Dizkonnektedunity is buggy as hell anyway00:01
Dizkonnektedi literally just got compiz running myself XD00:02
Soupermanito:D so you saw it was pretty easy to run compiz on xubuntu rite Dizkonnekted :D00:16
DizkonnektedSoupermanito: its not as straight forward as running it in Ubuntu for example, but once you devote a lil time poking around it seems to run fine!00:17
DizkonnektedSoupermanito: the fonts now look really ugly (compared to the default Xubuntu ones), you know of a fix for that?00:20
Soupermanitonot really, i dont use compiz, but i guess its on the ccsm part of general configurations00:22
Dizkonnektedsadly not, guess I will have to continue poking around! :P00:34
Cube``how do i format an SD card01:10
KM0201Cube``: can you see the card in gparted?01:11
Unit193Or sudo fdisk -l01:12
KM0201that would work to.. :)01:17
Cube``ye thx guys01:42
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avutonHelp. Just installed 11.04, when I brought it up it works fine. After a few power ons I lost window decorations. OK, so I nuke my entire /home directory and start from scratch thinking something's poisoning it. Fixed the problem. A few power ons and it begins happening again. No window decorations. Saw an old post that recommended starting metacity in this case, how can I fix this or even temporarily fix this?02:35
ubottuops is HELP! gnomefreak, tonyyarusso, PuMpErNiCkLe, maxamillion, TheSheep, crimsun, mrpouit, Myrtti, PriceChild charlie-tca or cody-somerville02:35
ubottuhey Christel, Dave2, Gary, KB1JWQ, Levia, Martinp23, SportsChick, VorTechS, jayne, jenda, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew or tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)02:35
Unit193elky: He did the same in #lubuntu02:40
elkyUnit193, i don't think I have any access there sadly02:40
Unit193I guess that bot isn't setup with those triggers!02:41
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xubuntu559ci sono italiani?08:40
xubuntu559there are italians?08:41
xubuntu559I have a problem for install xubuntu in  a old pc08:41
Atari-Teenage-Rihaloo anyone>09:41
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:43
TheSheepxubuntu559: describe your problem09:43
Atari-Teenage-Rihow there is no batter applet on xubuntu :)09:44
Atari-Teenage-Riand if it does have one how to add the battery applete/indicator :)09:44
TheSheepyou mean battery?09:48
TheSheep!info xfce4-battery-plugin09:48
ubottuxfce4-battery-plugin (source: xfce4-battery-plugin): battery monitor plugin for the Xfce4 panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 63 kB, installed size 664 kB (Only available for linux-any kfreebsd-i386)09:48
TheSheepAtari-Teenage-Ri: install that ^ and add it to your panel09:48
Atari-Teenage-Ri!info xfce4-battery-plugin09:51
ubottuxfce4-battery-plugin (source: xfce4-battery-plugin): battery monitor plugin for the Xfce4 panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 63 kB, installed size 664 kB (Only available for linux-any kfreebsd-i386)09:51
Atari-Teenage-Rione thing sir. how to install it. i'm newbie ..09:58
dusfalt+f2 shortcuts to xfrun4, can i configure alt+f1 to shortcut to terminal?11:07
PrimalScreamxfce4 power management problem after update. no battery indi <--- how to fix this11:52
DizkonnektedPrimalScream: maybe the power management settings were changed? Settings --> Settings Manager --> Power management11:54
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PrimalScreamits look like this. the batteri indicator is still there .. but the image @ka icon of the battery is seem disappear11:57
ouyeshi all12:36
ouyeshow is your xubuntu?12:36
ouyeswhy do you choose xubuntu?12:36
ouyeshow to copy files to Desktop folder in xubuntu?13:22
Sysidrag and drop, copy and paste13:27
Unit193Isn't it ctrl+drag and drop?13:29
Sysii'm not sure, i never use the desktop13:32
Dizkonnektedcopy / paste, dragging and dropping works fine14:06
ouyesDizkonnekted, I cannot copy14:11
Dizkonnektedouyes: what or where is the source file your trying to copy?14:11
ouyesDizkonnekted, I try to copy something in my Downloads to Desktop14:12
