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tumbleweedSymmetria: your debian mirror is lagging again. Can you add some monitoring for this, please, it's a real pain08:54
sakhihappy Sunday09:54
afrodeitymaaz: coffee please12:11
Maazafrodeity: There isn't a pot on12:11
afrodeitymaaz: grind the beans12:11
Maazafrodeity: *blink*12:11
afrodeityanybody happen to know what the correct permission should be for dchlient-script?12:12
afrodeitymine is -rwsr-xr-x but it no working12:12
* Kilos shivers in silence16:12
Kiloshi all16:22
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:22
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:22
superflyhi Kilos16:22
Kiloshi superfly 16:22
Kilosi used a 6g drive and installed maverick without updating and then upgraded to natty and it works fine16:23
Kilosso will upgrade mine in aus when data not a prob16:23
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:26
KilosMaaz, ty buddy16:26
MaazKilos: *blink*16:26
Kilosstupid bot16:27
nlsthznKilos: so are you enjoying Unity?16:30
Kilosit is the classic nlsthzn 16:31
Kilosbecause it says my hardware no good16:31
nlsthznKilos: still... that sucks... oh well...16:31
* nlsthzn is now on the slickest Gnome 2.x install he as ever seen... Katya is so sexy...16:31
Kilosis Katya an os 16:32
nlsthznKilos: Linux Mint 11 "Katya"16:32
Kilosi like gnome it is very noob friendly16:33
Kiloseasy to use16:33
Kiloskubunt will take me months to work out16:33
nlsthznKilos: :) once you get used to it you will find it as as easy as Gnome16:34
Kilosyeah just in the beginning nothing is visible. you gotta hunt16:34
Kilosand add to panel etc16:34
afrodeitythis is annoying, sudo dhclient does nothing, and network-manager refuses to manage even a tadpole16:35
Kilosi am sure it will be a stiff challenge for office jacks and the like16:35
afrodeityI feel like we're being deprecated into dumb-down mode16:36
marcogafrodeity: if ubuntu is too dumbed-down for you, there are many other distros out there16:38
Kiloslike windows16:38
marcogi mean linux distros :P16:39
marcoglike gentoo, arch, etc.16:39
Kilosdont upset him marcog 16:39
Kiloshe is an expert ranter16:39
marcogi don't mean to upset16:39
marcoglol Kilos 16:39
nlsthznUbuntu suites me cause you can install and use it... as opposed to setting it up to make it useful :)16:41
marcogsame here16:41
marcogbut there's no one-size-fits-all16:41
Kilosubuntu ++16:41
nlsthznand in that vain Mint does even a better job of that than Ubuntu... 16:41
nlsthzninstall and go...16:41
marcogi explored more distros back when i had the time16:42
marcogright now, ubuntu gets the job done and is widely supported by the community16:42
nlsthznafrodeity: ?16:45
afrodeityI upgraded my kernel because they got rid of the kernel lock in 3916:45
nlsthznafrodeity: have they also sorted out the power regression that was reported?16:46
afrodeity39 appears to be huge improvement on 38 which was problematic16:47
afrodeityno laptop, so can't report on power issues16:47
* afrodeity is listening to Trihedron featuring Opus - DJ Krush (The Message At The Depth) ::: 01. DJ Krush - Trihedron featuring Opus.mp3 ::: 00:35/06:33 @ 192kbps16:48
superflyafrodeity: did you try to add the interface name after "dhclient"? That *always* works for me17:03
afrodeityyep, tried sudo dhclient eth017:24
afrodeitywhich command lists interfaces again?17:25
queeryis that what you are looking for?17:26
queeryof ifconfig17:26
afrodeityiwlist is a new one17:28
queeryyea but don't work with all eth17:28
queeryI like it for wifi scanning17:28
queerysudo iwlist scan17:28
afrodeityinterface no support scanning17:29
queeryyou have to be root or sudo to scan the wifi (i'v found)17:30
afrodeityI am root17:30
queeryoh ok17:30
queerythen it's back to ifconfig17:30
afrodeityI wish we hadn't split the browser from the os17:31
afrodeityoff topic, but it would be faster if we just booted into a browser17:32
queeryok im out17:33
queeryl8er tweeps17:33
superflyafrodeity: since when was the browser part of the OS (apart from Windows)17:40
magellanicand chromeos ;)17:42
