charlie-tcaGood morning14:45
Unit193Good afternoon!20:54
charlie-tcaMaybe I will start going by UTC instead of Mountain time22:02
Unit193I just go by my time... Do you happen to know where the recordings of UDS are? (I can look, I just don't know offhand)22:06
Unit193Sat May 21 17:06:19 EDT 2011   Local22:06
charlie-tcaI don't know offhand22:10
charlie-tcaI could go search them out if you want22:10
Unit193I didn't find them (Maybe I'm blind...)22:20
charlie-tcahas the videos22:22
Unit193Ah! I didn't look at YT... (And I thought it would be audio...) /me fails22:23
charlie-tcaThere are audio streams of all the sessions too, the videos are only plenaries and some sessions22:24
charlie-tcaUnit193: here are most of the session streams - http://mirrors.tumbleweed.org.za/uds-o/22:29
Unit193charlie-tca: Thanks! Sorry for the bug!22:29
charlie-tcano problem22:30
charlie-tcaThat mirror page takes a while to load22:30

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