liveuserwhat's a recommended size for '/' and '/home'? ubuntu is my secondary os and i do run a test server on it and would like some room but not too much. so i guess i want to know what minimum is so i can use a little more than that00:00
sudokillliveuser whats  the size of ur drive00:01
sudokillor free space00:01
sudokillu can prob get away with 3 or 4 gigs for root rest for home00:02
liveusersudokill, my drive is 500 mbs00:02
sudokillnah too small00:02
sudokillway too small00:02
astleys3r3n1t7: i still get errors, http://pastebin.com/cNxEstTu00:02
bluefiredesktop does not load after installing ATI graphics driver. Has anyone faced this problem?00:02
sudokillmaybe something like damn small linux00:02
sudokillidk much about small distros but if ur new to linux u might find htem harder to use00:03
liveusersudokill, how about 20500bs for / and 20500 for /home ?00:04
sudokilltell me the sizes properly00:04
sudokillidk what 20500bs is lol00:04
sudokilldo 4gigs for root rest of the space for home00:04
sudokillor 6 gigs for root to be safe00:05
liveusersudokill, thanks00:05
astleyhow do i edit a config.mk file to make a compile successfull?00:06
yassine_hellhey, how can i add a proxy in firefox, cuz i cant find the "options" in "tools"00:06
sudokilltoll options network settings00:06
sudokillunder advanced00:06
yassine_hell<sudokill> cant find "options"00:06
sudokilledit, preferences, advanced, network, settings00:06
yassine_hellthx :)00:07
astleyhow do i edit a config.mk file to make a compile successfull?00:08
VonhintenUnfortunately, if it's not compiling successfully because the code itself is not compatible with changes in kernel code, then there's not much you're going to be able to do, short of figuring out what in the code changed and fixing it.00:10
KaiDOgWhat does a bad superblock mean?00:10
sudokillbad fs?00:11
astleyVonhinten: do i need to know code to fix it?00:11
KaiDOgsudokill, yes00:11
sudokillthere you go then00:12
KaiDOgwhat does that mean?00:12
Vonhintenastley, unless someone else has details or patch diffs for you to fix it, yes...00:12
sudokilltry fsck00:12
astleyVonhinten: how do i learn what the problem is?00:12
Vonhintenastley, well, start with the first error message00:13
sudokillive never encountered it, but heres a link http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/recover-bad-superblock-from-corrupted-partition/00:13
astleyVonhinten: if i give you a paste bin of what you ask for would that help?00:13
KaiDOgfsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdc00:13
Vonhintenwell, I could look at it, but I very likely can't fix the problem for you if it's code related00:14
KaiDOgThe superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext200:14
KaiDOgBut my file is ext3, I don't know why it's looking at ext200:14
KaiDOgdrive rather, not file00:14
itaylor57astley, patstebin it00:14
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nimbioticsis it possible to have ffmpeg and winff installed at the same time? I had winff and when when I tried to create a video with imagination I had to install ffmpeg and now I dont have winff.. TIA!00:15
sudokillKaiDOg, try googling it im not good with that youll prob find lot of answers00:15
astleyitaylor57: i think it may have worked this time http://pastebin.com/DGR70EBX what do you think?00:16
sudokillastley looks ok00:17
astleysudokill: restart?00:17
sudokilldo it anyway00:17
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sudokilli havent followed exactly what ur doing00:18
sudokillunless ur running some server that needs to be up constantly just restart anyway00:19
KaiDOgsudokill: I figured it out. I left a 1 at the end of /dev/sdc100:19
KaiDOgI left out the 100:20
sudokillglad u solved it00:20
KaiDOgso all my data is okay! hora!00:20
KaiDOglol me too00:20
KaiDOgso much shit I hadn't backed up yet.00:20
sudokillscary when filesystem stuff hepsn00:20
KaiDOgyes, I will need to educate myself on this more00:20
sudokillim lucky ive never had any probs with hard drives /ssd00:20
KaiDOgme neither00:21
sudokillto me theyre most reliable part lol00:21
ugaritso I just updated from 10.10 to 11.04 and the user interface is very different.  How do I restore the 10.10 interface?00:21
Vonhintenastley, were you supposed to run 'make config' first, and did you?00:21
sudokillubuntu classic00:21
TrevIncssd wear out very quickly though :/00:21
sudokillugarit, at the login screen choose classic00:21
sudokillnah they dont00:21
TrevIncugarit: when you login at the bottom there is a bar that says Ubuntu00:21
sudokillonly old ones do00:22
TrevIncselect Ubuntu Classic from that box00:22
VonhintenI've been using an SSD for my system partition for over a year00:22
ugaritsudokill TrevInc thank you00:22
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TrevIncno problem ugarit, that was the first thing I wanted to do to :)00:22
sudokillthe old ssd wear out fast is old00:22
sudokillnew ones last as long if not longer than hdd apparently00:22
sudokillwith trim and newer tech00:22
TrevIncI will keep that in mind when I build my fishtank computer00:23
Vonhintenand the real benefit, when they fail, you just can't write to them anymore, unless spinning drives, where you likely lose your data00:23
astleyVonhinten: this is the tutorial i'm doing i'm at the eigth instruction, not quite sure what i means http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:23
sudokillwith baby oil? lol00:23
sudokillTrevInc, r u gona use mineral oil?00:24
Usuarioplease help with ICEauthoritation http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10874214#post1087421400:24
TrevIncsudokill, yes, for the internal box00:24
sudokilli saw those on overclock.net ages ago, didnt find out if they run cool or not00:24
sudokillthey look very strange lol00:25
TrevIncit will be a mineral oil tank with artificial fish inside of a saltwater tank with anemones00:25
TrevIncand lights00:25
KaiDOgthis is sparta!00:25
TrevIncthe mineral oil is heavier than water so it's actually great protection from the water00:25
KaiDOgI haven't seen the movie yet00:25
sudokillits a gd film00:25
KaiDOgi'll check it out on netflix00:26
sudokillis that what they call piratebay these days?00:26
Vonhintenthere's no reason to dunk a PC in stuff these days, the latest intel chips can be OC'd to crazy GHz just on stock air cooling00:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:27
sudokillits a hobby i guess00:27
sudokilljust something different00:27
astleyVonhinten: this is the tutorial i'm doing i'm at the eigth instruction, not quite sure what i means http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:27
sudokillartificial fish is a nice touch00:27
ugarithow do I make Ubuntu Classic the default for 11.04 ?00:27
cba123I have a mdadm raid5 on a 10.10 standard install that I'm using as a simple fileserver.  It had a hard freeze, now when I try to assemble my raid using "sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde /dev/sdf1" it says /dev/md0 assembled from 2 drives - not enough to start the array.  Gparted sees the drives, but idk where to go from here.  Any ideas?00:27
sudokilllogin screen00:27
Vonhintenastley, well, keep going then, see if it works00:27
coz_ugarit,  simply log off  and then log onto classic00:27
astleyVonhinten: not sure what it means there..00:28
vinici just installed 11.04 fresh, the default resolution seems to be way too high, i can only see about two pixels at the top of the screen. is there a way i can drop the resolution via hotkey?00:28
coz_ugarit,  although,, I dont think classic is going to be available in the next release00:28
astleyVonhinten: do i copy files?00:28
sudokillvinic not by hotkey00:28
Vonhintenastley, it's saying make install does00:28
coz_vinic,  I would go into system/preferences/monitors and see if you can do it there00:28
vinici can't see anything coz00:29
sudokillvinic have u tried rebooting00:29
sudokillur pretty buggered then tbh00:29
vinictried connecting a monitor to the hdmi, same result00:29
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sudokillmaybe some setting from a livecd00:29
astleyhow do i edit etc/modules?00:29
astleyVonhinten: that was to you sorry00:30
Vonhintensudo gedit /etc/modules00:31
sudokillgksudo for gd practice00:31
peto_buenas noches00:32
luiteI have a process that runs as a normal user (might be started as root), it forks off a child, and the user id of the child should be changed into a less privileged user, and filesystem access restricted to some directory. is this possible somehow?00:32
ActionParsnipVonhinten: gksudo for gedit, not sudo00:33
Vonhintenor, gksudo is more correct, but is sudo incorrect?00:33
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:34
sudokillsudo prob kok but gk uses roots configs for root apps00:34
sudokilluse gk for all gui apps00:34
astleyVonhinten: it says ad a line to /etc/modules from the end of a file in instruction 10 of this tutorial, http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/ what do they mean?00:34
sudokillit means add the line00:35
astleywhich line?00:35
astleyfrom where00:35
sudokillthe wifi name00:35
sudokillit tells u00:35
astleyin which directory?00:35
astleywhere is that, in my home folder?00:35
sudokill"<astley> Vonhinten: it says ad a line to /etc/modules"00:36
Vonhintenastley, /etc/modules is a file ;)00:36
sudokillgksudo gedit /etc/modules00:36
astleyok, how do i locate that file and what line do i add from where?00:36
astleyVonhinten: i have the file, now what line?00:37
astleydo i add00:37
Vonhintenastley, the instructions are quite clear00:37
sudokilljust add it to the botom of the file00:37
astleyhe says add the line at the end of this file, but he doesn't say what line00:38
sudokillthe end00:38
sudokillinb4 rickrolled00:38
Vonhintenit does say what line00:38
astleyi'm trying to be careful and concise00:38
astleyno my last name is astley00:38
sudokillits fine00:38
Vonhintennotice the:  rt5390sta00:38
sudokilljust go to the end of the file and add it00:38
Vonhintenright after it tells you to add the line00:38
astleythatnks, that wan't proper grammer the way he said it00:39
sudokillastley looks like ur almost there00:40
the-gibsonquick question, is there a way of killing a program based on memory utilization?00:41
the-gibsonwhen streaming my VLC randomly explodes and starts eating up all my memory00:41
VonhintenThat's interesting that sudo causes problems.00:41
sudokilli dont know the answer, but do u mean if it reaches a certain amount of ram, kill it?00:42
rationalOgrethe-gibson: Like if it starts using using X amount of memory, kill it?00:42
the-gibsonrational0gre: yes00:42
sudokillthe-gibson, how much ram od u have?00:42
VonhintenThis article doesn't explain WHY sudo would result in an application using user configuration files instead of root configuration files though...00:42
the-gibson4 gb00:42
sudokillvlc should eat hardly any00:42
astleyok, i'm going to reboot now00:43
sudokillid look into that rather than workarounds00:43
the-gibsonits an issue with VLC00:43
the-gibsonit happens on 2 of my ubuntu systems00:43
rationalOgrethe-gibson: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=141713400:43
the-gibsonit will eat all ram and then start eating swap until everything is frozen solid00:43
sudokilldno if the vlc update fixed that, couple oin last 2 days00:43
the-gibsonhmm hyea i saw some bug reports00:44
the-gibsonthanks rationalOgre00:44
* rationalOgre 's google-fu is strong. :D00:44
the-gibsonhaha yes mine failed me00:44
sudokillthe-gibson, make sure its up to date first if u havent already00:44
rationalOgrethe-gibson: First hit on "ubuntu kill process based on memory utiliztion"00:45
the-gibsoni ran update this morning and it just hit me again00:45
the-gibsonill double check00:45
sudokillah idk try that script ogre linked to00:45
rationalOgreWoops, sorry, kill program not process00:45
the-gibsonyea i am hehe00:45
mugimugicati'am looking for ubuntu 10.4 netbook edition00:45
the-gibsonyea buts an easy edit00:45
sudokillif u mean that its gone00:46
the-gibsonyes and on a 10.10 system00:46
the-gibsonthough the 10.10 system hasnt been updated in a few days00:46
astleyi still dont see ra0 interface, maybe i did something wrong00:46
sudokillmugimugicat, do u mean 11.0400:46
rationalOgremugimugicat: 1http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download00:46
rationalOgrewoops http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download00:46
rationalOgrelook for 10.04 -netbook-i386.iso.torrent on there00:47
sudokillafaik they got rid of netbook edition and made it a single version00:47
sudokillah sorry00:47
mugimugicatthank you rational0gre00:47
rationalOgresudokill: They rolled it into 11.04 essentially.00:48
mugimugicatsorry for my bad english i'm french .. i'm goign to try this i(ll be back00:48
rationalOgremugimugicat: NP.00:48
sudokillsoz was my eyes00:48
mugimugicatit mean No Probelm? lol00:48
rationalOgremugimugicat: Yes it does.00:48
astleyNetwork manager still doesn't recognize my wireless card after i did the procedure in this tutorial http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:48
nixjrhow do i run somehting in the terminal but not have to close when i close the terminal window?00:49
sudokillastley it says u might have to restart network to get it to rcognise it00:49
satoniohi. im getting OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer after upgrading to 11.04, what should i do? my card is a radeon x1950gt00:49
astleysudokill: http://pastebin.com/Kz4qCmas thats the output i get when i try00:50
hiexponixjr, what you tring to run00:50
mugimugicathi, i'am back, have you a link for this version? no torrent.00:50
mugimugicatdirect link00:50
nixjrhiexpo, something crashed and my bored decorations are gone, im running "metacity --replace" to get them back, but i dont want the terminal window00:51
sudokillrestart network-manager00:51
sudokillmugimugicat, http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso00:51
Technicalitydoes anybody know what the program and service called "http" do?00:52
mugimugicatThank You ! you're awesome00:52
astleysudokill: http://pastebin.com/QqZeJKzm now i got that, any clue? thank you by the way00:52
itaylor57nixjr, nohup <file> > nohup.out 2>1&00:53
mrpatgI have a question about the tray/system notifications in ubuntu 11 (gnome desktop)00:53
sudokillastley sudo restart network-manager00:53
Vonhintenastley, just reboot00:53
mugimugicatGood night every body , you come in paris when you want ,!! you're welcom00:53
nixjritaylor57, im sorry you lost me there00:53
sudokillmugimugicat, thanks00:54
mrpatgWhenever i mouseover them, they disappear and reappear when i move my mouse away. Is that supposed to happen, or am i supposed to be able to click and make them disappear?00:54
sudokillmrpatg, sounds like graphic problem00:54
itaylor57nixjr, ising nohup willkeep the program running even  if you close the termanal try man nohu[00:54
itaylor57nixjr, ising nohup willkeep the program running even  if you close the termanal try man nohup00:54
mrpatgeverything else works fine. Is there any way to manage how the notifications behave, or some other kind of notification manager?00:54
sudokillmrpatg, maybe its supposed to do that idk00:55
nixjritaylor57, im not using a file so would i just do:  nohup metacity --replace > nohup.out 2>1&00:56
rationalOgremrpatg: Are you talking about the boxes that appear in the upper right corner of the screen from time to time?00:56
ZykoticK9mrpatg, what you are describing is "working as designed"00:56
rationalOgremrpatg: Like the ones that say "network "something" connected" or what not?00:56
mrpatgrationalOgre: yes00:56
rationalOgremrpatg: Oh, then that is how they are supposed to work.00:57
rationalOgreWhen you mouseover them they fade out00:57
beyond_how do you change ip address?00:57
rationalOgreThey are there for informational purposes only00:57
rationalOgreYou don't really interact with them.00:57
itaylor57nixjr, I missunderstoodyour question, running that command should return to to the prompt, it shouldn't hang00:57
rationalOgrebeyond_: set a static IP address?00:57
mrpatgIts kind of annoying, not being able to control them, and have them 'cowardly' disappear when i try to, lol00:57
beyond_i don't really know too much00:58
beyond_about it00:58
rationalOgrebeyond_: or set your router to recognize your mac address and give you a specific IP address.00:58
astleti still dont get ra0 interface when i do ifconfig after this tutorial http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/00:58
beyond_woah baby steps00:58
rationalOgreIf you are asking for a new WAN ip address, you'll probably have to speak with your ISP and/or reboot your modem.00:58
beyond_no basically my ip on my laptop00:58
sudokillbeyond, have u got internet connection now?00:58
sudokillu just want to have a set ip?00:59
rationalOgrebeyond_: So your local network IP address.00:59
nixjritaylor57, when i close the terminal window, it ends "metacity --replace", i just want to be able to run that command and close the terminal window with metacity --replace still running in the background00:59
beyond_i think i have an ip address00:59
rationalOgrebeyond_: Wifi or Wired?00:59
beyond_how do i change it00:59
sudokillbeyond im not sure where it is it changes all the time but in the system settings there sohuld be a network manager somewhere00:59
beyond_or is it something set in stone (etched on silicone]00:59
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rationalOgrebeyond_: No, it's being set via DHCP most likely right now01:00
astleti'll wait a few minutes then i'll ask again01:00
sudokillbeyond, if u find the network manager, ull see ip settings01:00
sudokillif u get that far let me know01:00
beyond_network tools?01:00
rationalOgrebeyond_: Look in the upper righthand corner of your screen, see the thing that represents your wireless connection?01:00
rationalOgreRight click it01:00
rationalOgreYou should get a list01:00
rationalOgreOne of the options will be Edit Connections01:01
rationalOgreShould pop up a screen that says "Network Connections" at the top01:01
rationalOgreClick on the tab that says Wireless01:01
beyond_whats a vpn01:01
rationalOgreVirtual Private Network, don't worry about that now.01:01
rationalOgreOk, select the one that says Auto <yournetworkname>01:02
rationalOgreLike Auto myhomenetwork01:02
rationalOgreJust by left clicking on it.01:02
beyond_MTU: automatic01:02
rationalOgreThe greyed out "edit" button to the right should become automatic01:02
rationalOgreSorry, clickable, not automatic01:03
astleti still dont get ra0 interface when i do ifconfig after this tutorial http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/01:03
rationalOgreClick on the tab that says IPv4 Configuration01:03
rationalOgreor IPv4 Settings01:03
sudokillastlet, did u blacklist anything?01:03
beyond_okay automatic dchp01:03
rationalOgreMethod probably says Automatic (dhcp)01:03
rationalOgrebeyond_: Curious, why do you need a static IP?01:04
rationalOgrebefore we go further01:04
astletsudokill: maybe not, i'll check, thanks01:04
sudokillmaybe fror opening ports01:04
beyond_good question01:04
rationalOgresudokill: Possibly01:04
sudokillbeyond dont even know01:04
beyond_well lets just say i'm very new to irc01:04
sudokilluse dhcp if not sure that way easier01:04
beyond_started yesterday01:04
rationalOgrebeyond_: Ok.01:04
sWaT_hUm4Nubuntu cant write an iso to my dvd-r01:04
rationalOgreSo what gave you the idea that you needed a static IP?01:05
beyond_i don't know01:05
beyond_just checking it out i suppose01:05
sudokillbeyond, ststic ip is good fomr home network but i guess dhcp may be better if ur using public wifi01:05
beyond_whats the difference01:05
rationalOgreAh, well, this is where you would do it then, though I would not suggest it unless you know what you are doing01:05
sudokilldhcp gives u random ip static is always same01:05
astletsudokill: this is my blacklist http://pastebin.com/5CC8qtV801:05
beyond_i see i see01:05
rationalOgreIf you want to play with it I can walk you through it.01:06
sudokillbeyond, dhcp just hands out ips to people so they dont have to set up their own01:06
rationalOgresudokill: It also does things like setting the gateway and dns stuff.01:06
sudokillbeyond, it just sets up your ip settings for u01:06
beyond_okay i guess i got some reading to do first01:07
rationalOgreDHCP does that is01:07
beyond_thanks all01:07
sudokillif u choose static ull have to enter ur ip, router ip, subnet dns etc01:07
farmer_Hi, I've just installed GNOME 3 on an EEE PC, removing unity. When I try to log in to GNOME 3, I get a problem error with no description and a log out button. Is this a known problem?01:07
rationalOgrebeyond_: NP, googling for "home network static vs dynamic ip" might be useful.01:07
beyond_ok thanks again01:07
sudokillfarmer, what error?01:07
sudokillwhat happens at log in screen01:07
rationalOgrefarmer_: Does it give an error code or anything?01:08
astletsudokill: anything?01:08
cba123I have a mdadm raid5 on a 10.10 standard install that I'm using as a simple fileserver.  I'm trying to assemble it after rebooting, and all I get is either "2 devices are not enough to start the drive" or "cannot open /dev/foo1: Device or resource busy"01:08
farmer_sudokill, rationalOgre, no, it's simply a generic "A problem has occured" GNOME 3 error with a button to log out. No other information.01:08
sudokilluh idk sorry01:08
sudokillprob some settings messed when u switched01:09
rationalOgrefarmer_: Drop to a terminal and open up /etc/log and poke around01:09
astletsudokill: me?01:09
sudokillim useless i know01:09
farmer_rationalOgre, will do01:09
sudokillastlet brb01:09
wurmt0nguecan someone help me out, my battery meter doesnt show up in the ui on a fresh ubuntu install, its also not an option to add as an applet01:09
rationalOgreastlet: what's the output of ifconfig? (paste it somewheres)01:09
farmer_rationalOgre, /etc/log doesn't exist01:10
sudokillastlet, did u even use rt2800 thing before? if so u dont need it in blacklist but it wont hurt01:10
rationalOgrewurmt0ngue: System>preferences>power management> general tab01:10
sudokillfarmer, try cat /var/log/messages01:10
rationalOgrefarmer_: Woops, sorry /var/log01:10
rationalOgremy bad. Was thinking of two things at once.01:11
astletsudokill: http://pastebin.com/7J2CqTUZ01:11
astletsudokill: never used it before nope01:11
rationalOgresudokill: better 'less /var/log/messages'01:11
sudokillastlet, so it's working now?01:11
sudokillrationalOgre, yea i suppose i just agve a random one llo01:11
astletsudokill: no01:11
sudokilli normally use tail01:12
sudokillastlet hang on ill look01:12
farmer_rationalOgre, thanks anyway, will remove gnome and reinstall unity01:12
rationalOgrefarmer_: no worries.01:12
Jyggawhat could be the reason for cron not checking /etc/cron.d/somefile ? im on 10.4 server01:12
rationalOgreastlet: 'lshw | grep -i wireless' output?01:14
rationalOgreJygga: Did you update your cronttab?01:14
sudokillastlet do dmesg | grep eth001:15
sin_taxAnyone care to help me with a (hopefully) quick Unity issue?  I've got 2 icons for Minecraft in my 'installed programs' area but I've only put one entry into my /usr/share/applications01:15
rationalOgreJygga: Under cron.d are subdirectories, you put the scripts in there.01:16
rationalOgrelike cron.hourly01:16
sin_taxI did use an installer which may have placed a .desktop file elsewhere but I can't find it... Any way to get details of an icon that is in Unity? Seems like I should be able to right click for details but I can't01:16
astletrationalOgre: http://pastebin.com/U7JmWgpS01:16
rationalOgreJygga: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto01:17
mrpatgUbuntu 11.04 is giving me weird microphone lag. Slow pickup, and cutting off before im finished talking (in sound recorder)01:17
rationalOgreastlet: So it's not seeing it on your system at all01:17
astletsudokill: http://pastebin.com/i7c9gE4s01:17
luiteis it possible for a process (running as user/group nobody) to do something in order to prevent it and its children from running any setuid files (either through restricting filesystem access, or some flag that just prevents this directly)01:17
astletrationalOgre: what are the implications, can i do a troubleshoot?01:18
TrevIncIrony is the fact that I usually join this channel from a Win7 x64 box01:18
eb3ha4elTrevInc: what is x64 Box?01:18
rationalOgreastlet: Pondering, I'm not the best at this stuff.01:18
eb3ha4elTrevInc: X Box? Game console?01:18
sudokill64 bit leetness01:18
Jyggaye thanks for trying rationalOgre01:18
rationalOgreluite: beyond my ken, sir. Sorry.01:19
rationalOgreJygga: Read that link I gave, it gives a pretty in-depth explanation of using Cron01:20
Jyggai did, several times01:20
eb3ha4elsudokill: were you saying that to me? what is leetness btw?01:20
luiterationalOgre: no prob :) I already found the answer to the first part of my first question by the way (a combination of setuid+setgid bits on the executable where the owner is the more privileged user, and starting the program as the less priviledged one)01:20
sudokillastlet, try blacklisting the RTL8102e01:20
sudokilland restart01:20
sudokillreplace it with the useless blacklist u added earlier01:21
sudokillreplace the one u aded earlier rather01:21
Jyggadoesnt explain why cron doesnt pick up the file, im setting up rsnapshot and aptitude actually created /etc/cron.d/rsnapshot during installation01:22
Jyggabut its not touched01:22
astletsudokill: with caps locks on "rt"?01:22
sudokilljust paste the one01:22
mrpatgUbuntu 11.04 is giving me weird microphone lag. Slow pickup, and cutting off before im finished talking (in sound recorder)01:22
rkviranisudokill: I think I will install windows just so I can get itunes back01:22
rationalOgreastlet: is it a USB wireless adapter or PCI?01:22
rkviranithis really isnt working...01:22
sudokillrkvirani, didnt audex work?01:23
Jyggaactually there are other files in there that are touched every minute ...01:23
rkviraniaudex runs into problems in 1/5 CDs I give it01:23
sudokillproblems how?01:23
sudokillread problems?01:23
rkviraniit says that it cant encode and that I should wait....01:23
astletrkvirani: it's a part of my system intrisically, no usb01:23
sudokillrkvirani, whats the error01:24
sudokillis that all it says?01:24
sudokillcant encode?01:24
rkviraniI dont care, I just want it to work01:24
sin_taxIs there an easy way to find the 'details' or 'source' of an icon in the Unity programs menu? 11.04 if it makes a difference01:24
sudokilldid u choose what to encode to? mp3, flac etc?01:24
mrpatgjust in playback01:25
mrpatgand ive tried different encodings01:25
rkviranisudokill: yeah01:25
rkviraninormal quality01:25
sudokilltry 1 more and tell me the error pls01:25
rkviranithere are so many solutiosn for this with linux and they all are broken some how01:25
rkviraniso fragmented01:26
sudokillrkvirani, its only because ur new01:26
sudokillits not full of problems and fixes01:26
sudokilli never had a single problem with audex01:26
rationalOgreastlet: then 'lspci | grep -i wireless" and see if anything pops up.01:26
sudokillits probably something silly01:26
astleysudokill: still no luck, i wonder if i did make or make install wrong?01:27
rkviraniyeah.. I though this stuff was to the point where it just worked...01:27
rkviranisudokill: I have an LPIC-201:27
rkviranithank you.01:27
ChronicSyncopehow do you backspace in vi?01:28
rationalOgreJygga: I don't know I'm afraid. Perhaps moving it or symlinking it into /etc/cron.daily (weekly/hourly/whatever)01:28
rkviraniI've just never done multimedia stuff with linux01:28
rationalOgreChronicSyncope: In insert mode? hit backspace01:28
sudokillastley it looked ok to me didnt error01:28
sudokillrkvirani dont be put off01:28
rkviranisudokill: perhaps to the whole ipod thing I guess I am new.01:28
sudokillahh maybe u need restricted extras01:28
rationalOgreChronicSyncope: If you are not in insert mode then h should move your cursor backwards.01:28
sudokillsudo apt-get install restricted-extras01:29
sudokillor ubuntu-restrcied-ectras cant remember01:29
ChronicSyncoperationalOgre, I pressed insert on my keyboard a few times, it didn't seem to fix the problem01:29
astleysudokill: what do you mean?01:29
rationalOgreHit the letter I on your keyboard to go to insert mode in VI01:29
MGMTTerminator is acting weird in the unity dock01:29
sudokillsorry astley i meant someone else01:29
ChronicSyncoperationalOgre, oh, well i was already in insert mode, or so i thought. I pressed i until it let me type.01:30
rkviranisudokill: how would the extras repo fix this?01:30
sudokillit instaklls mp3 stuff01:30
MGMTit keeps opening new instances instead of showing my current open instance01:30
rationalOgreChronicSyncope: you might do better to use Nano unless you actually wish to learn vi01:30
sudokillthat might be why ur having encode probs idk01:30
ChronicSyncoperationalOgre, after i installed vim from repos it started behaving like i expected, but vi was just acting really strange.01:30
zvacetrkvirani: in ubuntu software center fins ubuntu restricted extras and install it01:30
ChronicSyncoperationalOgre, i've been using vi for a while, i don't think it was working correctly.01:30
ChronicSyncopei was just wondering if i got some setting stuck on that i'd never used before.01:30
sudokillrkvirani, try installing that then see if it works01:31
rkviraniIll commen tit out of my apt-sources.list and run apt-get upgrade01:31
rationalOgreChronicSyncope: It's possible. Sometimes they compile it with wierd options for when you run it as vi instead of vim01:31
astley5 hours later01:31
rkviraniI dont think thats the problem though01:31
rkviranisudokill: its already enabled01:31
n4chtdoes anyone know how to move the dock provided by gnome-shell-extension-dock to the left, or the bottom?01:31
zvacetrkvirani: leave source list just install that package01:32
sudokillrkvirani, ok, try ripping to a different format like flac see if it works01:32
astleyafter following this tutorial i still dont get a ra0 interface http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/wifi-card-ralink-5390-configuration-in-ubuntu-10-10-64-bit/01:32
n4chtastley: i can help you with that.01:32
n4chtit's not going to be ra001:32
n4chttry eth0 or eth101:32
astleyn4cht: thank you :)01:32
quemhm, does anyone know if having more than one backup location might become a feature of deja-dup in the near future? :)01:33
sudokillastley, did u try blacklist the driver like i said?01:33
* n4cht has a compaq presario CQ56-219WM with the Ralink 539001:33
zvacetrkvirani: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats01:33
astleyn4cht: try? how do you try it?01:33
astleysudokill: yes01:33
sudokillastley, maybe n4acht can help not sure what else to say01:34
astleyn4cht: http://pastebin.com/yE8yD36M thats my output from ifconfig01:34
n4chtastley: 1) add the old driver to blacklist, 2) modprobe rt5390sta (assuming you compiled and installed the module), 3) press fn+wifi button to make sure it's on. (should turn white instead of orange)01:35
rationalOgreastley: Did you run lspci | grep -i wireless?01:35
astleyyes, i gave that to you rationalOgre01:35
rationalOgreyou did lshw01:35
rationalOgreI may have missed the lspci response one01:36
astleyn4cht: http://pastebin.com/GDtPfhQb01:36
astleyn4cht: maybe i didn't compile correctly01:37
delinquentme_SHA1's can be used to check the quality of a dataset post transfer right?01:37
n4chtastley: hang on a sec... i'm going to pop a copy of it already compiled onto my webserver for you, with a simple install script.01:37
rationalOgreastley: dmesg | grep rt539001:37
astleyrationalOgre: http://pastebin.com/kEhQimU501:39
n4chtastley: http://wretched.ws/natty/wireless.tar.gz    grab that, open terminal, 'tar xf wireless.tar.gz', 'cd wireless' then 'sudo ./install'01:40
n4chti wouldn't normally reccommend this method, but since i have the same laptop and have tested this method, i know it works.01:40
n4chti'm actually working on a .deb package for tha Ralink rt5390sta module right now, but i've never made .deb packages before so it's slow-going.01:41
lolmatichi, im running apache2 on ubuntu desktop for development and i want to edit files from within an editor and i don't want to use some kind of ftp server. how can i transfer the www folder to the users home?01:42
rationalOgren4cht: Nice little script01:42
n4chtrationalOgre: way sloppy, but for this *exact* model, it gets the job done.  lol.01:42
rationalOgren4cht: meh, as long as it works.01:43
MrCartelAnyone know why --scale does not work on xrandr01:43
astleyn4cht: it says installation complete when i type modprobe i get this http://pastebin.com/NuegLB0601:43
sudokillastley make sure ur in right dir when u untar01:44
sudokillit didnt do it01:44
rationalOgrelolmatic: cp -r /some/www/directory /home/whomever/directory/you/want/to/copy/to01:45
sudokillmy bad01:45
n4chthuh.  weird.  i've tested it on two different CQ56's, and 4 different natty installs.01:45
rkviranisudokill: set the setting to never skip over an error. I wanted error correction, does this do that?01:45
sudokillrkvirani, yes check the "enable cdparanoia" checkbox01:46
astleysudokill: then why is there an unzipped folder wireless in my downloads?01:46
n4chtastley: i'm going to modify the config.mk file for the module source, and upload that to wretched.ws01:46
sudokillastley dw01:46
n4chtand then you can try make && make install, and it should work.01:46
astleysudokill: dw?01:46
rationalOgren4cht: He's doing 10.10, not 11.04 if memory serves.01:46
lolmaticrationalOgre: i know how to copy files. the point is that i want the apache to serve the files from within the home folder01:46
HelloWorld321Couple questions about the new Unity desktop ... in "Recent Documents" can you do anything with the documents besides open them with the default application?  View their properties or open them with an alternate application?01:46
sudokilldnt worry01:46
lolmaticshould i just do a symlink to the home folder?01:47
astleyn4cht: pm?01:47
rationalOgrelolmatic: then edit your apache2.conf and point it at the folder you want to use01:47
HelloWorld321in "Recent Documents" can you do anything with the documents besides open them with the default application?  View their properties or open them with an alternate application?01:48
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n4chtastley:  http://wretched.ws/natty/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO.tar.gz       ... all you gotta do is extract that, 'cd 2010*'  and type 'make && make install'01:50
rationalOgrelolmatic: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/httpd.html01:50
n4chtthat should do it.01:50
n4chtand yes, astley you can pm me.  :)01:50
* n4cht already modified the config.mk for the correct settings, etc.01:50
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
Flannellolmatic: ~/public_html/* becomes http://server/~yourusername/* with userdir module enabled01:51
astleyactually i'm not quite sure how to pm lol01:51
king313asteig, /query n4cht01:51
blbrown_win3I am configuring grub2.  Grub can't find the partition I installed my OS to.  How do I find the id?01:52
n4chtlol.. sorry astley   i'll make it easy for you..01:52
Jyggathis is killing me01:53
cba123I have a mdadm raid5 on a 10.10 standard install.  I'm trying to assemble it after rebooting, and all I get is either "2 devices are not enough to start the drive" or "cannot open /dev/foo1: Device or resource busy" anyone familiar with mdadm?01:53
