt            -  mount the linux partition on /mnt10:30
jamiewan#mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc    -  mount the proc subsystem into /mnt10:30
jamiewan#mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev      -  mount the devices into /mnt10:30
jamiewan#chroot /mnt                     -  change root to the linux partition10:30
jamiewan#grub-install /dev/sda           -  reinstall grub with your old settings10:30
FloodBot1jamiewan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:30
momoleeusr13 thank you, it worked!!!10:31
cebongubuser1 : what ubuntu version do you have ???10:31
usr13momolee: np10:31
Steristubuser1 see that RestoreGrub link? (o_0)10:31
ubuser1i have 10.10 on hdd but now im using 10.04 live cd10:31
momoleethank you everyone else for your support10:32
superman097@obuser false command bro10:32
superman097not like this "sudo apt-get grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda"10:32
superman097@ubuser1 but like this "grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda"10:32
phatypusHello.  When I create a VPN (certificate/TLS) using the network manager, it forces me to save the certificate password. I'd really prefer to enter the keys password manually every time I start the VPN.  Anyone know how to change the behaviour of network manager?10:32
phatypus(ubuntu 10.10)10:32
superman097i mean @ubuser1 like this "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda"10:33
superman097@momolee welcome10:33
=== bruno is now known as Guest19843
Gneasuperman097: just an FYI, using the @ sign in front of someone's name on irc is typically a designation of operator status. simply using someone's name with a following colon tends to make better sense, as we know that you're trying to talk 'at' someone that way.10:35
ubuser1i tryed this comand  >>Installation finished. No error reported.10:36
ubuser1i will restart now10:37
superman097good luck buddy10:37
ubuser1but i think will not work because grub dont update the setting10:37
ubuser1thank you10:38
superman097eh, don't forget to type "sudo update-grub"10:38
superman097i forget the last command10:38
superman097'ubuser1' don't forget to type "sudo update-grub" before restart10:39
baijupatteraI have installed Ubuntu then Linux Mint.Now the default entry in thr grub menu is Linux Mint,but I want Ubuntu.How to change it?10:39
superman097enter to the ubuntu10:40
superman097then type in terminal10:40
usr13superman097: He would have had to have done update-grub before grub-install10:40
superman097"sudo update-grub"10:40
MacSkyrateNew to ubuntu,, are there any terminal mail client to recomend?10:40
usr13superman097: The last command is grub-install10:40
GneaMacSkyrate: mutt10:40
MacSkyrateGnea: cool thnx10:41
superman097'usr13 : yes youre right, that just extra command :D10:41
baijupatteraI have installed Ubuntu then Linux Mint.Now the default entry in thr grub menu is Linux Mint,but I want Ubuntu.How to change it?10:42
nikhil_how do i solve indicator icons being unclickable to the left of the date, but if i click the date and scroll across their menus show?10:42
superman097'baijupattera' : i have an answer for you, look at the top below your first chat thx...10:43
superman097'nikhil_' maybe bugs, my mind sometimes also like that, just restart with terminal10:44
nikhil_superman097, unity --replace ?10:45
Free-manbaijupattera edit the menu file and swap the entries to the order you want them in10:45
baijupatterasuperman097: thanx but i cant see it coz i just entered here10:45
nikhil_^^ it only seems to happen when i connect with my wireless modem10:46
koopa58Hi, does any know a command line ftp client I can use to transfer 15.000 pictures fast and easy?10:46
=== NG_ is now known as ng_
Free-mankoopa58 pick one you know10:46
koopa58I don't know any..10:46
Free-mankoopa58 man ncftp10:47
baijupatterasuperman097: I edit the entry to default 1 first and save and update the grub but nothing changed.Again I edit with the entire name but same result10:47
koopa58Free-man: Thanks, I'll check it out10:48
baijupatterasuperman097: I followed this link to edit  http://www.ehow.com/how_6921272_do-grub-boot-menu-order_.html10:48
MATTTHEWJJHey I have a problem connecting to my wireless notwork is anyone available to help?10:49
MATTTHEWJJI am using Ubuntu 11.0410:49
oCeanMATTTHEWJJ: please calm down, and have some patience10:50
usr13MATTTHEWJJ: What is your problem?10:50
MATTTHEWJJSorry, Sorry.10:50
MATTTHEWJJBasically I installed Ubuntu yesterday, and I managed to connect to my wireless network.10:50
MATTTHEWJJHowever all day today I have been unable to connect, even though the WEP code is correct, and it's visible.10:51
MATTTHEWJJAny suggestions would be much appreciated,10:51
usr13MATTTHEWJJ: iwconfig10:52
MATTTHEWJJ,Do I type that in the termina,=l?10:52
usr13MATTTHEWJJ: Yes, see if the essid is correct10:52
MATTTHEWJJSorry, what's an essid? I am very new to this whole thing..10:53
usr13ESSID stands for Extended Service Set ID. The ESSID is the identifying name of a wireless network10:53
MATTTHEWJJOh I see.10:54
MATTTHEWJJSo if it is not correct I change it?10:54
usr13MATTTHEWJJ: That is just one thing to check. Sorry but we do not have a silver bullet for you.10:55
MATTTHEWJJOkay then I appreciate your help :)10:55
superman097once again i repeat my question, anybody here know about udp packet forwarder or reflector on ubuntu?10:57
superman097what the kind of a thing to do that at ubuntu?10:58
superman097any body?10:58
usr13superman097: What is it you are wanting to accomplish?10:59
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
phatypussuperman097, could you do that using iptables?11:02
go8765432обьясните плиз как справится с проблемой - http://paste.ubuntu.com/610952/11:03
A_Jcan i get 1080p in ubuntu with a gfx card and full HD Monitor ?11:03
usr13superman097: Do you need an iptables rule?  If so, you need to supply more info about what you are wanting to accomplish.11:06
superman097'usr13' 'phatypus' i couldn't use iptables well11:07
superman097can you tell me11:07
superman097or good reference to me11:08
phatypuskeep it simple11:08
phatypustry some basic rules first11:08
FloodBot1phatypus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:08
koopa58Free-man: I'm trying out ncftpget at the moment. But like once every 30 files it has an error 'Could not accept a data connection: Connection timed out.'. Any idea?11:09
iFrenzyhey does anyone know of a good screencasting program that would record my webcam input/output audio and screen like to make a youtube video11:09
A_Jcan i get 1080p in ubuntu with a gfx card and full HD Monitor ?11:11
=== secoif_ is now known as secoif
clarezoe#join ubuntu-cn11:13
=== XuMuK|ZNC is now known as XuMuK
clarezoehi, the empathy doesn't show in my indicator. I'm using ubuntu 11.0411:14
Orvahello, I am having some troubles with ubuntu 11.04 installation and by "some" I mean ubuntu doesn't boot up at all during installation11:17
nexsjaDoes it say why?11:17
Orvadisc image and install media are fine, checked them when created and already installed one system with it11:17
SteristOrva: that's normal, operating systems aren't supposed to boot while they're being installed.11:17
VonhintenAny problems installing Konversation with Unity?11:18
usr13Orva: What happens when you boot? Do you get the grub screen?11:18
=== kitchen is now known as Guest73809
VdevnetHi this is my first time using irc from android....11:19
OrvaI made install media with unetbootin, that launches nicely but after selecting "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu" you get nice blinking cursor and nothing else11:19
A_J can i get 1080p in ubuntu with a gfx card and full HD Monitor ?11:20
SteristVdevnet AndChat? xD11:20
muelliA_J: yes11:20
VonhintenA_J, I run at 1080p11:20
A_Jthank you muelli  and Vonhinten.11:20
OrvaIw as wondering if the double GPU set up on that box is problem or something, all other hardware are quite "normal"11:20
VdevnetI have chatted before using a diff nick...11:21
Orvais there some boot settings to disable that fancypancy loading scren stuff so I might get some information what fails? :p11:21
SteristOrva can you disable the 2nd from the BIOS, and do the installation, then re-enable? food for thought11:22
SteristOrva there's what's called an Alternative Installer that uses a very basic UI... i don't think it invokes the GPU11:23
Vonhintenanyone running Konversation in Unity?11:23
_Rixhello theadmin11:24
_Rixthat worked11:24
_Rixanyway hello guys11:24
_Rixhow do i use ssh from screen11:25
robin0800Vonhinten, no xchat11:28
wendicohello, i just upgraded to latest version and i encountered a couple of problems, first my wifi does not work unless i uncheck and check again "enable wireless" in my network icon11:28
A_J_Rix, u can use via terminal11:29
wendicosecond problem is i cant hibernate because graphics dont resume correctly and i cant see. any help?11:29
wendicois there a way to roll back to my older ubuntu version?11:30
Vonhintenwendico, laptop?11:30
oCeanwendico: downgrading is not supported11:30
wendicovonhinten, yes sorry, i have an acer aspire one small laptop11:31
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
Vonhintenwhat model?11:31
OrvaSterist: well, bios has nice options for tuning i5 and even some acpi stuff.. but nothing for gpu :P11:31
wendicoi had compiz running and 3d and flash very well (not as complained by others) but after upgrade i dont have such fancy desktop (no 3d, no cube, i guess because new ubuntu is new design)11:32
wendicomodel? let me check hehe11:32
OrvaI'll make non-unetbootin flash dirve this time, maybe it's just some silly bootloader issue11:32
Orva(also could try that alternative isntaller..)11:33
wendicoAspire One Series Model NO. KAV6011:33
Orvabut I wouldn't have wanted to go for that disabling gpu option anyway,11:33
Orvapoint is that that box is my girlfriends, who is not thrilled about idea she needs to twiddle fit bios settings anytime she wants to play wow :p11:34
iksikis it possible to run ubuntu installer under ubuntu? ;-)11:35
wendicoby the way, i like the new design but, until i get used to, is it posible to boot my old compiz cube desktop with my panel bars?11:35
piboytravisiksik: I believe so, just look for the 'ubiquity' package.11:36
thegladiatori have a weird problem in Ubuntu  , around the middle of my screen ..... no hyper links cant be clicked , gmail mails cant be clicked ...it doesnt respond to mouse input . Even mouse doesnt change over its pointer to hyper link ( hand pointer ) when I reach those couple of lines11:36
thegladiatorI have not had this in 10.1011:37
thegladiator11.04 has been buggy11:37
Vonhintenwendico, should try to find out the specific devices etc in that model, see which other acer aspire one's have those, and search for all those models with the same issue.  That's how I found answers for my asus n5311:37
piboytravisthegladiator: Have you tried using the Ubuntu Classic Desktop?11:37
thegladiatorThis is Ubuntu classic desktop I am using11:37
A_JA GUI C++/C Complier and Debugger. Any1 can Give me a Name ?11:37
iksikpiboytravis, hm how should i use it?11:38
thegladiatorGUI Compiler ?11:38
piboytravisthegladiator:What sort of video card are you using?11:38
thegladiatorIntel inbuilt11:38
VonhintenI think he means IDE11:38
A_Jyes Vonhinten i think IDE11:38
thegladiatorIDE - Eclipse is good I think11:38
piboytravisiksik: Ubiquity looks for a live cd system in a casperfs, then copies it to a disk given certain parameters, that's how live CD install works.11:39
A_Jeclispe = Haya11:39
thegladiatorIts 2 lines ...near the middle of my screen11:39
wendicopoboytravis ubuntu classic desktop when choosing my username right?11:39
piboytravispiboytravis: Yep. There's a drop down menu on the login screen, next to keyboard layout.11:40
wendicohas anyone any idea about not resuming correctly after hibernation? only graphic problems11:40
piboytraviswendico: Yep. There's a drop down menu on the login screen, next to keyboard layout.11:40
rauchyHi everyone. Is there a way to install vim 7.2 on Natty?11:40
A_JI need a GUI C++/C Complier and Debugger. Any1 can Give me a Name ?11:40
thegladiatorEclipse .11:40
A_Jthegladiator, eclipse is Java11:41
Vonhintenno, it's written in java11:41
g0bl1niPod on 11.04 anyone ?11:41
Vonhintenyou can do anything in it11:41
iksikpiboytravis, ok, but i see now, that running this tool under kubuntu 10.04 it is trying to install also kubuntu on my second hdd... but i want to install ubuntu ( i've got mounted 10.10 iso there )11:41
thegladiatorNo Eclipse can be used for any language11:41
A_Joh okie's..11:41
A_Jthank you11:41
iksikA_J, you can also try with kdevelop ;-)11:41
iksikor komodo edit11:41
rauchyAnyone? Is there a way to install vim 7.2 on Natty?11:41
iksikor netbeans11:42
VonhintenCan also try Code::Blocks11:42
thegladiatorNetveans is also very good11:42
Vonhintenor MonoDevelop for C# and .net11:42
rauchyI mean the vim 7.2 that was packaged with Maverick11:42
piboytravisiksik: OK, I see what you want to do now. Burning an ubuntu cd and booting from that is probably the best way to go. Just choose your second HDD in the partitioner.11:42
fjalarHello all, I'm a bit stuck with tracker (on 11.04). Looks like the daemon isn't running. I can't find anything like trackerd. What daemon needs to be running?11:42
piboytravisNetbeans +111:43
iksikpiboytravis, well the problem is, that there is no cd/dvd drive available in this machine ;/11:43
piboytravisiksik: Maybe try booting from a USB drive?11:43
SteristOrva: when i installed ubuntu on my ps3 i had to use the alternate installer because the hypervisor locks down the GPU among other hardware so it's not available to use whether or not the installer tries to.11:45
PrimalScreamxfce4 power management problem after update. no battery indi <--- how to fix this11:47
piboytravisIs there a #unity channel?11:47
SteristPrimalScream: Xubuntu?11:47
OrvaSterist: downloading image atm, just takes while because I am doing update/toolchain installing at the same time11:49
bullgard4Why does seahorse > Other Keys show the validity of a certain entry as "Full" but on another Ubuntu computer in the same LAN as "Unknown"?11:50
piboytravisbullgard4: Is the key signed?11:50
bullgard4piboytravis: Yes. another person has signed this key.11:53
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
GlycanI'm in a Knoppix liveusb boot, since this is the only live boot that worked, after 4 OSes and ~20 burns. I'm trying to do RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows, but I want to make grub primary.11:53
GlycanWhat do I do?11:53
Sterist_is there a VM that will boot an OS installed on the HDD, as if it was a VM image?11:54
blzSterist_:  not that I know of.  I'm pretty sure that's infeasible11:55
=== Sterist_ is now known as Sterist
VonhintenHOME`It's not something you can do.  OS's that are installed into VM's use generic hardware devices.  But OS's installed directly on the machine use specific hardware devices11:56
