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coz_ hey guys14:52
coz_noticed that transition from singel to dual monitor,, nvidia,  has a great deal of video corruption during the transition../. generally it's fine,, at times , however, the desktop turns white,, you are probably aware of this already14:55
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hypodermiaoh hi. is this where unity discussion might be going on?17:14
hypodermiawell if anybody wakes up, does anybody know if someone's bothered to write a compiz plugin yet that causes an audible bell? or where i might ask about that?17:23
marty_I've noticed that Unity is opening one of my apps in Desktop2 all the time which is not nice, anyone know how I ask it to stop doing that.19:31
MC_BTayhey, what's up?19:49
MC_BTayi'm in the middle of trying to develop a weather application for the unity launcher, and one feature i wanted access to, but have been having trouble with, is changing the launcher icon.  i noticed that the trash icon does this... does anyone have any clue where the actual implementation of the trash icon on the unity launcher would be so that i could determine how they are doing it?19:51
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Gotischis there a way to force overlay buttons to be inside the application instead of outside the application window?23:26
Gotischim talkin about the scrollbar23:27
Gotischwow that sounded confused :)23:27
coz_Gotisch,  the only thing is that i am  not sure who is available on this channel on the weekends23:32
MC_BTaywhat's up23:35
MC_BTayi had a few questions, if anyone is here to attempt to help23:37
Gotischwell i looked a bit at code and doesn't seem like there is any config options related to this23:40
MC_BTayis that a response to me? cause i did ask my question on here earlier i think, i'm an IRC noob :\23:41
hypodermiaMC_BTay: nah he was talking before you got here23:44
MC_BTayhypodermia: thanks for the clarification :B23:44
hypodermiasure thing23:45
MC_BTayso i've been attempting to create a weather app for the unity launcher... and i've been using python thus far... does anyone know how i can force an icon change? similar to the functionality of the trash button on the unity launcher?23:45
MC_BTayif anyone has any ideas relating to my question, that'd be great :)23:53

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