mhall119YoBoY: you mean twitter icons?00:10
mhall119or avatars?00:10
YoBoYmhall119: twitter06:04
YoBoYgood morning06:04
robrt`Hi website team19:13
robrt`Just wanted to report something on the donation button, at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate19:13
robrt`You're currently passing a fixed amount of 25 USD, meaning people aren't able to change the donation amount19:14
robrt`To fix this, simply remove <input type="hidden"  name="amount"  value="25"> from the PayPal button code19:14
robrt`In addition, as I assume you don't need an address either, add <input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="2"> -- this will turn address collection off as well.19:15
robrt`You can also change the 'cmd'  from _xclick to _donations, in order for all transactions to be properly recognized as a donation within PayPal19:16
robrt`<input type="hidden"  name="cmd" value="_xclick"> to <input type="hidden"  name="cmd"  value="_donations">19:16
robrt`Or to spice up the button a little bit, have a look at some of PayPal's donation widgets; https://giving.paypallabs.com/authenticate/review19:19
robrt`er, no_shipping=1, not 2. :-)20:12

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