Whisperitydo you know how can I import back my registered Open PGP key11:27
Whisperityfrom launchpad11:28
Whisperityback into my local computer?11:28
Whisperity(I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 amd64)11:28
wgrantWhisperity: Launchpad only has your public key.11:46
Whisperitywell nevermind, i'm generating a new key11:46
wgrantWhisperity: Your private key should never leave your local machine, so if you didn't keep a copy then you cannot recover it.11:46
Whisperityand do you know11:57
Whisperityhow could I make a backup?11:57
Whisperitya backup containing my new key (recently created)11:57
Whisperityoh thanks12:02
Whisperityand how can I remove my old key from launchpad?12:02
Whisperityit wants me to reactivate it (which I can't do, i don't have the private key)12:02
wgrantLooks like it's already deactivated.12:03
wgrantThat's as close to removed as it can get.12:03
Whisperitythank you12:04
Whisperityso i saved two .key files to my backup drive, it will help me reacciquire the keys if i lose them12:04
wgrantRight, as long as you remember the passphrase :)12:04
Whisperitynow so I confirmed my new key in lp12:06
mducharmehow can I search just inside one bug tracker?19:12
mducharmeI use the search feature at the bottom of the page and it searches every single launchpad project19:12
mducharmethere has to be a way of just searching inside one bug tracker19:13
mducharmeI'm having to dig through all sorts of bugs about unrelated projects before finding applicable ones19:14
mducharmeor is it not possible?19:14
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virusuyhi all20:10
virusuycan anyone help me ?20:10
virusuyi'm trying to upload a new branch20:10
virusuyfrom an existing LP branch20:10
virusuyusing "bzr push --use-existing"20:11
virusuybut shows me an error20:11
virusuyyou have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again.20:11
virusuyfor the record, both branch are from same project20:12
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virusuycan someone help me ?21:07
virusuyi need to copy a branch21:07
virusuyon same launchpad's project21:07
lifelessvirusuy: sure, branch it and push it21:16
virusuypush it to the new branch right ?21:17
virusuyit's ok if i pull it and then push it to the new branch ?21:17
lifelessthats how its done21:18
virusuylifeless: shows me an error21:18
lifelessvirusuy: what is the error21:18
virusuysaying "server sent an unexpected error21:18
virusuy'no repository present'21:19
lifelessdid you make the branch in the web UI ?21:19
lifelessthats the problem21:19
lifelessdelete it in the web UI21:19
lifelessthen try pushing again21:19
virusuyand pushing that way, will create a branch ?21:20
virusuyok, testing21:20
lifelesshow did it go?21:22
virusuypermission denied21:22
virusuybut i'm part of manage team21:22
virusuyof that project21:22
lifelesswhats the url you pushed too ?21:22
lifelessand whats your lp user id ?21:22
virusuyoh wait21:23
virusuymy LP user id is facchinelli-luciano21:25
lifelessso you want the new branch owned by Ubuntu UY Website Team ?21:26
lifelessif so do 'bzr push lp:~ubuntu-uy-website-team/ubuntu-uy-website/dev21:26
virusuylet me test it21:26
virusuydone ! :-D21:29
virusuythanks so much sir21:29
lifelessyou can now link that in21:29
lifelesson https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-uy-website/dev21:29
virusuyyeap, already linked21:29
virusuyto dev series21:30
virusuythanks sir21:30
lifelessno probs21:30

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