Cheri703canthus13: I have an lpi study guide on my "waiting for a nook" list :)01:02
* Cheri703 was doing stuff earlier :)01:02
canthus13Cheri703: I have one sitting in my dropbox that I mess with now and again.01:12
* Cheri703 has several cert study guides01:12
Cheri703mostly comptia01:13
Cheri703back in a while01:16
jgouldstupid router01:26
canthus13It's prolly crashing just to screw with you.01:27
jgouldI've never figured it out, but we've had issues with wireless ever since we moved into this apartment.  The only thing that didn't was the Cisco Valet that is in CA right now because they are replacing it...01:29
jgouldAlso, everyone says that Apple's products are more expensive than the competition, but while I was at MicroCenter, I found a Sony laptop with specs that are less than waht I have now, for more money than I spent on the MacBook01:37
canthus13Sony is also proprietary crap...01:38
jgouldYes...  I just thought it was odd01:38
canthus13Apple has been trying to push their prices down a little, from what I've seen.. but you'll still pay through the nose for anything high-specc'd.01:39
Cheri703I have limited purchase options, I refuse to purchase dell or hp anything01:44
Cheri703so...it restricts what options there are for reasonable computers01:44
Cheri703toshibas are nice for mobile computers01:45
canthus13Dell kicks butt.01:47
* canthus13 will never touch hp or toshiba again.01:47
Cheri703I've always had good experiences with toshiba and bad with dell (overall bad, a few decent here and there)01:49
jgouldI had a Dell Inspiron 1150 just up and die on me one day... no warning, just died...01:57
canthus13Weird.  I've never had issues with dell that weren't self-inflicted.01:57
jgouldI was actually looking at netbooks, but I don't know if I could get used to the smaller display and smaller keyboard...01:58
jgouldI returned an 11" MacBook Air because the display sat too low and I kept getting neck strain...  (that machine would have been perfect for Ubuntu...)02:01
jgouldUse the Mac Mini as a desktop and the netbook as a portable ops machine02:04
* jgould ponders02:05
canthus13jgould: My wife's Dell 14z is a pretty decent compromise between portability and comfort.02:05
jgouldThe Lemur by Sys76 is about the same as this machine I'm using now02:06
jgouldI wonder how much of a pain in the ass it would be to migrate data from one machine to another under any distro of Linux...02:07
* jgould ponders something.02:11
jgouldI'll be right back02:11
* Cheri703 is frustrated :(02:11
jgouldwhat's up Cheri70302:11
Cheri703dealing with calibre and pdftohtml issues02:11
jgouldConverting from PDF is a PITA02:12
Cheri703well, I got the project 90% done, and now when I try to convert the pdf to epub, it REVERTS to a previous form of the pdf that should have no relation to the current one :/02:12
jgouldhmm... No idea02:15
Cheri703yeah, it's really annoying02:16
Cheri703original pdf was a scan that was 2 pages side by side (scan of a book), I went through, cropped out each page, got it all put back together properly as single pages, and when I run pdftohtml, it shows it as the dual pages again02:17
Cheri703it's REALLY weird02:17
jgouldthrow it out the window?02:17
canthus13jgould: Not that difficult to migrate.02:20
canthus13jgould: Easiest if you run with a separate /home partition.02:20
* jgould tries to install Xubuntu on a IBM Thinkpad t2202:20
jgouldI do02:20
jgouldon everything except my secondary server02:20
jgouldI would imagine that you could just do an rsync to the new machine for the home directory.  I know that you can create a list of packages that are installed on one machine to install on another, but what do you do if you have some software that is not needed/wanted on the new install?02:29
* jgould wonders if lubuntu would be better on the T22 as it's only a 700MHz processor with 384MB of Ram02:36
jgouldAnd this T22 has the correct keys on it...02:38
Unit193jgould: Should work mostly fine02:44
jgouldit's not doing bad on the LiveCD while installing.02:46
Unit193Mine didn't want to work right...02:47
jgouldthat happens some times.  I really wonder what I did with the alternate installer CD that I burned at one point...02:51
