penguin42well, I guess do-release-upgrade -d isn't happy then00:20
arandIs it enabled already?00:20
penguin42well it does try - it seems to have left my VM in a state of a dialog saying doc-base couldn't be updated and all of the windows constantly redrawing and probably the window manager having died00:21
arandSounds a bit depressed, indeed.00:22
penguin42looks like metacity is upset at bits of theming engines moving/disappearing under its feet00:23
arandYea, I've had ugly theeming happening now in the g2-3 transision, dunno when that'll settle..00:25
penguin42yeh this killed metacity though and it's just stuck in a loop restarting and not letting you do anything00:26
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penguin42oh god, we've copied the sad mac01:34
penguin42actually, that's pretty blatant01:34
n0ydIs it possible to install 11.10 using wubi? or do i have to wubi with 11.04 and upgrade?02:31
arandn0yd: I don't think wubi's available for it no, though... doesn't wubi just take an iso as the input? I'mnot sure you'd want to install it in the current state though ;)02:42
n0ydI would like to mess around.  Oh well, I will just do a dist upgrade, and if something breaks, so be it02:43
arandIt most likely will, assume that ;)02:44
n0ydI have plenty of experience in breakage and fixage ;)02:46
donnieI upgraded to Oneiric from natty. Theme and wallpaper is messed up. I have a blue screen and right click is not accessible.04:48
IdleOnedonnie: expected behaviour at this point of development05:05
donnieIdelOne I got a thread on Ubuntuforums with similar problem tied to /run/udev thanks.05:06
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funnylookinhatI'm trying to find out if the Optimus Chipset patch that was put into the 2.3.40 kernel is going to be implemented in any fashion for OO ...  Any idea where I should be looking for feature requests, etc. ?  ( Or is the door closed on feature requests for this dev cycle ) ?14:30
funnylookinhatlol - I meant 2.6.40  ( duh )14:34
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule14:35
funnylookinhatAh I missed feature request by 3 days!14:36
arandfunnylookinhat: I'ts definitely not too late afaik, you may want to check up what the plans for kernel version in OO actually are, and file a bug with the request agains the kernel14:36
funnylookinhatI'm trying to find out which kernel they plan on using...  searching through the blueprints is taking a while :)14:37
arandfunnylookinhat: Or ask in #ubuntu-kernel, kernelfreeze is September 15th so that might be a hint14:38
arandfunnylookinhat: If this is about getting a specific peice of hardware working I would assume that it's likely to be implemented if deemed non-interfeering and properly requested (bug report, provide info, etc.)14:40
funnylookinhatarand, I'd assume the same, except that it's a very difficult piece of hardware... the funny thing is that it's for Lenovo laptops ( which are supposed to be officially supported, etc. etc. )14:41
coz_ hey guys14:51
TheBuntuhow do i add gnome 316:32
penguin42anyone running from a natty updated in 2d? My kvm update yesterday broke very badly16:35
arandpenguin42: Broke how?16:39
TheBuntunever mind i got it16:40
penguin42arand: It looks like some theme breakage at gdm; it's the plain grey theme, then when I loginto Ubuntu 2D I get a 'Oh no! Something ahs gone wrong' grey screen with a 'Log out' button and a blatant copy of a Sad Mac16:41
penguin42arand: .xsession-errors talks about failure to load canberra-gtk-moudle and GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported16:42
arandYeah, the plain grey has been the case for a while due to gnome2/3 breakage afaik, the login fail I only saw on unity-2d, "ubuntu 2d" worked for me alst time I tried16:43
penguin42arand: Yeh my suspicion is it's trying to run unity-2d16:44
penguin42anyway, it's just my fiddle vm for trying these things16:45
