novodiniaIs there battery monitor software that comes with Lubuntu?00:03
novodiniaMaybe I should restart X, brb.00:09
novodiniaThe problem is that there is a black box where the gnome-power-manager system tray app should be, it's a black box with a red cicle crossed out.00:11
novodiniaIf you right click on it, you get a small gray line, where there should be options, there are none, just a gray line.00:11
novodinialeft or right clicking00:12
novodiniaMy kernel doesn't have apm built-in00:12
novodiniaI would rebuild the kernel, but then it wouldn't be kubuntu.00:13
novodiniaI need some way of monitoring my battery and I need some way to specify that guake should be started after logging in.00:13
deckstarHas anyone else found 11.04 slower than 10.10?03:10
deckstarIt's noticeably slower for my P4, 1.4GHz, Especially Update Manager03:11
KM0201deckstar: naa, it screams on my laptop03:47
Unit193deckstar: If you're ok with bleeding edge software and that's not your only computer, I may know something that might help03:49
jmarsdendeckstar: Have you run any benchmarks on each OS and compared them, so we have objective numbers to work with?  Does your system seem to be bottlenecks by CPU speed, RAM, disk access speed, network access speed, or some other factor?03:57
freedomlivesI would need some quick help if anyone can fill me in:  How to I access the grub menu on starting up a computer with Lubuntu?07:37
freedomlivesI read to hold down <SHIFT> and when I do that I see the word "Grub" but then the booting continues07:37
freedomlivesI'm doing my tests of this on VMware, but need to know to guide my mother whose computer has been getting a kernel panic from the wrong root device being passed07:40
Unit193Normally shift will do it. Try hitting Esc when you see Grub07:43
freedomlivesok, in fact it seems that I wasn't holding down shift for long enough-- apparently it must be held down from the start of boot until the menu appears07:47
freedomlivesthanks anyway07:47
freedomliveshopefully I can walk my mother through editing group command lines over the phone :-/07:47
Unit193Good luck man... Maybe edit the /etc/defaults/grub ?07:51
poltakhow do you configure daemons in *buntu? Is there an equivilent to /etc/rc.conf?07:56
freedomlivesThanks-- I use Gentoo on my computers so the lubuntu config is a bit of something new for me07:57
jmarsdenpoltak: See the files in /etc/init.d/ and   man update-rc.d for info on managing links to them07:59
Unit193sysv-rc-conf Might be something to look at (Don't know how well it works with Lubuntu)08:00
jmarsdenUnit193: I have a suspicion that only works for daemons that have not yet converted to the new upstart stuff?  So it is fine in 10.04, but may not be so great in 11.04.  That's a guess, I have not actually tried in in 11.04 :)08:02
poltakThanks, playa08:02
kosaidpohello guys11:56
kosaidpohow can i get mp4 from avi using ffmpeg ?? and wht codecs shud i use ?11:56
bioterrorman ffmpeg and google :D11:57
kosaidpobioterror: i tried many ways but some vids works and some not11:58
kosaidpobioterror: i use ffmpeg  -s sqif -f mpeg4  file.mp411:58
kosaidpobut it doesnt work :P11:58
leszekkosaidpo: why not only ffmpeg -i sample.avi file.mp412:03
kosaidpoleszek: tried it n workedin small file but not the one i wanna u se :P idk why12:05
leszekwhats the error message ?12:12
kosaidpoleszek: infact it gave me an error but go on the work and when its done icant play thevid on my phone12:14
leszekah but you can play it on the desktop ?12:14
kosaidpoleszek: i guess cus i have vlc12:15
leszekkosaidpo: so I guess your phone can only handle a specific codec , resolution combination. What phone do you have ?12:16
poltakGotta love those sumsamgs12:17
leszeksamsung I guess xD12:17
kosaidpoleszek: yeh :D12:17
leszekwhat version ? or which codec & resolution do you need ?12:18