Unit193I may need to use some sort of boot option02:53
* jgould passes a boot option on to Unit19302:55
jgouldAre Lenovo's any good when it comes to Linux Support?03:03
Cheri703my mom is running 10.10 on a lenovo03:17
Cheri703seemed fine when I installed it03:17
jgouldThis T22 doesn't do too bad with the excepton that it needs a new battery and keyboard...03:18
Cheri703I may be mailing my hand-me-down dell laptop to my brother for his use...his netbook is dying, and he'll be on the other coast for the summer03:20
Cheri703(got the dell from a client who just wanted her data off of it and didn't want to keep it)03:20
jgouldusing a screen at 1024x768 is odd after using 1280x800 for 5 years...03:25
* Unit193 has one laptop where the max is 800x60003:29
jgouldThis thinkpad would be good for writing... No wifi...03:30
canthus13Whee... this season of Dr. Who is making me freaking crazy so far....03:57
Unit193canthus13: I haven't seen the one for today...03:57
canthus13My kid's dell C840 is 1600X1200...03:57
canthus13Unit193: It's a bigger cliffhanger than last weeks.03:57
Unit193canthus13: I may wait a few days 'til I watch it then04:00
Cheri703rawr rawr04:26
Cheri703I think this thing is finally working how I want it to04:28
Cheri703this has been an ordeal -_-04:28
Cheri703if anyone ever wants to take a crappy dual page pdf and make it into an epub, I can help :)04:28
Cheri703eh, it mostly worked, I'll try it and the pdf when I get the nook and see04:33
Unit193scooter2: Did you get this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/614418/04:55
scooter2Unit193: Nope, I don't think so. I logged in with launchpad and then was prompted for my email address.04:57
scooter2Unit193: I think the error that I received earlier was the 503 mentioned in the email... does that sound right, or am I totally off qbout what you are asking?04:59
Unit193scooter2: Where you had it ask for your email. I had it ask too, but I think that was a "Link this site to Launchpad" thing...05:02
scooter2Unit193: Yes, it was a "Link this site to Launchpad" thing, if I remember correctly.05:04
Unit193That's not a new OpenID account05:05
Cheri703just put in your email and it is fine05:05
Cheri703and o/ scooter2 :)05:05
Unit193Cheri703: My only question is, what's the point?05:06
Cheri703because with single sign on, it has to recognize which sites it's logging you into, and that is to "register" it with the loco site05:06
Cheri703or something05:07
Unit193No. What's the point to login? I can't edit the page05:07
Cheri703oh, you should be able to05:10
Cheri703it's at the bottom of the map05:10
Unit193Ah! That's all I can do? Edit my location on the map? OK...05:12
scooter2It was a beautiful day today, but I think it is raining now. Such a shame, because someone had lit a fire and it has smelled so nice.05:12
scooter2I hope it was nice weather around your areas, too.05:13
Unit193Wow! SMK is really on the fringes!05:15
Unit193He's..... Far out? xD05:16
Unit193Howdy hoho, dmcglone105:21
Cheri703it was decent today, was inside most of the day though :/05:21
dmcglone1Hi Unit193 :-)05:21
dmcglone1just got done hanging with friends and family for my wifes bday05:22
* Unit193 had two grad parties05:23
dmcglone1Unit193: any updates on that db?05:24
dmcglone1My 2 nieces had a grad party today also, but I didn't go05:25
dmcglone1I'm kinda bummed out about the hurdles needed to send in our nominations :-/05:26
Cheri703dmcglone1: I pm'd paultag last time :)05:27
Cheri703will they not count it if you just email?05:27
dmcglone1I was going to send it in last night, but was reading gilberts instructions and said piss on it, I'll do it tomorrow05:27
dmcglone1I'm not sure Cheri70305:27
dmcglone1I wonder if a PGP signed message would work05:28
Unit193dmcglone1: I'm fat and lazy... Doing it now05:29
scooter2Got to go. Have a nice night!05:29
Unit193Cheri703: Good timing :D05:29
dmcglone1Unit193: I'm boney and lazy and not doing it now :-005:29
dmcglone1my back is feeling so much better today. I think by tomorrow it'll be 100%05:31
dmcglone1I'm watching Jumanji with the girls, after this, I'm gonna relax and get ready to have a pain free back tomorrow :-)05:34
