vychunehey guys01:39
cyberangervychune: hey01:44
vychuneim in need of diag help01:44
vychune on the back of my comp im getting...01:45
vychune(a) (B) (C) D01:45
vychuneD being orange01:45
vychuneand the power light is orange and blinking01:48
electricusi just installed the latest ubuntu.. i'm actually really liking it.. even with the new unity desktop02:50
electricuswow.. default desktop now is almost entirely mac.. i think i'm just going to set it up like that02:53
oriasI haven't tried it yet02:56
oriaswe're using unity on the netbook, but its a bit old... dunnop how much I'd like it on the desktop02:57
electricusi'm going to try out macbuntu03:08
vychuneits good03:12
electricusit's pulling in a lot of natty distro packages03:14
electricusi hope it doesn't break a bunch of stuff ;-)03:14
electricusvychune: do you know how to turn off the unity bar on the left and have the mac panel load at the bottom by default?03:20
electricusthe script finished successfully and i pretty much have it going03:20
vychunei dont use defalut ubuntu03:21
electricusah.. it installed 'docky'.. so i just put that in my startup applications03:27
electricusthis is sweert03:27
electricusthis is totally like mac now.. even with the pulldowns at the top when active window03:27
electricusi got a friend whos a big mac guy and was asking me if i could turn a pc he has into mac..03:28
electricusthis would do pretty much for him03:28
vychunemac4lin waas but macbuntu is the shit03:33
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cyberangerhey Unit19320:17
cyberangerWelcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee LoCo20:17
Unit193Eh... So much for staying in the background...20:17
Unit193Howdy cyberanger20:17
cyberangerUnit193: small channel, things stand out, even on a busy memorial weekend offline20:18
cyberangerUnit193: anything we can help with, feel free to ask20:33
cyberangerwrst: just setup quassel in a VM20:34
cyberangermight try and get work using it for office communications20:34
Unit193cyberanger: I just came to look for UbotuTN (And couldn't just part...)20:35
cyberangerUbotuTN, long time since I heard that bot's name metioned20:36
* cyberanger wonders if binarymutant is planning to bring it back20:37
Unit193Me and a friend were playing with Kubotu in #kubuntu-offtopic , but he got kicked off. We did a test setup in my test channel (And I googled to learn all about it)20:39
cyberangerI'm more eggdrop myself, but after seeing ubotutn in action, I got to like the rbot platform20:42
Unit193I should play with eggdrop... (I have Supybot with a few fun additions)20:45
cyberangercan't think if I've used supybot20:53
cyberangerwrst: what was your python irc bot callet?20:53
Unit193cyberanger: Supybot is the main ubottu. (Maybe I should stop trolling your LoCo?)20:53
cyberangerthat's right, figured I heard of it and saw it20:54
cyberangerjust couldn't place it20:54
cyberangerand before you stop trolling, you gotta start trolling ;-)20:55
cyberangerbeing a friendly IRC user is all your guilty of so far, and that's the idea20:56
Unit193I'm trolling because I'm not even in this state :O (But I do share a few channels with leia)20:56
cyberangerso your not a member, your not trolling atm in our book20:56
cyberangerI'm pretty sure the op won't mind20:57
Unit193Heh! Good one!20:57
cyberangerif your civil, your welcome, we're simple like that20:59
cyberanger(I'd like to think that's southern hospitatily, but I was raised in PA, what do I know)21:00
cyberangerthe thing I like about eggdrop is it doesn't have much limits, if you take the time to try and config it21:01
cyberangerbut that has tradeoffs21:02
cyberangersome bots while more narrow in what they do, seem to be simplier to get it running, working on that task21:02
Unit193darkbot is another one I know of (I don't know programming, so that may make it harder)21:06
cyberangermore of a sysadmin than a programmer, small crossover, but not a ton21:07
cyberangerso I get that21:07
cyberangerseems if you put the effort, ask the right questions, the right way, pretty much anything is possible21:13
cyberangerunfortunately, sometimes I stop and wonder if the effort is worth the reward21:14
Unit193Just to let you know, I'm part of the #ubuntu-us-oh group (We just lost paultag...)21:17
cyberangerI think I've met some members before, SELF 2009, ALF 2009, Fosscon RIT 201021:19
cyberangerwonderful state, loved cedar point @ sandusky21:23
Unit193I have only been there once...21:25
Unit193It was GREAT!21:25
wrstcyberanger:  suppy bot21:51
cyberangerwrst: before that?23:54
cyberangerthought you had two23:54
cyberangeryou've used23:54
cyberangerUnit193: I was more between Connueat, OH and Erie, Pa, in PA23:55

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