lolcatcba123:  us mdadm01:54
mrpatganyone help me with a pulse audio problem in 11.04?01:54
SpaceBasscba123, whats mdadm -D say?01:54
cba123SpaceBass, "sudo mdadm -d /dev/sdb1" says that sdb1 doesn't appear to be an md device, and when I do /dev/md0 it doesn't appear to be active01:55
thomiIs there an IRC channel for problems related to creating debian packages? Ii can't seem to find one.01:57
Flannelthomi: #ubuntu-packaging01:57
SpaceBasscba123, cat /proc/mdstat01:57
ActionParsnipthomi: look into checkinstall01:58
hossAnyone know why I am getting the following update errors: "Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/pool/main/g/google-chrome-stable/google-chrome-stable_11.0.696.68-r84545_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]01:58
hossFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/im-switch/im-switch_1.20ubuntu3.1_all.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]"01:58
thomiFlannel: Cheers01:58
ActionParsnipmrpatg: wassup? Just ask the channel, if anoyone knows they will reply01:58
lolmaticFlannel: how do i enable the userdir module?01:58
Flannellolmatic: It may already be enabled, but "sudo a2enmod userdir" and then restart apache01:58
ActionParsniphoss: maybe they are updating the files01:59
cba123SpaceBass, http://pastebin.com/Uyrc1hFp but my raid is always on /dev/md001:59
hossActionParsnip, ahh, that makes sence.01:59
SpaceBasscba123, we need to determine which drives are present and which are missing then, assuming the discs are still functioning properly and attached to the system, re-add them02:00
multipassdoes anyone use foobnix?02:00
ActionParsniphoss: could try the daily ppa, it has nice alpha features ;)02:00
webroastershow do you deal with spaces in folder names while using the terminal. I want to cp a disc to a folder on my computer, but the disc has a space in it02:01
cba123SpaceBass, I would do that with "sudo mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde /dev/sdf1"?  Would my data still be intact?02:01
ActionParsnipmultipass: looks good dude :002:01
SpaceBasscba123, yes, if the discs are undamaged then your data will be fine02:01
Flannelwebroasters: tab complete will automatically handle it, but you can either quote them, or escape them with a \ (Folder\ with\ spaces)02:02
multipassActionParsnip: foobnix is really nice, but it keeps locking up/freezing on me during certain things-- wondering if anyone esle experiences it02:02
SpaceBasscba123, pastbin your /etc/madmin/conf02:02
webroastersah ok thanks02:02
ActionParsnipmultipass: do other players do the same?02:02
Kevin`_cba123: mdadm --add is for changing the array state by adding new devices, you don't want to do that02:02
Kevin`_cba123: btw, mdadm -E to look at a particular hard drive itself02:03
multipassActionParsnip: well some do similar things, im wondering if im missing some kinda gtk dependencies.... not sure -- happens during internet related things mostly i think02:03
SpaceBasscba123, yeah good catch from Kevin`_ you want to assemble02:03
hossActionParsnip:  I dont think I am that brave or in need of an update that badly lol02:04
cba123SpaceBass, Kevin`_ http://pastebin.com/5gKNjkgB that's my mdadm.conf02:04
SpaceBasscba123, why does sde not have a partition?02:04
Kevin`_cba123: is that really supposed to be sde, not sde1?02:04
sin_taxAll of a sudden my super/windows key does not allow shortcuts to the apps in the unity launcher that should be launched with the 1-0 keys... any ideas?02:04
Kevin`_cba123: btw, I would personally just have something like DEVICE /dev/sd?? \n ARRAY /dev/md0 UUID=whatever_it_is02:05
ActionParsniphoss: fair play02:05
ActionParsnipsin_tax: if you ou hold it down a while, does it work?02:06
cba123Yeah, I messed up when adding, and that is how I always assembled it, with sde not sde1.  I thiink I found some of the issue though.  I did "mdadm -E" on each /dev/sd[bcdef], and b1 and c1 have 2 active, and the rest have them all02:06
SpaceBasscba123, yeah, using UUID will help ensure this doesnt happen often02:06
Kevin`_cba123: did you try to force assemble it without all the devices or something?02:06
cba123Kevin`_, I haven't tried a force assemble.  Didn't know I could http://pastebin.com/1S1ZF520 that's my mdadm -E /dev/sd[whichever]02:08
hossActionParsnip:  You were right, they were updating the file. Downloading the deb file atm and file size has changed.02:08
Kevin`_cba123: what happened here to cause the problem?02:08
cba123SpaceBass, I'll try that, I was of the if it ain't broke mentality, but I guess it was broke and I kept fixing it each boot.02:09
cba123Kevin`_, I don't know, I had to do a hard-reboot, since I couldn't ssh in, nor move the mouse.  Then this.02:09
SpaceBasscba123, I feel ya ? I'll often fix things on every boot because researching the actualy fix feels like rocking the boat02:09
* n4cht did his good deed for the day.02:09
Kevin`_cba123: mdadm --stop /dev/md_d002:10
Kevin`_cba123: mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/(all of them)02:10
cba123Kevin`_, "error opening /dev/md_d0: no such file or directory"02:10
Misterangry`I'm running Natty on an IBM Thinkpad T42p and I want to enable the mouse keys above the trackpad, but I've been unable to find any guides on doing this.02:10
Kevin`_cba123: is that still in mdstat?02:11
n4chtnow i just need to figure out if it's *all* systems with the ralink 5390 that have bluetooth enabled, or just *some* of them...  i keep seeing mention of it being a wifi/bluetooth combo card, but there's no mention of bluetooth in the product features for this laptop.02:11
cba123Kevin`_, I rebooted since then, and no, not in mdstat02:11
Kevin`_cba123: oh, ok then, second command02:12
Misterangry`anyone here with any suggestions?02:12
cba123Kevin`_, "mdadm: no RAID superblock on /dev/sde" and when I just try to assemble without /dev/sde, sdf says the same thing02:13
Kevin`_cba123: I didn't see you paste mdadm -E /dev/sde02:14
Kevin`_cba123: do remember that your devices may have been renamed since the last reboot02:15
Kevin`_aside from that, I thought it was sdf1?02:15
sin_taxActionParsnip, no, it used to... Very odd behavior.  I get the 'helper' overlay on the task switcher and below (the ones bound to letters instead of numbers)... Aaaaand it's magically fixed somehow... Hrm.02:16
cba123Kevin`_, It was sdf1, but after the reboot now, it seems like sdf and sde have swapped, so it is sdf and sde1.  However, when I do it now, I get that sdb1 is busy02:16
eb3ha4elIs there anything like a kind of 'meta-distro' which enables one to use all distros when is properly learnt?02:16
bazhangeb3ha4el, try ##linux02:17
Kevin`_cba123: check mdstat again02:17
eb3ha4elbazhang: thansk02:17
=== robinhoode is now known as robinhoode|away
cba123Kevin`_, I did "mdadm --stop /dev/md0" then tried assembling again, and I got that 2 drives isn't enough.  In my last pastebin though, sdb1 and sdc1 only had 2 listed at the bottom, and sdd1, sde, and sdf1 (now sde1 and sdf) had all 502:18
eb3ha4elIs there anything like a kind of 'meta-distro' which enables one to use all distros when is properly learnt?02:19
cba123Kevin`_, Here is a new pastebin, with my mdstat, and mdadm -E on each drive02:21
cba123Kevin`_, http://pastebin.com/PCFykjHE (sorry for the double)02:21
cba123Kevin`_, Am I in as much trouble as I think I am?02:23
Kevin`_cba123: no, it's possible to recover from this. i think there's an option in mdadm to either tell to use an old superblock or ignore the removed state, but I don't remember what it is. also you could re-create the array with exactly the correct specification. don't try that for now.02:24
satonioi added the xorg-edgers ppa to try to make my card work without software rasterizer and now i'm getting Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig on glxinfo, any ideas?02:25
qinMisterangry`: xbindkeys (if there is any input, you can bind it to mouse clicks, bad side you need to run extra deamon)02:25
Misterangry`alright, I'll try that and get back to you02:26
thraspicCan anyone explain why this script fails to connect me to the internet the first time I run it, but succeeds when I run it a second time?  http://pastebin.com/Y1aY9NXz02:27
cba123Kevin`_, This seems to say that it'll work, but idk http://kevin.deldycke.com/2007/03/how-to-recover-a-raid-array-after-having-zero-ized-superblocks/02:28
Kevin`_cba123: that will work, but you should use it as a last resort since you have to specify everything completely correct or lose data02:29
ActionParsnipthraspic: try a small sleep (about 5 should do) just before the dhclient, may help02:29
cba123Kevin`_, I meant the --zero-superblock line, not the recreating02:30
thraspicActionParsnip, many thanks, will try02:30
Kevin`_cba123: don't do --zero-superblock, it won't help anything02:30
=== Maninho|JANTA is now known as Maninho
ActionParsnipthraspic: or one just after wlan up, so it has time to settle02:30
cba123Kevin`_, I also found one command "--assume-clean"?  Or is that bad too?  I'm just googling around to try to find the ignore removed command you suggested.  I appreaciate all your, and SpaceBass' help too btw02:31
SpaceBasscba123, our pleasure! we've all been there with software raid and that scary data loss feeling?.and it usually works out!02:32
SpaceBasscba123, remind me where we are - you've determined which drives are missing? what happens when you try and assemble explicatly?02:32
Kevin`_cba123: you might try assembling with the --force option. be sure to specify all devices02:32
Misterangry`qin: apparently pressing them isn't generating any keypress events02:32
Kevin`_cba123: stop the current array in mdstat first02:32
qinMisterangry`: That is bad news.02:33
cba123SpaceBass, http://pastebin.com/PCFykjHE my last pastebin, seems to have helped Kevin`_ figure out that my superblocks aren't in sync, I think.02:33
Kevin`_cba123: btw, if this happened to me, I would recreate the array state in a virtual machine and test the various options there first02:34
cba123Kevin`_, I would, but I don't know how to recreate the array state.  As in I can't recreate this error.  Would I run a high risk of data loss with --force?02:35
qinMisterangry`: Maybe they are disconnected, lsusb, lspci, lshw to find it.02:35
SpaceBasscba123, --force isn't risky in terms of data loss, just may not work02:36
Kevin`_cba123: you can recreate the error, just disconnect three of the drives from the vm, either from the vmm or with mdadm02:36
SpaceBasscba123, interesting, the magic blocks are all the same which is good02:36
Kevin`_cba123: and then hard-reboot it, of course02:37
cba123SpaceBass, Kevin`_, I did --force and it started with 4 out of 5.  So glad I did raid5 not raid1 (that's mirroring, right?)  Now I just have to figure out which dropped out and fix it02:38
GskelligI had my laptop configured for really low power consumption, I was forced to reformat and now I can't get it nearly that low anymore. sucks02:38
SpaceBasscba123, my money is on /dev/sdbe :D02:38
smwhow can I tell if I am on a 64 bit machine?02:39
SpaceBasscba123, thats great that it started ? now you can do a mdamn -D /dev/md002:39
cba123Kevin`_, SpaceBass, My data is still there!  But according to mdadm --detail, /dev/sde1 is gone.02:39
duckx0ris there any way to get gnome terminal to display output colors when connected to a remote machine via ssh like konsole does?02:39
Kevin`_cba123: with raid1 you can always start with 1 device. you wouldn't have any useful storage from 5 drives though ;p02:39
cba123SpaceBass, sde and sdf swapped after a reboot, so sdf1 became sde1 and sde became sdf02:39
smwduckx0r, it does02:40
Gskelligdoes anybody know good tips for saving battery life on laptops?02:40
Gskelligbesides powertop02:40
duckx0rsmw, not for me02:40
Kevin`_cba123: since 4 drives is enough for consistancy, you could add the drive back and let the array overwrite the data on it02:40
cba123Kevin`_, I meant raid0 then, I always confuse them.  I know one is mirrored and one is striped02:40
smwduckx0r, try ls --color02:40
SpaceBasscba123, good time to fix that sde problem ? you could use parted (or gparted) and create a new raid partition and add it like a new drive02:40
* wli is trying to get a grub boot menu to come up with a timeout and is not having luck with GRUB_TIMEOUT=60 in /etc/default/grub02:40
duckx0rsmw, ahh yeah that worked02:40
SpaceBasscba123, you can also use the UUIDs of the disks in the mdadm conf file which will avoid those boot time sequence issues02:41
cba123SpaceBass, That'll take a while, the other is the one with the issue.  The one with the correct /dev/sde1 is wrong, not /dev/sdf02:41
smwduckx0r, I would alias that02:41
SpaceBasscba123, ah02:41
duckx0rsmw, what do you mean?02:41
cpareGood evening room...02:41
smwduckx0r, make ls an alias for ls --color02:41
duckx0rsmw, i'm not sure how to do that02:42
cba123Kevin`_, mdadm --detail /dev/md0 http://pastebin.com/d9NaqB2k02:42
smwduckx0r, http://linuxreviews.org/quicktips/alias/02:42
* wli installed a splash screen, too, not that that's even showing up (the hope was that if it ever dropped into the menu I'd recognize the splash screen). It's just booting into the default kernel with no options for picking kernels.02:42
Misterangry`not seeing it in any of those02:43
cba123Kevin`_, SpaceBass, the syntax to add /dev/sde1 back in is "sudo mdadm /dev/md0 --add-device /dev/sde1" right?02:43
duckx0rsmw, do i do that locally or remotely?02:43
wliThis should be super-basic and something is thwarting me (10.10 Maverick).02:43
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Kevin`_cba123: mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/sde102:43
smwduckx0r, remotely02:44
SpaceBasscba123, mdamd --manage --add /dev/md0 /dev/sde102:44
SpaceBassor what Kevin`_ said02:44
duckx0rsmw, thanks a lot02:45
smwduckx0r, np02:45
smwso, anyone know how I can tell if I am on a 64bit machine?02:45
cba123Kevin`_, SpaceBass, says /dev/sde1 is busy02:45
SpaceBasssmw, uname -m02:46
Kevin`_cba123: pastebin /proc/mdstat02:46
SpaceBasssmw,  http://daws.in/jQdKRV :)02:46
wlihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 just said GRUB_TIMEOUT= in /etc/default/grub would bring the menu up, and it's not coming up.02:46
smwSpaceBass, doesn't that tell me the software, not the hardware?02:46
hjaxsmw: run this command (no quotes): "arch"02:46
smwhjax, does that give hardware or software?02:47
rationalOgrewli: You need 00_header in /etc/grub.d02:47
hjaxsmw: oh do you know what CPU is in it?02:47
Kevin`_smw: grep lm /proc/cpuinfo02:47
SpaceBasssmw, it tells you the version - 64 says x86_6402:47
wlirationalOgre: Anything in particular in 00_header?02:47
SpaceBasssmw, just confirmed on two different machines, one 64 one 3202:47
hjaxSpaceBass: but that wouldnt matter if he had installed a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit box02:48
smwKevin`_, I did not find the answer there02:48
Kevin`_SpaceBass: it's possible to have a 32bit linux build running an x86_64 processor. it will report 32bit in that case02:48
cba123SpaceBass, Kevin`_, looks like something on my system is lying.  http://pastebin.com/2mLd39KM says everything but /dev/sdb1 is in md002:48
Kevin`_smw: is it listed or not?02:48
smwKereltis, SpaceBass, hjax, I found the answer with lshw. Thanks guys02:48
smwKevin`_, it did not say where I searched that command.02:48
SpaceBasshjax, I just checked a 64 bit box running 32 bit natty - i686 (IE 32bit install)02:48
rationalOgrewli: Sorry, here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Configuring%20GRUB%20202:49
smwKevin`_, I had already checked cpuinfo before asking02:49
Kevin`_smw: I meant in cpuinfo. the lm flag indicated support for 64bit02:49
smwKevin`_, lshw rocks :-).02:49
SpaceBassKevin`_, right, agree with you? uname -m reports properly in those cases (IE shows 32 bit install on a 64bit box)02:49
rationalOgreyou did it right, you just need to run 'sudo update-grub'02:49
smwKevin`_, ah, thanks for the info02:49
Kevin`_SpaceBass: not in my experience02:49
wlirationalOgre: That's the page I just said I'd looked at and gotten bad results by following its directions.02:50
Kevin`_SpaceBass: unless that's the information you are looking for02:50
SpaceBassKevin`_, I defer to you on this one? not something I run or check often :)02:50
rationalOgrewli: Oh, sorry02:50
Kevin`_SpaceBass: it would report 32bit if you are running 32bit on 64bit. if that's what you want it to say, it's correct02:50
rationalOgrewli: natty?02:50
smwSpaceBass, uname -m give i686 for me02:50
SpaceBassIll also defer to punching my box in the face it i had one? #rage ? love this new server I built, but its not been east to get everything running? ugh!02:50
SpaceBassKevin`_, yeah, thats what I meant02:51
wlirationalOgre: Maverick02:51
smwSpaceBass, I am using 32bit software02:51
SpaceBasssmw, wasn't your goal to demtermin if your install was 32 or 64? or were you trying to determine the hardware?02:51
duckx0ri gathered he was trying to determine the hardware02:51
smwSpaceBass, as I kept saying. I wanted hardware ;-)02:51
hjaxSpaceBass: he said hardware02:51
__sorin__Hi. Has anyone used GNU parallel?02:52
SpaceBasssmw, ahhh sorry? read to fast? stand corrected Kevin`_ hjax and duckx0r02:52
smw!anyone | __sorin__02:52
ubottu__sorin__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:52
hjaxAll of our wats worked perfectly fine if he wanted software :P02:52
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=== DavidDavidson|Of is now known as HammerTiem|lapto
__sorin__smw, there is a reason for this type of question. When you just ask directly, a billion newbs who have never used x give their opinion on y wasting everyone's time.02:53
smwhjax, yep... and I knew most of them :-P02:54
cpareQuest ion - Any reason why my Quibber / Empathy / eMail have to be running even with the icon in the tooltray?02:54
hjax__sorin__: people will do that anyway02:54
rkviraninothing compares to itunes audex is still giving me problems02:54
Kevin`___sorin__: most people will not answer the "anyone" questions02:54
rationalOgrewli: looking over 00_header it looks like you have to change transform somehow. Looking up how that works.02:55
smw__sorin__, I never answer anyone questions except with the bot :-P02:55
wlirationalOgre: Thanks.02:55
__sorin__I've been playing with GNU Parallel, and I'm getting worst performance than without it.02:56
smw__sorin__, you asking a complete question teaches those watching the channel alot. For example, in this case I have just learned of a new tool I have never seen before. If you had given more info, I would have an example usecase and an example problem. Of course, this is very selfish :-P.02:56
smw__sorin__, that, and sometimes a problem can be solved by people who have never seen the software before... it happens alot02:57
cba123Kevin`_, SpaceBass, sorry, had a phone call.  From my mdstat, would I be correct in assuming that I need to add sdb1 not sde1?02:58
Kevin`_cba123: yes02:58
cba123Kevin`_, last question.  Is it safe to use my raid while it's rebuilding?  mdadm -D /dev/md0 says it's state is "clean, degraded, recovering"03:00
wlirationalOgre: Still hunting?03:00
rationalOgrewli: line 154 of 00_header03:00
wlirationalOgre: GRUB_TERMINAL_INPUT?03:00
rationalOgrechange set timeout=${GRUB_TIMEOUT}03:00
Kevin`_cba123: yes, it's safe, aside from you needing to assemble the array in this way in the future (don't try with sdb1 and without one of the other disks)03:01
rationalOgreto set timeout=(whateveryouwantwithoutparens)03:01
rationalOgrethen run sudo update-grub03:01
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=== DavidDavidson|Of is now known as HammerTiem|lapto
Kevin`_cba123: at least until it finishes rebuilding03:01
wlirationalOgre: I see it on lines 242 and 244, 242 sets to -1 and 244 does set timeout=${2}03:02
rationalOgrewli: I'm in 10.04 so it may be different03:02
Kevin`_cba123: I once had a system crash in a similar way to this while the array was restriping (expanding from 4 disks to 5 or similar). fixing that was a learning experience03:02
wlirationalOgre: What was the line in your 00_header before, that should be enough to go on.03:02
cba123Kevin`_, Not sure I understood that correctly, basically you mean don't try to write to it if another drive falls off, and I just have 4 (with sdb1 as one of them and it hasn't rebuilt yet)?03:02
wlirationalOgre: Was it set timeout=${2}?03:03
Kevin`_cba123: I mean if you have a failure NOW, while it's rebuilding03:03
rationalOgreIt's the second branch of the if [ \${recordfail} = 1 ]03:03
rationalOgremine reads different instead of ${2} mine has ${GRUB_TIMEOUT}03:03
Kevin`_cba123: you'll have to assemble it without sdb1 again if that happens (or with all the drives)03:03
cba123Kevin`_, Yeah, I thought as much.  Thanks again, Kevin`_  and SpaceBass!03:04
rationalOgrethe else branch03:04
wlirationalOgre: So that needs to be a hard number, then?03:05
rationalOgrewli: Well, you could go to where ${2} is defined and change it03:05
rationalOgreBut that might have unaticipated consequences03:05
rationalOgreBut yes, it needs to be an integer03:05
rationalOgreBoy, they really don't make configuring this easy...03:07
wliWrapping up a download quick and booting it after.03:07
rationalOgreI'll be here, let me know how it goes. Did you run sudo update-grub?03:08
wliYeah, I updated grub.03:08
* wli goes in for the kernel vs. messing with bootloaders much.03:09
wlirationalOgre: Here goes. It'll be a minute or two.03:10
SpaceBasssilly question? how do you run nice with a negitive number? nice -n -10  ?03:11
wlirationalOgre: No dice. It booted immediately into the default kernel again.03:12
rationalOgrewli: :(03:13
rationalOgrewli: what about http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166413403:13
rationalOgreGrub Customizer03:13
wlirationalOgre: I'll give it a shot.03:13
rationalOgreGUI app for grup customization03:13
yuvatejawhat is ubuntu eqivalent package for macro media flash in windows03:15
rationalOgreSpaceBass: what you did should work for -1003:15
smwyuvateja, flashplugin-nonfree03:15
SpaceBassrationalOgre, thanks03:15
sebastiancadenaHi, i'm bored :(03:15
smwyuvateja, open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:15
smwsebastiancadena, you have come to the right place. Help some people out ;-)03:16
yuvatejasmw; thanku03:16
smwhi memoshah03:17
jmspeexAny tips on running 2.6.39 on Lucid? The kernel I compiled panicked after it was unable to mount the root fs03:17
jmspeexAnyone's got an existing config that works?03:17
memoshahr u German Steph?03:18
smwjmspeex, have you looked at the config in the src deb for ubuntu's stock kernel?03:19
smwjmspeex, more importantly, why are you compiling a kernel?03:19
jmspeexsmw: I started from the config of a 2.6.34 ppa kernel that I'm currently running03:20
smwjmspeex, ok03:20
sexcopterhi, i want to completely start fresh with samba file sharing (i've played with the configs a little too much and it's not working right)... so is "apt-get purge samba" enough? any other packages you'd recommend clearing out?03:20
smwjmspeex, why aren't you running the stock kernel?03:20
wlirationalOgre: Keeping the installation media handy just in case...03:20
jmspeexsmw: I'm interested in some of the new features and my current kernel has a few suspend-related issues so I was trying to see if that would fix the issue03:21
smwsexcopter, no reason to clear out other packages. Just make sure all configs are deleted.03:21
rationalOgrewli: wise03:21
jmspeexsmw: Stock kernel (2.6.32) doesn't resume USB when I suspend.03:21
sexcoptersmw, okay, thanks.03:21
wlirationalOgre: I'm hoping the install disk acts as a recovery disk, too...03:22
hiexpojmspeex, did ya try the
jmspeexhiexpo: There are "official" builds for that one? Didn't see anything newer than 2.6.3503:22
CyberCod1I'm having trouble installing 10.04 on a Pavillion G703:22
ActionParsnipCyberCod1: what issues?03:22
yuvatejais there any tuneup utility packages are there?03:23
CyberCod1the progress indicator just keeps moving, never gets to desktop03:23
hiexpojmspeex, it runs really good and fast03:23
smwyuvateja, I don't know what you would want to tune.03:23
CyberCod1tried the F6 options to disable ACPI and whatnot03:23
jmspeexFTR, I used to compile my own kernels since 1.2.13, but since 2.6 came out I lost track a bit of all the details needed to make recent distros happy03:23
CyberCod1no joy03:23
rationalOgrewli: You could always backup your pre-edit grub.cfg elsewhere from /boot/grub03:23
smwyuvateja, lets say you were on [insert OS here], what would you tune?03:23
* wli craps his pants as he realizes he failed to do so.03:24
rationalOgrewli: then if things go wrong just move your backup back into /boot/grub03:24
yuvatejasmw; desktop03:24
wlirationalOgre: Okay, pre-edit grub.cfg I already blew away. Where do I get a normal one?03:24
rationalOgrewli: It's system specific. :(03:24
smwyuvateja, explain. I still don't know what you would tune...03:24
jmspeexessentially, AFAIR the 2.6.39 kernel I built wasn't able to fine /dev/sda1 which is my root partitial03:24
* wli had better find one before rebooting.03:24
CyberCod1I am currently doing the disk check, though I verified the data on the torrent..03:24
rationalOgrecopy the one you just made elsewhere03:25
rationalOgrethen run sudo update-grub03:25
rationalOgreit should make you a new one03:25
jmspeexhiexpo: Where can I get a working config/binary for ?03:25
infurion9do you have to use kde4 with the latest ubuntu?03:25
infurion9(if you use kde?)03:25
westy_iphones work great in ubuntu, not so great in Kubuntu. can anyone tell me about what is used in ubuntu?03:25
wlirationalOgre: What about /etc/grub.d/ and /etc/default/grub?03:26
smwinfurion9, yes, kde3 is not in the repos03:26
rationalOgreNo need to backup those03:26
rationalOgrethat I can think of.03:26
smwinfurion9, you probably would not want to anyways. kde4 has been around too long03:26
infurion9ok--and are autologins for a normal user to x possible or blocked as seems the case in debian squeeze?03:26
smwinfurion9, you would need to use old versions of all the software03:26
rationalOgrewli: why, is Grub Config app warning you that it may not work?03:26
yuvatejasmw; what is the tuneup utilities in windows eqvalent package in ubuntu03:27
wlirationalOgre: It's not warning me of such, but I presume such.03:27
rationalOgreprobably wise to presume such.03:27
smwinfurion9, gdm (and I believe kdm) support autologin.03:27
wlirationalOgre: Will reinstalling grub deal with it?03:27
rationalOgrewli: it should, that would set everything back to defaults.03:27
smwyuvateja, no idea, I have no idea what it does.03:28
infurion9ive been screwing around with a clean install of squeeze and cant get any autologin to work--even trying to run the configurations as sudo03:28
infurion9not in xfce gnome or kde03:28
smwinfurion9, have you been trying to configure the dm?03:28
yuvatejasmw: it change the desktop envronment03:29
infurion9not with kdm xdm or gdm either03:29
smwyuvateja, you need to explain what it changes...03:29
improveuponhello my gui keeps crashing when i return from suspend if a flash video was playing in firefox. you have to go to a vt and reboot. sound keeps coming through (and cannot be stopped). the mouse pointer moves but nothing else.03:29
hiexpojmspeex, one sec03:29
improveuponis it xorg that has crashed? what else could i try from vt1?03:30
thismamacooks200is there a log file that will show me who's been loging in via remote desktop?03:30
wlirationalOgre: Okay, relevant grub packages cp'd to /root/ and praying.03:30
* rationalOgre crosses fingers03:31
infurion9smw: yes ive been trying to enable autologins for my regular user03:31
smwimproveupon, I have had those problems too. I think it is a problem with my kernel/video drivers03:31
yuvatejasmw;it changes the booting screen.we can insert our image as boot screen.03:31
improveuponthank you. btw this is a dell latitude.03:31
infurion9but really all i want to know is can you do that with ubuntu--i dont expect debian squeeze advice here03:32
smwimproveupon, if you ever fix it. let me know ;-)03:32
smwyuvateja, I know nothing about theming. You want to change the login background image?03:32
improveuponi'll try to03:32
hiexpojmspeex, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa03:33
wlirationalOgre: Good news, the grub configurator worked on Maverick.03:34
hiexpojmspeex, than sudo apt-get update than open synaptic and install them03:34
yuvatejasmw; yes ,changing backround sound also.03:34
rationalOgreyuvateja: you wanting to mess around with plymouth?03:35
rationalOgreyuvateja: or GDM?03:35
smwyuvateja, look up theming. I never do anything like that.03:35
rationalOgrewli: Congratulations.03:35
wlirationalOgre: Now I can hack the kernel and pick non-default/etc. kernels with whatever wild patches I might be brewing up (pgcl rehash? /proc/profile tweaks esp. to sched profiling?) at will. Cheers.03:36
rationalOgreCheers, sir. :)03:37
kzmanhi, how can i change the display light brightness of my notebook?03:37
kzmanon ubuntu03:37
yuvatejasmw; k03:38
od3nhi all03:38
westy_kzman, does you notebook have a function key brightness combo?03:38
kzmanwesty_ yes, it display a notification when I hit them, but it does not change the brightness03:38
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: is it plugged into the wall?03:39
hiexpohola all03:39
rationalOgrehowdy hiexpo03:39
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, which wall?03:39
rationalOgrekzman: He's asking if it's presently on AC power.03:39
rationalOgreor running off battery03:39
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: the Electrical Outlet in the wall03:39
kzmanoh sure03:39
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: unplug it and try03:40
jmspeexhiexpo: linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic ?03:40
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, same problem03:40
hiexpojmspeex, no   no   38 503:40
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: what brand of notebook03:40
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, emachines (acer)03:40
jmspeexhiexpo: What's wrong with 5?03:40
hiexpofive is good03:41
jmspeexI mean what's wrong with 8?03:41
kzmanI can do it on POST and on Windows, but in ubuntu it can not03:41
hiexpono good slow03:41
wliIt's a bit busy of a channel. I'm heading out. Thanks, rationalOgre.03:41
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RoDiMuS-Xkzman: Have you updated your BIOS03:42
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, is the latest (yes I updated it recently)03:42
jm__hello room03:42
jm__a new user in xubuntu03:43
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: is it an aspire 5720?03:43
RoDiMuS-Xoh wait you said emachine03:43
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, no, it0s an emachines d52503:43
jm__i left microsoft03:43
hiexpojm__, what you need?03:43
jm__well iam testing this s.o03:44
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: have you tried launching gnome-power-manager03:44
kzmanyes, I try every way to change it graphically03:45
hiexpojm__, so are you having problems or just need advice   etc03:45
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: hmm running out of options here03:45
jm__and iam satisfied whit it but i caný find the sound , i mean the tipical sound of ubuntu, but in this case xubuntu.03:45
jm__hiexpo first time here in this chat too03:46
hiexpojm__, humm  xubuntu 11.0403:46
kzmanwhen I type gnome-power-manager in the console, it  says 'already running in this session03:46
jm__nop 10.0403:46
hiexpojm__, ok well just ask your ? and if anyone knows they will respond03:47
hiexpojm__, ok let me see03:47
jmspeexLet's see if 2.6.38 boots03:47
od3nanyone tell me why I cant get my connection to work in VMware03:47
djmasterhow can i run an .exe on wine?03:47
kzmandjmaster, type wine yourfile.exe03:47
hiexpojm__, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56339503:48
djmasterthank you kzman03:49
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: this may work gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/gnome-power-manager/general/use_time_for_policy false'03:49
ActionParsnipod3n: have you configured the vmware NIC correctly?03:50
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, what does it do exactly?03:50
jm__ok hiexpo03:50
hiexpojm__, no problem03:50
djmasterhas the xfce project shutdown?03:50
jm__hiexpo another troubke but libreoffice03:51
ActionParsnipdjmaster: no03:51
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: its a work around for the reported emachines power management bug03:51
ActionParsnipdjmaster: its running and strong :)03:51
rationalOgredjmaster: doesn't appear so. The website is still running.03:51
hiexpojm__, i use openoffice so don'tknow about libre sorry03:51
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, must I log out my sesion?03:51
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upower/+bug/53119003:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 531190 in upower (Ubuntu) "upower (devkit-power) reporting bad data when AC cable is unplugged" [High,Triaged]03:51
jm__my son made a homework and the print parameters were not same than microsoft03:52
hiexpojm__, open office is better03:52
jm__same trouble with open03:52
afeijohi guys, I'm trying to configure the ssh-2 key with putty.exe, but when I try to use it, it say that the server refused my key. Any good tutorial? I followed this one http://linux-sxs.org/networking/openssh.putty.html03:52
jm__but open can read office 2007 as well?03:52
jm__cool how can i install it with the terminal?03:54
kzmanRoDiMuS-X, that0s not my case03:54
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: did you read the comments below03:54
ActionParsniphiexpo: how is openoffice better?03:54
RoDiMuS-Xkzman: thats the closest thing I was able to find03:55
hiexpoActionParsnip, i just like it better03:55
ActionParsniphiexpo: doesn't make it better just because you like it ;)03:56
hiexpoActionParsnip, :)03:56
jm__some expertise ubunter who speak spanish please?03:56
m4vjm__: el canal de habla hispana es #ubuntu-es ;)03:57
yuvatejamy enter button is not working what  is the alternate command for it03:59
FroztIkoncould anyone tell me why my login screen become pixellated lines that I can't use only after I log out?03:59
hiexpoActionParsnip, i pretty much thought they were the same except libre  doesn't come with java for the data base04:00
fancycakesyuvateja: ctrl+shift+j works for me04:00
fancycakesheixpo: libO is also fast as balls.04:01
yuvatejafancycakes; i tried it not working for me.04:01
fancycakesyuvateja: derp04:02
rhin0anyone know what brand of external terabyte USB drive I should go for for compatibility04:02
fancycakesyuvateja: knock on wood, I was assuming you were using the terminal to chat in IRC.04:02
fancycakesrhin0: wat04:03
rhin0external usb terabyte hard disk drive -- am going to buy one -- what make/brand to avoid what make/brand to use04:04
FroztIkoncan I remove kde altogether?04:04
fancycakesrhin0: expound upon your question. Compatibility for what purpose?04:05
Coty91any ish drive should work rhin004:05
rhin0to just work -- read/write04:05
Kevin`_rhin0: unless you want performance, make sure you use one with a very low power hard drive, otherwise it's going to overheat if left on04:05