kosaidpouhm i use the sqif param12:18
kosaidpoqcif 176x14412:19
leszekah ok, but what codec does your phone support ?12:19
kosaidpoleszek: idk how to kno that :P12:21
leszeklook at the technicall details of your phone on the vendors site or search for it12:22
kosaidpoleszek: okies ill tnx12:23
Daxwaxnothing like trying to get alsa to work on an old laptop :/13:25
ActionParsniphey guys15:58
ActionParsnipis it possible to replace lxpanel with unity-2d-panel in the config ?15:59
stlsaintnot sure16:00
ActionParsnipjust hunting the config16:03
ActionParsnipfound an easy hack, just kill lxpanel ;)16:25
ActionParsnipjust made a 2D unity desktop using Lubuntu, not bad16:27
ActionParsnipsure, gimme a sec16:28
ActionParsnipbtw, apt-fast is awesome, i thoroughly reccomend16:29
JoeMaverickSettpacman is fast as well. =P16:30
JoeMaverickSettand I'd like too see that screenshot as well. :)16:30
JoeMaverickSetthowdy stlsaint! :)16:30
stlsaintJoeMaverickSett: sup sup16:31
JoeMaverickSettstlsaint: looking at people chatting. ;D16:31
ActionParsnipdoes that work?16:32
stlsaintboooooooo dropbox16:32
ActionParsnipdropbox rules!16:32
stlsaintActionParsnip: nope cant see it16:32
ActionParsnipok i'll image shack16:32
stlsainti dont use dropbox and its not as secure as it has told folks it is16:32
phillw403, permission denuied16:33
JoeMaverickSettboo to dropbox this time. =/16:33
ActionParsnipstlsaint: i use it to hold my scripts and configs, no passwords or anything :)16:34
stlsaintActionParsnip: ah, in that case it may be good but i know folks who keep their lives in dropbox and it drives me crazy16:35
stlsaintActionParsnip: nice setup btw (though im not a unity fan)16:35
ActionParsnipoh no,i have a fileserver for that16:35
JoeMaverickSettunity is kinda nice, but it doesn't like my laptop, but it likes older laptops like my sister's =/16:36
ActionParsnipstlsaint: restore configs, restore data and fileserver is up in minutes16:36
stlsaintActionParsnip: what was the process needed to get unity in place of lxpanel16:38
deckstarActionParsnip: Very Nice16:39
ActionParsnipstlsaint: you need to install unity2d and run unity-2d-launcher and unity-2d-panel then kill lxpanel off16:39
stlsaintActionParsnip: ah, simple enough16:40
ActionParsnipstlsaint: usually is in linux ;)16:40
stlsaintActionParsnip: oh so true16:41
bioterrorwhy half of the top bar is different colour?16:41
stlsaintbioterror: i too wondered that, figured it was something with unity16:42
ActionParsnipbioterror: need to find an openbox theme to match16:43
leszekits the gtk theme that needs to be set to unity I guess16:45
leszekor ambiance16:46
leszekor radiance or how they call it xD16:46
bioterroropenbox doesnt have top bars16:46
leszekopenbox does not have a panel at all xD16:46
ActionParsnipleszek: hmm, yeah the grey box around the top right stuff needs tweaking16:48
ActionParsnipleszek: can you advise at all?16:51
bioterrorps. I like how you have stl as pink :D16:53
bioterrorOH NO!, I AM TOO!16:53
deckstaris that empathy being used for IRC?16:54
ActionParsnipdeckstar: pidgin16:54
deckstarActionParsnip: tx16:54
TatsujinWhat's a magical terminal command that will scan the whole system and give me all the information of what sound drivers it's using.17:22
TatsujinI wanna find out what ubuntu is using that lubuntu isn't using , cause ubuntu has sound but lubuntu doesn't.17:22
Daxwaxlsmod perhaps?17:24
Tatsujinthose realtek drivers aren't in synaptics and they automatically come with ubuntu17:26
Tatsujinyou have to compile them manually for lubuntu it seems17:27
Tatsujinbut i could never get them to compile successfully under lubuntu17:27
Tatsujinare realtek stopping synaptics from adding them to the database or something?17:27
Daxwaxno idea, not really that knowledgeable about linux ^^17:30
=== gpc is now known as IdleOne
