MrChrisDruifIsn't the meeting on the Fridge?16:48
MrChrisDruifMeeting is tonight right?16:53
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* issyl0 goes to eat, but hopes to be back for at least some of tonight's meeting. :-)20:27
j1mcissyl0: cool - hope to see you soon20:30
issyl0j1mc: Yes, I hope to be able to get more involved!20:31
issyl0(I said that before, I know.)20:31
issyl0Anyway, bye!20:31
j1mcsounds good - bye!20:31
j1mcmeeting in #ubuntu-meeting in a few minutes20:58
mdkej1mc: belated apologies, family emergency means I'll have to miss the meeting; will catch up during the week21:12
j1mcmdke: sorry to hear you have to miss it21:13
j1mcwill talk to you soon21:13
j1mchope everything is ok!21:13
mdkej1mc: thanks, it should be fine21:16
j1mcCaptainkrtek: we didn't cover too much else.22:27
MrChrisDruifAloha ka po'e apau23:57
MrChrisDruifHow did the meeting go?23:58

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