rhin0whats ish04:05
rhin0ok coty9104:05
Coty91ish my bad04:05
Coty91typing from Android LOL04:06
ActionParsniphiexpo: http://www.unixmen.com/software/1505-libreoffice-vs-openoffice04:06
rhin0will I have to reformat it to ext4 -- what do I do with it -- they come formatted with ntfs right04:06
ActionParsnipCoty91: using andchat?04:06
Coty91and ruin0 no you won't have to.04:07
rhin0ok thanks coty91 on android04:07
ActionParsnipCoty91: i see. I use andchat, androidirc looks pretty cool04:08
IdleOnerhin0: you can format it to ext4 if you want but if you plan on sharing with windows better leave it at ntfs04:08
saa1959I upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 and now wireless nic BCM4312 is not working anymore.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1604868&page=30 is very long thread covering many different nic cards and is very confusing to find a solution.  Any ideas on step-by-step instructions to configure bcm4312 properly?04:08
rhin0i don't04:08
rhin0use windows04:08
rhin0hi renoteck04:08
yassine_hellhi, how can i close a running process ?04:09
ActionParsnipsaa1959: you may need to reinstall the firmware cutter04:09
Coty91ActionParsnip: any pros to andchat?04:09
rhin0yassine_hell use bash shell command : ps -ef to find the process -- then kill -9 process number04:09
yassine_hell:o ty04:09
rhin0the -9 forces the kill -- will kill an elephant04:10
abusamiumm , hi04:10
abusamihello ?04:10
=== derp is now known as ^
hiexpoActionParsnip, so is libre better   by your choices ?04:11
Coty91expo: Inmho it is04:12
Coty91hiexpo: it is. IMHO04:14
hiexpokk Coty9104:14
djmasterhelp when i close my lid on my dell latitude c640 (I'm running xfce) it goes in hibernation and when i got to tack it of and log back in my computer shutsdown and when i restart it flashisw my last window and goes in a blue screan04:14
djmastersry keybored going out04:15
=== elak is now known as _duck
ActionParsniphiexpo: I use abiword. I don't use spreadsheets or anything else, saves me a tonne of space. Libreoffice is 300Mb04:16
hiexpoActionParsnip, k04:16
ActionParsniphiexpo: abiword is 12mb04:16
hiexpoActionParsnip, yup i use abiword also04:17
hiexpobut i do use spreessheets so i will try libre to see04:17
fancycakesActionParsnip: By that same logic, using Vim would be the best.04:19
fancycakesActionParsnip: Or cat.04:19
* fancycakes high-fives himself04:19
ActionParsnipfancycakes: true but a nice gui is nice to have, especially easy to add fonts and formatting04:19
dpn`Anyone have a dell l501x?04:20
ActionParsnipfancycakes: i can do exactly the same as I would with *office that I can do with abiword, so why waste space04:20
hiexpoyup cat     high fives fancycakes04:20
Coty91hiexpo: you could always use Google's spreadsheets.04:20
ActionParsnipfancycakes: can vim add images to files inline?04:21
Shaba1Hello all04:21
hiexpoCoty91, nah almost got it installed04:21
barlrolsomeone wanna help me configure apach204:21
fancycakesActionParsnip: No, but that's rice anyway04:21
rcconfis there a way to change nvidia settings to clone mode in ONE click?04:22
rcconflike in winblows04:22
ActionParsnipfancycakes: its a feature I require, can vim do it?04:22
Shaba1Hello all04:22
Shaba1is anyone seeing my typing now?04:22
kate1help: wget --post-data "id1=abc&id2=cde" http://abc.asp doesn't work but its works fine with php04:22
ActionParsnipShaba1: i can04:22
Delerium_barlrol, your questions are?04:22
Shaba1I hate to ask such a newbish question. I am using a new linux irc client04:22
fancycakesActionParsnip: No04:23
ActionParsnipfancycakes: vim doesn't seem so best now, I think you need to un-highfive yourself04:23
Shaba1I have just crossed over from the darkside (Windows 7) into you linux world04:23
dpn`kate1, you need to provide more information. (most likely that the asp handler is requiring some params you aren't sending?)04:23
ActionParsnipShaba1: everyone starts someplace04:23
fancycakesActionParsnip: come at me bro04:23
sexcopterhi, i've just done a "sudo apt-get purge samba" and "sudo apt-get install samba" to start afresh with samba. i don't see /etc/samba/ so have I missed a step?04:24
beyond_what is the difference btw irc server and irc network04:24
Shaba1ah ActionParsnip  you text shows up in red here in xchat does that me that you are pming me04:24
rcconfyou know?04:24
sin_taxIs there a way to change the default behavior of Unity to open a *new* window when the 'home folder' icon on the left nav bar is clicked (when you already have one open in another workspace)?04:24
Shaba1Sorry I am use to mirc04:24
beyond_don't all answer at the same time04:24
ActionParsnipfancycakes: both your suggestions don't fit the needs of the user (me). Its all I'm saying04:24
Coty91shaba1: means he is talking to you in chat.04:24
Shaba1beyond the network is a collection of two or more irc server under a single administrative control04:24
Em0ryCan someone please tell me where i can download cowpatty?04:24
kate1my prob is that wget --post-data doesn't work with asp pages..04:25
rcconfI want to TwinView in one click bah.04:25
ActionParsnipsexcopter: try: sudo apt-get --purge remove samba; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install samba04:25
Shaba1theoretically you could run just one irc server deamon and that would be your whole network.04:25
hiexpohmm it is pretty fast04:25
beyond_how do you get on to a network then?04:25
beyond_is freenode a network?04:25
Shaba1It probably would not stay up very long though after about 20-50 users04:25
ActionParsnipbeyond_: yes04:25
sexcopterActionParsnip, trying it now, thanks!04:25
Em0ryCan someone please tell me where i can download cowpatty?04:26
ActionParsnipbeyond_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenode04:26
beyond_alrighty then04:26
ActionParsnip!info cowpatty04:26
ubottuPackage cowpatty does not exist in natty04:26
barlrolDelerium_: I added public_html inside of /home/user and I want apache2 to use that by default instead of /var/www  How would I change this?04:26
Shaba1Coty91: So becasue he typed in my nick with a : xchat higlighted it in red?04:26
ActionParsnipEm0ry: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6305421  shows the deps needed to compile it04:27
fancycakesShaba1, it happens whenever your name is mentioned04:27
ActionParsnip!PPA | Em0ry you may find a PPA has it04:27
ubottuEm0ry you may find a PPA has it: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk.04:27
faryshtaHello. Can someone walk me throw aircrack?04:27
saa1959http://pastebin.com/pX0a0dRM ActionParsnip I reinstalled firmware-b43-lpphy-installer and b43-fwcutter.  Both firmware-b43-installer and firmware-b43legacy-instally are not installed.  I still am unable to establish a wireless network connection.  Were there any additional steps that you recommend in addition to reinstalling the firmware cutter?04:27
Delerium_barlrol, You chan change your DocumentRoot in httpd.conf to point to your home directory04:27
lrisingrfellas could u plz tell me y aireplay is not working in my System....its diwsplaying "no such bssid available"04:27
bazhangfaryshta, try #aircrack-ng04:28
Delerium_barlrol, but I think it's better to keep the docRoot where it is right now ;)04:28
Coty91Em0ry: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cowpatty/files/cowpatty/cowpatty-2.0/cowpatty-2.0.tgz/download04:28
Coty91shaba1: yes04:28
Shaba1Ok I know this is a software specific question but here goes04:28
Shaba1How does one join more the one channel in xchat04:29
bazhangShaba1, edit the server, add autojoin channels04:29
Coty91shaba1:  /join #channel04:29
Shaba1In mIRC its just "/j theotherchannel" and it will open another window with that channel04:29
kate1dpn`: can u specify the required parameters for asp handler..?04:30
bazhangShaba1, its the same with #channel04:30
Shaba1very nice Coty9104:30
Shaba1I was not using the #04:30
dpn`kate1, no I don't know sorry. you'll have to check the asp source code04:30
lrisingrfellas could u plz tell me y aireplay is not working in my System....its diwsplaying "no such bssid available"04:31
Shaba1ok third newbie question"btw I hate feeling like such a newbie, I built my first altair 5000 in 1977, but I am a windows net admin(unemployed) and this is a new world.04:31
Shaba1what is the most popular irc program for linux.04:32
ActionParsnipShaba1: hard to say really04:32
bazhang!best | Shaba104:32
ubottuShaba1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:32
Coty91shaba1: in my world chat04:32
qinShaba1: irssi (it is the best)04:32
cfeddeShaba1: lots of people like irssi others think chatzilla is ok.04:32
Coty91shaba1: xchat04:32
Shaba1I just chose xchat from the software center becasue somewhere in the back of my mind that name tinkled a bell04:32
cfeddeand then there are those people who lile xchat.04:32
barlrolDelerium_: I don't see httpd.conf in /etc/apache2/ directory.04:32
tucemiuxanyone knows where sound cards get mounted?? o.O04:32
cfeddelike too.04:32
kzmanhi, how can I open apturl links with apturl by default?04:33
ActionParsnipShaba1: try a few, see which you like04:33
saa1959Here is more info: http://pastebin.com/K67PMgaV04:33
Coty91shaba1: It's the mist user friendly. imo04:33
Shaba1Acutally I would like one as close to mIRC as I could gewt04:34
Coty91shave1 most*04:34
ActionParsniptucemiux: sound cards dont get mounted04:34
Shaba1but that is probably just a dream04:34
ActionParsnipShaba1: irssi has great scripting abilities04:34
ActionParsnipShaba1: depends what features you use in mirc04:34
Delerium_barlrol, check in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled04:34
Shaba1ActionParsnip Ihave been using it since 1996 so I just know how to set it up to my liking04:35
tucemiuxActionParsnip, i mean what device does it use?  --> initializing audio at /dev/dsp,  /dev/dsp: No such file or directory04:35
Delerium_barlrol, this is a symlink to /etc/apache2/sites-available04:35
=== saa1959_ is now known as saa1959
barlrolDelerium_ Can I msg for a sec?04:35
Shaba1I like the autolongon to my two favorite networks with my username and password already for the indentify function04:35
Shaba1that is a great time saver04:35
=== soyo is now known as Guest61029
Shaba1I like logging freenode of course04:36
Shaba1Tab completion of nicks is invaluable04:36
Delerium_barlrol, yup04:36
ActionParsnipShaba1: http://linuxtidbits.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/setting-up-irssi/ shows how to setup autologin04:36
HelloWorld321I just checked: the bestbot pretty much has 0 for everything. :(04:36
Shaba1I do like how xchat seems to have a built in spellchecker04:36
ActionParsniptucemiux: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh04:36
PalinBachman2012weechat is nice too04:37
Shaba1ok ActionParsnip : here is one thing that I discovered. Xchat does not automatically open links that I click on in a chat box04:38
Shaba1I use that all the time in mirc04:38
jcook_5xdatatucemiux, padsp command creates a false '/dev/dsp' and feeds the audio into pulseaudio.04:38
tucemiuxActionParsnip,  my sound card works fine, it's the application that's acting funky, I'm using a USB sound card but the app keeps poinging to /dev/dsp for some reason , so my question is  how do I figure out what device my usb card is being assigned?04:38
ActionParsniptucemiux: do you have another sound device in the system?04:39
jcook_5xdatatucemiux, padsp command creates a false '/dev/dsp' and feeds the audio into pulseaudio.04:39
tucemiuxjcook_5xdata, i figured purge audio had something to do with it but what is the work around to it so that my application can use the sound card, what should I use instead of /dev/dsp??04:39
lefty_KM0201, You here ?04:39
KM0201lefty_: affirmative04:40
devbugIs anyone here wiling to contribute to wiki that publishes reverse engineered specifications of close hardware and software?04:40
bazhang!ot | devbug04:40
ubottudevbug: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:40
jcook_5xdatatucemiux, depands sound to me like it use oss for sound04:40
tucemiuxjcook_5xdata, im not so sure about that how would I find out? My sound works fine, its just some appz that need to point at the right sound device, those appz fail04:41
sexcopterActionParsnip, regarding installing samba afresh, I still don't have an /etc/samba/ directory. One detail I didn't mention is between before doing the "purge" I did "mv /etc/samba/ /etc/samba.backup/" -- does this imply anything?04:41
jcook_5xdatatucemiux, so if your apps at /home/user/app, you would put padsp /home/user/app04:42
JoshDreamlandWhat's the difference in GNOME version between 10.10 and 11.04?04:42
jcook_5xdatatucemiux, that will create the /dev/dsp for you04:42
sin_taxIs there a hotkey to open a terminal at the current 'explorer' location?04:43
jcook_5xdataalso install alsa-oss just incase sudo apt-get install asla-oss04:43
sin_taxIs the file explorer still called Nautilus in 11.04?04:44
jcook_5xdatasin_tax, yes04:44
bacon000I need the dev packages for tiff, png, gif, and jpeg.  How can I find these package names?04:44
verteverobacon000, sudo aptitude search04:45
EOF-senseiYou guys really need to fix your GNOME2, it's failure today caused me to cry04:45
ActionParsnipsexcopter: it should install again as far as I know. I can give you a copy of mine if you want?04:45
bacon000vertevero:  i know how to search, but it's not helping me find the package required for dev.04:45
qinbacon000: libpng-dev, etc04:46
verteverobacon000, what qin said.04:46
bacon000qin, vertevero :  gotcha.  thanks!04:46
brayhola, he elimidado mis "barras de heramientas" y no sé como restablecerlas04:46
jcook_5xdatabacon000, try imagemagic-dev <sp04:46
m4vbray: este canal es en inglés, pregunta en #ubuntu-es04:47
sexcopterActionParsnip, just looked at the smbd log... and it is still trying to read /etc/samba/smb.conf (I thought perhaps it changed somehow to look in my backed up directory)... if yours is a vanilla conf file, then yes please. Otherwise, if someone can please point me to *the* default samba conf file, I'd be grateful04:47
saa1959BCM4312 issues with Ubuntu 11.04: http://pastebin.com/dEbNzapa04:49
saa1959At end of pastebin, I am unable to `make` the source code as documented in the original forum post.04:49
jcook_5xdatasexcopter, /etc/samba/smb.conf.ucf-dist04:50
jcook_5xdatasexcopter, cp /etc/samba/smb.conf.ucf-dist /etc/samba/smb.conf04:50
sexcopterjcook_5xdata, my /etc/samba/ directory doesn't exist (and reinstalling it doesn't seem to replace it)04:51
jcook_5xdatasexcopter, did you do apt-get install -reinstall samba?04:51
sexcopterjcook_5xdata, oh, but wait, that file will exist in my /etc/samba.backup/ folder, that should do the trick04:51
jcook_5xdatasorry there two dashes04:52
sexcopterjcook_5xdata, i did apt-get remove --purge samba, then apt-get install samba. should i try your suggested command?04:52
jcook_5xdatasexcopter, give it a shot04:52
sexcopterjcook_5xdata, weird... still no /etc/samba directory. I'll make it and copy over the default file you indicated. thanks.04:55
jadoeis it possible to install gnome3 alongside gnome2?04:56
ActionParsnipjadoe: the PPA wil upgrade 2 to 3, so I'd say no04:57
sin_taxheya ActionParsnip, that issue with the super hotkeys for Unity not working is back... seems real random.. If I hold down super, I get helper text for s,a,f and t (switcher, apps, files, and trash) but nothing else (should be 1-7 for other stuff)04:58
sin_taxUgh, and now it's working again... this is crazy04:59
PalinBachman2012jadoe: you can use jhbuild05:00
Shaba1hello ActionParsnip would you mind putting that url in again05:00
Shaba1I am back on mirc and windows now.05:00
jcook_5xdatasexcopter, if that not there it is at /usr/share/samba/smb.conf05:00
sin_taxIt's like Super 1/2/3 don't work for a few minutes after a reboot05:00
jadoePalinBachman2012: k, thanks05:01
PalinBachman2012altho, this last build failed on me05:02
jadoei'll give it a try, thx05:03
ActionParsnipShaba1: which url?05:04
Shaba1about irrsi05:04
ActionParsnipShaba1: http://linuxtidbits.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/setting-up-irssi/05:04
saa1959BCM4312 issues with Ubuntu 11.04: Am I doing this right?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10875408&postcount=22705:04
Shaba1irssi is all command line?05:05
ActionParsnipShaba1: it runs in a terminal....05:05
Shaba1not that I am adverse to terminal modes( I started out in the old dos days)05:05
* ActionParsnip shrugs05:06
Shaba1but I am trying to move into the 21st century05:06
ActionParsnipShaba1: irssi is a lot more scriptable than many of the other clients05:06
igsenHow to make debian as the default OS in grub2?05:06
ActionParsnipShaba1: just like irssi is05:06
Shaba1I am going to have to go back to it now that I use linux though.05:06
Shaba1which is not a bad thing05:06
sin_taxIs there a place to rebind the middle click on the Unity launcher (open new instance) so that I can also use ctrl/alt click to do that (for when I am not using a mouse with a wheel)?05:06
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
ActionParsnipShaba1: an app running in a terminal doesnt make it old in anyway at all05:07
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest48447
Shaba1I know ActionParsnip05:10
Shaba1Like I said I come to computing from the mid 70's05:10
Shaba1I remember when all we had was green phosphor screens and thermal paper05:11
ActionParsnipShaba1: nice :D05:12
ActionParsnipShaba1: there are other clients, could give those a go05:12
nishanthi need help setting my time....it goes back to some other time every time i shut down05:16
ActionParsnipnishanth: try using NTP05:16
nishanthActionParsnip : wat is NTP?05:17
psycho_oreosnetwork time protocol05:17
rwwtry fixing your CMOS battery :|05:17
kate1HELP:  wget --post-data doesn't work fine with asp.net ?05:17
kate1can anyone help me..?05:18
mknarrkate1, explain what you are trying to do and that will give ppl a better idea and possibly more help05:19
mknarri personally dont know asp.net srry05:19
kate1i want to load a asp page with some post parameter but it doesnt work fine. but it work fine with .php pages..05:20
kate1   wget --post-data "rollno=14232&B1=Submit" http://cusatresults.nic.in/cusatresult11.asp05:21
kate1it doesnt load the desired data. it loads only header05:22
ActionParsnipnishanth: network time protocol05:22
kate1mknarr: do hav any idea about it..?05:22
ActionParsnipnishanth: the system can be told to grab the time from the web when it fires up05:22
nishanthActionParsnip : how can i do that?05:22
kate1 do you hav any idea about it..?05:22
mknarrkate1, srry i dont :( i wish i could help05:22
ActionParsnipnishanth: there are guides online, you'll find them05:23
kate1ok its ok05:23
nishanthActionParsnip any links if you can send them plz05:23
ActionParsnipnishanth: www.google.com05:24
=== matt_ is now known as Guest50497
nishanthActionParsnip : Well duh.....05:24
CarlFKhow do I stop this: [ 1014.011531] udev[1634]: renamed network interface eth1 to eth1-eth205:24
ActionParsnipnishanth: try websearching using the direction given....05:25
zaeryI have an Ububntu system, and I regrettably need to install windows, as a dual-boot. That would be as simple as making space for windows, installing it, then doing "sudo update-grub", right?05:26
ActionParsnipCarlFK: may help: http://debianclusters.org/index.php/Udev:_Renaming_Network_Interfaces05:27
ActionParsnipzaery: boot to live ubuntu CD, resize the ubuntu partition to make space and install Windows to the space. You will need to reboot to ubuntu CD after installing Windows as the Windows bootloader wil overwrite the MBR05:28
CarlFKActionParsnip: yep.  thanks05:28
mknarrhow do i figureout what my registered ubuntu irc password is i forgot it ?05:28
ActionParsnipmknarr: ask in #freenode for password resets05:29
CarlFKmknarr: /j #freenode and ask for a reset token05:29
zaeryActionParsnip, and sudo update-grub run on the live cd will fix grub on the hard drive, right?05:29
ActionParsnipzaery: you will need to chroot to the ubuntu OS and reinstall grub2, there are guides around on how to reinstate grub2 :)05:30
=== Vinicius is now known as Guest401
zaeryActionParsnip: Then I have nothing to worry about, thanks :)05:31
ActionParsnipzaery: as long as your backups are decent, sure ;)05:31
zaeryActionParsnip: my backups would be decent if this computer had any important info on it :P05:33
saa1959Is anyone familiar with compiling source code and potential causes for errors in compilation?    or from `make`?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10875408&postcount=22705:35
mknarrhelp set password05:35
ActionParsnipzaery: then you have no worry :)05:36
ActionParsnipmknarr: if its your freenode password then ask in #freenode05:37
mknarrno it was for this channel only if im not mystaken05:38
hiexpomknarr, it is freenode05:39
mknarrwell then i guess i have to change the time in my irc client to wait longer to check for registration05:39
ActionParsnipmknarr: this channel is part of freenode, the password to identify with is managed in #freenode05:40
=== reliableNrd|away is now known as reliableNerd
mknarroo ok thx ActionParsnip05:40
icecreami have a fresh install of 11.04 on an EEE 1005PE, it works except whenever i enter a wifi password, the keyring dialog pops up and then the computer freezes, any ideas?05:42
Vonhintensaa1959, are you able to understand c/c++?05:42
Vonhintensaa1959, if so, the section in green in this page may help resolve that error:  http://madwifi-project.org/changeset/410905:43
Misterangryis it possible to automatically start tpb with upstart?05:45
roddHi, I edited /etc/pam.d/gdm to get rid of the keyring dialog on empathy messenger and now I cant boot05:48
roddi need to edit that file again but dont know how to boot in console mode05:48
roddis there a key for that? like f505:48
roddor, can i edit from the live cd mode (which is where im at now)?05:48
PalinBachman2012isn't that what recovery mode is for?05:49
roddand how do i get into recovery mode05:49
PalinBachman2012you should have a listing for recovery in grub05:49
roddall i have is ubuntun installed in this machine05:50
roddit boots straight into ubuntu05:50
PalinBachman2012you dont have grub screen?05:50
MisterangryI have tpb.conf in /etc/init with contents http://pastebin.com/nHYqCVnV but "sudo start tpb" produces "start: Job failed to start"05:50
reliableNerdicecream,  have you disabled keyring?  Maybe theres some update available that may fix keyring05:50
roddis there anyway that i can edit that file from the live cd mode? all i get is read only05:51
PalinBachman2012it doesnt mount when you click on the drive in Nautilus?05:51
PalinBachman2012or its read only05:52
PalinBachman2012i know you can edit that file from a live cd, rodd, i just cant remember how05:52
roddill look around05:52
roddtoday hasnt been a good day05:53
roddbeen having trouble with computer all day long05:53
roddfound something, gonna give it a try05:55
PalinBachman2012If the menu is not normally displayed during boot, hold down the SHIFT key as the computer attempts to boot to display the GRUB 2 menu. For Grub Legacy, use ESC key to display a menu.05:56
PalinBachman2012and then you can go into recover, and dont have to manually mount your root folder, which sometimes can be a pain05:56
roddcant find my /dev/hda05:58
roddhow do i find it? its mounted as /media05:58
roddi dont see any hd* in /dev05:58
barlrolnew room mate moved in. I now live with 2 chicks over 50....depressing05:59
Yehdumb newb question, trying to use foremost on a memory card. All the examples say "foremost dev/sda1 or sdb or whatever"; how do I determine what sdX is my memory card?05:59
barlrolyou using loonix?06:00
Yehubuntu 101006:00
pishguyhi all, how to cange ubuntu gdm theme(login theme)06:00
CarlFKthis seems to have hung on a natty box (so none of the modules even exist): modprobe -r ohci1394 sbp2 dv1394 raw1394 video1394 eth139406:00
pishguyschmidtm: ping06:01
bashI want to learn C progamming language but my area i can't find tutors06:01
pishguyhi all, how to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:01
bashCan I LEARN BY MYSELF ?06:01
CarlFKhmm... pkill modprobe = pkill: 2913 - Operation not permitted  - so yeah, it is stuck.06:01
onaipHello people06:02
onaipI'm new to Ubuntu06:02
Yehisn't there a terminal command to list all my sda volumes, then I can just plug in the memory card, see which one is new?06:02
nit-witYeh, sudo fdisk -l06:02
Yehaha, thank you06:02
onaipI installed Ubuntu on my laptop which had Win XP06:03
nit-witYeh, no problem.06:03
onaipIt is working great.. .   but Windows is no longer booring06:03
CarlFKYeh: also, plug in card, run dmesg - the driver will likely log the device and some usefull info06:03
onaipplease help06:03
ransom2mecan somebody help about virtualhost06:04
ransom2meusing apache206:04
onaipCould someone help me with booting problem ? /06:04
ransom2memy second virtual host not function06:04
nit-witonaip, run this script and pastebin all the text. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/06:05
delinquentme_Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic).   << attempting to SHH into a service right now .. and not sure whats breaking w this06:07
pishguyhow to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:08
onaipok  I just downloaded06:08
onaipboot info script06:08
stjohnmedranogood day everyone06:10
jmspeexhiexpo: So 2.6.38 worked, but I'd still like to be able to compile my own kernel. Seems like the problem is that I don't have an initrd06:11
thomas_89new to ubuntu. what's cool?06:11
bobobobobis there a nice testing framework that utilizes JSON for object mockups?06:11
jmspeexI built my kernel using:06:11
jmspeexmake-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-i7 kernel_image kernel_headers modules_image06:11
jmspeexand I just can't find the initrd anywhere06:12
onaipWhat should i do after downloading the boot_info_script06:13
onaip ??06:13
onaipHello anyone ???06:14
A_J!ask | onaip06:14
ubottuonaip: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:14
mknarridentify smokey06:14
A_Jmknarr, FAIL06:15
mknarrfuck IRC is annoying as hell06:15
mknarro srry i appolgise06:15
MK``never identify in a channel window :P06:15
mknarrrofl i was in a private room and did that06:16
mknarri wasnt expecting it to post here06:16
curiousxHi all, onaip: uncompress de zip, and run the script with ---> sudo sh /path/name_script.sh thats will generate a RESULT.txt, some like that i did read in the web where you download it06:17
Flannelmknarr: it happens.  Change your password and move on :)06:17
onaipI am new to Ubuntu. .  Install it to dual boot with Win XP. .  Unbuntu is working really good but When i try to choose Windows it keeps coming back to list where u choose which OS to boot from06:17
A_JActionParsnip,  around ?06:18
onaipsudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh06:19
onaipis this the correct ??06:19
curiousxonaip: so the trouble is windos dont boot ?06:19
onaipsudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh06:20
onaipsudo sh ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh06:21
onaipwhich one? ?06:21
curiousxmmm... i am new ass well but i dont know if someone should help you, becouse this is the Ubuntu channel06:21
onaipI am so noob. . .06:21
nit-witonaip, put the download on the desktop and copy paste this to the terminal.  sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh06:22
curiousxsomeones knows if onaip could be helped about his problem on this channel ?06:22
onaipok . .  doing it now06:22
curiousxor should be helped in offtopic ?06:23
nit-witcuriousx, we see them and are helping we just need the script run.;006:23
Red_Hello people. can someone tell me how to join multiple channels of a server on Xchat-gnome client06:23
curiousxescuseme i dont know the rules =P06:23
A_Jonaip,  try repair ?06:23
princej88whats up guys06:24
IdleOneRed_: right click on the channel tab and Add to favorites06:24
nit-witcuriousx, what they are doing is done on this channel.06:24
curiousxexcuse me =P06:24
lotuspsychjeanyone knows why volumes are visible on desktop after changing it in gconf-editor?06:25
Red_IdleOne: my channels tab is not clickable.. it was clickable a while ago though06:25
delinquentme_public keys go to the client connecting right?06:25
delinquentme_or can it go either way?06:25
IdleOneRed_: you can also add autojoin channels by going to the Network list, selecting the network and click Edit06:26
nit-witlotuspsychje, gconf has a box to click to show or not show home and mounted partitons and usb's etc.06:26
nit-witlotuspsychje, boxes rather.06:27
=== abhinav is now known as Guest10188
onaipthanks for helping out... .06:27
onaipI just ran the script06:27
lotuspsychjenit-wit: yes i changed it in gconf, removed the highlight..06:27
nit-witonaip, cool I put a pastebin in the private post the script on the channel.06:27
A_Jnit-wit, hey i'm getting slow transfer speeds to removable devices, any Idea Whats wrong ?06:28
nit-witlotuspsychje, the stuff still showing that is the problem?06:28
kitten1234does anyone have a problem like me06:28
onaipwhat should i do after pasting06:28
lotuspsychjenit-wit: yes doesnt hide after change06:28
kitten1234my ubuntu does not shut down06:29
A_Jonaip, paste it on pastebin and paste link here06:29
nit-witonaip, save it then paste the hhtp addrss on th channel06:29
xiambaxDid you know if you try to download silverlight via the microsoft page on a linux computer it redirects you to the opensource implimentation moonlight?06:29
kitten1234it always hangs at the screen with bunches of text06:29
A_Jnit-wit, my question06:29
alexeyhi all! any knows? Is there any "studio" to make own distr like SUSE studio?06:29
lotuspsychjekitten1234: did you try open a terminal and type sudo halt?06:29
kitten1234'call stacktrace .....'06:30
alexeyI mean ubuntu06:30
A_Jnit-wit, hey i'm getting slow transfer speeds to removable devices, any Idea Whats wrong ?06:30
kitten1234lotuspsychje :  no06:30
IdleOne!remaster | alexey06:30
ubottualexey: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility06:30
nit-witonaip, do you have a natty live cd or a usb/thumb drive to boot a live desktop.06:31
nit-witA_J, Not really an area I would be helpful, if I knew I would answer.;)06:31
onaipI'm current on the laptop which I installed Ubuntu 11.0406:31
kitten1234i just clicked shutdown on the menu list06:31
A_Jokie nit-wit  ty anyway06:31
lotuspsychjekitten1234: can you remember some of the error text?06:32
kitten1234it said 'call stacktrace   ..... '06:32
kitten1234and 'end stacktrace'06:32
delinquentme_i get a key file from amazon web services ...  i then invoke it when SSHing into AWS ... what would lead me to get     Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-with-mic).      with the exact file amazon gave me to secure my connections?06:33
kitten1234then it freezed06:33
A_J hey i'm getting slow transfer speeds to removable devices, any Idea Whats wrong ?06:33
nit-witonaip, the script has the MS boot in the master boot record, if your getting to a Ubuntu desktop is it using a cd, and is it a live dsktop, not a install. You said your XP wont boot but per the script that is all that should boot.06:34
aHardyXHi. I have a Wifi connection on my desktop and another computer is connected to the desktop thru eth0. But when both Pcs are switched on I am not able to browse the internet. How do I bridge the wifi connection and eth0? Please help me :)06:34
lotuspsychjekitten1234: are you on lucid or natty?06:35
onaipI downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 image from the ubuntu website... and then burnt onto a blank DISC06:35
A_Jcan som1 explain me where this option is "The problem is that the default USB mount option in Feisty is set to "synchrous". [...]" lotuspsychje  ?06:36
kitten1234i'm on natty06:36
onaipAnd then installed06:36
onaipusing the DISC06:36
lotuspsychjekitten1234: you have an ati graphics card?06:37
roger21hi, hwo do i get a verbose boot instead of graphical ?06:37
onaipIm using the built in messaging app right now logged into my Ubuntu..06:37
nit-witonaip, I missed this at first you have grub loaded to the sda1 ms partition, not completely but, that is getting you into ubuntu but will block the XP boot.06:37
Majere_DravenWhats the latest ubuntu version?06:37
onaipwhat does that mean ? ?06:38
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110406:38
onaipcan u explain with more details??06:38
curiousxonaip: run this ---> os-prober06:38
nit-witonaip, do you have a XP cd?06:38
Majere_Dravenany good?06:38
A_Jlotuspsychje, can u have a look at my question ?06:39
lotuspsychjekitten1234: it might be related to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/52138706:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 521387 in Ubuntu "Crash during system shutdown, Ubuntu 9.10, on ASUS W3Z" [Undecided,Fix released]06:39
pishguyhow to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:39
kitten1234i have ATI radeon 347006:39
onaipwhat should i do with the XP CD06:39
nit-witcuriousx, please look at the script it does not have the grub in the mbr and there s grub in the sda1 NTFS partition.06:39
Majere_DravenIs it any good?06:39
lotuspsychjeA_J: no feisty support here06:40
nit-witonaip, do you have one you need to repair the sda1 by getting grub out of it.06:40
ShermanBoydcould someone please tell me the kernel option to boot ubuntu into rescue mode?06:40
=== ty is now known as Guest26872
A_Jlotuspsychje, is feisty a component of ubuntu like natilus or extra package ?06:40
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.06:40
onaipCan u teach me how to do it ? ?06:41
onaipI've got the XP cd06:41
curiousxok =P i didnt see the RESULT.txt06:41
Red_IdleOne: mate bothe things didnt work.. @1. couldn't find add to favourites.. @2. auto-joined but its not working.06:41
nit-witonaip, do you have a xp install disc?06:41
kitten1234thank you  lotuspsychje06:41
lotuspsychjeA_J: you should try natty06:41
A_Jlotuspsychje, i'm on nattu06:41
lotuspsychjeoh right06:41
kitten1234but it seems not help me that much06:41
A_Jlotuspsychje, was reffering to this thread : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43211906:42
lotuspsychjekitten1234: are you on latest ati drivers?06:42
kitten1234because i'm on ubuntu 11.04 now06:42
Red_someone tell me how to join multiple channels. i am on Xchat-gnome06:42
Majere_DravenWhats Natty Like?06:42
curiousxyou right nit-wit, so shud he install de grub on /dev/sda ?06:42
kitten1234i think i'm on the latest drivers06:42
A_JMajere_Draven,  it's good, very good06:43
lotuspsychjeA_J: you sure its an usb 2.0?06:43
Majere_Dravenred, type /join and a room.06:43
nit-witcuriousx, `they have to get rid of the grub2 in the pbr of sda106:43
A_Jyes lotuspsychje06:43
gulHow to burn .sparseimage?06:43
Majere_Dravenxchat should do it automatically06:43
nit-witcuriousx, first befor grub will work.06:43
lotuspsychjekitten1234: are you running compiz?06:43
onaipPlease teach me how to do it06:43
lotuspsychjeA_J: did you try formatting the usb stick with lets say gparted06:44
nit-witonaip, I can help you with this are we having a communication problem, feel free to let me know what is confusing.06:44
A_Jtried that lotuspsychje, all drives are slow, actually the speed keeps fluctuating and often stalling06:45
kitten1234<lotuspsychje>  yes06:45
