bassemxnixan_, how is your plone?07:00
=== xnixan_ is now known as xnixan
bassemxnixan, how is your plone?11:41
xnixanbassem, it is killing me :(14:56
xnixanbassem, and i do not have time for that!14:57
bassemxnixan, long time I didn't play with it!14:57
bassemxnixan, it's zope based ?14:57
xnixanbassem, yep14:57
bassemxnixan, do you want to outsource it?! :-)14:57
xnixanbassem, you are dangerous :D14:58
bassemxnixan, looool14:58
bassemxnixan, in the bad meaning or the good one?14:58
xnixanbassem, for sure in the good one :)14:58
bassemxnixan, dangerous as in information leak ?14:59
xnixanbassem, as information detector :p14:59
bassemxnixan, I will setup the service and deliver everything to you, and you later will put the top secret information!15:00
xnixanbassem, looool15:01

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