Snuggerhow do you access your network interface on ubuntu server and edit it so i can have my wireless adapter become the main internet source for my server?00:49
Snuggerif anyone is free and able to help a newbie of ubuntu server, i would appreciate it =D00:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #789715 in postfix (main) "package postfix (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78971501:26
Snuggercan anyone help me please01:42
Snuggeranyone here?01:51
jmarsdenSnugger: http://pastebin.com/XejD1QAF  has info that is very brief about the two files to edit for doing that.  But I can't help with details, this is info from someone else I have not yet actually used it myself :)02:16
jmarsdenSnugger: And this assumes your wireless NIC is already supported and visible as wlan0 , of course.02:16
Delerium_Hi Guys, I'm looking to implement a couple of chat room for my website, I was wondering if someone have experience with that and can suggest software to do so ?03:06
MasshuuWhere would i look for a reason why mysql isn't starting when the server starts but it starts just fine if i start it via service mysql start05:28
Masshuulooked in /var/log/ but didn't see anything05:28
Masshuustart up scripts in there and all the right run levels05:29
rewti'd guess /var/log/syslog or /var/log/dmesg05:30
rewtmaybe /var/log/mysql.*05:31
Masshuutried those05:31
rewtand it's listed in /etc/rc2.d ?05:32
rewt(with an S number)05:32
Masshuumaybe change it to a higher or lower number?05:33
rewtrunlevel tells you your current runlevel05:33
rewtshould be 2 by default05:34
rewtwhich corresponds with /etc/rc2.d05:34
Masshuuyeah. i was refering to moving mysql to like 15 or 5005:34
rewtwhat's it at now?05:34
rewti guess you could try S90 to see if that helps05:35
Masshuubrb. irc client runs on the server(its a vps)05:37
Snuggeryall familar with setting up wireless usb adapters for internet?05:40
Masshuumight be network interface isn't created yet?05:41
Masshuuwould that cause it?05:41
Masshuu* setup yet05:41
Snuggeryes i'm not sure how to correctly configure it05:42
rewtMasshuu, maybe, although that should show up in the logs05:42
Snuggeri was given this link http://pastebin.com/XejD1QAF how do i intergrate that in to etc/network/interfaces?05:42
Snuggersorry i'm a newbie with ubuntu05:43
rewtSnugger, have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo05:44
rewtSnugger, this seems like a more straight-forward answer: http://joost.damad.be/2007/01/debian-wifi-wpa-supplicant-and.html05:46
Snuggershould i use nano or vi? and do i just simply type it in exactly as i see it?05:48
rewtnano/vi doesn't really matter; whatever you feel more comfortable with05:48
rewtyou'd have to put in your configuration following that format05:49
Masshuufound a fix05:49
Masshuuadded service mysql start05:49
Masshuuto the end of rc.local05:49
rewtSnugger, you may not need all of those lines though; this post doesn't have all of them:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-linux-wpa-wpa2-wireless-wifi-networking/05:51
ScottKMasshuu: This is on a VPS?05:52
Masshuuyeah. openvz vps05:54
delinquentme_chmod commands are cross OS compatible right .. 700 for linux would be 700 for ubuntu?05:58
rewtubuntu is linux05:59
Masshuuubuntu is turning into the next mac06:00
delinquentme_Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic)06:03
delinquentme_attempting to SSH06:03
delinquentme_.ssh is chmodded to 700 .. and authorized_keys is 60006:04
ScottKMasshuu: Standard Ubuntu Server doesn't have this problem.  If you install mysql server it runs.  I suspect your provider of having improved it for you.06:05
Snuggerhow do you contact a specific person when typing in irc again?06:06
delinquentme_Snugger, /msg06:06
delinquentme_or type the first part of a name and hit tab06:06
ScottKdelinquentme_: What's the log say on the server end?06:07
Snuggerrewt: my network adapter does not show up when i tpye in lscpi06:07
ScottKSnugger: lscpi or lspci?06:07
delinquentme_ScottK, im not sure i have access to that yet .. its an EC2 instance .. but i can get the verbose readout from my end06:08
ScottKdelinquentme_: Then look and see if it gives you any more clues.06:08
ScottKSnugger: This is a wifi adapter?06:09
ScottKIf so, what kind?06:09
SnuggerNetgear WG111 v306:09
delinquentme_unspecified GSS failure?06:09
rewthmm, i'm not sure if usb ones show up in lspci06:10
Snuggershould i continue to step 306:10
delinquentme_http://pastie.org/1987577  the part where it starts breaking :D06:10