canthus13Nice... use a protest for cover.05:44
canthus13poor girl. :(05:48
canthus13The boss dude is dirty.05:50
canthus13I wonder how stinky he'll get before someone finds him...05:53
Unit193canthus13: I think you're in the wrong channel?05:54
canthus13bah. I think you're right.05:54
Unit193Or drunk...05:54
canthus13watchin a movie in ##club-ubuntu... dunno how I ended up here. :)05:54
canthus13don't mind me. :)05:55
canthus13Teh Bourne Supremacy.05:55
Unit193dmcglone1: My DB has more info than yours, this will kill it?05:57
dmcglone1we will figure out something05:58
dmcglone1for now, I'm heading to bed :-)05:58
dmcglone1Night all :-)05:58
canthus13waitwhat? dmcglone was up at 1am?05:59
Unit193Nope... Look at the time: 00:58:5106:00
canthus1301:01 -!- dmcglone1 [~david@cpe-174-101-53-3.columbus.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]06:02
* Unit193 blames time diff :D06:03
Cheri703I showed 58:0706:08
* canthus13 is synced to nist.06:08
* Cheri703 is not that big a geek06:09
canthus13It's a simple checkbox. :)06:09
Cheri703hehe, I dunno what mine is synced to06:09
canthus13or maybe not.. Hrm.06:10
canthus13no. I'm about 2 minutes fast.06:10
Unit193canthus13: Sync via CLI?06:10
canthus13guess I'm not synced.06:10
Cheri703mwah ha hahaa!!06:10
canthus13Unit193: I don't think I ever set up ntp after I installed maverick.06:10
Cheri703can you tell I'm having a slow night -_-06:17
Unit193http://uberhumor.com/daily-morning-epicness-41-pictures/ /ignore that last one (or canthus13 save it)06:20
Cheri703was going to go to bed, but am not tired, just feel weird...07:05
* Unit193 needs to get up around 807:05
* Cheri703 needs to get up before the pharmacy closes on monday07:06
jgouldCheri703: the pharmacy may not be open on monday, tis a holiday07:53
Unit193What is it?07:54
jgouldMemorial Day07:54
* Unit193 should stop playing with JITBot and adding factoids....07:56
* jgould sells JITBot for scraps07:57
* jgould loosk for crockpot recipies08:14
Unit193Linkmaster: ubottu db in rbot: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tennessee.team/ubotutn/ubotuTN/files/head:/utilities/08:15
Unit193...or not08:16
* jgould blinks08:18
Unit193rbot testing going on in alt...08:18
* jgould slow cooks Unit19308:30
Unit193Eh? What did I do?08:32
jgouldNothing, and I'm hungry08:32
jgouldyou should be done in time for dinner08:32
Unit193I should be getting off if I'm going to be getting up at 808:33
jgouldyeah, you probably shdld08:33
* jgould can't type08:33
Unit193rbot is really fun!08:34
Unit193Night! Get some good food, jgould08:50
BiosElementThis is simply amazing09:55
jgouldBiosElement: where do you find this stuff10:33
BiosElementHah that was by chance on twitter.10:33
BiosElementBTW jgould, try clicking buttons on the site :P10:37
* jgould clicks on BiosElement10:39
jgouldAny idea what time Panera opens on a Sunday morning?10:39
BiosElementhaha, click enough buttons and you get a wonderful rainbow background10:39
BiosElementNo  idea10:39
BiosElementAny of our Minecraft fans around?10:40
BiosElementSomething truly amazing: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/109950-pass-it-on-underground-and-nether/10:40
BiosElementBloody 'huge' Pass it on game.10:40
BiosElementOne cool thing is that everything built is legit obtained ingame, not cheated in, which makes it that much more amazing10:43
BiosElementBasically been played for 7-ish months nonstop by different people10:43
* jgould doesn't do minecraft10:45
jgouldWe need to rectify bug #110:53
jgouldfucking flash11:15
jgouldSweet! Just fixed my flash under Firefox!11:22
canthus13He fixed flash? Quick! call Adobe!16:00
Cheri703will he have to wear the cone for a while so he doesn't lick his stitches? or does he heal really fast too?16:00
* canthus13 read that as an emote, was really confused.16:01
Cheri703fixed = neutered flash = the guy16:01
* canthus13 was picturing you in a cone, then the pronouns really threwh im. :)16:02
* Cheri703 is procrastinating some projects...and will continue to do so for a while longer18:03
Unit193Cheri703: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/11/1197586042253.jpg/18:05