ouyesDizkonnekted, when I go to Desktop folder and click the right button of mouser, the paste option is in grey color14:13
Dizkonnektedright click on the file, copy, then go to your desktop and click paste, or is paste greyed out?14:13
Dizkonnektedaha, try opening the desktop folder and pasting there instead, does that work?14:13
Dizkonnektedi am not sure why, but i have the same problem, i have to open the desktop folder to paste, instead of directly pasting onto the desktop14:15
ouyesright click on the file, copy, then go to your desktop and click paste, or is paste greyed out yes14:16
ouyesDizkonnekted, the same problem14:16
Dizkonnektedi have compiz enabled and i have turned off the showing of icons (drives etc) in my options14:16
Dizkonnekted*desktop options, sorry14:17
Dizkonnektedouyes:  yeah, as a workaround, open your desktop folder and paste in there instead14:17
ouyesDizkonnekted, do you know how to change the shortcuts to go to desktop? now is ctrl+alt+d I want to change it to met+d14:17
Dizkonnektedouyes: try Settings editor, then xfce-keyboard-shortcuts?14:21
Dizkonnektedyou can add a custom command etc if i recall14:21
Sysiwindow manager settings are other possibility14:22
ouyesDizkonnekted, Sysi but what is the command?14:23
ouyesDizkonnekted, Sysi the command for goto desktop and hidden all of the others14:24
Sysidunno, see if there's option to do that on window manager settings14:27
Sysii guess it's there, afaik there isn't "hidden" shortcuts14:27
Dizkonnektedouyes:  i found it under the settings editor, the value is show_desktop_key14:27
Dizkonnekted(keyboard shortcuts)14:28
Dizkonnektedjust change the keybinding to your liking14:30
ouyesjust change the keybinding to your liking? what do you mean14:32
ouyesDizkonnekted, yes I found it14:35
Dizkonnektedawesome! :)14:35
Dizkonnektedi have been using Xubuntu for 2 days now, and although it a lil 'quirky' im really liking it so far! :)14:47
alexander__yes, i have to say, ubuntu/xubuntu etc. really improved14:50
alexander__the last time i gave ubuntu a chance, there haven't been any useful WLAN-drivers for my computer and flash really sucked14:50
alexander__but now i can't find anything to complain about so far14:51
Dizkonnektedive been using ubuntu for a few years, but with 11.04 came damn unity, i hate it!! lol14:55
charlie-tcaUnity is not for everyone, anymore than Xubuntu is for everyone14:56
charlie-tcabut it really is a great concept for the new user of non-microsoft software14:56
Dizkonnektedi dont agree, its a horrible interface to throw at a new user, especially given that its so buggy and inconsistent right now, it just gives a bad impression imho14:59
charlie-tcaThe little bit I used it I never saw any major issues. It seemed easy to navigate, although unusual after using a classic session for years15:01
Dizkonnektedi know right, and to have it enabled by default just seems wrong to me also15:02
charlie-tcaNew users have to re-learn a new desktop environment anyway, so it doesn't matter if it is classic or completely new to those accustomed to classic15:03
charlie-tcaIt is still something brand new for those transferring from Windows15:03
Dizkonnektedthats true, and i dont mind change at all, its why i am now using Xubuntu! :)15:06
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bin_bashEverytime I open thunar it opens twice. Why?18:19
Sysiopening it how, or does it happen just always?18:22
drcbin_bash: Check the Preferences>Behavior...single vs double click18:23
bin_bashdrc, it happens when I open it in the terminal as well18:30
bin_bashIt /always/ happens18:30
bin_bashit takes a while to load too, and then opens 2 windows18:30
drcbin_bash: Always check the obvious first :)18:30
bin_bashdrc, understandable ;)18:30
bin_bashI actually thought that was my problem at first18:31
Sysihow long it's been that way?18:31
drcIt's really madening to spend hours debugging something only to find out it was something obvious.18:31
bin_bashBut entering a command once in a terminal shouldn't open a window twice18:31
bin_bashSysi, forever?18:31
Sysii don't know, you're the one having it18:31