lokeHello all. In pre-11.04 Ubuntu, I set up a PPTP VPN connection using the network settings panel. Everything worked (I was connecting to the VPN using the panel-control where I simply selected the network). I later upgraded to 11.04, and now there is no longer any network-panel-control-thingy I can use to connect to the VPN. However, when I check the network settings, my VPN configuration is still there, but the configuration panel gives me no06:45
loke way of actually connecting. And yes, this is using Unity.06:45
kitten1234it's one of the package installed in my laptop06:45
lotuspsychjekitten1234: did you go look in additional drivers in preferences06:45
loke(if there is a way of getting rid of Unity and get back to the old GNOME, that'd be a good answer too :-) )06:45
onaipI dun know what to do now06:46
Red_\join drupal-support06:46
onaipcan u teach me and go through how I need to fix this problem06:46
kitten1234<lotuspsychje>  could you tell how to get there06:47
lotuspsychjeloke: logout and switch to classic06:47
gulHow to burn .sparseimage?06:47
* Majere_Draven blinks at red. How the ...06:47
kitten1234(i'm so new)06:47
Majere_Dravenwrong slash red.06:47
Majere_Draventhe other one.06:47
pishguyhow to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:47
lokelotuspsychje: that gives me a black screen. I probably screwed something up. :-(06:47
nit-witonaip, so does this mean you have no disc that is a install disc for XP that would be used to repair the XP?06:47
A_Jred just copy paste this /j #drupal-Support06:47
Red_yaa but what to do.. cant figure out how to join multiple channels06:47
onaipI have the Windows XP installation DISC06:48
lokelotuspsychje: but do you know how to connect to a configured VPN? There should be a tty command that allows me to do it, yes?06:48
lotuspsychjekitten1234: open up unity start button and type: jockey06:48
onaipIs it a different cd to what you are referring to ? ?06:48
Majere_DravenI have windows 7.. Can i dual boot?06:49
A_Jyes, Majere_Draven  or use it inside windows 7 too06:49
curiousxyes you can06:49
nit-witonaip, boot it using this link as a refernce to getting to the command line to run two commands. http://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/fix-mbr-xp-vista/   The question here is do you only have one computer the one your trying t fix.06:49
Majere_DravenI can use it inside win 7?06:49
A_Jlotuspsychje, what should i do ?06:49
A_Jyes Majere_Draven06:50
kitten1234<lotuspsychje>  then06:50
onaipI have anther machine06:50
kitten1234what's next06:50
gulHow to burn Mac .sparseimage in Linux? Anybody?06:50
nit-witonaip, I will give you the commands to run at the XP command line when you eready and understand.06:50
lotuspsychjeA_J: im not sure sorry06:50
Majere_DravenI love you gais06:50
lotuspsychjekitten1234: do you see any reccomended drivers in the list?06:50
A_J:\ ok lotuspsychje06:50
curiousxyou can use it inside the win but is not the same than a clean instalation06:50
=== CrustyBarnacle is now known as Guest83186
kitten1234i see one06:50
lotuspsychjekitten1234: try installing them06:51
kitten1234its name is 'Additional Driver'06:51
nit-witonaip cool you know how to boot the xp disc and get to the command line?06:51
curiousxyou will be in troubles with de cd/dvd recorder for example, but if you gonna try it go ahead =)06:51
kitten1234it's already been installed06:51
lotuspsychjekitten1234: for ati cards?06:51
A_J!offtopic | A_J06:51
ubottuA_J, please see my private message06:51
onaipdo you know why this happened ??06:51
onaipI did follow all the instructions step by step06:52
lotuspsychjekitten1234: and its set to enabled?06:52
Majere_DravenI think computers you order offline should give you the choice between win, and ubuntu, or both06:52
kitten1234it has the green light06:54
lotuspsychjekitten1234: did you update to natty, or was it clean install06:54
A_JMajere_Draven,  your suppose to do it yourself06:54
Majere_DravenDo what my self?06:54
kitten1234i updated06:54
A_Jinstall it Majere_Draven06:54
lotuspsychjekitten1234: you might wanna reconsider clean install06:54
kitten1234not a clean installation06:54
kitten1234oh hhhh06:54
lotuspsychjekitten1234= sometimes things run smoother after clean installs06:55
nit-witonaip, when you respond type a few letters of my nic then hit the tab to complete I'm notified that you answered that way.  It looks like you tried to reload the grub bootloader and put it in sda1 hard to say you were there I was'nt. ;)06:55
Logan_lotuspsychje: correction - "always" ;)06:55
saa1959It is possible to switch from Unity back to Gnome desktop using Ubuntu 11.04, right?06:55
Logan_!classic | saal95906:55
ubottusaal959: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. You can switch back to regular !Gnome by logging out and clicking on your user name, in the Session box at the bottom of the screen select Ubuntu Classic.06:55
kitten1234is it the only way i can do to fix the problem <lotuspsychje>06:55
pishguyhow to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:55
pishguyhow to change ubuntu gdm theme(change default login theme)06:56
saa1959ah, thanks06:56
lotuspsychjekitten1234: not sure howto fix06:56
nit-witonaip, did you see the link on getting to the command line on the booted XP disc?06:56
A_Jlotuspsychje,  do you know anyone here who will be able to help me ?06:56
kitten1234anyway, i really appreciate your helps <lotuspsychje>06:57
kitten1234thank you so much06:57
lotuspsychjekitten1234: np06:57
onaipnit-wit: thanks . .06:57
onaipnit-wit: I'm using Win 7 on my other machine.. .  How do i access this chat ? ?06:58
Majere_DravenIn win 7 or in Ubuntu Onaip?06:58
onaipin Win06:58
SyriaHello, After updating to Natty I am facing a problrm with skype. the small tray icon on the bar it doesn't appear any more!06:59
onaipdun tell me I have to install another messaging program. ..06:59
lotuspsychjeA_J: is the usb in FAT?06:59
A_Jno lotuspsychje NTFS06:59
curiousxonaip: if you dont want to install a IRC client for Win you can use this http://webchat.freenode.net/07:00
Majere_Draven... Onaip-  Are you accessing this chat in ubuntu,, or in win 7?07:00
onaipCurrently from Ubuntu07:00
gulSyria: skype is ovr.........go for empathy07:00
Majere_Dravenyou can do it anyway you like, You can get Mirc- Xchat- Turbo chat- Leafchat is really pretty07:00
curiousxin this field "Channels:" write "#ubuntu" whit out quotes07:01
gulHow to burn Mac .sparseimage in Linux? Anybody?07:01
curiousxwith out =P07:01
Syriagul:  I use skype to communicate with work mates and i can't force them to use empathy07:01
gulSyria: prob is that skype is under windows now..........and its development for Linux is u know..........almost ceased........so you have to shift...no other choice07:02
SyriaCome on.07:02
nit-witonaip, you can get a free 30mday use of xchat. I think this is a free 30 day version.   http://xchat.org/download/07:02
gulSyria: what?07:02
SyriaThat's not true.07:02
gulMajere_Draven: yes!07:03
gulMajere_Draven: what?07:03
SyriaIts just a problem that I am facing after updating to natty.07:03
Majere_DravenI think you can get a regulat Daemon tool, and convert it to ISO07:03
gulSyria: its true07:03
gulSyria: that is OK.......... i am just telling abt the present..............ur problem may be some other but this is what going to happen07:03
gulMajere_Draven: deamon tool for ubuntu?07:03
Majere_DravenTheres plenty07:04
Majere_DravenShould be plenty07:04
lotuspsychjedoes the same as deamon tools07:04
ActionParsnipacetoneiso may help too (if memory serves, I am very tired)07:06
sklorpionwhen i runk conky it takes about 2-3 min to appear, any idea why?07:06
ActionParsnipsklorpion: run it in a terminal, the output may give clues07:07
sklorpionActionParsnip: i do this by terminal, and no clues07:07
jeeves_mosshas anyone here been able to get FreeDB working?07:07
sklorpionActionParsnip: i thought something was wrong but it finally apears after those 2-3 min07:08
selvakumaranPls anyone help me to install AptanaStudio3...???07:08
ActionParsnipsklorpion: type:  conky    and hit enter07:08
gulActionParnsnip: wow how can I forget acetoniso..? thanks07:09
A_J wb ActionParsnip07:09
ubottuSecurity Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server07:09
delinquentme_how do i run a search from the command line for a file "cb_hadoop"07:09
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support will end in June 2011. See !upgrade for upgrade instructions07:09
ActionParsnipA_J: only half back dude07:09
Majere_DravenI rememebr dapper because it had beryl07:10
sklorpionActionParsnip: i get your point, i do this and conky doesnt return me any warnings or errors i fixed already everything07:10
selvakumaranPls anyone help me to install AptanaStudio3...???07:10
ActionParsnipdelinquentme_: sudo find / -iname "cb_hadoop"07:10
onaipnit-wit: I'm installing Pidgin on my other machine...07:10
selvakumaranPls anyone help me to install AptanaStudio3...???07:10
nit-witonaip, cool.07:10
onaipnit-wit:  will let you know when done. .07:10
nit-witonaip, thanks.07:10
james41855How do I switch from Unity to Gnome again?  I am at Xorg user login manager and do not see where I can select which desktop environment to load.  I don't think this is GDM.07:10
Majere_Dravenberyl was so cool, why did we get rid of it?07:11
james41855I see option for Universal Access Preferences07:11
snuffI am trying to install ubuntu on another computer. I said there was and unrecoverable problem and it is going to open a desktop session. What does that mean?07:11
james41855Ah, I see.  I must select a user first.07:11
delinquentme_should dpkg come preinstalled on a system?07:12
ActionParsnipMajere_Draven: its part of compiz fusion now07:12
ActionParsnipMajere_Draven: so it's not gone reallty07:13
ActionParsnipdelinquentme_: yes07:13
A_JActionParsnip, i gt a problem, usb transfer speeds are spiking and often stalling and very slow07:13
Some_PersonIs there a simple command I can use to create a file called ".nomedia" in every subdirectory of a directory?07:13
geekosopherhow do I remove the files shown in the 'recent' section when I click the 'files and folders' icon on the launcher?07:14
Majere_DravenI'm installing now07:14
ShermanBoyddoes a standard install generate a preseed file anywhere?  like kickstart does?07:14
geekosopherI mean I want to remove it from that section, not delete those files07:14
ActionParsnipSome_Person: http://linux.aldeby.org/ubuntu-natty-11-04-unity-clear-recent-documents.html07:15
A_JActionParsnip, see my problem please :>07:16
ActionParsnipA_J: I don't know, or I would have replied wouldn't I...?07:17
snuffThe Ubuntu installer has been showing an empty coloured and the mouse pointer is frozen, is there anything I can do to find out what is going on?07:17
A_Jdamn who should i ask ActionParsnip, no1 seems to knw07:17
ActionParsnipA_J: be patient, or try again in a couple of hours07:17
A_Jokie ActionParsnip  any1 you think might know ?07:17
Majere_DravenUbuntu is going to take intirely too long :(07:18
ActionParsnipsnuff: press CTRL+ALT+F1   see if when you return with CTRL+ALT+F7 it makes it ok07:18
ActionParsnipA_J: just ask the channel, works for everyone else :)07:18
A_Jokien dokie ActionParsnip07:18
lotuspsychjeMajere_Draven: too long?07:18
geekosopherI tried to do 'clear history' from the 'go' menu of file manager, but it does not remove the files from the recent section of files and folder icon on launcher07:19
ActionParsnipgeekosopher: does this help http://linux.aldeby.org/ubuntu-natty-11-04-unity-clear-recent-documents.html07:19
nit-witonaip, you will need a Natty live cd or the ISO of one loaded to a usb/thumb, pendrive as well.07:19
Majere_DravenI thought it would take too long, but apprently... 7 hours turns into 6hrs in 2o minuts07:20
ActionParsnipMajere_Draven: don't worry about that tme, it's usually pretty quick. Even on my old systems its swift07:21
geekosopherActionParsnip: looking07:21
Majere_DravenMy net tells me to Eff off if something takes longer than 4 hours.07:21
lotuspsychjenatty installed in 10min here07:22
ActionParsnipMajere_Draven: surely you are installing using CD or USB, the web connection isn't used...07:22
onaip1nit-wit: do you mean the DISC which I used to install Ubuntu 11.04  ?/07:22
Majere_DravenI'm on sattelite internet07:22
Majere_DravenI'm installing using wubi..07:22
nit-witonaip1, yeah.07:22
ActionParsnipMajere_Draven: did you run wubi from the Ubuntu ISO?07:22
onaip1nit-wit:  yup.. I've got that too07:22
snuffActionParsnip: I haven't pressed ctrl/alt/f7 yet but a there is console now (that works) with lots of out of memory messages until it said it was going down (I did a ctrl-alt-del and few minutes before).07:23
nit-witonaip1, cool we just want all the toos to get it done, it should be pretty staright forward if evrything is in good oreder.07:23
snuff*shutting down07:23
fbdystangHi, i have a bunch of samba shares on an NTFS drive. It works great except I can't limit the access to it? I have tried a bunch of options in the smb.conf file to not avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)07:23
Majere_DravenNo.. I ran wubi from Ubuntu website07:24
lotuspsychjewhere can i disable gnome keyring asking password each boot?07:24
morganI just tried to set a window to fixed width in compiz - shortly thereafter my ubuntu menus disappeared offscreen. Is there a .conf file I can remove my dodgy settings from?07:24
nit-witlotuspsychje, is it for thw wireless?07:24
Majere_DravenIts downloading Ubuntu for me noa07:24
lotuspsychjenit-wit: yes07:24
ActionParsnipfbdystang: if you run:  sudo smbpasswd -a usernamehere     you can have users login as the usernames you add07:24
=== tom_ is now known as tdb30_
ActionParsnipfbdystang: you can then add lines in smb.conf to define allowed and blocked users07:24
aHardyXHi. I have a 3Com 3c905b-tx ethernet card. I am trying to install ubuntu from alternate CD. If I install the whole system it detects the card. But When I try to install only command line system, It says that I don't have any network interfaces. what should I do?07:25
ActionParsnipfbdystang: http://pastebin.com/TwjPaXVU07:25
ActionParsnipfbdystang: see how only leanne and andy are allowed acess ;)07:25
nit-witlotuspsychje, right click the icon the click on wireless then your account then edit and then the a all users and connect automatically.07:26
fbdystangActionParsnip: Is there a way to do it without login as I need it only for guests? But would like to allow them to create files but not delete them?07:26
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: its under security07:26
A_JActionParsnip, can i update my USB drivers ?07:26
onaip1nit-wit:  OK  I'm ready now. .   Got the Win XP cd and Ubuntu cd07:26
ActionParsnipfbdystang: then guest will be the username, if everyone uses guest then you have zero control07:27
nit-witonaip1, do you know how to get to the command line on the booted XP cd?07:27
ActionParsnipfbdystang: you can make OSes remember passwords you know ;)07:27
ActionParsnipA_J: you may use options on the usb modules, maybe there is an update to the BIOS too07:27
james41855How can I change the default scrollbar style?  On this laptop with Ubuntu, the scrollbars appear normal/what I'm used to.  On another laptop with Ubuntu 11.04 and now running Gnome again, the scrollbars are different and a scrollbar tool appears on hover, but otherwise disappears when cursor leaves.  I do not like this style of scrolling.  I want to change it.  I do not see option to change it within Appearance Preferences including when07:27
james41855selecting Customize... button.07:27
onaip1nit-wit: So u mean i should load my XP cd and boot using the cd and go into the repair thingy07:27
onaip1nit-wit:  right ?07:27
=== Mandriva is now known as Hantu
aHardyXcan someone please help me its urgent :)07:28
lotuspsychjenit-wit: seems i cant highlight 'enable for all users' on my wifi07:28
snuffThe ubuntu installer shutdown the computer down after asking me to remove the cd. When I started up again it said there was no life file system and gave me initramfs. Should try the CD again?07:28
KrishnanduHi, can anyone suggest me some screen recording application?? I tried those mentioned in Ubuntuguide, but none works fine...07:28
=== eliezer is now known as eliezer_
lotuspsychjeaHardy: you have internet on full install? maybe text base install doesnt connect to find eth0 drivers?07:29
evgenyjames41855: sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-007:29
nit-witonaip1, yes boot the XP cd the repair there looks diffrent then W7 though, here is a link on getting to the terminal let me know when your there. http://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/fix-mbr-xp-vista/   I will give you a couple of commands then.07:29
MaRk-IKrishnandu: try kazam07:29
KrishnanduMaRk-I, Ok, thanks..!! Lemme try it..!!07:30
james41855evgeny, thanks07:30
KrishnanduMaRk-I, Hey, it says no package found when I try to install it using sudo apt-get install kazam07:31
MaRk-IKrishnandu: hhmm i doubt is in main repos it's fairly new but ppl say works pretty good07:31
KrishnanduMaRk-I, Ok, lemme google it then :)07:32
fbdystangI have a samba NTFS partition that I would like to give create/write access to everyone but disallow any deletion. How in the world would I go about this? Thanks :)07:32
lotuspsychjeok reboot time07:33
MaRk-IKrishnandu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/kazam-0-1-available-the-screencasting-bar-on-linux-just-got-raised/07:33
KrishnanduMaRk-I, Ya got it, thanks :)07:34
onaip1nit-wit: I've rebooted now .. using the Win XP cd. .07:34
nit-witonaip1, are you at the command line yet in the repair.07:35
lotuspsychjenit-wit: thanks mate it worked07:35
nit-witlotuspsychje, cool.;)07:36
onaip1nit-wit: I'm now in the Windows XP recovery Console....07:36
nit-witonaip1, run this command first    fixboot07:36
onaip1nit-wit: IT is asking me which Windows installation i like to log into..07:36
onaip1nit-wit: should i press 1  and then Enter ?07:37
nit-witonaip1,  then this one  you have a backup on sda6 not that one the sda1 the C07:37
onaip1nit-wit:  not sure what u mean07:37
roger21do you know how to re-install the original plymouth them and conf ?07:38
onaip1nit-wit: It is asking me to which Windows installation i like to log into...07:38
nit-witonaip1, what are the choices?07:39
onaip1nit-wit:  just 1:  C:\WINDOWS07:39
nit-witonaip1, thats the one.07:39
onaip1nit-wit: it is now asking for administrator passwordd07:40
R4zorWolfuibuntu is DA DEAL!07:40
nit-witmight not need one at all might need your admin try noe first.07:40
onaip1nit-wit: ok . . I just pressed enter with nothing typed in. . and now it shows   C:\WINDOWS07:41
onaip1nit-wit:  what should i do now  ?07:42
nit-witonaip1, run these two commands in this order separately.   /fixboot       then /fixmbr07:42
nit-witonaip1, then is an instruction.07:42
onaip1nit-wit:    but the link you gave me shows:   5. Now at the prompt, type in fixmbr. Your damaged MBR will  now be replaced with a new master boot record and your computer should now be  able to boot properly. Note that you may also want to run the  fixboot command to repair the boot sector with a new one. Also, make sure you only use these commands on a system with one operating  system installed. If you have more than one operating system instal07:43
nit-witonaip1, I gave the link as a reference your problem is slightly different.07:43
onaip1nit-wit:  ok   ..cool . ..07:43
onaip1nit-wit:  do i need to type in the   backslash key ? ?07:44
onaip1nit-wit:  before typing fixboot ? ?07:44
nit-witonaip1, yes first /fixboot     then    /fixmbr07:45
onaip1nit-wit:  when i typed  " \fixboot "  it said the command is not recognised07:46
onaip1nit-wit: so i just typed  " fixboot "   and now is asks me:    Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C: ??07:46
nit-witonaip1, /////////     /fixboot07:47
nit-witonaip1, notice the slash07:47
onaip1nit-wit:  can u check the next comment i wrote ? ?07:48
nit-witonaip1 ?07:48
onaip1nit-wit:  when i typed   \fixboot    it said the command is not recognised    so  i just typed   fixboot    and now is asks me:    Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C: ??07:48
nit-witonaip1, did you type this \fixboot   or this /fixboot notice the difference.07:49
nit-witonaip1, \07:49
onaip1nit-wit:   oopss. .  sorry . .  u meant forward slash07:49
onaip1nit-wit:  right ? ?07:50
nit-witonaip1, so your saying that /fixboot    gives you a error07:50
onaip1nit-wit:  I tried both with forward slash and backslash.. they both get error. .  it said the command is not recognised.  Type HELP for a list ......etc07:51
onaip1nit-wit: if i just type   fixboot    and now is asks me:    Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C: ??07:51
snuffI can't seem to get the latest ubuntu to work on my older computer. I showed out of memory errors at one stage. Is it possible an earlier version might work better?07:51
onaip1nit-wit:  should i press   y   for that ? ? /07:51
nit-witonaip1, try /fixmbr07:52
nit-witonaip1, if that works run /fixboot07:52
Plymouthhow do i change grub to boot to windows first by default?07:53
lotuspsychjesnuff: you could try feisty07:53
nit-witonaip1, so you see at your command exactly what that link shows correct?07:53
nit-wit*command line.07:53
onaip1nit-wit:  I typed     fixboot      and pressed yes to continue07:53
onaip1nit-wit:  and now07:53
onaip1nit-wit:  it says  :   The new bootsector was successfully written.07:54
nit-witonaip1, I'm not following you.07:54
onaip1nit-wit:  should i now try   fixmbr07:54
lotuspsychjesnuff: or try xubuntu07:54
nit-witonaip1, cool now run /fixmbr07:54
snufflotuspsychje: Which one would be easiest - have best chance?07:55
onaip1nit-wit:  I typed   fixmbr   ..  it is asking me :  Are you sure you want to write a new MBR ? ?07:55
Plymouthsnuff: i heard you gobble dicks and you dont stop until your belly is full to the point of bursting with hot cum07:55
nit-witonaip1, yes07:56
onaip1nit-wit:   ok . .  now i get:      The new master boot record has been successfully written.07:56
nit-witonaip1, reboot now it should boot straight to XP. If it does we will reload grub to get you dual booting.  IF you don't boot into XP run the bootscript again and post it, so we can see what has changed.07:56
lotuspsychjesnuff: i would go on xubuntu07:57
onaip1nit-wit:  what is the command to reboot  ?07:57
nit-witonaip1, not sure to be honest I'm a 99% open source user.07:58
onaip1nit-wit:  ok cool . . I just tried    exit   and it worked07:58
nit-witonaip1, hold on I will find out.07:58
onaip1nit-wit:   Its now booting into my Windows .07:58
nit-witonaip1, cool .07:59
onaip1nit-wit:   ok  I'm now logged into my windows .07:59
nit-witonaip1, make sure it boots all the way in then just reboot the live Natty cd and I will give you the commands to reload grub.08:00
archtangenthey hey hey08:01
onaip1nit-wit:  so u mean to load Ubuntu  cd  from my Windows? ?08:01
onaip1nit-wit:  right ? ?08:01
nit-witonaip1, just reboot the XP to the cd , not the cd in the XP.08:01
archtangentI am trying to run minecraft, does anyone know what packages I need to download to make it work?08:02
nit-witonaip1, the natty live cd is what we will use to load grub208:02
lotuspsychjei would sugest single boots ubuntu :p08:02
MaRk-Iarchtangent: http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2011/05/video-how-to-install-minecraft-in.html08:04
nit-witonaip1, turn off XP and boot the Natty cd08:04
onaip1nit-wit:   ok .08:04
tanaththis is upsetting. i just upgraded to 11.04 and do not have the option to use 'gnome classic'08:04
tanathhow do i fix this?08:04
Calinouarchtangent: java... also, i recommend to update the LWJGL which is in the minecraft's folder once you installed it, you will get fps increases, and bugfixes08:05
tanathwhat i read said there was an option at login screen08:05
Calinou/home/username/.minecraft this08:05
lotuspsychjetanath: first login to your username, then choose classic08:06
tanathlotuspsychje, i am logged in... where's the classic option then? didn't know it moved08:06
onaip1nit-wit:  ok .  now restarting my machine   and booting with Natty cd08:07
lotuspsychjetanath: i mean at login screen, first type your username- then choose classic- then enter your password08:07
tanathlotuspsychje, i saw no such option... and i was looking for it08:07
lotuspsychjetanath: unity is now the default boot08:07
tanathlotuspsychje, unfortunately08:08
lotuspsychjetanath: i think unity is cool08:08
tanathlotuspsychje, it removed a lot of features i use08:08
lotuspsychjesuch as?08:08
tanathlotuspsychje, like gnome applets. system monitor and disk mounter. i need to see my resource usage...08:09
nit-witonaip1, cool I made a pastebin with the instructions let me know when hyou want it.08:09
tanathlotuspsychje, it also coopted shortcuts i use for other things08:09
lonejackhi, mouse middle wheel-button, no longer (at least 4 months) works for copy&paste. any ideas?08:09
lotuspsychjetanath: yeah i didnt found yet system monitor either on unity08:09
tanathlotuspsychje, it's basically made my computer more difficult and less efficient to use08:09
tanathlotuspsychje, also lost the ability to middle-click on scroll bar to jump to position08:09
lotuspsychjetanath: did you update or clean install?08:10
tanathlotuspsychje, update08:10
sklorpionqueston - i want to get to know my gpu temp, so i use "aticonfig --odgt" [ yes i have ATI card ] and get this info:No layout section was found in the file: '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'Please run 'aticonfig --initial' first or modify your configurationfile manually and run aticonfig again.08:10
lotuspsychjetanath: i clean installed mine, less problems08:10
tanathlotuspsychje, i waited a month instead08:10
tanathlotuspsychje, for some reason i expected most issues to be fixed by now08:10
sklorpionafter this and trying to run aticonfig -initial i get Found fglrx primary device section08:11
onaip1nit-wit: ok   now I've booted with the Natty cd. .  and now asking me whether i should try or Install Ubuntu . ..08:11
tanathlotuspsychje, should be less work this way instead of remembering and installing apps all over again08:11
lotuspsychjetanath: you could try ubuntu-tweak for editing stuff08:11
onaip1nit-wit:    I dun need to install it again  right ?    coz I already installed it. .08:11
nit-witonaip1, choose try.08:11
tanathlotuspsychje, i use it... though it removed it for upgrade08:11
tanathlotuspsychje, brb. gonna check for gnome classic one more time08:12
onaip1nit-wit:   Ok i'm in ...08:12
nit-witgo to the menu-applications and open a terminal.08:13
nit-witonaip1,  go to the menu-applications and open a terminal.08:13
onaip1nit-wit:   yup I'm in08:13
nit-witonaip1, do you have the terminal open?08:14
onaip1nit-wit:   yup08:14
lotuspsychjetanath: http://askubuntu.com/questions/29757/what-can-replace-system-monitoring-in-the-top-gnome-panel-in-unity08:14
* bloodxii dances08:14
nit-witcool here are the two commands. http://paste.ubuntu.com/614458/08:14
tanathlotuspsychje, ok, i hadn't seen it before i chose my username and missed the change after. got it now, thanks08:14
tanathlotuspsychje, it really should be there before you choose08:14
lotuspsychjetanath: it makes sense you need seperate desktop choice for each user08:15
tanathlotuspsychje, thanks for link08:16
lotuspsychjetanath: i also installed natty on gf laptop and unity really rox on it08:16
tanathlotuspsychje, not really. you need to choose which environment before logging in, so naturally you look for any available options _before_ login08:16
onaip1nit-wit:    from the command:  sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt       can i ask why it is  sda7 ? ?08:16
nit-witonaip1, sda7 is the partition that natty is in.08:17
tanathlotuspsychje, not really. i know it has potential and will be an improvement long run, but it's a regression at this point and shouldn't be default yet08:17
nit-witonaip1, notice the second command has no number at the end just sda.08:17
onaip1nit-wit:   ok  cool  thanks . .08:17
onaip1nit-wit:  trying it now08:17
tanathlotuspsychje, and for some reason, the option is at the bottom and my mouse moves unbearably slow at login screen08:18
lotuspsychjetanath: there are many pro and contra i know...but i think in the touchscreen world thing getting improved08:18
tanathlotuspsychje, enh, touchscreen i suspect (hope?) is largely a fad08:19
onaip1nit-wit:   what does the  command :  sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt     stand for ? ?08:19
lotuspsychjetanath: compiz still running fine?08:19
onaip1nit-wit:   just so I know what it means. .  .08:19
tanathlotuspsychje, that was another thing, i lost my compiz functions in unity08:19
tanathlotuspsychje, i need several compiz plugin functions08:19
tanathlotuspsychje, and actually no, the plugins aren't working in gnome now either08:20
lotuspsychjetanath: yeah desktop cube is disabled on mine08:20
tanathalso negative08:20
nit-witonaip1, I'm not a grub developer, nor would I be able to explain it here it is not that simple, it works these commands are from the grub2 wiki, I will link you to it so you can study it.08:20
lotuspsychjetanath: i really sugest clean install08:20
tanathlotuspsychje, hell, everything seems disabled08:20
lotuspsychjetanath: lol08:20
A_JHow do I network a ubuntu and windows PC ?08:20
SyriaHi, i am trying to install nvidia drivers but I am getting a message telling me that I have to disable the x server first, so how can i do that please?08:20
tanathlotuspsychje, i don't. this way saved me more time/effort08:20
lotuspsychjeA_J: samba08:21
A_Jokie ty lotuspsychje. but it says it's for p2p08:21
tanathlotuspsychje, upgrade largely worked well08:21
A_Jsetting up samba peer-to-peer with Windows08:21
onaip1nit-wit:   I can see that the 2nd command is tell u to install grub on  sda partition08:21
onaip1nit-wit:  right ? ?08:21
lotuspsychjetanath: same here, but still clean install fixed a lot for me08:21
tanathlotuspsychje, like what? any issues i have?08:22
nit-witonaip1, you're correct and sda is actually not a partition but the first 512 mb of the hard drive it is the master boot area.08:22
tanathlotuspsychje, wow, they really messed up compiz. even removed the default keybindings for enhanced zoom08:22
lotuspsychjetanath: unity was bit buggy for me after update08:22
tanathlotuspsychje, not for me08:22
bloodxiiI have a question08:22
tanathlotuspsychje, prolly depends on card08:22
bloodxiiI have my laptop + my desktop connected08:23
bloodxiivia cat6 lan cable08:23
lotuspsychjetanath: it was more after trying different compiz layouts08:23
nit-witonaip1, here is one of a lot of wiki's on grub2. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Upgrading08:23
lotuspsychjetanath: lie wobbly windows and such08:23
onaip1nit-wit: why do i have to update-grub afterwards?08:23
bloodxiiand they won't connect to eachother and 1 is running ubuntu 11.4 the other is 10.1008:23
SyriaI have installed Gnome3 on my natty 11.4 following these instructions but after restarting i can08:23
lotuspsychjetanath: not sure why desktop cube and unity cant run togheter08:23
nit-witonaip1, the commands you ran are from the section 13 reload from a live cd.08:24
A_Jlotuspsychje,  what do i put here : netbios name = YOUR_HOSTNAME i'm using a lancable to join two pc's08:24
SyriaI have installed Gnome3 on my natty 11.4 following these instructions but after restarting i cant chose gnome3 i can't find it! http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gnome3-on-ubuntu-11-04-nattyubuntu-10-10-maverick.html08:24
nit-witonaip1, only update grub from the installed natty not the live cd.08:24
emxi'm not yet convinced that ubuntu is a distribution for me. e.g. when i want to use pdo in php i have to add pdo manually to the extensions in php.ini. what i ask myself is that if php is updated - will the php.ini of the latest version be used without my changes or does it remain the old one?08:24
tanathlotuspsychje, this is frustrating. good thing i've been through this before and know the mouse shortcuts and crap. used to be able to click reset and it would set the shortcuts08:24
onaip1nit-wit:  I now tried rebooting and the Natty cd ejected automatically08:24
jaydezhey, I want to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10. My internet has been intermitent and sometimes slow.. so I'm wondering if my computer will crash if my internet stops in the middle of the installation08:25
tanathlotuspsychje, how would a noob guess that scroll wheel up & down are eg., button 4 & 5?08:25
jaydezDoes ubuntu download and upgrade at the same time?08:25
lotuspsychjetanath: i think we have to get used to untiy now :p08:25
jaydezor does it just download it, then upgrade?08:25
onaip1nit-wit:  I continued to reboot without the NAtty cd08:25
tanathlotuspsychje, no, we don't. if they don't get this right people will switch away08:25
nit-witonaip1, do you se the grub menu08:26
bloodxiii have 2 computers 1 lapptop + a desktop. they are connected via cat6 lan cable and they will not connect at all to each other with auto eth0. is there some steps i should have done before hand? i have not configured anything08:26
onaip1nit-wit:   It now shows a Black screen with :     GNU GRUB version 1.99~rcl-13ubuntu308:26
lotuspsychjetanath: personal i also better liked if untiy was an option...but what can we do?08:26
onaip1it shows:   grub>08:26
nit-witonaip1, choose the natty the first line in the kernel lst08:26
tanathlotuspsychje, i've been a very happy ubuntu user for the past ~5-6 yrs, but if they don't get some things sorted out, i'll be looking for another distro08:27
bloodxiiunity is an option08:27
jaydezcan anyone help me with my question?08:27
tanathlotuspsychje, and i'll be bringing people with me08:27
bloodxiiin the login screen08:27
onaip1nit-wit: it doesn't show the list to choose Natty08:27
bloodxiidown the bottom08:27
lotuspsychjetanath: i like ubuntu to much to switch08:27
pylixCameron: are you Cam from ug chat?08:27
tanathlotuspsychje, i though that 'till now08:27
nit-witonaip1, is the screen completely black  What does it show?08:27
lotuspsychjetanath: what about you use classic instaed of unity?08:27
lotuspsychjetanath: everything still works on classic?08:28
tanathlotuspsychje, they've made a lot of bold decisions lately that aren't popular but were good decisions, but unity needs more work before becoming default08:28
tanathlotuspsychje, they're removing classic next release08:28
bloodxiii have 2 computers 1 lapptop + a desktop. they are connected via cat6 lan cable and they will not connect at all to each other with auto eth0. is there some steps i should have done before hand? i have not configured anything08:28
tanathlotuspsychje, i am using it for now08:28
lotuspsychjetanath: maybe next time untiy will have classic options :p08:28
bloodxiiunity is pretty lame imo08:28
A_Jlotuspsychje, this tut is outdated can u find me one which i can use for natty : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260508:29
tanathlotuspsychje, i wanted to like unity, but frankly it's not up to par yet. not enough of an improvement in ways that matter to users08:29
onaip1nit-wit: it just has a black screen..         Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.08:29
bloodxiiSLACKWARE > everything08:29
onaip1nit-wit:  what should I type ??08:29
