DarkriftXi wish someone would hurry up and develop a konsole plasmoid widget00:02
DarkriftXid love a little 4x4 konsole in my sidebar00:03
DaskreechLinkmaster: What is the one thing in Windows that is not made for Linux?00:05
DaskreechBluesKaj: You do programming already00:06
LinkmasterDarkriftX: you can do that with Cairo-dock technically, and I've seen konsole widgets before..though, since I'm working with Qt, I might make one myself00:06
DaskreechDarkriftX: Plasmoid is a plasma widget for all purposes you care about00:07
DarkriftXi was sure it could be, but i never see any when im browsing the kde-look site00:07
DaskreechDarkriftX: Still want to know about uninstalling something from source?00:08
DarkriftXnah, i got it figured out00:08
DarkriftXturns out i still had the folder00:08
DarkriftXthx though00:09
DarkriftXmy system is nice and stable once again after a failed distupgrade00:09
DarkriftXim happy now00:09
DarkriftXone of these days im really going to delve into sed00:10
DaskreechDarkriftX: You can install something selfcontained then you don't need hte source code to uninstall it00:10
DarkriftXthats good to know00:10
DarkriftXwhat do i do differently than "sudo make install"00:11
LinkmasterDaskreech: I could be wrong though, but I haven't seen a native AutoCad/Desk/inventor/whatnot that is made for Linux.00:12
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DarkriftXLinkmaster: i think there is some stuff in the repos but not 100% sure00:13
DarkriftXi remmeber seeing them and thinking they cant be that good00:13
DaskreechDarkriftX: ./configure --prefix=/place/you/want/program00:13
DarkriftXDaskreech: nice00:14
LinkmasterHm..I'll take a look then. though when I mean Auto*, I'm talking something almost as good as they are. Perhaps better00:14
DaskreechLinkmaster: There isn't. I can't even think of a good FOSS replacement00:14
LinkmasterDaskreech: didn't think so, which is sad..00:14
DarkriftXthere are tons of "cad" apps, but they prob suck00:14
DaskreechVery I'm sure lots of Architects would jump to linux if they supported large scale technical drawings and plotters00:15
DarkriftXok, not tons00:15
DarkriftXfreeCAD, pyCAD, sagCAD00:15
DaskreechDarkriftX: CAn You get me a list?00:15
FloodBotK1DarkriftX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
LinkmasterxD but I'm positive they'd flock over, since Windows is currently the only OS that has good Auto* stuff00:16
DaskreechLinkmaster: You mean good *CAD stuff00:16
DarkriftXthats all in the repos have, there might be more00:16
DaskreechI'm pretty sure they don't care very much about the Auto*00:16
Linkmasterwell, like..I mean auto* stuff, since its auto[blank] that makes all the different versions at the moment. If there came out a FOSS version of it, that'd be nice :P00:16
valorieDarkriftX: have you tried yakuake?00:18
DarkriftXwhat is that?00:18
valorieI think that's what you want as a console replacement00:18
DarkriftXi dont want a replacement00:18
DarkriftXi want a widget that gives me a tiny konsole for my sidebar00:18
DarkriftXor so00:18
DarkriftXso i can run little things here and there without having to sort through the 3-5 konsole windows i have in the background00:19
valorieso you can see how the build is proceeding, etc?00:19
LinkmasterDarkriftX: if I get the skills fast enough, I'll make you one00:19
valorieyou know that you can tab Konsole, right?00:19
DarkriftXLinkmaster: awesome00:19
valoriecontrol alt T00:19
DarkriftXyes, i do that but most of my 3-5 konsole windows have 3-5 tabs each00:19
Linkmasteryeah, tabbing is what I do...though I end up sorting through 7 tabs Dx00:19
DarkriftXi do most of my computing via cli00:20
DarkriftXbut xchat and my browser take up lots of my screen00:20
valorieyou could stack them all on another workspace window00:20
DarkriftXand i hate having to flip back and forth between windows or desktops00:20
DarkriftXso i have konsoles that fit certain areas of my screen so i can have one open at any time and only block one app00:20
LinkmasterI only use two workspaces, and one of them rots during the summer. I have schoolwork stuff[libreoffice, okular, etc.] and everything else goes in my 'main' desktop00:21
DarkriftXi have one that is the same size and position as my browser, one that is the same as xchat, etc00:21
LinkmasterSounds like you've really worked this one out00:21
valorieI usually only use one, and just minimize most of the stuff00:21
DarkriftXthat way i can have xchat and browser, or xchat and konsole00:21
DarkriftXor i can have browser and xchat or browser and konsole00:21
DarkriftXif im asking for help in here i dont want to keep minimizing windows to run commands00:22
DarkriftXor if im googling for commands, i dont want the same00:22
CrellHi folks.  I'm having trouble getting a usb installer to boot on my netbook.  The usb key boots on my laptop, but I haven't been able to get the netbook to recognize it.00:23
CrellI know I've booted to a usb key before on this netbook, though, to install the last version of kubuntu I put on here.00:23
DarkriftXand i have this 4" wide sidebar on the right with all my system monitors on it. there is about 3" free at the bottom that i can expand a little that would be great for a mini konsole if i shrunk the font down to like 8pt00:23
CrellAny suggestions?  I've tried both the "cd" and "other thing" options in the bios for boot order.00:23
DarkriftXany errors?00:23
DarkriftXor its just not found00:23
CrellIt just goes ahead and boots the existing hard drive.  No error messages.00:24
DarkriftXis there a hot key to force it to boot something else?00:24
DarkriftXor have you tried the bios?00:24
DarkriftXmost machines need usb/cd/floppy to be enabled to boot from them in the bios00:24
CrellI've been in the bios a lot.00:24
octocppDarkriftX:  you ever see yakauke?00:25
CrellI don't think there's a separate hot key to press, although true to form the bios startup screen goes by too fast for me to be sure. :-)00:25
DarkriftXlook for something about boot or usb in there00:25
DarkriftXCrell: sometimes the "pause" key works for the bios screen00:25
DarkriftXits kinda rare though00:25
CrellBios is F2.00:25
DarkriftXoctocpp: nope, ill check it out00:25
CrellI've set the "removable drive" as the first boot option.00:26
DarkriftXCrell: no, i mean hit hte "pause" key when the bios flash screen pops up00:26
DarkriftXthat will sometimes freeze the screen00:26
CrellDoesn't pick up.  After I disable the hard drive entirely, it just tells me to insert real boot media.00:26
CrellAh, hm.  Let me try that.00:26
octocppDarkriftX: it is a term prog that you can scroll down and back up from the top of your screen with an F key, it is awsome00:26
CrellOh, so it does!00:26
DareDevilexcuse me, i haven't any menu bar in this moment. How i can reboot?00:26
octocppDarkriftX: has tabs and much more00:27
DaskreechDareDevil: Menu bar or Panel?00:27
CrellDareDevil: Ctrl+Alt+Delete should still give you the reboot dialog.00:27
DarkriftXi might have to try that00:27
DarkriftXtheir site sucks right now though00:27
CrellYakuake is teh rox. :-)00:27
CrellI guess he found it...00:28
LinkmasterI didn't hear a thanks at all...00:28
CrellDarkriftX: Yeah, I don't see a separate hot key to boot to external.00:28
DarkriftXso it appears i have some problem with my system00:38
DarkriftXi tried to resize a konsole and it locked up (mouse was going very slow for about a minute, then mouse worked fine but everything was locked up and couldnt event alt+f# to a new tty)00:38
DarkriftXso i rebooted (only thing i could do) and then when i rebooted i tried to resize it again, same lock up00:39
DarkriftXnot sure if its a konsole issue, or kwin00:39
DarkriftXor something else00:39
LinkmasterHm..thats interesting00:39
valorieit is a bug hitting a few people00:39
LinkmasterI've never had an issue resizing my konsole windows. Try turning desktop effects off while doing it00:39
valorieincluding some of the devels00:39
LinkmasterOh, well thats that00:40
valorieno fix that I've heard yet00:40
Linkmasterdoes anyone know where the bug is located?00:40
DaskreechDarkriftX: Turn off transparency00:40
DarkriftXi dont have it on00:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 760632 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Resizing Konsole crashes the whole system" [High,Confirmed]00:41
valoriedo you have nvidia, DarkriftX?00:41
Daskreechthat would be it00:41
valoriemultiple bugs files00:42
valoriehappening in Arch too00:43
valoriebut not yakuake00:43
DarkriftXwow... i just found "profiles" in konsole....00:43
DarkriftXjacked the font way down to 7.0 and green :P00:44
DarkriftXwow, that is hawt00:45
DarkriftXim liking that yakuake app00:45
DarkriftXi dont like how you cant resize it00:47
valoriehttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=272027 also on that nvidia bug00:48
ubottuKDE bug 272027 in general "Resizing Konsole with nvidia drivers crashes the XServer" [Crash,Resolved: upstream]00:48
valorieprobably best to comment on it there00:48
valorieit isn't a packaging error00:48
DarkriftXIf the X server crashes, it is a bug in the video drivers (or, unlikely, the X00:49
DarkriftXserver itself). Please report this bug directly to NVIDIA developers at00:49
DarkriftXthey have absolved themselves of the issue00:50
DarkriftXmaybe its a konsole bug :@00:50
DarkriftXleaving it to nvidia will never get it fixed00:50
DaskreechDarkriftX: you can send it a dbus signal and resize it as well as add tabs etc00:50
valoriewell, one of the google matches was the Konsole list00:50
valorieso they are aware00:50
DarkriftXDaskreech: thats a bit beyond my scope :P00:51
valoriehopefully working with the driver writers00:51
Daskreech I symlinked yakuake to a script that opened it made 4 tabs  resized the whole thing renamed 3 of the tabs started playing music then split one of the tabs in two00:51
valorieaccording to the website, it is resizeable via keyboard shortcuts00:53
DarkriftXok, what site?00:58
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DarkriftXtheir "site" takes me to a splash page that doesnt seem to take me anywher euseful00:58
DarkriftXor do you mean the kde-apps page00:58
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david106can I get help with KDE desktop here?  can't get any mic to work01:01
Linkmasterdavid106: what is your computer? and is it internel or external?01:03
david106well its one put together by Fry's no brand name it has an outside mic and a mic in the cam neither work for me.01:05
Linkmasterhave you tried playing around with alsamixer/pavucontrol?01:06
david106don't know how its set to pulse audio01:06
Linkmasterhuh..I'm not good with mics, I just happened to get mine to work, and still dont know how I did01:08
DarkriftXodd, who is showing me logged in to pts/0-401:09
DarkriftXwhich it doesnt normally01:09
DarkriftXoh, those are my terminals01:09
david106I understand01:10
sipolanAssalaamu 'alaikum (for muslims)01:10
david106walaykum salam01:11
sipolanis it channel for troubleshooting?01:12
CrellGr.  Why won't this netbook cooperate?01:24
DarkriftXso i found keyboard shortcuts to change the size of each window, but not the whole thing01:24
DarkriftXcan i help you sipolan ?01:26
sipolanjust want to take a look at what app people use for IRC01:27
wn1zidXchat ftw01:28
DarkriftXdid they version you too?01:28
DarkriftXoh, i missed the reply01:29
sipolansorry, i got lag01:29
DarkriftXthought you were one of those ppl that come in and run commands randomly then leave01:29
sipolani tried Konversation about one or two days ago. Does this app have the same core as Xchat?01:31