bin_bashdrc, oh trust me. I've had nothing but problems with this system ever since I updated a couple weeks ago18:32
bin_bashit freezes up ALL the time18:32
bin_bashYesterday my cursor stopped working. I had to drop into the CLI, and kill xorg18:32
bin_bashthen when i got back in18:32
bin_bashI had to restart xfwm418:32
bin_bashand then weird stuff stopped working and I had to reboot18:32
Sysiversion upgrades break things18:33
drcbin_bash: Maybe http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/07/11/how-to-solve-the-thunar-opening-twice-problem/ will help?18:33
bin_bashSysi, not a version upgrade... just a system update through synaptic18:33
bin_bashI'm thinking of reinstalling18:33
bin_bashand never upgrading anything ever18:33
nit-witbin_bash, what is your ram amount?18:36
bin_bashWhoa checkout dese errors when i open thunar18:37
nit-witbin_bash, are the problems associated with running a lot of apps or a lot of tabs open in a browser especiallt chromium?18:37
bin_bashnit-wit, define:a lot18:38
bin_bashis 4 apps a lot?18:38
bin_bashwell 5 technically18:38
nit-witbin_bash, depends which one install a cpu ram monitor like conky so you can see what is actually going on.18:39
bin_bashI have conky18:39
bin_bashRight now I'm running 5 programs and I'm only using 6% of my CPUT18:39
nit-witdo you see spikes when these things happen and is the conky set to show processes and memeory use if actual apps using.18:39
bin_bashnit-wit, not always18:40
bin_bashAnd I use top for that18:40
nit-witbin_bash, I had a problem and still do with vlc making the memory go to the roof and freezing te desktop .18:41
bin_bashyeah I'm running pidgin, xchat, skype, terminal, and FF18:41
bin_bashWhen I do video calls on skype the entire desktop freezes and I can't even drop into a CLI ti kill it18:41
bin_bashI can only hardboot18:41
Sysipropietary software..18:42
nit-witbin_bash, try the skype all by itself and watch the ram a cpu use, I have never used skype but I suspect it uses a lot of cpu and ram.18:43
bin_bashyeah but this only happened since doing an update through synaptic18:43
bin_bashnit-wit, when skype uses cpu i just kill it18:43
bin_bashthe system freezes without any warning18:43
nit-witbin_bash, look in the history in synaptic18:43
bin_bashwhat am i looking for18:44
nit-witbin_bash, what ecer was installed that might be causing your problems.18:44
bin_bashnit-wit, that's the problem... I have NO idea18:45
nit-witbin_bash, you have said that you had no problems until the last update in synaptic. Is it that you have no idea because you don't know what the upgraded  stuff do in general?18:47
bin_bashI think pulseaudio might be the problem18:47
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nit-witbin_bash, is this a 32 or 64 bit setup and is the full amount of ram showing?18:55
bin_bashwell it shows 3.8318:56
bin_bashhere i'll screenshot for you18:56
bin_bashnit-wit, http://imgur.com/u6W4s19:02
nit-witbin_bash, hard to say i guess I know the processes I would go through is finding the culprit That is a lot of memory for a idling set up..19:05
bin_bashnit-wit, FF is using 10% because I have like 40 tabs open19:07
bin_bashthe freezes occur usually when doing something that is graphicallyt axing19:07
bin_bashlike playing a streaming video full screen19:07
bin_bashor doing a video conference19:07
bin_bashit's really interesting because the sound goes into an infinite loop19:07
bin_bashwhich makes me wonder if pulseaudio is the culprit19:08
nit-witbin_bash, there is part of your problem I suspect, cut back a little on your personal needs at having to actually click a app to open a close it. Your cause and effect is flawed.19:08
nit-wit*with having19:09
bin_bashI'm confused19:10
nit-witbin_bash, I would suspect your just trying to use to much at one time for ease of travel, the point is maybe your needs are beyond the computers capacity. It doesn't reason but tries to keep up with your commands on what to do.19:10
bin_bashI never had this problem before though19:11
bin_bashLike, it just started recently19:11
bin_bashAlso it's not like I don't have the RAM or processing power available19:11
bin_bashIt's a 2.3 i519:11
