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LjLrww: it does seem excessive, i've made a change that might hopefully avoid that00:46
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Flannel!away > reliableNerd05:42
bazhangbong_, hi10:30
ikoniatime to be removed, 7 minutes to reply is enough10:37
BlouBloua user called penos is talking about mature-content in #ubuntu-offtopic11:57
ldunnBlouBlou: the content isn't really banned, but if you'd like it to stop, just say so12:00
ldunn(in #ubuntu-offtopic)12:00
BlouBlouwell, he talked about hot-girls12:00
BlouBlouand I think there are better places to talk about it12:00
ldunnYou're allowed to say that in the channel, you know12:01
ldunnsince this is hovering around o4o, if you want the discussion to stop, you can just say so.12:01
BlouBlouI'll do if he repeats it12:01
ldunnhovering around it, ish.12:05
ldunnor are you asking what o4o is12:06
ldunnin which case, !o4o12:06
Coreyldunn: I already have, I'm curious as to what the o4o actually stands for.12:08
ldunnoh. Offtopic for offtopic12:08
CoreyAhh, thanks.12:08
elkyi believe penos has done this before12:12
ldunnoh? :/12:13
bazhangsure he has12:14
bazhangbong_, hi13:06
bong_how are you doing?13:06
bazhangbong_, you are forwarded here from #ubuntu-offtopic13:07
bazhangsome unpleasant commentary13:08
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic: 2011-05-29T05:47:10 <bong_> chu_: yeah 'cause you're gay, dickhead13:09
bazhangto wit: ^13:09
bong_it wasn't me, i dunno bout that13:09
bazhangsame IP address though13:09
bong_yeah but it wasnt me13:10
elkyyou shouldn't irc while too high to a. control yourself or b. remember making an utter fool of yourself the next day.13:10
bong_well fuck you all dickheads13:11
elkytotally convinced me.13:11
bazhangclearly a different person did it.13:11
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops bong_ Yeah, clearly a different person did it. Not.13:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:11
bazhangthe one-armed man!13:12
elkygranted, he knew grammar yesterday.13:12
elkyand punctuation13:12
bong_go fuck yourselves dickheads13:19
elky@mark #ubuntu-ops bong_ Clearly still a different person.13:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:20
tsimpsonperhaps the forward should be removed?13:20
elkywell now that you're up tsimpson, i'll leave you and your freshly minted -ot fu to deal with the loltastic situation in there.13:27
elkyur welcome!13:27
elkybazhang, i know i should just go, but it's like watching a train on warped tracks...13:30
bazhangelky, heh yeah. just insane no real profanity or abusiveness so far13:32
bazhangclearly I spoke waaaay too soon13:34
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (bfri appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)14:04
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (bfri appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)14:04
ikoniaI really do not like "omgubuntu"15:26
Coreyikonia: is LOLbunto better?15:27
Coreylolbuntu even15:27
CoreyEh, people are going to do different things with it.  I don't let it get to me.15:28
ikoniait doesn't get to me, I just think it's rubbish15:30
ikoniaI don't like the dribble it churns out being posted/referenced in #ubuntu15:30
CoreyOh, yo umean it's a nick.  *WHOOSH*15:31
ikoniano, a website15:31
CoreyOkay, then I'm really behind the eight ball today.15:32
ikoniaI'd rather be behind the eight ball than aware of omgubuntu15:32
CoreyWhat... the ...15:33
CoreyIt's like someone threw up Web 2.0 all over a Linux help site?15:34
ikoniait almost offends me...15:34
CoreyThat's up there with howtoforge.com15:34
ikoniayes, a total sham15:34
Coreyikonia: Worse than that.  It ventures into the realm of "crap advice."15:41
ikoniaI know, it's just dribble15:41
CoreyI have a factoid in another channel...15:41
CoreyA very common problem is that some people prefer to follow a step-by-step tutorial that shows them how to setup their server w/out reading the  documentation or understanding what they are doing. If something goes wrong, they have no clue whatsoever about where to find hints, and they sometimes decide to  start from scratch using a different tutorial. This is not The Proper Way.15:41
ikonianot bad15:41
CoreyThis is out of #postfix, where not understanding what you're doing can lead to disaster.15:42