wn1zidXchat is simple and scriptable, here are some common reasonable scripts:  http://www.mikegtn.net/index.php?start=343&end=34301:45
sata__anyone know of a walk through to install the new ATI driver? yes i and a newb01:48
c2tarunsata__: open jockey-kde and then activate it01:49
sata__thats not the latest thought right ?01:50
c2tarunlatest thought?01:50
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
c2tarunwell I am not sure, may be you can match it with the version on ATI website.01:51
sata__its ver time10 and new is 11.401:51
c2tarunno idea.01:52
vbgunzI am trying to share my printer on 11.04 with a windows 7 computer. We're on the same network. I am 192..2 the other is 192..3. I went to system-config-printer and checked show.. and share under server settings. I went as far as to restart the cups service **but** no matter what I do, windows 7 could never find the printer. why? this is prettty much a stock install. what could be the issue?02:07
vbgunzwe're both in the same workgroup, same network. windows 7 can not see my 11.04 printer. I am sharing it to the best of my ability. what could be wrong?02:08
areichmanvbgunz: maybe it's a Windows issue? I have a printer shared from 11.04 to 2 macs that works perfectly02:09
vbgunzareichman: congrats. I am sure it works but it isn't working for me02:10
immediateHi guys :)02:11
areichmanwish I could help, sorry02:11
vbgunzI am really not sure what to do or what else to restart. I am gonna reboot and see if this somehow magically helps out my printer sharing issue02:19
vbgunzman this is so upsetting. I did everything I think I should have done and the windows 7 pc cannot find my printer02:25
Daskreechsipolan: what do you want from an IRC client?02:30
Daskreechvbgunz: it's shared over samba?02:31
vbgunzDaskreech: I went into system-config-printer and selected to show and share my only printer. I didn't have samba installed when i did this and didn't think I needed it. so far windows 7 does not see anything. I just installed samba (just samba) and I am messign with its config *but* for the life of me I cannot restart the service if it is even running02:33
vbgunzI got the restart02:33
vbgunzit's no longer called samba but smbd (I hope)02:34
vbgunzman, I just made some edits to the smb.conf (all printer related) and restarted smbd but its so far one big fail02:35
vbgunzI just went into the cups interface and turned my only printer into the default server printer02:36
cordicepsanybody around?02:40
cordicepscan someone do a simple test for me? ldd /usr/bin/kwin | wc02:41
cordicepswhat's the first number?02:41
vbgunzcordiceps: 002:45
vbgunzotherwise kwin complains about using --replace02:45
vbgunzcordiceps: sorry02:46
cordicepsthere's no way ldd /usr/bin/kwin can produce 0 results02:47
cordicepsah alright02:47
cordicepsvbgunz: with compiz running and all?02:47
fayazcordiceps: 94 here...02:47
vbgunzcordiceps: I am using the radeon driver02:47
cordicepsby removing | wc and running ldd /usr/bin/kwin you get to see the list.02:48
cordicepsvbgunz: and the effects turned on?02:49
cordicepslike the cube and all that.02:50
vbgunzI have effects enabled. a very select few. no cube02:50
cordicepsI guess that'd be enough for ldd to detect cube deps, no?02:51
vbgunzmy god02:57
vbgunzI finally got windows 7 to print a page on my printer... sheeesh. kubuntu can be such a drama queen02:57
vbgunzcordiceps: what were you looking for anyhow?03:00
cordicepsvbgunz: trying to win an argument about fluxbox not being hard to port to wayland. fluxbox deps are only 22, 10 of them not related to X so just 10.03:02
vbgunzhahaha, nice03:02
vbgunzglad to be of ammo to you03:02
westyin ubuntu the iphone works great, displaying apps as folders etc. why doesnt Kubuntu have similar functionality? or am i missing something?03:11
Daskreechvbgunz: hoemmgee03:12
Daskreechwhat made the difference?03:12
Daskreechwesty: what does that functionality in Ubuntu. If you install it most likely you will get a similar result03:13
vbgunzDaskreech: not sure. I believe samba may have made the difference. the windows 7 find printer dialog didn't find anything. I browsed the network from explorer and their it was all lonely dying for a click. so I clicked the poor little guy and made a test print and BOOM headshot03:13
westyDaskreech, good question. I have been looking for similar libs...03:15
Daskreechvbgunz: http://vibeus.wippiespace.com/pictures/gifs/boom headshot.gif03:15
Daskreechvbgunz: http://vibeus.wippiespace.com/pictures/gifs/boom%20headshot.gif03:15
DaskreechI have no idea who that guy is but he turns up a lot03:15
Daskreechwesty: perhaps ask in #ubuntu what library is mounting the ios device?03:16
vbgunzDaskreech: you gotta find his video03:16
DaskreechI presume you know him03:16
vbgunzyou gotta also understand a bit about the counter-strike game03:17
vbgunzit's a hilarious video that really touches on some real issues about that game and it's competitiveness and the samurai gamer nature it produces03:17
westyDaskreech, seems like I have all the apple libs (mobiledevice) i'll start up an ubuntu sesson on a laprot and watch to see what connects03:17
Daskreechwesty: if you have ubuntu on this machine try run nautilus03:18
Daskreechvbgunz: one day when I have time ;)03:18
vbgunzDaskreech: yeah, I don't blame ya. it's addictive03:19
westyDaskreech, no naultilus on this machine03:24
cordicepsvbgunz: hi again :)03:26
cordicepssorry to bother, do you mind pasting the results of ldd /usr/bin/kwin?03:27
DaskreechNot in here please :)03:27
cordicepsof course not03:27
Beta_hi peeps03:29
Beta_i have a question03:29
Beta_how do i install a third party device driver?03:30
cordicepsvbgunz: are you still around?03:31
DaskreechBeta_: modprobe driver_name03:31
DaskreechUmm ok03:32
Beta_i'm a complete noob in  Linux03:34
cordicepscan anyone here paste on a site such as http://paste.pocoo.org/ paste the results of ldd /usr/bin/kwin?03:35
Beta_i have the  Linux install cd but all i can do is use  arviche program on it03:35
cordicepspreferably if using effects with cube enabled03:35
Beta_.gz.tar file03:35
DaskreechBeta_: Right lets take a step back then03:35
Daskreechwhat are you trying to get working?03:35
Beta_the rtl8187 wireless03:36
Beta_it works but cut's out a lot03:37
Beta_lose signal or no internet03:37
Beta_on windows it works fine\03:38
fayazcordiceps: http://paste.kde.org/76033/raw/03:38
Beta_i have a drv.tar.gz file03:38
fayazcordiceps: no cube or anything. i use activities now...03:38
Beta_i also have stack.tar.gz file\03:39
cordicepsfayaz: thanks, I just wanted with cube and effects turned on to see hom many deps that pulls.03:42
Beta_i looked everywhere in kubuntu and couldn't find a way to install the drivers03:42
DaskreechBeta_: ok hold up a bit03:43
Daskreechwhere are you getting these drivers from?03:43
Beta_the original install cd03:43
DaskreechBeta_: serious? it came with Linux drivers?03:43
Beta_for the RTL818703:43
Daskreechremind me to send them money03:43
cordicepsfayaz: what's the difference between cube + effects and activities?03:44
Beta_it's for an alfa anntena03:44
Beta_long range03:44
westyis that the usb twin antennea one?03:45
Beta_in the the readme it syas this03:45
Beta_< Installation >03:45
Beta_Runing the scripts can finish all operations of building up modules03:45
Beta_from the source code and start the nic.03:45
Beta_1. Build up the drivers from the source code03:45
Beta_  ./makedrv03:45
Beta_2. load the driver module to kernel and start up nic03:45
Beta_  ./wlan0up03:45
FloodBotK1Beta_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
Beta_what is the nic ?03:45
DaskreechBeta_: use paste.ubuntu.com as the robot says03:45
DaskreechNIC = Network interface card03:46
Daskreechit's how you connect to the internet03:46
Beta_how do i run those scripts?03:46
DaskreechBeta_: Just to note to you that this is a deep end baptism in Linux03:47
Beta_there are 6 files in directory03:47
westymight be called a Tek, or something like that?03:47
Daskreechmost normal people in this day won't ever do something like this so you can keep on if you want to find out a lot about how Linux works03:47
Daskreech I'm sure there is a faster way to get it working03:47
Beta_jeje i do wan't to get off windows03:48
Beta_and i do like kubuntu a lot03:48
westywhats the name of it?03:48
Beta_just need stable internet to download all the pakages jeje03:49
westyBeta_, HornetTek?03:50
Beta_no alfa networks03:50
Beta_it works somewhat with the defualt driver03:50
westyi had a high power one but its at work....it too had a realtek driver03:51
Beta_but i keep getting page not found03:51
Daskreechwesty: did you get it working?03:51
=== ubuntu is now known as FaTeieDeR
westyyes, with the new kernel in Ubuntu it worked fine03:51
=== RKyle is now known as RKyle|away
westyi havent used it with Kubuntu....03:51
westymight try a different wireless manager03:52
Beta_i works fine with ubuntu03:52
westyah ha03:52
westylatest version of Kubuntu installed?03:52
Beta_just as in windows same hotspot and all03:52
Beta_i have 10.1003:52
westyi would get the latest one, the driver is improved in the kernel, at least in mine03:53
westyso you can use kpackagekit to upgrade03:53
westyits worth it, the newer KDE version fixes many bugs03:53
Beta_cooll, but isn't there a way to use mu cd to update it?03:53
Beta_for now03:54
westyyou could use a newer CD, but best would be internet03:54
Beta_i also downloaded the updated lunix driver offf the alfa site03:55
Beta_but i have no clue what to do with it03:55
westythe reason being is that you may have added packages that are not on the cd03:55
westybuilding the linux driver is no easy task03:55
westyi found getting full support by updating was much easier :)03:56
Beta_how about a debian package?03:57
DaskreechBeta_: would probably work if the linux kernel versions match up03:57
Beta_well i guess i'm stuck for now03:59
Beta_cya peeps thanks for the help :)04:01
Beta_good night04:01
CrellOK, odd question.04:08
CrellI'm trying to get the gnome network manager, nm-applet, to run in Kubuntu because the KDE network manager is, still, not recognizing the wireless chip in a laptop.04:09
CrellWhen I run nm-applet on the command line I get a notice "cannot open display: : 0"04:09
CrellI know I've seen this before and there's some extra thing I need to do to allow that program to run from the cli and start in X, but I don't recall what.04:09
CrellAnyone have a better memory than I do? :-)04:09
katsrcis there repo available for KDE SC 4.7 on Kubuntu yet?04:09
katsrcgenerally Kubuntu usually packages the updates them first out of all the other distros04:10
dan_lI think 4.7 is just an incremental anyhow....amirite?04:11
mariecould someone help me with skype and a webcam. i followed a few of the guides... nothing is working. I do not recieve any erros, all i get is a black screen when i test it.04:11
dan_lmarie:  can you confirm that the camera is working outside of skype?04:12
mariemy cam works with cheese and camorama04:12
mariehaha- got a head of me04:12
mariewiat- changing my name.04:12
dan_lAnd skype is giving you guff?04:12
mariejust realized what im signed on as04:12
=== marie is now known as SubCool
dan_lwhatever marie04:13
dan_lwe all know who you really are04:13
dan_lI'm messing with you.04:13
SubCoolah- so ya.. it just wont work...04:13
dan_lIt's probably because skype is an M$ product.  You can't expect that to work.04:13
dan_lsubcool, what have you tried?04:14
SubCoolit is???04:15
CrellSkype hasn't been a MS product long enough for them to break it. :-)04:15
SubCoolCrell, ya it is- its MS04:15
dan_lCrell doesn't know MS very well.04:15
SubCooli tried some environtment thing- i tried some scripot04:15