tanathlotuspsychje, at the very least they need to keep gnome/classic around for a couple releases 'til unity is good enough08:29
nit-witonaip1, lest not get into a manual boot in.  You were getting into Natty before how did you do that?08:30
lotuspsychjetanath: i agree08:30
remoteCTRL1hi guys!08:30
jaydezHey, I want to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10. My internet has been intermitent and sometimes slow.. so I'm wondering if my computer will crash if my internet stops in the middle of the installation. Does ubuntu download and upgrade at the same time? or does it just download it, then upgrade? I don't want to lose all my data just because the internet cuts during an upgrade...08:30
remoteCTRL1can you please help me debug my brandnew non working technisat cablestar?08:30
lotuspsychjetanath: im sure the community will fix main untiy bugs to keep every1 happy08:30
nit-witonaip1, did you copy and paste the commands as well or type them?08:30
tanathlotuspsychje, problem is, it's not all bugs. there are feature regressions too. which means they need to do more work on it08:31
lotuspsychjetanath: i personal would loved unity bar at bottom08:31
tanathlotuspsychje, losing features and efficiency/ease of use is very bad. something i despise. i always felt crippled using windows after i switched to ubuntu08:31
tanathlotuspsychje, now i feel that way in unity08:31
onaip1nit-wit:  before when I restart my machine,   It used to automatically show the list of installed OS  . . like Ubuntu  ,  Ubuntu (recover mode), test,  Windows XP08:32
Kevin_FlynnIs there a desktop environment that will work on Ubuntu and Windows?08:32
tanathKevin_Flynn, KDE i believe08:32
lotuspsychjetanath: i understand your frustration, but like i say there is a linux solution for everything08:32
nit-witonaip1, don't bother trying to get in from the grub> prompt , jus answer my questions if you can.08:32
tanathKevin_Flynn, there are likely others08:32
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tanathlotuspsychje, is there a linux solution for the current state of ubuntu linux? :P08:33
bloodxii_can anyone help me with a pr?>oblem08:33
Kevin_Flynntanath, is that a download and go deal in windows do you know perhaps?08:33
bloodxii_can anyone help me with a problem?08:33
remoteCTRL1!ask | bloodxii08:33
ubottubloodxii: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:33
nit-witonaip1,  did you copy and paste the commands in natty as well or type them?   Did yo run a update grub while on the live cd?08:33
lotuspsychjetanath: im sure issues can be solved08:34
tanathKevin_Flynn, never tried kde in windows, just linux. check the site & note faq. mebbe google it and see what users are complaining about :P08:34
bloodxii_i have 2 computers 1 lapptop + a desktop. they are connected via cat6 lan cable and they will not connect at all to each other with auto eth0. is there some steps i should have done before hand? i have not configured anything08:34
onaip1nit-wit: I had to type the commands you gave me .. .08:34
onaip1nit-wit:   sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt08:34
bloodxii_I asked twice before thus i asked if anyone could help with the porblem that i had prviously stated08:34
tanathlotuspsychje, well they can be or i wouldn't bother bitching about them. question is whether they will be08:34
onaip1nit-wit:  and then :   sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda08:34
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: well do you have any sort of dhcp service running in the net?08:35
onaip1nit-wit:  and then tried restarting my machine08:35
onaip1nit-wit:  before doing the update08:35
lotuspsychjetanath: the community is always open for sugestions right...thats why unity is being created in the first place right?08:35
onaip1nit-wit:  now coming up with the   grub> prompt ..08:35
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: have you configured static ip adresses?08:35
lotuspsychjetanath: there is not 1 gates at the top choosing stuff08:35
tanathlotuspsychje, well, not exactly. i don't think there was a suggestion for ubuntu to switch to unity. it was decided by mark shuttleworth, founder of ubuntu08:36
bloodxii_i didn't think i would need to, wouldn't they be auto-assigned?08:36
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: autoassigned by what?08:36
tanathlotuspsychje, he makes good arguments for implementing & working on it, but it really isn't ready for default yet08:36
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: if you dont have a dhcp service running i will become hard to have them autoassigned, right?08:36
onaip1nit-wit:   you there?  ?08:36
bloodxii_nvm, just got it working08:37
tanathlotuspsychje, and he's been stubborn in the face of criticism. arguably with good reason. he has a good vision, and he's right that if the effort is put in it's prolly the best replacement for X08:37
onaip1nit-wit:  hope I haven't done anything wrong. .    I did exactly was you guided me08:37
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: how do you connect them to each other?08:37
lotuspsychjetanath: so opensource get influenced these days lol?08:37
bloodxii_cat6 lan08:37
nit-witonaip1, is it possible that even though hyou typed the commands correctly here that you may have made a mistake when in the installed Natty. I have never had this method fail in 1000's of instructions and personal use.08:37
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: that you already mentioned, but there has to be a switch or something somewhere, right?08:37
tanathlotuspsychje, of course. always has been08:38
tanathlotuspsychje, but yeah, ubuntu wouldn't exist if not for him08:38
nit-witonaip1, not the installed but on the live cd.08:38
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: but if it works already...08:38
kelvinellahello how do you get the contact list in the top right cornor to appear?08:38
onaip1nit-wit:  do i had to reboot while having the NAtty cd in the machine  (coz it ejected when rebooting)08:38
kelvinellathe one where u have facebook, msn, gmail account open08:38
tanathlotuspsychje, created canonical, the company behind ubuntu08:38
remoteCTRL1kelvinella: contactlist of what?08:38
lotuspsychjetanath: but i agree you on every point mate, they should at least give the user the choice...08:38
bloodxii_it was timing out on connect08:38
kelvinellathe top right green color mail icon08:38
tanathlotuspsychje, mhm08:38
bloodxii_then i changed eth0 settings ~ 10 seconds ago08:39
nit-witonaip1, if the cd auto ejecyed on the reboot that is b=normal.08:39
kelvinellai can only get that icon if someone send me a msg on msn or facebook08:39
kelvinellabut i want it to appear when i start the computer08:39
onaip1nit-wit:  should I reload the Natty cd and reboot ? ?08:39
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: there has to be some device where your cat6 cables go into, right?08:39
bloodxii_to local link only from dhcp08:39
nit-witonaip1, boot the cd and run the bootscript agian, or try the commands agin.08:39
tanathlotuspsychje, anyway, thanks for pointer, and the chat. i'm off08:39
lotuspsychjetanath: like providing classic natty on seperate download iso08:39
bloodxii_nope just computer to computer08:39
lotuspsychjetanath: ok take care mate08:39
tanathlotuspsychje, nah, just a clear(er) option08:40
nit-witonaip1, the natty cd08:40
tanathyou too08:40
bloodxii_and this is why i work with slackware :S08:40
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: in that case you need to set the computers toanip idrass that lays within the same subnet08:40
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: example08:40
SyriaAfter updating to natty i can't find the effects anymore!!!08:40
remoteCTRL1192.168.1.2 and
lotuspsychjesyria: install compiz icon08:41
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: by what are you trying to connect the computers, meaning samba, nfs, etc?08:41
kelvinellait is empathy i figure it out now08:41
onaip1nit-wit:  did I had to run the last command :        sudo update-grub      before rebooting  ? ?08:41
lotuspsychjeanyway im off to store08:41
kelvinelladoes empathy support webcam?08:41
onaip1nit-wit:    coz I didn't08:41
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: in order to see files from one computer on another one you need to share them08:42
bloodxii_i was just wanting them connecting to eachother via lan08:42
bloodxii_which is working08:42
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: samba does that for you, in that caseyou can also see them on windows computers, nfs also does that, in that case you can NOT see them on windows computers08:42
nit-witonaip1, my insructions on the pastebin say reboot to the natty install and run the update-grub. I also said several times here to onlty run it in the installed natty if you get in.08:42
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: kk...08:42
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: whats the issue then if it is working??08:43
bloodxii_it started working 3/4 way of our convo08:43
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: what does that sentence mean in english please?08:43
remoteCTRL1ah ok, i see :D08:44
remoteCTRL1well go ahead then! :)08:44
Syrialotuspsychje i have chosen Metacity but the effects tab is still not existed!08:44
bloodxii_this is why i prefer slackware over ubuntu08:44
Kevin_Flynntanath, thanx08:44
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: this why "this"?08:44
onaip1nit-wit:   yup. .  I'm sure I did it correctly. .08:45
onaip1nit-wit:  after the 2nd command:     sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda        I rebooted08:45
bloodxii_slackware is bare bones os08:45
bloodxii_it is hard to use08:45
jootbloodxii: because of a longer handshake08:45
tanathugh, even in gnome classic, some windows still have the unity-style scrollbar. how do you fix that?08:45
onaip1nit-wit:   and got the black screen with   grub> prompt08:45
bloodxii_i started using slackware in 0408:45
remoteCTRL1bazhang: unop iconia actionparsnip any of the chief rockerz in the house?08:45
bloodxii_and fell in love08:45
nit-witonaip1, okay then I got you this far I have mentioned that this does work, I gave you the wiki where I got it from. What should I do now?08:45
tanathlotuspsychje, even sticking with classic isn't good enough >.<08:46
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: so stick to it then;)08:46
bloodxii_meh, not my computers08:46
onaip1nit-wit:  should I try the script again from Terminal08:46
remoteCTRL1bloodxii_: hehe, i see...08:46
onaip1nit-wit:  or is that going to cause problem??08:46
bloodxii_i have heard paradus is ok08:46
nit-witonaip1, If you have made a second attempt with the commands and it didn't work that is the best route the script yes.08:47
remoteCTRL1can anybody pls help me debug my brandnew tv card? i currently have the kernel modules loaded but i see no /dev/video0...?08:47
tanathcan anyone tell me how to fix the scrollbars?08:47
tanathor what package to blame?08:47
bloodxii_oh and multiple x-servers = win08:48
nit-witonaip1, on the wiki link are two other methods for loading grub, both a bit more difficult and not ones I'm real comfortable trying to instuct on.08:48
nit-witonaip1, uncomfortable that is.08:49
MaRk-Itanath: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-disable-overlay-scrollbars-in.html08:50
tanathMaRk-I, :D thank you08:50
=== Guest70418 is now known as mat234
tanathMaRk-I, what would be the best way to point out that overlay scrollbars are a regression and shouldn't be default?08:53
onaip1nit-wit:  u've taught me alot though08:53
onaip1nit-wit:  thanks. .08:53
jootremoteCRTL1: not sure that dev/video is the correct place to look for a tv card08:53
tanathMaRk-I, since there's separate packages for them... i might argue they shouldn't be default, or shouldn't be used in gnome classic...08:53
mat234Anyone know how to deal with a password never recognized weird problem ?08:53
onaip1nit-wit:  maybe I need to setup the list to choose which OS to load08:54
MaRk-Itanath: I have no comment, haven't used unity yet or 11.0408:54
onaip1nit-wit:  from Grub08:54
nit-witonaip1, no problem if you look at your script though there is some notation that the sda6 partitions starts at where the sda1 does.08:54
Syriai have installed Gnome3 on my Natty, where can I find it now?08:55
tanathMaRk-I, well you needn't have an opinion (or agree if you do)... to direct me (if you know where would be appropriate)08:55
onaip1nit-wit:  or ur script shows to install Grub .. .   but previously it was Grub2 ? ?08:55
nit-witonaip1, there is no grub-legacy on the hd08:55
MaRk-Itanath: launchpad?08:55
tanathMaRk-I, yeah, i meant which package...08:56
tanathMaRk-I, nvm. thanks08:56
lucky105Syria:- logout08:56
Majere_Dravenonly one more hour08:56
nit-witonaip1, the script doesn't tell you what to do but what has been done.08:56
Syrialucky105:  I did, restarted the computer to complete update but when i want to select the interface i can chose ubuntu and ubuntu classic but no gnome308:57
nit-witonaip1, do you have a spare cd laying around?08:57
MaRk-Itanath: that's why i said i had no comment but according to that link, overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-0 are the packages08:57
Majere_DravenThis it taking forever:( I'm hungry08:57
onaip1nit-wit:  yup08:57
lucky105did u installed without any error08:58
jaydezey, I want to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10. My internet has been intermitent and sometimes slow.. so I'm wondering if my computer will crash if my internet stops in the middle of the installation. Does ubuntu download and upgrade at the same time? or does it just download it, then upgrade? I don't want to lose all my data just because the internet cuts during an upgrade...08:58
onaip1nit-wit:  The newly installed Grub doesn't seem to list my installed OS s08:58
Syrialucky105:  Without, following these instructions http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gnome3-on-ubuntu-11-04-nattyubuntu-10-10-maverick.html08:59
nit-witonaip1, your getting this grub>   when you power up to boot correct?08:59
lucky105jaydez-> always new install08:59
thegoodcushionjaydez: it will work fine08:59
Syrialucky105:  I did not face any problems.08:59
onaip1nit-wit:  yes08:59
LinuxMariowhat is the channel for the ubuntu mexico? i dont speak english08:59
LinuxMariothanks for the help09:00
thegoodcushionLinuxMario: #ubuntu-es09:00
LinuxMarioor the ubuntu latioamerica09:00
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=== slforum is now known as DrManhattan
LinuxMariothegoodcushion, Very thanks09:00
nit-witonaip1, very common could be a number of problems, I gave you the two options I can stick with, a second attempt at the commands, not sure if you have alraedy this has not been clearly confirmed. The second option is to run the script.09:01
nit-witonaip1, time for a cig brb09:01
ntr0pyis btrfs ready for use as root fs?09:02
lucky105Log out and back in, selecting the GNOME Session in GDM09:06
onaip1nit-wit:  Hi. .    I did some research and found out. .  u forgot to tell me 1 command which is:   sudo umount /mnt09:08
A_Jhow do i configure ip's for lan connection ?09:08
nit-witonaip1, that is part of chrooting09:08
onaip1nit-wit:  this should have been entered after:  sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt09:08
Majere_Draven... One more hour.. still09:09
onaip1nit-wit:   I tried it and now when i rebooted,   it gave me the choice to choose my OS09:09
onaip1nit-wit:  I knew, I was following ur instructions correctly. ..09:09
onaip1nit-wit:   I found the script  from:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176519709:10
nit-witonaip1, show me the research and look at this link. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD09:10
ntr0pycan i use btrfs as root filesystem with grub2?09:10
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=== lilstevie|ZNC is now known as lilstevie
A_Jnit-wit, i'm using this tut for samba http://cinderbox.net/2011/05/08/install-samba-server-in-ubuntu-10-10-and-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/09:11
nit-witonaip1, I used top work with those people on that forum. The extra command is not needed i have never had to run the unmnt.09:12
A_Jhow do i enable both adapters of mine ?09:12
=== lilstevie is now known as lilstevie|ZNC
A_Jnit-wit, not gettin a ping to my another pc09:12
onaip1nit-wit:  for me. . . .   I was able to see the list of my installed OSs after typing the umount script09:13
nit-witonaip1, since I got you this far you might think that you might have not run the commands correctly the first time, or it just needed a little extra work there was no forgotten command.09:13
SchighSchaghhey guys. I'm trying to figure out how a certain process got started. I know there's a command which spits out a tree of how processes are related (parents/child processes). Anybody know what that command is?09:13
A_Jnit-wit, see my issue09:14
=== lilstevie|ZNC is now known as lilstevie
onaip1nit-wit:   the umount script  definitely got me in to choosing my installed Nattty.. .09:14
nit-witonaip1, glad it woked but to be honest this is an are I'm really really familiar with.  As well there are alot of people on the forum i'm sure your scrpt was looked at by others and my instructions, if I was wrong somebody would have said something.09:14
amin`what channel do I use for off topic discussion?09:15
nit-witonaip1, glad it worked for you.;)09:15
onaip1nit-wit:  I agree with you09:15
Karen_minside the shell, is there a way to convert hex to ascii or ascii to hex ?09:15
lotuspsychjehow can i add an app-in terminal command to unity bar?09:15
amin`what channel do I use for off-topic discution?09:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:16
BoniCan anyone tell me the commands used in irssi?09:16
A_J|Winnit-wit please help me09:17
onaip1nit-wit: thanks for your assistance09:17
onaip1nit-wit:  It fixed my booting problem09:18
onaip1nit-wit:  IF it wasn't you,  I wouldve been crying so bad. .. .09:18
onaip1nit-wit:    thank you. . . .09:18
onaip1nit-wit:  appreciate your time until it got fixed. .09:19
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.09:19
A_J|Winlotuspsychje can u help me with samba ?09:20
A_J|Winother slash09:20
Taevi just upgraded to 10.10 and for some reason almost every time i load mozilla the screen goes gray, becomes unresponsive and i have to force quit, its really becoming unacceptable09:20
lotuspsychjeA_J: im not a network specialist09:20
A_J|Windamn :\09:20
Taevany ideas why this is happening? worked fine before the upgrade09:20
nit-witonaip1, take a look at this link from the developrs of grub and show me where it says to run that command with a live cd boot the first option.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD09:20
lotuspsychjepost the issue A_J09:20
A_J|Winwell i Configred by this http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/566-install-samba-server-in-ubuntu-karmic and there is nothing about ip in there. i cannot ping or see the other computer any help09:21
A_J|Winerr wrong link this is correct :http://cinderbox.net/2011/05/08/install-samba-server-in-ubuntu-10-10-and-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/09:22
A_J|Winlotuspsychje ?09:23
lotuspsychjeA_J: type \\nameofthecomputerhere09:24
A_Jhow do i get that ?09:24
A_Jin run ?09:24
A_Jon windows ?09:24
lapionanyone know why clock.app connects to a82-94-229-25.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com. ?09:25
fbdystangHi, I can't get chmod to work what am I missing: sudo chmod 0755 CycloneRAID/ from the directory where I mount my share09:26
llutzfbdystang: what filesystem?09:26
A_J|Winlotuspsychje how do i find out my comp nane ?09:26
fbdystangllutz: NTFS09:27
llutz!ntfs| fbdystang: chown chmod works only on unix-fs readi this09:27
ubottufbdystang: chown chmod works only on unix-fs readi this: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:27
A_J|Winlotuspsychje windows cannot find computer09:28
fbdystangllutz: cool, thanks :)09:28
lotuspsychjeA_J: are u behind a router?09:28
A_J|Winno direct connection of lanb09:28
Majere_Draven... Is that bot AI?09:28
lapionnvm it's the weathe thingy09:28
lotuspsychjeA_J: you might try other network tools in software centre, there are plenty for easy networking09:29
A_J|Winlotuspsychje maybe i need to manually configure ip ?09:29
xskydevilxI'm getting a "W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used" error in Maverick when running sudo apt-get update. Any help?09:29
A_J|Winwell lotuspsychje or any1 ?09:33
xskydevilxAnyone? Here's the output from the terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/614477/09:35
A_J|Winxskydevilx every1 abandoned us09:37
xskydevilxA_J|Win lol seems to be so, maybe I'll switch to the linux mint IRC channel09:38
Majere_DravenI'm an idiot. so no09:38
A_J|WinLOL Majere_Draven09:38
Majere_DravenWhat you be trying to do Sky?09:40
Majere_DravenAre you trying to turn on sound in youtube?09:40
Taevi just upgraded to 10.10 and for some reason almost every time i load mozilla the screen goes gray, becomes unresponsive and i have to force quit, its really becoming unacceptable09:40
Taevhappens every minute or so09:41
A_J|WinI'm gonna try in the nite time09:41
A_J|Winmore people online then09:41
Hotcan you give me an hint ? it's not really ubuntu related,but I try to ask it anyway. I downloaded the opencde desktop environment ,I downloaded the openmotif libraries but now I need to compile the opencde as the following http://devio.us/~kpedersen/documentation.php09:41
A_J|Winperhaps u can help theking8509:41
lotuspsychjeA_J: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide09:41
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:42
A_J|Winty lotuspsychje09:42
Majere_DravenTaev, Try upgrading to the newest one.09:42
Taevmy mozilla worked fine before i just upgraded09:42
Taevnow its broken, and your solution is to upgrade again?09:43
kantorhello, why is it that if I start the ping program (which has a SUID to root) as NOT the root user, and I use the ps to print the running processes, the effective UID displayed for the ping is not the root ?09:43
A_J|Winupdate not upgrade09:43
Taevi would assume that mozilla was meant to work on 10.1009:43
A_J|Winyes Taev it does09:43
A_J|Winupdate to firefox 409:44
Majere_DravenI've been out of the game for a while. sorry09:44
=== vega is now known as Guest7136
A_J|Windamn no pings goin through :\09:45
Hotcan you give me an hint ? it's not really ubuntu related,but I try to ask it anyway. I downloaded the opencde desktop environment ,I downloaded the openmotif libraries but now I need to compile the opencde as the following http://devio.us/~kpedersen/documentation.php   can you help me with the next step ?09:45
Revan199Question: how to make nvidia works without lags (as with irqpoll option) and Wi-Fi card (D-Link DWA-510) keep works (as without irqpoll option) (part of syslog for network card: http://paste.debian.net/hidden/4846f068/)09:45
SyriaHi, where is the effects tab? it is gone after updating to natty. http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=193507&d=130665531509:49
lotuspsychjesyria: you can manage effects in compiz settings09:50
Revan199http://paste.debian.net/hidden/a5831dad/ lspci -v09:50
Syrialotuspsychje: I don't want compiz, i want the same effects that i had on my Meerkat 10.10.09:51
lotuspsychjesyria: did you login to classic or unity?09:51
Syrialotuspsychje:  Classic.09:51
Syrialotuspsychje:  i have Classic and Classic without effects, i chose Classic only.09:52
lotuspsychjewhat effects you need on classic syria?09:53
Syrialotuspsychje:  The gelly windows for example!09:53
lotuspsychjesyria: like i say install CompizConfig Settings Manager09:53
FuchsSyria: that is compiz09:53
lotuspsychjeand enable wobbly windows09:54
SyriaOkay. I will download it now.09:54
FuchsSyria: if you want these effects, you have to run compiz as your window manager and activate the effect.09:54
SyriaThank you guys for helping me.09:54
lotuspsychjehere's a cool untiy page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36274/tips-and-tricks-for-unity09:55
SyriaI like the ring switcher :D10:01
SyriaThank you guys for pimping my Desktop. :P10:01
ntr0pyanyone using btrfs as root fs?10:06
compdocdoes ubuntu do btrfs yet?10:07
compdocext4 seems plenty good to me10:07
ntr0pycompdoc: yes ext4 is my default fs too, but since the installer has btrfs option i wondered if there will any problems arise when using btrfs as root fs on a sandfroce ssd10:09
ntr0pye.g is grub able to read from it?10:09
compdocI dont think btrfs is production ready - ok to play with tho10:09
nilli have a problem in ubuntu 11.04 on my dell vostro 1320. Please can anyone help?10:10
JaxanWhere are the network settings saved? my ubuntu is set up to use a static ip, but i want to change that, and i have no gui at hand...10:11
ntr0pycompdoc: do you know of anything to read/consider before formating a sandfroce ssd with ext4?10:11
=== btcmerchant is now known as Guest76892
nilli have a high cpu usage , i have a core2duo10:11
nillit uses 100% both cpu 1 and 2 are using 100%10:12
compdocntr0py, if you use a modern OS like 11.04, theres nothing you need to do special10:12
ntr0pyok then i will use ext4 for now...10:12
compdocnill, what does system monitor say is using the cpu like that?10:14
nillit says 100% usage10:15
nillthere is no high process in use10:15
Jaxani have looked in /etc/network/interfaces but all there is is "auto lo" and "iface lo inet loopback". So why does it use a static ip?10:15
majereOkay, Now It is I that needs help10:15
=== majere is now known as Majere_Draven
ntr0pynill: maybe use top or htop from terminal10:16
Majere_DravenI have a quite powerful computer, And it won't let me run unity10:16
Majere_DravenAlso.. I installed in win 7.. Can I some how access my files that are on win7?10:17
_sara--does anyone know how to use ipreditor vpn service?10:18
compdocnill, if you click the top of the Column named %CPU, it will sort by usage10:18
_sara--oski:  hej hur mår du?10:18
ntr0pynill: i once had problems with update-apt-xapian-index eating all available ressources10:18
lucushi! Running on Natty 64bit. When I try to safely remove my external usb hard disk I have a kernel panic after it is unmounted. Any idea on what could be the cause? In Maverick I never had that issue10:21
nillso what did u do10:21
=== matt_ is now known as Guest17224
ntr0pynill: if it is the same problem (look for pid in top and kill it) you may want to read here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-xapian-index/+bug/36369510:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 363695 in APT "update-apt-xapian-index uses too much CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:23
xskydevilxHow do I install the global menu in Ubuntu 10.10?10:23
nillthe cpu starts running on login window10:24
nillin the login screen10:24
nillits starts to run10:24
nillit happened after updates10:24
ntr0pynill: you need to find out which process uses your ressources: type ctrl + alt + f1, login and start top then look for process id with high cpu usage and note the pid, hit ctr+c and then type sudo kill -KILL <PID> and start top again to see if its gone, then you have to further investigate the origin of the problem e.g google for the program in question10:28
lucushi! Running on Natty 64bit. When I try to safely remove my external usb hard disk I have a kernel panic after it is unmounted. Any idea on what could be the cause? In Maverick I never had that issue10:29
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Majere_DravenHow do magnets work?10:31
compdocthey suck metal10:31
Majere_DravenThats awesome Comp.10:32
Majere_DravenARe you.. ..10:32
mirricnowhere can i ask for troubles with unity?10:33
Majere_DravenThe Game engine or the GUI?10:33
kLownWhat directory can I add a .jar script to, to be able to use it anywhere on the system, instead of using it in the specific folder its in.10:33
ntr0pynill: if you didnt kill gdm xserver or gnome you can go pack to your graphical interface with ctr alt f710:34
ps123hi every 110:34
K-4USo, i'm having trouble with my WIFI USB stick. It's a Gigabyte GN-WBKG. When i select the network, it keeps connecting, but after a while tells me that the network connection has been broken10:34
mirricnook then ..... Not software rendered:    no10:34
mirricnoNot blacklisted:          yes10:34
mirricnoGLX fbconfig:             yes10:34
mirricnoGLX texture from pixmap:  no10:34
mirricnoGL npot or rect textures: yes10:34
mirricnoGL vertex program:        yes10:34
K-4UI'm running Ubuntu 10.0410:34
mirricnoGL fragment program:      yes10:34
mirricnoGL vertex buffer object:  yes10:34
mirricnoGL framebuffer object:    yes10:34
mirricnoGL version is 1.4+:       yes10:34
mirricnoUnity supported:          no10:34
tyroneanyone know why my desktop contrast seems to adjust every time I put the mouse cursor at the top left corner?10:34
mirricnowhat's the problem???10:34
Majere_DravenLag 3.7 seconds.. That bad?10:35
bindi!paste | mirricno10:35
ubottumirricno: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:35
K-4Uthnx bindi, was trying to do the same :P10:35
mirricnosorry :(10:35
K-4Umirricno: Fresh install?10:35
mirricnojust installed10:35
K-4Umirricno: Boot it, install your video drivers, reboot10:35
tyronetop right corner rather10:36
mirricno@k-4U: how can i install the video drivers??? Doesn't ubuntu do that on it's own10:37
K-4Umirricno: Well, not the advanced drivers.. Those are closed, so ubuntu doesn't install them at default10:37
lucky105I m getting every comment twice on irc !! any problem ?10:37
K-4USo, i'm having trouble with my WIFI USB stick. It's a Gigabyte GN-WBKG. When i select the network, it keeps connecting, but after a while tells me that the network connection has been broken10:38
compdoclucky105, are you sure?10:38
compdoclucky105, are you sure?10:38
K-4Ucompdoc: lol10:38
Majere_DravenThats Strange Lucky10:38
Majere_DravenThats Strange Lucky10:38
K-4Ulucky105: no problems here10:38
K-4Ulucky105: no problems here10:38
Majere_DravenIve never heard of that before10:38
Majere_DravenIve never heard of that before10:38
compdocyou guys are so mean10:39
Majere_DravenYou started it.10:39
K-4Ulucky105: have you tried reconnecting?10:39
K-4Ulucky105: have you tried reconnecting?10:39
grisklook who's talking10:39
K-4Uoh god i need the logs for this :P10:39
tyroneis there an echo in here10:39
tyroneis there an echo in here10:39
kLownis it necessary to continue?10:39
K-4UIs there anybody out there?10:39
K-4UIs there anybody out there?10:39
K-4Uokay, last one was that.. her her10:40
lucky105every comment related to me shows 4 times10:40
K-4Ulucky105: you sure no-ones trolling you? :P10:40
kLownlucky105, have you tried restarting?10:40
Majere_Draven.. I smell Trolls10:40
* Majere_Draven sniffs himself" I'm one"10:40
tyroneah... sorry to be the noob but what is a Troll?10:41
lucky105whats troll ??? how can get rid of it ?10:41
kLownlucky105, tried another server yet?10:41
K-4Ulucky105: you have to run 5 times around your pc10:41
K-4Ulucky105: screaming: "GET AWAY TROLL"10:41
Majere_DravenAnd set your house on fire10:41
Majere_DravenTrolls hate fire10:41
jiohditrolls are people who ask stupid questions10:42
Majere_DravenLook it up, You won't find any information in the opposite10:42
K-4Uoh god i'm really laughing my ass off here :P10:42
kLownjiohdi, or make stupid comments*10:42
Majere_Dravenme too.10:42
K-4Uoh guys, were can i find the logs? :P10:42
nicolaWhy ubuntu sometimes doesn't go in standby?10:42
kLownK-4U, logoff, and they will be stored in ~/growup.10:43
Majere_DravenIts too busy to just standby and wait10:43
K-4UkLown: oh come on, he had to laugh too :P10:43
kLownK-4U, I know, I'm only kidding :D10:43
Majere_DravenI know I had a laugh10:43
K-4Uher her :P10:44
Majere_DravenK-4u Just copy and paste- dujh10:44
kLownlucky105, try a different server, and see if you are getting the same issue.10:44
K-4UMajere_Draven: well.. i'm on a very old laptop :P10:44
tyronekLown: for a nick like that you sure don't seem to be easily humoured... :P10:44
Majere_Dravengo  CTRL +A CTR:+c ALT+F4 then go to text file and hit CTRL+V10:45
kLownisnt there somewhere that all ubuntu chats are logged already?10:45
kLownI forget where though.10:45
K-4Uirclogs.ubuntu.com :P10:45
tyronekLown... sorry, just read ^ my bad :D10:45
Majere_Dravenremind me, how do I install NVIDIA drivers?10:45
Majere_DravenI haven't had ubuntu since 9.10:46
kLownMajere_Draven, get them from nvidias site?10:46
Majere_Draven.. You're joking right?10:46
Majere_DravenIT wasn't that easy before -10:46
jiohdiMajere_Draven, system/administration/additional drivers10:46
K-4UMajere_Draven: Settings->Top one->Addit... damn you jiohdi10:47
kLownI've always found nvidias site to offer the best drivers.  the repo sucks, and is outdated, oddly.10:47
Majere_Draven.. Repo?10:47
zorindadHello.. can someone tell me why my newly installed zorin wants to upgrade to linux mint 11?  will I lose Zorin if I do?10:47
jiohdiMajere_Draven, repository10:47
K-4USo, i'm having trouble with my WIFI USB stick. It's a Gigabyte GN-WBKG. When i select the network, it keeps connecting, but after a while tells me that the network connection has been broken10:48
K-4Udamn, logs havent been updated yet :P10:48
tyroneMajer_Draven:what version of ubuntu are you running10:48
Majere_DravenIts been to long, maybe i'm just not cut out for ubuntu....10:48
kLownMajere_Draven, give it time.  took me weeks in here to get my pc set up correctly the last time.10:48
Majere_DravenDoes sound work on youtube automatically now a days?10:49
Majere_DravenOr do I have to do the AOSS thing still?10:49
kLownMajere_Draven, should.10:49
kLownwork fine, that is.10:49
Majere_DravenI hope so.10:50
tyroneMajer_Draven: I am using Natty and simply search for settings system settings and go to additional drivers.10:50
Majere_DravenI remember Dapper Drake and the mess I had to go through10:50
tyronemy NVIDIA drivers automatically show up there10:50
Majere_DravenI'm already installing them Tyrone, Thank you.10:50
Majere_DravenI better be done " updating" by 6 or My Fiance will be pissed10:50
kLownK-4U, i had a similar issue when I was trying to use gnomes stock network manager, i had to switch over to 'wicd' and it worked fine.10:51
Majere_Draven.. Do alt codes for funny text work in ubuntu?10:51
DirtyDawgwow not married yet and already scared of the fiance10:51
K-4UkLown: wicd... let me see10:51
Majere_DravenIts how it goes man.10:51
K-4Uhmm, that was stupid10:51
zorindadbetter straighten it out now10:51
zorindadbetter straighten it out now10:52
K-4Ui was wondering why my sudo pass wasnt correct.. turns out i was ssh-ing into my server..10:52
Majere_DravenI'm going to miss Windows Alt Codes10:52
Majere_DravenKind of sad thats the only thing i'm going to miss.10:52
Majere_DravenMostly because I've still got windows10:53
K-4UMajere_Draven: Be glad thats the only thing youre going to miss..10:53
zorindaddoes anyone know why my zorin insall when I update it wants to update mint 11?  and also, will it remove zorin if I do?10:53
K-4UMajere_Draven: im still not switching because i haven't found any good replacements for winamp and windows live messenger..10:53
zorindadsorry, wants to update toooo  mint 1110:54
