ScottKAh.  So now we have an entire team dedicated to shoving Ubuntu Tweak into the archive.06:56
micahgScottK: huh?06:56
ScottKApparently 'power user' turned out to be a synonym for, well I can't find a CoC compliant way to put what I think it's a synonym for with any specificity.06:57
* ScottK is glad tumbleweed took over reporting MOTU status for the release team.06:58
micahgorly, cool06:58
ScottKtumbleweed: Welcome.06:58
ScottKHe and Laney are on ubuntu-release now.06:58
blackmoon-105hi, in a -dev package there are only a .h file, or also binary files? (.a, .la, .so)08:45
* tumbleweed gets home. Took an extended post-UDS UK detour08:51
blackmoon-105no one?08:57
jmarsdenblackmoon-105: Binaries too... but why don't you try looking at one to find out?   dpkg -L glib2.0-dev    for example08:57
tumbleweedblackmoon-105: ^08:58
tumbleweedblackmoon-105: it's common to have .a files in -dev, and possibly .la, but please try to avoid .la in new packages08:58
blackmoon-105jmarsden: i've look in some packages and sometimes i've fount it and sometimes not. this is the reason because i've asked09:02
blackmoon-105tumbleweed: thanks for the link09:02
tumbleweedblackmoon-105: it's out of date, but still informative09:04
blackmoon-105tumbleweed: i'm re-package libopensc and i don't know if i must include the .la, .a, .so files in the -dev package or in the lib package09:05
tumbleweedblackmoon-105: see also this thread: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/05/msg01003.html09:07
blackmoon-105tumbleweed: ok, thanks09:08
evaluatemicahg, ping?09:51
evaluatemicahg, I was curios as to what the status of #702316 was. I noticed you merged 1.4.0 from Debian, but the patch for natty hasn't yet been applied.09:54
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blackmoon-105hi, i've made an updated opensc (0.12.10) deb package, available on my launchpad repo. there is a way for include it in a ubuntu repostories?18:30
stlsaintblackmoon-105: your package must get sponsored18:31
stlsaintblackmoon-105: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess18:32
tumbleweedbut more to the point, opensc is maintained in debian, we just modify the version we get from them, and we generally try to avoid unecessary diversion from debian18:33
tumbleweedhave you spoken to the maintainer of the package in debian, to see if he needs / wants help with it?18:33
stlsaintblackmoon-105: ah yea you dont want to go messing with another maintainers package especially if its being maintained in debian18:35
tumbleweedwell, we don't have maintainers in ubuntu, you can touch anything (although we ask the right people when possible)18:36
stlsainttumbleweed: gotcha18:37
tumbleweedbut we still try not to diverge from debian where possible. We don't have the manpower to maintain unecessary differences18:37
blackmoon-105stlsaint: the package is already in debian, but the software version is not updated with the version on opensc website18:37
tumbleweedblackmoon-105: and is there a particular reason why we need this new release now?18:38
blackmoon-105yes bacaus the latest version 0.12.x is the only version which can do working my smart card reader18:39
tumbleweedthat sounds like a good reason to do something about it :) I still suggest poking the debian maintainer first, though18:39
blackmoon-105this smart card reader is used in italy for read the healt card18:40
blackmoon-105tumbleweed: ok i'll try to send an email to the debian maintainer18:41
broderblackmoon-105: better would be filing a bug with the debian maintainer18:42
blackmoon-105debian have a bug page as here in launchpad?18:43
blackmoon-105broder: ^18:43
broderblackmoon-105: no, they use their own bugtracker18:43
broderbut the easiest way to use it is to install reportbug18:44
blackmoon-105broder: ok, thank you18:44
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hrwLaney, persia: can 'revu uploaders' group be dropped finally? it is listed as 'no longer necessary' but each 'ubuntu contributor' becames member of it.20:40
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stlsaintim having a issue setting up apt-cacher-ng22:55
jtaylorwhat kind of issue?22:58
stlsaintjtaylor: i believe i have correctly configured but when i hit the import button on localhost:3142 it says no index file found22:59
stlsaintNo index files detected. Unable to continue, cannot map files to internal locations.22:59
jtaylorto import at least one client must have updated22:59
stlsaintso i would need to configure my pbuilder to use apt-cacher-ng then update23:00
jtayloror use your local machine23:00
stlsaintah kk23:00
jtaylor-o Acquire::html::proxy=...23:00
stlsaintjtaylor: is there something specific i must do to pbuilders to use cache?23:02
jtaylorpbuilder has the --http-proxy option23:03
stlsainti mean are they treated like clients and i must add the -hhtp command23:03
jtayloror use the http_proxy env variable23:03
jtaylorthe later is required for cowbuilder23:03
stlsaintkk, thats what i meant, ok sounds good, i will give it a go23:03
jtayloror if you want it permantently for the rc23:03
stlsaintis it safe to move the pbuilderrc to /home/username/.pbuilderrc cause im tired of seeing the error that there is no .pbuilderrc everytime i run23:07
jtaylorshould be no problem23:07
stlsaintwow so it seems i have no ~/.pbuilderrc23:11
stlsaintreally im just upset at not knowing where it is23:11
geserpbuilder caches the downloaded debs by default, but I use apt-cacher-ng to have a common cache for my pbuilder and my normal system23:21
stlsaintgeser: yea i noticed that as i was reading more and more23:21
jtaylorits also useful to cache for VM's23:23
geserI also had to use a proxy for my pbuilder as I use tmpfs for buildspace and pbuilder uses hard-links to get it's cache into the build environment which doesn't work cross-partition23:25
stlsaintwill the apt-cacher-ng/_import folder automatically update as new packages go into the archives folder?23:25
jtaylorit will delete the packages it adds to the archive from the import folder23:26
geserI disabled the pbuilder cache as apt-cacher-ng does the caching already (no need to cache it twice)23:26
geser(using apt-cacher-ng as http_proxy in pbuilder)23:27
stlsaintjtaylor: question: i just made a new pbuilder for karmic, since it had to get new packages will those be added to apt-cacher-ng/_import folder or will i have to do manually?23:44

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