vilapl0sh: branches will automatically find a repo above them in the file system hierarchy, if the repo is on a server, readers/writers client need to be able to access it on the server00:54
vilapl0sh: this is valid for all protocols between the client and server. bzr+ssh is the most efficient implementation these days and as such the preferred one if bzr is available on the server00:56
vilapl0sh: which is true for freebsd00:57
masklinnusing fast-export/fast-import to convert a repo from hg to bzr seems to flip around a number of merge commits, resulting from a "mainline" (log withou -n0) composed of the commits of the merged branches, rather than the commits from trunk/default/whatever. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to fix it?13:46
masklinnthe repository looks correct on the hg side, with the "trunk" being the straight mainline and the rest branching from/merging into it.13:47
maxbmasklinn: That seems pretty weird. You should probably begin by finding out if the flipping has occurred in the export or the import - i.e. is the fastimport data stream correct15:47
masklinnmaxb yep, checked further (by trying to trip through git as well), the issue is at the export from hg (I'm guessing bzr's hg export script and the hg-fast-export one for git floating around have the same origin, they yield the same flipped merge commits)16:01
masklinnSo I tripped through git via hg-git before importing back into bazaar, and that worked16:02
lodeAnyone here knowing where to suggest a new translation / report a translatopn bug in the bzr explorer diff tool?18:00
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pooliehi lode, hi vila20:22
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jamhi poolie, good early morning to you21:37
lifelesshi jam21:49
mathrickmathrick@hatsumi:[...]/BMB/tools/lib-overrides$ bzr join cl-gtk2/22:26
mathrickbzr: ERROR: File id {TREE_ROOT} already exists in inventory as InventoryDirectory('TREE_ROOT', u'cl-cairo2', parent_id='toolsliboverrides-20110525170907-q1x2hf7rrxb0i21i-1', revision=None)22:26
pooliehi there22:26
pooliejam, do you want to have a chat now22:26
mathrickI get that when I try to join a repo after having previously joined another one22:26
pooliemathrick: hi, this is a bug22:27
mathrickis there anything I can do to work around this?22:27
pooliei recognize it; I don't know a good workaround22:27
pooliedo you, jam?22:27
mathrickpoolie: ah, pity. Is it known and recorded somewhere?22:27
mathricksomewhere being lpad of course :)22:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 370710 in Bazaar "bzr: ERROR: File id {TREE_ROOT} already exists" [Medium,Fix released]22:29
poolieso there is a workaround there, though not an ideal one22:29
mathrickpoolie: hmm, the repo is pulled from github, is it expected then that it'll have a {TREE_ROOT} id?22:32
pooliethrough bzr-git/22:32
jamhey poolie. I'm around a bit, but getting close to midnight here. So if it isn't too involved, certainly22:33
poolieis it imported by launchpad, or by you?22:33
poolieoh, hi22:33
pooliei was confused22:33
pooliei think i momentarily forgot you weren't still in Chicago22:33
pooliecan we set a time for this week, maybe your Tuesday morning?22:33
jampoolie: whatever time works for you. Tues AM is good I think22:34
mathrickpoolie: me, I did bzr clone git://...22:34
poolieis 8 too early?22:35
pooliemathrick: hm i would have thought if you did that into a format 2a repository it would get a unique root id22:36
poolieis it a very old import?22:36
mathrickpoolie: yes and no, I first imported my old github branch which was made using bzr-git quite some time ago22:37
pooliehm actually that'd be 9am22:37
mathrickbut since I don't need that (I can grab the upstream directly and not pull on top of my own github branch), I'm trying that now22:37
mathrickpoolie: hmm, no, I still get it22:40
mathrickmathrick@hatsumi:[...]/BMB/tools/lib-overrides$ bzr info cl-gtk222:40
mathrickStandalone tree (format: 2a)22:40
jampoolie: 9am should work, I usually get back around then after taking K to school. I'm off to bed for now, have a good day22:47
mathrickpoolie: any idea how I could look into the tree root not getting a proper id?23:00
pooliemathrick: so normally the initial add will give it a unique id23:29
pooliein bzr 2a formats and onwards23:29
mathrickpoolie: initial add?23:29
pooliethe first 'bzr add' after 'bzr init'23:30
pooliei don't know if bzr-git is perhaps overriding that23:30
poolieor if it's just that you first made this branch earlier23:30
mathrickhas jelmer disappeared? I haven't seen him in a long time23:30
pooliehm, it may well be overriding it to get deterministic imports23:30
mathrickpoolie: I retried on a fresh clone and the same happens23:30
pooliehe was on holiday last week and today (monday)23:30
poolieand the week before that we were sprintig23:31
pooliehe would be the person to ask23:31
mathrickpoolie: right, but I didn't know about the holiday (though I kinda suspected that)23:42

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