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Ambrose83`I have changed my sound preference to digital stereo (HDMI) but the audio is not coming through my TV although video is.  Is there another setting to change in order to get this to work?01:05
Ambrose83`I have changed my sound preference to digital stereo (HDMI) but the audio is not coming through my TV although video is.  Is there another setting to change or driver to intall in order to get this to work?01:37
Error404NotFoun1did you tie in the sound card to hdmi header?01:42
Error404NotFoun1first i should ask laptop or desktop01:42
Ambrose83`I did not tie in the sound card to hdmi header01:50
Ambrose83`how do i do that?01:50
Error404NotFoun1is it internal sound?01:50
Error404NotFoun1onboard i mean01:50
Ambrose83`In the sound preferences Internal Audio works fine and runs the computer speakers.01:52
Error404NotFoun1has nothing to do with hdmi01:52
Error404NotFoun1you have to tie sound to the hdmi vid card01:53
Ambrose83`how do I do that01:53
Error404NotFoun1which vid card do you have01:53
Ambrose83`sorry for the stupid question but is that the same as the graphics card?01:56
Error404NotFoun1yes lol01:57
Error404NotFoun1you have to hook the sound up to video card yo get sound from hdmi header01:57
Ambrose83`okay it is a ATI Radeon HD 465001:57
Error404NotFoun1should be an included adapter with yer vid card01:58
Ambrose83`is this a hardware connection that i have to make or just a software driver?02:01
Error404NotFoun1if you bought the video card you should have got an adapter with it to tie sound into the video02:02
Error404NotFoun1can you use optical for sound>?02:02
Ambrose83`the computer I have was prepackaged I didn't get any extra adapters02:04
Error404NotFoun1     then you probably need to buy it02:04
Error404NotFoun1ebay or direct from ati02:04
Error404NotFoun1if it has optical out for sound use that02:04
Error404NotFoun1its better than hdmi02:04
Ambrose83`okay I will look into it.  thanks for the help02:04
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elks294i am having wifi problems on my android tablet is there anything i can try through a terminal to diagnos fix wifi, i know this is not ubuntu but the commands seem to all work, ifconfig ect22:05
holsteinelks294: yeah, but its hard to say if its hardware or not22:06
elks294it seems hardware because it just quit working22:06
holsteinelks294: did you turn it off and back on again ;022:07
stlsaintelks294: what tablet are you using?22:07
elks294yuup, reformated reset defaults22:07
holsteineven pull the battery out and all that too22:07
elks294archos 28 tablet22:07
elks294i havent tried taking battery out22:07
holsteinits a long shot really22:08
elks294i have downloaded terminal emulator and to my surprise it works even ifconfig, lsmod, dmesg22:08
stlsaintholstein: heads up on most tablets there is no way on pulling battery22:08
holsteinstlsaint: another reason why i dont have one :)22:08
elks294there is a way, ;)22:08
stlsaintelks294: it works because a base install was created for it22:08
stlsaintbasic commands22:09
stlsaintelks294: well on my tablet (motorola xoom)  there isnt without void warranty22:09
holsteinelks294: you're on your own now though right?22:09
holsteinpast the warranty*22:09
stlsaintelks294: if you were running the latest firmware and latest OS up to date than i would assume hardware issue22:09
elks294warranty expired after 30 days22:10
elks294is there a way to update fw and os through usb22:10
stlsaintiirc the samsung tablets didnt have a way to remove battery neither, also android ran22:10
stlsaintWOW 30 day warranty on a tablet??22:10
stlsaintelks294: have you heard of xda forums?22:11
stlsaintelks294: i cant help as i dont own the archos but anytime i have a question with my tablet i go there22:11
stlsaintone sec22:11
stlsaintoh even better there is a archos forum22:12
elks294ima remove this battery22:13
stlsaintelks294: have at it: http://forum.archosfans.com/22:14
elks294got my tablet 28 back online; it was a router setting, defaulted all settings and put my wpa back in and my android is online again23:19
holsteinelks294: w00t, that was easy :)23:20
stlsaintbodhizazen: sup23:28
bodhizazenFedora 15 + gnome 3 FTW !!!23:30

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