CoreyInstead of "My box doesn't work" it's "Why am I sending 5 million messages an hour out of my toybox?"15:42
ikoniawhy am I blacklisted.....15:43
Corey"Why is my ISP turning me off and not accepting my calls and sending me a bill for $10K?"15:43
CoreyHere in adult-land of colocation, some of us pay at 95th percentile for bandwidth. :-)15:44
ikoniamost of the people who read stuff like omgubuntu are not adults15:44
CoreyWhen I have a specific problem I'll punch in an error message or whatnot and grab the first link or three that show up, but I've also got enough in the way of critical thinking skills to say "That seems ill advised."15:45
ikoniaI'll quote that15:45
ikoniaomgubuntu.co.uk is ill advised15:45
jussinah, just that omgubuntu is a tabloid, they print sensation - its ike reading the Sun, or NOTW15:46
ikoniathey print tosh15:47
jussipretty much, but isnt that like all tabloids?15:48
ikoniaI wouldn't even class it as a tabloid15:48
jussiikonia: why not? they print wildly inaccurate info, which causes sensation (good and bad alike) == tabloid imho.15:50
vibhavThata bad ikonia!15:56
vibhavUn ban mee!15:57
ikoniavibhav: no - you are giving out nonsense advice15:57
ikoniavibhav: I've asked you to READ and understand links before you give them to people15:57
ikoniayour next link you gave was a yolinux link15:57
vibhavikonia, sorry!15:57
ikoniawhy did you do it after I told you to not do it 2 times15:58
ikoniawhy did I have to remove you for doing it a 3rd time after warning you to stop15:58
vibhavI thought it was a good guide , I read it too15:58
ikoniait's referencing redhat 9 - does that strike you as a "modern" hardware compatibility guide ?15:58
ikoniathey guy was after ubuntu hardware support (which he got) and other linux distros you're just throwing generic random links at him15:59
ikoniait's not ok15:59
ikoniaI asked you to stop 2 times15:59
ikoniayou did it again, a 3rd16:00
Coreyvibhav: The goal is to give good advice, not "throw a bunch of links at people and hope one solves the issue"16:00
ikoniayou're not even reading the links you're giving16:00
Coreyvibhav: Nobody knows it all-- if you're not sure on an issue, it's okay to not answer. :-)16:00
vibhavI was reading this one16:00
vibhavOK I appologize16:00
ikoniaI appreciate that16:00
ikoniabut why did you do it after I told you 2 times not to16:00
vibhavI thought that link might be good16:00
ikoniawhy ?16:01
ikoniawhat part of it looks good compared to what he's askig ?16:01
vibhavI said I am sorry16:01
ikoniadid you read the link ?16:01
ikoniaok, so what part of it looked good against what he was asking ?16:01
ikoniawhat part of it did you think "that will help him" ?16:02
vibhavRam memory?16:02
ikoniawhat ????16:02
ikoniahe asked for supported hardware lists16:02
vibhavI am sorry * 10000016:02
ikoniaI get that you're sorry16:02
ikoniaI appreciate that16:03
ikoniabut what I don't understand is why you ignored what I told you to do16:03
vibhavI will use  ubbottu from now on16:03
ikoniaif you don't know/understand what someone is asking, or the information you're reading.....don't offer it to people as advice16:03
vibhavI did not know that you were an op16:03
ikoniait doesn't matter if I'm an op or not16:03
vibhavIll not do it again *sob*16:04
ikoniaas common sense what I asked you to do "not post links that are not useful or you've not even read" is common sense16:04
vibhavOk i will not post links that are not useful or I've not even read16:04
ikoniayou said that when I asked you not to do it....then your next post was another random link16:04
ikoniaI think you should take a bit of time out of ubuntu16:04
ikonia#ubuntu sorry16:04
vibhavPlease dont make this public16:05
ikoniamake it public ?16:05
ikoniait's a public channel you're talking in16:05
vibhavDont tell it to anybody else16:05
ikoniaerrr, these are public channels16:05
IdleOneWe wont16:05
vibhav!beanop | vibhav16:06
ikoniaare you serious ?16:06
IdleOnevibhav: .msg ubottu !canibeanop16:06
IdleOnevibhav: /msg ubottu !canibeanop16:06
ikoniamy word16:06
ikoniavibhav: you're in a channel because you've just been kicked from because you can't follow instruction or give useful advice16:06
IdleOnevibhav: I think you are done here for now. Please part the channel.16:06
ikoniayou then ask "can I be an op"16:06
ikoniathink it through16:06
vibhavbasically on 14 May I am not here16:06