arandWell, let's pull a snapshot and see if things get worse after upgrades...16:47
arandThere are some unity-2d updates, indeed16:47
penguin42do you also see the thing about /run/udev not being writable during boot?16:48
arandNever paid much attention to it though16:49
penguin42nah, no interesting updates since I did the upgrade - oh well, wait for it to settle out16:51
nit-wit! bootinfo18:47
ubottuTo diagnose boot issues, you can use the Boot Info Script available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ Run the script with !sudo and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).18:47
nit-witjust testing the bot.18:47
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zicadaany workaround on the "bluescreen" with the current daily cdimage ?19:08
zicadare this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/78983619:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 789836 in Ubuntu "Ubuntu 11.10 desktop i386 installer shows a blue screen" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:09
yofel*what* shows a blue screen, do you get a blue ubiquity window, or can you attach a screenshot?19:11
IdleOnezicada: check the bug comments, there may be a work around19:11
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yofelIdleOne: no workaround as far as I see19:12
IdleOneI guess there isn't one.19:12
zicadaah fixed it19:19
zicadamissing .Xauthority in $HOME19:20
zicadajust touched it, and ubiquity starts19:20
arandzicada: Do mention it on the bug ;)19:21
penguin42zicada: .Xauthority has moved19:38
penguin42zicada: You should find an XAUTHORITY environment variable pointing to somewhere in /tmp19:38
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BUGabundo2i'm screwed21:51
BUGabundo2laptop failed to resume from suspend21:52
BUGabundo2for the 3rd time21:52
BUGabundo2and wont boot21:52
BUGabundo2on livecd now, btrfsck shows a bunch of errors21:52
BUGabundo2cant mount it even after fsck21:52
BUGabundo2any ideas on how to dirty force mount ?21:52
BUGabundo2so i can at least copy some stuff that may not be backuped ?21:53
BUGabundo2gonna get free from this btrfs BS21:53
Ian_Cornehehe BUGabundo221:58
Ian_CorneI don't know21:58
Ian_Cornebut i feel your pain21:58
BUGabundo2Ian_Corne: i'm nagging cwillu_at_work  at #btrfs22:02
BUGabundo2it was HIM u got me into this messy BTRFS anyway :)22:02
yofelwell, new btrfsck Should Be Out Rally Soon™ now ^^22:07
Patrickdk4 years?22:08
yofelwell, rumors say this year22:08
Patrickdkmy btrfs test system died several months ago :(22:08
BUGabundo2humm according to cwillu_at_work  ubuntu has a 1yo btrfs ....22:15
yofelour btrfs-progs are a year old22:24
yofelnobody cared yet to merge the half-year old package from debian...22:24
BUGabundo2if i dd a partition, how many probs am i gonna face trying to mount it?22:42
BUGabundo2knowing that it has errors?22:42
BUGabundo2# dd if=/dev/sda5 of=20110529.img22:50
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Ian_Cornecould some1 please download http://ian.rave.org/~icorne/earthFull.png and open it with gnome-open please?23:14
Ian_CorneIt crashes my X session atm23:14
BUGabundo2sorry, cant23:16
BUGabundo2dding my disk23:16
BUGabundo2not the best time to crash X23:16
CarlFKis there a duel boot howto for u and u+1 ?23:29
CarlFKseems like it should be easy, but I seem to have stuffed it up a 2nd time.23:30
Ian_Corneit hurts CarlFK23:30
penguin42Ian_Corne: What are you using to display the image?23:31
Ian_Corneunless you don't use the same homedir23:31
CarlFKIan_Corne: 2 everything: / /boot /home...23:31
Ian_Corneshould be possible then I think?23:31
Ian_Cornedon't really see the problem..23:32
Ian_Corneyou gotta be carefull ofcourse what installing where23:32
Ian_Corneand I don't know how the grub updates for kernels would work23:32
Ian_Corneand /boot seperate partition, i won't ever get it...23:32
