jibadeehaanyone awake at this time?03:30
jibadeehawow ... i went to sleep at 6pm yesterday and just woke up now and wondered where i am - mad03:30
jibadeehaanyway having my first coffee of the day03:31
ali1234hmm me too03:33
jibadeehahave never been fully awake and about at this time03:34
jibadeehai should do this more often03:34
vanmarcounderstand you jibadeeha04:49
knightwisemorning !07:36
knightwisehello kazade07:55
mikeatvillageHi. Anyone know how to install MDAC 2.8 under Wine1.2.2 on Ubuntu 11.0408:23
danfishahoy-hoy all :)09:24
brobostigongood morning everyone.11:38
brobostigonmorning BigRedS11:40
BigRedSHow's things?11:42
brobostigonBigRedS: tired, got zero sleep. and you?11:43
BigRedSah. I'm pretty good. I spent most of yesterday finally getting rount to working on a bunch of long-standing projects11:43
BigRedSfeeling raring to go and get a couple finished :)11:43
jacobwmorning brobostigon11:46
jacobwand BigRedS11:46
brobostigonmorning jacobw11:47
danfish morning all (again!)11:50
brobostigonmorning danfish11:50
* danfish is feeling a bit rough post-rugby yesterday11:51
czajkowskimunster won :)11:52
danfishczajkowski: excellent - Saracens also :)11:52
danfishI can heartily recommend the premiership final at Twickers - not expensive either - £12 is wot I paid11:53
danfishczajkowski: an ubuntu-uk day out next year me thinks11:54
SpudULikedanfish, I'd be up for that.11:57
danfishSpudULike: I'll suggest it in 6 months time12:01
danfishtap tap - is this thing on?13:46
DJonesNope, its been disabled13:46
penguin42hmph, the intel x server crash on natty is annoying me13:46
danfishpenguin42: X is way overated ;)13:47
DJonespenguin42: which x server crash on natty? I've not had that problem thankfully13:48
penguin42DJones: The one that goes libpthread, librecord, _CallCallbacks, WriteToClient, libdri2.so: ProcDRI2WaitMSCReply, DRI2WaitMSCComplete13:49
penguin42DJones: Bug 77497813:55
lubotu3Launchpad bug 774978 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "xserver crashes in RecordAReply when XRecord is enabled in syndaemon" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77497813:55
DJonespenguin42: I've not had that happen to me13:56
penguin42DJones: Is happening pretty regularly for me on opening firefox13:57
DJonesPerhaps thats why I've not seen it, I use chromium, maybe theres a subtle differnce13:58
penguin42yeh, it's obviously something just tickling a bug somewhere13:58
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kvarleyis there a voip service for Ubuntu that will let me serve it via ubuntu server but the clients can connect through a web interface?17:17
gordomg are reporting on some odd things lately... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/ivanka-hits-the-road/ - just... a little personal if you ask me17:20
kvarleygord: That site used to be a lot better imo. I moved to http://webudp8.org more than that17:21
kvarleygord: errr *http://www.webupd8.org/17:21
popeyewww webupd817:31
jacobwi find omgubuntu more like a fashion magazine than a technology website17:38
jacobwi think a lot of people like that though17:39
AlanBellevening all18:04
lubotu3Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:04
brobostigonevening AlanBell18:04
MichealHOh wow... Ist 6PM already?18:07
brobostigoni have chicken curry, cooking, :)18:08
* penguin42 has an Eve's pudding cooking18:57
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dwatkinsmmm, pudding19:22
dwatkinsWhat are you making, penguin42?19:22
* AlanBell has beer19:35
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daubersTV is aggravating19:35
brobostigonAlanBell: :)19:35
daubers4 people stood in a server room surrounded by Dell blades having a normal conversation. If those blades where on, they would barely be able to hear themselvse!19:35
penguin42dwatkins: I said - an Eve's pudding!19:37
ali1234daubers: what show is that, just out of interest?19:41
daubersali1234: Numb3rs19:41
ali1234oh, ok, i see19:42