nit-witbin_bash, and there is a actual real casue and effect, that is whay I suggested the synaptivc updates, is there a pulse audio update there/19:12
bin_bashnit-wit, I looked19:12
bin_bashthere's nothing there except that I reinstalled lib6 the other day19:12
bin_bashand installing desktopnova yestersay19:12
nit-witbin_bash, this is a circular argument supported by conjecture good luck.19:13
bin_bashI'm telling you. I looked in synaptic and the history is almost completely empty19:14
user0_Lucid hangs during boot saying"ppp0: error fetching interface information: Device not found19:14
nit-witlol to you as your the user in this situation using others to help you, free help at that FO.19:15
bin_bashuser0_, is this a new problem or a recurring one?19:15
user0_bin_bash, recurring one19:16
user0_bin_bash, Sometimes it happens .....& sometimes it boots fine19:17
bin_bashwhat are you using to connect to the internet19:17
user0_bin_bash, A D-Link ADSL router in bridged mode ......using nm-applet to configure the dsl connection19:18
bin_bashis it wired to the computer or are you trying to connect wirelessly19:18
user0_bin_bash, Wired19:18
bin_bashtry disconnecting it and then rebooting19:19
user0_bin_bash, Its not connected at the moment19:19
bin_bashthat's probably the problem19:19
bin_bashtry reconecting it and then restarting19:19
bin_bashand if it reoccurs let me know19:19
user0_bin_bash, Done that ...same thing19:19
bin_bashokay. give me a minute19:20
bin_bashhey Soupermanito19:20
user0_bin_bash, Sure19:20
bin_bashMaybe you can help me troubleshoot user0_'s issue19:20
Soupermanitowill try19:20
Soupermanitotell me about it user0_19:21
bin_bashhe's getting this on boot19:21
bin_bashppp0: error fetching interface information: Device not found19:21
bin_bashboth with and without his modem connected19:21
Soupermanitodid he tried reconfiguring pppeoconf?19:22
bin_bashhe can't boot19:22
bin_bashit hangs on boot19:22
bin_bashyeah =/.19:22
Soupermanitothats floping weird19:22
user0_Soupermanito,         &   using nm-applet to configure the dsl connection19:22
user0_bin_bash, Yes19:22
Soupermanitouser0_, let me do some research on your problem19:23
user0_Soupermanito, Okay19:23
Soupermanitouser0_, its an usb modem?19:28
user0_Soupermanito, No ...Ethernet19:29
Soupermanitouser0_, its an integrated ethernet port? or a pci card?19:29
user0_Soupermanito, Integrated19:29
Soupermanitommkay, can you edit your BIOS so it will disable the ethernet conection?19:30
user0_Soupermanito, Yes ....You want me to do that?19:30
Sysisomething other can prevent booting, that could be just last visible message19:31
Soupermanitoi want to know if you can boot your computer whitout it, to know if its something broken19:31
user0_Soupermanito, Okay trying to disable it .......19:31
Soupermanitoif you can boot whitout the ethernet port enabled then you could edit your options from inside the system19:31
bin_bashSoupermanito has more experience than I. Glad he came in when he did, as my googling didn't yield much lol19:33
Soupermanito:D awesome i know stuff now19:33
Soupermanitoalso im a librarian, my forte is to search stuff19:33
user0_Soupermanito, Well ..I saw the same message again ...but this time I have reached the login screen19:34
Soupermanitothats good rite?19:34
user0_Soupermanito, Right19:35
user0_Soupermanito, So...my integrated Lan has gone bad?19:35
Soupermanitonow you can do pppoeconf and edit it, it will say you dont have an ethernet card but you wont want it to find, just a new pppoeconf that says nothing19:35
Soupermanitoand reboot19:35
KM0201hey, whats the name of that GUI (its a gnome based app)... that sets up VNC server?  It's usually in sys admin, you click it, and it lets you set up a password to allow access, etc .19:35
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Soupermanitoenable the ethernet and try again, if it fails then i recomend you to buy a cheap pci ethenrnet card19:35
bin_bashnetwork manager?19:35
KM0201no, not network manager19:36
user0_Soupermanito, Yes what about the aleady configured connection in NM?19:36
user0_Soupermanito, Network Manager19:36