CrellMS just bought Skype last week. :-)04:15
SubCool- ugh.. there goes skype04:15
SubCoolsucked pretty bad to begin with..04:15
SubCoolwhy didnt they upgrade it more? its like bare bones04:16
=== ubuntu is now known as kubuntu
=== kubuntu is now known as ubuntu
dan_lSubcool:  what kind of web cam?04:17
ubuntuwhat package do i install to get opengl screensavers like euphoria?04:18
SubCoolLogitech Communicate STX04:18
kubuntuwhat package gives me a bunch of gl screensavers?04:21
dan_lmind the trolls, kids.04:22
dan_lKubuntu:  maybe try searching?04:22
kubuntui already installed everything in the default repos and i dont see them showing up04:23
kubuntumaybe just helping me by telling me a pack name to look for?04:23
DevCoreNeed extras repository04:24
kubuntuk, thanks04:25
SubCoolany luck dan_l - i located two of those Howto's for the skype and webcams. I dont understand why it doesnt work. It has worked on this computer before, i think before i updated to 11.404:32
dan_lsubcool:  I'm waiting for my wife to get me her web cam04:32
dan_lbecause that's the one she has04:33
valorieSubCool: by any chance to you have an ATI driver?04:33
valorieati controller, I mean04:33
valorieif you don't know, try the command lspci in the console04:34
valoriethat will list your equipment04:34
vbgunzcordiceps: whats up04:38
SubCoolum.. no- doubtful.04:39
SubCoolvalorie, this is an emachine04:39
valoriewell then, my fix won't work04:39
SubCoolthanks :)04:40
valoriehowever, what I did was visit #ubuntu-kernel04:41
valoriewhich you might find useful, if it was working before, and now is not04:41
valoriethey can help you figure out what's wrong, and how to fix it04:41
valorievery nice people04:41
SubCoolgreat- thanks :)04:41
valoriegood luck!04:42
dan_lsubcool:  give me about 10 minutes and I'll try it out04:50
SubCoolthanks- im here kinda.. i;'ve looked up a couple other things. it has to be something with the upgrade.. i saw a few times u have to re do this when u upgrade..04:51
westyDaskreech, I asked about using an iphone with Kubuntu, you were right05:05
westyDaskreech, I was using a Handbrake and it saw my iphone, so i added nautilus05:05
westyand there it is. why Dolphin cant see it is beyond me05:05
westySo cool to know I will never use iTunes again, AND have more functionality then any other system05:06
* Linkmaster approves of ridding that horrid piece of software05:07
westyLinkmaster, I hardly ever use it (thank goodness) but now I have even more abilities than it can give me. Woot!05:08
Linkmasterwhat are you using?05:08
westybanshee or amarok do music, books and video, oplayer (on phone) plus Nautilus replace the video because its drag and drop and plays anything, Clibre loads ebooks, and Digikam or Shotwell handle the photos05:10
Linkmasterdon't you love the power of Linux?05:11
mr0wlpower overwhelming05:11
* Linkmaster wishes dolphin would work with iPhones, though he doesn't own one05:11
westyI love Linux05:11
=== root is now known as Guest34055
mr0wlwhy would you wish that05:11
westybecause its a friendly thing to do. and i would rather use Dolphin then nautilus, because until recently there just wasnt a better phone05:12
westyfor me05:12
LinkmasterI dont' like Apple stuff, though its my personal opinion, and I MUCH prefer Dolphin to Nautilus05:13
westydroids are usable now, they werent a few years ago05:14
westyand the moko's just didnt make it here05:14
westyopenmoko the open phone05:15
Linkmasterthe open phone?05:16
LinkmasterI've never heard of this05:16
westynite guys and gals05:18
vbgunzI've been an nvidia user pretty much all my life. I just got an ATI card 2 days ago and all specs and benches say, this radeon 5850 is just all around better than my current nvidia gtx 460. everybody says don't mess with ati, and I swear I am thinking the fanboys are nuts. after 2 days, I give up. I already have the card listed for sale by 6am pst if it doesn't get busy.05:36
vbgunzI guess, I do have a question. how do you get impeccable effects with this card? I tried the radeon driver, the fglrx from the repos. the fglrx from the official amd site and nothing, not a damn thing I do, gets close to the performance my lil ol gtx 460 gave me. it kills in windows *but* I don't care for it that much there05:38
* Linkmaster thinks that the 'lil ol gtx' wasn't so lil05:38
vbgunzI wholeheartedly agree. I read so much on so many sites to avoid ati, avoid it like the black death. I swear I am thinking nvidia got some real shills out there. It can't be all that bad. I am already hating it.05:40
LinkmasterI've always heard that nvidia was the best. I have this old computer running Windows2000, nvidia geforce 4800 I believe is what it is, and it runs my Rise of Nations game without any problems. That game is a monster, my [at the time] top of the line netbook joked and died when i attempted it. Please explain? xD05:45
hnI need help with installing tar.gz, using Kubuntu natty.05:46
hnubottu: tar.gz05:46
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression05:46
hnubottu: install tar.gz05:47
Linkmasterhn: you need to use the konsole, simply 'cd' to the directory where your *.tar.gz file is, type 'tar zxfv file_name.tar.gz' then cd into it, type './compile' then type 'make' then finish with either 'make install ' or 'sudo make install' depending on whether you want it made system-wide or not05:48
Linkmasterhn: those are the generic instructions, be sure to read an README or INSTALL files placed in the untarred/unzipped file05:49
hnLinkmaster: if i do that, the unextracted files are in rpm files...05:50
Linkmasterhuh? thats..what is the file and where is it located?05:50
LinkmasterLike, through the webz, let me play around with it05:50
hnLinkmaster: under RPMS folder... it's the installing file for Haansoft Hancom viewer...05:51
Linkmasterhuh...proprietary stuff. Hm..05:53
Linkmastercan you link me to where you downloaded it from? Or was it a purchased copy?05:53
SubCooldan_l, ya no go05:58
dan_lSorry Subcool.  I've been sidetracked.05:58
dan_lWhat's your email addy?05:58
dan_lI've got the same one05:59
dan_lsame cam.   rather.05:59
SubCooli gotcha05:59
vbgunzcan somebody say my name?06:08
Linkmastervbgunz: ?06:14
vbgunzmy notifications are broke06:14
LinkmasterDid you make sure the IRC was minimized first? and maybe if you restart plasma/knotifier, it might work again06:14
vbgunzok count to 3 bud06:15
D-coyhi all06:15
gizmo_how can i get a movie?06:16
pckodersis there anybody to help me out06:29
Linkmasterjust post your issue06:30
pckoderswats the use of QtDesigner and Qt IDE>06:31
hnLinkmaster: http://www.hancom.co.kr/downLoad.downPU.do?mcd=003 , the second post, the download link.....06:33
Linkmasterpckoders: to develop things if you know/understand Qt. I'm just getting into it though, so I can't help very much though06:33
pckodersk. thanks06:33
Linkmasterhn: I'll take a look t it for you06:33
pckodersthat will be great.06:34
hnLinkmaster: thnx....06:34
Linkmasterhn: no problem, it just finished downloading...hmm...hold on06:35
Linkmasterhn: Ark just told me it was a bunch of broken stuff...hm. :l06:38
Linkmastercan you use dropbox to upload the original tar.gz file ?06:39
hnLinkmaster: no... i'm using freenode webchat...06:39
Linkmastersame here :P06:40
Linkmasterwell, I'm actually using a client, but regardless. Can you mediafire/rapidshare it or something?06:40
hnI'll make a link over skydrive....06:41
hnLinkmaster: uploading... plz hold on.....06:45
Linkmastertake your time, I have insomnia, so its all good06:45
=== johnny is now known as Guest61189
hnLinkmaster: hww... http://www.mediafire.com/?294tvvptk9bp21f this is the link....07:21
Linkmasterhn: its downloading now, its a large download so itll take some time for me07:25
LinkmasterI'm assuming you have an .hwp file that needs to be opened, don't you?07:25
hnLinkmaster; long time uploading too... :)07:25
hnLinkmaster: yess....07:25
Guest61189Is there a way to kpackageit open without password?07:26
LinkmasterGuest61189: no, that is to prevent people from installing/removing packages that aren't supposed to/are supposed to be there07:27
Linkmasteryou can have it permenantly remember the password[I forgot how] but thats not recommended07:27
Guest61189I used to have it remembered (in kwallet I think) but in ubuntu...07:28
LinkmasterHm...Im not sure. I always leave my security measures on, often beefed up07:29
Guest61189Linkmaster...I like to write my passwords on my e-mails and foruns...but...07:30
Guest61189Everytime I enter and upgrade or update from bugs...07:31
Guest61189I have xubuntu,kubuntu,fluxbox...07:31
Guest61189every hour I have some update or upgrade...07:31
Guest61189That sucks...07:31
LinkmasterHm..I dont' get updates that much07:32
Guest61189...I don't know why I have all that images...but...I like it..07:33
LinkmasterEach to his own in Linux07:34
Guest61189O.K. ...Your dolphin (if you like this file manager) has background??07:36
akishi all. after one week of searching i realised and cross-checked that my browser (ff and chrome) cannot load "heavy" pages because my wireless pcmcia card cannot get so much data these need, because when i connected my pc through ethernet everything as ok and very very fast. although i am next to my router wireless cannot operate so many data that "heavy" page need and certain pages load slow or not at all. is there possibility to fix this problem of pcmcia07:38
akiscard driver (under win xp everything was ok with is card) or is there any possibility to make this card take more data information or it is better to install a repeater and connect trhough ethernet, because the normal base of my pc is in a room next to router?07:38
Guest61189what kind of sites??07:41
Guest61189Maybe my ff does it to...I have some troubles to load some pics (even in sites with few data)07:43
Guest61189Than I have to F5...a lot of times07:44
akisyes. blogs and everythin google related (google maps or certain times google search and every site using google ads or maps form google)07:44
akischrome is checked form me that is more faster than ff. so i am running on chrome, but still cannot load them07:45
LinkmasterTry rekonq? or bing maps...07:46
Guest61189Ya...that's good too!!I used konqueror sometimes!!07:47
LinkmasterI use FF for two things, one is a heavy flash user, the other is a specific game, and I still don't know why I use only FF for it :P07:48
akisi tried reckonq yesterday. the same result. the problem is not in browsers and the procedure of pages' "translation". the problem is in the procedure the data are coming in the pc through the pcmcia card07:48
Guest61189I don't know if you know about that...but konqueror can turn uy buttons available even in sites with java blocking it!!07:48
akisbecause as i am pluging the wire or the ethernet everything is absolutely ok. very-very fast and the dowwnloadin speed from 1mb/s is coming over 1,3-1,4mb/s07:49
akisf5 is a reload procedure?07:50
akisi am trying but is worthless. chrome cannot load now for example this page http://www.ethemis.gr/ even i reloaded 10 times. i f i plug the wire it will be downled in millisecs!07:51
Guest61189...where are you from???07:52
Linkmasterhn: I got the same thing..I have no clue what to do with .rpm files on a debain-based sysetm. Let me look around some more07:53
Guest61189hn I saw some plugins in kpackagekit...but probably won't works as fedora...but..07:54
Guest61189I didn't try it...07:55
Guest61189akis Where are you from??07:55