vibhavI signed yesterday the code of conduct too16:07
ikoniaso ?16:07
vibhavI am waiting for 14th16:07
ikoniawhy ? what happens on the 14th may ?16:07
ikoniaI'm not following what you're saying16:08
vibhav29th mAy sorry16:08
ikoniachanging the date doesn't explain to me what you're talking about16:08
IdleOneI think he is talking about the ircc meeting16:08
vibhavThe IRC council meeting is on 29th  May , And I am not there16:09
IdleOne2 Sat and last Sun of the month16:09
ikoniavibhav: if you have an agenda item, you can put it on the meeting list16:09
ikonia(if you want to have an item talked about, you can put it on the agenda for that meeting)16:09
vibhavHow do I do that?16:10
ikoniaone moment and I'll get you the link16:10
vibhavI dont have a Wiki Page16:11
ikoniawhat has that got to do with ading an agenda item ?16:11
vibhav"A good wiki page about you, and the work that you've done, with some testimonials. "16:11
ikoniaooh, you want to be an IRC member ?16:12
IdleOnevibhav: you will need one if you want to become an op, you also need a launchpad account. make sure you have all the requirements before adding yourself to the ircc meeting agenda16:12
vibhavAn irc op16:12
IdleOnealso read the information that ubottu gave you carefully about how to apply for an op position16:12
IdleOnevibhav: first things first, learn the channel guidelines and understand them.16:13
topylii don't think it's a good time to apply for ops when you're banned from the channel itself16:15
IdleOneI agree but hopefully vibhav will listen to our advice about learning and following the guidelines16:16
ikonialess so when you still ignore what people are saying16:16
ikoniaIdleOne: just gave you the link with instructions, so you joined #ubuntu-irc and asked again16:16
ikoniapretty insulting to AGAIN not read links16:16
vibhavDone the procedures16:17
IdleOnevibhav: This is just my opinion but I would suggest you give a good solid 6-8 months of support in #ubuntu without getting banned and then perhaps apply for an ops position16:17
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops vibhav unable to follow instruction, wants information but won't read the information given to him16:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:18
vibhavAm I banned on the ubuntu channels16:18
IdleOnevibhav: yes, ikonia asked you to take a few days break16:19
ikoniavibhav: no, I've just put you on mute so you can't speak16:19
IdleOneoh right16:19
ikoniayet, I like the fact that I asked you to take a break and you thought you where banned, so straight away you tried to join16:19
ikoniagood idea16:19
vibhavUn Bann me16:19
ikoniayou are NOT banned16:19
ikoniayou are muted so you can't speak, but can observe16:19
vibhavso unmute me16:20
ikoniano, not at this time16:20
Coreyvibhav: Give it a rest for a day or two. You're not helping your case.16:20
ikoniawatch how people help in the channel, it will give you a beter idfea16:20
ikoniavibhav: if you don't need anything else from the channel operators, it would be helpful if you could leave the channel (there is a no idle policy) and come back when you do need something please.16:23
CoreyMy patience ran out.16:26
ikoniathank you16:26
CoreyI felt I had to get *something* on the board-- I'm usually too slow to ban and someone else snipes it from me. :-)16:26
vibhavI was away for dinner16:40
vibhavplease unmute me16:40
IdleOnevibhav: in 48 hours, not before16:40
IdleOnenow please follow the directions given to you.16:40
IdleOnevibhav: I can make it 72 hours if you like16:41
CoreyIdleOne: It's been brought to my attention that I don't have the flags I thought I did here.  :-)16:41
ikoniaI've removed the mute and now changed it to a ban16:41
IdleOneCorey: yeah I know :)16:41
ikoniavibhav: you're not banned from #ubuntu16:41
ikoniayou're now banned from ubuntu to be clear16:41
IdleOnevibhav: Please return here in 48 hours and discuss the removal of the ban, not before.16:42
CoreyIdleOne: Looks like you do, so it's your problem now. :-)16:42
Coreyikonia: Why did you kick vanski?16:43
CoreyEr, meant to ask that here, not in #ubuntu16:43
ikoniamessaged him16:43
ikoniawith an apology16:43
CoreyI'm typing at a ~1second lag here.16:43
ikoniaI had a little bit of script lag, which was sloppy on my part for not checking16:43
ikoniavibhav: please leave this channel now16:43