Cheri703Unit193: https://cheezdailysquee.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/36624036-96d3-44d4-a3c2-304bcf54b101.jpg18:10
Unit193canthus13: Did you ever see this? (Did I already link you?) http://www.webupd8.org/2010/11/alternative-to-200-lines-kernel-patch.html19:00
canthus13Unit193: that's what the Liquorix kernel has.19:51
Unit193canthus13: That works without a kernel patch19:54
Unit193canthus13: Play with KubotuReborn ;)19:54
Cheri703I have close to 70 books just waiting for a nook on which to read them...20:29
Cheri703and a WHOLE bunch that I need to wade through20:33
Unit193Poor guy doesn't know what a LoCo is...21:26
Unit193Howdy gilbert21:27
gilbertgreetings Unit19321:28
gilberteverybody go vote :)21:28
Unit193Eh... Yeah, I gotta go do that...21:28
gilberti'm trying to be more active on irc.  haven't logged in for quite a while now21:33
Cheri703gilbert: some people were having difficulty / being discouraged by the whole gpg key thing or whatever21:33
Unit193gilbert: Some people don't do anything but IRC21:34
Cheri703perhaps an email saying "if you can't/don't want to deal with all of that, then you can still vote" ?21:34
Cheri703it's a lot of steps for someone to just cast a vote :/21:34
gilbertCheri703: it's one step for a clearsign21:34
Cheri703I know the first time I had to do anything with it, it was a HASSLE21:34
Cheri703I don't know what you mean by clearsign21:34
gilbertCheri703: a clearsign is when you sign a cleartext message21:35
gilbertCheri703: the first option in the instructions i sent21:35
Unit193I have enigmail setup in Thunderbird... (Just not locally)21:35
gilbertCheri703: but, yes, i agree. it is a bit of a barrier for someone unfamiliar with gpg21:36
Cheri703people feel like they HAVE to go through the hoops, so perhaps making that more clear, that they can just email directly21:36
Cheri703last election I just pm'd paultag...21:36
gilbertCheri703: i can send out another message with a getting started with gpg guide. do you think that would help?21:36
Cheri703yes, but also I personally don't think it's that important to have things OFFICIALLY signed in any way21:37
Cheri703if I were to send you an email with my vote (not to the list) then I'd think that should still count21:37
Cheri703it discourages people from participating21:37
gilbertCheri703: is this coming from one person, or many?21:38
Unit193The deadline isn't here yet, I don't have to vote yet ;D21:38
Cheri703there have been a few comments, and it's also my personal opinion21:38
gilbertUnit193: true, just don't forget about it ;)21:38
Unit193That's going to be the hard part...21:39
Cheri703if I had just recently started using ubuntu, and I had recently joined the list, but wanted to participate in the election, I'd have been super intimidated by the processes outlined in the email you sent21:39
Cheri703not saying EVERYONE is like that, just saying21:39
Cheri703back when I started, I would have been o.O at that21:39
gilbertCheri703: right, but i think it would actually be good to get people that feel intimidated by such a modest thing to just take the leap and get comfortable with it21:40
Cheri703perhaps then another email with a link to a walkthrough of gpg and an offer of help to anyone who might need assistance?21:41
gilbertCheri703: yes, i think that could be good21:41
Unit193Cheri703: Then how did you join the ML??21:42
Cheri703and frankly, I have used gpg ONCE, so yes, it is a "modest thing" but...it's not something EVERYONE needs to know how to do...it's not like we're teaching people to use sudo apt-get or something21:42
gilbertCheri703: my message does assume that people are already familiar with gpg basics, and i shouldn't assume that21:42
Cheri703Unit193: I didn't need a gpg key to join lp or the ml21:42
gilberti'll send a message with a link to a guide21:42
Cheri703only needed it for the CoC21:42
Unit193Sign the CoC??21:42
* Unit193 isn't fully here, Dr Who21:43
Cheri703when I signed the CoC I had to have a key21:44
Cheri703I have not used it since that point21:44
Cheri703at all, ever...until I vote apparently21:44
gilbertwe should have non-repudiation for the election, and that requires a digital signature21:45
Cheri703*shrug* kk21:46