akisi tried everythin to solve the problem (adbock, java block, javascript blog). everything but no resutl. one week i lloking for the solution. i contacted ISP. all was OK. finally yesterday i plued ethernet and ...what magic... i solve the case. so the problem is what to do...make a hole to the wall to pass a cable? buy an access potin with ethernet, so it would the network would be wireless up to access poitn adn then ethernet so i don use my pcmicia card which07:56
akishave this issue or find something to make pcmcia faster?07:56
akissorry for delay...i am typing. i am from Greece.07:56
Linkmasterhn: here you go, I"ll link you to the page I found rather then explain it all07:56
Linkmasterhn: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-rpm-files-in-ubuntu.html07:58
Guest61189akis did you find any site with the same problem that you had?07:58
akisyou mean if i found any complains of other users with the same problem?07:59
Guest61189Очень странно, что он работает на ОС Windows XP и Kubuntu не. (google translator)08:00
Guest61189akis anything simillar to your problem08:01
akisno, nothing at all.08:01
akisbut i am now sure that the proble is on the pcmcia card and the driver. the driver is not so good as this one which is coming with the producti and is suitable for windows so the card works under linux (not only kubuntu but opensuse has the same problem) but not so good that it can take all neccesary data to load heavy pages.08:03
Guest61189I used to configure my lucent win in the ubuntu 5.04 (it war in 1997)...You can access the net...Do ur ff is configured with a limit time to access the pages,and this limit is little enought??08:07
akiswell do  have any idea how to fix the issue i mentioned already?08:20
hnLinkmaster: are you still here?08:20
=== johnny is now known as Guest62193
hnLinkmaster: not here now......?08:23
Guest62193akis http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox%20cannot%20load%20websites%20but%20other%20programs%20can08:23
Guest62193does it helps??08:24
Guest62193akis what is ur pcmcia model?08:25
Guest621934:30 at my fuse...08:31
Guest621934:30 a.m.08:31
=== s is now known as Guest81271
akiswell, well, well. my pcmcia card is a tp-link tl-wn310g. but. there is a big but...i just remembered i had a usb tp-link wn322g. i connect it this device in my pc and oh...my God...everything i s running fast as when i connect it throug ethernet. this the curious world of the computers!!!08:43
Guest62193akis achei alguma coisa...mas naum consigo ler!!08:50
Guest62193akis...sorry...I find something but this topic ook likes another language..08:53
xcross44Van itt magyar??09:13
Tm_T!hu | xcross4409:16
ubottuxcross44: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál09:16
dieter_moin moin09:27
wijiononeed help09:31
wijionohow to play playonlinux09:31
AristideI have a very bad FPS with Kubuntu :/10:14
AristideI have a Intel GM45, kwin say "20 FPS"10:15
AristideHow improve this FPS ?10:16
pckoders@Aristide:  update ur graphics memory10:20
Aristidepckoders: How ? :o10:20
AristideHi pckoders ^^10:20
pckodersinsert another graphics crd.10:21
AristideIts is a labtop :/10:21
Aristidepckoders: Do you have a another solution ?10:23
pckodersthere is a software called as 3Danalyzer use it. It converts10:23
pckodersur PHYSICAL RAM memory to graphics memory. Search for it and download it.10:23
uberdubcan anyone help with wifi?10:33
AristideSorry but pckoders__ i don't find this programme :/10:45
=== massimo_ is now known as Guest18168
romeusHello :-), does anybody know if it's possible to mouse+key shortcuts in KDE (e.g. crtl+shift+click to close a window, crtl+alt+click drag to rotate cube) ?11:16
Mario__hi guys11:19
Mario__anyone alive?11:20
Mario__i just installed kubuntu for the first time in my life :P11:21
Mario__always been windows user but i decided to cut it :D11:21
romeusI moved from Windows to Ubuntu a few years ago myself11:22
romeusjust trying Kubuntu now11:22
Mario__well isnt it the same just with kde instead of gnome11:22
ArchangelSe7enyup .. ideally the same11:23
Mario__some people told me 32 bit is better for drivers and such, but 32bit linux does read and use 8gb ram right?11:23
Peace-Mario__: yes11:23
Peace-Mario__: 32bit should be nicer11:23
Peace-for drivers... but...11:24
Peace-if you have 8 gig i would try before the live cd 64bit11:24
Mario__well consider that its not like i need everything at beginning as im new to linux so i still feel lost11:24
Peace-Mario__: livecd is easy to use11:24
Mario__i know11:24
Peace-try if everything on hardware works ==> install11:25
Peace-if not burn the 32bit11:25
ArchangelSe7enif you have more than 4 GBs ram , better to stick with the 64bit version11:25
Mario__what changes mainly11:25
Peace-Mario__: where are you from btw?11:25
ArchangelSe7enpackages availability is the same for both as 32bit packages work in 64bit OSs11:26
Peace-Mario__: e alloora vai nel canale italiano11:26
Peace-!it | Mario__11:26
ubottuMario__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:26
Mario__ma va11:26
Mario__i prefer talking in english11:26
Mario__hence why i dont even install os in italian11:26
Peace-Mario__: i guess you will get much more support on that channel11:26
Peace-Mario__: me to11:26
Peace-ok , now11:27
Peace-first of all you need to test the kernel11:27
Peace-kernel recognize hardware  that is the big difference11:27
Peace-64bit drivers are less11:27
Peace-... how could i say??11:27
Peace-you could get more problems on drivers11:28
Mario__i got what you mean11:28
Peace-but it's not said11:28
Mario__but tbh i guess i should stay on 32 bit snice i want to program11:28
Peace-Mario__: ok then install 32bit11:28
uberdubhi, can anyone help wit wifi?11:45
uberdubit was working fine upon install, and then it just quit, and shows as unclaimed11:46
Peace-uberdub: ?12:12
uberdubPeace: Hi12:16
Peace-uberdub: hi12:16
Peace-so what's your problem with wifi ?12:16
uberdubwell, was running fine when I installed it, but now it shows as unclaimed, and dmesg returns "cant reset chip"12:17
uberdubone sec Ill pastebin12:17
uberdubPeace: Been trying to figure it out for hours now12:20
uberdubeverything else is working great so far, even suspend12:20
uberdubit worked at first otb12:21
Mario__still not sure wheter i should go on 64 or 32 bit12:22
Peace-Mario__: :S12:26
uberdubPeace: sorry accidentally disconnected NM, couldnt see possible responses12:27
Peace-uberdub: you have to write well my name12:27
Peace-it's Peace-12:27
Peace-not Peace12:27
uberdubPeace- did you get the pastebin?12:28
Peace-uberdub: omg atheros ath9k12:28
Peace-uberdub: i mean it works or not?12:28
Peace-you can use wifi ??12:28
uberdubit did12:28
uberdubno not now12:29
uberdublspci, and lsmod everything looks fine12:29
Peace-rfkill --list12:29
uberdubbut cant load wlan0, one sec trying rfkill12:30
uberdubnothing blocked12:31
uberdubno wireless extensions12:32
Peace-sudo rmmod ath9k && sudo modprobe ath9k12:32
uberdubdoes nothing12:32
uberdubtried that a couple times12:33
Peace-lspci | grep -i Network12:34
uberdubahhh, tried again getting: ERROR: Module ath9k does not exist in /proc/modules12:34
uberdubhow to add it to the /proc/modules file?12:37
uberdubseemd to be in there already: ath9k_common 13611 0 - Live 0xf8b4800012:39
uberdubath9k_hw 300328 1 ath9k_common, Live 0xf8eb200012:39
uberdubath 19141 1 ath9k_hw, Live 0xf804e00012:39
uberduboops sorry shoulda pastebin it12:39
fayaz:-/ the "Council elections" url given in the channel topic is giving a 40412:44
uberdubany suggestions Peace- ?12:47
ryrychhi, when will Amarok 2.4.1 come out in Ubuntu repos?12:51
ryrychI have a fresh installation and it isn't there12:51
uberdubany suggestions Peace- ?12:54
fayazclaydoh: ?12:55
ryrychah, I forgot that newer Amarok versions comes out in kubuntu backports13:05
delacusing Maveric, I got a strange bug. Sometimes (quite often) when I start the KDE session and open window, minimize it to the taskbar and then unminimize, whole KDE and session crashes. Anyone knows anything about this?13:06
delacthe effect there is as if I had hit ctrl-alt-backspace. I just get logged out immediately13:09
Cross_i dont know how to fix the fonts properly on a 1900x1200 resolution screen13:17
Cross_they get either too big or too small13:17
Cross_any suggestion?13:21
BluesKajHey folks13:53
Cross_how do i install java14:04
Cross_? D:14:04
c2tarunCross_: from kpackage kit14:05
Cross_yea i am on it, i typed java but  is it the openjdk one?14:05
c2tarunCross_: yeah.14:06
Cross_im new to linux so im trying to figure it out still lol14:06
Cross_webstart and runtime? both of them?14:06
c2tarunCross_: get the jdk it includes everything14:07
c2tarunCross_: at least everything you need.14:08
Cross_may i ask you something else btw?14:08
c2tarunCross_: sure14:08
Cross_(consider im new to linux also) some people told me its better if i stay on the 32 bit rather than the 64 one for compatibility stuff, but i have a feeling i should switch to 64, what do you think? i got 8gb ram14:09
Tm_Tunless you know you have to stick with 32bit, I see no reason14:09
Cross_see no reason in?14:09
c2tarunwell first 8GB is hell lot of RAM :) and I dont think if you have 64 bit processor there is any reason to stick with 32 bit.14:09
c2tarunI also started with 64 bit, but its completely your call :)14:10
Tm_TCross_: I see no reason to stick with 32bit14:10
Cross_oh well then screw it im gonna go for 64 once its done downloading.. a day of low level format then 32 bit and now ill format again woot xD14:11
Cross_i feel kinda lost to be honest by coming from windows.. but i dont wanna have my eyes covered forever14:11
c2tarunCross_: normally all the applications we pack are build and tested on both 32 and 64 bit machines and in case of any error its fixed. so it wont be a problem :)14:12
Cross_i had problems with fonts because im on 1920x108014:12
c2tarunCross_: Welcome!! when I started I dual booted my system with win 7 and ubuntu and in 3 days time I removed windows... :D14:12
Cross_nono i already removed it :P14:13
Cross_i decided i want to cut it for good14:13
Cross_i want to learn how a computer really works and that will never be possible on windows14:13
c2tarunCross_: thats great. :) and about fonts, you can change them from system-settings>>application appearance14:13
Cross_yea i changed fonts bt in the end i had to change dpi only14:14
Cross_because they were either getting too small or too big14:14
Cross_i got 37" screen14:14
c2tarun37" O_O that's almost size of my table.14:15
Cross_the thing i hate of being a noob in something is that i feel like asking for help but if i only ask for help ill never lean14:16
BluesKajCross_, a hint if you're running that resolution on a large monitor , enable anti aliasing in fants and force 120dpi.14:16
BluesKajerr fonts14:16
Cross_i did, idk why somehow it feels laggy14:16
Cross_i got a gt 24014:16
wn1zidI gave up windoze 5 yrs ago, and am both happy and satisfied , once you learn linux, you both learn the power it has, as well as how configurable it is.14:17
Cross_like if i alt tab with all those effects14:17
wn1zidAlso, learning linux makes computing fun, thinks just work, and stay working.14:17
wn1zidthings *14:17
c2tarunCross_: and this channel is always open, if somehow you didn't get the answer of your problem you can ask on kubuntuforums.net14:18
Cross_well to be honest i didnt have many problems with windows 7.. but i want to learn programming and to learn and see how a computer work, so the first thing i had to do is say goodbye to windows :P14:19
fayaz_Cross_: i think then you should checkout how to really use the command line...14:20
wn1zidlol, ya, all windoze teaches you, is to open that wallet and shell out for every key stroke.14:20
Cross_ye i dont know much about the command line14:21