IdleOneikonia: feel free to remove that at your leisure16:46
IdleOneor let me know16:46
ikoniasorry, no +o here, so I'll have to rely on you16:46
IdleOnesure thing16:46
CoreyIf we get Eir tracking this stuff, I can help out with the... oddities, of her syntax.16:46
IdleOneI think they are working on that16:47
IdleOneleast that is the word16:47
nhandlerYep. I've been pushing tsimpson a bit with that ;)16:47
IdleOneI need to learn how this time banned thingy works in chanserv and autobleh16:48
IdleOnethen again, I'll learn it and we will get eir16:48
CoreyIdleOne: /at USER quiets for ten minutes in my version of autobleh16:48
IdleOnedoes it also do timed bans?16:49
CoreyMine doesn't, no.16:49
nhandlerAlthough, it has a few quirks if you get disconnected and stuff like that16:49
Coreynhandler: Aye, but I don't usually have that issue.16:49
IdleOneyeah I think that is why I never use the timed functions16:49
CoreyI use /at about three times a week, and get disconnected once every three months or so16:49
IdleOneban evbading?16:52
IdleOnevibhav: you realize this type of behaviour is not acceptable and will not look good on your op application16:53
IdleOnenhandler: can you please take care of this.16:53
Coreyvibhav: Your ban in #ubuntu has now been extended.16:55
Coreyvibhav: Please /part.16:55
IdleOne@mark #ubuntu-ops vibhav has expressed interest in becoming an ubuntu op but chooses to ignore the ops advice and ban evade.16:56
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:56
CoreyCan someone talk me through actually extending his ban?16:56
IdleOneextending in what sense?16:57
tsimpsonI guess just make a note in the ban tracker at what date the ban can be removed16:57
IdleOneby how long should we extend?16:57
CarlFK1I see no reason not to double it.16:58
IdleOnesounds good. adding to relevant BT #16:59
CoreyCarlFK1: Forget to identify?16:59
CarlFK1gah... reconnect.. momment.16:59
CoreyCarlFK1: "Please identify or /part the channel." :-p17:00
tsimpsonyou should probably group that nick if it's one of the alternates in your client17:01
Corey /ns help access17:01
CarlFK1doesn't pidgin have a place to set the fallback nick?17:02
tsimpsonI don't know, and pidgin is not a real IRC client ;)17:02
Coreyhttp://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi changed my life, it may change yours. :-)17:04
IdleOneEven mirc is better17:04
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CarlFKits not painful enough to motivate me to not do something else17:06
CoreyCarlFK: Let's turn up the mockery then. :-D17:06
CarlFKswell ;)17:06
CarlFKIll dig up my copy of MSChat and trun on comic mode17:08
rwwIdleOne: lies, mIRC is evil, pidgin is merely limited17:08
IdleOnerww: mirc may be evil but it isn't limited17:08
IdleOneleast not anywhere near as pidgin17:08
rwwI'd rather have limited than evil ;P17:08
IdleOnedebian user!17:08
rwwirssi > xchat = quassel > pidgin = webchat > empathy > mIRC > BitchX17:09
tsimpsonyou forgot 'telnet'17:09
IdleOneirssi is nice, I just have a really hard time getting used to using it17:09
IdleOneI am trying (again)17:10
CarlFKpidgin = webchat   thats harsh17:13
* CarlFK covers pidgin's eyes17:13
rwwhey webchat isn't that bad17:13
rwwalthough i'm looking at it from the perspective of someone who used empathy for IRC as long as he could stand it17:14
rww(less than a week)17:14
richapWhy am I banned?17:15
IdleOnebecause vibhav you keep ban evading17:16
CoreyAnd we continue to extend your ban every time you attempt to evade.17:16
richapCTCP VersioN?17:16
richapThis is another laptop , on vibhav's internet connection and I AM NOT VIBHAV!17:17
richap* Received a CTCP VERSION from Corey17:17
IdleOnewell thanks to vibhav you are also banned17:17
IdleOnego complain to him about it. Also let him know we extended the ban to 96 hours17:18
richapI am his Mother , I too use IRC17:18
richapWhy is the ban extended17:18
IdleOneYour son has been a bad boy.17:18
CarlFKa new spin.17:18
jussiCarlFK: quaseel <3 :D17:18
richapHe told me , he just gave wrong advice17:19
IdleOneban evading is against freenode policy and by extension Ubuntu IRC policy.17:19
richapNo , He was not trying to evade the ban, I just joined for some information17:19
IdleOneyou can look for help on the ubuntu forums or askubuntu.com17:20
CarlFKrichap: we don't have the means to sort this kind of thing out.  sadly there is a chance that a bad apple spoils a basket.17:20