Soupermanitodelete it bro19:37
user0_Soupermanito, Roger19:37
user0_Soupermanito, Now the Delete is greyed out19:38
Soupermanitowell, you do disabled the ethernet port19:38
user0_Soupermanito, Yes I did that19:39
Soupermanitogo to a terminal and do sudo pppoeconf19:39
Soupermanitothen try it again19:40
user0_Soupermanito, It says "Sorry no working ethernet card could be found"19:40
bin_bashDo you use proprietary drivers?19:41
user0_bin_bash, No19:42
bin_bashmaybe you should try updating the drivers anyway?19:42
Soupermanitohow could he whitout internets bin_bash ?19:42
user0_bin_bash, I always install update as I receive them19:42
bin_bashI forgot about that19:43
bin_bashSorry. I'm a little special today I suppose19:43
Soupermanitowell user0_ you could move away the file /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf  file and try again19:43
Soupermanitoor rename it like .old or something19:44
user0_Soupermanito, move the /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf ...then sudo pppoeconf again ?19:44
Soupermanitono, it wont work because you dont have an ethernet conection19:45
user0_Soupermanito, So .....then move it.....restart ...goto bios....eenable the lan ...& try to boot19:46
Soupermanitojust re-enable it, and try again whitout a pppoe.conf file, so it wont try to start it on boot19:46
Soupermanitoyes, its like an option19:46
user0_Soupermanito, Trying that19:46
user0_Soupermanito, There is no such file as pppoe.conf in that location .....19:48
user0_Soupermanito, May be because I never used pppoeconf to configure the connection19:48
Soupermanitommm let me find out where NM stores its options19:49
rom1504hello, does anyone know how to make xlock work for user without password ?19:50
user0_Soupermanito,  Sure19:50
bin_bashrom1504, what do you mean "make it work"19:50
rom1504i mean that if you use xlock with an user without password then you can't get back in the session : it doesn't accept a blank password19:51
rom1504( it says "assuming null password means cancel" )19:52
bin_bashthis probably isn't the answer your looking for... but why not assign a password?19:53
Soupermanitouser0_, inside your /home/you/ there is a folder called .gconf? and .gconfd? try moving them away to a BACKUP folder19:54
user0_Soupermanito, Doing that now19:54
Soupermanitothat should do the trick, you wont have any net configurations after that19:54
user0_Soupermanito, Done.........Now   restart ...goto bios....eenable the lan ...& try to boot ?19:56
user0_Soupermanito, Okay19:56
rom1504bin_bash because that's not needed, because the users i am setting up ubuntu for don't want one... it should be possible to do it19:57
user0_Soupermanito, I am in .....Now ?19:59
Soupermanitonow do pppoeconf19:59
user0_Soupermanito, Okay19:59
Soupermanitoor network manager, i like pppoeconf more XD19:59
Soupermanitothough you should configure your modem to autoconect to the internets by itself20:01
bin_bashrom1504, did you try googling?20:01
user0_Soupermanito, I dont have a switch .... I can connect only 1 PC to the modem/router at a time .......So if I unplug the RJ-45 from this box I will be disconnected from #xubuntu20:02
user0_Soupermanito, Okay?20:02
user0_Soupermanito, I will come back to confirma what happens20:03
Soupermanitommm, well try it and comeback later :D it should be pretty straight foward if all works correctly20:03
Soupermanitouser0_, suerte :)20:03
user0_Soupermanito, Okay20:03
rom1504yes, i tried, i found this http://mandriva.598463.n5.nabble.com/Bug-23481-xlockmore-NEW-Impossible-to-unlock-a-gnome-session-with-a-user-without-password-td619712.html that may be related, but there is no solution, so... ( and i found about nothing else on google... )20:05
KM0201bin_bash: what happened, did your irc server hiccup?20:07
bin_bashKM0201, are you trying to connect to singularity20:08
KM0201considering i don't know what singularity is, i doubt it.20:08
SoupermanitoD: KM0201 the singularity is coming20:09
Soupermanitonot today, today is rupture day, but someday20:09
bin_bash:P KM0201 the network is up but my server isn't20:09
KM0201well, it let me on now.20:09