CarlFKim fuzzy on what each /boot ends up doing.23:32
CarlFKthus my hope someone has documented a sane setup.23:33
penguin42CarlFK: I think only one ends up owning the MBR, and that one can then be setup to boot the grub in the 2nd one23:33
CarlFKa shared /boot might make sense23:33
penguin42Ian_Corne: So that's a HUGE image23:34
Ian_CorneEye of gnome23:34
kubu2CarlFK: dual boot shud be easy. just let grub take care of it during install23:34
Ian_Corneit didn't crash this time23:34
Ian_Corneit made everything hang tho23:34
Ian_Corneand is open just fine now23:34
penguin42Ian_Corne: How much ram have you got?23:34
Ian_CorneI guess it delves into swap when opening23:34
Ian_Corneit's down to 2gb + 800 in swap now23:35
trismI usually just have one testing partition, install with ubiquity -b; so that grub isn't reinstalled, and manage grub from my main ubuntu install (just need to remember to run sudo update-grub once in a while on the main system)23:35
penguin42Ian_Corne: It's a bit mad, because even at that size it shouldn't need more than about 1GB for the image23:35
CarlFKtrism: 'manage grub' = edit configs by hand?23:35
trismCarlFK: no, grub will search from other installs when you run update-grub from the main ubuntu install23:36
penguin42Ian_Corne: Hmm, although  'display' is using 5GB so far23:36
Ian_Cornehow much do you haveN23:36
CarlFKtrism: grub will search the /boot on more than one partition?23:37
trismCarlFK: it lists them as a bunch of "Ubuntu oneric (development branch) (11.10)" lines at the end of grub23:37
Ian_Corneon natty23:37
Ian_Corneit only uses 1gb23:37
Ian_Corneexactly 1gb :p23:37
penguin42Ian_Corne: This is on Natty23:37
trismCarlFK: yes23:37
Ian_Corneand opens fluently23:37
Ian_Corneit opened perfectly for me23:37
Ian_Corne2.32.1 eye of gnome23:38
penguin42but I agree it should, I could see arguments for maybe taking 2GB - but not much more23:38
Ian_CorneI'll file a nig23:38
Ian_Cornedamn fingers23:38
penguin42Ian_Corne: Incidentally, what's that an image of?23:39
Ian_Cornea 1:1 scale of the world in minecraft map23:39
penguin42Ian_Corne: Yeh I can confirm on Natty it uses 1GB in EOG23:40
BUGabundo2u boys and ur gamed23:40
Ian_Cornesame here penguin4223:40
* penguin42 admits to never having tried minecraft23:40
Ian_Corneit's worse than crack23:40
Ian_Corneworse then wow*23:40
Ian_Cornei don't know how bad crack is23:41
penguin42ouch, I've lost friends due to wow23:41
Ian_Cornei play wow23:41
Ian_Cornei got over the IMUSTPLAYALLTHETIME part23:41
Ian_Corneso i'm ok now23:41
penguin42Ian_Corne: I can kind of imagine if something was deciding to do 32bit/channel it could use 4GB23:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 790008 in eog (Ubuntu) "Eye of Gnome crashes / uses abnormal amounts of memory on large files" [Undecided,New]23:44
Ian_Cornemy natty desktop is 64 bit23:44
Ian_Cornemy laptop is 32bit with pae23:45
BUGabundo2Ian_Corne: valgrind it23:45
BUGabundo2its a mem leak somewhere23:45
BUGabundo2install dbg files for eog23:45
BUGabundo2and go from there23:45
Ian_Corneugh valgrind, that's like 4 years ago from my c++ course :p23:48
Ian_Corne==17786== Warning: set address range perms: large range [0x67e7d028, 0x9fb05028) (undefined)23:48
Ian_Cornedoesn't give that much info23:48
BUGabundo2u need seb128 on that23:49
BUGabundo2he is the guru23:49
Ian_Corneaha that gave more info, it got killed23:49
Ian_Cornei'll put it in a log and include it23:49
Ian_Cornedon't know what to do with it :p23:50
BUGabundo2both BTRFS drives show errors23:50
BUGabundo2not sure i can just format this drive :(23:51
BUGabundo2but since i cant access it anyway23:51
BUGabundo2let do a fresh install23:51
BUGabundo2wish me luck23:51
BUGabundo2lets see how a +1 daily works23:51
Ian_Cornegl and tell me how it's like23:52
BUGabundo2not looking good so far23:57
BUGabundo2stuck on 1st step23:57

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