wn1zidplus, it has 3 NSA keys built in it, meaning, the government has 3 built in back doors in windoze.14:21
BluesKajCross_, actually there's really no need to take sides against windows , lots of ppl dual boot because it's necessary for their work.14:21
fayaz_Cross_: you can find lots of books and tutorials...14:21
=== seba is now known as Guest62952
Cross_i dont take sides against it, as in i always use it and then i hate it a while after lol14:22
c2tarunwn1zid: is it true?? o_O14:22
wn1zidgoogle it14:22
wn1zidnsa keys built into windows14:22
Cross_i just need to stop thinking "closed"14:22
wn1ziduse that copy and paste it into google search14:22
c2tarunwn1zid: hmm... I read somewhere that NSA suggested only 32 bit keys to be used by public so that they can easily crack them. Open source community didn't listened to it :)14:23
wn1zidever since the suit against microsoft, all software has to give the government its code14:23
BluesKajwn1zid, as if  :)14:25
wn1zidevery time a customer brings in a win machine, i try to convert them14:26
c2tarunand I guess NSA is forcing most of the companies to supply win with there machines :(*14:27
Cross_looks like a religion14:27
wn1zidalso, bill gates is into eugenics, meaning, bill gates is sponsoring vaccines to reduce the population14:28
Cross_a program to burn iso?14:28
c2tarunwell on kubuntu its k3b14:29
wn1zidi use both gnome and kde, i even have a machine with both on the same build, its pretty cool14:30
c2tarunwn1zid: well I tried it once and got scared by seeing too much applications :(14:30
martin_can someone tell me, what to do, when i cant install the package "libc6"?14:31
Cross_wait k3b what is it an img burner?14:31
wn1zidlol, ya, till you get things configed right, it can be intimidating14:31
c2tarunmartin_: give us a reason why you cant install?14:31
c2tarunCross_: start a new data project14:32
martin_i installed kubuntu 5 minutes ago and got a error, so now kubuntu works, but i get errors when i try "sudo apt-get install libc6"14:32
c2tarunmartin_: you tried fixing packages?14:32
c2tarunsudo apt-get -f install14:33
BluesKajwn1zid, I think you've been rading too many conspiracy theory pages , Bill Gate supports eugenics in order to snuff out diseases not people,14:33
c2tarunBluesKaj: bill gates is retired I guess.14:33
martin_yes, i tried, but then he says, that there are no depencies for libc614:33
c2tarunmartin_: sudo apt-get update14:33
c2tarunBluesKaj: and 32 bit suggestion by NSA is in my course book :(14:34
wn1zidno, thats the bluff, between him and al gore, they plan on getting rid of 80% of the population, its in al gores book, earth in the balance14:34
BluesKaja suggestion doesn't mean it's put into,practice14:35
c2tarunBluesKaj: well its NSA :) they are the boss.. a suggestion from there side and be a command for many ;)14:37
c2tarun*and = can14:37
BluesKajand putting theories and beliefs into book doesn't make it reality \14:37
c2tarunyeah offcourse but you have to agree on one thing, BG never supported open source code14:37
martin_ah, can be installed (i'm a noob, sry), thanks c2tarun14:39
BluesKajof course not, he's a marketing predator/businessman, what do you expect? :)14:39
c2tarun:) at least if he can't support he shouldn't criticize it ;)14:40
c2tarunas far as I can see open source products are better than windows products :) (except office :( dont know why but I feel that MS office is really good)14:41
Cross__it got stuck i had to restart with reset button14:41
Cross__i was just enlarging a window14:41
Cross__and then lets say "explorer.exe" crashed xD to make you get what i meant but it was totally stuck >_> what may be the cause14:42
* BluesKaj is thankful the he doesn't need to use MS Office anymore14:43
dan_lBwa.  I still have to use MS Office.14:43
dan_lBecause, effectively, I am the spreadsheet king14:43
dan_land when it comes to spreadsheet making14:43
dan_lThere is only excel.14:43
c2tarunI am trying to use libre office these days :)14:43
dan_lOh libre office isn't bad.  I do quitea  bit with it.  But Libre Office Calc isn't great.14:45
dan_lAt least, it doesn't serve my needs.  Others---probably so.  Koffice isn't terrible either, just sayin'.14:45
c2tarundan_l: well you should post wishlist bug on LP so that we can fwd it to libre office developers :) may be they add the features you want14:46
c2tarunBTW anyone here using apple laptops of PC's and kubuntu?14:47
c2tarunBTW anyone here using apple laptops or PC's and kubuntu?14:48
dan_lehhhh, I wouldn't want to do that to the poor libre office folks.  Heck, I don't think ooocalc had a feature added in the last 9000 years anyhow14:48
wn1zidI have yet to load libre, or even use it, is it better or worse14:49
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
dan_lwn1zid:  about the same, imo.  The splash screen changed though.14:50
c2tarunwn1zid: what version are you using?14:50
wn1zidok, thanks, its what i expected14:50
changedsoulIm trying our the newest version of kubuntu. when running the live cd, its got my wireless working. When I installed it and booted, I have no wireless. Can someome help me? I installed the broadcom package but still no luck14:50
wn1zidi still have the orrigional oo14:50
c2tarunchangedsoul: open jockey-kde14:50
c2tarunchangedsoul: and see if your wifi driver is there or not.14:51
c2tarunwn1zid: I mean version? lucid, mav, natty or what?14:51
wn1zido, 10.10, i also have and use 9.04, and even have old drives with 7.1014:52
wn1zidall 100%14:52
c2tarunoh... natty is shipped with libre office :) but mav still have open office14:52
wn1zidya, didn't know what 2 expect from libre so i kept oo in it14:52
dan_lthere haven't been many visible improvements.  Just some branding changes.   But again, I'm not being critical.  If you liked OOO you'll like libre office.14:53
wn1zidi may check it out14:54
changedsoulc2tarun: Yes, it shows my card. I selected activate, but then got an error message saying to see /var/log/jokey.log. But his has soooo much stuff in it. At the bottom I see stuff about blacklisted drivers?14:55
c2tarunchangedsoul: ohh.... there was a guy with nick bigbrovar, he is the guy who will surely help you. you have to wait till he show up, or if anyone else suggest some help14:57
changedsoulc2tarun: any idea why the live cd would work, but the install decided to blacklist my driver?14:57
c2tarunchangedsoul: well if live CD worked then it means that kernel detected your wifi driver automatically, it should have worked now.14:58
BluesKajchangedsoul, open /etc/modules and add the line 'wl' , without quotes. save and exit ..relogin15:00
killerklownhi everybody15:01
killerklowndoes anybody knows where i could get help on updating my ubuntu netbook remix to the newest version <ß15:02
changedsoulBluesKaj: any idea how I can open it? Its not letting me save the filw15:04
killerklowndoes anybody knows where i could get help on updating my ubuntu netbook remix to the newest version ?15:05
BluesKajchangedsoul, alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/modules ..sorry i should have mention when editing you have to use kdesudo for GUI edits or suo for the terminal15:05
BluesKajerr sudo for terminal15:05
c2tarunmartin_: hello again :)15:10
martin_hello tarun;o) i still have some problems with my libc615:10
martin_tried "sudo apt-get -f install" and now he wants to remove all packages on my system15:11
ubuntufreakHi guys is there a way to backup my /home directory into an external hdd and copy it back after installing the os15:11
martin_"sudo apt-get install libc6" also doesnt work15:11
c2taruncan you pastebin the output of sudo apt-get -f install?15:11
martin_yes, one moment15:12
c2tarunubuntufreak: yeah, copy it, what so difficult?15:12
ubuntufreakc2tarun: sorry i meant / directory with all the current settings15:13
changedsoulB3rz3rk3r: Sorry, nogo on the /etc/modules file15:13
c2tarunohh.. you mean root directory?15:13
martin_martin@martin-K52Je:~$ sudo apt-get -f install15:13
martin_Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig15:13
martin_Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut15:13
martin_Statusinformationen werden eingelesen... Fertig15:13
martin_Abhängigkeiten werden korrigiert... Fertig15:13
FloodBotK1martin_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:13
martin_Das folgende Paket wurde automatisch installiert und wird nicht mehr benötigt:15:13
killerklowndoes anybody knows where i could get help on updating my ubuntu netbook remix to the newest version ?15:14
c2tarunubuntufreak: http://www.tricksfind.in/2011/04/hello-friends-i-have-been-testing.html15:14
c2tarunubuntufreak: I blogged about creating backup, just want to ask one question, are you going to format your root partition?15:15
Daskreechdan_l: What does Excel provide that Libre office doesn't for you?15:15
c2tarunmartin_: sorry I dont get it :( what language it is/15:15
Daskreechchangedsoul: Want to pastebin your log?15:15
ubuntufreakc2tarun: yes im going to reinstall ubuntu again by formatting the system completely15:16
dan_lDaskreech:  It's a long list:)15:16
c2tarunubuntufreak: well in that case you need to know something apart from that blog15:16
ubuntufreakc2tarun: actually im not able to access the link15:16
Daskreechubuntufreak: copy /etc and /home15:16
martin_german, sry, i try to translate it15:17
c2tarunubuntufreak: why?15:17
c2tarunmartin_: change your system language for a while15:17
changedsoulDaskreech: Sure :http://www.pastebin.ca/207160015:17
Daskreechdan_l: top 5? :)15:17
ubuntufreakc2tarun: getting server not found error15:17
ubuntufreakDaskreech: will that alone suffice or i need to take the backup of all the directories ?15:17
c2tarunubuntufreak: try this http://tinyurl.com/3zspf7m15:18
ubuntufreakc2tarun: same error :(15:18
c2tarunDaskreech: I think he also want to backup all the installed applications and everything else.15:18
Daskreechchangedsoul: you blacklisted the driver?15:18
c2tarunhmmm wait...15:18
Daskreechubuntufreak: What are you trying to accomplish?>15:18
* BluesKaj wonders what the broadcom kernel module is15:18
changedsoulDaskreech: I dont really know what that means15:19
c2tarunubuntufreak: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508715:19
changedsoulDaskreech: live cd had no issues15:19
ubuntufreakDaskreech: somehow my kubuntu installation got corrupted and im able to access only using the live cd15:19
dan_lDaskreech:  top 5:  1.  Pivot tables in excel are invinitely better than data pilot, 2.  data import options from databases are limited, 3.  default charting options are bad (like excel 03 bad), 4.  due to a smaller user base, addons/extensions that are basically mandatory for excel have no counterparts for calc, 5.15:19
ubuntufreakDaskreech: i would like to take a backup of all my data along with the other custom files before i reinstall again15:20
dan_lvolatile formulas and the like tend to blow up calc a lot quicker than they do excel.15:20
martin_hmm, i tried and he said, it doesnt without doing "sudo apt-get -f install"15:20
ubuntufreakc2tarun: thanks will check it !15:20
c2tarunubuntufreak: well if your kubuntu installation is corrupted then just backup /home and no oterh folders15:20
Daskreechubuntufreak: Corrupted how?15:21
BluesKajchangedsoul, in the terminal tell us what this command gives , lspci -n | grep 14e415:21
ubuntufreakDaskreech: actually i had windows that came with the laptop, i removed that and resized my / partition to extend the space before after that i am not able to boot into just blank screen15:22
Daskreechdan_l: invinitely? :)15:22
ubuntufreakc2tarun: yeah sure15:22
dan_lInfinitely:)  I was typing fast.  Or I'm from Romania.15:22