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Guest64822Soupermanito,  bin_bash   Success !!! Thank you20:11
bin_bashglad it worked!20:11
Soupermanito!yay | Guest6482220:11
ubottuGuest64822: Glad you made it! :-)20:11
Soupermanitonow, the proff of fire, reboot and things work properly20:12
Guest64822Soupermanito, Yes I did that & no worries20:12
Guest64822Soupermanito, Bye20:13
Soupermanito:D awesome, glad i helped whit you problem Guest6482220:13
bin_bashI wish my system didn't freeze all the time :(20:13
Soupermanito:( make your /swap  bigger20:14
bin_bashi have like a 4gig swap partition20:14
Sysixorg is evil20:15
bin_bashxorg IS evil20:15
bin_bashSysi, nitwit got mad at me because I told him I wasn't going to stop using my computer the way I wanted and also that synaptic had no history20:15
bin_bashso he ragequit20:16
Sysiif my new MBP ran linux i could benchmark that sandy bridge..20:17
bin_bashyou have a new mbp too?20:17
Sysigot it today20:17
bin_bashwhich one20:18
bin_bashi5 or i7?20:18
bin_bashwe're twinsies20:18
bin_bashinstall xubuntu and tell me if your shit crashes all the time too20:19
rom1504i'm going de put " " for the password i think but this problem mean that it is not possible to make user without password20:19
bin_bashwell you shouldn't ever have a user without a password20:20
bin_bashthat's ridiculous20:20
Sysiwhy would you do that?20:20
drc"nitwit got mad at me because I told him I wasn't going to stop using my computer the way I wanted"20:20
bin_bashtrufax, drc20:20
rom1504the question is more: why would you always put a password ? it's like having to open every room of a house with a key...20:22
bin_bashyou can choose to autolong20:24
Sysirom1504: because it's secure20:25
Sysihaving no passwd is like having no locks20:26
drcrom1504: It's more like having to use a key/password to get into the house, but most rooms are open after that, except those rooms where you keep the the guns, gold, or whatever you have that's important/dangerous.20:27
Soupermanitorom1504, why xlock and not xscreensaver? it wont ask for password20:28
bin_bashthe whole point of xlock is LOCKING the system20:29
Soupermanitoyeah, that what im saying, he wants xlock whitout password i mean, he wants xscreensaver20:30
rom1504maybe but then how do you change of session without using xlock ?20:30
bin_bashby logging out?20:30
Soupermanitolog out?20:30
rom1504no but without logging out20:30
Soupermanitogive your users a simple password, then, like 1234 and be it20:31
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bin_bashyou can drop down to the CLI and then use that to login to another account20:31
rom1504yes that what i did20:31
bin_bashand then restart x20:31
rom1504i would i prefered to put no password, but it'll do20:32
bin_bashthat just doesn't make sense20:32
Soupermanitoi agree whit bin_bash here, i just don't understand your logic, you want multiple users but no paswords between them20:33
rom1504yeah well most users à windows don't make sense then20:33
bin_bashWindows is stupid20:33
rom1504(most people don't put password on windows)20:33
bin_bashwindows is an insecure OS20:33
bin_bashYour logic is flawed20:33
bin_bashawww no !next command20:34
Soupermanito(i autologon on linux) (that doesnt mean i dont have a password to protect my system)20:34
bin_bashIf you don't have a password set then you can't do anykind of administrative actions.20:34
Sysibin_bash: remember to be polite20:35
bin_bashI'm sorry. I'm trying.20:35
SoupermanitoD: imagine that! rm -rf / !20:35
rom1504no but my account have a password and i can use it to setup thing and stuff but the other users don't need to20:35
bin_bashSoupermanito, that's what my bg is LOL20:35
bin_bashrom1504, every user needs a password.20:35
Soupermanitoanyway this is going hella of topic20:35
Sysinot very much, but shortly, you can't and you shouldn't have user without password20:36
bin_bashSoupermanito, http://imgur.com/u6W4s20:40
bin_bashI can't figure out if pulseaudio or my graphics processor is causing the problem20:41
Sysipulse is easy to remove?20:41
bin_bashwhat am i going to replace it with20:41