Snuggerrewt_: do i erase my previous eth0 config in the interfaces file?06:11
rewtSnugger, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73282706:11
delinquentme_debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,gssapi-with-mic    << this should mean that i can use either a public key or  a gssapi-with-mic06:12
delinquentme_to ssh in .. right?06:12
Snuggerrewt: thank you i will try this06:14
Snuggerrewt: problem, i believe the link you sent me only works for ubuntu desktop edition, while i have server edition, because i cannot use the gksudo gedit command06:33
ScottKSnugger: Instead of gksudo gedit use sudo nano06:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #789764 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': 沒有此一檔案或目錄" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78976406:52
delinquentme_im sshed into a linux box .. and id like to find out if theres in installed program called "crossbow"06:57
delinquentme_how might i do this06:57
jeeves_mosshas anyone here been able to get FreeDB working?07:07
SnuggerscottK or rewt, i've been able to successfully set up wireless connection with dhcp, but i would like to have static so i can host game servers, how do i static my wlan setting07:11
ScottKIf you look for at the ubuntu server guide on static networking setup (see /topic) you ought to be able to extrapolate from the ethernet examples they have there to your setup.07:12
jeeves_mossthe "any key" is the black toggle switch becide the power cord on your PSU07:12
ScottKdelinquentme_: which crossbow would tell you if there's an executable of that name installed.07:13
delinquentme_"which crossbow"07:14
ScottKjeeves_moss: Please leave the sophomoric tricks elsewhere.  It's far too old to be funny and we prefer to actually try and help people here.07:14
delinquentme_thats awesomely simple .. thanks07:14
ScottKTry 'which python' for an example that will show something.07:15
delinquentme_yeah im on a AWS instance and apprently theres a few things that arent there07:15
delinquentme_dpkg is one of them07:15
delinquentme_tanks ScottK .. that commands gonna come in handy07:16
ScottKYou're welcome.07:16
Snuggeri've tried everything and my wireless connection will not function correctly,i set my inet to static so ic an host and now the internet won't connect. I am certain the ssid and psk are correct07:49
Snuggerwhenever i type if up wlan0 i get a wpa_supplicant: /sbin/wpa_supplicant daaemon failed to start07:58
Snuggerrun-parts: /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/wpasupplicant exited with return code 107:58
Snuggeranyone one think they can lend a hand?08:23
Refaelhola, am looking for anybodys' assistance to create a loopback maneuver09:13
RefaelSnugger: what did you need assistance with?09:14
annonehi all09:22
annonewho can help me in my choice09:22
annonebitween ubuntu server and debian09:22
Refaelis a very good os & has more options09:34
Refaelthere are various metapackages you could configure to work with ubuntu, etc.09:34
Refaelit appears ubuntu is more actively developed09:35
annoneRefael: what about stability? many people talk about ubuntu as a bug distr, and what debian is more stable09:47
Refaelannone: if you talk to debian persons, they shall tell you bad things about ubuntu. The personal operating system is ubuntu & it has worked great from install to the present day & has a good support team & is highly developed & regularly upgraded09:49
annonecan u say who used ubuntu server? goverment, commercical companies?09:51
Refaelannone: si?09:52
annonedont understand09:52
Refaelah, many persons & corporations use ubuntu09:52
annonefor example09:53
Refaelcould do a little research if you wished09:53
Refaelwhat is it you are wishing to use the system for?09:53
annonein goverment09:53
annoneas secure and stable09:54
Refaelwhat type utility?09:54
annonedatastore, ftp, cluster, apache, mysql, statistics09:55
Refaelannone: dell & sunsoft use & support Ubuntu09:55
annonemaybe think client09:55
annonewe have dell servers09:55
Refaelit could handle as a server & on client side simultane even09:56
Refaeldell website, type ubuntu in search09:56
Refaeloften "Ubuntu Remix"09:56
annoneRefael: what is sunsoft? sorry for my english, his bad... i'm from Ukraine09:57
Refaeltypically is "Ubuntu Remix" & is a type derivative09:58
Refaeltypical larger companies perhaps, though Ubuntu Server uses "Wine" to handle Windoze compatability09:58
annonewhat is sunsoft? what do u mean?09:59
RefaelDell is actively supporting "Ubuntu" Operating systems for optional OS09:59
