lapionI am using a ppa for r 0.24 mythtv and am having the following problems:14:14
lapionwhen changing channels from my analog tuner to my digital tuner I sometimes get a black screen only and it can take some time before the change is made, if it is made at all..14:14
Zinn[pastebin.com] mythtv blackscreen - Pastebin.com14:14
lapionand how do I reenable powersaver after a fontend crash without restarting X ?14:14
lapionand also does anyone know how to get the theme manager to download anything ?14:15
TandyUKok i seem to be unable to schedule records15:20
peter__Hi, completely new to mythtv. just installed mythbuntu, anybody know of some docomentation on how to configure a tv card?15:31
Zinn[mythbuntu.org] About Mythbuntu | Mythbuntu15:33
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Installation Guide | Mythbuntu15:35
peter__thank you15:38
Zinn[pastebin.com] Encoder 1 [ DVB : /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0 ] is local on myth-bedroom and is - Pastebin.com15:40
TandyUKanyone have any idea what is wrong.15:40
TandyUKI can watch live tv no problem, but this is now the second failure to schedule record15:40
TandyUKand now i have missed the only chance to record those programs, so my mate will not be happy lol15:41
munsonsup all17:55
munsonum quick question i have vga connected to my tv and video is all working and remote to android phone works great but no sound...i have the audio out cable from computer to vga sound in on tv and still no sound...is there somethin i must configure before it works?17:57
TandyUKplug the audio cable directly into speakers to check17:57
TandyUKperhaps the tv settings are wrong17:57
TandyUKalso, from a shell run alsamixer and check the volume levels17:57
TandyUKi had problems with a very quiet output, which turned out to be all the volumes on 25%17:58
munsonk checking now17:58
munsonk settings on tv are fine it seems and when i did alsamixer in terminal it pulls up realtek audio somethin somethin...but in gui it pulls up intel somethin somethin18:10
munsonbrb..gonna grab headphones and test the jack output on computer18:11
munsonhmm nope still no sound18:15
TandyUKyou have multiple sound cards by the looks of things18:26
TandyUKan onboard, and a graphics card with hdmi out and integrated sound perhaps?18:27
TandyUKpastebin the output of lspci -vv18:28
munsoni have an ati radeon x1550 pci 256meg card which is not being used18:31
munsonits in slot but vga is connected to onboard18:31
munsonthat card only has svideo/dvi/vga  no hdmi18:32
TandyUKim talking about sound cards, not gfx18:32
TandyUKbut still sounds like a no18:32
TandyUKso pastebin18:32
munsonnope just onboard sound18:33
TandyUKwell if you are seeing realtek and intel, the system thinks it has 218:33
TandyUKive never heard of intel using realtek chips (or vice versa)18:33
munsonu think bios issue?18:34
TandyUKno idea18:34
TandyUKpastbing the output of "lspci -vv"18:34
TandyUKand i might e able tot tell you18:34
Zinn[pastebin.com] 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE/PE DRAM Control - Pastebin.com18:36
TandyUKdo lsusb  too18:38
TandyUKIntel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 01)  is he only soundcard listed, so no idea why you are seeing a realtek one18:39
munsonBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub18:39
munsonBus 002 Device 002: ID 047d:102d Kensington Pilot Optical18:39
munson   <---the rest says root hubbus18:39
munsononly hting connected usb is mouse18:40
munsonoops correction...card says intel..but chip says realtek18:40
munsonon alsamixer18:40
pteaguei moved & ended up with a different cable provider... & i keep finding various shows i thought i should be recording that aren't recording because the station channels are different... is there someway, either via the interface or via the database, to find out what shows are still trying to record based off the old channel listing?18:55
munsonany other ideas why sound doesn't work not even on backend or desktop view19:16
munsonwent to shoutcast.com and played a stream and no sound still19:16
munsoni have dual male cable on computer to headphone jack and on tv its plugged into the vga audio input19:18
munsonwhich tv is set on vga so audio should work19:18
pteagueso no sound on the box at all, even from desktop via some other media player?19:18
munsoni don't have other media player thats why i tested shoutcast19:19
pteaguedid you install from mythbuntu cd?19:20
munsoni just installed latest mythbuntu 11.04 i think it was and got the vid card working but hasn't had sound yet19:20
pteaguei haven't installed off 11.04 yet, but previous versions have had other media players installed19:21
munsonwas thinkin maybe intel driver issue or somethin19:21
pteaguei'm not sure if 11.04 is set up to use pulseaudio by default like previous versions or not... guess you could start a terminal & `ps aux | grep pulse` & see if that turns up anything19:23
munsonmunson    1993  0.0  0.1   3600   856 pts/1    S+   13:25   0:00 grep --color=auto pulse19:25
pteaguejust showing the grep...19:25
munsoninstalling mplayer now19:26
pteaguesomething else to check before checking if pulse is even installed (guessing it is)... if you have the volume (mixer) widget on your panel... try clicking that & see what it has listed for sound card19:29
munsonits not insalled cuz i don't see audio widget19:30
pteagueright click on panel -> add new item -> search for 'Mixer'19:31
munsonk added, ya thats same mixer i seen in the app menu19:33
pteaguewhat does it have listed for sound card when you open the window?19:34
pteagueok, i'm guessing it also doesn't have any controls showing by default? mine usually don't... click the select controls button & to start with, at least until you can figure out which ones you really need, go ahead & select all of them19:38
munsonIntel Corporation 82801DB19:38
munsonyup did that pteague19:38
munsonall are full volume19:38
pteagueoh ok, guessing you also unmuted any that were muted? hmm...19:38
munsonyup yup ;)19:39
munsoni guess i can load up my usb os and double check the audio see if onboard isn't broken19:40
pteagueoh fun... http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+Intel+Corporation+82801DB19:40
Zinn[www.google.com] ubuntu Intel Corporation 82801DB - Google Search19:40
munsonoh great lmao19:42
pteaguei have the 82801i which emulates the realtek alc883 on this box & iirc it was just install & go... my work laptop worked except it has a software headphone jack & wouldn't shut the speakers off when i plugged headphones in... that finally got fixed in 11.04, don't remember if i had to set anything special or not19:43
pteagueintel, the spice of life19:48
munsonwell i'll try what this website says19:50
munsonand whats PCM i see that on my tv19:50
munsonk i verfied that the audio cable to tv is working...i plugged my cellphone and played an mp3..so ya it must be that soundcard issue in 11.0419:56
Muzeris 0.24.1 in some repo yet?20:12
Muzerah, my distupgrade to natty had disabled the mythbuntu PPAs20:13
Muzerif I update myth via aptitude when there's a recording going on, will it interrupt the recording or will it all carry on working nicely until I choose to restart the backend?20:14
tgm4883Muzer, IIRC, it will restart the backend21:59
Muzeryeah, I did it after the programme ended and it did indeed restart the backend :)22:00

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