bin_bashI suppose I could20:42
Sysidepending about what you need, alsa can be enough20:42
bin_bashI need it for music, videos, and skype20:42
Sysibt/usb headphones?20:42
Sysiif not, you don't need, altough i'm not sure about skype20:43
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bin_bashno just regular headphones20:44
bin_bashi reckon i can always reinstall pulse right20:45
bin_bashokay what's the best way to remove pulse20:47
bin_bashapt-get --purge remove?20:47
Sysipurge isn't really needed20:47
Sysibut you need to reboot after removing it20:47
bin_bashok./ rebooting now20:51
Soupermanitoyes! my new wallpaper! http://wallbase2.org/rozne/bff9b81f14e2ff3e500c557d8b8787f5/wallpaper-91157.jpg20:51
drcTron meets The Matrix?20:52
Soupermanitohackers? angelina jolie?20:53
* drc didn't know Angela Jolie *had* any 90 degree angles :)20:53
TheSheepdrc: the other one ;)20:53
TheSheepbtw, how do you name your computers?20:54
TheSheeplets take that to -offtopic20:54
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bin_bashI had to start xfwm4 manually20:57
bin_bashgod skype uses so much cpu20:58
bin_bashSoupermanito, that movie made everyone think computers looked like that21:02
bin_bashlike hacking was a video game21:02
SoupermanitoI still wish the internets look like that21:03
bin_bash>implying it actually looked like that21:03
bin_bashalso I removed pulse and my sound works21:03
bin_bashmaybe my stuff would break now21:03
bin_bashwell I'm using less CPU already despite being on a skype call21:26
bin_bashaw... did the channel die?21:29
Soupermanitowe are at off-topic arguing about the singularity and uptime21:30
Sysi7j #xubuntu-offtopic21:31
SoupermanitoD: brasero says it cant create the image and crashes22:31
charlie-tcaThat's why we switched to xfburn22:31
bin_bashso apparently pulseaudio is not the problem22:32
charlie-tcaUbuntu and Xubuntu gave the same issues with brasero22:32
charlie-tcaso do several other distributions22:33
bin_bashSoupermanito, umad?22:42
bin_bashimad that I can't videoconference without my entire computer freezing22:42
bin_bashand then when I reboot I have to manually start the wm after several minutes22:42
bin_bashand then I have only one workspace22:42
charlie-tcabin_bash: try running xfsettingsd then, too22:43
bin_bashi wish i could just use videochat without imending doom :(22:45
Soupermanitowait, a file name has chinese characters! that might be doing the fail22:47
Soupermanitoaaaaand now xfburn just crashed22:48
charlie-tcachinese could do it, I suppose22:49
charlie-tcaand then there is k3b, which works for me sometimes, too22:50
Soupermanitowhat other program can open brasero's proyects?22:51
charlie-tcaI don't know. I use xfburn, brasero, k3b, depending on which one works that day22:52
Soupermanitoah great now i can't eject22:54
SoupermanitoJUST GREAT22:54
bin_bashhow do you untar a tar.gz again?22:54
charlie-tcatry a terminal using      eject22:54
bin_bashtar -xzyf or something22:54
Soupermanitoi need to download 350MB to install k3b22:57
charlie-tcaIt's part of kde22:57
Sysistart it on terminal and see if it says anything helpful22:59
charlie-tcaNo point yelling at me about it.22:59
Sysithere can be something left from brasero, reboot might help23:00
Soupermanitowell this time xfburn havent just crashed whit trying to add files to it23:03
Soupermanitosorry for the yelling part23:04
charlie-tcaI guess I don't much attention to what is being pulled in, since if I need to burn an image, I don't care how I get it to burn23:05
Soupermanitoit was my brother compiling mp3 for a party, and he doesnt like linux very much, this doenst speak good for it23:11
Soupermanitooh, pathfiles contained the symbols % and chinese characters and all kind of weird stuff people puts on mp3 file names23:16
charlie-tcaanything to make it harder... ;-)23:16
coldpizza72iwhats the easiest way to check if a drive is corrupt23:51
Captainkrtek^ how can he get to Disk Utility in XFCE23:51
drcinstall it from the repos23:52
coldpizza72iuhh i have to find a internet wire23:53
bin_bashyou could use fsck23:59

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