nhgIs it possible to use Ubuntu live cd to boot an already installed on hard-drive ubuntu?11:56
zarlannhg, is your grub broken?11:57
zarlanyou can always use a live cd to access the harddrive, idk about booting from it11:57
* stjohnmedrano is away: Away lang!.11:57
bullgard4piboytravis: There are at least 3 Try #unitylinux in freenode.11:58
Steristnhg yes, you'd be booting the LiveCD and not the installation. you can always boot a LiveCD regardless of what's on your HDD. your PC BIOS sets the boot priority, not the operating system(s)11:58
nhgThe problem is, my home directory seems to be encrypted, but I did not remember I've choose to do that at installation time11:59
Kaconhg, you can boot from livecd and start installation on your hdd, atleast i remember there was a way with grub boot loader11:59
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zarlanhmm, from the live cd grub you can edit the grub loader to point to your installed partition12:00
Kaconhg, something like root(hd0,0)<enter>kernel /boot/kernel-x.x<enter>boot12:00
GlycanHlep me out!12:00
nhgthanks to all, I will try12:00
Sterist!help | Glycan12:00
ubottuGlycan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:00
Kaconhg, but you need to get to commandline in grub12:00
GlycanI'm in a Knoppix liveusb boot, since this is the only live boot that worked, after 4 OSes and ~20 burns. I'm trying to do RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows, but I want to make grub primary.12:00
go8765432can i use nautilus in openbox without drawing my desctop?12:00
GlycanI already asked my question, and no-one ansered12:01
KacoGlycan, /join #knoppix ?12:01
arandGlycan: make grub primary in what way?12:01
KnechtRone cannot purge openoffice packages without removing the libreoffice packages in 11.04, lol12:01
bullgard4Why does seahorse > Other Keys show the validity of a certain entry as "Full" but on another Ubuntu computer in the same LAN as "Unknown"?12:01
GlycanSo that when I boot the computer, grub loads as the bootloader12:01
Kacoglycan, do you want to install grub to your hdd? root (hdX,X), setup (hdX)12:01
compromdonhi I've just installed ubuntu, and have tried to install the nvidia drivers. I'm having trouble downloading the latest version, but the other version (173) states that the drivers is activated but not currently in use. What does this mean, how do I use it ? I have a dual monitor which is not working and I think this might be the cause.12:02
arandKaco: That's for legacy.12:02
Kacoglycan, but you also need a /boot/grub on that partition...12:02
Kacoarand, ah ok... that's what I remember from older grub :)12:02
arandGlycan: So you have grub2 (grub-pc) on that CD?12:02
leexI am currently trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on my new machine, I modprobe aes and dmcrypt and unlock my crypted devices before entering the partioner to reuse my luks/lvm devices. this works well until like 60% of "select and install software" where I get the error: a step failed... so here is my question: how to fix it, where do i have to check for error messages during installtion? oh, an one thing i tried the natty daily build as well as the stan12:03
usr13!grub2 | Glycan12:03
ubottuGlycan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:03
GlycanHang on.12:03
GlycanI know what grub is.12:03
GlycanMore or less12:03
go8765432can anybody answer me about nautilus and openbox?12:03
GlycanThis uysb has knoppix12:03
arandGlycan: As per the guide, mount you partition containing /boot, run grub-install with --root-directory= pointing to the directory above your /boot folder,12:04
KnechtRis compizconfig disabled after upgrade to 11.04 with nvidia?12:04
GlycanOkay, hang on.12:04
iksikpiboytravis, i've just tried to create booting usb, but startup disk creator doesn't works.. hm, "create startup disk" button is disabled - don't know why12:04
ouyeshi all how to add a keyboard shortcut to terminal?12:04
=== calle is now known as carl-eric
OrvaSterist: meh, stupid me12:05
zarlanouyes, a shortcut to open the terminal?12:05
Orvastarts up well with acpi=off :P12:05
ouyeszarlan, yes the command to open a terminal12:05
jamiewanouyes: ctrl + alt + t12:06
ouyeszarlan, yes I know , jamiewan I need to add it first12:06
usr13Glycan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub12:06
ouyeszarlan, jamiewan how to add it to shortcuts12:06
zarlanouyes, if you want to change it to something else for example ~ there is a keyboard shortcut editor in system settings12:06
zarlanit should be on as the default, are you using ubuntu or one of the variants like xubuntu?12:07
ouyeszarlan, I know there is one, but what is the command for open terminal12:07
SteristOrva: you may have to consult this wonderful channel to config ubuntu to use (properly) the 2nd one (if at all) after it installs12:07
clarezoe_Hi, I want to add or remove some applications in the indicator-menu on top of the screen, however, I found many are talking about the menu on the left. Anyone can help?12:07
solarshey, is it normal that /usr/bin/X (gnome) under 10.10 consumes 41% mem of 4gb?12:07
leexsolars: no12:07
ouyeszarlan, now in my xubuntu there is no shortcut for terminal I have to add one so I need to know the command to open a terminal12:07
carl-ericHi, I'm using a RAID1 install with /boot on md1, and an encrypted / on md0. When I unplug one of the two drives and turn the machine back on, it fails to boot even though both disks should be identical. The message I get is "evms_activate is not available" when it should be asking for the password12:08
clarezoe_for example, I don't want to use Broadcast, and empathy doensn't show there either12:08
solarsleex, how can I find out why it is so high?12:08
froeshey guys. is there anyway i can setup JACK to be used along with PULSE under ubuntu ?12:08
carl-ericAfter some minutes I get dropped into the initramfs shell and it says "-r ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<some uuid> does not exist"12:08
Steristsolars try Xubuntu, on a fresh boot it uses just under 200mb12:08
leexsolars: you could use htop and let it show you which thread is using so much mem12:08
zarlanouyes, it's different for xubuntu - I can't help you there sorry...try asking again and mention you've got xubuntu or switch channels to #xubuntu12:08
solarsSterist, I want to find out why gnome takes so much12:09
leexsolars: what's your uptime?12:09
solarsleex, it's /usr/bin/X :0 -nr -verbose -auth /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gdm-3XG6R7/database -nolisten tcp vt712:09
solarsleex, 3 days12:09
Steristsolars gnome and unity are heavyweight12:09
Steristsolars reboot. not hibernate + resume, but reboot lol12:10
solarsSterist, yeah I know, but I want to use gnome at work for convenience, still the mem consumption is quite high12:10
ouyeszarlan, ok12:10
leexSterist: yes, but it shouldnt eat up almost 2gb mem12:10
carl-ericAnybody who knows his way around raid+encryption (and boot with just one disk, i.e. degraded array)12:10
solarsbut there should be a way to find out what it is and killl it :)12:10
Steristsolars not if it's a leak :P12:10
solarsits not getting higher12:11
leexso solars it isn't gnome but the gdm, you could go for an easy fix and just disable it and start gnome yourself ;)12:11
solarsleex, hm yeah, I'll consider that12:11
solarsbut its the X process12:11
iksikwhy http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/09/Make_Startup_Disk_001.png - "Make startup disk" is disabled in my usb-creator ? ;/12:11
leexsolars: but don't listen to me i am just waiting for an reply for my bug fix and I always use dirty hacks12:11
solarsso I cannot just kill it12:11
leexsolars: hmm you could use xdm or kdm12:12
Steristsolars there's a sudo kill command but i'm not familiar with how to use it12:12
jamiewansudo kill -9 pid number12:12
anghelokosolars, try killing it.. it will just respawn.. i tried killing it a while ago12:12
leexsolars:  don't just kill gdm, it will restart your whole X session12:12
solarsI know how to kill12:12
carl-ericiksik, select the partition on your usb stick12:12
solarsbut I cannot just kill X, right?12:12
Steristsolars works real nicely when nothing else does. but killing xyz may not release it's memory allocation.... if it's a leak.12:13
anghelokoleex, no it won't12:13
solarsok trying12:13
jamiewanrun top in terminal and punch that in12:13
iksikcarl-eric, it doesn't helps12:13
iksikit is still disabled12:13
carl-ericiksik, is there enough space on your usb stick?12:13
iksikis there any way to create bootable usb ?12:13
leexangheloko:  when did that behavior change?12:13
iksikcarl-eric, yes it's 2G stick12:13
leexangheloko: last time I used ubuntu it did12:13
iksikany other way* ;-)12:13
anghelokoleex, im not sure... i killed the process and it just respawned :-?12:13
carl-ericiksik, you need to select an appropriate ISO image, and then the partition on your usb stick, that should work12:14
anghelokoleex, it does eat some mem, but the strange thing is not always12:14
iksikcarl-eric, iso selected, partition also... button still disabled12:14
froesanyone able to use ALSA, JACK, PULSE  at the same time ??12:14
carl-ericiksik, then i don't know, sorry12:14
iksikcarl-eric, one sec, i'll create my own screenshot ;]12:14
koopa58Hi, I'm getting timeouts from my server when trying to fetch files through ftp. After x files it just hangs. Someone can help me?12:14
leexwell if no one can help me with my ubuntu problems I will just install gentoo another time... :/12:15
iksikcarl-eric, http://hub.inventic.it/u/xk/public/usb.png12:15
carl-ericiksik, you need to select the partition, not the drive - click on /dev/sdf112:16
iksiksdf1 isnt a part of sdg drive12:16
iksikand there was sdg1 partition12:16
carl-ericdidn't notice that12:16
iksikbut this tool removed it ;|12:16
carl-ericiksik, use the Disk Utility to create a new partition on sdg12:17
iksikone sec ;]12:17
iksikcarl-eric, http://hub.inventic.it/u/xk/public/usb2.png12:20
carl-ericiksik, is the partition formatted?12:21
iksikyes, it's a fresh ext2 partition ( i've also tried with ext3 and ext4 ) created with gparted12:21
erle-where do i find language settings in ubuntu natty?12:21
erle-erle-, i have us english as i wish, but it shows me dates etc in german format12:22
carl-ericiksik, sorry, I have no idea what's wrong there12:22
erle-with german month's names12:22
ActionParsniperle-: run: language support in unity12:22
iksikcarl-eric, do You know any other way ( more manual way ) to create this bootable usb?12:22
carl-ericiksik, no, i always used that one12:22
erle-ActionParsnip, is there no way in old gnome?12:22
ActionParsniperle-: of course!12:23
szalever since I installed Natty on my other machine, "http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources" and "natty/main i386 Packages" gives me a 404 on "aptitude update"..  was this particular source moved or removed?12:24
ActionParsniperle-: /usr/bin/gnome-language-selector12:24
iksikcarl-eric, solved ;]12:24
carl-ericiksik, whast did you do? :)12:25
ActionParsniperle-: unity is just an interface to gnome, so ANYTHING you can run in unity can be ran in gnome12:25
iksikcarl-eric, sudo mkfs.vfat -F 16 -n usb /dev/sdg112:25
iksikand it is enabled12:25
iksikwrong fs type :D12:25
blinkhow can i recover deleted fonts from my /.fonts folder?12:26
VonhintenHOME`hmm, unity's top bar occassionally goes black on me, any ideas how to get it to repaint?12:26
OrvaSterist: usually I don't have problems after I get system booting, unless ubuntu has done some really funky stuff between versions 6.02 and 11.04 :P12:26
karthick87So i need to install any additional packages to connect ubuntu machine to a projector ?12:26
* szal doesn't remember *buntu 6.0212:27
bullgard4Why does seahorse > Other Keys show the validity of a certain entry as "Full" but on another Ubuntu computer in the same LAN as "Unknown"?12:27
Orvaor was it 6.06, something like that12:27
Orvaso many years!12:27
szaleither 6.06 LTS "Dapper Drake" or 6.10 "Edgy Eft"12:28
Orvadapper drake was the one I used12:28
erle-ActionParsnip, thank you, i didnt know the name of the language selector12:28
erle-ActionParsnip, classic gnome lacks for the menu entry for it, so i thought its gone12:28
ActionParsniperle-: unity is handy for finding apps, I just grepped the files in /usr/share/applications to find the binary12:29
OrvaI have always wondered why ubuntu puts those minor version numbers for releases12:29
carl-ericOrva, those are year and month12:30
szalOrva: pretty self-explanatory12:30
Orvaszal: yeah, after you hear that "year and month" part12:31
szalDapper was 2 months late; it was the 1st LTS and there was, among other things, a big kernel oops around planned release time12:31
ActionParsnipOrva: you get those with LTS, means less updating :)12:31
Orva"haven't they ever heard about release candidates?" is first thing that pops into my mind12:31
=== hajour1 is now known as UndiFineD
erle-how can i get libreoffice to start with A4 page format? it starts with US letter - no matter what locale12:33
erle-(deletion of ~/.libreoffice has no effect)12:34
doncamshi. in windows I can set up DNS server IP. how do I do that in ubuntu?12:36
rauchyGuys, seems like vim 7.3 (packaged with Natty) has some issues with Ruby support. How can I install vim 7.2 (the one that came with Maverick)?12:36
doncamshow do I set primary DNS, seconday DNS in ubuntu?12:37
blinkhow can i recover deleted fonts from my /.fonts folder?12:37
ActionParsnipdoncams: yes its in network manager12:37
ActionParsnipdoncams: change the interface to ipv4  (address only)12:38
ActionParsnipblink: use your backups12:38
froes hi guys. is there a way of making jack use pulse ???12:38
rogerzhdoncams:right click on your connection,select the menu12:38
blinkActionParsnip: and how can I do that?12:38
doncamsok so Automatic(DHCP) addresses only?12:39
doncamsand then?12:39
ActionParsnipblink: depends how you have setup your backups12:39
rogerzhselect 'edit '12:39
ActionParsnipdoncams: a little lower you will see the dns box and you can set the dns there12:39
stowodaaehm.. hi12:39
MisterK85Good day folks. Having an issue. I've installed 11.04, the regular install doesn't complete (locks up at about 75% of copying files). The alternate installs fine, but the graphics fails to display right (total black screen, until I move the mouse over something, it flickers up for a minute then it's gone). Card is an Integrated Intel 845G.12:39
stowodatest.. am I registered?12:39
doncamsyes. so I separate with comma?12:39
stowodaok, seems so.12:39
doncamsif I have two DNS address?12:39
stowodahow to copy a file to the current dir?12:40
stowodacp /fromdir/file to?12:40
ActionParsnipdoncams: use a comma to separate.12:40
stowodado I have to name the current dir explicitly?12:40
rauchyAnyone? seems like vim 7.3 (packaged with Natty) has some issues with Ruby support. How can I install vim 7.2 (the one that came with Maverick)?12:40
filescrapscp /file .12:40
doncamsnot working12:40
