jerry_lhello room.04:53
holsteinjerry_l: o/04:53
jerry_lanyone know about syncing computers for recording?04:53
holsteinjerry_l: what do you have in mind?04:54
holsteinjacktrip or netjack is an easy way to share machines04:54
holsteinyou can get decent latency between machine on a local network too04:54
holsteini used to have a few P4's netjack'd04:55
jerry_li want to use 1 ubuntu studio for play back and another for a live line in and the recording the audio from the other machine.04:55
holsteini called it the 'poormans dual-core' ;)04:55
jerry_li have a lot of P4 2.8ghz computers but only 1 core duo laptop. so i want to try the computers.04:56
holsteinwell, just so you know04:57
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu04:57
holsteinyou dont have to or need to install ubuntustudio to do what you are trying to do04:57
holsteinand depending on your situation04:57
holsteinJACK might be overkill04:57
holsteinthere are lots of things in pulse that i havent tried04:57
holsteinoverkill, like too much04:58
holsteinJACK is not trivial04:58
holsteinif you havent used it04:58
holsteinSO, you want on machine playing something04:58
holsteinand another recording that sound, and a mic?04:58
holsteinyou can use JACK on one machine for this kind of thing04:59
holsteinprobably pulse too*04:59
holsteinim not sure you need multiple boxes04:59
holsteinaudio is acutally relatively light on resources still04:59
holsteinunless you have 16 tracks and all kinds of plugins*04:59
jerry_lwhen i record a guitar track then, set for playback, 2- enable next track for bass , play and record everything sounds great while recording and then end. and play back all and it will be a shred out of sync.05:00
holsteinjerry_l: what are you using?05:00
holsteinwhat you have is called latency05:01
holsteinJACK is helpful with that05:01
jerry_lardour and jack (1?)05:01
holsteinand ardour is supposed to correct for that05:01
holsteinjerry_l: have you asked in #ardour?05:01
holsteinits really supposed to correct for latency AFAIK05:01
holsteinlet me reffer you to #opensourcemusicians as well05:02
holsteinjerry_l: you can always tweak your jack settings05:02
holsteinfor lower latency05:02
jerry_li cant find the ardour room yet on freenode. for some reason all of my saved channels are gone. pdgin.05:02
holsteinits just #ardour05:02
holsteinjerry_l: what is the latency reporting in setup in jackcontrol ?05:03
holstein23ms or so?05:03
holsteini find anywhere near 10ms is tolerable05:03
jerry_li dont recall...05:03
holsteini have a mixing profile and a tracking profile05:03
holsteinas well as others*05:03
jerry_l10ms.. writing it down.05:03
holsteinin 'setup' under jackcontrol05:03
holsteinthe settings in the midder05:04
jerry_llet me turn on my laptop and look at the settings.05:04
holsteinframes/period and periods/buffer05:04
holsteinthats are the ones you want to tweak05:04
jerry_lframes/period ? is how fast the line moves across screen?05:04
holsteinwell, dont think screen05:05
holsteinits all about the time it takes the computer to process data05:05
holsteinand im not sure about the particulars05:05
holsteini just know you can go too low and it wont work05:05
jerry_ljack window up..05:05
holsteinor you'll get xruns*05:05
jerry_lclicked setup.05:06
holsteinin the midder05:06
jerry_lframes= 102405:06
holsteinset frames/period to 25605:06
jerry_lperiods = 205:06
holsteinand periods/buffer to 205:06
holsteinand try starting jack again05:06
holsteinsee if if complains05:06
jerry_lstart delay 2 secs?05:06
holsteindoesnt matter*05:06
holsteinleave the rest05:07
holsteinthe start delay wont effect latency05:07
jerry_ldriver alsa? dosnt ardour use oss?05:07
holsteinardour is using JACK05:08
holsteinand jack can use whatever05:08
holsteinbut ALSA is what you want if thats what was working before05:08
holsteinfreebob is the old firewire driver05:08
holsteinfirewire is the new one05:08
holsteinthats the one i use05:08
holsteinjerry_l: you have an internal sound card?05:09
holsteinALSA is what you want05:09
holsteinand, JACK might not start at this setting for an internal card05:09
holsteinbut, you just raise the frames/period05:09
holsteintil it can start05:09
jerry_li have a 1 TB western digital external USB think that might work for recording and playback of less than 4 streams.?05:09
jerry_li have a Stealth Plug from IKmedia05:10
holsteininteresting... that 'just works' with JACK?05:11
holsteinwith alsa?05:11
jerry_lohhh. laptop core duo 2ghz uses alsa and my P4 2.8s use OSS.05:11
holsteinJACK will use whatever you tell it to05:12
jerry_li dont have the stealth plug connected right now. that might be why it is alsa05:12
holsteinjerry_l: it should use ALSA as well05:12
holsteinyou'll want to make several profiles then05:12
holsteinfor using an internal card or the ik plug05:13
jerry_lwhere do i go to make profiles?05:13
holsteinthats what they are called05:13
holsteinup at the top in the setup window05:13
jerry_lpreset on Jack..?05:14
holsteinfor example, i have on that uses my internal sound card on my studio machine05:14
holsteinone with my firewire card that has 1.2ms latency05:14
holsteinand another that has 80+ms latency05:14
jerry_lnice. was that firewwire 80ms05:15
holsteinyeah, its just to relax it a bit05:15
holsteinfor plugins and whatever05:15
jerry_lwhat barnd does 1.205:15
holsteini have a presonus firepod05:16
holsteinbut, lots of gear can get below 10ms05:16
jerry_llike $599.9905:16
holsteinnot really any need for most too though05:16