superflymagellanic: it's still not technically part of the OS, it's the desktop shell17:44
magellanicokay, isn't that the same case with windows then17:45
superflyno, with Windows, the Trident engine is a system DLL17:46
superflyremember that with Windows, the GUI is part of the OS, they are integrated and inseparable17:46
superflyon Linux our GUI apps run in X, which itself is just another app on the box17:46
magellanichmm okay17:47
afrodeityit is in a sense, if you surf via a shell, but its an architectural problem17:50
superflyhi kbmonkey18:46
kbmonkeyhi superfly 18:51
Kiloslo kbmonkey 19:03
Kiloskinda cold to sit here19:03
superflyKilos: get a blanket and put it over your legs19:06
Kiloslol. got one but fingers freeze too19:07
Kiloswait i get a beanie for ears as well19:08
superflyit's not that cold here19:08
kbmonkeyjust type faster! he he19:08
Kilosthen no one will understand19:08
kbmonkeykubuntu 11.04 usb wont boot up on my netbook :/19:08
* superfly gets his "No I won't fix your computer!" quilt his mom-in-law made19:09
kbmonkeyI want a throw with tux on it19:09
kbmonkeyhot chocolate help too19:10
kbmonkeyjust dont burn your fingers when you dip them19:10
Kiloshow many usb ports you got kbmonkey 19:24
Kilosdo they all not work19:24
kbmonkey4 back and 2 front and they all work19:25
Kiloskubuntu 11.04 usb wont boot up on my netbook :/ ??19:25
kbmonkey4x-usb hub connected too. having port problems?19:25
Kiloswhat am i missing19:25
kbmonkeywhich ones?19:26
Kilosyou said you got that prob not me19:26
kbmonkeyoh lol, no the usb ports work fine, the usb disk wont boot :)19:27
Kilosmy maverick works but member with karmic and the lynx i sometimes had to move things from port to port19:27
kbmonkeyjust black, no text nothing. I boot other OS's fine19:27
Kiloswhats on the stick19:27
kbmonkeykubuntu 11.0419:27
kbmonkeyI used tuxboot to make it from a ISO19:27
Kilosthen you didnt do the iso thing right19:27
kbmonkeyhowever I made the ISO from a CD using dd. that should be fine hey?19:28
kbmonkeytuxboot is a updated fork of unetbooting 19:28
Kilosi only made one and used the startup disk creator19:28
Kiloscopied iso to desktop and then did it19:29
kbmonkeyah, well I dont have the startup disk creator as Im in a crunchbang linux :)19:29
Kilosah i learn more19:29
Kilosi went to all the trouble of making a boot stick then found my pc cant do the usb boot thing hehe19:31
kbmonkeyme too!19:31
Kilosi remember something about unetbootin as well. cant remember where it fitted in19:32
kbmonkeythat was the tool recommended on the Ubuntu help wiki to make usb disks19:32
Kilosah maybe i did that too19:32
Kilosnow just need someone to invent a heated keyboard for winter19:33
nlsthznKilos: the main ubuntu site recommends how to make a bootable USB... but it won't matter if your hardware doesn't support it :)19:40
Kiloslol yeah.19:40
nlsthznas soon as youtube finishes uploading a vid a made I will making a blog post about linux mint 11 with some eye-candy :)19:42
Kiloshow do you know if a site has got probs19:43
Kilosi used this till a week ago and now it dont work anymore19:43
KilosUnable to load page19:44
KilosProblem occurred while loading the URL http://www.fsms.co.za/next-gen/messages/compose19:44
KilosCannot connect to destination (www.fsms.co.za)19:44
nlsthznKilos: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/19:44
kbmonkeycool, give us the link when you do nlsthzn 19:44
nlsthznkbmonkey: will do19:45
Kiloslol. just me it says19:45
Kiloswonder who there doesnt like me19:46
nlsthznKilos: let me try19:46
nlsthznKilos: so far no go for me 19:46
Kilosi get there but it doesnt send anymore19:46
nlsthznKilos: ah I am also in now... but it seems slow19:47
Kilosi went there and did the register bit about a month ago and it worked kiff19:47
nlsthznmaybe the service is a bit over loaded... try refreshing using ctrl+f519:47
Kilosnow it tells me vodacom  is doing maintenance work on their sms site19:50
Kilosfor the last week?19:50
Kiloscan only be in africa19:50
kbmonkeyyou sound surprised ;P19:51
Kilosworks to mtn though so i am happy its not here by me19:57
Kilosdidnt think of trying to a mtn fone till now19:57