stowodalike: cp /fromdir/filr /todir/file12:40
ActionParsnipdoncams: care to expand on that...12:41
doncamsprimary and secondary DNS still the same12:41
S4nt4Hello Everyone!12:41
ActionParsnipdoncams: did you enable for all users and enter your password to authenticate12:41
doncamsshould I disconnect and connect first?12:41
ActionParsnipdoncams: then disable wireless, then enable it12:41
brontosaurusrexmy laptop-pad and mouse stoped working after reboot, what to do?12:42
ActionParsnipdoncams: or whatever interface you use12:42
doncamsok it worked12:42
rauchyAll I ever wanted was to taste the sweet nectar of vim :-(12:42
ActionParsnipdoncams: no worries12:42
ActionParsnipbrontosaurusrex: if you run: lsmod  | grep ps     do you see psmouse?12:42
ActionParsnipdoncams: if you install and configure dnsmasq, you can make name resolutions take 0ms :)12:43
brontosaurusrexActionParsnip, yes12:43
orthodoxhow do i check for software versions? thanx12:43
doncamsha. thanks12:43
doncamsi'm still new. I haven't even removed windows 712:43
MisterK85[repost due to antispam blocker] Hi all. I've installed 11.04, the regular install doesn't complete (locks up at about 75% of copying files). The alternate installs fine, but the graphics fails to display right (total black screen, until I move the mouse over something, it flickers up for a minute then it's gone). Card is an Integrated Intel 845G.12:44
ActionParsnipdoncams: you don't have to, you can use both12:44
ActionParsnipbrontosaurusrex: ok and what make / model is the system?12:44
brontosaurusrexasus laptop , bluetooth mouse12:44
filescrapsorthodox apt-cache policy programname12:45
brontosaurusrexa netbook12:45
ActionParsnipMisterK85: try adding the boot option: nomodeset12:45
=== ng_ is now known as NG_
MisterK85ActionParsnip: Will do, lemme try it.12:45
ActionParsnipbrontosaurusrex: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-setup-bluetooth-keyboard-and-mouse-in-ubuntu.html12:45
teddyroosebelthas there been any word on sun-java for 11.04?12:45
staff_nowahello installed apt-get install xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core. How i can now connect to ubuntu-server with x11 ?12:46
szalteddyroosebelt: should there?12:46
teddyroosebeltszal, yes because its not in synaptic yet12:46
=== kitchen_ is now known as kitten1234
szalteddyroosebelt: I disagree, I have it installed12:47
Santa_Why Doesn't Anyone Answer, Do You Even See My Messages?12:47
rogerzhHow to use the gnome-user-share in 11.04?12:47
szal!java | teddyroosebelt12:47
ubottuteddyroosebelt: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:47
wanderingii had a hard drive running windows, and then i plugged in a second hard drive and install ubuntu onto it. now when i have removed the ubuntu hard drive, i get an error on start up "error no such device. grub rescue" How can I get my normal pc to boot again?12:47
Maratichteddyroosebelt: turn on partner repos12:47
szalever since I installed Natty on my other machine, "http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources" and "natty/main i386 Packages" gives me a 404 on "aptitude update"..  was this particular source moved or removed?12:49
teddyroosebeltMaratich, interesting.. ty and ty szal12:49
Trashiwanderingi: insert windows dvd, choose rescue and reinstall windows bootloader12:49
omichalekhi all, I use nvidia proprietary driver (I believe) but "additional drivers" does not show it to me, whats wrong?12:49
Trashiwanderingi: or reconfigure grup to boot windows12:50
wanderingiive tried that but the windows disc i have says it isnt valid for that version but its the only windows disc i have12:50
lucianhi i got a problem , could some one help me ?12:50
szalomichalek: lspci | grep -i nvidia12:50
rolandHi, the motherboard on my old computer died and ive recovered the hdd and plugged it into my debian laptop, how do I access my home folder? I can open it but there is just a readme and a access you private data' files. they cant be opened12:50
sagacilucian: what's the problem12:50
omichalekszal: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G96M [Quadro FX 770M] (rev a1)12:50
roland the dialog box reads: 'The Link "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop" is Broken. Move it to Trash?12:50
luciani had a problem with my sound card , it's not workind12:50
DaremonaiHello, I'm getting the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/611031/ when I do apt-get update, if i remove that file and update again, I get the same error, what should I do?12:50
ActionParsnipSanta_: well in the 40 mins I've been in here you haven't asked a single question12:51
omichalekszal: I can use the nvidia x server settings12:51
bullgard4!upgrade  tuor12:51
sagaciroland: can you paste the output of sudo fdisk -l12:51
szalomichalek: lsmod | grep -i nvidia <- that's what I wanted to know ^^12:51
luciani allready tryed some tutorials found on ubuntu forum12:51
roland*ubuntu laptop12:51
bullgard4!upgrade | tuor12:51
ubottutuor: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:51
ActionParsniplucian: if you run:  alsamixer   are all levels cranked and unmuted?12:51
lucianbut stil not working12:51
rabc_hi anyone know how to change file associations in ubuntu 10.10 everytime i select places/file folders VLC media player opens up, ive checked all possible settings in VLC so must be a file association in ubuntu thanks12:51
omichalekszal: nvidia              10709116  6212:52
rolandsagaci: im really new at linux. what do you mean paste the output?12:52
szalomichalek: iow, it's running12:52
ActionParsnipSanta_: so how do you expect us to answer non-existent questions??12:52
szalor at least loaded, but should then be running12:52
ubottuTo change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.12:52
ActionParsniprabc_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163196112:52
lucianif i want tot alk with you in private it's ok12:52
lucian ??12:52
omichalekszal: but ubuntu does not know about it? is it the reason i dont have plymouth logo, just text?12:53
sagaciroland: umm, have you ever used the terminal12:53
Trashiwanderingi: i think the best way would be (re)configure grub to boot windows ... just take a look into google ... i think there are several tutorials ... otherwise find the right windows installation dvd an try again :)12:53
rabc_thanks actionparsnip12:53
ActionParsniplucian: i don't support in PM12:53
rolandjust type that in?12:53
ActionParsniplucian: are the levels cranked?12:53
lucianyes are at maxim12:53
szalomichalek: huh?  what logo?12:53
sagaciroland: then open up a terminal, type sudo fdisk -l and then copy paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com and then copy the link of the resulting page back here, also... see !paste12:53
brontosaurusrexActionParsnip, i guess it was laptop related, something decided to turn off pad+mouse, i got them back with Fn+f9 ...oh well, weird12:53
rogerzhActionParsnip: could u help me to explain using the gnome-user-share ?12:53
luciani'm not the best operator on linux but i now some basics12:53
wanderingiTrashi, thanks. im looking it up at the minute and its telling me to open a terminal and sudo grub etc, but how do i open the terminal?12:54
omichalekszal: the boot splash screen12:54
lucianif i instal team viewer , would you like to join and resolv myu problem please12:54
lucian ?12:54
sagaciwanderingi: what version of ubuntu are you on12:54
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal12:54
ActionParsnipTrashi: http://www.joewein.net/blog/2009/11/28/fix-windows-as-default-boot-on-ubuntu-9-10-with-grub2-loader/12:54
ActionParsniprogerzh: i don't know what that is12:54
sagaciis karmic still supported?12:54
Trashiwanderingi: if you start the machine and grub returns the error, the next step should be launching a grub shell?12:54
wanderingisagaci im not sure its on anohter hard drive which has been removed from the computer. i only have the windows hard drive connected12:54
ActionParsniplucian: asking complete stranger onto your OS is a really dumb idea12:55
yuskhanzabis there any divx codec for ubuntu?12:55
sagaciyuskhanzab: most likely12:55
ActionParsniplucian: I can ask simple questions and you can reply, it's worked for years for millions of users12:55
rabc_thanks ubottu12:55
angheloko!codecs yuskhanzab12:55
ActionParsnip!codecs | yuskhanzab12:55
ubottuyuskhanzab: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:55
Trashiwanderingi: take also a look at ActionParsnip's link12:55
Sidewinder1divx works just fine in Totem.12:55
yuskhanzabi cant watch movie in firefox, it say i dont have divx plugin12:55
sagaciyuskhanzab: download the video and then watch it in totem or VLC12:56
szalomichalek: to my knowledge that has nothing to do w/ the gfx driver since it only applies to the X server, and the bootsplash runs outside of X..  make sure you have "nomodeset" as a kernel option in /boot/grub/grub.cfg; the proprietary driver doesn't support KMS12:56
lucianthe fact is i never worked on the terminal12:56
luciani'm not so god12:56
yuskhanzabi want to watch it in web browser12:56
bungleyhow do you hide the unity launcher?12:56
DaremonaiHello, I'm getting the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/611031/ when I do apt-get update, if i remove that file and update again, I get the same error, what should I do?12:56
lucianso sir if you like to help me let's start12:56
rolandsagaci: i did it12:56
ActionParsnipbungley: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-change-unity-sidebar-launcher-auto-hide-behaviour-in-ubuntu-11-0412:56
bungleyActionParsnip: yeah, i found that12:57
Sidewinder1yuskhanzab, Then you'll need to find the appropriat plug-in for Firefox.12:57
ActionParsniplucian: Ive asked the same question 3 times now12:57
sagaciroland: ok, now paste the link, it should be something like paste.ubuntu.com/234234112:57
wanderingiTrashi im looking at it now, but  at the minute i have "grub rescue>" as the prompt.12:57
bungleyActionParsnip: is there no button i can press to manually hide it?12:57
yuskhanzabok thx Sidewinder1 :)12:57
Santa_Lol, Just Got w3m and I'm Loving It :D12:57
lucianok the volumes are ok12:57
Sidewinder1yuskhanzab, If there is one.12:57
ActionParsnipbungley: not sure on that one dude12:57
omichalekszal: I see. I just tried installing the "current" proprietary driver and it failed :(12:57
brontosaurusrexyuskhanzab, what site, url?12:57
ActionParsniplucian: ok what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh12:57
lucianare at maximum12:57
sagaciroland: so the 250gb drive is the one with the home folder you want to browse?12:58
szalomichalek: you installed from the binary from nvidia.com?12:58
yuskhanzabbrokendatapoint: http://watchthisnow.org/external.php?title=Stop+The+Bitch+Campaign+&url=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tZWdhdmlkZW9tb3ZpZXNoYXJlLmNvbS8/dGl0bGU9U3RvcCBUaGUgQml0Y2ggQ2FtcGFpZ24g&domain=bWVnYXZpZGVvbW92aWVzaGFyZS5jb20=&loggedin=012:58
rolandsagaci: it's the 250gb drive i want to recover12:58
ActionParsniplucian: select to upload to the server and a red URL will be made, what is the URL?12:58
rolandsagaci: yes12:58
omichalekszal: no, it's been installed by the ubuntu tool since before natty12:58
yuskhanzabit says that install flugin to watch12:58
sagaciroland: so it doesn't show up in nautilus on the left hand side?12:58
ActionParsnipyuskhanzab: if you install mozilla-plugin-vlc it should be ok12:59
ActionParsniproland: can you manually mount it in terminal?12:59
rolandsagaci: what is nautilus, i just tried to click on the home folder12:59
rolandit's mounted13:00
rolandi think13:00
rolandI can see all the folders13:00
BluesKajHi folks13:00
sagaciroland: yeah, that opens nautilus13:00
sagaciwhat is listed on the left hand side of the filebrowser13:00
luciani don't now what are you telling me to do13:00
rogerzhI have 2 machines installed Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64. Both of machines are linked Netgear home route. I tried to use gnome-user-share sharing the files between 2 machines. I could find a new icon under 'network' which in my home dir on machine2, such as 'username on machine1 public files'; but when I tried to open it, there is a error message pop-up: "Can not mounted : DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by mess13:00
rogerzhage bus)"13:01
rolandsagaci: what opens nautilus clicking on it?13:01
ActionParsniplucian: copy the command I gave and run it in a terminal13:01
Sidewinder1yuskhanzab, It's an AVI file; either install the VLC plug-in, or download the .AVI and watch it in Totem or VLC. If you want to download, you may need a plug-in such as "UnPlug."13:01
sagacino, what is listed on the lefthand side once you click on your home folder13:01
sagaciroland: are you on 11.04?13:01
brontosaurusrexyuskhanzab, i dont think there is modern divx (h.264) plugin for web browsers for ubuntu, but considering my windows experience with it, i wouldn't install it anyway, if that is of any help...13:02
rolandwoops, im on debian, my friends laptop, the hdd is mine, it's ubuntu13:02
lucianok i did that13:02
luciannow the terminal asking me to upload13:02
luciani thing i wil accept right ?13:03
bungleyActionParsnip: even following these things there's no damn way to get it to hide13:03
bungleythe best mode seems to be "never"13:03
bungleywhich is a waste of my damn screen esstate13:03
sagaciyuskhanzab: have you tried using https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mediaplayerconnectivity/13:03
kitten1234that's true13:03
omichalekszal: can i set the nomodeset in a GUI program?13:03
rolandsagaci: woops, im on debian, my friends laptop, the hdd is mine, it's ubuntu. nothing on the left hand side here13:03
sagaciroland: debian 6 (squeeze)?13:03
yuskhanzabsagaci: Not available for Firefox 4.0.113:04
SawI created a unbutu server(64bit) on a vmware pc, and set vmware to create a host only network. I'm afraid my knowledge in networking is very poor though, and I have no idea how to configure such a network. Can anyone recommend some basic tutorial/howto/soemthing that will help?13:04
omichalekszal: I have "grub customizer" from a ppa and it lists "quiet splash" as the parameters for my kernel, do i just add nomodeset?13:04
lucian<ActionParsnip> i did that . i accept13:04
angheloko!serverguide | Saw13:04
ubottuSaw: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/13:05
Sawawesome, thanks :}13:05
sagaciroland: try to mount the drive manually13:05
sagaciroland: sudo mkdir /media/second13:05
lucianthis is my alsa info  http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e5c546a7b56329db2a165069cb04599d5aab515e13:05
Santa_Can Someone Help Me?13:06
sagaciroland: then go sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/second13:06
lucianActionParsnip thios is my alsa info http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e5c546a7b56329db2a165069cb04599d5aab515e13:06
Daremonainevermind fixed my problem by removing *i18n* in /var/lib/apt/lists/13:06
