BelseruskI have noticed in Ubuntu 11.04 that text files are being opened in different windows instead of tabs! How do I solve this? I use Gedit as my main text editor.15:22
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thethomaseffectHallo there, got some free hosting sorted out for myself from a friend so i can finally start work on new ubuntu-ie website properly :)17:17
czajkowskiairurando: boo20:36
airurandohow do20:36
czajkowskiairurando: be nice to have em all in one place20:38
czajkowskiwell impressed they're doing this for us20:38
airurandoaye indeed20:38
airurandoare they copying or moving them?20:39
czajkowskinot sure I suggesed either which ever is easier20:41
airurandocool either way.  will need to update links if they move them completely.20:42
ShaneMHey I'm trying to help someone fix their wireless on ubuntu22:26
ShaneMBut everyone is saying the fix it "linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic"22:26
ShaneMWhich obviously only applied to maverick.22:26
ShaneMI check the package manager and the closest package I can find to it is a linux-backports-modules-wireless--net-natty-generic22:27
ShaneMDoes anyone know if that's the same package?22:27

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