Kilosactually very kiff when it works that site. you send free smses in sa19:58
Kilosnow i want to find one that works to aus19:59
kbmonkeysuperfly, you do any/occasional CSS? Know a nice editor?19:59
superflykbmonkey: I usually use Kate for HTML and CSS20:00
nlsthznKilos: that is nice... I pay a pretty penny sending messages from here to SA20:00
Kilosnlsthzn, i think all you need is a sa fone number to register with then it will work from there too20:01
Kilosi was skeptical first so used a sim no. i dont use anymore and it worked fine20:02
nlsthznKilos: lol, I still have a contract that I have been unable to cancel for more than a year now :/20:02
Kilosgood use that one20:02
Kilosi am sure it will work and you get 20 smses a day20:02
nlsthznKilos: over kill :)20:03
Kilosyou dont have to use them dodo20:03
Kilosi used 2 or 3 a week20:03
nlsthznso annoying uploading video @ 100kbps :/20:04
Kilostry gprs20:05
Kilos14K onna good day20:05
nlsthznKilos: 3G is nice and fast20:06
Kilosbut with broadband you get limited by the providers20:06
Kilosthis modem is only 6 months old and boet not sure if its a 3.2m/s or the 7.?20:07
superflyKilos: probably a 7,220:08
Kilosbut havent seen it over 200KB/s here yet20:08
Kilosthen i had the 3.? wrong20:08
Kilos3.6 hey20:09
nlsthznyou should get close to 1mbps with 3G if memory serves... best way to test is to get a torrent with enough seeders...20:10
Kilosyeah so they say. i am sure they choke the things20:11
Kilosor their servers or whatever they got20:11
Kilosno data to test things. was on gprs so long even 100K is great20:12
nlsthzn:) the more you get the sooner you realize it isn't enought :)20:13
Kilosyou didnt read the need for speed20:13
Kilosbut with data at this price uncapped is the answer20:14
nlsthznKilos: yup... biggest bargain here is the fact that is uncapped... 20:15
Kilosyeah must be heaven20:16
nlsthznKilos: yup... coming to SA in December and the first thought I was how am I going to do anything online ... here if you don't have internet there are hordes of cheap internet cafes everywhere... you are always connected :/20:17
nuvolarinaand om Kilos, nlsthzn 20:18
nlsthznnuvolari: hey20:18
Kilosnaand nuvolari 20:18
Kiloslol naand apie20:21
nuvolarihallo kbmonkey 20:21
kbmonkeylol kbapie20:21
Kilosdont mix your tales20:23
kbmonkeyoook oook20:24
nlsthznYou speak the language most deliciously20:24
* kbmonkey pushes the banana button on the keyboard and a fruit drops from a slot20:24
kbmonkeyaah, no electrical shocks today20:24
Kilosnlsthzn, try that sms goodie i am hoping it works from aus20:34
Kilosyou can be the guinee pig20:35
nlsthznKilos: k... give me a moment20:35
nlsthznKilos: site is s   l     o                w            ... zzzzz20:36
Kilosyeah not written in python20:36
Kilosused to be faster a month back20:37
Kilosi think they didnt expect so many peeps to use it so its not big enough20:37
nlsthznKilos: one problem... how do you get a reply ? :p20:41
Kilosin your inbox20:42
nlsthznKilos: oh... and now I need to give a code... yet I have no idea where that bloody sim card is... or what my pin is... but it seems it will work fine from anywhere on the planet... no issues as yet20:43
Kilossorry for all the hard work but if you get it working you can save some20:44
nlsthznKilos: nah not really... much more hassle than it is worth... when I hit SA in December I am cancelling it in any case20:47
Kilosyeah but this fsms works great if they will just upgrade it20:48
Kilosand smses to aus are close to R2 a time20:49
nuvolariI'm beat. g'night everyone21:02
Kilosnag seun. lekker slaap21:03
nlsthznnuvolari: good night21:04
Kilosmethinks it be a good idea to go sleep too. night all of you21:08
nlsthznKilos: good night...21:10
kbmonkeyg'nite to all going to zzz :)21:14
nlsthznkbmonkey: http://nlsthzn.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/hello-katya-my-latest-mistress/ for your viewing pleasure...21:14
nlsthzndoh too late...21:15
nlsthznnight kbmonkey 21:15
nlsthzncheers all... got to get my beauty sleep too :)21:16

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