gilbertanyway, i'll bbl.  i'll try to get around to sending that email too21:47
canthus13Whee. we're sitting right under the moderate risk region today.. TOrnado watch, severe hail prediction... Woohoo.21:54
canthus13It just started pouring outta nowhere.21:54
Unit193Do any of the council members come here much?21:57
Cheri703yay canthus1321:57
Cheri703Unit193: *cough* perhaps soon *cough*21:58
Unit193Oohhhh! SMK is going to start visiting??21:59
canthus13Unit193: jacob is always logged in...21:59
Unit193I wonder how much he is actually here...22:00
canthus13WOw. sideways rain.22:00
Unit193Cheri703: ^^^ We get it next22:01
Cheri703jacob is the one stepping down though, so...22:01
Unit193canthus13 = the weatherman!22:02
Cheri703canthus13: know much about command-line things and extracting rar files?22:04
Cheri703or Unit193 for that matter22:05
Unit193Cheri703: What do you need to do?22:05
Cheri703I have ~90 folders, each with a rar file in it. I want to extract each of these rar files and KEEP THEM in the same folder they started in...basically the "extract here" command but on a massive automated scale....is that doable?22:05
Cheri703I've found various things online, but none of them work or are quite what I want22:06
Cheri703to make it more fun, some are .rar and some are .part1.rar22:09
Unit193Dang.... I need more keys for irssi windows...22:29
Cheri703I think we will get one little squall here Unit193, not like what canthus13 is getting22:36
Unit193I only have keys 'til 30 windows...22:37
Unit193Cheri703: Lets hope not... That's no fun!22:37
Cheri703I have something I want to put out on the curb, but I'm going to wait til after the rain / tomorrow22:38
Unit193You agree?? Na... I was thinking it would be fun to have the storm!22:38
Cheri703we put out several things shortly after moving here, put free signs on them, and they were all gone within 2 hours22:38
Cheri703one was in like 20 min22:38
Unit193That's how it works!22:38
Cheri703well, I want to get a dishwasher out of my garage!22:39
Cheri703it's been in there for MONTHS22:39
Cheri703well, in columbus, stuff might sit for a while22:39
Cheri703here it went FAST22:39
gilbertCheri703: is http://quotedprintable.com/2005/10/23/gpg-quickstart-guide ok?22:44
gilbertCheri703: or http://www.madboa.com/geek/gpg-quickstart/ is perhaps a bit clearer22:44
Unit193Man... I want an ncurses interface to gpg...22:45
Cheri703checking now, was in the other room22:45
Cheri703I think the second one22:46
Cheri703at least on quick glance22:46
gilbertok, second one it is22:47
Unit193Question: If it's encrypted, why do we send it to the list if you're the only person that can open it?22:52
Cheri703oh, one question gilbert: can we just assume I'm voting for myself or do I need to send in an official vote?22:53
BiosElementCheri703: Official vote.22:53
Cheri703-_- ok22:54
BiosElementUnit193: Because it keeps an official record that you cast a vote for starters.22:54
Cheri703I don' wanna22:54
Cheri703I haven't seen any other votes hit the list, I'm assuming they're going straight to gilbert, yes?22:54
Unit193BiosElement: You didn't run this time?22:56
BiosElementNope, I was sick with a pretty bad cough at the time and felt I didn't have enough time to properly do anything.22:56
gilbertUnit193: preferably Jon will send his fingerprint so he can see it as well.  the only people that can view that list right now are myself, Jacob, and Jon22:58
Unit193Anyone else get a bad sig from that msg?22:58
gilbertCheri703: everyone needs to send a signed vote for it to be officially counted22:59
gilbertUnit193: yes, my first message has a bad sig22:59
gilbertCheri703: yes, we're getting votes coming in22:59
Unit193gilbert: Thanks. I was thinking it was just me!22:59
Unit193itsafork: 20C489A323:06
Cheri703I don't have to encrypt it if I'm just sending it to you gilbert, right?23:18
Cheri703>.< I think I deleted my old gpg info when I switched to 10.10...23:23
* Cheri703 has to make a new key23:23
Cheri703vote sent23:29
gilbertCheri703: no, encryption is actually only an option for the paranoid.  clearsign is perfectly good23:31
gilbertemail sent :)23:54

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