IdleOnethe ban will not be removed for 96 hours.17:20
richapBut why was the ban extended , he is not even here17:20
IdleOneit was extended because he tried to evade the first ban17:21
richapHow did he try to evade , may I know?17:21
IdleOneand if I have to explain this much longer it will be extended for and extra 48 hours17:21
richapBut I told you I am not vibhav17:21
CarlFKrichap:  we shouldn't discuss problems with other users17:21
IdleOneright and I can't prove that you are telling me the truth17:22
richapHow do I prove that then ?17:22
tsimpsonyou can't, that's the point17:22
IdleOneby waiting the 96 hours and coming back then to discuss the removal of the ban17:22
richapIf I call vibhav here then?17:22
CarlFKrichap: I suggest you respect our requests..17:23
tsimpsonhaving two connections from the same IP address does not prove there are two people, so no17:23
richapOk bye17:23
richapIll just call him then17:24
CarlFKthanks, bye.17:24
CoreyHow not at all unlikely!17:24
vibhavDid you guys call me?17:25
vibhavThat is what my mother said17:25
IdleOnelike we told your "mother" you have to wait 96 hours17:25
vibhav96 hours!17:25
vibhavwas not it 48 hours?17:26
IdleOneit was and then you ban evaded and we extended to 9617:26
vibhavWhat is CTCP Version??17:26
IdleOnectcp version means nothing17:26
vibhavI did not evade a ban17:26
IdleOneyou did17:26
vibhavNo I did not17:26
CoreyYou're doing it now, even...17:26
CarlFKvibhav: I think you know enough about IRC, both technical and social.17:26
vibhavI swear17:26
IdleOnevibhav: I am growing weary of this..17:27
vibhavon evrything thats good17:27
IdleOneleave now and don't return for 96 hours17:27
CarlFKvibhav: we don't have the means to sort this kind of thing out.  sadly there is a chance that a bad apple spoils a basket.17:27
vibhavBut at least can I know the proof for my ban evading? And why is mother in quotes?17:28
CarlFKthanks.  There has to be a web page that addresses the neighbor/mother/cow0rker thing17:29
CoreyI'd not like to ban *!*@58.94.1*, but... :-)17:29
Corey1??. even...17:29
CarlFKCorey: that's what I was going for in #freenode: some way to not ban that but make it hard.17:30
tsimpsonCIDR? or $a?17:30
IdleOneI almost believe that was his mother17:31
* IdleOne slaps himself back to reality17:32
CoreyIdleOne: She needs Ubuntu help.17:33
CoreyWithin ten minutes of her son.17:33
CoreyHe's in -ot17:33
IdleOneI suppose it is possible that he has two ip's in the house17:33
IdleOnelong as he doesn't break any rules in -ot he can be there17:34
IdleOneban from one channel does not prevent joining another...that preemptive rule thing17:34
IdleOnecept in extreme cases17:35
hypatiarewalsar in #ubunt18:43
hypatiathx IdleOne18:44
IdleOneou got ops there don;t you?18:44
IdleOneerr my typing sucks18:44
CoreyYeah, I *really* need to stop assuming I've got +o in various #ubuntu- channels. :-)18:45
hypatiaIdleOne: nyet18:46
hypatiaIdleOne: i'm not there terribly often18:46
CoreyFortunately, I'm still hesitant as anything to actually *use* it.18:46
IdleOnehypatia: ah, I thawt I thaw you +o there before18:47
ikoniaI'll speak to him in pm18:56
CoreyI was updating your crazy ban tracker.18:57
ikoniaI actually wasn't going to kick him (for the record) just mute him fora minute while I spoke to him in BT18:58
ikoniaBT ?? pm I mean18:58
IdleOnelol is chomping at the bit to remove someone from #u18:58
CoreySorry.  Had to get onto the board somehow. :)18:59
CoreyI do think that his entry into the channel sorta precluded him being productive.18:59
ikoniawell that's going to fuel the log readers ^18:59
ikoniaCorey: you're correct, he did come in quite in your face18:59
Coreyikonia: If you spend your life worried about the peanut gallery, you become paralyzed into inaction.  I figure I'll deal with it later. :-)19:00
Coreyikonia: And I just did a double-take at what you said.  Apparently I misparsed it the first time.19:00
Tm_Tinteresting backlog19:02
ikoniatsimpson: give me a prod when you are online/active/free please19:03
tsimpsonikonia: I'm here, but just starting the IRCC meeting19:04
ikoniatsimpson: can you put 30 seconds aside for me afterwards please19:04
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1607 users, 2 overflows, 1609 limit))19:06
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1608 users, 2 overflows, 1610 limit))19:06