DaxwaxAlright, I've tried to fix the sound on this laptop myself for a few days now. If anyone could take a look at this pastebin and give me some pointers, I'd be grateful19:25
stlsaintDaxwax: sorry not able to help19:35
Daxwaxah well =) thanks for trying19:36
Daxwaxcould be that the hardware isnt supported19:36
silverarrowdoes anyone use xChat?19:39
silverarrowI have trouble connecting to any server that isn't on the default list19:40
bioterroruse irssi ;)19:40
silverarrowit's better than xchat?19:40
* silverarrow looking irssi up on package manger...19:41
Tatsujinnot recommended if you're in a shitload of channels19:41
Tatsujinbut if you're in just 5 or so then it does the job.19:41
silverarrowno shitloads smell to much, just one or three19:41
silverarrowchannels I mena19:42
Tatsujinif you're in like 30/50 channels then irssi is somewhat unpractical imho.19:42
Tatsujinit's a taste thing also i guess:)19:42
Unit193bioterror: You're a weechat fan...19:42
bioterrorUnit193, only becouse of wtf-819:42
Unit193Tatsujin: irssi is great for multi channels19:42
silverarrowis there any reason why xchat is acting up?19:42
Unit193Tatsujin: I know one person that has 107+19:42
Tatsujinyou can't use the mouse to switch channels, it must get really messy if he checks all those channels 24/7:)19:43
silverarrowhey, for me multi channels are like 3-or 4 maximum19:43
bioterrorTatsujin, meta+a19:43
Tatsujinyeah still too slow for my taste , nothing beats being able to rapidly click with the mouse19:44
Tatsujinbut i know that alot of people love irssi so i won't start a war:)19:44
Tatsujinweechat is the middlepoint19:44
bioterrorweechat > *19:47
Tatsujinwget http://www.splitted-desktop.com/~gbeauchesne/mplayer-vaapi/mplayer-vaapi-latest-FULL.tar.bz219:47
Tatsujinsudo apt-get build-dep mplayer19:47
Tatsujintar -xpvf mplayer-vaapi-latest-FULL.tar.bz219:47
Tatsujincd mplayer-vaapi-20100713/19:47
Tatsujincd mplayer-vaapi19:47
bioterroronly thing that sucks in weechat is ban modes19:47
Tatsujinsudo make install19:47
Tatsujintrying to install this but i get this error: "Makefile:22: config.mak: No such file or directory make: *** osdep/: Is a directory." anyone know whats wrong? google gives no clues.19:47
Tatsujinok , i haven't used weechat alot but it seems to be where xchat and irssi meet.19:47
silverarrowI'm not that used to irc, I use either xchat or chatzilla19:50
stlsaintirssi FTW!!19:50
ActionParsnippidgin here :)19:50
silverarrowok, ok, ok19:50
Unit193ActionParsnip: I like pidgin for the sounds (Sometimes I use pidgin with irssi's proxy)19:51
ActionParsnipmines a 10 year habit19:52
bioterrorircII EPIC is best ;)19:52
ActionParsnipTatsujin: is there no ppa?19:52
bioterrorbut it doesnt support utf-819:52
Tatsujinnope , trying to get http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=773553&postcount=1 working19:53
Tatsujinbut the world is against me19:53
ActionParsnipTatsujin: https://launchpad.net/~motumedia/+archive/mplayer-daily ?19:53
stlsaintActionParsnip: BBOOOOOOO pidgin19:53
bioterrorpidgin is for chatting with chicks!19:54
ActionParsnipstlsaint: i've been using it longer than most users have used (or even heard) of linux ;)19:54
bioterrorActionParsnip, sorry, I used GAIM back int he days ;)19:54
stlsaintActionParsnip: ha, i can dig ya on that one19:54
ActionParsnipbioterror: same, it rocked :)19:54
bioterrorpidgin == gaim19:55
ActionParsnipTatsujin: does the ppa not give what you need?19:55
* Unit193 remembers using gaim...19:55
ActionParsnipi love apt-fast19:57
Tatsujinaction nope it has to be compiled with vaapi19:59
ActionParsnipTatsujin: is that good?19:59
Tatsujinvaapi is very good , yes :).19:59
Tatsujinrequired to make 1080p to roll on some motherboards.20:00
hatalar205I just want to thank to Lubuntu Developers20:12
hatalar205My netbook turns into a Linux Monster :)20:12

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