SamuraiAlbaMay the bacon be with you all13:27
waltmanmmm, bacon13:40
SamuraiAlbaCollege grants are IN!13:42
SamuraiAlbaMajor in CIS/Network Security, Minor in Ethics, studying Russian 1st year, Putonghua 2nd, NA Spanish 3rd, Tokyo standard Japanese 4th :)13:43
SamuraiAlbaAnyone here in college atm?13:44
waltmanDoes grad school count?13:56
* waltman googles Putonghua13:56
waltmanOh, Mandarin13:57
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: I had a link sausage,  HAH !13:58
* waltman is watching Monaco14:00
* InHisName is preparing to attend church soon14:07
waltmanAre you implying that watching the Monaco Grand Prix isn't a religious experience? :)14:09
SamuraiAlbaI'm going to minor in ethics for the first two years, and minor in business management for the next two :)  Just changed it14:17
SamuraiAlbaInHisName, remember the AMD BE 7750 I was selling?  6c under FULL load on both cores :)14:33
mikedep333back in high school my one friend put "cold cathodes" in his gaming rig in order to "help cool it down"15:45
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: I'm back for 10 minutes.  Then cookout at church.   BaconBurgers maybe ?17:42
InHisName36C  temp?17:42
InHisNameSamuraiAlba:  the machine that you removed to sell to me ?    AMD BE 7750 ?17:48
InHisNameGood deal for you on the education front,  SamuraiAlba   It was nice to hear the good news a few days ago.17:57
=== gpc is now known as IdleOne
* ChinnoDog yawns21:44
SadinHey guys whats everyone up too?21:59
ChinnoDogBeing bored at ORD. Exploring hacks for running Ubuntu in HyperV on my laptop without sacrificing my ability to sleep/suspend.22:02
ChinnoDogOther options are VirtualBox (not as fast, not practical using SMP) or making startup/shutdown faster so I don't care if it suspends.22:04
ChinnoDogI'm leaning towards accelerating startup and shutdown22:04
* rmg51 is leaning towards dinner ;-)22:09
Sadin:O cool22:09
ChinnoDogI ate a pretty good ham sandwich earlier22:09
Sadini had sweet Lebanon and american cheese with spicy mustard for lunch :P22:10
InHisNameOur church had a cook out.   I'm very full now.   Time to sit, digest, and type.23:28
InHisNameChinnoDog are you trying to use suspend with either hyperV or VBox ?    Hibernate works better for me.23:29
InHisNameAlthough I really haven't tried to hibernate with VBox running with some guests up and going.23:30
ChinnoDog you can't hibernate with the hyper-v role enabled23:38
ChinnoDogI will just tune Win for rapid restarts23:39
ChinnoDogit is already somewhat lean. If I use ubuntu to replace some stuff I have installed will get even leaner.23:45
ChinnoDogand I can install Ubuntu to vhd on ssd, separating IO from my Win drive.23:47
InHisNameSo, y not just turn off hibernate/sleep/suspend  instead , if it is that grevious to support.?23:56
ChinnoDog installing the role turns it off. MS doesn't want tu support it on a server os.23:57

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