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1609 users, 12 overflows, 1621 limit))19:06
ikonianice one Corey19:06
ikoniayou caused a split19:06
=== gpc is now known as IdleOne
IdleOnewhy you split me!19:08
jussiircc meeting starting now19:11
=== Tm_K is now known as Tm_T
rwwoh, so that's what was on my mental calendar for Sunday mornings.20:03
tsimpsonikonia: poke20:25
CarlFKCorey: I was pondering the math of:  ban *!*@58.94.1*... that would ban 1/131072 of the world.  which would have 0.000 (maybe even more 0s) impact on #ubuntu.20:28
tsimpsonthe number of zeros is irrelevant there, 0.0 == 0.0000...20:29
CarlFKit implies accuracy20:29
CarlFKit's actually greater than 0, but rounded to 0 at that many digits20:30
CarlFK1/(2**17) = 0.000008 ...  * 1600 (users in #u) = 0.012207 - so you could apply 50 of those before you enter "probably whack 1 other person"  zone  (I think.)20:44
CarlFKif we get to the point where we need 50 bans like that, I say we have a clearance sale and go out of business.20:46
rwwThis mathing really only works if users are evenly distributed across all IP ranges, which they aren't at all ;P21:11
CarlFKill give you that.21:12
CarlFKI bet we currently ban more friendlies due to a group of people behind a nat than 50 17 bit bans21:15
CarlFKwhere the number we are talking about is about 1 per.. month?  year.. not sure how time fits in.21:16
CarlFKi guess per ban, over the length of the ban.  but the longer the ban is, the more likely it effects someone else.  hmm.21:17
CarlFKgrumble.  this has gone from interesting to anoying.  I am going back to my annoying firewire diagnostic fun21:18
rwwWell, for example, I'm banned from another channel outside the namespace because they set a ban on xyz.abc.* and banned the colo facility my server lives in.21:18
rwwand on the other end of the scale, there are companies with huge IP address blocks that aren't using more than a tiny fraction.21:18
rwwbut yeah, NAT is definitely an issue too, even assuming that all the "you banned my brother and also me!" reports are lies ;)21:20
rww(fun sidenote: I vaguely remember banning all of Verizon Wireless for a few hours ;)21:20
CarlFKgiven the wild west/mad max word that is irc, I accept that some people (like you) will get whacked by xyz.abc.21:21
CarlFKit isn't like getting banded is at all like being locked up.  in that case I favor making sure no friendlies get effected.  or affected?21:23
Jordan_UBan forwards should probably be used if there are long term bans on blocks of ips so that friendlies are more likely to be able to understand and resolve the issue.21:26
Jordan_UIs there any easy way to detect that someone joined from a ban forward so that we aren't asking these unaware users "What business do you have in #ubuntu-ops"?21:27
rww/msg ubottu @bansearch21:28
rwwapart from that, no21:28
rwwalthough 1) I do that for everyone who wanders in here anyway, 2) I still ask them how we can help them because imhexperience it tends to work better21:29
* rww reads IRCC meeting log21:56
rwwI note that I've been removing Floodbot bans and quiets after a week of them being set, so no, they're not filling up the ban list or anything ;P21:56
rwwThere'd be some utility to someone manually going through each one instead of just removing them based on time, but I don't know that it's enough to be worth the effort.21:57
tsimpsonrww: one person reviewing the bans is less than many people reviewing the bans21:57
rwwI'd rather just have people actually review their own bans, which some of them are not. I don't remember seeing anyone come back after a week of being banned by FloodBot and repeat offend.21:59
rwwbut I don't care either way really. I'll carry on keeping an eye on floodbot bans, and if the new method isn't useful, I'll go back to what I've been doing :)22:00
rwwalso, I am glad to hear that eir integration is coming along well. looking forward to that :)22:03
LjLoh i missed another meeting22:07
rwwyeah, I went and scheduled a work shift over the top of it and thought at the time, "isn't there something I need to do then...?"22:07
LjLit's that there's an item of mine i'm supposed to be present for :\22:07
rwwand I'm glad y'all decided against autoenlisting people into -ops ophood, since I (now) don't want it ;P22:09

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