ActionParsniplucian: I know, I'm reading it13:06
kitten1234@lucian  your own??13:06
froeshow can i configure JACK to use 5.1 output ?13:06
rolandsagaci: done, why am i mounting, i can already see all the folders13:06
ActionParsniplucian: try adding:   options snd-hda-intel model=auto     to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf13:07
szalomichalek: edit /etc/default/grub and put "nomodeset" in the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=13:07
szalomichalek: when you're done, run "sudo update-grub"13:07
sagaciroland: well if you can see the folders, you should be able to access your home folder13:07
BluesKajSanta_, just ask your question13:07
omichalekszal: ok, thank you13:07
BluesKaj!jack | froes13:08
rolandsagaci: no thats what i was trying to tell you, it only has to txt files in it that cant be opened, when it really has all my photos and music13:08
kitten1234can anyone tell me  what is the best download manager in ubuntu13:08
sagaciroland: well are you sure that's the right partition13:09
rolandsagaci: one called: access your private data and one called README13:09
omichalekkitten1234: depends on what you need it for13:09
BluesKaj!info jack13:09
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-26build1 (natty), package size 119 kB, installed size 652 kB13:09
rolandsagaci: yes13:09
sagaciroland: well what's under access your private data?13:09
froesBluesKaj, not that jack . want the JACK AUDIO SERVER not jack ripper13:09
omichalekkitten1234: you mind find jdownloader good, it handles all those downloading sites like rapidshare, megaupload etc.13:09
sagacikitten1234: wget13:09
ActionParsnipkitten1234: there is no single best application for any purpose in any OS13:09
ActionParsnipkitten1234: it's as intellient as asking "what is the best colour?"13:10
rolandsagaci: yes all my data is in that folder. id assume it would be password protected mith my password13:10
kitten1234i want multipart downloader13:10
luciani don't understand again what i have to do :(13:10
sagaciroland: it shouldn't be, unless you set up some kind of encryption13:11
froesnoone ?13:11
ActionParsnip!info multiget13:11
ubottumultiget (source: multiget): graphical download manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.0-3 (natty), package size 428 kB, installed size 1132 kB13:11
BlouBloulucian: what's up?13:11
froesdo anyone knows the difference between JACK and PULSE ?13:11
ActionParsnipkitten1234: that's one I found that does multipart downloads13:11
rolandsagaci: no encryption, but surely you can access someones personal data just by poping the HDD, i had a user password on my name13:12
nhgroland I have your same problem: access your private data and README in place of my home folder, when I read from another os13:12
lucianlucian: try adding:   options snd-hda-intel model=auto     to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf i don't understant what step i have to do now13:12
lucian :(13:12
ActionParsnipfroes: not looked into it personally, it doesn't interest me in any way13:12
REK_007guys just wanted to know ... do Ati cards have driver issues on any linux distro which nvidia doesnt?13:12
nhgrolad, but I didn't encrypt13:12
rolandnhg: so you still don't have a fix?13:12
nhgroland, I am trying to figure out just now13:12
sagacisorry but i've never had that problem13:12
rolandnhg: i didnt encrypt either13:12
kitten1234thanks for the answers guys13:13
szalfroes: JACK is a real-time audio signal server tuned to achieve low latencies (important for e.g. multitrack recording)13:13
rolandnhg: cool, let me know13:13
twotenamrek_007: i don't know for sure, but i'm sure it's possible13:13
ActionParsniplucian: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf    add the line, save the file13:13
sagaciI just usually use an Ubuntu live CD/USB and the partition is ready to be mounted and at the root of the folder is the partition's /13:13
REK_007twotenam: thanks13:13
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
ActionParsnipREK_007: they are equally good, the issues are fairly similar13:14
nhgroland, I expressed myself in the wrong way. I meant to say: 'I am here just to figure out' :D13:14
nhgroland, doing some googling to in the mean time13:14
=== NG_ is now known as ng_
rolandnhg: :) haha nice thankyou!13:14
nhgroland, I think I found the solution13:15
lucianok done , next step13:15
rolandnhg: shoot13:15
_Rixi have 3 screes running13:15
ActionParsniplucian: reboot to test13:16
_Rixon terminal13:16
froesszal, which means...  "real-time audio signal server"=audio server, "multitrack recording"=multi application ????13:16
_Rixhow do i detach and remove the screen sessions13:16
froesszal, sorry trying to understand, as it all seem the same to me13:16
=== vindice_ is now known as vindice
sagaci_Rix: you want 3 separate terminal windows?13:16
froesaudio signal, tells informations about the audio or just which audio to output ?13:16
BluesKajfroes, yeah, I saw that...I use alsa spdif out with vlc / tools /preferences/alsa output/spdif when available /digital output setting on the soundcard ..I know this isn't Jack Audio Server, but that's how I managed to get Dolby Digital and DTS to my dac.13:16
_Rixyes sagaci so i can exit all three terminal windows13:16
rolandnhg: did it work?13:16
sagaci_Rix: yep13:17
_Rixsagaci, ?13:17
nhgroland, yes, it did work, just mounted my lost home :) . https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory \\ skip to "Recover manually"13:17
nhgroland, keep in mind there is an error there,13:17
froesmy thing is: i have a app that uses signals sent to JACK, but the ubuntu uses PULSE, so i cannot use it.13:17
szalfroes: if you don't have a clue about recording, you probably don't need JACK13:17
szalfroes: what app?13:18
rolandnhg: thankyou, ill see if i can follow it13:18
froesszal, there is a bunch: like boblight13:18
sagaci_Rix: press Ctrl+D on the terminals13:18
szalfroes: never heard of13:18
szal!info boblight13:18
ubottuPackage boblight does not exist in natty13:18
froesszal, factal-jack13:18
_Rixalright sagaci now how do i exit out of the terminal screen13:19
nhgroland, at some point it says    sudo mount -t ecryptfs /home/username/.Private /home/username/Private   but its actually  sudo mount -t ecryptfs /home/username/.ecryptfs/username/.Private /home/username/Private13:19
szal!info factal-jack13:19
ubottuPackage factal-jack does not exist in natty13:19
_Rixi exited it but when i type screen -ls it still shows all three running sagaci13:19
lucianAction thanks alot13:19
szal!info fractal-jack13:19
ubottuPackage fractal-jack does not exist in natty13:19
sagaci_Rix: type exit or use Ctrl-D13:19
lucianit works now :)13:19
nhgroland, I suggest you to write down what I just said in my last line, it may apply to you too ;)13:19
rolandnhg: ok thankyou13:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:20
froesi tought that JACK was something like sending signals to multiple MIDI devices or something like that13:20
nhgroland, report problems here, I should be here ;)13:20
sagaci_Rix: so you're using the app screen, sorry13:20
waterloo2005after I install ubuntu 11.04 to disk , I can not install language support and  even can not install other software .  what is the matter ? thx13:20
rolandnhg: i will cheers13:20
froesszal, http://blogger.xs4all.nl/loosen/articles/408274.aspx13:20
ouyeshi all I am in xubuntu, I can not copy files to desktop folder?13:21
BluesKajfroes, maybe if you described your setup maybe we can help.13:21
szalfroes: as far as I understand it, for MIDI you don't need JACK13:21
pipithi,, can somebody tell me about orca screen,, i have trouble with this..13:21
sagaci_Rix: probably better to read up on man screen13:21
ouyeshow to copy files to Desktop folder in xubuntu?13:22
sagaciouyes: cp file ~/Desktop13:23
ouyessagaci, no command line how to do it?13:23
ActionParsnipouyes: is the desktop folder owned by your user?13:23
RodriguuuHdolphin link ????13:23
ouyesActionParsnip, I think yes13:24
sagaciouyes: drag and drop13:24
=== bran is now known as compromdon
froesBluesKaj, 5.1 home theatre connected to the pc through analog cables, arduio boards connected via serial, midi table connected, 2 projectors and around 15 arrays of RGB LEDs connected to it13:24
sagacior copy/paste13:24
froesBluesKaj, 5.1 home theatre connected to the pc through analog cables, arduio boards connected via serial, midi table connected, 2 projectors and around 15 arrays of RGB LEDs connected to it13:24
FloodBot1froes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:24
ActionParsnipouyes: what is the output of:  whoami; ls -l ~/Desktop13:24
froessorry ... why did it go double :S13:24
compromdonhi is unity part of gnome or ubuntu ? Can I get rid of it if I go to kde ?13:24
RodriguuuHcanal br ?13:24
sagacicompromdon: kubuntu13:24
szalcompromdon: if you want KDE, install Kubuntu13:25
REK_007compromdon: use the classic mode to get back the old GNOME kinda look13:25
keith105Hi Ubuntu 10.04, full screen flash in firefox has frozen the screen (system still responsive so appears just graphics), SSH'd in from another computer, killed plugin thingy and firefox.... no diff13:25
keith105any suggestions how i can get my screen back and work? ;-)13:25
compromdonREK_007, how do i switch to classical  ?13:25
ouyesActionParsnip, -rw-------  1 ouyes ouyes13:25
ouyeswhoami ouyes13:25
compromdonszal, is that a fresh install ?13:25
sagacicompromdon: log out and choose Gnome Classic down the bottom when you log in13:26
ShermanBoydcompromdon: you can switch to classic at the login screen13:26
netechkeith105: restart X13:26
compromdonok great thanks13:26
Sidewinder1!classic > compromdon13:26
ubottucompromdon, please see my private message13:26
szalcompromdon: you tell me13:26
ouyesouyes, I have chmod the Desktop folder to 075513:26
philinuxkeith105: from your ssh killall firefiox might do it13:26
ouyesActionParsnip, but some files have different not 075513:26
keith105philinux: cheers but did a kill -9 so no diff13:27
keith105netech: gonna try that now cheers13:27
rogerzhI have 2 machines installed Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64. Both of machines are linked Netgear home route. I tried to use gnome-user-share sharing the files between 2 machines. I could find a new icon under 'network' which in my home dir on machine2, such as 'username on machine1 public files'; but when I tried to open it, there is a error message pop-up: "Can not mounted : DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by mess13:27
rogerzhage bus)"13:27
rogerzhany idea to slovei t?13:28
GlycanHwo do I install grub?13:28
BlouBlou!grub | Glycan13:28
ubottuGlycan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:28
froesBluesKaj, a little bit hard to describe more that that.13:28
GlycanDoesn't explain much13:28
sagaciGlycan: install or reinstall13:28
froesmy bedroom looks like a shower of wires everywhere13:28
rolandnhg: when entering the first line in i get this "sudo: ecryptfs-add-passphrase: command not found"13:29
BluesKajfroes, does your HT receiver/audio amp have digital inputs, either toslink or coax , and does your soundcard have digital out ?13:29
GlycanLet's go with install13:29
froesBluesKaj, alll p2 output only . its an old P965 NEO13:29
rolandnhg: im using a debian laptop, but the HDD is ubuntu.13:29
=== Threepwood is now known as Guest773
nhgroland, sudo apt-get install ecryptfs13:30
nhgroland, sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils13:30
keith105just did a sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart - its now stuck on the black screen, last entry starting user-mode networking13:30
mang0Guys, I've just installed Gimp 2.6 on Ubuntu 11.04. I've got a UC-Logic WP5540U tablet, and I can use this to move the cursor around, but there is no pressure when I draw. Help!13:30
mang0Yes I've asked in #gimp13:30
keith105the flashing cursor is tauntung me :|13:30
rolandnhg: E: Unable to locate package ecryptfs....damn debian!13:31
ActionParsnipouyes: as long as the folder is owner writable and owned by the user, it should be able to add files13:31
nhgroland, ecryptfs-utils13:31
froesBluesKaj, so i have a software that gets the midi signals send to JACK and generate fractals on my walls through the projectors13:31
GlycanWhat is the root partition?13:32
BluesKajfoes yeah , ok ,but you were asking about 5.1 audio , right ? I don't have any idea how to acheive that with p2 output13:33
GlycanAnd how do you determine it?13:33
MonkeyDustabout NFS: i am able to ssh and sftp to my remote machine, but not nfs -- nfs-kernel is up and running ok -- hints & tips?13:33
BlouBlouGlycan: ubuntu doesn't make a partition for root.13:33
ActionParsnipBlouBlou: the root partition is /13:33
keith105sorry just to reiterate on the one line, a full screen flash in firefox 10.04 froze the screen, have tried kill -9 and restaring gdm (from another machine), now staring at black screen and flashing cursor... would appreciate any other advice13:33
MonkeyDustabout NFS: i am able to ssh and sftp to my remote machine, but not nfs -- nfs-kernel is up and running, /etc/exports contains my local machine ok -- hints & tips?13:33
ActionParsnipBlouBlou: every linux based OS has one13:33
=== Technetium is now known as Iridium
BlouBloubut /home is on that partition too13:34
BlouBlounot in separated one13:34
=== Iridium is now known as Iridium191
ActionParsnipBlouBlou: that's fine13:34
ActionParsniphi younes13:34
thegladiatorvlc is consuming 60% CPU , wonder why13:35
younesall with ubuntu13:35
=== neo is now known as Guest76913
yeatsMonkeyDust: have you defined the directories you're sharing in /etc/exports on the NFS server?13:35
MonkeyDustyeats: yes13:35
GlycanSo how do you find it?13:35
ActionParsnipthegladiator: does it happen as all users?13:35
yeatsMonkeyDust: and you restarted nfs-kernel-server after doing so?13:35
Sidewinder1BlouBlou, Many folks make /home on a separate partition from root; this allows them do do a fresh install and then copy all of their settings, ect., from the separate /home partition.13:35
ActionParsnipthegladiator: do other users have the same issue?13:36
MonkeyDustyeats: yes13:36
thegladiatorI am not sure about other users ActionParsnip , but does VLC consume 60% CPU for a video file ?13:36
yeatsMonkeyDust: and you've defined the remote directories in /etc/fstab on the client(s)?13:36
MonkeyDustyeats: it says: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export13:37
ActionParsnipthegladiator: do other players do the same?13:37
MonkeyDustyeats: fstab, too, yes13:37
philinuxkeith105: Have you got physical access to machine or are you remote.13:38
thegladiatorhold on I will check the video13:38
yeatsMonkeyDust: ah, have you tried adding 'no_subtree_check' to the options in /etc/exports?13:38
yeatsMonkeyDust: example from mine: "#/fileshare,sync,no_subtree_check)13:38
geemehi there, can someone help and tell me how to update the version of perl I have on an ubuntu system?13:39