DaskreechEither works as an explanation :)15:22
dan_lAgain, it's no beef.  I'm not one of these clowns running around saying "OH YEAH OOO SUCKS THE BIG ONE"15:23
dan_lif I get stuck on a desert island and excel is unavailable, calc is still better than all of the web options combined, imo (it's the most complete)15:23
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:25
changedsoulBluesKaj: 14e4:435715:26
changedsoulBluesKaj: well - 02:00.0 0280: 14e4:4357 (rev 01)15:26
Daskreechdan_l: I know I quite like a few of the LibreOffice options but Excel is a good deal more complete15:26
ubuntufreakDaskreech: any idea how to get it working or re-installing the os is the only option ?15:27
Daskreechubuntufreak: You could try reinstalling the bootloader15:27
ubuntufreakDaskreech: i tried that but invain15:28
ubuntufreakDaskreech: anyway will take a backup and install new15:28
dan_lDaskreech:  Yup.  And that's probably the only area where I can't immediately use Libre as a direct replacement.  Writer and Impress both do exactly what I need them to do.  Easily.15:29
dan_lAnd Base!  Base is actually really good.15:29
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Daskreechdan_l: I'm sure that for each of those options if you found the "king" of it they would have the same complaints and comments15:34
dan_lRight.  I don't deny it.  Sometimes being an uberuser makes you a little bit dependant.15:36
dan_lHave adobe people switched to gimp at all?15:36
dan_lThat's more a point of curiousity.15:36
BluesKajchangedsoul, sudo modprobe wl15:37
Daskreechdan_l: some have. Disney paid a lot of money to bring Gimp's standards up so they would not have to keep paying adobe15:38
dan_lThat's ok.  Adobe will go out of business soon anyway:)15:38
DaskreechThere are a few depts who still use Adobe though since they just cant be weaned off it15:38
dan_lI didn't realize that disney was involved in gimp.15:39
Daskreechha ha Have you seen their income stream?15:39
Daskreech they will be around a while15:39
changedsoulBluesKaj: That was the first thing I tried, I get an error when doing that:15:39
changedsoulFATAL: Module wl not found.15:39
changedsoulFATAL: Error running install command for wl15:40
montfrasanyone xp with building kde apps from source?15:40
* BluesKaj detects ot cops lurking15:40
montfrasI'm trying to build an app from /unmaintained but cmake complains (as always)15:40
dan_lDaskreech;  No doubt.  But I'd say they'll 'change' in the future.  Flash goes away.15:40
BluesKajchangedsoul, this is a mint site but it should work http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=5705615:40
montfrasI think I need to buil some core libs also, but not sure witch ones15:41
montfraserror is : ERROR: cmake/modules/FindKDE4Internal.cmake not found in ... (bunch of directory's)15:42
Daskreechdan_l: Won't make a difference they will just change it and DW to be a HTML5 IDE which will be far more useful15:44
BluesKaj changedsoul or this could be more appropriate , dunno why there's such a problem with broadcom these days http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#Ubuntu.2BAC8-Debian15:47
dan_lChangedSoul:  have you tried NDISwrapper?15:47
BluesKajdan_l, lets not go there yet15:48
dan_lGood call.15:48
BluesKajlast resort :)15:49
changedsouldan_l: ndiswrapper should not be needed. The driver works under kinux just fine. I got it working in suse, just have to figure it out here in ubuntu :)15:50
changedsoulBluesKaj: question. I need to be root to issue a echo >> file command to a file only root can access, but sudo doesnt work for me. says permission denied15:51
BluesKajchangedsoul, suso su ?15:53
BluesKajerr sudo su15:53
changedsouloh. thanks15:53
=== david is now known as Guest14448
BluesKajDaskreech, I'm not much good with sudo permissions , will sudo su work ?15:54
changedsoulBluesKaj: yeah sudo su worked great15:54
DaskreechBluesKaj: yes15:55
BluesKajok lets hope the module works for wifi15:55
c2tarunanyone using konversation here?15:55
BluesKaj<--- konversation all the way15:56
c2tarunBluesKaj: can you tell me how to hide messages like some has left/joined this server?15:56
changedsoulBluesKaj: Thank you. That site worked for me. Not really sure what I was doing, but I have wireless now15:56
c2tarunBluesKaj: got it :)15:57
c2tarunchangedsoul: congo :)15:57
BluesKajc2 settings/configure konverstaion /chatwindow ..the options are near the top15:57
BluesKajchangedsoul, cool :)15:58
BluesKajchangedsoul, which site helped you , theone with the cutter43 driver?16:02
BluesKajerr b43-fwcutter16:03
changedsoulBluesKaj: this one: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=5705616:14
BluesKajchangedsoul, thanks ,i'll bokmark that for my linux sites folder...it's indeed good to know for future reference16:17
BluesKajok, grass is getting long ...time to go cut it down some16:19
dan_llame blueskaj.  lame.  :)16:22
delaceasiest way to identify mounted partition (shown in dolphin as hard drive) as /dev/sdXX?16:26
=== fille is now known as fille12
Daskreechdelac: type mount on the terminal16:32
delacDaskreech: well, it list the mounted partitions, but that doesnt tell me which /dev/sdXX associates with given mounted device (as seen in dolphin)16:34
Daskreechdelac: can you pastebin the output from mount ?16:35
delacalthough I did find one way: unmount the device, check Partition Manager, mount the device and check again. That way it is possible to associate them16:35
delacnot very easy though...16:36
c2tarundelac: well I think /dev/sdaxx on /home or something gives you location.16:36
c2taruntext after on is location that you can access through dolphin16:36
c2tarunWHAT?? O_O are you even reading what I just posted?16:36
c2tarundelac: ^^16:37
delacc2tarun: hmm, not quite following what you mean...?16:37
c2tarundelac: just tell me, what information did partition manager give you on checking?16:38
akishi all. why dragon cannot paly dvd although i installed 2 extras asked the system?16:38
delacc2tarun: there I can see what partitions are mounted16:38
Daskreechdelac: I'm not sure what you are trying to get. If you click on a partition in Dolphin it will give you a FS path16:38
Daskreechmount will show the mapping of the FS path to the device node16:39
c2tarunakis: install those extras :)16:39
c2tarundelac: me neither getting what are you trying to get :/ and try to understand what Daskreech said ^^16:39
delacDaskreech: I cant find any reference to /dev/sdXX in dolphin anywhere16:39
Daskreechdelac: Dolphin isn't supposed to show that16:40
akisi installed them already16:40
DaskreechI don't even know that dolphin cares16:40
c2tarunakis: well, if you installed them already then there must be no extras :/16:40
c2tarunakis: how did you install them?16:40
* c2tarun dolphin dont care, that's why GUI's for careless services ;)16:41
delacDaskreech: yes, apparently, but that information is usefull sometimes. like now, so it would be nice to get it easily16:41
delacDaskreech: although, I do see now how I can get that info from the mount command, so thanks! :)16:41
Daskreechdelac: that's the fastest way I can think of16:42
DaskreechYou can try sudo fdisk -l which takes some interpretation16:42
akisi had a notification from the info center and i follow the procedure that provide me, just 1-2 clicks and finally i got the message that the installation was succeded.16:43
c2tarunDaskreech: is there any way to format a parition/pen-drive without using any partition manager?16:43
c2tarunakis: and still you are getting those extras?16:43
akisno. no more. but dragon cannot load the disc. it can play only some .vob files but not completely.16:44
Daskreechdelac: You can look in Kinfocenter but that's not quick at all :)16:44
Daskreechpretty though :)16:44
montfrasc2tarun: fdisk, best to read the manpages first It's easy to mess up16:44
Daskreechdelac: you can press F4 in Dolphin and it opens a terminal so that's pretty quick16:44
c2tarunakis: hmm... I dont think dragon has such facility16:44
Daskreechc2tarun: parted16:45
* c2tarun man pages :( I am so scared of them :(16:45
DaskreechIf you don't consider parted a partition manager which it is16:45
Daskreechc2tarun: why?16:45
akisactually dragon plays now .vob files separately but it doen't it play it as dvd.16:45
c2tarunDaskreech: what why? that scare from man pages?16:46
dan_lfastest terminal ever:  yukakke16:46
dan_lOr yukaka16:46
dan_lor whatever it's called16:46
c2tarundan_l: yakuake :)16:46
dan_lRight.  It's way more fun calling it yukakke.  :)16:46
c2tarunDaskreech: man pages seldomly give examples :( without examples its kind of difficult for me.16:47
Daskreechc2tarun: yes what scares you?16:47
c2tarunDaskreech: man pages seldomly give examples :( without examples its kind of difficult for me.16:47
montfrasc2tarun: Yeah quite scary, they do give me a leet hacker feeling :)16:47
Daskreechc2tarun: most commands are not dangerous to run on example files16:47
montfrasand there are lot's of examples online, just think before you ... partition?16:48
c2tarunDaskreech: example files??16:48
c2tarunDaskreech: where are they?16:48
DaskreechMake one16:49
c2tarunohh.. :)16:49
delacDaskreech: oh, I didnt even know about this KInfoCenter. Nice. But it fails to mention the /dev/sdXX, so it's not very useful in this case.16:49
akisany idea why dragon althoug has an option 'play disc' cannot aly the dvd but it can play seperately the .vob files?16:50
Daskreechok :) I hardly ever look at it unless I need something pretty to impress someone16:50
Daskreech I like the memory reporter16:50
Daskreechc2tarun: :)16:50
c2tarunlet me google it16:51
Daskreechc2tarun: if you are playing with formatting a hard drive or something then look up making a swap file16:51
Daskreechyou can format that all yo uwant16:51
c2tarunsure :) I'll keep in mind from next time16:52
c2tarunDaskreech: do you know any channel except #qt to ask qt related question? (sorry this question may be irrelevant to this channel)16:53
tsimpsonc2tarun: why would there be another channel for it? and what's wrong with #qt?16:55
c2taruntsimpson: sorry to say :( but some geek people there are bit rude. They help less and scold more :(16:56
c2taruntsimpson: today I visited that channel after months that also for few seconds :(16:57
Daskreechc2tarun: #kde-devel16:57
=== chad is now known as Guest7922
tsimpsonif it's Qt specific, they'll probably point to to #qt16:58
tsimpsonc2tarun: they are a different channel, so have different culture/rules, you just have to get used to it16:59
tsimpson#qt is really the best resource for Qt advice and support though17:00
Daskreech#bash is horribly horribly rude17:00
Daskreechbut they never fail to actually answer the question and point you to what you need17:00
Daskreechhorribly rude though17:00
dan_llol Daskreech.  I've been in #bash.  It is a little rough.17:03
dan_lthe weak are killed and eaten there17:04
Zeviusjoin #kplayer17:23
Crosswhat should i do if my mic doesnt work on skype? :l17:35
BajK"Packages for the release of the KDE Software Compilation 4.7 Beta 1 are available for Kubuntu 11.04 and Oneiric." - unfortunately not :(17:36
BajK*dreaming* :D17:36
LinkmasterCross: you're having that problem? I did at one point, though I just fiddled around with alsa/pavucontrol it righted itself17:36
LinkmasterBajK: and you sure? D:17:37
Crossyea i got that problem17:37
Crossso where should i go to try and fix it? D:17:37
BajKLinkmaster: :D just dreaming xD17:37
Linkmasterwell, download pavucontrol using 'sudo apt-get install pavucontrol' then open it up, either using konsole or kmenu, konsole is faster since your already there, and then go to 'input tab' click the option that says 'all input devices' and fiddle around with that. Thats how I got my internal mic to work with VoIP programs[I stopped using skype since M$ bought it]17:39