lucky105virus are also cool !!! miss them too ?10:54
shdevDoes anyone know if there is a free alternate to TI-Nspire (CAS tool for calculating stuff)?10:54
Majere_Dravenis chromium the same as google chrome10:54
Majere_Dravenlucky, Don't get into that, We all know the plus sides of linux10:54
kLownK-4U, empathy doesnt work for you?10:54
compdocthey call their nix OS chrome too10:54
Majere_DravenI hate Windows Messenger, I have sex bot that won't go away10:55
K-4UkLown: Meh, trouble is, that all of my friends are using those advanced fnctions10:55
kLownK-4U, and what about xmms for winamp?10:55
kLownvery similar.10:55
K-4Ulucky105: Stfu.. i have a virus on my desktop which wont allow me to log in now for 2 days straihgt..10:55
Majere_DravenDidn't Winamp have a linux port?!10:56
K-4UkLown: Does it have a nice media library like winamp?10:56
Majere_DravenGOOGLE AWAY10:56
K-4UMajere_Draven: As for as i know not..10:56
kLownK-4U, I havent used it in a year, but last I looked, they were identical.10:56
Majere_DravenI hate winamp. Technically10:56
K-4UkLown: Hmm, will check it out.. as soon as i get back into my windows box... im afraid im going to reinstall.. D:10:56
kLownMajere_Draven, I prefer winamps library over VLC10:56
lucky105chromium vs chrome http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome10:56
jiohdiK-4U, there are browser based replacements for live msg such as meebo.com10:57
Majere_DravenIt will be soon.10:57
Majere_DravenI prefer Zune's my file manager10:57
kLownlucky105, issues gone?10:57
Majere_DravenHow did Zune get in there?10:58
Majere_DravenGO HOME ZUNE10:58
jiohdiK-4U if you can find a THUMB DRIVE version of any windows program it will run under WINE10:58
=== Majere_Draven is now known as Zune
ZuneOkay.. I'll just go now.10:58
kLown /kick zune10:58
=== Zune is now known as Majere_
lucky105what issues?10:58
K-4Uwtf? :P10:58
zorindadSo.  am i to assume that no body knows anything about zorin???  Or am I in the wrong chat?10:58
kLownzorindad, I know nothing about zorin, but did you try a mint channel?10:59
Majere_I've never heard about Zorin10:59
zorindaddont know one10:59
zorindadzorin emmulates windozzze10:59
pozicI upgraded to 11.04, but pressing e.g. the u maps to a 4. The other keyboard connected (this one), does work.\11:00
K-4UkLown: The wicd, where can i find it? :P11:00
kLownapt-get install wicd11:00
jiohdizorin is a ubuntu based OS much like Mint so yes you are in the wrong channel11:00
pozicBefore 11.04 the other keyboard worked.11:00
Majere_So google Chrome is better?11:00
K-4UkLown: yeah, i have it installed, and oh.. there it is :P11:00
zorindadit was made to look and act like xp or 7.. I just installed it yesterday and when I go to update it, it says there is a new version out but its Linux mint 11 and I don't want it to change my zorin to mint11:01
lucky105Gwibber not working for me in natty ? it doesnt show any tweets !!!11:01
kLownK-4U, like I said, I had a "similar" issue, not sure it that will work for you or not, but its worth a try11:01
lucky105Its just useless11:01
lucky105My echo problem gone ??? just reconnected !!11:02
jiohdizorindad, just uncheck distro-upgrade and let it do normal upgrades11:02
Majere_testing for lucky10511:02
Majere_testing for lucky10511:02
Majere_Is it working?11:03
lucky105hey dont do that !!!11:03
kLownWhat directory can I add a .jar script to, to be able to use it anywhere on the system, instead of using it in the specific folder its in.11:03
grisklucky105: yay11:03
jiohdikLown, /usr/bin11:03
Majere_I'm Bi-Winning11:04
Majere_ahh.. debian packages11:04
Majere_I missed you little debbies11:04
Majere_.. Now I'm hungry11:04
kLownjiohdi, thanks.11:05
pozicI already solved the issue.11:05
compdocIm hungry too- its 4am11:05
Majere_Know what I really like about Ubuntu.. all these people helping people...11:05
pozicMajere_: I would prefer an always working system.11:05
jiohdikLown, you might need to run a file manager as root to move it there though11:05
Majere_What are you talking about pozic?11:05
elkukahi everyone. my laptop doesn't show hibernation option. I made a swap partition big enough. everytime I restart the computer if I go to gparten and select it, it gives me the option "swapon" and since then if I run "swapon -s" on terminal it shows me swap partition with priority -1. after I restart it theres nothing there anymore11:06
kLownjiohdi, I was able to move it, and give it a+x to run it.11:06
lucky105 I m in future!! its 3:35pm11:06
Majere_Ubuntu work. you just have to work it.11:06
Majere_Thats the past.11:06
Majere_Thats yesterday11:06
kLownyou're yesterday.11:06
kLownI mean..hi :D11:06
Majere_Get real, You lottery numbers are 22 33 0611:06
lucky105 ..its today11:07
jiohdilucky105, are you in sunday or monday11:07
elkukaany idea how to make  hibernation work?11:07
jiohdior saturday11:07
elkukaany help?11:07
Majere_Oh wait, I'm in the future too. 2012 really does happen. Only its not a world ending event. ITs the Freedom Singularity. And windows is still at 7, And people are using Ubuntu  Certified Cyborg 122.4011:07
jiohdiif 3pm sunday you are in my futgure11:07
elkuka7 hours since sunday, my new laptop doesn't want to work. any help?11:08
jiohdiMajere_, actually windows 8 will be out11:08
compdocthe Freedom Singularity? heh11:08
Majere_Is 8 going to be more like Ubuntu11:08
pozicMajere_: you should stop smoking.11:08
jiohdielkuka, as in what sort of not wanting to work11:08
Majere_Thats what my friend said about 7, and couldn't be wronger.11:08
JaxanHelp :(. My apt-get won't update. it stalls and says "Waiting for headers". It works fine on a different machine (same repo's)11:08
elkukadoesn't show hibernation option. I made a swap partition big enough. everytime I restart the computer if I go to gparten and select it, it gives me the option "swapon" and since then if I run "swapon -s" on terminal it shows me swap partition with priority -1. after I restart it theres nothing there anymore11:09
pylix7 is more like Ubuntu than previous versions11:09
jiohdiJaxan, you can use synaptic11:09
Majere_The appthing is still at the bottum.11:09
compdocI think Unity or windows vista/7 have one thing in common - but dunno who stole from who11:09
ejvcouldn't be more wrong*11:09
Jaxanjiohdi: i have no gui :P11:09
pozicCan I add another entry to the left Unity menu>11:10
Majere_I was emphasizing the point by saying it wrong.11:10
pozicDrag and drop does not work.11:10
kLownJaxan, did you add anything to the repo list?11:10
jiohdi Jaxan have you tried aptitude11:10
JaxankLown: i did, but i removed it11:10
Jaxanjiohdi: same problem11:10
Majere_I'm gonna try unity now11:10
lethuhello, I have an issue with wireless, it worked during install of ubuntu, but once I have booted into the installed system it just disappeared and when I try installing the additional drivers for my wifi adapter I get an error and install cannot continue11:11
elkukaany idea how to make hibernation work. if now it's pointless to have swap partition11:11
jiohdiswap partitions are used for other things too11:11
compdocswap partition has more uses than hibernation11:11
jiohdimemory page files11:11
elkukajust to store eam?11:11
lethuhere is the error log from /var/log/jockey.log, http://pastebin.com/Pe2B81A311:12
compdocin fact, does hibernation even use the swap area? I wouldnt have thought so11:12
pozicWhy did they pick Unity as name? There is a game engine with that name.11:12
lethuplz somebody help me11:12
pozicThat is just stupid, imho.11:12
jiohdipozic, because the goal is to unify the interface for all systems like laptops desktops phones tablets etc11:13
K-4Uoh god11:13
K-4Uam i back?11:13
compdocwhere did u go?11:13
pozicjiohdi: yes, but if you look for unity, you get unity3d, not Ubuntu unity.11:13
jiohdipozic, the unity is specifically targetted to touch screens11:13
K-4Ui have no idea.. the IRC all of the suddent went VERY silent11:13
K-4UkLown still here?11:13
compdocyou went into the future!!!11:14
kLownJaxan, can you post ur /etc/apt.conf plz.11:14
pozicjiohdi: how can I add a menu entry>11:14
jiohdiK-4U, you likely lost your server connection, it happens alot on irc11:14
K-4UkLown: i have tried wicd.. but it tells me the passphrase is incorrect, though i am 100% sure that it is the correct pass11:14
pozicjiohdi: (to the left Unity menu)11:14
elkukaI see. still everytime I restart it doesnt have any swap at all unless I add it in gparted11:14
JaxankLown: meh, i'm going to reinstall ubuntu11:15
jiohdipozic, you can click on the one for applications and then back click on the app and it will have something that says add to launcher11:15
kLownJaxan, k, good luck.11:15
pozicjiohdi: but I want to add a folder there for example11:15
compdocelkuka, you partitioned by hand during install?11:15
pozicjiohdi: or a file11:15
pozicjiohdi: that was possible in Gnome.11:15
elkukaI have had lots of troubles with ubuntu lately. I just lost lots of info11:15
kLownK-4U, hm, are you sure you are using the correct encryption?11:15
jiohdipozic, or your can RUN a program anyway you can and when it shows up in the list you can back click and it gives an option to keep it in launcher11:15
elkukayes I partitioned by hand during install11:15
lethucan somebody help me with this wireless problem, I am on the edge of giving up....11:15
K-4UkLown: which one is for wpa-psk?11:16
K-4Ulethu: join the club :P what's your issue?11:16
jiohdipozic, there is no option for folders by themselves, just file managers11:16
pozicjiohdi: shows up in which list?11:16
lethuhello, I have an issue with wireless, it worked during install of ubuntu, but once I have booted into the installed system it just disappeared and when I try installing the additional drivers for my wifi adapter I get an error and install cannot continue here is the error log from /var/log/jockey.log, http://pastebin.com/Pe2B81A311:16
jiohdithe back click menu list11:16
pozicjiohdi: how do I get there?11:16
lethuK-4U, reposted my message11:16
majere.. I'm not sure If I like Unity11:16
jiohdipozic, you can click on the one for applications and then back click on the app and it will have something that says add to launcher11:17
compdocI like how Ubuntu partitons my drives, so I let it11:17
shdevI hate unity.. my netbook wont collaborate with it. :(11:17
K-4Ulethu: okay.. don't know that one..11:17
jiohdipozic, it should be one of the ones near the very bottom of the launchers on the left side11:17
majereIt looks.. Gimmicky11:17
kLownK-4U, take a look at this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149803511:18
majereAnd I can't Customize it. Or move it11:18
pozicjiohdi: aren't they just 'launchers'?11:18
compdocthe easiest way to use unity, is the same way to use win7: click the Ubuntu icon, and type in the name of the program11:18
jiohdipozic, yes11:18
pozicjiohdi: how can I create a custom launcher?11:18
pozicjiohdi: I believe I also did that in Gnome.11:18
kLownugh , bcm43xx drivers..god i hate them.11:18
elkukalethu did u try wicd? it works great11:18
majereI don't want to type. If i wanted to type, Ide use Terminal11:18
pozicI remember being annoyed with not just being able to drag and drop a file there.11:18
lethuwicd ?11:18
jiohdipozic, I dont know any way to make a custom launcher sorry11:19
lethuelkuka, is it an app ?11:19
pozicjiohdi: never mind. I do know.11:19
kLownlethu, what version of ubuntu are you running?>11:19
pozicjiohdi: thanks11:19
lethukLown, latest11:19
compdocyou dont like to type and youre using nix? Its madness I tell you, madness!11:19
elkukayes, for wireless, it worked for me when nothing else worked11:19
majerewhats nix?11:20
compdoca version of linux11:20
lethuelkuka, can I apt-get it ?11:20
majereyou mean linux?11:20
silveringhi guys, i got a little big of situation here, with slow transfer rate from one sata drive to another11:20
majereI'm using nappy11:20
kLownapt-get install wicd11:20
majerenow to test the awesomeness of youtube on ubuntu11:20
lethukLown, ok going ot try this now11:21
kLownlethu, I just posted this to K-4U, might want to read:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1498035  if you have any issues11:21
majereafter i update flash11:21
elkukalethu from softwae centre u can get it. not sure whats the name for apt11:21
K-4UkLown: so you think that network-manager might be interfering?11:22
pozicHow can I see a list op open graphical applications?11:22
kLownK-4U, possibly.11:22
pozicjiohdi: basically there is also a 'protection' to not be able to add invalid launchers to the menu.11:22
kLownK-4U, either way, I hate the network-manager, I feel wicd is 100% better.11:22
lethukLown, so do I have to remove network-manager ?11:22
kLownbut thats my personal opinion.11:23
pozicjiohdi: except there is no warning. Otherwise, a fairly OK system.11:23
kLownlethu, I would install wicd, and see if you have any issues first.11:23
jiohdipozic, in terminal you can type ps ux11:23
lethuelkuka, installed it with apt-get11:23
compdoclethu, no need to, but you can11:23
pozicjiohdi: that's not what I want.11:23
pozicjiohdi: I want a similar option like Gnome had.11:23
lethuok, I'll see if it works now11:23
majereuse gnome?11:23
jiohdiwhat was it called in gnome11:23
kLowncompdoc, I had about a year ago, not sure how much has changed.11:23
pozicjiohdi: so, e.g. a toolbar with applications or I believe there is this expose kind of system.11:24
pozicIsn't there a manual for unity?11:24
compdockLown, I set up my connections manually, but as long as you delete the conenctions from network manager, it doesnt matter if its still there11:24
jiohdimost linux manuals are like japanese stereo instructions11:25
pozicThere is, and in the expected place.11:25
pozicjiohdi: I disagree.11:25
majereshould have looked there first?11:25
pozicmajere: can you stop whining?11:25
jiohdipozic, then you know a lot more about computers than I do because most of the time I can't make heads nor arses of them11:25
pozicjiohdi: I likely do, yes.11:25
lethuok, had to remove network-manager in order for wicd to start11:26
pozicI think the OS should have started with "Hi, welcome to 11.04. This OS has a new graphical interface, do you want to take a tour?".11:26
=== paul_ is now known as [s]pam
anddamcan I install all software in a certain category using Ubuntu Software Center GUI app?11:26
lethubut now how can I access wicd settings ?11:26
pozicIt should detect based on a possible previous installation whether Gnome had been used, etc.11:27
kLownpozic, I agree, except it should have said "would you like to remove this new graphical interface"11:27
jiohdianddam, mostly not all11:27
pozickLown: I am not at that point of hatred, yet.11:27
kLownlethu, there should be an icon like network-manager had, at the top toolbar.11:27
pozickLown: On a widescreen, I can see some of its points.11:27
jiohdipozic, you will get there :)11:27
anddamjiohdi: can you detail further? why 'mostly'?11:27
majereWhy is software center teasing me with the recomendations.?11:28
lethukLown, I don't see it11:28
jiohdianddam, the software center does not contain everything you can add... you can see more via synaptic or aptitude11:28
kLowncompdoc, you have wicd installed currently, correct?11:28
anddamjiohdi: right, can I install all software listed in Get Software > Games > All ?11:28
anddamI mean with a single command11:28
BlouBlouany good cli web-browser?ç11:29
jiohdianddam, if you can I do not know about it11:29
lethukLown, do I have to restart perhaps ?11:29
compdockLown, no, not on this system. Cant help with settings11:29
pozicBlouBlou: links211:29
anddamjiohdi: how do I specify category with aptitude?11:29
anddam~c ?11:29
pozicBlouBlou: it11:30
Jaxandoes ubuntu 64bit work well with ati videocards?11:30
majereEvery time I click on reccomndation, It stops being a link.11:30
kLownlethu, I dont have it installed on here either, for some reason network manager worked perfect for me.  try to restart and see if it shows up.11:30
jiohdianddam, I am not much above a noob so I do not know all your answers, just some basics11:30
pozicBlouBlou: "works" for downloading e.g. drivers.11:30
thian1join #semarang11:30
lethukLown, ok, brb11:30
wsbmilkChinese guys?11:30
kLownJaxan, did you get that issue fixed?11:30
pozicJaxan: it "works".11:30
BlouBloupozic: okay, thank you, that's what I need :)11:30
anddamjiohdi: thanks anyway11:30
Kaihuiwho's Chinese guys?11:30
pozicJaxan: proprietary drivers are not stable.11:30
Jaxanpozic: does 32bit make any difference?11:31
wsbmilki am11:31
pozicJaxan: so, expecting months of uptime is not going to happen if you heavily compute.11:31
pozicJaxan: likely not.11:31
JaxankLown: reinstalling fixes all ;)11:31
pozicJaxan: proprietary code usually stinks.11:31
kLownJaxan, lol.  it was probably something when you edited your repo listing.  but glad ya fixed it.11:31
pozicJaxan: with open-source you can at least see what kind of a mess people made.11:31
willembcan someone here please help me get 4-channel analogue audio to work?11:31
JaxankLown: i had more issues... so...11:32
kLownJaxan, I couldn't agree more...jk :P11:33
wsbmilkhow to setup a gnome theme?11:33
pozicwsbmilk: gnome-appearance-properties11:34
kLownK-4U, you get it figured out yet?11:35
jiltdili want to learn c language basics how many days wil it take?11:35
K-4UkLown: still working on it.. damn laptop is very very slow11:35
pozicjiltdil: that depends on your background.11:35
pozicjiltdil: what kind of education do you have?11:36
jiltdilpozic:i am in 10th11:36
Lekensteynjiltdil: buy a book (The C Programming Language, 2nd edition) and do exercises while reading11:36
pozicjiltdil: so, you are about 14?11:36
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] includes a file /database/script having the line: »SET TABLE "tbBegriffe20101010" INDEX'125461776 53292'« (which I have not produced directly). What is the effect of this line?11:37
LekensteynL0C41H05T: see also http://stackoverflow.com/q/562303/42754511:37
pozicjiltdil: ?11:37
Lekensteynjiltdil: see also http://stackoverflow.com/q/562303/42754511:37
pozicjiltdil: C is a very bad programming language.11:37
jiohdiI thought most modern kids spoke C native :)11:38
pozicjiltdil: C is 1970s technology.11:38
=== napster is now known as Guest86268
jiltdilpozic: linux is also based on c :)11:38
pozicjiltdil: Linux is also a big mistake.11:38
jiohdiC is still suprizingly popular11:38
jiltdilpozic: i learns with mistake11:38
jiltdilpozic:  :)11:39
pozicjiltdil: I know other things which are popular, but not good.11:39
jiohdipozic, why do you say its a mistake?11:39
Lekensteynpozic: what would you suggest then? It's dangerous if not used well11:39
pozicLekensteyn: Scheme.11:39
TraintopHi Folks! I just installed 11.04 and it works quite flawless; but one thing I just detected is; I have a fingerprint-reader and it works flawless in login-screen but if I have to verify myself for e.g. "Users and Groups" it does not show the window prompting for my fingerscan but there also is no window where I could type my password manually; -so I cannot change anything in "Users and Groups" :-( -any ideas11:39
pozicScheme is simple, predictable, etc.11:39
jiltdilpozic: so according to you which language i should start learning11:39
pozicjiltdil: pick Racket.11:40
pozicjiltdil: Racket is a derivative of Scheme.11:40
pozicjiltdil: it is well documented, etc.11:40
Traintopjiltdil: I would suggest Java or something like this for your first programming language11:40
pozicTraintop: Java is way too complicated.11:41
BaramiPython is interesting.11:41
pozicPython is also a big mess.11:41
Traintoppozic: ? it's one of the easiest to learn imperative languages out there... :-)11:41
pozicTraintop: yes, and it has lots of fundamental failures.11:41
kLownpozic, just wondering..do you like anything?11:42
pozicIn Scheme, you program against a specification of 50 pages.11:42
LekensteynkLown: +111:42
Traintoppozic: this is like saying: your first car should be porsche 911: a fiat 500 has too many fundamental failures...11:42
pozickLown: yes.11:42
pozicTraintop: no.11:42
pozicTraintop: a porsche 911 would be Coq.11:42
jiltdili am confused now ...which language should i start as my first programming langugae?11:43
pozicjiltdil: Racket.11:43
pozicjiltdil: there is zero useless complexity in that language.11:43
Lekensteynpozic: is it useful?11:43
Traintopbut besides this: any ideas about fingerprint-scanner in 11.04?11:43
pozicLekensteyn: it is a general purpose language.11:44
Taevi hear ruby is easy11:44
pozicThe reason why Scheme, etc., are better than those one day fly programming languages, is that your code still works after 30 years with minimal difficulty.11:44
Lekensteynjiltdil: http://askubuntu.com/q/8209/6969 might be of interest for you11:44
cloventtI started with java and python11:44
cloventtpython is pretty easy to pick up11:44
kLownpyton was easy, java, not so much.11:45
pozicDecorators are not very pythonic.11:45
pozicThey have nothing to do with "pseudo-code".11:46
jiltdilThanks to all11:46
kLownpozic, where is it normally used, and for what?  Simple, self used programs, or is it used for bigger stuff?  I've never even heard of it.11:46
pozickLown: who cares about that?11:47
kLownpozic, I would guess, since i asked the question..I do.11:47
=== istok is now known as chmod
Traintopin the end each imperative language is as good as every other imperative language :-)11:49
cloventtisn't scheme a lisp variant?11:49
Traintopand functional languages are ony for masochists :-)11:49
cloventtone of my lecturers used to use it11:49
spektreiihello, im having issues with my keyboard.  Fresh install 11.04.  The keyboard has an extremely slow response time (takes forever to type something out).  I did some checking on the internet and most ts seems to point to "slow-keys" in accessibility, but this is not the issue as I have ensured they are turned off.  Any ideas what could be going on?11:50
cloventtspektreii: have you ahd the issue with any previous versions of ubutnu?11:50
spektreiialso of note, this seemed to start happening after installing the ATI restricted drivers11:50
spektreiiCloventt, unknown this is also a brand new computer.11:51
spektreiiKeyboard worked fine in W7 though.11:51
jiohdispektreii, did you see if there are any programs hogging up all the cpu time?11:51
majereSound Works Youtube No additional Work. Woo11:51
kLownmajere, nice.11:52
spektreiichecking jiohdi11:52
majereNot at all like the old ubuntu lol.11:52
=== NG_ is now known as ng_
majereIts no cake to install flash player for chrome though.11:53
cloventtmajere: doesn't it come with flash as standard?11:53
kLownnever cared for chrome.11:53
jiohdimajere, you can install flash via software store and that should work on all apps11:53
=== san is now known as sanaris
spektreiijohdi:  nothing seems to be out of the ordinary on the process list, though it does have a slightly high load average: 1.63, 1.61, 0.95 - cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -c processor 611:54
majereJihodi. I did all that for nothing?11:54
majereI am super scared of the terminal, And i totally used it.11:54
jiohdimajere, dont know... if it worked I guess its not for nothing11:55
cloventtmajere: the terminal is your best friend11:55
kLownmajere, better get used to the terminal, it will become ur best friend.11:55
kLownlol, damn you cloventt :P11:55
cloventtkLown: lolz11:55
majereI know,.. Its the only way to get certain things11:55
jiohdimajere, it does get easier with time11:56
majereSo why did they move the close minimize and maximize buttons?11:56
kLowndont blame yourself though, blame windows for making stupid computer users out of us all :/11:56
vakhi all11:56
jiohdimajere, for touch screen users11:57
=== Lekensteyn is now known as Lekensteyn|away
majereFor real Klown. We were givin easy and full of security holes, Now we have to do alittle work for some security, and its hard.11:57
kLownbecause its google, and they change everything cus they can.11:57
vakIs it possible to Install Ubuntu directly from Internet? (kind of like Gentoo or something?)11:57
majereGoogle Owns Ubuntu Klown?11:57
kLownoh, i thought you ment in chrome.11:57
jiohdivak, yes, through wubi, on windows, but I would not recommend that, because it crashes too many systems11:57
cloventtmajere: no they don't11:58
llutz!mini  | vak11:58
ubottuvak: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:58
vakjiohdi: I see. by the way, PXE works only on LAN ?11:58
jiohdivak, if you are running windows you can down load a ubuntu .iso and run it in a virtual box11:58
kLownmajere, my apologizes, I thought you ment in chrome.  not the new theme they decided to use for 11.0411:58
MonkeyDu1tabout no-ip: when my wan ip-address changes, my website is gone, hints&tips about settings or scripts, anyone?11:59
vakllutz: minimalCD means CD :P11:59
llutzvak: use grub to boot the iso, get stuff from inet, done11:59
cloventtmajere: if you don't like where the buttons are there is bound to be a way to change it11:59
kLownMonkeyDu1t, set a static ip?11:59
vakjiohdi: llutz: I am wondering if usual networking could be enough :)11:59
MonkeyDu1tkLown: a static wan ip?11:59
jiohdivak, enough to do what?12:00
shdevIn my country you have to pay your ISP for a static isp :(12:00
MonkeyDu1tsame here, shdev12:00
majereI was just curious why they were changed.12:00
llutzvak: you already have a linux running? you could use debootstrap12:00
vakjiohdi: to install Ubuntu. From scratch.12:00
majereIn my country you don't get the option.12:00
kLownMonkeyDu1t, I apologize, I read that incorrectly.12:00
majereWith my ISP12:00
K-4UkLown? Damn.. i cannot get an IP address12:00
cloventtMonkeyDu1t: your wan is supplied by your isp, if you want a static one you have to go to them12:00
jiohdivak, what os would you be using?12:00
kLownK-4U, whats the issue ur having now?12:00
K-4UkLown: i don't get an IP address with dhcp12:01
K-4UkLown: setting a static IP doesn't work either12:01
vakllutz: my linux was broken during upgrade (wife closed the notebook -- you know "those things that nusty men always leave undone!")12:01
kLownK-4U, have you tried to restart yet?  Might still be trying to use the old config?12:02
vakjiohdi: my (crazy) idea was to use PXE or smth -- but PXE is only for LAN :(12:02
deckstarK-4U: generally if you've got no ip address, its the modem not giving it out12:02
majereFor a moment there, I forgot notebooks are computers.. And  I was like" What does her closing your notebook have to do with linux..12:02
deckstarrestarting modem can help12:02
K-4UkLown: restart what? the laptop?12:02
K-4Umajere: lol :P12:02
K-4Udeckstar: Err.. no.. this problem most def is not modem related12:02
majereI've been up too long.12:03
kLownK-4U, does ifconfig show anything?12:03
tanathhas alt+f2 been removed in 11.04? it's not working for me...12:03
K-4Umajere: what timezone are you in?12:03
tanath(in gnome)12:03
majereCENTRAL standard time.12:03
BlouBloutanath: works fine for me12:03
kLowntanath, alt-f2 works fine for me.12:03
vakOK guys. I see. One has to burn a CD. No way. :(12:03
Xaevotanath: keyboard shortcuts maybe?12:03
tanathit worked before upgrade...12:03
K-4UkLown: Yeah, but only the eth0 has an ip12:03
majereThe center of the universe.. what does alt f2 do?12:04
cloventtK-4U: sort of, it takes you to the unity 'run' command instead12:04
jiohditanath, I am using classic and its gone here too12:04
K-4Ucloventt: err?12:04
tanathjibadeeha, same12:04
cloventtK-4U: whoops wrong person12:04
majereIt opens run application for me12:04
shdevIf your router supports I actually think you can set it to use services like noip and dyndns and automatically update it if it changes. I'm pretty sure my old router had that option12:04
K-4Ucloventt: Was already thinking 'wtf does unity have to do with my wifi issue?'12:04
kLownK-4U, is it showing a lan ip?12:04
tanathmajere, you in gnome or unity?12:04
jiohditanath, actually no, I found it, its still here, I was hitting ctrl in the dark12:05
K-4UkLown: Yeah, my eth0 has an ip address, the wlan doesnt12:05
majereI Hate Unity12:05
tanathok, why is it working for everyone but me then? lol. it worked before upgrading12:05
KaihuiMe too12:05
K-4UkLown: the issue is that when i try to connect with wicd to a wifi network, it shuts down my eth0 onnection12:05
majereCouldn't stand it for more than 10 seconds12:05
Xaevotanath: go to keyboard shortcuts12:05
K-4Umajere: I actually tried... for about a minute or so12:06
tanathhm, actually alt+f1 isn't working either12:06
shdevUbuntu Classic Ftw, any? :D12:06
majere10 seconds after i set everything up the way i thought I'de like it.12:06
jiohdimajere, I tried it again... but after a reboot it vanished12:06
tanathXaevo, already checked & reset that.12:06
Xaevotanath: maybe your keyboard is broken.12:06
K-4Umajere: i think that the new guys probably are going to like it.. but the guys who are used to gnome... meh12:06
kLownK-4U, I might have to install wicd to test.12:06
tanathXaevo, lol, no. then it wouldn't have recognized the shortcut12:06
K-4Umajere: same that people who are used to gnome, rarely switch to KDE12:06
jiohdimajere, have you tried Cairo-dock or AWN, they replace unity very well :)12:06
kLownK-4U, I thought that was normal.  no need to have two connections to the same router.12:06
majereUgh... My Fiance is so going to strangle me if I run up our bandwidth.12:07
K-4UkLown: Well, yeah.. but not if you have the IRC open on the same box :P12:07
majereI would be nice, If i could move the bar12:07
KaihuiWhat about ubuntu11.10?Using Unity?12:07
shdevk4u, have you tried searching for a driver for your wirelesscard? :)12:07
kLownjiohdi, Have they fixed cairo-dock?  about a year ago it was buggy as hell?12:07
K-4Ushdev: Not sure if this is driver related.. If it was, i probably wouldn't see it all?12:07
majereI got so used to using the right side of the screen.12:07
jiohdikLown, been using it about a week, so far so good, no crashes other than it making unity vanish12:08
K-4Ushdev: are you in the dutch ubuntu channel too btw? :P kinda saw you talking about dyndns and no-ip12:08
shdevwhat's cairo dock?12:08
kLownjiohdi, unity needs to vanish anyway :P12:08
majerePLease FFMPEG, don;t kill my bandwidth before the fiance gets on her facebook games and i can blame it on her.12:08
jiohdishdev, makes ubuntu look like a mac12:08
MonkeyDu1tabout no-ip: when my wan ip-address changes, my website is gone, hints&tips about settings or scripts, anyone? i followed these instructions, no errors, but it won't work http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/dynamic-dns-no-ip.html12:08
tanathanything else that might prevent alt+f1,f2 from working?12:08
shdevSo basicly like awm?12:08
shdev*avant window manager12:09
jiohdishdev, its a bit more than awm, but I use both on different machines12:09
jiohdiI like them both12:09
K-4Uproblem with awn is that it has very poor support for dual monitor users12:09
Furai`woot woo12:09
majereAny of you live in the country, and in the US heres a tip.. Don't Get HUGHES NET it's not any better than Dial up12:09
kLowncairo had no support when I switched back to windows.12:09
whyeonseocan anyone help me12:10
tanathwhyeonseo, no12:10
kLownK-4U, you said you attempted to set up a manual ip addy, correct?12:10
majereWhat do you need12:10
majereAsk a question12:10
K-4UkLown: Yep12:11
whyeonseoubuntu 10.10 keeps asking me for acd rom12:11
whyeonseoa cd rom12:11
airtonixwish i had an acdc rom12:11
K-4Uwhyeonseo: then give it to him?12:11
kLownK-4U, outside of the routers normal pool?12:11
majereGive it one12:11
K-4Uacdc! :D12:11
tanathwhyeonseo, CD or CD-ROM? first is a disc, 2nd is a drive discs go in12:11
whyeonseobut my computer doesn't have a cd driver12:11
K-4UkLown: with wicd. Normally that is enough12:11
whyeonseoi installed ubuntu using daemon12:11
K-4Uwhyonseo: Wait... what? :\ You installed it from windows? :P12:12
GregAcehi all12:12
majere... You do know Daemon is software and not active when your operating system isn't operating right?12:12
Whisperityhello. do you know a way how can I make EVOLUTION only close it's window when I click close button? It closes the entire app and it's annoying (I want to make it work like GWIBBER and EMPATHY whom only close their window and remain sentient in the background)12:12
kLownK-4U, not sure i understand.12:12
K-4UkLown: in the settings of wicd, i set an IP address. so that it wouldn't get one from the dhcp12:13
majereYou can't continue the installation Whyeonseo12:13
kLownK-4U, if its inside the routers normal pool (lets say the pool is .100-199), normally it wont accept it.12:13
whyeonseono I did install it the problem is12:13
whyeonseosoftware center is not workin12:13
whyeonseoupdates too12:13
check3rwhen i want to "apt-get remove libdrm-nouveau1a" it wants to delete 1.334 MB wtf?12:13
=== Furai` is now known as Furai_drunk
K-4UkLown: oh that you mean by pool :P err.. no, i gave it an ip address that is outside the pool12:13
majereuse daemon, put the cd in12:14
majereI think theres linux Daemon. someone gave its name earler12:14
kLownK-4U, and you are sure the dns, and everything is correct?12:14
K-4UkLown: Yeah, it should be. I allways use these settings on windows12:14
MonkeyDustwhat's the channel for server support?12:14
whyeonseolinux daemon plz12:14
K-4Uwhyeonseo: http://lmgtfy12:15
K-4Ueven too lazy to fill in the damn form12:15
bazhangK-4U, dont do that here12:15
tanathok, my media keys work fine, but alt+f2 and alt+f1 don't work at all. they're set correctly in 'keyboard shortcuts' and it recognizes when i press them...12:15
kLownK-4U, i find it weird, with network-manager you were getting device issues, now u just cant get an ip.12:15
bazhangwhyeonseo, remove the cd from the sources.list12:16
K-4Ubazhang: Sorry12:16
KaihuiAny guy use amorok?12:16
bazhangKaihui, please ask your real question12:16
tanathKaihui, ew. no12:16
K-4UkLown: Yep... i really hate my setups sometimes :p12:16
whyeonseoI didn't have a cd in the sources list in the first place12:16
MonkeyDustnee, als ik mijn wan ip adres verander, is de website bij no-ip toch weer weg -- ik heb dit gedaan, geen fouten, maar het werkt niet http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/dynamic-dns-no-ip.html -- what's the channel for server support?12:16
bazhangwhyeonseo, what is linux daemon, take a moment to describe it12:16
bazhangMonkeyDust, #ubuntu-server12:17
piotrlee_Hello, i have ubuntu 11.04 and FF (also chrome) and i cant load Facebook, or i can only get to registration site, after willing up boxes and hittin Register it freezes, i treid to clear cookies and it didnt help, any ideas how to fix this ? thanks in advance12:17
KaihuiI can't get cover12:17
bazhangKaihui, perhaps that one does have a cover available12:17
majereWe aren't allowed to lmgtfy?12:17
bazhangmajere, not here, no12:17
tanathKaihui, might i suggest banshee instead?12:17
kLownlol, lmgtfy is very insulting.12:18
K-4Uwhy is that insulting? :P12:18
bazhangK-4U, move on please12:18
KaihuiThanks. I don't like banshee12:18
K-4Ui mean.. some people really haven't googled... I allways use the IRC as last resort12:18
tanathKaihui, oh?12:18
bazhangKaihui, not all albums have covers available12:18
bazhangKaihui, same as in banshee rhythmbox etc; there should be facility however to add them, should you be so inclined12:19
MonkeyDustK-4U: not everyone knows how to use google12:19
K-4UkLown: i have installed dhcpcd right now.. i think i'm going to try again with that service12:19