Refaelsunsoft is corporation, wait10:00
Refaelperhaps am getting name wrong10:01
annonemaybe u mean SUN?10:01
annone(oracle, java)10:01
Refaelwas a time since used windoze and am now using Linux alone10:01
Refaelis similar10:01
RefaelIBM uses Linux on eServer10:02
annoneRefael: 10x about that10:02
annoneand i'm have more quations )10:03
annoneDoes provide Ubuntu some free trainigs?10:03
Refaelthere are many manuals10:04
Refaelfree online learning resources10:04
Refaelsi, similar10:04
Refael& there are many forums10:04
Refaelinstant email notification10:04
Refaelsi, if you wish for Certificate, though is not necessary for anything10:04
annonei want be certificated pro administator, it's really?10:05
annoneHow to get to work in Canonical?10:07
Refaelannone: there is no financial gain with doing such. If you wish to work with Linux, you would need to get a job with a company local to you & be that companies network administrator or a thing similar10:09
RefaelYou would really necessarily spend years learning Linux Systems & perhaps work your way in creating software applications to begin with10:10
annoneok, thank u very  much10:11
Refaelannone: Ubuntu is a good election though10:13
annoneRefael: and finally, what ubuntu is better than debian?10:14
Refaelget Ubuntu 11.04 & test it for a few months10:15
Refaelyou can send personal email if you need assistance10:15
annoneu r very helpful10:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #789816 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78981611:02
RoyKwtf is wrong with 11.04? I have tons of broken packages...11:48
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MonkeyDustabout no-ip: when my wan ip-address changes, my website is gone, hints&tips about settings or scripts, anyone? i followed these instructions, no errors, but it won't work http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/dynamic-dns-no-ip.html12:17
MonkeyDustit works the first time, only12:17
Refaelhola, can anybody assist in creating a loopback for the personal local network?13:55
Refaelam having difficulties with discovering any documentation in creating a loopback. Have personally looked all in the ubuntu & LQ forums & have discovered little. Can anybody assist por favor?13:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #789869 in amavisd-new (main) "package amavisd-new-postfix 1:2.6.5-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78986914:06
Snuggeris anyone avaliable?14:17
RoyK 14:26
Snuggerroy can you help me configure my usb adapter for wireless?14:28
SnuggerRoyK: can you help me configure my usb wireless adapter14:33
RoyKusing a usb wireless on a server?14:35
Snuggeri've been suggested multiple links and none have prevailed, i've edited my /etc/network/interfaces to wlan 014:38
Snuggeri know the system recognizes the adapter because i typed in ifconfig or iwconfig, and i saw the adapter show up14:38
Snuggerbut i can't seem to get it working with static let alone dhcp14:39
SnuggerRoyK: you are confused too15:05
SnuggerRoyK: You must be busy15:24
fosterdvHow are you guys doing?!16:25
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fosterdvBit off topic, butt.. off the top of anyone's head.. does anyone know that site, where people people put their things that they script, it's some sort of project site.16:36
Snuggeri get a /sbin/wpa_supplicant daemon start error when i restart my network, i have no idea why16:48
fosterdvI believe it is... thanks qman__16:51
fosterdvSnugger, do you have a wireless card?16:54
Snuggerno i am not, i am using a wireless usb adapter16:58
RoyKwith a server?16:58
Snuggeryes and i know it's possible, i checked to see if my usb adapter was compatiable17:01
RoyKnever setup something like that myself - sorry17:01
Snuggeryes it is uncommon i have so many guides up but none have succeeded17:02
Snuggercan anyone help me?17:03
RoyKSnugger: does it show up in ifconfig -a?17:06
SnuggerRoyK: It shows under wlan0 that my Link encap:Ethernet, there should it say my usb wireless adapter there?17:08
RoyKthat looks right17:09
rewtSnugger, did you get it working with dhcp?17:10
RoyKSnugger: what does iwconfig say?17:10
Snuggermy iwconfig says IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID: "MY NETWORK NAME" Mode: Managed etc.. want me to list more17:11
Snuggeras for dhcp, i will try it17:11
Snuggerwhats funny is when i do iwlist wla0 scan it scans fine and i see my network up there17:12
Snuggerso i believe the device is fuctioning correctly17:13
