airtonixsagaci: the most you'd be teaching with cert4 is jobseekers.12:07
airtonixanything more serious than that and you won't get employed without a teachers degree12:07
airtonixand THEN you'll be forced to teach things like : it's Microsoft Word, not a word processor12:08
airtonixuntil you complete a PHD on how awesome the ribbon bar in ms office is12:08
airtonixthen you can become a program director12:08
airtonixthat's when you get to tell others what they'll be teaching12:09
airtonixbetter off sneaking ubuntu in sideways from corporate training sessions12:10
gorillateaching as field is one to get out of... you are not going to make a difference to someone's life.12:10
gorillatraining the trainer qualifiication is worth having though... handy for running short courses.12:11
airtonixpays surprisingley well too12:11
gorillaairtonix: yup... though the non-contact hours can be tough at first as you scronge the materials together.12:12
sagaciairtonix, are you a teacher at a tafe?12:16
airtonixsagaci: no but i had some good conversations with some teachers willing to talk to me about it, i was seriously thinking about going through teachers college12:17
sagaciairtonix, i'm nearly finished my b. teach, thinking about doing my cert iv for tafe teaching at half year12:18
airtonixwell if you have the degree, then you're halfway there deciding what content is being taught12:19
airtonixyou just have to find a school where the program director wants your opinions12:19
airtonixmost of the time they don't. some of the time they do but can't take it because the government dictates the content.12:19
airtonixso my advice is to not focus so much on the idea of windows or linux, but rather the concepts used on both systems that should be standardised but currently are not.12:20
airtonixlike, use python & qt instead of visualbasic12:20
airtonixor  slip in sessions on understanding the importance on referencing and how it is related to intergrating the choice of OSS license in a software project12:21
gorillathey are still teaching Visual basic?? ew-gawds.12:22
airtonixquite a bit12:22
airtonixbecause microsoft give windows for free to schools12:22
gorillaWho uses that crap in industry?12:22
airtonixenough people for it to be taught 12:22
gorillaairtonix: Grrr... that makes me cross.12:23
airtonixfortunately my last year at tafe i was able to persueade my GUI interface course teacher to let me do the stuff in vbGTK12:23
airtonixso i didn't have to use visual studio12:23
airtonixi also showed him how much faster it was to create the same gui example interface in pyQT4 than it was in VB12:24
airtonixnot to mention i could run it on a lot more systems12:24
airtonixbut yeah, huge lack of standards and quality processes being taught in schools today12:25
mrshr3dhow does pyQT4 compare to wxGlade/wxPython?  I've sort of started using the latter.12:25
airtonixim not sure i've not used wx enough to care12:25
airtonixqt4 has QSS which is CSS for your interface... i don't think wx has that12:26
gorillaairtonix: quality??? you can't be serious. Are we talking secondary or tertiary education here?12:26
airtonixi mean even simple things like documenting your code as you create it12:27
gorillaairtonix: In that case, quality has gone out the window as the uni and tafes receive more funding for each student that passes... So everyone gets a pass!12:27
gorillaTafe more so... I went through it over 10 plus years ago and saw a lecuturers assitant helping someone through the practial exam... And not someone who had a disability.12:29
airtonixthat still happens, but only if you demonstrate a genuine desire to understand the concepts12:30
airtonixif you bludge, they document it and fail you. i think they still get paid too12:30
airtonixbut horrendous amount of paperwork to defend the action to the auditors12:30
airtonixto be honest, i'm more impressed by tafe than first year university.12:31
gorilla:-/ that's disgusting. I give up!12:31
airtonixas far as i'm concerned i'd rather have people who understand the concepts but need to refer to manuals, than people who can recite the manual but not understand the concepts12:31
airtonixI actually need an assistant django/python programmer at work, which will be hard to find in south australia12:32
airtonixwhich reminds me i need to write up an interview process12:33
gorillaairtonix: having someone that cannot go though basic program design or know where to start debugging becomes too hard on the job.12:33
airtonixyeah i'm not there to teach them how to understand the concepts12:34
airtonixabout the partiucular project yeah sure. but not basic things like why we follow various PEP protocols12:35
airtonixi i'm sure that there are plenty of people in south australia who i would love to have working with me. but they are already employed12:36
airtonixor even worse... not in south australia12:36
gorillayeah. I think if I was interviewing someone, I'd have a non-bootable computer sitting on a table and ask them what's wrong with it... just to see if that are observant and the steps that they go through (5 minute exercise)12:38
elkyI'd probably respond with "did you put tape over the ram?"12:39
gorillaelky: we use rubber bands instead.. no residue left behind when you remove them12:40
elkygorilla, hah, good one12:40
gorillaelky: I'd unplug the power to the hard drive.12:40
elkyalso a good one, but not as good as the taped ram which wouldn't be visible without _close_ inspection12:42
gorillaelky: do an obvious fault also :-)12:43
elkygorilla, well if you're after an obvious fault and a non-obvious one, plug the hdd into the cd drive. people don't follow the cables.12:43
gorillayeah.. it also can show that people follow a checklist based on previous exerience rather than troubleshooting the actual problem in front of them.12:45
elkydoing a headcount before actually looking isn't so bad. it's when you stop at the headcount you fail.12:46
mrshr3dI don't follow what you mean by taping ram, do you mean like putting sticky tape on the contacts of the stick of ram then reinserting?12:47
mrshr3dlol nice prank hehe12:47
gorillamrshr3d: No, not a prank. I would not be happy if I found that someone did that to my machine. removing the memory could be just as effective though.12:49
mrshr3dsame, but I imagine it as something that would be done as a prank.12:52
sagacihead_victim, pingg13:54
head_victimsagaci: pong13:56
sagacigot a few moments?13:56
head_victimYeah here for a few minutes13:56
sagaciwhat were the things I needed to apply for syndication to planet-au... I realise this is like the third time I've asked but it seems to go in one eye and out the other... or if you could pick out the day I asked last if your backlog is long enough 8)13:58
sagaciand also, it's raining here13:59
head_victimYour name, your blog home page, your blog feed and if you like a picture to associate with your blog :)13:59
sagacidid you copy paste that14:00
head_victimNope, just memory :)14:01
head_victimIf you just shoot it to me in an email I can then submit the request 14:01
head_victimBrb in a few minutes.14:02
sagaciubuntu wiki is driving me up the wall, can't seem to get a username, exisiting or being able to register a new one14:11
head_victimsagaci: you're not the only one :/14:28
head_victimIf it continues throughout tomorrow I'd log a bug on launchpad for it14:29

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