BluesKajMonkeyDust, a hint if you're using NFSv4 , delete the "_netdev ' from the client pc fstab entry13:39
ActionParsnipgeeme: which version do you want and for which release ?13:39
Sidewinder1BlouBlou, If you wish to delve more deeply into separate /home partitions, please see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installseparatehome13:40
thegladiatortotem for instance uses only expected 25 CPU ActionParsnip13:40
thegladiatorI need VLC  because it has this feature to amplify video to 400%13:40
ActionParsnipthegladiator: ok that's fine.13:40
marco9Hi, wont to here some thing funny > Quote: AnonymousUS. If I was the marine that killed osama bin laden i would of teabagged him till him till my nuts where fucked up. LOL13:40
geemeoActionarsnip: running 10.10 i386 server and v 5.10.1-12ubuntu2.1 want to upgrade to at lease 5.10.1-15ubuntu213:40
IdleOne!ot > marco913:40
ubottumarco9, please see my private message13:40
froes_tried to do a loop from alsa to jack, but dont seem to be able to set it proper13:41
IdleOne!language | marco913:41
ubottumarco9: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:41
ActionParsnipthegladiator: try:  killall vlc; rm -r /.config/vlc13:41
ActionParsnipgeeme: which arch?13:41
ActionParsnipgeeme: let me search :)13:42
geemeI had a google but couldnt find much info on it.13:42
rolandnhg: i entered the passphrase and a bunch of lines came up. but they were all (not loaded) at the end13:42
rolandnhg: did i get my password wrong?13:43
demetanhalp, my keyboard is blocked13:43
thegladiatorbetter now ActionParsnip13:43
thegladiatorseems like some configuration issue13:43
rolandnhg: Selection: aes  (use the aes cipher)... this is what im up to, but i have no idea what to enter13:43
nhgroland, did you mean you have random-like folders and files?13:43
ActionParsnipthegladiator: most likely13:44
ActionParsnipgeeme: is the package 'perl'  or is it something else?13:44
geemeit is perl13:45
rolandnhg: no, i was just following the steps and copied the generated passphrase into terminal13:45
geemeIm trying to install libdevice-usb-perl but dependancy issues require perl to be upgraded13:45
rolandnhg, now im up to dot 4 on step 213:45
erossfunny how 11.04 came out with its snazzy interface and yet all I see is androids on the market13:45
nhgroland, it should be aes, 16bit, as far as I've read13:45
keith105philinux: i have both, i restarted gdm again and it worked but it killed all my applications. all works lost.13:45
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
nhgroland, altough I am not 100% sure, but give it a try13:46
erossanyone try installing it on a cheap tablet?13:46
rolandnhg: just type 16bit?13:46
philinuxkeith105: Not a good outcome.13:46
nhgroland, just press enter without values. It will use the default value (the one within [] brackets)13:46
philinuxkeith105: open office should recover any docs13:47
keith105philinux: nope haha, do u know of a way to get X working again without killing all the important open stuff, in case it happens again13:47
keith105unfortunately it was a complicated GNS3 topology13:47
keith105lost VMs too haha, this is not a good day :)13:47
rolandnhg: This and the following options only apply if you are using filename encry13:47
rolandnhg: what is filename encryption?13:48
philinuxkeith105: I think it should be killall firefox-bin13:48
rolandam i useing it13:48
canthus13bah. How do you clear a keyboard shortcut in gnome-terminal? I can change them, but I can't find a way to disable a particular shortcut. (specifically, alt-<number>)13:48
keith105philinux: that didnt fix the frozen fullscreen flash, i did notice a zombie in top but couldnt see what it was before i had to restart, that could have been it i suppose13:49
keith105grrrr @ flash on linux lol13:49
youneswhat we do here?13:49
ActionParsnipgeeme: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/perl/perl_5.10.1-12ubuntu2.1_i386.deb13:49
szalkeith105: that's what you get from not putting mission-critical stuff on its own machine :P13:49
philinuxkeith105: I would try and repeat it just with firefox and nothing important.13:49
=== TheDaniel0108 is now known as Daniel0108
ActionParsnipkeith105: are you using 64bit ubuntu?13:50
geemeActionParsnip: where did you find that :)13:50
keith105no 32bit13:50
ActionParsnipgeeme: its in the security repo: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/perl13:50
nhgroland, 'passtrough' = n, 'filename encryption' = y , mount now? = yes.  (theothermessage) = no . That's whats written on that site13:50
keith105szal: :p13:50
froes_why is it so hard to forward the sound from PULSE to JACK ?13:50
geemeyour google is obvioulsy better than mine.. wget'ting now and will try. will report back cheers13:50
ActionParsnipkeith105: i see, ok what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf13:50
ActionParsnipgeeme: np man13:51
ActionParsnipgeeme: was also bing ;)13:51
mang0someone just told me to "grep" for something in terminal, what does that mean?13:51
philinuxkeith105: is this firefox 413:51
mang0(he is helping me troubleshoot something)13:51
geemeI use "google" as a general term... admittadly didnt try bing13:51
ActionParsnipmang0: it means to search or filter text13:51
MonkeyDustmang0: grep is a filter, to look for something specific13:51
ActionParsnipgeeme: i use "websearch"13:51
mang0so I go to the search menu and then search for the thing?13:51
mang0MonkeyDust: I need to search for the word "Pressure" in a long list of things13:52
MonkeyDustmang0: is that list a text file?13:52
ActionParsnipmang0: then use:   grep -i pressure file13:52
keith105ActionParsnip: my apologies, this one is 10.10, and it has flashplugin-installer none of the rest13:52
mang0A list in terminal13:52
mang0I typed in "xev"13:52
mang0and now I need to look for "pressure"13:53
ActionParsnipmang0: then pipe the text into the grep13:53
BluesKajfroes_, your audio problem might be pulseaudio ..it's not compatible with alot of older pci and integrated soundcards13:53
ActionParsnipmang0: e.g:     xev | grep -i pressure13:53
MonkeyDustmang0: a list of commands?13:53
mang0thanks ActionParsnip13:54
mang0MonkeyDust: Sorted now, thanks :)13:54
sreejui cant install any packages now please help13:54
ActionParsnipkeith105: try: sudo apt-get -y --purge remove flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo  apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y install flashplugin-nonfree13:54
rolandnhg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/611046/13:55
clakesgotta love the guys at ffado.org ...finally managed to make my motu ultralite work on 11.0413:55
ActionParsnipsreeju: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y upgrade     thanks13:55
Gump#ubuntu, i installed OSSv4, and now flashplayer doesn't play any sound. i tried installing flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound, but i can only find it for 32bit, not amd64. i tried recompiling it from source, but it returned a long string of errors. has anyone else run into this problem?13:55
ActionParsnipsreeju: use a pastebin to host the text13:55
rolandnhg: damn, maybe i got the password wrong, ill do it a few more times.... lame13:55
nhgroland, this is probably because you mistyped the path13:55
rolandnhg: thankyou so much for your help though13:55
ActionParsnipGump: could try 64bit flash, if your ubuntu is 64bit13:55
sreejuits saying opera needs to be reinstalled but cant find archive13:55
Gumpyes, it is. flash player is installed and working ActionParsnip. but since installing oss, no sound works form it13:56
nhgroland, in the guide its said the path is /home/username/.Private, but it isn't! At least, it isn't in my installation. It is /home/username/.ecryptfs/username/.Private   instead13:56
ActionParsnipsreeju: can you give the output as requested, not an interpretation13:56
rabc_hi im looking for a minimum footprint version of ubuntu, the 10.10 im using is causing  my 10 year old PC to slow up anyone any links pls13:56
BluesKajGump, why oss ?13:56
keith105ActionParsnip: thanks man, hopefully the non-free one will prevent future issues like that :)13:56
sreejuok wait13:56
ActionParsniprabc_: install ubuntu-minimal then install lxde into that, very small punchy OS13:57
GumpBluesKaj, because my audio out jack was not working, so i installed OSS, and now it is working13:57
rolandnhg: where it says "username" im suposed to wright 'roland' right?13:57
BluesKajGump, did you try alsa ?13:57
ShermanBoydWhat's the best way to install metasploit on natty?  I can't find a package, do I have to just install all the deps and then pull it with svn?13:57
rabc_thanks actionparsnip your a gem!!!!!13:57
GumpBluesKaj, yes, alsa was the problem13:57
nhgroland, probably, if you choosen roland at installation time13:57
Gumpit is a known bug in alsa that it does not work with my soundcard13:58
BluesKajor was it pulseaudio, Gump ?13:58
rolandnhg: thanks ill try again13:58
ActionParsnipShermanBoyd: http://dev.metasploit.com/redmine/projects/framework/wiki/Install_Ubuntu13:58
sreejuno error its downloading .. (sudo apt-get update)13:58
GumpBluesKaj, ...i think it was alsa?13:58
ActionParsnipsreeju: all better now?13:59
Gumpregardless, with OSS, is it possible to get sound working in flash player?13:59
ActionParsnipShermanBoyd: thats one way, there is no best way13:59
sreejuthank you ... its ok now14:00
Gumpcan someone with a 64bit system try this for me? apt-get source flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound, and then try cd to the dir and make14:01
BluesKajregardless ?  ..dunno about oss integration with flash , Gump... that can't be disregarded14:01
ActionParsnipsreeju: sweet :)14:01
nhgI decrypted my old home folder, (And I could access SOME files), but the problem now is :  All filenames are scrambled and many directories unreadable... Am I doing something wrong?14:01
GumpBluesKaj, i know flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound will fix the problem, but it is only availible from the repository for i38614:02
BluesKajGump, install ia32 libs14:02
Gumpwhat's the package called?14:03
Gumpalready newest version14:03
ShermanBoydthanks for the link!  whoever answered ... chatzilla crashed =(14:04
Gumpi'm assuming that is for compatibility for i386 packages? didn't work apparently14:04
=== fred_ is now known as Guest57057
Gumpi tried installing the i836 version and it returned error package is not designed for amd64 or something14:04
go8765432anybody know where gajim keep his account information?14:07
ActionParsnip!info gajim14:07
ubottugajim (source: gajim): Jabber client written in PyGTK. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.4-3ubuntu2 (natty), package size 4134 kB, installed size 14388 kB14:07
ActionParsnipgo8765432: possibly ~/.gajim  or ~/.config/gajim   are god places to look14:08
djanosgo8765432, ~/.gajim/config14:08
rolandnhg: i tried it twice again, same error :( tried your different path name14:09
sagaciroland: still cranking along?14:09
rolandsagaci: not much luck. im gona have to take it to a linux expert i guess14:09
nhgI managed to finally get it working 100%, nevermind14:10
nhgroland, I'll write you in private14:10
nhgroland, my exact steps14:10
sagaciroland: it's why I don't use encryption14:10
Mrokiihello. I was considering installing Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.04, but when I added the official PPA, Update Manager showed me lots of packages that weren't selected (and couldn't be selected). Some of which sounded essential to me. I wonder if that is normal (a two-step installation or something)?14:10
nhgroland, pm me please14:10
go8765432ActionParsnip, djanos thanks, but in my old home folder i cant find it? but in new i see this files... now i try to make new profiles..14:11
achpileHello. There is cool command in bash: "source". So I can include one script into another. But how can I do the same thing in sh?14:11
=== logan is now known as Guest34025
sagaciMrokii: it could easily break your system14:12
Mrokiisagaci: I know, that is why I am asking. I won't risk breaking my system.14:13
ActionParsnipgo8765432: could try:  sudo find $HOME -iname gajim14:15
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:16
Free-manachpile source or a period; check the sh manpage. `sh' is usually a link to real shell installed.  qc ash too14:16
Dr_Willissh is 'dash' in ubuntu normally14:16
=== tobias is now known as Guest87280
Free-manachpile s/qc/qv/14:16
go8765432ActionParsnip, thanks) i understand that gajim kepp his account information in server) when i login - i see my transports)14:17
mrdebDr_Willis: what is dash14:17
Dr_Willismrdeb:  a sh replacement.14:17
Dr_Willisnot to be confused with unity's 'dash'14:17
GauravButolahow do I know my which touchpad I am using. My friend has some issue regarding touchpad not working under 11.0414:17
ubottu/bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash14:17
A_JActionParsnip, quick question. If I install ubuntu Netbook on a netbook, how is the support for those usb modems we get.. They mostly only come with windows software14:17
tomekhwhy apt-get does not remove it?: http://pastebin.com/ewAChpTN14:19
mrdebDr_Willis: is it better? i use sh to run scripts14:19
ActionParsnipA_J: The UI is moot, you may need to mess with usb-modeswitcher. I assume you mean 3G modem14:20
Dr_Willismrdeb:  if yoyu are using sh in ubuntu.. you are actually using 'dash'14:20
A_JActionParsnip, no 2g actally14:20
tomekhwhy apt-get does not remove it?: http://pastebin.com/ewAChpTN14:20
mrdebwhats the point14:20
szal!repeat | tomekh14:20
ubottutomekh: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:20
Dr_Willistomekh:  clarify/summarize  the paste. dont expect people to go to a url just to get the summary.14:21
MrokiiActionParsnip: I do know that it breaks Unity (which I don't use anyway).14:21
fracklecan I install ubuntu on my 1980s alarm clock?14:21
MonkeyDusttomekh: try apt-get purge14:21
ActionParsnipA_J: same difference, the modem will be seen as a USB storage for Windows users who can't run setup.exe, the software then switches the hardware  to the modem part. Ubuntu can already use the modem bit and does not and cannot use use stupid software so you just need to flip it14:21
compdocfrackle, you'll need a time machine to take you back to 198014:21
tomekhMonkeyDust: same effect14:22
ActionParsnipfrackle: what cpu does it use?14:22
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Hoez[** | NOTICE | **]  IN JUST UNDER 2 WEEKS, JUNE 1ST, FREENODE WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU CONNECT TO IT. UNLESS YOU ENABLE SASL YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FREENODE. PLEASE JOIN #FREENODE AND LEARN HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR CONNECTION, BEFORE YOU LOSE FREENODE FOREVER  [** | NOTICE | **]   raQi Lewis29 engled nhg andygraybeal ericm|ubuntu Glycan tjiggi_fo KMFrog bergman Sidewinder1 MUILTFN OkropNick Spacewalker KennethP JonathanD PiotrN Zahrada philinux PaulEyc14:22
tomekhit doesn't even ask [y/n]14:22
