snap-lGood morning15:01
rick_h_finally finished the lococast episode, nice closing up15:23
rick_h_don't even know what a mess that was :)15:23
snap-lYeah, it definitely means we need more practice. ;)15:36
* greg-g is finally upgrading to natty17:46
Wolfger'bout time18:24
snap-lHeh, I need to do that as well18:24
Wolfgeryou should be going Oeneric by now18:24
snap-lI only have it on a laptop18:24
snap-lWolfger: Cork it. :)18:25
greg-gand we're back in Natty!18:39
greg-gok, what is that thing in the top left called that I click on to do thing?18:44
greg-gwhatever it is, it isn't working, as in, it pulls up that window, but I can't click on any of the top row, the bottom row of apps works though. But I also can't search when I type (nothing comes up)_18:45
greg-goh well, brb, gotta shower before this wedding18:45
greg-gok, works now, apparently two very important plugins  were not automaticlaly installed19:06
greg-galong with my typing ability19:06
snap-lgreg-g: That's a bug20:42
snap-lInteresting that this Chandos disc mentions that Mahler's 7th symphony is Public Domain21:01
snap-lOK, going to turn off the computer since we're in the line of t-storms that are producing tornados22:30
snap-lSee you on the other side.22:30
brouschbah, that's what laptops are for22:47

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