Snuggerand i get the same error when in dhcp17:18
Snuggerrewt: dhcp yields the same error17:20
SnuggerRoyK: my iwconfig says IEEE 802.11bg ESSID: "MY NETWORK NAME" Mode: Managed etc.. want me to list more17:20
RoyKSnugger: has it gotten an IP address?17:25
RoyKhm... if I enable homedir encryption - how do I turn that on with new users? useradd -m xxx doesn't seem to allow that17:37
SnuggerRoyK: I did something and now it is not scanning..17:37
RoyKSnugger: I've only setup wlan on a server once, and that's out of reach as of now17:39
SnuggerRoyK: I get an ip address but it is the static i set in network/interfaces17:41
SnuggerI'm bout ready to just give up because everything i try does not work17:52
SpaceBassanyone using eccryptfs? I've tried creating a new user with --encrypt-home per the wiki, however, when that user logs in (via CLI) they cannot write to their ~/   ?. encryptfs-mount-private returns an error: encrypted private directory is not setup properly18:38
Snuggerpeople here don't help very often, i apoligize18:51
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dbgsterI can't cd into a folder due to permissions19:30
dbgstersudo cd /path/folder doesn't work19:30
qman__dbgster, sudo -i19:33
qman__do what you need to do inside the root shell, then exit19:34
qman__just be careful19:34
dbgsterhow can i see if the package apache2 is sintalled?20:06
dbgsterconfused between apt and dpkg20:07
robrt`dpkg -l |  grep apache220:13
robrt`or just dpkg -l "apache2", either way works20:14
Lobo29Question, Installed 11.04 32bit and finished fine on Dell 1650 server, but on reboot i get Cannot display this video mode, I need to edit Grub to fix, but how ?20:21
Lobo29Question, Installed 11.04 32bit and finished fine on Dell 1650 server, but on reboot i get Cannot display this video mode, I need to edit Grub to fix, but how ?20:23
Lobo29Question, Installed 11.04 32bit and finished fine on Dell 1650 server, but on reboot i get Cannot display this video mode, I need to edit Grub to fix, but how ?20:27
rewtLobo29, once is enough20:30
Lobo29rewt, how to new people logging in see the question if its not reposted ?20:33
rewtyou could wait an hour between asking so you don't re-ask the same question every time 1 person joins20:34
Lobo29what if that one person has my answer and leaves in 15 mins if nothing else is posted ?20:34
robrt`Lobo29, live disc, mount disk of installed system and edit grub conf?20:35
rewtthen you try the next day20:35
robrt`(or patiently until someone else sees the question in the channel -- we're not all intently watching our screens for the next question to come up ;-) )20:35
robrt`+wait, somewhere in that sentence..20:36
Lobo29robrt, ty, i tried a live disk, but the raid drives are locked out that way, i can't access the files20:37
rewtyou have /boot on a raid?20:38
robrt`exactly, /boot should be accessible20:38
rewtif all else fails, you should be able to re-create the grub config from scratch if you know the settings20:38
Lobo29ok, i'm noob on server install, my first try here - after drives load and bios ready,  ubuntu would start, but, thats when i get Cannot display video mode message20:41
Lobo29drives are config as one partition20:41
Lobo29i followed an example on webpage to make a clonezilla  server20:42
rewttry booting with a gparted livecd and see what partitions that sees20:48
rewtmaybe you tried mounting the wrong one with the ubuntu livecd20:48
rewtalthough it should probably be on /dev/sda120:49
Lobo29live cd booted and saw server drive with name I gave it "Clonezilla" , I could move thru the live cd files, but clicking on the Clonezilla drive, say it wasn't accessable20:53
Lobo29Anyone have suggestions on partitions for a Clonezilla server ?21:04
dbgsterwhich folder is syslog in?21:26
dbgsteris there a nice FAQ for all these common folders that I should know about?21:26
guntbertdbgster: /var/log, and yes, there is but I cannot remember21:29
guntbertdbgster: see http://www.pathname.com/fhs/21:30
guntbertloua1: best ask your complete question - if anyone knows an answer they will say so21:40
loua1ty guntbert, im new to this21:44
guntbertloua1: :)21:45
loua1i have a thin client TK-3550 that i want to connect to ubunto server21:46
guntbertloua1: please keep your questions in one line (if possible)21:47
loua1how to connect TK-3550 to LTSP21:49
qman__the simplest way to run LTSP is via netboot21:50
qman__so you just need to enable netboot on the device if it supports it21:50
loua1qman - doesnt seem to be able for that21:52