K-4UMonkeyDust: is there a let me BING that for you? :P12:19
bazhang!ot > K-4U12:20
ubottuK-4U, please see my private message12:20
nicoulasfor people who have an interest in politics: http://parapateo.org/12:20
tanathKaihui, what don't you like about banshee? i don't like that since version 2 they removed a lot of features/support and basically crippled it12:20
KaihuiWhat about ape, flac?12:20
bazhangnicoulas, wrong channel12:20
MonkeyDustK-4U: or sometimes google just won't show the solution, as for my problem12:20
tanathKaihui, amarok that is12:20
=== nicoulas is now known as parapateo
bazhangKaihui, all of them can play anything, ape is problematic but doable nonetheless12:21
K-4UkLown: brb.. going to try now12:21
kLownK-4U, gl.12:21
parapateobazhang what channel would you advise?12:21
tanathbazhang, i call bull12:21
mr_danielI want to make proposal for the download section of ubuntu server: I need the .iso file and want to download it with wget, but I can't find a direct link on http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/download12:21
bazhangparapateo, not here, ask in #freenode12:21
tanathbazhang, neither will play a significant portion of my collection12:21
majereI found a let me google that for you infinate loop. Can i share that?12:21
mr_danielSeems like some background JavaScript code is executed. It would be nice to supply a direct link, so easily use it with wget12:22
mr_danielEspecially when wokring on a headless server enviornment12:22
dzupmajere: yes12:22
majerehttp://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=cache:lmgtfy.com < Infinate loop12:22
dzupmajere: kool, makes a nice screensaver12:23
tanathbazhang, unless you know how to get them to support more formats than i do, i think you're mistaken12:24
majereOhh. I haven't played with my screensavers in Ubuntu yet12:24
dzupmajere: www.rickrolling.com12:24
bazhangdzup, majere chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here12:25
bazhangtanath, ape?12:25
ilterHello. I've upgraded my ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04 but after that i got a problem with my attached monitor to my laptop. When i want to switch output to the monitor it shows only mouse pointer and black screen ..12:25
mortezai wanna see which packages i have lately installed.12:25
tanathbazhang, no, virtually every game music format (which i have a lot of)12:25
mortezadoes apt has some option for this, or is there any log?12:26
ilterI think there is a bug about new gnome which comes with 11.04 beacuse i didn't face same problem on 10.04.12:26
bazhangmorteza, synaptic has a history iirc12:26
ilterCould someone help me about this issue? How can i fix it?12:26
quick-Will anyone pls help me , i was using compiz manager and i screwed up some settings and now i am not getting the title bar in any one of the windows >12:26
mortezabazhang: can u explain more? irc!?12:26
bazhangmorteza, if I recall correctly12:27
fooman2011hello guys :)12:28
dzoneHi all!12:28
=== Lekensteyn|away is now known as Lekensteyn
nuhmCan someone help me uninstall Java on 11.04?12:29
* ilj4z1 can help12:30
Lekensteynnuhm: How did you install it? Through apt? sudo apt-get purge sun-java612:30
fooman2011I newbe on Linux. I would like to know: if you program cron with a task every 10min, will you have always at least 10min before the FIRST execution of the task ?12:30
tanathi've removed the overlay scrollbar packages, but i'm still getting them in some apps. anyone know how to fix this?12:30
dzoneI am testing now Xubuntu from my flash usb and I realized it is faster than Ubuntu. I plan to install it on my old PC and use it for daily tasks!12:30
ilj4z1sudo apt-get remove -f -y --purge sun-java612:30
mortezabazhang: Oh i never saw it before (File -> History), thx a lot, but it must read this info from some log, i search for it...12:30
ezeI am using xubuntu-10.04 on an old PowerPC (Mac G4) and it works really well12:31
majereHow do i get the old screensavers back, The ones dapper drake had.12:31
eze(in fact, I am chatting from that computer at the moment)12:31
nuhmmight have been syn, terminal is saying 'unable to loacate package sun-java6'12:31
tanathmortal, gnome log viewer can point you to the log file12:31
=== leon is now known as Guest17780
Lekensteynfooman2011: I don't know, look at `man crontab` or try it12:31
quick-Will anyone pls help me , i was using compiz manager and i screwed up some settings and now i am not getting the title bar in any one of the windows  .12:31
dzoneeze: It works pretty well on my PC even from the usb drive12:31
tanathmorteza,  gnome log viewer can point you to the log file12:31
tanathmortal, woops, wrong nick. sorry12:32
Lekensteynnuhm: what does `which java` say?12:32
ezedzone: xubuntu is really good. not as flashy as gnome, but gets the job done, and it does not look so rough as openbox/fluxbox/icewm/etc.12:32
dzoneeze It has 1,47 CPU and 256MB RAM with 40GB Hard12:32
nuhmlekensteyn: /usr/bin/java12:32
pozicdzone: 256MB RAM is too little for a usable computer.12:33
Lekensteynnuhm: please run `dpkg -S /usr/bin/java`12:33
ezedzone: it should be fine. 256 Mb is probably the minimum12:33
Lekensteynand post the output12:33
bazhangdzone, lubuntu would do fine with that12:33
tanathquick-, CCSM > effects > enable window decoration12:33
dzonepozic: but it is too ugly for me :D12:33
ezedzone: consider using openbox/fluxbox or something similar12:33
tanathquick-, i recommend compiz fusion icon if you don't have it12:33
bazhangdzone, so get more ram12:33
mortezatanath, i find it, obviously it were in /var/log/apt/  :)12:33
pozicdzone: if you have money, just buy a machine for 400 euros.12:34
Lekensteyndzone: try Lubuntu (using LXDE)12:34
tanathmorteza, ;)12:34
ezedzone: it's really the apps that would then take all your RAM (browser, openoffice, java being the worst)12:34
pozicdzone: or something good for 800 euros.12:34
dzonebazhang: I know RAM  is cheap  these days so I will add more12:34
pozicdzone: don't waste your time on ancient hardware.12:34
ezedzone: if you want to be on the cheap, just buy more RAM -- or talk to friends/work colleagues... that's how I got the RAM for my Mac!12:34
pozicYep, that's an option too.12:35
ezedzone (for free!)12:35
Nafihello. has anyone of you ever set up a pam_ldap authentification?12:35
pozicIn a shop old memory is more expensive than new memory.12:35
dzoneeze: sure I know some friends wit PC hardware shops12:35
Lekensteynpozic: indeed, I could get 4GB DDR3 SDRAM for the same price of an old 1GB DDR1 RAM :o12:36
fooman2011I'm a newbe under Linux. I would like to know: if you program a task in cron for every 10min, will you have always at least 10min before the FIRST execution of the task ?12:36
dzoneeze: I'll ask them ;) Thanks!12:36
bazhangdzone, lubuntu should have an iso, or you can install lubuntu-desktop over the existing xubuntu install12:36
ezedzone, pozic: as it happens, some people do keep their old computers, and their memory modules... it's always worth asking12:36
pozicLekensteyn: same story here.\12:36
poziceze: that depends on how expensive your time is ;)12:36
tanathLekensteyn, which sucks if you need ddr112:36
majereCan I get my Old awesome Screensavers back?12:36
ezedzone, pozic: I am totally amazed as how well xubuntu-10.04 runs on this Mac G412:36
dzoneeze: I hope so!12:36
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto fooman201112:36
poziceze: memory is key.12:36
eze(ok, it's got 768 Mb of RAM, but even with 384 Mb it was fine)12:36
poziceze: and harddisk.12:37
bazhangmajere, from dapper? chances are no12:37
ezepozic, my harddisk sucks (old 40 Gb IDE)12:37
pozicI generally use 2GB now, or so.\12:37
majere:( Sadness12:37
pozicI have 4GB (which is overkill)12:37
pozicWell, I sometimes also use 4, but that's exceptional.12:37
ezepozic, dzone: in my case, I wanted to play with a *real* box using a PowerPC CPU12:38
willembi have no rear audio.  I have gone through just about everything in the forums, support sites and other google results, with no success.  please help12:38
Lekensteynpozic: I've 8GB (which is not overkill, because I've no swap on my SSD and virtualbox eats memory)12:38
MrXsI want to run windows 7 on my ubuntu 11.04 using the virtual box12:38
pozicLekensteyn: yeah, for virtual machine I think you need the extra 4.12:38
bazhangMrXs, try #vbox12:38
MrXswhen I turn on the pc, and there's the grub booting shows the options to choose where windows or linux12:38
majereShould be easy mrx. Pm me and i'll give you whatever help i can give12:39
ezedzone, pozic gotta go. good luck, dzone!12:39
majereI got them back and more!12:40
bazhangMrXs, that sounds like wubi, not vbox12:40
dzoneeze: Thanks12:40
ezedzone: no probs. see you all...12:40
tanathpozic, 4gb ram is overkill? for what?12:40
MrXsI dont' get answers in vbox12:41
tanathpozic, it's the recommended min nowadays12:41
pozictanath: for my current uses.12:41
Guest17780where can i find plug-in forubuntu12:41
pozictanath: I could use 4PB or RAM.12:41
bazhangGuest17780, plug in for what12:41
tanathpozic, :P12:41
LekensteynGuest17780: what plugin? Flash?12:41
bazhangMrXs, vbox wont show a choice of booting windows or ubuntu12:42
Guest17780yes flush plug in12:42
MrXsno I dont' mean that12:42
quick-_tanath: i got the windows but the wireless settings and other thins on the top rigth corner aren't showing up but when i click there it shows the specified thing12:42
MrXsI mean I want to run windows 7 while using my ubuntu 11.0412:42
bazhangMrXs, then why mention it12:42
MrXshow to do that?12:42
LekensteynGuest17780: install the `flashplugin-installer` package12:42
MrXsjust to let you know that I have both of them installed in my hard disk12:43
Lekensteynif you've 64bits, I recommend installing a PPA from sevenmachines12:43
fooman2011bazhang: Concerning my question about cron. Are you sure that the answer is present in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto ? i don't find it...12:43
praveen_MrXs, use virtualbox12:43
bazhangMrXs, you 're going to have to load a new version of windows in the vbox12:43
Lekensteyn64 bits flash: http://askubuntu.com/q/33445/696912:43
Guest17780every time i go to watch a channel ,i get a message missing plugin12:44
bazhangfooman2011, you did not give a very clear question, have you read the manual for cron yet?12:44
willembno-one willing to help with surround sound?12:44
candreaMrXs, you must create a new windows installation inside virtual box; you can't use the one you have already12:44
LekensteynGuest17780: do you have 64-bits Ubuntu or 32-bit?12:45
dzonepozic: Bye for now!12:45
bazhangwillemb, what exactly have you tried, and what has not worked. please be very clear12:45
kLownK-4U, how did it work out?12:45
fooman2011bazhang: I don't have any problem with cron. It's a question. When you add a task for "every 10minutes". Are you sure that there is AT LEAST 10 minutes before the FIRST execution of the task ??12:46
willembbazhang: in alsamixer, turning down the music on either the front or surround speakers make the volume on the front speakers.  the rear speakers stay mute :(12:46
kLownfooman2011, why not test it out on something simple?  see if it runs right away.12:46
willembthe sound test plays only on the front speakers12:46
candreafooman2011, if I have understood the question correctly, the answer is no12:46
bazhangwillemb, I see, what about the various pulseaudio tools12:46
Guest17780i have 32-bit12:47
pozicHow can I get the 'close' button of a Unity window to the right?12:47
willembthis is all on lucid12:47
fooman2011kLown: i think that the answer is "NO". But you're experts here right ? that why I'm asking here to confirm that I have a problem...12:47
LekensteynGuest17780: in that case open your package manager and install `flashplugin-installer`. You need to enable the universe repository fr that12:47
pozicI am talking about the red button that is currently on the left.12:47
MonkeyDustabout no-ip: when my wan ip-address changes, my website is gone, hints&tips about settings or scripts, anyone? i followed these instructions, no errors, but it won't work http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/dynamic-dns-no-ip.html12:47
fooman2011candrea: ok thanks12:47
bazhangpozic, good question, perhaps the tool confity or somesuch could help12:47
pozicfooman2011: I would say: read the manual.12:48
shaktihi need help - getting message Nvidia driver activated and not enabled12:48
pozicfooman2011: or just try it with some other command.12:48
fooman2011So I have a task which poweroff the PC when there is no connected clients. I put it in cron to be executed every 10min. But if the PC start and if the task is executed after 1min, no clients are connected yet and the PC is turned off...12:49
shaktihi need help - getting message Nvidia driver activated and not enabled12:49
pozicbazhang: in which package is that tool?12:49
praveen_pozic, i think you are talking about file browser buttons...??12:49
fooman2011i mean "1min only"12:49
scensisHow can i specify NTP server on Natty ?12:50
bazhangpozic, not in the normal repos as far as I know, was in a PPA12:50
Guest17780i'll get back to u12:50
K-4UkLown: not..12:50
pozicpraveen_: start firefox, make it full-window, find the close button for firefox that is red.12:50
candreafooman2011, you may want to have a daemon that does the job, but depending on how you check the number of clients, you may also use cron with some adjustments12:50
pozicpraveen_: so, no.12:50
osseShouldn't "cat file.txt" or "vim file.txt" update file.txt's last access date as reported by "stat file.txt" ?12:51
shaktihelp here12:51
Lekensteynshakti: that is a known bug, you can ignore it for now12:51
kLownK-4U, same issues, different issues?\12:51
shaktihi need help - getting message Nvidia driver activated and not enabled12:51
shaktia bug!!12:51
praveen_pozic ,that's what i want to know...so try this. http://ubuntuguide.net/move-minimizemaximizeclose-buttons-to-right-in-ubuntu-10-10maverick12:51
bazhang!nvidia> shakti12:51
ubottushakti, please see my private message12:51
Lekensteynosse: I think so, maybe the filesystem is mounted noatime12:51
fooman2011candrea: nClients=`netstat -lataupe | grep ESTABLISHED | grep -v localhost | wc -l`12:51
K-4UkLown: err... still not getting an IP12:51
K-4UkLown: going to try accessing a different router now.. if i can get the damn thing to boot..12:52
kLownK-4U, did you remove your manual entries?12:52
pozicpraveen_: in _unity_...12:52
K-4UkLown: yep12:52
pozicpraveen_: try to understand the question before you respond to anyone.12:52
fooman2011candrea: My use case is: I trun on the PC, then i'm connect to it from another PC. So I have to be sure that I will have at least 10min before the script execution12:53
quick-_tanath: i got the windows but the wireless settings and other thins on the top rigth corner aren't showing up but when i click there it shows the specified thing12:53
fooman2011candrea: what to you mean by "have a daemon" ?12:53
osseLekensteyn, thanks. The filesystem in question is /home which is an ext4 drive and if mounted with "defaults" according to /etc/fstab12:53
osse*and is12:53
kLownK-4U, are you currently using the router right now?12:53
candreafooman2011, you can make the task run every 5 minutes: the first time, if no clients are found, a file is created; the second time the task runs, if no clients are and if it finds the file, the computer is shut down, else the file is removed12:54
K-4UkLown: which one? The one i was trying to connect to earlier?12:54
kLownK-4U, are you connected now (the computer you are currently using) to the same router you are trying to connect the other pc to?12:54
fooman2011candrea: mmmh ok but then my task is executed every 5min instead of 10... but finally it's not a problem. I will try this solution. Thank you for you help12:55
^WarriorWhenever firefox crashes it stalls Ubuntu...is ff bad because i am switching to  chrome12:55
K-4UkLown: it's the same pc, so yeah :P12:55
kLownK-4U, Oh, I thought you said earlier it was two different computers.  My apologizes.12:55
candreafooman2011, yes, 5 minutes: but that's because the task requires to be run twice in order for the pc to be shutdown (5+5=10 mins)12:55
FoXMaNa riddle do i have: df shows no free space, even if it claims there is 12G and 7G used, no deleted open files i see in lsof12:55
K-4UkLown: doesnt matter. i really wish i had 2 different boxes here, but my main box has kinda crashed and is now undergoing recovery from windows..12:56
praveen_pozic, as far as i know the left side buttons were also in the 10.10 and they are also in 11.04..so the method is same12:56
kLownK-4U, my idea of "recovery from windows" isnt putting windows back on it :P12:56
candreafooman2011, btw, with "daemon" I mean a program that runs in the background and does all the job12:56
sparrHow can I make "Guest Session" an option when my screen is locked?12:57
snuffI just installed xubuntu. The console seems ok but all I can see in graphics is mouse pointer. Can anyone help?12:57
K-4UKlown: Yeah, i know :P problem is that i need windows for school stuff.. they don't really like other os'es12:57
afrodeityanybody know what correct permissions on /sbin/dhclient-script should be12:57
^WarriorPlease somebody tell me how to switch to CLI mode and then again to GUI mode?12:57
K-4UWarrior: ctrl+alt+F112:58
K-4UWarrior: and then ctrl+alt+F712:58
quick-_hello , how can i make the settings in compzi manager to default ?12:58
llutzafrodeity: 755 root:root12:58
fooman2011candrea: ok. Instead of using a file, can i add a "sleep 300" in my script and then recheck. I mean "if 0 client then sleep 300 if 0 client then poweroff fi fi12:58
afrodeityllutz: thanks12:58
^WarriorK-4U:Big thanks to you12:58
K-4UWarrior: np12:59
K-4UkLown: meh, i cant even find my other wifi usb dongle atm.. had it lying around here somewhere.. But i'm an electrical engineer, so my whole desk is cluttered with electrical components..12:59
Lekensteyn^Warrior: you've 6 text consoles, Ctrl + Alt + [1-6]13:00
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
kLownK-4U, I dont think its the usb stick.13:00
pozicpraveen_: you are probably not an 11.04 user. You don't know anything about 11.04.13:00
candreafooman2011, yes, you could, but after 10 minutes you'll have the same script running twice (the first started after 5 minutes and sleeping, the second started by cron after 10 minutes)13:00
kLownK-4U, you wernt able to use it earlier, now you are just having issues getting an ip.  its a config issue somewhere.13:00
pozicpraveen_: I know what you are talking about, it is just not what I asked.13:00
K-4UkLown: It could be.. i mean.. everything else in this house is connecting nicely.. Okay.. all of that runs under windows, and one android device13:01
pozicpraveen_: so, please just take someone's word for it next time.13:01
K-4UkLown: Hm, yeah, thats true13:01
candreafooman2011, (sleep would be useful for the daemon)13:01
pozicbazhang: do you know how I can set the language for that application?13:01
praveen_pozic, ok..sorry for your help...13:02
kLownK-4U, if you disconnect your wired connection, and attempt to connect wireless, can you ping your router?13:02
kLown(not literally, disconnect, but drop the connection)13:02
K-4UkLown: Err.. no13:02
K-4UkLown: When i set an ip address myself, wicp tries to ping the router and fails13:03
xhhjWhen I leave the computer for a while, the screen turns off, and when I start using the computer again, it asks for my password. How do I get it to just wake the computer up wihtout asking for my password?13:03
bazhangpozic, which did you need? not tried, but can take a look13:03
kLownK-4U, mind if I pm you?13:03
K-4UkLown: nop13:03
pozicbazhang: English would be fine.13:03
fooman2011candrea: yes that's why i'll put 6min in cron and sleep 300 in the script13:03
pozicbazhang: I installed it from source.13:04
bazhangpozic, the tool confity? should be english default13:04
^WarriorAnd if i have to scroll up or down in CLI then how to do that?13:04
bazhangpozic, though I may have misunderstood what you are trying to do13:04
pozicbazhang: except it isn't.13:04
bazhangpozic, clearing everything to the left was for the windicators, so perhaps not so easy to attempt that13:05
candreafooman2011, that can be a good solution. But if you want my opinion, I'd go with the daemon because you can kill it if you don't want your computer to shutdown13:05
kocur_e, halo13:06
willemboki, after a reboot, the hardware selection makes more sense.  dunno what was wriong ther13:06
willembi chose the 4 channel analogue option, but still get no rear audio13:07
^WarriorPlease tell me anyone that if i have to scroll up or down in CLI then how to do that?13:07
anggusshow would i go about restricting a user to the point it can only access /home/mcs/ and nothing else? is it easy to do?13:07
rumpe1angguss, desktop-users also need access to the executables for desktop-software like browser, email, etc.13:09
waveshaperwould you recommend ubuntu desktop for a home development box ?13:09
rumpe1angguss, what do you want to achieve exactly?13:09
bl4ckcomb`waveshaper, sure, why not?13:10
rumpe1waveshaper, yes.... why not?13:10
pozicwaveshaper: I also heard good things about OpenBSD if you don't do 3D development.\13:10
pozicwaveshaper: better man pages, etc.13:10
waveshaperIm mostly, caugh, doing audio dev in c++. and I see no reason to stay in windows anymore13:10
anggussrumpe1, i've got a server, and i want to create a user for the purpose of solely starting/stopping an executable in /home/mcs13:10
pozicwaveshaper: otherwise Ubuntu would probably work.13:10
pozicwaveshaper: (I do it too.)13:11
anggussrumpe1: using a script i've written13:11
waveshaperpozic: audio code ? :)13:11
pozicwaveshaper: I would compile a real-time kernel and use jack.13:12
pozicwaveshaper: there are also specialized distros that already do this.13:12
pozicwaveshaper: I think based on either Ubuntu or Debian.13:12
rumpe1angguss, where do you see security issues?13:12
waveshaperah. this, from what Ive heard gives you a really low latency api to work with?13:12
waveshaperthat would be interessting yes13:13
pozicwaveshaper: for real audio development, I assume you have a 100+ euro audio card?13:13
waveshaperwell :p13:13
waveshaperI have about 5 cards :p13:13
waveshaperall from cheap to expensive13:13
waveshapereven have my old trusty GUS :)13:13
pozicwaveshaper: for professional stuff, you should definitely get a real-time kernel.13:13
pozicwaveshaper: latencies are fairly low.13:14
waveshaperas long as its under 20ms I suppose13:14
waveshaperbut that goes mostly for sequencers and games13:14
pozicwaveshaper: it is measured in microseconds.13:14
pozicwaveshaper: about 50 or so.13:14
waveshaperoh nice13:14
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
waveshapersounds like I have to try that then :)13:15
anggussrumpe1, i'm not really sure, maybe there aren't. If creating a regular user would do, i'll do that.13:15
bl4ckcomb`could someone tell me whether there is an api for forwarding chat events (for instance from an irc client) to the envelope icon in the gnome panel? atm I'm using XChat with its own tray icon, but it would be nice to put it under the envelope icon (like pidgin does by default)13:15
waveshaperany keywords or just realtime patch low latency13:15
EricElfHelp pls: Just upgraded HP laptop from Mint 7 to Natty11.04. Most things are up, but wireless not. At first lshw -C network showed UNCLAIMED. I got driver=ipw2200 installed (shows in lsmod)  which I though was  the right one. Network now shows DISABLED in lshw. Also, have wired connection running on now which changes things. When cable is disconnected I get an status bar icon for wireless (a circle section). Clicking on it shows me13:15
bazhangbl4ckcomb`, theres something in the repos13:16
pozicwaveshaper: real-time kernel Ubuntu is the first thing I would try13:16
pozicwaveshaper: the second thing would be real-time audio linux distribution13:16
Lekensteynhey bl4ckcomb` :)13:16
bazhangbl4ckcomb`, xchat-indicator iirc13:16
bl4ckcomb`hi Lekensteyn13:16
bl4ckcomb`bazhang, ty, I'll check it out13:16
pozicwaveshaper: if that gives nothing, just install vanilla Ubuntu and compile your own kernel (this is a simple process these days)13:16
waveshaperexcellent. also, I would eventually need a server for my source database13:17
=== DevilSolution is now known as ZzDevilSolution
waveshaperI am running standard mercurial repo if that means anything13:17
pozicwaveshaper: you can run it from the same box.13:18
waveshaperbut that could easily be served on a ubuntubox aswell I guess.but Id prefer it on a separate machine13:18
pozicwaveshaper: you can use a virtual machine, or a physical machine.13:18
waveshaperactually. with good backup it could run on the same13:18
bl4ckcomb`waveshaper, or you could use Git if you're planning to go for open source projects13:18
pozicwaveshaper: anyway, those details you would have to decide on for yourself.13:18
pozicbl4ckcomb`: he just said mercurial.13:19
waveshaperGit is a possibility. I havent tried it yet though13:19
pozicbl4ckcomb`: there is nothing wrong with mercurial.13:19
waveshapernothing against git :)13:19
EricElfWireless networking question continued: 'wireless disabled by hardware switch' and yes there is a switch which used to work. No effect now. Missing driver?13:19
pozicThere is only one thing against git.13:19
pozicIts source code is a mess.13:19
waveshaperI guess what I want is to use what most ppl use13:19
bl4ckcomb`pozic, sure, I'm just giving ideas13:19
=== Jeff_ is now known as Guest15172
pozicwaveshaper: that would probably be git.13:20
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
waveshaperalright. tnx got something to fiddle with then :) all tips was very much appreciated13:21
pozicI kind of like how I have seen zero real issues since the upgrade.13:21
bl4ckcomb`waveshaper, just out of curiosity, what IDE are you using for c++ dev?13:22
waveshaperthese days I mostly use codeblocks13:23
waveshaperbut Ive also used emacs for a while13:23
pozicwaveshaper: on which platform?13:23
bl4ckcomb`ok great13:23
waveshaperon win3213:23
waveshaperofcourse tested with visual studio just to see that it compiles but13:23
anggussrumpe1: created a regular user and it works fine, wasn't thinking properly. thanks.13:23
pozicEmacs stinks for C++, as there is no good completion.13:23
waveshapernot a big fan of to much autogen crap. like to be in control :)13:23
pozicThere is no 'jump to definition', etc.13:23
waveshaperemacs was abit tideous13:24
waveshapercodeblocks is straight forward in that manner13:24
waveshaperwhat do you use?13:24
pozicEmacs is a good text and Lisp editor, but not a good IDE.13:24
WobboWhat to do with alllllll the problems with 11.04...13:24
bl4ckcomb`waveshaper, vim, eclipse and c::b depending on the size of the project13:24
pozicwaveshaper: Currently, Netbeans.13:25
pozicwaveshaper: it's symbol indexer is the best.13:25
waveshaperah eclipse. that was along time ago. back in school I think doing java :)13:25
pozicwaveshaper: its*13:25
waveshaperoh. netbeans Ill try that one13:25
pozicwaveshaper: Eclipse is something else.13:25
pozicwaveshaper: ah, never mind.13:25
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] includes a file /database/script having the line: »SET TABLE "tbBegriffe20101010" INDEX'125461776 53292'« (which I have not produced directly). What is the effect of this line?13:26
pozicI find it ironic that a C++ IDE has to be written in Java.13:26
waveshaperyeah.. not to fond of it :p13:26
waveshaperfor its purpose VM based is fine I guess13:26
waveshaperbut for what I do not really13:27
pozicwaveshaper: you would be surprised.13:27
ZuzakHowdy; is there a downgrade path from GNOME3 back to GNOME2? I installed it, and it's worked fine, but now only my IRC client (that's set to load on startup) appears when I boot my machine, and nothing like the menu, topbar, close buttons etc. are appearing [although, a full screen IRC client is quite cool]13:27
pozicwaveshaper: Java does have a real-time model.13:27
pozicwaveshaper: for C++ all that stuff in platform dependent.13:27
waveshaperyeah. Im actually talking without knowing. Ill take that back :p13:27
bullgard4!enter | waveshaper13:27
ubottuwaveshaper: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:27
ultrixxcan i change the "dock" so that it appears at the bottom of the screen like in mac os?13:27
pozicwaveshaper: is*13:27
waveshaperit is a long time ago since last time I did some java13:27
bullgard4Zuzak: There is no downgrade path.13:28
WobboReally, what to do? I need it, but won't work... All about the 500 problems whit 11.04.13:28
bazhangultrixx, in unity? not that is presently known, no13:28
bazhang!details | Wobbo13:28
ubottuWobbo: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:28
ultrixxbazhang: thanks13:29
lotuspsychjehow can i text base boot in ubuntu?13:29
bazhangultrixx, at this point use classic then install docky or the like13:29
bazhang!nox | lotuspsychje13:29
ubottulotuspsychje: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode13:29
pozicWobbo: it happened to work on two machines using two different installation methods for me, so if you don't just say what doesn't work...13:29
ultrixxbazhang: ok13:29
lotuspsychjetnx bazhang13:29
Lekensteynbrilliant bazhang, you know how to play with ubottu :p13:29
Zuzakbullgard4: thanks. I'm curious as to where everything's gone, it's as if it doesn't load on startup at all13:30
pozicbazhang: I got the English version now, but it doesn't seem to have that option.13:30
bazhangLekensteyn, good to keep a PM open with the bot for searching packages and the like, also learning factoids; /msg ubottu factoids13:30
bullgard4Zuzak: Af far as I know many features have not yet been implemented which were commmonplace in GNOME 2. Wait for Ubuntu 11.10.13:31
bazhangpozic, I was afraid of that, well that was my only suggestion at this point they are working on tools to tweak the various unity settings, so it should be just a matter of time13:31
=== me is now known as Guest99820
pozicbazhang: is there also a way to zoom out on your desktop or to get some expose kind of effect?13:32
Lekensteynbullgard4: thanks, checking it out13:32
bl4ckcomb`pozic, compiz13:32
DirtyDawgignore #ubuntu JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS MODES13:33
bazhangpozic, compiz has some issues with unity, though with tweaking it can be done, I'd ask in #compiz or just repeat in a bit, some of the compiz developers hang out here later on today13:33
DirtyDawglol fail13:33
* DirtyDawg adds a /13:33
bl4ckcomb`I'm hoping for a gubuntu distro, since that unity joke. I tried to like it...13:35
DirtyDawgbl4ckcomb`: you can choose gnome classic from the login screen13:36
bl4ckcomb`DirtyDawg, yes I know, I also removed unity13:36
pozicHow can I get the workspace switcher to the top?13:37
pozicIt seems it is a different kind of menu entry designed to not be changed by the user.13:37
pozicMy Control-Alt-Arrow keybinding also does not work.13:39
pozicNow, they do work.13:41
pozicThe documentation should be integrated with the system.13:41
pozicLike Emacs and Smalltalk do :)13:41
pozicStatic, wrong information is another thing we got for free from C.13:42
xskydevilxWhen I add a different background for the Ubuntu Panels the other indication icons and date/time don't get changed. Any idea why?13:43
pozicWhere are all the starters stored for Unity?13:44
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, you might need another gtk-engine13:45
anggusswhat does the VIRT column in top mean? my system has 256mb memory and 256mb swap, but the VIRT for one process is 576m ?13:45
xskydevilxbl4ckcomb: Could you explain further?13:45
pozicangguss: there are manuals for that.13:45
pozicangguss: there is really no need to ask that.13:45
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, did you pick the 'use system theme' option for the panel and set the bg in the gtk configuration?13:45
bl4ckcomb`or did you just pick a background image for the panel?13:46
xskydevilxbl4ckcomb: I just picked the background.13:46
anggusspozic: roger.13:46
wesselis it hard to have a system monitor embedded in the background of your desktop?13:46
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, ok, you should change it in your configuration. Is it a built-in theme or a custom theme you are using?13:47
xskydevilxit's a custom theme.13:47
bazhangwessel, with conky? not really13:47
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, ok then you should find a ~/.themes/your-theme/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file13:47
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076 wessel13:48
pozicbazhang: is it also impossible to use Gnome applets in Unity?13:48
wesselhmm, cool13:48
wesselI will give it a try13:48
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=== sndrtje is now known as sndrtj
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, when you find that file, this will help you further: http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/13:49
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
pozicStill, Unity could still be faster.13:50
bl4ckcomb`xskydevilx, note that you don't need to touch the file if it exists (or it will just overwrite it with an empty file)13:50
pozicThere is still 100ms of latency if not more.13:50
bazhangpozic, then try unity-2d13:51
pozicIf I type 'firefox', it shouldn't have to go to disk to check.13:51
pozicbazhang: I have an nvidia card.13:51
xskydevilxbl4ckcomb, OK. I'll see if it works.13:51
pozicbazhang: it should be fast.13:51
pozicbazhang: if it isn't, the programmers messed up.13:51
ruif13 have galaxy 10.1v and can't browse files in ubuntu :(13:51
pozicMy 286 was responsive when I had it.13:52
ruif13anyone can help?13:52
ruif13i made a rule file13:52
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] includes a file /database/script having the line: »SET TABLE "tbBegriffe20101010" INDEX'125461776 53292'« (which I have not produced directly). What is the effect of this line?13:52
ruif13but only appears the first dir's13:52
pozicNow, the hardware is 1000 times faster and it is less responsive.13:52
ruif13i use that steps http://en.androidworld.it/2011/04/13/how-to-connect-as-usb-storage-device-a-honeycomb-tablet-to-linux-and-ubuntu/13:52
bazhangruif13, what galaxy 10.1v13:52
ruif13when i connect trh usb13:52
ruif13appears the icon13:53
bullgard4!enter | ruif1313:53
ubotturuif13: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:53
RoonuxHave you ever heard about printers that print blank pages ? Maybe an driver problem ?13:53
BluesKajHey folks13:53
bullgard4Roonux: Your question is not Ubuntu specific.13:54
pozicHow can I change the standard "Read Email" link to point at a different application?13:54
ruif13i have galaxy 10.1v and can't browse files in ubuntu :( , anyone can help?i made a rule file, but only appears the first dir's i  use that steps http://en.androidworld.it/2011/04/13/how-to-connect-as-usb-storage-device-a-honeycomb-tablet-to-linux-and-ubuntu/13:54
Roonuxbullgard4: ok, sorry13:54
pozicIt seems they dumped down the interface such that even if you know something about computers, you are not allowed to change it.13:54
pozicVery annoying.13:54
bazhangRoonux, what printer, check linuxprinting.org13:54
LekensteynWhat's the best way to separate the private key material of GPG from the public keys? Move the secring.gpg file?13:54