grhi. is there any way to make some application start automaltically when the system starts?17:40
Crossthank you linkmaster17:42
Linkmasterdid it work?17:43
montfrasgr: System Settings -> Search for autostart17:43
Crossyea, but i didnt know how to open it with console17:43
Linkmastergr: yes, go to 'system-settings' scroll towards the bottom, and look for 'autostart'17:44
LinkmasterCross: just type in 'pavucontrol' o:17:44
Crossit works now17:44
LinkmasterGood. Now, get yourself some none-evil, none proprietary VoIP software :P17:44
grok. thanks. i find it.17:45
pckodershello anybody expert in shell programming?18:20
susundberg!ask | pckoders18:21
ubottupckoders: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:21
pckodersIn test command it is given [ -z {$filename} ] Here for wat purpose '-z' option is used and what happens by18:23
pckoders keeping $filename inside { }   ?18:23
susundbergdepends on the interpretter i guess18:24
susundbergbash dash or sh or what?18:24
susundbergand for the brackets i guess its only for the good manner: http://www.techtalkz.com/gentoo-linux/262059-why-variable-names-surrounded-squiggly-brackets-runscripts.html18:27
pckoders@susundberg :  Your link is useful. But I don't find the answer for my question in it.18:28
susundbergpckoders: for the -z or the brackets? or did i miss the question?18:29
pckoders@susundberg: I got the answer for brackets thanks for that. And wat abt -z?18:30
susundbergIn the first link you can find it "string is null, that is, has zero length"18:30
susundberg(google really is your friend)18:30
pckoders@susundberg: thanks for your help.18:32
susundbergpckoders: no prop, happy scripting18:32
BajKwill sudo shutdown -r now also correctly end kde like a shutdown triggered from kickoff?18:32
BajKor do I need to dbus the kcm session manageR?18:32
LinkmasterBajK: yes, I use it all the time :P18:36
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DaskreechBajK: use the session manager19:19
Daskreechshutdown -r is a stonger method so it wont' wait for certain things19:20
LinkmasterDaskreech: I've noticed myself that shutdown -r puts the computer to sleep faster then going through the kmenu19:37
DaskreechLinkmaster: It's more urgent it will not wait for items to save etc19:39
LinkmasterSo basically, it terminates important system processes and then powers off?19:39
DaskreechOn the other hand you are pretty sure that the computer will go down. With KDE's way it will patiently wait for the applications to save data and then signal they are done which may never come19:40
DaskreechLinkmaster: No it asks everyone to save and shut down19:40
Daskreechcounts to 5 Mississippi then kills them without asking19:40
LinkmasterWell, with the added 'now' to it that is19:41
afiefIs there a PPA for KDE 4.7 beta?19:45
Daskreechafief: yes but not poublic19:47
BajKwhen I install Project Neon it installs to /opt, so I can just run sudo /opt/project-neon/bin/kdm and I can use the KDE master?19:47
afiefDaskreech: :-(19:48
Daskreechafief: patience :)19:49
afiefDaskreech: that's not one of the three virtues :)19:49
DaskreechBajK: Possibly19:49
Daskreechdepends on some other variables19:49
Daskreechafief: 4???19:49
Daskreech5. patience19:49
Daskreech6. Profit!!19:49
QuintasanBajK: Nope, just logout and choose Project Neon session from session menu19:50
BajKso it will register there?19:50
BajKok nice :)19:50
QuintasanBajK: #project-neon for reports and support :)19:50
draikHello everyone.20:09
SIR_Tacohello indeed20:09
Linkmasterhey SIR_Taco! :D20:10
SIR_Tacohi Linkmaster20:10
draikHas anyone had an issue with Natty in which you you can't press 'up' to see the last entered command from bash history?20:10
LinkmasterNo..though you might want to look into the profiles to make sure it isn't disabled20:11
SIR_Tacodraik: in the actual console? or in Konsole?20:11
ryrychI have a problem :D20:12
ryrychmy own custom typographic keyboard layout that worked on 10.10 won't work on 10.0420:13
ryrychI did what was needed and the last step was to select it in layout indicator20:14
ryrychbut somehow it won't work20:14
ryrychmy layout *is* visible, I can add it to the list but nothing happens20:14
ryrychas I said it worked on 10.1020:15
SIR_Tacodraik: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO.html#s18 (assuming you're talking about the terminal20:15
SIR_Tacoryrych: so you've set up a custom key layout on your keyboard?20:15
ryrychSIR_Taco, yes, and it is visible in KCM keyboard module20:16
ryrychit seems that the switcher is borked20:16
ryrychfor 100% it is different then it used to be20:17
SIR_Tacook, give me a second20:17
Daskreechdraik: do you hve a history?20:17
SIR_Tacoryrych: have you tried doing it manually? (ie through the terminal?)20:18
ryrychSIR_Taco: yes, I did it with: setxkbmap -layout pl -variant typographic -v20:19
ryrychbtw. it was required20:19
SIR_Tacodid you also : sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup20:20
ryrychlet me try it20:20
ryrychSIR_Taco: hm, but output of setxkbmap is at the end "Error loading new keyboard description"20:23
ryrychI am not sure it was around in 10.1020:23
draikDaskreech: Yes, I can see history and I can see it there.20:24
ryrychanyway, after that I can typo in my custom characters, that is, the layout is not active20:24
ryrych* I can't type in20:24
Daskreechdraik: so ^r works ?20:24
draikSIR_Taco: Not regarding the scrollback, just pressing 'up' arrow to see the last entered commands.20:25
draikI just restarted it and now it works. However, now I'm not on the network (again) :(20:26
draikDaskreech: Yes, I was able to ^r20:26
SIR_Tacodraik: ah ok, that's odd20:27
draikThis happened after my upgrade to Natty20:27
ltheoryI am unable to enable interface on 11.04 even though the enable networking is checked20:30
SIR_Tacodraik: what about reconfiguring bash?20:30
SIR_Taco"sudo dpkg-reconfigure bash"20:30
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ryrychSIR_Taco: any clues?20:40
SIR_TacoI'm used to dealing with the extra keys on a keyboard, not the regular keys.... I could walk you through remapping them all... but that's just crazy20:43
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
* Linkmaster shudders at the concept of remapping every single key20:46
SIR_TacoLinkmaster: you should shudder... lol20:51
LinkmasterWell...isn't key rempaping amongst the things that one shouldn't do unless required to?20:52
SIR_Tacoryrych: have you tried following this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/13049 ?20:52
=== max is now known as Guest72521
ryrychSIR_Taco: setxkbmap can't read my layout description but it did in 10.10 - I didn't change anything. I look for errors in layout and evdev files but found nothing wrong21:15
ryrychhow can I test my layout? to check if it is compatible with system?21:15
ryrychI don't know what description system is talking about - my config files seems fine, I double-checked it21:16
SIR_Tacoryrych: shouldn't the '-layout pl' be '-layout "pl"'?21:19
SIR_TacoI'm new to this... just trying to figure it out.... I don't use the French Canadian variant of my keyboard21:20
ryrychSIR_Taco: according to man, no21:22
SIR_Tacoryrych: ok... every command I've found online has quotes around the layout name21:22
ryrychSIR_Taco: I can load other variants with the same scheme but not mine layout21:23
ryrychthere is something wrong with config files - maybe something changed in 10.4?21:23
SIR_Tacoryrych: which makes me think there must be something wrong in your config file...21:23
SIR_Tacoryrych: which language are you using for the keyboard?21:25
ryrychSIR_Taco: Polish21:28
ryrychbut I found similar problem21:28
SIR_Tacoryrych: but your keyboard works in the console, and non-kde programs?21:30
SIR_TacoI wonder if it's not a keyboard layout problem, but a locale problem21:31
ryrychSIR_Taco: nope, my own layout doesnt work at all - I can choose other variants of polish layout. I am sure that something changed in ubuntu/kubuntu.21:33
Chronix64 bit definitely better than 3221:34
Chronixi just switched21:34
ryrychI'll try to check evdev.xml21:34
SIR_Tacoryrych: that is quite possible. Still can't change time format via GUI... as we found out the other day lol21:34
ryrychoh yeah, mine is also not local :)21:36
SIR_Tacoryrych: it's not the local that's the problem... it's switching from 12 to 24 hour clocks21:37
Chronixwhy does the window get "pixeled" when i move it21:44
Chronixi got pixels all over the screen21:44
SIR_TacoChronix: do you have hardware acceleration?21:48
Chronixim new to linux, so where should i check that out? lol21:48
SIR_TacoChronix: do you know what video card you have?21:49
Chronixgt 24021:49
Chronixim on 64 bit with 8gb ram and a phenom 965021:49
Chronixhttp://img804.imageshack.us/i/img0021i.jpg/ its dark but you should see what i mean by what i said21:50
Chronixi tried disabling desktop effects aswell21:52
SIR_TacoChronix: quick and easy way, open Konsole... type "lsmod | grep nvidia"21:52
Chronixill tell you what it said? o.021:53
Chronix10709116 5021:53
Chronixand nvidia is written in red idk if that matters21:53
SIR_TacoChronix: that's fine... the red is just the highlighted searched text.... what if you go to your application menu (start menu) go to Applications -> System -> Additional Drivers...  does it show "Nvidia accelerated graphics driver......." as enabled?21:55
amichair!info java21:58
ubottuPackage java does not exist in natty21:58
amichair!info sun-java6-jdk21:58
ubottuPackage sun-java6-jdk does not exist in natty21:58
amichair!info sun-java6-jdk partner21:58
ubottusun-java6-jdk (source: sun-java6): Sun Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK) 6. In component main, is optional. Version 6.24-1build0.10.10.1 (partner), package size 19750 kB, installed size 61376 kB (Only available for all amd64 i386 lpia ia64)21:58
Chronixim reinstalling it21:59
Chronixbecause it was activer21:59
SIR_TacoChronix: ok, good idea22:01
Chronixwhats a good irc client? so i wont get on the browser since i have to restart and ill probably drop in here more often i guess :P22:01
SIR_TacoChronix: I'm lazy... so I use Quassel :)22:02
Chronixlol fdidnt even notice it was already installed22:03
SIR_Tacothat's what makes it lazy ;)22:04
Chronixwho cares as long as it does the job22:04
=== administrator is now known as Guest7704
Chronixwell that looks fixed now but i guess the audio isnt xD22:10
Chronixomg -.-22:10
Chronixnot like its already easy enough to switch between os22:10
ChronixChronix Asdf12322:13
SIR_TacoChronix: what's the audio problem?22:17
Chronixbtw how can i register the nick?22:17
SIR_TacoChronix:  /msg nickserv register22:18
SIR_TacoChronix: /msg nickserv help register22:19
SIR_Tacois what I meant haha22:19
Chronixok done thank you :P22:21
SIR_Tacoyou're welcome22:22
Chronixabout the audio its a little disturbed sometimes22:22
SIR_Tacolike choppy?22:22
SIR_Tacoor distorted?22:23
Chronixmore like distorted i think22:23
SIR_TacoChronix: ok... watching a movie? playing through Amarok/Audo player? Flash video in a web browser? or everything?22:24
Chronixnot everything and not everytime.. for example at the skype login it gets like that ( sometimes )22:24
SIR_Tacowhen initially loading Skype?22:25
Chronixye but its just rare.. i guess ill just leave it as it is unless it changes22:26
Chronixor i may try reinstalling drivers again22:26
Chronixfor the sound too22:26
Chronixbtw, is there any shortcuts to open the terminal22:27
Chronixim too used to win + r -> cmd when i needed it xD22:27