qman__other options would then be installing a simple floppy or CD to boot, then look on the network21:53
loua1i got no cd or floppy drive on client21:53
qman__you can boot a USB flash drive as a floppy/CD21:53
qman__but something with no drives at all probably has netboot21:54
loua1well i cant choose boo order but your probably right21:55
loua1qman the client is  running on windows ce, can i do any thing with that21:58
dbgsterguntbert it says software is installed in /etc/opt/22:02
dbgsterbut I installed apache2, and it is in /etc/apache2/22:02
WinstonSmith in /etc/apache2/ are the config files22:03
qman__loua1, windows CE cannot connect to LTSP, you have to boot to the LTSP server in some way22:03
qman__whether that's netboot or a boot disk of some kind22:03
WinstonSmithwhere stuff gets installed depends on the distro22:04
qman__it's also possible to install a boot disk to the local hard drive, but it's the same idea22:04
qman__dbgster, software is usually installed in /usr22:04
qman__but configuration goes in /etc22:04
dbgsterah ok22:05
dbgsterbut /etc/opt is empty, no apache2 there.22:05
qman__ /opt can also house software, but it's usually reserved for software that is not maintained for your distro22:05
qman__such as third party commercial applications22:05
dbgsterqman__:  i see22:05
qman__ /etc/opt would be configuration for those programs in /opt22:06
loua1qman - ty seems i need to find a way to install ubuntu from USB stick22:09
dbgsterwhen a service daemon has started, I should look in: ps aux for the service.22:09
dbgsteror /var/lib/service/run22:10
dbgsteras it creates a pid file right?22:10
qman__dbgster, ps aux will show all processes, 'sudo service [servicename] status' will usually show if it's running22:10
dbgsteris that the only way?22:10
dbgsteri'm trying to run puppet using: /etc/init.d/puppetmaster start22:21
dbgsterand I get: Could not run: Could not create PID file: /var/lib/puppet/run/master.pid22:21
dbgsterbut I did: /etc/init.d/puppetmaster stop before.22:21
dbgstershouldn't the PID lock file be removed?22:22
qman__are you running it as root?22:23
dbgsteri'm running those commands as root22:23
dbgsterbut I believe internally it runs as puppet:puppet22:23
qman__yeah, I just meant the commands22:24
qman__I'd stop it as root, then check if that file exists and remove it if it does22:24
dbgsterthe PID 569 shows user puppet22:24
dbgstercommand: /usr/bin/ruby1.22:24
qman__and if any processes are still running, kill them22:24
dbgsterbut why doesn't /etc/init.d/puppetmaster work?22:25
qman__well, for one22:25
qman__that method is going away, as ubuntu moves to upstart22:25
qman__you should use service instead22:25
qman__because it's compatible with both22:25
qman__but, it's possible another puppet process started outside of the service management22:26
qman__in which case you should kill it and remove the pid file if it still exists22:26
qman__then start it with the service management22:26
dbgsterkill -i PID ?22:26
qman__not sure what -i is22:26
qman__kill [pid] will work22:27
dbgsteri did both: service puppet stop and service puppetmaster stop but ps aux still shows it.22:27
dbgsterto add a service to run on startup, I use: update-rc.d right?22:40
dbgsterlike: update-rc.d service-name default22:40
dbgsterwhat if it was already setup like that, will that cause any issues?22:40
dbgsterhow can I tell what is and isn't already setup to start on boot22:41
robrt`dbgster, have a look at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto23:07
robrt`This is a good article on upstart as well: http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/12597723:10
dbgsterrobrt`: thanks23:11
robrt`dbgster, did you fix your earlier issue? If not, did you check the permissions on /var/lib/puppet?23:13
dbgsterI just had to kill the PID23:13
dbgsteri'm still confused as to how ti started int he first place23:13
dbgsterafter reboots, I get it again.23:14
dbgsterso i'm missing something :)23:14
robrt`Error message is not 100% clear; error creating, but it didn't specify why23:14
robrt`See if you can reproduce it and strace the stop command .. see if it even attempts to remove the lockfile or not23:15
robrt`That'll at least show any errors it may encounter23:16
WMPin grsec is possible to make privaleges to use one ip per only one user?23:56
Andre_Gondimdoes any one know how to block skype using iptables and without 7 layer?23:56
WMPeq: user max can use ip on eth0:0, user tom can use ip on eth0:123:57

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