A_JActionParsnip, so i should be able to connect to the net, thats what i'm asking.. mainly14:22
szalmothereffin' spambots..14:22
frackleActionParsnip, CPU? bad joke, sorry :P14:22
A_Jnice floodbot14:22
ActionParsnipA_J: yes, but if usb-modeswitch doesn't automagically do it for you, you will need to tweak some settings14:22
ActionParsnipfrackle: ask a silly question....14:23
A_Jk ty ActionParsnip.14:23
linsuxyhow to have a text mode installation14:23
frackleActionParsnip, how many ubuntus make a kubuntu. I think it's 3 or 4, but am not sure14:23
fracklei'm full of them dude, heh14:23
submainanyone else having problems with flash flickering on firefox?14:24
froes_hi guys, have tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=875378 but dont seem to fork on 10.1014:24
ActionParsnipfrackle: how many Lubuntus make kubuntu, about 4 :D14:24
ActionParsnipfrackle: well, in resource use anyway :D:D14:24
tomekhwhat the heck. i can't remove abiword with apt-get.14:24
szalfrackle: judging from IRC logins it's about 5-6 Ubuntus for one Kubuntu ;)14:24
linsuxyhow to have a text mode installation ???14:25
BlouBloutomekh: sudo apt-get purge abiword14:25
szalfrackle: though this doesn'14:25
xanguasubmain: flash sucks on linux if that is what you ask14:25
szalfrackle: though this doesn't account for ppl who are in both channels14:25
BlouBloulinsuxy: "sudo apt-get install <package>" or if you want a .deb package "sudo dpkg -i <package>14:25
submainxangua: lol, i already knew that!14:25
BlouBlouwithout quotes14:25
xangua!alternate |  linsuxy14:25
ubottulinsuxy: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:25
submaini'm patiently waiting for the day when html5 will become mainstream14:25
ShermanBoydI want to add a launcher that opens a terminal and then runs a command ... is there a way to pass an argument to gnome-terminal?14:26
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:26
* Mors has a question14:26
ActionParsnipShermanBoyd: gnome-terminal --execute command14:26
ShermanBoydsubmain: I think we are pretty much there, have you seen the IE9 browser adoption stats14:26
ActionParsnipShermanBoyd: try reading: man gnome-terminal14:26
MorsIs there a way to change my preferred application for a file type based on file location?14:26
ShermanBoydActionParsnip: thanks again!14:26
ActionParsnipShermanBoyd: man pages are VERY useful, try reading them14:27
submainShermanBoyd: not yet, are they high?14:27
MorsI have some mkv's that refuse to open with anything but vlc so I was thinking I'd change the opening app for those only, based on filepath14:27
tomekh'dpkg -P abiword-common libabiword*' helped!14:27
itaylor57ActionParsnip: do you still use chromium daily?14:28
ShermanBoydActionParsnip: it seems like they are more useful under Ubuntu14:28
MonkeyDustitaylor57: i do use chromium daily14:28
ActionParsnipitaylor57: its all I use dude14:28
tomekhguys, you all are so horrible unhelping people here14:28
BlouBloutomekh: then you're free to /quit14:28
xangua!attitude | tomekh14:28
ubottutomekh: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:28
BlouBlouI really hate ubottu14:29
itaylor57ActionParsnip: I do too,I noticed when I upgraded to natty that it only has free codecs downloaded is that right?14:29
Free-mantomekh lrn2insult better :)14:29
Free-manBlouBlou i can get paid :)14:29
ActionParsnipitaylor57: not sure, I just install my usual stuff and it allworks fine14:29
Free-manBlouBlou i've been paid for helping desparate people in times past :)14:30
ActionParsnipFree-man: 1st line servicedesk eh ;)14:30
BlouBlouFree-man: great14:30
Free-manon IRC14:30
submaini'm not sure if i should take an energy drink and keep coding or just go to bed14:30
mrdebMonkeyDust: it is experimental14:31
ActionParsnipsubmain: bed, you'll feel better14:31
submainyeah, but i'm on that state that i know i wont sleep but im still tired14:31
submaini hate that14:31
BlouBlousubmain: what about a nature-documental on the sofa?14:32
ActionParsnipsubmain: then draw or read to chillout, then sleep14:32
submainlol that doesnt sound too bad14:32
submainactually ive been sleeping watching topgear for the last 3 nights14:33
BluesKajsubmain,top gear (UK)  is out in the torrents or is this the new season 17?14:35
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o14:36
a7i3n"It's the End of the World as we know it... I feel fine..."14:36
submainBluesKaj: I've been watching reruns. Netflix stopped showing on season 16, and I havent bothered looking on t*rrent14:36
Free-mani wear my sunglasses at night14:36
a7i3ndangerous... but cool14:37
Free-manthe important things are self-lit, no worries14:37
submainFree-man: my cousin did that when he got punched in the eye on a bar...14:37
Free-mansubmain well, tht's dumb14:37
nhgroland, can you pm me again?14:37
a7i3nah yes... the important things... like a warm server with a fresh Linux install mmmmm14:38
nhgwhy can't I see the list of users in xchat-gnome?14:38
Free-mansubmain why did you unspell torrent?14:38
submainFree-man: so ubottu wouldnt complain14:38
BluesKajsubmain, , how is the selection on netflix these days, i tried the free 30 day trial and found only one good movie.14:38
Free-mansubmain someone did :)14:38
Dr_Willisnhg:  ive seen where the left side nick/user list gets resized where you cant see it. mouse to the side. check that its not there but made 1 pixle wide14:38
submainFree-man: lol14:39
a7i3nHappy End on the World everybody!14:39
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:39
submainBluesKaj: pretty decent, especially if you are into anime14:39
submainthey have been getting better and better14:39
BluesKajsubmain, nope :)14:39
setherthis is14:39
silver_roxyI've never done IRC before, so I am not sure of the etiquette.14:39
Free-mansilver_roxy write utf714:40
silver_roxyWhat is that?14:40
silver_roxyHi sether.14:40
Free-mansether ascii14:40
a7i3nJust don't make ubottu mad....14:40
submainBluesKaj: theres also stuff like Dexter, Myth Busters, etc. I dont even have cable anymore.14:40
silver_roxyI have a question about Bastille if anyone can help me.14:40
setheranyboy home14:40
Sidewinder1sether, Yes, lots.14:41
elkysilver_roxy, you can just ask a question and whoever knows will answer. No need to ask permission or introduce yourself :)14:41
setherhow is my little14:41
silver_roxyThanks, elky.14:41
silver_roxyI set my configuration wrong, and now I can't login to Ubuntu at all14:41
setherall my pleasure14:41
rcconfWhy I have video tearing if I don't use fullscreen?14:41
Free-mansilver_roxy when you boot, add this to the commandline: init=/bin/sh14:42
rcconfusing compiz and nvidia14:42
silver_roxyI set my config to disable single user login thinking that I would still be able to login with my root password.14:42
Sidewinder1!ot > sether14:42
ubottusether, please see my private message14:42
nhgDr_Willis: no usernames there, just #ubuntu14:42
Free-mansilver_roxy then fix the prob14:42
sethersucks 4 u14:42
submainsilver_roxy: you can go to recovery mode and reset your user password14:42
elkysether, none of that please :(14:42
a7i3nAny recomendations for a usb pendrive brand to use for booting ubuntu?14:42
silver_roxyOkay. What command do I need?14:42
setherhello sidewinderb 114:43
submaina7i3n: I use a usb that some folks gave me as a souvenir at a conference, and it works great :)14:43
setherwho arre u14:43
silver_roxyFree-man, when I boot in recovery, I can login just fine, but it is all command line and I can14:43
sethersorry ELKY14:43
submainsilver_roxy: passwd yourusername14:43
silver_roxyt access the internet at all.14:44
a7i3nSo it doesn't matter... none better than others?14:44
Free-mansilver_roxy undo your change that locked you out14:44
BluesKajsubmain, have you heard what the anouncement was with the chromium HTML5 and netfix plugin that's supposed to work on linux ?14:44
agagah jl14:44
submaina7i3n: as far as booting, i dont think so. Whether the drive itself will last through the years its another story...14:44
setherthis is shit14:44
Free-manBellard.qemu-fame has written a x86 emulator in javascript and ported linux to it.14:45
submainBluesKaj: no i havent. Thats awesome, I thought they were having problems with linux drm14:45
silver_roxyI used this command [/usr/sbin/InteractiveBastille -c] to try and re-configure, but I get an error message saying it can't open the action log due to permissions.14:45
Free-manyay; linux in browser!14:45
a7i3nIt's just that14:45
agagahc koi ce truc14:45
submainI'm running a win7 box just to run netflix right now14:45
a7i3nI've had no luck in getting a usb to boot so far... muht be me or my laptop...14:45
silver_roxyIs there a way to uninstall Bastille from the command line screen in recovery and restore it.14:45
Dr_Willis!info bastille14:46
ubottubastille (source: bastille): Security hardening tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.0.9-13 (natty), package size 457 kB, installed size 1960 kB14:46
Dr_Willissudo apt-get purge packagename     should remove it.14:46
BluesKajyes the drm is supposed to work on the chromium plugin /netfix player , hence the rumours14:46
a7i3nI so seriously want Linux on my toaster...14:46
MonkeyDusta7i3n: to tweak or not to tweak14:46
submainBluesKaj: awesome, im googling that, ive been waiting for years14:46
compdocyou must like some fancy toast14:47
a7i3nThat is the question Monkey Dust....14:47
go8765say me please - how i can change my encourding in tty1,2,3...  ? now i cant see russian words-i see only english but  not russian14:47
submaina7i3n: lol, i seriously wonder if the toaster actually has a microprocessor14:47
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf14:47
LjLgo8765: i don't know, but maybe you'd want to try asking in #ubuntu-ru where they are probably more familiar with that sort of issue14:48
a7i3npretty funny MonkeyDust...14:48
a7i3nI have a toaster with a processor... it occasionally flips the bread on the floor...14:49
a7i3nMust be running XP14:49
cristyhow can i hide some harddisk from desktop?14:49
Free-mana7i3n  a Rube Goldberg computer?14:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:49
MonkeyDustcristy: use gconf-editor => nautilus - desktop14:49
Dr_Williscristy:  gnome has settings to show/hide all mounted/unmounted filesystmes.. not sure if you can hide just 114:49
RealKillazGents I have problems with my laptop disk drive14:49
a7i3nActually i'm serious... I really want to figure out a way to get linux on a toaster...14:50
RealKillazI'm loading now from a USB drive14:50
go8765LjL: i cant see nothing in this channel now)14:50
Dr_Willisa7i3n:  its proberly allready been done..14:50
RealKillazbut still I keep getting stdin: I/O Error14:50
RealKillazunable to open /dev/sda14:50
a7i3nSo I can set up an ssh tunnel to it and check up on my toast...14:50
RealKillazanyone can tell me what I can do14:50
MonkeyDusta7i3n: if it has an ip address, yes14:50
phox_Hello! How do I make the top panel is 11.04 transparent? It used to be so easy..14:51
MonkeyDustRealKillaz: put your question in 1 line, it's easier to read14:51
a7i3nMost likely yes Dr_Willis... but I still want one...14:51
a7i3nssh -Y toast@
rauchyIf I'm running Natty, can I somehow installed the VIM that was packaged in Maverick?14:52
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  its possible the hard drive is failing.14:52
submaina7i3n: hmmm... you have to figure out if it has something like a PIC or an AVR14:52
MonkeyDustphox_: unity or gnome? unity is with the vertical launch bar14:52
cristydr_willis you hit the problem14:52
cristyi want hide only 2 partitions14:52
Dr_Williscristy:  as i said. I think its all or nothing.14:52
submaina7i3n: if it does, then you have to adapt the kernel code to compile on that architecture, which is not an easy task14:52
phox_monkeydust: The gnome panel on the top, the unity launcher on the left is already transparent.14:53
a7i3nNow you're talking submain...14:53
RealKillazDr_Willis, it is failing, so tha's why I'm booting Ubuntu from a USB drive. such that I can fix the problem on the disk14:53
BlouBlouphox_: using geforce fx 5***?14:53
MonkeyDustphox_: try changing the compiz settings, using ccsm14:53
a7i3nI'm just sick of my bread getting flung to the floor....14:53
submaina7i3n: however, most PICs i have worked with go as fast as 20mhz... It would be easier to establish a serial connection to your toaster14:54
adminuserGday for all , propperly driver for dell wirless 1397 under bt4 ? pls advise14:54
phox_bloublou: Nope, Ati HD 4850 or something.14:54
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  You may want to try to 'rescue' the drive  to some other file on a differnt hard drive via dd_rescue or ddrescue. If fscking it fails.14:54
RealKillazMonkeyDust, very simple my hard disk is failing, I'm booting from a USB drive trying to load the OS such that I can mount the hd and try to fix it14:54
MonkeyDustphox_: http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/04/21/the-power-user%E2%80%99s-guide-to-unity/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-power-user%25e2%2580%2599s-guide-to-unity14:54
a7i3nIt's a "Krups Microchip"14:54
phox_monkeydust: yes, I've looked there, but not sure what to changed. I clicked something, and then the top panel went crazy and i rebooted.14:54
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  you are mounting /dev/sda1 and not /dev/sda correct?14:54
a7i3nWorst toaster ever....14:55
submaina7i3n: lol14:55
RealKillazDr_Willis, I can not boot using the USB drive. I just want to boot from the USB drive how can I do that? There is a problem with  the hard disk14:55
adminuserGday for all , propperly driver for dell wirless 1397 under bt4 ? pls advise  / anybody hear me?14:55
adminuserjust confirm))14:55
Free-manguys, what's the cmd to deactivate InteractiveBastille on all runlevels?14:55
sashahi all. I have a problem with wireless wifi broadcom 4727. But now I connect to Internet by TP-Link TL-WN321G and it's ok. Any suggestions?14:55
RealKillazDr_Willis, during the boot on the USB drive it tells me it cant open /dev/sda14:55
RealKillazDr_Willis, why is it trying to open the /dev./sda whil I'm booting from a OS on the USB drie14:56
submaina7i3n: you could also get one of those small linux tiny computers and use a PIC micro to interface with the toaster I/O14:56
asktobyIs there any particular problem with natty and Nvidia 8600 GTS cards? I can't get mine working.14:56
submaina7i3n: that would be a lot easier14:56
phox_monkeydust: That doesn't seem to help me.14:56
a7i3nThanks for the help submain. Dr_Willis et al14:56
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  could be its trying to scan it to see if it has swap or similer.14:57
Dr_Willisaskhader:  well my 8800gtsxxx works. but thats not quite the same card14:57
Free-manguys, what's the cmd to deactivate InteractiveBastille on all runlevels?14:57
submaina7i3n: no problem :)14:57
RealKillazDr_Willis, can be. How can I make him understand he shouldnt do anything from the hard disk.... I was hoping that it only loads the OS from the usb drive, since I think the hd is death14:58