SIR_TacoChronix: it's likely just a load problem... the sound drivers are likely in the kernel, so there's really no re-installing them22:27
Chronixill live with it then22:27
SIR_TacoChronix: Alt-F2 -> type konsole22:27
Chronixah there22:27
SIR_TacoChronix: you can map window key + r to konsole if you really want22:28
Chronixnono its ok22:28
SIR_Tacohaha ok22:28
Chronixi want to start using linux because i want to start exploring how computers really work and learn aswell how to program22:29
Chronixi only use windows for games anyways, but i have played enough years already22:30
Chronixso i can live without them22:30
SIR_TacoChronix: excellent way to start22:30
Chronixif i really think about it windows is only useful for games in the end ( my point of view )22:30
Chronixwell but you know what games are useful for? :P22:31
SIR_TacoChronix: if there's one thing to understand from the beginning (which is very apparent in Windows) is that there is a front-end and a back-end to programming22:31
SIR_TacoI meant... which ISN"T very apparent from Windows....22:31
Chronixisnt the backend lets say "the admin panel" and front end "the website" ?22:32
Chronixim not talking about sites just the concept22:32
SIR_TacoChronix: think of it this way: your program runs in the terminal/console (backend) you use it using the GUI (front-end)22:33
Chronixso basicly linux is all a console with a gui22:34
SIR_TacoMight sound strange, but yes... and that's the way Windows and Mac are as well... you just don't see it and/or can't access it.22:35
LinkmasterSIR_Taco: thats how I've always thought about it :P22:36
Chronixi always thought mac sucks tbh, why you pay for something that does less than windows22:36
Chronix ? :S22:36
SIR_TacoLinkmaster: good :)22:36
Chronixhe didnt say anything22:36
SIR_TacoChronix: it's good software, just expensive22:36
Chronixi dont see the point in buying it tbh22:38
SIR_Tacomaybe I'm just getting soft in my relatively old age (haha) but I think Linux, Mac, and MS have something to offer in their own niche22:38
sourcemakeris there any way to convert the old data structure from ext3 after migration to ext4?22:39
SIR_Tacosourcemaker:  https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto22:40
Chronixwell we all got different point of views.. mine is "either windows or linux" :P anyways, i wanna discover more about linux22:40
SIR_Tacoscroll down to "Converting an ext3 filesystem to ext4"22:40
Chronixit will take me a while to get used to it but i wont give up22:40
guest09876hello im having problems getting my wireless to work22:40
SIR_TacoChronix: I prefer Linux :)22:41
sourcemakerSIR_Taco: I know this... and I would like to solve the problem: "old structures will remain untouched"22:41
DaskreechChronix: Most people are just paying for the hardware.22:42
DaskreechIn theory the mac os sells for like 50 dollars above the cost of the hardware22:42
Daskreechguest09876: What is your wireless card?22:42
SIR_Tacosourcemaker: I think the only way to avoid that is to backup your files and re-install to be honest.... unless someone else has a bright idea....22:42
guest09876well linux doesnt know i think22:42
Chronixthe imac dual core which still costs like 1000€ or less now since the quad one is out sucks .. i mean with 1000€ you do much more on a pc22:42
guest09876it gives me two outputs22:43
guest09876ill type them out22:43
SIR_TacoChronix: like I said... it fills a niche... just like a Porche fills a niche :)22:43
guest09876PRO/Wireless 4965 AG OR AGN [Kedron] Network Connection22:44
guest09876its on a old laptop someone gave me22:44
SIR_Tacohi tchangang22:45
=== tchangang is now known as tta
guest09876its a inspiron 1525 its at least four years old22:45
ttado someone knows somthing about scite, i need a help installation22:46
guest09876kubuntu 11.04 is working wonderfully on it22:47
guest09876with deaktop effects enable22:47
guest09876no problems but the wireless doesnt work22:47
ttaguest09878: have you verify system > network settings?22:49
Chronixok now i should find something new to discover :P22:51
guest09876tta, sorry i was away22:53
guest09876i dont think so22:53
uberdubcan anyone help with a wifi issue22:53
uberdubfresh install just stoppped working all of a sudden22:53
Chronixlooks like many people are having wifi problems today i saw like 4 or 522:54
ttaguest09878: so go ahead22:54
uberdubdriver is unclaimed22:54
uberdubshows loaded by lsmod22:54
uberdublspci shows it too22:54
uberdubit worked otb upon install, for a minute, then just kapoot22:55
guest09876i dont see network settings22:55
uberdubtried unloading, and loading no luck22:55
guest09876tta, i see what u mean knowyo22:56
uberdubsudo rmmod ath9k && modprobe ath9k22:56
uberdubERROR: Module ath9k does not exist in /proc/modules22:56
ttaguest09878: so look in administration22:57
guest09876yes i already tried to scan for a network22:57
guest09876it doesnt show anything22:57
guest09876when i try through a terimal it says network card unable to scan22:57
uberdubthe file does have ath9k in there though22:57
ttawhich kubuntu do you use?22:57
guest09876im using 11.04 on the new laptop i have22:58
guest09876the one with the "problem"22:58
uberdubso far, everything is working great right otb cept wifi22:58
guest09876i have it up and running22:58
uberduband even it worked for a minute, before it quit22:59
uberdubIm imressed everything else is working with no headaches though22:59
uberdubslack was a pain22:59
uberdubdidnt want to write my own config scripts from scratch23:00
guest09876tta, i dont know what administration is?23:00
guest09876i know where systm administration ise23:01
ttaguest09876: it is23:01
guest09876software management?23:01
guest09876heck thats kpack23:02
uberdubany body have any ideas what went wrong?23:02
guest09876i dont want to use xps driver heard its a little unstable23:04
guest09876probably going to but a usd network card the works23:04
george_Ok, so everything was just fine when suddenly the panel icon of Kpackagekit is not displayed properly anymore. Instead of the animated icons, it just displays a white sheet whit a "?". Can anyone helpe me to fix that?23:07
guest09876i just added kpack to my deaktop23:09
guest09876it has a icon for it23:09
guest09876im running 11.0423:09
guest09876have yoou recently add any icon themes?23:10
guest09876only thing i can think of23:10
guest09876did you m5d you cd before installing?23:10
george_guest09876: No, I'm running 11.04 as well, by the way.23:10
ttaguest09876: is it ok with your wifi card? i was away23:11
guest09876tta, well its not working23:11
guest09876tta, linux doesnt know which card it is23:12
guest09876PRO/Wireless 4965 AG OR AGN [Kedron] Network Connection23:12
guest09876i think im going to openup the laptop see what the card is23:13
ttado you have wifi radar?23:13
guest09876thats for hmm gnome right?23:14
guest09876tta, im not going to use a xp drive23:14
guest09876on fourm they say its unsable23:15
guest09876on fourms they say its unsable*23:15
guest09876this is after i installed nsdwapper23:15
guest09876then i was like crap23:16
guest09876the only drivers i was able to find are in exe's23:16
ttayour wifi card is working under windows?23:16
guest09876was windows vista23:17
guest09876but its gone now23:17
guest09876i do have a old xp os cd but it doesnt have any drivers on it23:18
guest09876tta, yes it was working on windows vista23:18
guest09876that thing had malware all in it23:19
guest09876i didnt feel like fixing it23:19
guest09876the os would frezze with in four minutes of runnning23:20
guest09876and missing files on it23:20
guest0987611.04 hasnt crashed on it once ")23:20
guest09876:) *23:20
guest09876load time fast fast23:21
ttahmmmm hein , maybe it caused some problemes23:21
guest09876hmm dont think so23:21
guest09876think the bios on the motherboard mat have a virus in it?23:22
ryrychSIR_Taco: are you there?23:22
kubu2guest09876: then update your bios23:23
guest09876uberdud, you and me are going to take a trip to the store to buy some wifi cards lol23:24
ttaguest09876, i am not sure that i can help you, maybe kubu2 is right23:25
SIR_Tacoryrych: more-or-less.... what's up?23:25
ryrychSIR_Taco: anyway, I pulled it off! Man, it was pretty hard to figure it out!23:25
uberdubMy card was working fine23:25
ryrychit seems that newer version is more complaint with their specification23:25
uberdubis there a such thing as a card that just works in linux, with out headache?23:26
SIR_Tacoryrych: ah, so the definition file was just a little off?23:26
uberdubIve never met one23:26
ryrychin my layout I included basic Polish layout with 'include "basic"'23:26
ryrychSIR_Taco: it was OK23:26
ryrychbut now it couldn't fint it23:26
uberdublinux on laptops is a pita23:27
ryrychso I had to be more strict and use 'pl(basic)'23:27
ryrych(pl is a file with Polish layouts)23:27
guest09876uberdub, the current laptop im on i had opensuse 11.2 11.3 11.4 mint and ubuntu 10.10 and ubuntu 10.04 on it all of them had no problems with wifi23:27
SIR_Tacoryrych: aaah, ok makes sense23:27
ryrych(basic is… er… basic layout)23:27
uberdublucky you23:27
uberdubIve never had linux just work with out tweaking on any wifi card23:28
guest09876but the drivers are the the kernal lol23:28
ryrychSIR_TACO: thanks for devoting your time! bye for now23:28
ryrychKu rocks :D23:28
SIR_Tacoryrych: you're welcome23:28
ryrych(but sometimes sucks :()23:28
uberdublinux drivers seem to suck in general23:29
amichairis it possible to restore a partition to working state after it's been resized (but data hasn't moved yet)?23:29
uberduband I dont have the time to write my own, nor am i fluent in any modernlanguages, or care to be23:29
guest09876uberdub, i wish linux had a actual file system23:30
guest09876instead of one program being cut up into three different places23:30
MarcoPauhello, I would like to disable the panel icons of some applications. is it possible?23:31
taglassuberdub: C isn't exactly modern :)23:31
amichairMarcoPau: right-click on the system tray and change the settings for display or entries23:32
MarcoPauamichair: I'm not talking about the tray, I'm talking about the panel23:34
amichairMarcoPau: you mean the task manager? what icons do you want to disable?23:35
MarcoPauamichair: kopete for sure, since I already have it in the tray23:43
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amichairMarcoPau: getting tasks to not appear in the task manager is a per-application setting, as far as I know, and is possible only in those applications that support it23:44
MarcoPauamichair: gotcha. useless search then?23:45
MarcoPauI see you can set it to show only minimized apps or apps that are on the desktop you're using23:46
amichairMarcoPau: kopete and such apps that do have a tray icon sometimes do have such a setting, so you can look for it in it's own configuration options, but there's no generic pick-and-choose as far as I know23:46
MarcoPaualright, thanks ami23:48
uberdubcan anyone help with wifi23:48
MarcoPauuberdub: ask your question23:51
guest09876marcopau, he said his wifi stop working23:53
uberdubwell, ath9k just stopped working23:53
guest09876way way up he has it in detail23:53
guest09876scrolll up23:53
uberdub[ 6078.362597] ath: Couldn't reset chip23:54
guest09876what usd wifi card would someone recommend for linux?23:55
guest09876uberdub, do you have a kernel >= 2.6.27?23:57
hnubottu: tar.gz23:57
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression23:57
MarcoPauguest09876: http://www.linuxquestions.org/hcl/23:58
guest09876marco, i was looking for a conversation lol23:58

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