Azelphurdaubers: that's nothing19:44
Azelphurdaubers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2rGTXHvPCQ cracks me up every time :D19:45
daubersAzelphur: There was a lot of fail in that episode :(19:45
ali1234have you all seen that CSI episode where they have to hack an excel spreadsheet on an xbox by playing second life?19:49
Azelphurlmfao, no but it sounds hilarious19:49
ali1234i may in fact have mixed together two episodes there, but if i did, they are both hilariously bad19:50
Azelphurali1234: seen visual basic gui to track the killers IP? :P19:51
popeyhaha, "I speak leet"19:51
Azelphurali1234: wtf he hands him a calculator19:54
Azelphur"Here's a calculator" "I CAN DO IT!"19:54
AzelphurLOL He's fighting with the calculator19:55
oimonmy missis watches CSI but i can't stand it19:56
ali1234it's fairly entertaining as long as they don't talk about anything that you actually understand19:56
ali1234like most TV actually19:56
oimonyeah, i prefer spiral and the killing for crime drama19:56
ali1234i can't find the xbox spreadsheets one19:56
Azelphurhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkDD03yeLnU :D19:56
ali1234that one was really horrible19:57
Azelphur^ lmfao the comments on that one19:57
ali1234yes that one is so bad it became a meme19:57
ali1234the spreadsheets one had that guy from out of nypd:blue19:57
ali1234i'm not sure it was CSI19:58
popeylove the comments on that one19:58
ali1234but it was one of those generic cop shows19:58
Azelphuryea, lol19:58
popey"I'll create a batch file using notepad, to see if I can find out who stole my club sandwich."19:58
oimonin spooks they tend to decrypt high level encryption on the fly all the time19:58
popeymaybe they have a beowulf cluster ;)19:59
oimonactually in one episode i think they wrote a virus to turn the country into a grid compute engine to work something out20:00
popeymmmm portal 220:00
Azelphuroh yea, we totally can't miss this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxq9yj2pVWk20:00
ali1234omg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRhGPVYRsOY20:00
Azelphurali1234: lmao20:02
oimoni love it20:03
ali1234Azelphur: blade runner is the canonical example of that i guess20:03
ali1234and here's a funny spoof of that scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erADi08Bc2I20:03
oimonusually youtube comments are retarded but these ones are actually quite good20:05
Azelphurali1234: haha20:05
oimonmy baby boy took his first steps today :D20:06
Azelphuroimon: woo \o/20:06
oimonhas anyone watched shadowline on bbc ? any good?20:20
matthewgallI watched a few episodes on iPlayer, not bad, not bad.20:21
oimoniplayer seems quite inconsistent about the length of time things are available for20:23
shaunoI believe that's intentional .. it depends what rights the bbc has to things20:23
matthewgallIt's not even that.20:23
matthewgallWith series, it's 7 days after the last episode of the series20:24
oimonbeen taken by surprise sometimes when some stuff deisppears within a week20:24
oimonmost of the time i don't even realise a series has started that i've waited for20:25
oimonuntil about week320:25
matthewgallI hate when that happens.20:27
dwatkinspenguin42: ah sorry, I thought you meant for this evening :)20:27
AlanBellI never did trust cucumbers20:40
dwatkinsI never trusted e-coli.20:42
AzelphurI never trusted trains.20:45
AlanBellgetting cold and I have run out of beer, time to move away from the wifi for the night o/20:50
gorddoes AlanBell have to internet from his shed? o_O20:51
brobostigongord: it might be his den?20:52
penguin42is he still in France?21:07
daubersgord: I wanna shed to internet from :(21:26
brobostigonheated with dedicated bar and beer pumps,21:27
daubersHalf decent sound system and 3 monitors would do me nicely21:31
penguin42interesting, I wonder why my desktop is DHCping every 5 minutes21:39
MartijnVdSbecause your router is giving out 5-minute leases?21:39