holsteinjerry_l: i got my presonus firepod for $400 new05:16
holsteinyou can find them cheaper used now05:16
jerry_lstealth plug 99.9905:16
jerry_lare you using a firewire card or onboard firewire05:17
holsteini have a nice texax instruments onboard chip on a laptop05:17
holsteinand a TI chip on a PCI card in the studio, and a TI express card too05:18
jerry_lmine is the dreaded intel problematic chipset.05:18
holsteinPCI cards are cheap and easy to find05:18
holsteini have a VIA chipset thats not bad either05:19
jerry_li have a couple of the dell gx280 2.8ghz (no fire wire) and a custom computer.05:20
jerry_li find the dell gx280s alot for 100.00 so i get an extra when i can, and if someone needs one there it is already. no need to hunt one down.05:21
jerry_li gave my cousin a 1.8 p4 512mb 80gb with puredyne on it and told him i would be by to see what he has done.05:23
holsteinjerry_l: theres a really nice newer live puredyne like distro05:24
jerry_li am using the one with the knife on it, but have seen ones with a fishing background?05:25
holsteinim not sure, i havent actually loaded it up05:26
holsteinjust heard it was great, and puredyne is dated05:26
jerry_ldwnld 90kbs. 472mb left.05:28
holsteinyeah, its small-ish too05:28
jerry_li think puredyne 700mb05:28
jerry_li wish there was a puppy studio.05:29
jerry_li love puppy.05:29
holsteinjerry_l: actually, there is05:30
holsteinlemme see if i can find the link...05:30
jerry_lwindows vista 64 crashed on me, best thing that has ever happended to me.05:30
jerry_li use like 4 thumb drives and with different puppy set ups on them and my 250gb as storage.05:31
jerry_lwow i am in love. downloading.....05:33
jerry_lAdditionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying  to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.05:34
jerry_ltried before and could not get it. even tried loooking for torrents.05:35
jerry_lThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable  to complete your request.05:35
holsteini hope i can find the ISO somewhere05:36
holsteini DL'd it05:36
holsteinjerry_l: ok05:37
jerry_lyou are so my hero.05:38
jerry_ldoes ".dk" mean another language?05:39
holstein3.3 is newer than the one i DL'd though05:39
jerry_l@37.7kbs of 377mb.05:40
jerry_ldo you run live or installed?05:41
jerry_lthe cd seems to take alot longer to start up. but then is there a trade off of running from RAM?05:42
holsteini just use ubuntustudio05:43
holsteinbut, i like having these live CD's with JACK and an RT kernel05:43
holsteinto test hardware05:43
holstein*since ubuntustudio is not a live installer yet05:43
jerry_li thought ubuntustudio installed to the harddrive?05:44
holsteinwe dont have a live CD yet05:45
holsteinwe are talking about implementing that for 12.405:45
jerry_lcause i was thinking i had it installed..?05:45
holsteini just have ubuntustudio here05:46
holsteinOR ubuntu installed with studio pacakges05:46
jerry_lif my cousin impresses me with what he could do in a week of puredyne, i was going to give him a dell 2.8ghz 1gb 500gb ubuntu studio dell.05:47
jerry_lthat would be tommarrow.05:48
jerry_llaptop latency 46ms. owww.05:51
jerry_lcore duo 64bit.05:51
holsteinits got a lot to do with the sound devices too05:51
holsteinand maybe kernel*05:51
holsteinits less to do with the kernel these days05:51
holsteindebian doesnt have a realtime kernel anymore05:51
holsteinwe wont be needing one at all, even for firewire, much longer05:52
jerry_lproblematic intel soud device vt1708s Analog does not play well with intel chipset in linux. but it does function.05:53
jerry_lchanged the frames to 256 and the latency droped to 11.6ms.05:54
jerry_lwhat is meant by realtime kernel?05:55
holsteinwell, you dont want to do audio with an internal card anyways05:56
jerry_land i thought firewire used 1% processor compared to USB 11%.05:56
holsteinits so easy and affordable to get something like that plug you have05:56
holsteinor something maudio with a preamp05:56
holsteinrealtime kernels give me lower latency05:57
jerry_li have a MBOX mini also05:57
holsteinfor particulars, youd have to look it up05:57
holsteinmost of these patches are getting adopted into the generic kernel though05:57
jerry_l2:39:11 left until puppy arrives.05:58
jerry_lholstein thank you very much for your help. i am going to change the latency on the computers and see how they do. and if its not enough then jack net?06:03
holsteinthats not really going to help06:04
holsteintry #opensourcemusicians and/or #ardour if you dont want to spend some money06:04
holsteinits not the computer speed06:04
holsteinyou can get lower latency on a slowermachine06:04
jerry_llike a 1ghz?06:05
holsteinive ran dynebolic on an 800mhz p3 with 256 or ram06:05
holsteingot under 20ms with simple tasks06:06
holsteinanyways, you are experiencing latency for suer06:06
holsteinyou have options06:06
jerry_li think i have a dynebolic iso but puredyne was working pretty well.06:06
holsteindb is old06:07
holsteinyou dont want that06:07
holsteinim just saying06:07
holsteinyou have plenty of computer for what you are trying to do06:07
holsteinexperiment with the latency, and if not06:07
holsteincome back and we'll try something else :)06:08
holsteingood luck06:08
* holstein is getting horizontal... GN06:08
jerry_lthanks its midnight and i have to work on my truck in the morning.06:09
jerry_lsigning off. to test a few minutes before bed. thankx.06:13
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