compdocooops - no entry for bastille14:58
a7i3nYes, submain that might do the trick... I was looking at arduino boards as well but really wanted to do it with a ssh connection to get updates on my uh... toast...14:58
Dr_WillisFree-man:  its been ages sinve ive seen bastille even mentioned. I dont recall ever seeing it mentioned in this channel untill just now. :) i guess its not that popular/common.14:58
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submaina7i3n: arduino might do it, but i dont think they run linux14:58
Dr_WillisFree-man:  tere maybe a wiki page for it. or check its homepage for docs. Ubuntu dosent really use runlevels.14:58
RealKillazDr_Willis, the idea is to load the OS from the USB drive, after that try to mount and rescue the data on the disk14:59
Free-manDr_Willis ya, guest here tried it and he misconfd, deactive std login14:59
ashtonfordafter the update yesterday  my desktop has  reverted to the silver theme in 11.0414:59
MonkeyDustphox_: Desktop - Ubuntu Unity Plugin - Experimental14:59
=== gordon is now known as Guest28686
Free-manDr_Willis ah; ok... will improv then14:59
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  ive done it that waybefor with no hassles.  Could be the HD is so crashed its confseing things14:59
a7i3nYeah that is a problem submain... must be linux goodness in toaster... must... must...14:59
RealKillazbut step1 loading the OS is failing since it tries to open the /dev/sda14:59
MonkeyDustphox_: Desktop - Ubuntu Unity Plugin - Experimental - Panel opacity14:59
ashtonfordhas anyone else had this happen?14:59
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  as a test. unplug the hd perhaps.14:59
iszakWhen I point nginx to an encrypted path it doesn't read it, solutions besides not using an encrypted path?14:59
RealKillazDr_Willis, its a laptop15:00
sashahi all. I have a problem with wireless wifi broadcom 4727. But now I connect to Internet by TP-Link TL-WN321G and it's ok. Any suggestions?15:00
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  so?  :)  its hd is removeable.15:00
frode_Hi guys.. strugling with Ubuntu 11.04 and Paralells Desktop 6 .. I want to install kismet but the virtuell driver for wlan are probably may issue here.. any advice? i use Macbook Pro latest15:00
submaina7i3n: you may use the serial module of arduino to comunicate with linux; technically you will have a toaster that runs linux...15:00
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  i got a 'universial' usb cable i use for recovering diffenrt hds - if you had some usb-bay for the drive you could try repairing it on a differnt machine even.15:01
schnufflea7i3n: you can add ethernet to the arduino15:01
RealKillazDr_Willis, and if it loads without the disk then what have I accomplished.... I need it to load with the HD so I can rescue :-(15:01
cirrus_Hi guys! My Atheros AR2413 doesnt works in 11.04! Someone know what can I do?15:01
asktobyDr_Willis: Are you using NVidia's blob, or Nouveau?15:01
sashahi all. I have a problem with wireless wifi broadcom 4727. But now I connect to Internet by TP-Link TL-WN321G and it's ok. Any suggestions?15:01
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  it would show its not some other odd issue going on. since ive never seen your exact issue befor in this channel. It may be somthing very werd happening.15:02
submainI gonna make a toaster like that and sell on thinkgeek lol15:02
a7i3nThat is a thought submain... thanks I'll go off and think this one over...tonight I'm going to do a teardown of the toaster to find out what kind of CPU it has and if anyting can be done...15:02
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=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
RealKillazDr_Willis, I just restarted my pc after a day of work yesterday15:02
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  ive seen where systems boot from a usb drive. and that usb drive THEN becomes sda. the internal hd wouldbe sdb..  that could be the issue.. its hard to tell15:02
schnufflea7i3n: or if it has to be linux: http://www.uclinux.org/ucsimm/15:02
Guest28686hello,I've wrote a program by wxpython, and want to auto start . then I add it in /etc/rc.local, but have troubles. who can help me?15:02
wendicohello, im stuck with no panels, i cant also open a terminal with ctrl-alt-T, i know if i log ubuntu classic works but i have activated autologin15:02
RealKillazDr_Willis, since then it shows me problem with my hard disk15:02
Dr_WillisGuest28686:  does it use X (does it have a gui?)15:03
a7i3nI'll dedicate the first toast to all of you... thanks agin for the ideas.15:03
wendicocan someone help me to browse to the loggin screen options?15:03
schnuffleGuest28686: what kind of trouble?15:03
Dr_Williswendico:  what are you wanting to change exactly?15:03
frode_Hi guys.. strugling with Ubuntu 11.04 and Paralells Desktop 6 .. I want to install kismet but the virtuell driver for wlan are probably may issue here.. any advice? i use Macbook Pro latest15:03
wendicothe problem is my desktop is solimited i can only see the desktop and can right click it15:03
wendicobut i have no panels and no window borders15:04
Guest28686yes, I add : xinit poc.sh -- /usr/bin/X &15:04
RealKillazDr_Willis, never load from a USB drive before. I;m doing this after the problem wth my HD started. Ok so no way of booting an OS on the laptop with the faulty disk in it15:04
wendicoi need to log in as ubuntu classic but i have enabled autologin15:04
Dr_Williswendico:  thats not really a GDM issue.15:04
Guest28686that poc.sh will launch my prog15:04
a7i3nthanks schnuffle!15:04
frode_somebody now where to find a kismet.conf thats already configured with paralells desktop?15:04
Dr_WillisRealKillaz:  ive booted sstems from USB with faulty hd's befor.15:04
wendicoy need to disable autologin just by rightclicking on desktop xd15:04
Free-mansilver_roxy arent there console irc clients installed?15:04
schnufflea7i3n: your welcome15:04
sashaany can help me wireless wifi broadcom 4727?15:04
Dr_WillisGuest28686:  you dont run  X apps with a gui from rc.local  you use the users sessions stuff.15:05
Dr_Willis!autorun | Guest2868615:05
Dr_Willis!autostart | Guest2868615:05
ubottuGuest28686: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot15:05
wendico(create launcher, open some aplication, disable autologin is posible?)15:05
a7i3n< Going to end of world party... bringing pie. Have a GOOD day all.15:05
Dr_Williswendico:  autologin is in the /etc/gdm/gdm.conf (or one of the files there) you can edit with a text editor15:05
RealKillazDr_Willis, I guess this one wont15:05
ashtonfordmy desktop theme chaged to a silver one after a resent update yesterday15:05
ashtonfordis this something new15:05
philinuxashtonford: is this natty 11.0415:06
wendicothanks dr willis i try15:06
philinuxashtonford: have you logged out then back in or rebooted to see if it reverts15:06
ashtonfordyes it stays the same15:07
ashtonfordit looks cool15:07
ashtonfordso its not a prob15:07
philinuxashtonford: I get this now and then but loggin out fixes it.15:07
nemesisgyhey guys15:07
ashtonfordjust wanted to do the same to my other computer15:07
frode_anyone? desperate15:07
nemesisgynewbie to linux here15:07
nemesisgyso came on for some help getting started15:07
ashtonfordok thanks15:08
MonkeyDust!ask| nemesisgy15:08
ubottunemesisgy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:08
philinuxashtonford: try changing the theme to the default in system prefs appearance15:08
BlouBloufrode_: what's up?15:08
Guest28686Dr_Willis, I want it autorun without login15:08
ashtonfordwill do thanks15:08
kerNULLis there a way to disable auto maximizing windows when i move them to the top?15:08
Guest28686Dr_Willis, and if I write like: X &<cr>export DISPLAY=:0.0 && myprog ...It's work.15:08
BluesKajnemesisgy, getting started in what manner ?15:08
nemesisgyjust installed ubuntu couple days ago as dual boot win my win715:09
Guest28686Dr_Willis, but the timer in wxpython has wrong.15:09
frode_BlouBlou: challenges in Paralell desktop.. need kismet.conf to be set right. wlan are emulator from my mac, but get crash because of this trying to run kiskmet in terminal15:09
nemesisgywatching some trainsginal vids on linux+15:09
nemesisgytrying to learn linux15:09
sagacinemesisgy: the desktop or the command line?15:09
BlouBloufrode_: kde?15:09
frode_BlouBlou: Ubuntu 11.0415:10
Guest28686btw,how to change my nick?15:10
frode_its alreday installed, but fails pga source info15:10
BluesKajnemesisgy, so do you have a particular question ?15:10
Free-manDr_Willis does U* have a console irc client?15:10
sagaciGuest28686: use /nick15:10
MonkeyDustGuest28686: type /nick blah15:10
sagacinemesisgy: learn a couple of basic commands and how to use a text editor like nano15:10
wendicothank you Dr_willis ! etc/gdm/custom.conf autologin=false saved me :)15:11
nemesisgyatm no, but my buddy told me you guys would be willing to help15:11
Guest28686sagaci, I tried15:11
nemesisgyshould I have any15:11
nemesisgyso just came on to check you guys out15:11
Guest28686:Cannot change nickname while banned on channel15:11
Dr_WillisFree-man:  i use weechat for the console15:11
frode_BlouBlou: gets this when i try starting it: source=none,none,addme15:11
Free-manGuest28686 leave that chann that banned you15:12
frode_BlouBlou: thats from kismet.conf15:12
Free-manDr_Willis ty15:12
BluesKaj!nano | nemesisgy15:12
ubottunemesisgy: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code15:12
sagacinemesisgy: learn how to use basic commands like cd, ls, pwd, cp, rm, mv - etc15:12
=== NG_ is now known as ng_
Dr_Willis!terminal | nemesisgy15:12
ubottunemesisgy: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal15:12
tightworkomg my keyboard is broken what do I do?15:12
frode_BlouBlou: thougt kismet fixed this , but no :(15:12
wendicoand now that im fully functional ubuntu classic, what have i done so my new ubuntu desktop not appearing, (sure it has to do with reinstalling compiz)? :(15:12
Benkinoobysome1 can help me with gtk themes? the #gtk+  cannel on freenode is not very helpfull... no1 anwers.. my question: how can i get rid of horizontla borders in the mist engine? http://imagebin.org/15435715:12
philinuxnemesisgy: Check these out. http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/ and http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php15:12
sagacitightwork: physically broken?15:12
tightworksagaci: wut? I don't know my monitor is broken too15:13
tightworkand I cant see15:13
sagacitightwork: your keyboard appears to be working fine15:13
nemesisgygreat thanks15:13
MonkeyDustnemesisgy: chapter 12 => http://www.linuxnewbieguide.org/15:14
tightworkoh really? hmm15:14
tightworkwow you ubuntuites are the greatest15:14
candreanemesisgy, two commands that you'll find really useful are 'man' and 'help' (try 'man cat' or 'help cd')15:14
philinuxnemesisgy: Also check out the forums if you've not been there yet.  http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php15:14
Dr_Willis!askubuntu | nemesisgy15:14
ubottunemesisgy: AskUbuntu is a support resource that offers non-realtime support by the community! Can't get your problem fixed on IRC? Try AskUbuntu! - http://askubuntu.com/ You can discuss AskUbuntu in #ubuntu-stack15:14
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jchello.. i need some assistance pleez15:14
candrea!ask | jc15:15
ubottujc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:15
jc10-4 thanks. ..15:15
nemesisgywow amazed by all the info I'm receiving already15:15
nemesisgytks guys15:15
frode_BlouBlou: Ubuntu are great, but some tweaks must be :-015:15
Free-manDr_Willis i need a url to a truly basic intro to linux for win-users.15:16
Dr_WillisFree-man:  check delicious.com  and what people have tagged for that.. is where i normally look15:16
sagacinemesisgy: you might like to install guake... it's a drop-down terminal that you can switch in and out of when you need it so it doesn't get in the way15:16
MonkeyDustFree-man: http://www.linuxnewbieguide.org/15:16
jci have been strugging with getting the wireless drivers installed on my system. it is a broadcom bcm4306 rev 3. i have been trying to use the fwcutter utility.. no luck15:17
nemesisgyk I just tried installing wine15:17
Free-manDr_Willis ok15:17
nemesisgyand it's stuck at http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/15:17
frode_BlouBlou: ive cheked all available info but cant find any thing.. strange.. Paralells are familiar and others should experienced the same prob15:17
nemesisgyit's stuck at configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer15:17
gordon3nemesisgy, and Tilda15:17
Free-manMonkeyDust ty15:18
Dr_Willisnemesisgy:  that should be asking you to hit ok for the EULA i thought..  theres not a window/dialog open that you are missing is there?15:18
nemesisgyyea I can't even hit he ok15:18
nemesisgyI hit enter with the kb15:18
nemesisgystill no15:18
sagacipress tab then enter15:19
nemesisgyfeel like such an ass now15:19
wendicohello again. What packets could i reinstall to try to solve my not working new desktop environment in a easy way not bodering what happened?15:19
sagacinemesisgy: are you installing ubuntu-restricted-extras?15:19
nemesisgyum no clue what's that. My buddy just told me to install wine in order to run windows apps15:20
kerNULLis there a way to disable auto maximizing windows when i move them to the top?15:20
sagaciwendico: what's not working on your desktop15:20
jcso im running xubunto 11.0.4 and i cnt get the fwcutter-b43 utility to setupthe wireless card :(15:20
sagacikerNULL: might be an option under ccsm, compizconfig-settings-manager15:20
sagacikerNULL: you'd have to install it though15:20
wendicono panels or bars and no window frames, only desktop background with icons15:20
kerNULLsagaci: i have it and i know its there but i cant find it15:21
Dr_Willisnemesisgy:  if you are using the console/termianl use the tab key and the enter key15:21
schnufflekerNULL: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/39489/is-there-a-way-to-turn-off-auto-maximize15:21
nemesisgyDr_Willis: thanks.15:21
MisterK85Hi everyone. Got 11.04 and was told to use nomodeset, however I can't find how to add that. Can someone assist me?15:22
FBeanshola everyone15:22
Dr_Williswendico:  try making a new user. see if the issue affects them. If the new user WORKS properly. then  its your other users personal settings that are the issue.15:22
FBeanshaving some upgrade problems to 11.0415:22
jci dunno i guess everyone busy15:22
cirrus_Hello all! Can anyone help me? My atheros wifi card doesnt work in Ubuntu 11.0415:22
wendicoDr-Willis, okey im going to try15:22
FBeansthe instalatin is hanging, trying to restart cups15:22
kerNULLsagaci: YOURE AWESOME!15:22
Dr_WillisMisterK85:  when you boot the cd. there will be a man/logo at the bottom of the screen at a specific time. hit space. then hit F5 I think to enable it15:22