gordi just tried to open a .bmp file on windows, it made me agree to some licence before i could do that. sometimes we forget just how good we have it on ubuntu21:39
penguin42MartijnVdS: Just coming from a standard Linux dhcp server21:39
MartijnVdSpenguin42: You can check the lease time it's giving out in the config21:40
penguin42MartijnVdS: default-lease-time 600;  hmm is that 10mins ?21:42
MartijnVdSthe client might be refreshing slightly before that21:43
MartijnVdSto make sure it doesn't expire21:43
penguin42hmm that's a bit ott21:43
MartijnVdSmake it 86400 (1 day) or 3600 (1 hour)21:43
* penguin42 wonders why I did that21:43
* penguin42 wonders if I accidentally deleted the 3 at some point21:44
MartijnVdSit might be the default21:44
AzelphurIs there any universal command line file extractor?23:11
Azelphurlike file roller, but without the GUI, so I can be lazy writing some scripts and not have to write a big switch statement for every different file format23:11
BigRedSnot that I know of23:26
BigRedSyou should write one23:26
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:43
penguin42Azelphur: Was it you that was trying to get the cluster of machines running last week?23:44
Azelphurpenguin42: indeed it was23:44
penguin42how's it going?23:45
Azelphurpenguin42: it's all chugging along quite nicely, I didn't even need any extra cooling23:45
Azelphurmakes the entire floor of the house kinda toasty, but it chugs along ok :)23:45
AzelphurI reckon ambient on the top floor is around 35-40C23:45
penguin42ouch - that'll shorten the life of them a bit23:46
Azelphuryou reckon?23:47
penguin42you might be OK; I genereally get a bit worried over 3023:47
Azelphurhehe, it's usually 30 here whatever I do23:47
Azelphurmy room without a supercomputer is 28 right now23:48
penguin4240 is a bit toasty though23:48
Azelphuryea, 40 is toasty23:49
penguin42so how much juice is that taking?23:49
AzelphurI don't have any temp sensors unfortunately, should probably get some23:49
Azelphura lot less than I originally thought, only 1.7kw :)23:49
penguin42for all 8?23:49
Azelphurand I've got the door wide open with the attic hatch open just outside said door to act as a vent23:49
penguin42hmm 220w a piece, I assume the CPU is quite idle then and it's the graphics card banging away?23:50
penguin42because the CPUs are normally rated at 95w flat out23:51
Azelphuryea, that's why I'm not using them, they are largely uneconomical :)23:52
AzelphurI'm thinking of knocking up a case and building a quad card rig with a little wind tunnel for the gpus23:52
Azelphurpenguin42: it's doing 3.4ghash/sec btw :p23:53
penguin42is that good?23:53
Azelphuryea, I'm top 10 in my pool23:53
penguin42so you've got one card in each ?23:53
Azelphurpenguin42: 3.4ghash/sec means giga-hashes per second, ie if I was brute forcing a password hash :)23:54
Azelphureverybodys password hashes are no longer safe >:)23:54
penguin42Azelphur: And how much is a block currently worth?23:54
Azelphurnot that I'm using it for that, anyway23:55
Azelphurpenguin42: £227 GBP23:55
Azelphurbut that's a very flakey value23:55
Azelphurit depends on supply and demand / going exchange rate / direction of the wind etc...23:55
penguin42Azelphur: ok, so it's costing you about 25p/hour in elastictrickery, so what's that, £6/day, £42/week23:56
Azelphurwoa, what electric rates you got me on there buddy?23:56
Azelphurthat's way high :P23:56
AzelphurI'm on 7.5p/kwh23:57
penguin42really? Wow that's not too bad23:57
Azelphurperks of being parked right next to the worlds largest offshore wind farm23:57
penguin42and that's cheaper?23:58
Azelphurcourse, because we generate so much electricity it's cheaper here23:58
Azelphurit doesn't have to be routed long distance23:58
Azelphurat least from my understanding, electric prices are calculated based on where you live23:58
penguin42where's that?23:58
AzelphurMargate, Kent23:59
penguin42I didn't think it varied that much23:59

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