sagacikerNULL: not me15:23
kerNULLsagaci: sorry for the excitement but ive been looking and looking and looking and i had done it before15:23
Dr_WillisIm not even sure what that icon is supposed tobe of.. a Man and Keyboard perhaps?15:23
jch e l p15:23
kerNULLsagaci: i tried looking in the forums and such but no luck thanks again15:23
sagacikerNULL: write it down15:23
MisterK85Dr_Willis: It installed fine, just got horrible video rendering issues.15:23
Dr_WillisMisterK85:  you did isntall the proper 3d drivers?15:23
kerNULLsagaci: lol apparently im forgetful thanks again15:23
gordon3Dr_Willis, do you know how to auto launch my prog?15:24
Dr_WillisMisterK85:  for a installed system. You can add the nomodeset option in /etc/default/grub and refun update-grub15:24
Dr_Willisgordon3:  what program?15:24
nemesisgyk how do I configure wine to run .exe files from my windows partition?15:24
Free-manDr_Willis what's the default runlevel for Unbun?15:24
Dr_Willisnemesisgy:  its best to not do it that way. reinstall the windows app on your linux side15:24
MisterK85Dr_Willis: I done a standard install with the alternate disc. It's an HP d530-USDT system with Intel Integrated 845G card.15:24
Dr_Willis!runlevels | Free-man15:24
ubottuFree-man: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.15:24
sagacinemesisgy: what app do you want to run15:25
nemesisgyno this is a trainsignal iso, I'm browsing with linux+ training materials15:25
nemesisgyI just need to start the menu file15:25
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nemesisgyto get the topics15:25
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot15:25
jcit says E: couldnt find packages15:25
Free-manDr_Willis no console defalute runlevel?15:25
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
Dr_WillisFree-man:  it dosent treally use runlevels at all... so no.15:25
sagacinemesisgy: are you running ubuntu now?15:25
Free-manDr_Willis k15:25
Dr_WillisFree-man:  theres the 'text' kernel option to not start gdm/x15:26
nemesisgyI'm on ubuntu15:26
Free-manDr_Willis more on that?15:26
Dr_WillisFree-man:  replace 'quiet splash' with 'text' in the grub line.. = no gdm, no plymouth. goes to the console15:26
Free-manDr_Willis tyvm15:26
sagacinemesisgy: have you installed wine?15:26
FBeansHey, my upgrade to 11.04 is hanging as its trying to restart the cups service... does anyone know how i can get it moving again?15:27
erryMy computer shut itself down!15:27
brianBTBhey all. been a while!15:28
sagaciwell just rightclick the .exe and click on "run with wine program loader" or whatever it is15:28
brianBTBSo, if I use the update manager to upgrade to 11.04, will I lose any data?15:28
sagacinemesisgy: wine isn't perfect, by any stretch of string15:28
BlouBloubrianBTB: if upgrade works fine, no15:28
brianBTBbloublou: thanks!15:28
sagacibrianb_: unlikely, but you should back up your data15:28
elliot_Hey I've got a HP Mini 101 and had right click issues on the trackpad. So I used terminal (for the first time) and now the right click works but double left clicking on files and folders doesn't work15:29
sagacibrianBTB:  unlikely, but you should back up your data15:29
nemesisgysagaci: no prob15:29
brianBTBsagaci, bloublou: if I lose internet during the upgrade, would anything bad happen?15:29
BlouBloubrianBTB: no, upgrade-files will be downloaded while installation15:30
MonkeyDustif you check that option, yes, i do not15:30
=== go8765432 is now known as go8765_gj
brianBTBbloublou: tyvm15:31
frode_BlouBlou: challenges in Paralell desktop.. need kismet.conf to be set right. wlan are emulator from my mac, but get crash because of this trying to run kiskmet in terminal15:31
=== ng_ is now known as NG_
nemesisgydo you guys use firewalls and AV for your ubuntu?15:32
BlouBloufrode_: no idea15:32
BlouBlounemesisgy: firewall yes, av no15:32
frode_thnx anyway15:32
tenemesisgy: no15:32
b44how to configure that pressing "down-cursor" doesn't have a timeout to take action ??15:32
BlouBlounemesisgy: av only is needed if you want to check if a file has a virus because you'll move that file to windows15:32
Free-manguys, which bootloader is used on ubuntu?15:33
teThe router is the firewall.15:33
Vonhintenor you run as root, like a tool15:33
BlouBlounemesisgy: and firewall yes, it comes by default with ubuntu and you can configure it by "ufw"15:33
BlouBlou!uf | nemesisgy15:33
BlouBlou!ufw | nemesisgy15:33
ubottunemesisgy: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME)  and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.15:33
jci still cant get it working /:15:33
MonkeyDustnemesisgy: if you're planning to send files to Windows, then an AV is adviced15:34
wendicoDr_Willis. With a new user the problem still happening, i have no panels-bars on my desktop. I remind u that i uninstalled compiz, and emerald after upgrade and after that appeared the problem, i reainsalled only compiz, should i reinstall more packets?15:34
Free-manwendico he left15:34
tenemesisgy: in most cases you don't need a firewall, (other than the one on your router).15:34
wendicooh hehe15:34
wendicothank u free-man15:34
MonkeyDustwendico: you need Metacity as window manager15:34
Free-manwendico what's the installed bootloader? yw15:34
MisterK85Dr_Willis: nomodeset didn't do a thing.15:35
jci need help configuring my wireless driver n xubuntu 11.0.4 please15:35
wendicoso can i safetly remove compiz and emerald?15:35
b44how to configure that pressing "down-cursor" doesn't have a timeout to take action ??15:35
Free-manwendico duno; not my thread :)15:35
Free-manwhich bootloader is used on ubuntu?15:35
wendicoi think grub, freeman15:36
te!gurb2 | Free-man15:36
wendicogrub2 at least, with no menu.lst15:36
Free-manwendico is ESC still the stop cmd?15:36
IdleOneFree-man: Shift15:37
BluesKajany truth to the rumour about chromuim/HTML5 giving netflix access to linux users ?15:37
wendicojeje idleone the crack i just the noob :)15:37
=== me is now known as Guest12017
te!grub2 | Free-man15:37
ubottuFree-man: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:37
=== pisi is now known as mrtn
Free-manIdleOne what keys to edit default boot cmdline? e, edit, esc, b?15:38
Guest12017hello all, i ran a program call rkhunter and it displayed a warning sign in : /usr/bin/mail   - what is the lvl of trouble am i in?15:38
wendicoit is compiz installed by default in last ubuntu?15:38
IdleOneFree-man: there should be instructions at the bottom of the screen when you enter grub with shift but yes I think it is e15:38
Free-manIdleOne ty15:38
BlouBlouwendico: Yes, it is15:38
compdocGuest12017, if something is in /usr/bin/mail, then its possible its not actually a running root kit or virus15:39
b44How to configure that the "arrow keys" take action suddenly when pressed ??15:39
teGuest12017: Read the messages, see what it says.15:39
GauravButola_what is the keyboard showrcut for workspace switcher in unity?15:39
compdocGuest12017, I mean, its might just be an email with an infection but it might not be running15:40
robin0800GauravButola_, its still alt tab I think15:41
IdleOneGauravButola_: A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://goo.gl/Pwxq115:41
Free-manfail :)15:41
terobin0800: That is app switcher15:41
GauravButola_RobinJ: errr... workspace switcher, not window switcher15:41
IdleOneGauravButola_: ctrl-alt-arrow15:41
abonechi, where i can adjust notify preferences in ubuntu?15:42
MonkeyDustGauravButola_: http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/04/21/the-power-user%E2%80%99s-guide-to-unity/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-power-user%25e2%2580%2599s-guide-to-unity15:42
Guest12017the message is giving me warning, that is it15:42
robin0800GauravButola_, meta + s15:43
SkaperenSo ... has anyone yet figured out how to do an upgrade only on selected packages rather than the whole system at once (and do it in command line, e.g. with apt-get or aptitude or such) ?15:43
iszakSkaperen, aptitude has that capability.15:43
iszakyou just -packages and it won't install them15:43
Skaperennot what I asked15:44
GauravButola_IdleOne: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/unity-keyboard-mouse-shortcuts this says super+D while mine is super+s15:44
GauravButola_that's why i am confused15:44
arjun_Hello All, I need a Noob Freindly Easy to Use GUI IDE for C/C++, Any1 ?15:44
iszakShapeshifter, well then explain it better perhaps?15:44
GauravButola_arjun_: Geany15:44
robin0800GauravButola_, so is mine see above15:44
Skaperenthe packages are already installed ... I want to do an upgrade ... I want to specify at the command line which packages to be upgraded ... I want NO OTHERS to be upgrade, just leave them for now where they are15:44
IdleOneGauravButola_: hmm ask them. could be a typo on that page15:44
IdleOneGauravButola_: S and D are close to each other15:45
arjun_ty GauravButola_15:45
GauravButola_IdleOne: will do that.15:45
Guest12017i been having ping attacks, almost everyday at work.  the jerks are using proxies, what is it that I can do?15:45
iszakGuest12017, IP tables?15:45
GauravButola_IdleOne: and superD is expose? right?15:45
Guest12017@iszak IP tables, what is that?15:45
iszakGuest12017, google it :)15:45
IdleOne!pinning | Skaperen15:46
ubottuSkaperen: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:46
GauravButola_super + D15:46
Guest12017@iszak ok :)15:46
Free-manGuest12017 dont prepend a @ to nicks.  not needed15:46
IdleOneGauravButola_: I don't use unity often and not sure about all the shortcuts15:46
iszakFree-man, twitter habit.15:46
MonkeyDusti never use unity, for i don't like it15:46
user___when will hte applet have weather again and why was this removed15:46
Free-manthis aint bird chat15:46
Guest12017@Free-man i don't understand ur comment15:46
Free-manGuest12017 dont prepend a @ to nicks.  not needed :)15:46
roastedWhat is it about webmin that makes it incompatible with Ubuntu? Why does Ubuntu say the package is of bad quality, yet the rest of the Linux world uses it without issue?15:47
IdleOne!webmin > roasted15:47
ubotturoasted, please see my private message15:47
roastedQuestion - how can I see the current status of my raid array, as in which drives are active, degraded, whether they are syncing, etc?15:47
iszakFree-man, let him do it if he chooses to, not harming anyone, if it doesn't notify them because of the suffix then that's his loss.15:47
=== arjun_ is now known as A_J
MonkeyDust!webmin > MonkeyDust15:47
ubottuMonkeyDust, please see my private message15:47
roastedIdleOne, oh, Debian too??15:47
IdleOneroasted: yup15:47
compdocsome ppl like webmin, but I dont use it15:47
roastedIdleOne, I guess that would trickle down to crunchbang, mint, etc then too.15:47
GauravButola_How to know the my laptop's touchpad make. A friend has touchpad problem in natty.15:48
teroasted: I think it is a warning as much as anything else. webmin is a vulnernability issue.15:48
roastedIdleOne, I didn't realize that. kind of a bummer. I liked webmin when I last used it. Thanks.15:48
SkaperenIdleOne: so basically, no one knows how to do what I asked ... if it's even possible15:48
roastedte, oh really??15:48
roastedte, how so?15:48
rwwroasted: As the bot says, webmin doesn't deal well with Debian-style configuration files.15:48
Cheri703Last night my touchpad stopped working...when I am logged in to 10.10, it will not work at all, completely unresponsive. If I am on the login screen, it is fine, if I log into 11.04, it is fine. I don't think I changed anything that would cause it to disable itself, but...it doesn't work (and I need to use 10.10 primarily, so "just use 11.04" isn't helpful). Any thoughts?15:49
roastedrww, I see. I was just trying to understand how it didn't play nice. If I were a webmin dev I'd try to make it universal. *shrug*15:49
IdleOneSkaperen: it isn't possible really, you can pin packages to stay at current installed version but you can't upgrade only packagexy for example15:49
roastedAnyway, thanks for your insight IdleOne rww te15:49
roastedBut does anybody know how I can check the status of my raid array in ubuntu? Software raid, taht is (syncing, degraded, active drives, etc)15:49
rwwIdleOne: sure it is15:49
mrdebCheri703: sounds likea feature designed to makey ou upgrade15:49
rwwSkaperen: sudo apt-get install packagename will upgrade instead of installing if the package is already installed.15:49
IdleOnerww: it is?15:49
SkaperenIdleOne: pinning every one of the packages in the system, doing selected upgrades, then unpinning every package ... does that sound like what it takes?15:49
teroasted: Some use it temporarily and then uninstall it, for security purposes.  But it is not necessary and not good to be used on ubuntu systems.15:50
Guest12017@iszak i read iptables and i don't know how it relates to ping attacks through proxies15:50
Cheri703mrdeb: yeah probably15:50
b44How to make the "repeat delay" of a key shorter ???15:50
Skaperenrww: it also upgrades all the dependent packages, too ... including lots of system stuff15:50
IdleOnerww: I did not know apt-get install worked that way. thanks for the info :)15:50
Cheri703I just don't know why the touchpad would work FINE on the login screen (for 10.10) and then quit as soon as it's logged in15:50
iszakGuest12017, it'll allow you to block their IP's, I can't remember if it supports a range.15:50
iszakGuest11276, that said you could get a list of known proxies and block them.15:51
rwwSkaperen: Ah. No, there is no supported way to break dependency resolution horribly.15:51
iszakGuest12017, ** too many guests15:51
kweebshow a you ?15:51
Guest12017ok i will use name, brb15:51
kweebsi like ubuntu!15:51
nclxI just did an apt-get dist-upgrade to natty.  Now when I reboot and login to gdm, it loads the unity desktop and the UI becomes unresponsive.  I'm using the nvidia driver.  I can drop to console, what should I try to fix it?15:51
b44How to make the "repeat delay" of a key shorter ???15:52
Skaperenrww: lots and lots of packages don't need specific versions of other packages ... they can work with a wide range of versions ... but the problem is, if it is dependent, it upgrades the dependent to whatever the latest version is, even if the old version is fully usable15:52
mrdebb44: keyboard option15:52
b44mrdeb: how to enter that by terminal ?15:52
rwwSkaperen: Are you trying to mix packages from different versions of Ubuntu?15:53
fanf22bonjour, il fanut parler anglais ??? :s15:53
mrdebb44: i dont know15:54
rww!fr | fanf2215:54
ubottufanf22: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:54
Guest12017How do i change my username from Guest?15:54
rwwGuest12017: /nick insertnickhere15:54
GwarQ: How do I change the background of the lockscreen in 11.04?15:54
=== Guest12017 is now known as Usedman
Usedman@iszak u still there?15:55
GwarHappy Rapture day everyone btw!15:55
* Cheri703 wasn't taken up to jesus15:55
iszakUsedman, yes.15:55
b44Which keyboard configurator is used in ubuntu ??15:56
Usedman@iszak as I was saying is that i am