bazhangbullgard4, could be he is using ubuntu, so its fine here13:55
bazhangLekensteyn, using seahorse?13:55
Lekensteynbazhang: nope, gpg directly through Duplicity13:55
bazhangLekensteyn, not sure there, I use seahorse for all that13:56
Roonuxbazhang: an HL-2140, thanks for advices13:56
bazhangRoonux, check their database, should list what driver to use13:56
Roonuxbazhang: ok, thanks13:57
ruif13thanks bullgard413:57
phate_01Hello everybody :)13:58
ZachydHello :)13:59
Lekensteynhi phate_0113:59
=== aannoonn is now known as licnep
ZachydYep Yep13:59
bfriI'm having problems networking between 10.04 and ubuntu alternate any suggestions14:01
bazhangbfri, ubuntu alternate?14:02
bfribazhang or alternative14:02
wesselif I don't have a ~/.conkyrc file yet, should I make one?14:02
bfribazhang thats what i ment14:02
bazhangwessel, does the guide say so?14:02
bazhangbfri, which one14:02
wesselno, it does not mention anything about this, is assumes there is one already14:02
Lunixiayou dont have to make a .conkyrc config file. it will run without a config file.. but of you want to customize(which i recommend) when you will need to create one14:03
bazhangwessel, there are links to some ones you can put in there, people share theirs14:03
silvanosalve a tutti14:03
bazhang!it | silvano14:03
ubottusilvano: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:03
MonkeyDustabout no-ip: when my wan ip-address changes, my website is gone, hints&tips about settings or scripts, anyone? i followed these instructions, no errors, but it won't work http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/06/dynamic-dns-no-ip.html14:03
wesselbazhang, I'm worried that it loads a configuration file from a different place14:04
wesselI can start it right now, and it works14:04
wesselso there must be a configuration file somewhere14:04
bfribazhang thats what i ment14:04
bfribazhang thats what i ment14:04
bazhangbfri, which alternative14:04
Lunixianope that is the default config from the application itself14:04
bfribazhang sorry about that error i dont know how to find that out14:04
Lunixiaload a config file it tells conky to run differently (how you want it to)14:04
wesselthere is a file called conky.conf in /etc/conky, but I guess I'm not supposed to change files in /etc right?14:04
=== darya is now known as Guest64969
Lunixianope dont change that one... unless you know what you are doing14:05
bfribazhang what is the termal command ive tried $ uname -mrs and it didnt work14:05
bazhangbfri, lsb_release -a14:05
Guest64969i have a question14:05
Lunixia/home/$user$/.conkyrc is the one you want to create/configure14:05
bfribazhang got it lucid14:05
lucky_starhello guys14:06
bfribazhang i cant change permistions on my shared folders in order send and recieve files14:06
lucky_stareverbody seems  busy here :P14:06
wesselLunixia, is it bad to change files in /etc?14:06
bazhangbfri, using nfs?14:06
Guest64969who can say me how to format usb flash that write protected?14:07
bazhangGuest4834, using gparted?14:07
Lunixiai never mess with files in there unless im following a working set of instructions or unless i know what im doing.. which in most cases you dont need to... because all of you configuration files for customization and personal settings are located within /home14:07
bfribazhang how can i tell?14:08
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo bfri14:08
Guest64969i used it but i can't format it14:08
bazhangGuest4834, its mounted?14:08
bazhangwhoops sorry Guest483414:08
LunixiaWessel - so i would leave /etc files alone unless you are tyring to fix a bug or glitch within an application that was posted on a forum with instructions :D14:09
bazhangGuest64969, then unmount it14:09
ullasThe LED light is always on on my dell after installing 11.04 Help. (Intel Core 2 Duo)14:10
wesselhow does ubuntu know to use a .conkyrc located in home folder?14:10
wesselis that linked somewhere in an /etc file?14:10
ullasThe LED light is always on on my dell after installing 11.04 Help. (Intel Core 2 Duo)14:11
Lunixiaits probably written to look there for instructions on how to run, and if the file doesnt exist, it uses a default config located in the /etc location...14:11
Lunixiajust a guess. ive always used the .conkyrc file14:11
Guest64969i do it but i can't format14:11
Lunixiaopen the config file located in the /etc location and you will probably see an IF ELSE statement written in there pointing to your home directory14:12
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] includes a file /database/script having the line: »SET TABLE "tbBegriffe20101010" INDEX'125461776 53292'« (which I have not produced directly). What is the effect of this line?14:12
wesselLunixia, nope14:12
BluesKajullas, which led ,and what does it represent, otherwise that doesn't tell us anything14:12
wesselno IF ELSE in there14:13
SuNotisimai just wanted to download the 64 bit flash player 10 but the website tells me it has been discontinued - where do i get the .tar.gz from14:13
Lunixiawell it points to it somehow14:13
ullasIT is the Led light next to webcam that lights only when webcam is tyrned on14:13
Lunixiait has to or else it wouldnt work when you put your config file in your home directory14:14
[THC]AcidRainHEY im trying to point a domain to my box through a router and a bridge. on the router, what is the significance of the DNS1 and the DNS2. should i point to these ips instead of the public ip?14:14
wesselLunixia, maybe it is hard coded?14:14
Lunixiacould be14:14
=== eris23 is now known as NetRiot
lucky_starwill anybody plz help me14:15
lucky_starhow keep safe sys from hacker's attacks14:15
Lunixiaacidrain- DNS1 and DNS2 are you talking about the setttings on your local machine?14:15
bazhanglucky_star, with what14:15
ullasBluesKaj are you there14:15
Lunixiaacidrain - or the ones in your router?14:15
[THC]AcidRainLunixia: yeah. my previous problem is that the public ip i pointed the domains to is bringing up the bridge interface14:16
[THC]AcidRainyeah, the ones on my router14:16
lucky_staris there any gud program to track hacker activities ??14:16
ullasThe LED light is always on on my dell after installing 11.04 Help. (Intel Core 2 Duo)14:16
[THC]AcidRaini was just wondering if pointing to either of my DNS addresses would fix this issue14:16
lucky_staror any " IP logger " ?14:16
bazhang!iptables > lucky_star14:16
ubottulucky_star, please see my private message14:16
BluesKajullas, yes14:17
lucky_starahaan ..ohhk sire14:17
Lunixiayou might need to point it to your routeor for DNS querying.. and as long as your router has a dns sevrer to query, you should be fine (normally your ISP will have dns servers within the DHCP lease)14:17
ullasBlueskay It is the led next to Webcam it lights only when webcam is on14:18
pozicHow can I say that my email application should be Thunderbird?14:19
Lunixiawessel: i would look up how conky is written. the .configrc file will let you customize conky to run how you want it to. thats about all I know about conky - oh and i have a pretty nice config file somewhere on my htpc just sitting there waiting to be used again14:19
pozic(in Unity)14:19
JoshuaLpozic, open the dash, type prefered applications14:19
lucky_starone more ques .   can anybody hack my lappy only  with IP address?14:20
lucky_stari mean14:20
lucky_starwhat if someone has my ip address?14:20
=== Lekensteyn is now known as Lekensteyn|away
bazhanglucky_star, try ##security14:20
[THC]AcidRainLunixia: look at private message14:20
[THC]AcidRaini have more details on my issue14:20
BorgTK2001lucky_star: On Ubuntu?14:20
rhin0any way of getting the old desktop/menus in 11.0414:20
pozicJoshuaL: that does not work, but my system is not set to English.14:20
rhin0otherwise i'm not using it14:20
lucky_staryeah on ubuntu  natty14:20
wesselLunixia, ye, I wanted to know how it works14:21
pozicJoshuaL: just tell me the name of the binary.14:21
BorgTK2001rhin0, yep14:21
bazhangrhin0, choose classic14:21
^Warriorcan you tell me....how emacs can let us edit text in terminal even  when in simple terminals we are not able to edit text which have been printed?14:21
JoshuaLpozic, try it in your language then14:21
rhin0where from14:21
rhin0please bazhang14:21
pozicJoshuaL: I already tried that.14:21
wesselI can not find this IF ELSE, which I also expected to be there14:21
SuNotisimai can't get flash player working in firefox - i put the libflashplayer.so in the right folder but nothing happens14:21
bazhangrhin0, log in window14:21
BorgTK2001on the login screen, choose Ubuntu Classic14:21
wesselbut I can you can hard code it14:21
rhin0right thanks very much bazhang14:21
wesselI guess*14:21
lucky_starubuntu  classic..aah got it .14:21
vakHow could it be ?!.. sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /home/user/svn-repo && sudo -u www-data ls /home/user/svn-repo ==> "Permission denied"14:21
smw^Warrior, the reason is that emacs is a middle man.14:22
JoshuaLpozic,  gnome-default-applications-properties14:22
wendicoHello everybody! I have being playing with my ubuntu to learn a bit and i messed with the packet manager and i uninstalled and installed packages. Now of course i had many problems. Is there away to revert to default packages installation?14:22
smw^Warrior, you are not looking at the strait terminal but emacs through the terminal14:22
lucky_star@ bazhang and BorgTK 2001  thanks  guys ..for ur suggestions14:22
makotohey. i can't get my modem to work, its dropping "pppd[2234]: LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests" when i call pppd, what is it and how do i fix it?14:22
ullasThe LED light is always on on my dell after installing 11.04 Help. (Intel Core 2 Duo)14:23
BorgTK2001lucky_star: Are you looking to prevent a hack attempt, or have you already got the feeling you have been hacked?14:23
BorgTK2001lucky_star: no troubles :)14:23
^Warrioroh i got it..... smw,but can you tell me any lib for programming editors which can let us edit on terminal14:23
lucky_stari guess, haven't been hacked yet .. but14:23
skripcan someone help me with my wireless card ?14:23
lucky_starwanna secure my sys from this kinda attacks14:23
bindilucky_star: you wont be hacked, thank you14:23
BorgTK2001Prevention is always good :) Just make sure youregularly update via Update Manager14:24
JoshuaLwendico, in synaptic search for ubuntu-desktop, try to "reinstall" that package, or mark the suggested packages for installation14:24
lucky_starbindi : ahaan ..thankss   for assurance :-)14:24
BorgTK2001Especially if there are important security updates14:24
lucky_staryeah i've updated every single program installed14:24
lucky_staron my sys14:24
smw^Warrior, um, do you know how it works? It takes the input from the terminal and makes it part of a document14:24
BorgTK2001bindi - that is patently false14:24
rhin0bazhang -- I can't see 'classic' on login window -- where from14:24
BorgTK2001Linux/Ubuntu is secure, but not foolproof14:24
smw^Warrior, no lib necessary14:24
wendicothank you Jooshual, i try right away14:25
bazhangrhin0, select user, then check bottom panel14:25
lucky_starbut guys ....i've installed Nmap and Wireshark14:25
ashmew2No Machine which has human beings operating it is "FoolProof"14:25
lucky_starbut dunno how to use them :P14:25
lucky_starhehe watta shame14:25
BorgTK2001ashmew2: Zing ;)14:25
^Warriorsmw thanks....now i will look at that part of the code to understand how it works :)14:26
skripsome help here ?14:26
lucky_staru guys are very helpful  ...14:26
bazhang!wifi | skrip14:26
ubottuskrip: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:26
BorgTK2001skrip - go ahead :)14:26
lucky_staractually i don't chat usually or don't seek for help14:26
rhin0ty bazhang -- fantastic -- ubuntu 11.04 on an ssd :)14:26
wendicoLol! ubuntu-desktop is mark as uninstalled, im happy i still can open connect and chat hehe, i install right now, thanks joshual14:26
lucky_starand thats my problem14:26
zroyschCould someone tell me how I go about troubleshooting a sound problem (i have no sound at all) in ubuntu 11.04? If i click the speaker in the taskbar and click sound preferences nothing happens14:27
MonkeyDustwendico: until you log out or restart14:27
BorgTK2001lucky_star: The key part here is that now you have been helped, take some time to learn the Ubuntu ropes, then comeback and help your fellow humans with Ubuntu issues :)14:27
JoshuaLwendico, glad i could help14:27
BorgTK2001zroysch: Do you have any sound effects even if you can't change the volume or prefs?14:28
lucky_starBorgTK2001:  sure sire .i'll14:28
lucky_star@zroysch  : use " gnome-volume-control" command14:28
^Warriorsmw...one important question does that mean that whenever we make any change in the buffer emacs has to reprint that again?14:28
BluesKaj!ask > skrip14:29
ubottuskrip, please see my private message14:29
wendicook, than, im going to reestart if im back is good luck :)14:29
wesselLunixia, did you know that if you change your .konkyrc and save it, it conky changes without restarting? :P14:29
smw^Warrior, why are you trying to remake emacs?14:29
BorgTK2001lucky_star: add this command to your list for sound too: alsamixer14:29
wesselI find that pretty amazing14:29
^Warriorsmw: i am just trying to understand because i myself is a programmer :)14:30
smw^Warrior, I believe emacs uses ncurses14:30
lucky_starheyyyyyyyy  @Borg   thanksss buddy14:31
BorgTK2001zroysch: if you open a terminal and type in the command: alsamixer , that should give you a volume control for the soundcard14:31
BorgTK2001lucky_star: No troubles :)14:31
BorgTK2001and, zroysch, it will also tell you if you have a sound card at all ;)14:32
^Warriorsmw:that makes sense ::14:32
lucky_starBorgTK2001 : now i'm thinking about ...  y don't i take some ubuntu classes from u :-)14:32
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] includes a file /database/script having the line: »SET TABLE "tbBegriffe20101010" INDEX'125461776 53292'« (which I have not produced directly). What is the effect of this line?14:32
skripI have just installed the recomended drivers (Broadcom STA wireless driver ) and even with that the wifi isnt working14:33
MonkeyDustskrip: is it a Broadcom 43xx?14:33
xskydevilxI get "Could not display run dialog" error when pressing Alt+F214:33
rhin0skrip you can wrap windows drivers for your wireless card with 'ndiswrapper' so ubuntu will use the windows drivers14:33
=== jofo is now known as jofo__
rhin0if you can't find the ubuntu drivers14:33
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
BorgTK2001lucky_star, I have no worries with that :) I have been using Ubuntu since 6.06. BUT: I am not an expert on all things Ubuntu - That comes with community :)14:34
SuNotisimai am trying to install flash player in my portable firefox 3.6 for ubuntu, but whichever libflashplayer.so i move into whatever plugins directory there is, i always get "no plugins are installed".14:34
lucky_stari'm using   "windows 7" as alternative OS .. but .. after using linux ..  i found window  USELESS :$14:34
lucky_starBorgTK2001: i'm using ubuntu  for 3months14:35
skripyes it is 43xx in older versions of ubuntu it was working great but now i wanted to try the new version Lubuntu but cant get them work14:35
=== jofo__ is now known as jofo_
BorgTK2001lucky_star: I only use windows for my gaming - everything else is Linux [Ubuntu specifically]14:35
lucky_starBorgTK2001 @ actually i don't play games ... sigh!!!14:35
BorgTK2001lucky_star: I'm not one to push distros, but make sure you wait for Ubuntu 12.04LTS - it should be special.14:36
araravhow cut al sumbol below /  ? grep or sed14:36
BorgTK2001April 2012 Long Term Support14:36
lucky_starwow ... next distro is coming sooon :-o14:36
lucky_staryeah it should be ..14:37
BorgTK2001Well, there is one more between that - 11.10 October 2011 :)14:37
lucky_stara friend of mine suggested me ..  Backtrack14:37
BorgTK2001But that is not an LTS ;)14:37
lucky_starbut i said .. first of all lemme learn some basics of linux14:37
lucky_starthen i'll think about installing Backtrack :P14:37
BorgTK2001Power of Linux = YOU are in control, not a corporation ;)14:38
Lunixiaanyone else run into the issue with restricted drivers (nVidia specifically) "Driver is Activated but not currently in use" ?14:38
BorgTK2001zroysch: You OK so far?14:38
lucky_starBest thing about linux   i found is .. Its power ...its flexibility  and its Terminal :P14:38
zroyschBorgTK2001: no sound at all.14:39
=== Lekensteyn|away is now known as Lekensteyn
zroyschlucky_star: i ran gnome-volume-control and it went to the next lien14:40
lucky_starhehehehe now 1 stupid ques :P14:40
zroyschlucky_star: nothing else happened14:40
lucky_starzroysch ?   ahem  .... can't say anything14:40
lucky_starbut it works for me14:40
BorgTK2001lucky_star: keep http://www.linuxtoday.com/ and http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/ bookmarked :)14:40
zroyschBorgTK2001: alsamixer is telling me about an SBLive card14:40
zroyschmeanwhile I'm using the onboard audio out :o14:41
zroyschchanging ports14:41
lucky_starhey BorgTK2001   thanks again .   :D14:41
BorgTK2001OKies, zroysch :)14:41
BorgTK2001No troubles lucky_star :)14:41
lucky_stari guess i'll be an expert soon ..  hehe14:41
BorgTK2001Indeed, lucky_star :)14:42
Lekensteynlucky_star: expert tip: make backups, it'll save your ass a few times ;)14:42
SuNotisimai can't get my flash player installed in firefox14:42
CentallithI asked yesterday about an internal hard drive. I've never added one to a computer. I plan to install Arch Linux or Fedora and keep Ubuntu on this drive. Would I be able to acess my files from this drive from another one?14:43
LekensteynSuNotisima: install `flashplugin-installer`14:43
CentallithSuNotisima, install the flash plugin for Mozilla right form Ubuntu software center.14:43
lucky_star@lekensteyn ... ahem .. but boss ...  actually  .. i've ever never used backup14:43
BorgTK2001Centallith: yep, that will work14:44
lucky_starutility deliberately :X14:44
BorgTK2001be away of the right drive names, though14:44
vibhavhi bazhang14:44
LekensteynCentallith: yes, you can have multiple disks, but be sure that your boot loader is installed on the disk on which the BIOS boots from14:44
Arachoner, how come that when I uninstall evolution-data-server-common, synaptic also wants to remove the majority of GNOME2?14:44
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: i am trying to install it to a standalone, portable firefox in a single folder. i have moved the required libflashplayer.so to the plugins folder but nothing happens14:44
BorgTK2001for example, your ubuntu drive could be SDA and the other drive SDB14:44
BorgTK2001so make sure you point the instals of Fedora to the correct drive14:45
lucky_stari can browse through another partition ..while using ubuntu14:45
=== ZzDevilSolution is now known as DevilSolution
CentallithOkay. I will probably be able to get it once it arrives. If I don't get Fedora on the 2 TB (new) drive it's fine. Dual Booting is fine too.14:45
LekensteynSuNotisima: is your firefox 64-bit?14:45
lucky_starbut i can't  .... see  the Partitions in which ubuntu is installed :P14:45
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: yes14:46
SuNotisimai used the "flash player square" thing14:46
BorgTK2001:) lucky_star: Microsoft isn't happy with ext2/3/4 partitions ;)14:46
LekensteynSuNotisima: in that case you need a 64-bit version of flash, use the one from https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash as it contains a fix for a bug that may cause crashes14:46
lucky_starBorgTK2002 : hehe you're ryt  :))14:46
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: i used this http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/square/14:47
BorgTK2001BUT there is an experimental way of seeing those partitions in windows - but it could wipe them too14:47
xskydevilxHow do I remove the black arrow from the gnome main menu button?14:47
lucky_starhehe actually i used to play with windows...  i've crashed windows many times just using MSDOS itself :P14:47
LekensteynSuNotisima: run firefox from the console (terminal), do you get any errors?14:47
lucky_starno security14:48
CentallithWell that's a risk I wouldn't take. It's like saying there is a chance of a window imploding when I look through it.14:48
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: let me see14:48
BorgTK2001Centallith: Indeed :)14:48
BorgTK2001zroysch: did the port swap do anything?14:48
zroyschBorgTK2001: helped me realize my ruhtardedness14:49
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
BorgTK2001Also, if you have two soundcards, you may need to disable the onboard card in the bios14:49
zroyschyea i think thats been done14:49
BorgTK2001LOL, zroysch :)14:49
zroyschyears ago14:49
zroyschwould be a good reason why the audio isnt working14:50
wesselin conky is it possible to have all cpugraph in in graph? I have 8 CPU so I have 8 different graphs takes up more than half my screen14:50
BorgTK2001But, to confirm, the port swap now gives you the sound?14:50
Refaelhola, am curious where the daemons processes begins and am curious if such was a Linux origin or Unix origin?14:50
tomThumbis there a diffrence between SysV, Initd and Chkconfig?14:50
tomThumbAny documentation on this?14:51
lucky_star* will be back in a jiffy*14:51
BorgTK2001Refael: I'll lean towards UNIX, but I have nothing to backup that belief - just a feeling :)14:51
coz_ hey guys14:51
lucky_starhttp://hackingpress.blogspot.com/  :P14:52
BorgTK2001How can we help, coz_?14:52
Lekensteynguys to coz_: hello14:52
lucky_starhave a look guys14:52
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: i can't get the firefox there to start alone, it's the tor bundle and the terminal only gives me info on vidalia it seems - when i try to start the firefox on its own, it starts my locally installed firefox -.-14:52
LekensteynSuNotisima: run firefox with the -no-remote option to prevent that14:52
mouseHow do I increase how fast my mouse sidescrolls with the mousewheel?14:53
coz_BorgTK2001,   thanks,, no  help required at this time :)14:53
BorgTK2001Oh, OKies, coz_ :) A general hello back at you :)14:53
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: still straty my local firefox14:53
coz_BorgTK2001,  there you go :)14:53
LekensteynSuNotisima: where does your firefox profile of your portable app reside?14:54
Jaime771_hey, is this the IRC support group channel?14:54
cloventtJaime771_: yes14:55
=== Jaime771_ is now known as Jaime771
BorgTK2001IRC Ubuntu support, yes, Jaime771_14:55
wendicohello again, i had no luck. I can only log in propertly in Ubuntu Classicc. Unity no work (no panels), No effects no work (no window borders) only Classic. Reinstalling Ubuntu-desktop and Unity dont solve the problem. New user dont solve the problem. Any tips?14:55
lucky_starbbye guys  .... see you again :-)     .. take care14:55
BorgTK2001Bye, lucky_star14:55
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: the program directory is App/Firefox and the profile directory is Data/profile.14:55
LekensteynSuNotisima: start firefox with: /path/to/firefox-portable -profile /path/to/Data/profile -no-remote14:55
BorgTK2001How can we help, Jaime771 ?14:56
lucky_starBorgTK2001 : it wz nice meeting you :-)14:56
Jaime771How do I verify by SASL (or something like that) to use a server whenever I'm on 3G?14:56
Jaime771to connect14:56
BorgTK2001And you too, lucky_star  - I have bookmarked your lkink four a later read :)14:56
SuNotisimaLekensteyn: it starts with14:57
lucky_starahaan  thanks : - )14:57
lucky_starno .. leaving  B)14:57
SuNotisimaRules Failed: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) [nsIFile.isDirectory]"  nsresult: "0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://https-everywhere/content/code/HTTPSRules.js :: anonymous :: line 153"  data: no]14:57
wendico(note unily logs in, i have desktop background but no panels, i can right click desktop and create launchers and launch them, aplications work but no window borders))14:57
Jaime771anyone encounter the same problem when they're mobile?14:58
BorgTK2001wendico: at the login screen, try changing to Ubuntu Classioc14:58
BorgTK2001Sounds like a Compiz crash, wendico14:58
BorgTK2001only thing about Ubuntu Classic is there is no Unity - and I like Unity :(14:59
wendicoBorgTK2001 , yes, if u may read a little above i esplain, ubuntu classic ok, but no effects no ok and save mode no ok14:59
Jaime771who created this channel?14:59
BorgTK2001wendico: would you like to use Unity or classic?14:59
wendicothats why im here14:59
wendicoclassic work perfect14:59
wendicoalso compiz15:00
wendicogood effects15:00
wendicobut i installed this new version to have unity hehe15:00
Jaime771help me, please.15:00
BorgTK2001OKies :) sorry for that mixup :)15:00
wendico(upps sorry so many lines, i forget with this empathi globes theme....)15:00
BorgTK2001But will still give it a shot ;)15:00
Centallithwendico: You have CCSM right? The compiz settings editor?15:01
Jaime771BorgTK2001: how can I verify by SASL whenever I'm on 3F?15:01
BorgTK2001Without the panels in Unity, can you still open a terminal15:01
wendicoCentallith, no, but i install it right away15:01
BorgTK2001Jaime771: I am sorry - that Q is beyond me :( But I hope someone here can help15:01
wendicoy just unisntalled to try to solve problem15:01
CentallithLog into Unity and right click to make an empty file. Then, go to File System/Usr/Share/applications/CCSM once you have it installed.15:01
satonio_http://pastebin.com/aa5UcYe1 i'm having problems with a ATI Radeon X1950 GT and xserver-xorg-video-radeon drivers it's using sw rasterizer15:02
Jaime771BorgTK2001: you know what I'm talking about?15:02
m3asmiwhereis the java policy file15:02
CentallithThen, select Unity as the profile. Return the defaults. Now, go to the Desktop tab and enable the Unity plugin. Dialog Windows pop up, just do everything you can to disable compiz settings.15:02
BorgTK2001Something about a 3G connection - but I don't know what SASL is :(15:03
wendicoCentallith, i try right away! thank u15:03
flo_i got problems with my Surf stick... it sucks15:03
CentallithNo problem wendico. I have disabled Unity hundreds of times and gotten it back this way.15:03
BorgTK2001Centallith: I'm adding that help snippet into my brain, too ;)15:04
wendicoby the way i think u are on the path, playing with my classic and compiz i remember to read a warning dialog about something like that when enabling a compiz plugin15:04
Sug[[ .. ]] why its used in bash ?15:04
BorgTK2001wendico: all it takes is one crashy plugin, and down the tube :(15:05
BorgTK2001I want my wiggly windows on 10.04LTS, but compiz randomly crashes, so I am stuck with metacity15:05
lloowenHello all! I'm trying to get my Ubuntu PC to connect to my TV. Not having much fun. I'm trying to connect by using the 'SVHS' port. I've never used it before. Any ideas what command I can use to check that this hardware is up and running on my pc?15:06
BorgTK2001lloowen: lspci in a terminal?15:08
ktwohi, quick questions: how secure are linux passwords ? (assuming it is too complex for bruteforce) is there a change it can  be read? (i dont care about bypassing by reset, but can my password be read somehow?)15:08
BorgTK2001And then I don't know what you should look for, something to do with your graphics output :)15:08
BorgTK2001ktwo - that is a mathematical issue ;)15:09
=== Furai_drunk is now known as Furai
CentallithNowadays Linux passwords are pretty secure from what I know. I have no sources to back that claim up, however.15:09
BorgTK2001a 64-char password should be pretty strong15:09
BorgTK2001but an 8-char password will be 'broken' quite easily15:09
sagaciktwo, physical access can ruin your 63-char linux password if your drive isn't encrypted15:10
BluesKajlloowen, which graphics card ?15:10
wendicookey my frind, lol, 3 conflicts with unity plugin in compiz thats why was disabled (unity conflics especialy with Rotate Flip Left of the Rotate Cube)15:10
ktwomh.. so if someone gets my drive (even if it is off) it would be technically possible to get the PW?15:10
coz_wendico,  well y ou can set the cube in Unity,,15:10
wendicoy just solved the conflicts, i try unity now, BRB15:10
lloowenBluesKaj: The graphic card is nVidia.15:10
CentallithYeah, wendico, Cube is a terrible idea. That is the first way I screwed my Unity up. Is everything resolved?15:11
coz_wendico,  it is not,,at least at this time,, so  elegant,,but it will work15:11
pozicDoes Unity make other 3D applications run slower?15:11
coz_pozic,  like which?15:11
BorgTK2001no real evidence of that, pozic, but I haven't run the benchmarks :)15:12
poziccoz_: like WebGL stuff.15:12
BluesKajlloowen, open admin/additional drivers,make ure you choose the recommended drive , then install, once installed yo'll have to reboot.15:13
coz_pozic,   ,, I dont think it is compiz directly,, it may be the video chip , whichever you use,, however ,, 3d apps tend to be far more resource intensive15:13
=== root is now known as Guest60376
BluesKajdriver lloowen15:13
mouseHow do I increase how fast my mouse sidescrolls with the mousewheel?15:14
CentallithHow would I go about making my current user Root without the Sudo command from the Terminal? I want to log in as root and carry out all my operations that way.15:14
=== Phoebus_ is now known as Phoebus
coz_pozic,  on Natty/ Unity  it is more difficult in that you really cant disable compiz to run a 3d application to save on resources15:14
BorgTK2001Hello Guest60376. Can we help?15:14
poziccoz_: I think Unity takes up video memory.15:14
poziccoz_: it should unload all that memory before a 3d app is started.15:14
LekensteynCentallith: sudo su15:14
BorgTK2001pozic - not Unity directly, but Compiz ;)15:14
Jaime771Wow! 1568 members!15:14
escottCentallith, sudo -i15:14
pozicBorgTK2001: I am not even sure whether I use Compiz.15:14
pozicBorgTK2001: is it default in 11.04?15:15
coz_pozic,  it certainly does,, however, just remember that this Unity is based on compiz as the compositor and it is new,, give it time,,15:15
poziccoz_: if I install unity2d, I will not have this problem, right?15:15
BorgTK2001I know I don't [on my 10.04.2LTS], as it randomly crashes. Metacity for me with no wobbly windows15:15
poziccoz_: I don't care about fancy stuff, which uses resources that my apps need.15:15
coz_pozic,  right,, unity2d will not eat up the resources as much as the 3d15:15
pozicI don't have wobbly Windows now.15:16
pozicI already disabled it in Gnome.15:16
PwrSurgeyou mean wiggly waffles?15:16
coz_pozic   then try the 2d15:16
JoshuaLi loved wobbly windows :(15:16
BorgTK2001JoshuaL: Same :)15:16
m3asmihow can I find the java policy in ubuntu ?!15:16
coz_pozic,  i found the unity2d just as effective so no real loss there15:16
PwrSurgewibbily wubily15:16
Jaime771BorgTK2001: why is it that sometimes when I connect I get an underscore after my name?15:17
poziccoz_: it is already installed.15:17
BorgTK2001And 'Cube' - as a cylinder, though15:17
coz_pozic,  cool then log onto unity2d and tell me how it works for you :)15:17
BorgTK2001Jaime771: That could be a strange IRC logout/login issue15:17
CentallithUh oh... I just realized I somehow removed the "Applications" and "Files and Folders" from my Unity taskbar. Where do I find these to put them back on?15:17
Lekensteynm3asmi: what policy? All settings are stored in ~/.java (for sun-java6) or ~/.icedtea or ~/.icedteaplugin  (for openjdk)15:17
CentallithSorry. I'm full of issue today.15:17
BorgTK2001The underscore could be from a 'ghost' already here as the non-underscore name15:18
PwrSurgethat's one of the few reasons I am holding off in upgrading to 11.0415:18
BorgTK2001PwrSurge: Wait [like me] for 12.04LTS ;)15:18
helpmehow to check that direct rendering is on in natty?15:19
ArachonI just installed network-manager-gnome, but I can't see the network  manager applet...15:19
escotthelpme, glxinfo15:19
=== andy_ is now known as Guest55147
m3asmilekenstey , I wich grant permition in that file (java policy)15:20
m3asmiLekensteyn: I wich grant permition in that file (java policy)15:20
killerklownhi everybody15:20
killerklowndoes anybody knows where i could get help on updating my ubuntu netbook remix to the newest version ?15:20
TuhinUb 10.10 not connecting to router(through 1Gbit switch) after the swithc is added15:21
helpmehow do i install CAll of Duty world at war on natty>15:21
Tuhini have set the wired ethernet to connect automatically15:21
killerklownthe repositories are all offline15:21
BorgTK2001helpme: ?15:21
BorgTK2001Call of duty on Linux? They have a native binary?15:21
blackhorsecan u help me???15:21
killerklownand i can't get my jaunty to upgrade /update15:21
BorgTK2001blackhorse: we can try :) What's your issue15:22
mxphey i am using unity now15:22
helpmeBorgTK2001: its possible to play COD on linux15:22
mxphow can i add network activity graphs ?15:22
mxpto ma top panel15:22
mxpis there any network activity indication system15:22
BorgTK2001helpme: not likely as running on Windows15:22
BorgTK2001But WINE may help, helpme15:22
killerklown@borg lol15:22
BorgTK2001But could be laggy in-game15:22
helpmeBorgTK2001: FPS gets better than windows15:22
chewbaccamxp : conky15:23
blackhorsewhy in ubuntu 10,04 LTS,, my computer can't detect LAN card atheros????15:23
helpmeBorgTK2001: http://www.ehow.com/how_5941905_install-call-duty-ubuntu.html15:23
ikoniahelpme: look on the wine application database which will give you an idea as to compatiblility and performance15:23
mxpchewbacca, that would be on desktop right?15:23
BorgTK2001helpme: definatky if CoD has linux native files, it will work much better than windows15:23
ikoniaBorgTK2001: define "can't detect"15:23
ikoniaBorgTK2001: it doesn't15:23
ikoniablackhorse: define can't detect15:24
helpmeikonia: i have wine but the install part of COD gives errors15:24
mxphow can i make that applet appear in my panel like bluetooth icon15:24
mxpany applet ?15:24
ikoniahelpme: ok - so as I said check the wine application database to see it's support and compatibility levels15:24
escottmxp, check omg ubuntu they had one a couple days ago15:24
BorgTK2001http://appdb.winehq.org/ - helpme15:25
mxpescott, i am looking at that cant find it15:25
killerklowndoes anybody knows where i could get help on updating my ubuntu netbook remix to the newest version ?15:25
killerklownthe repositories are all offline15:25
killerklownand i can't get my jaunty to upgrade /update15:25
ikoniakillerklown: which repos are down15:25
killerklownthe old jaunty15:25
ikoniakillerklown: on which host ?15:25
BorgTK2001http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1346 for CoD15:25
blackhorseikonia: I can't connect with my modem... why guys???15:25
ikoniablackhorse: ok - so now you're asking about a modem, a minute ago you where asking about a network card15:26
escottmxp, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/indicator-multiload-is-a-gnome-applet-style-system-monitor-for-your-desktop-panel/15:26
BorgTK2001blackhorse: 56Kb modem?15:26
killerklown@ ikonia : i get (among others ) this message : Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/source/Sources  404 Not Found [IP: 80]15:27
ikonia!oldrelease | killerklown15:27
killerklowni know it' an old release15:28
BorgTK2001killerklown: I don't think JJ is kept alive anymore15:28
fooman2011re hi15:28
=== root_jack is now known as jack_bt5
killerklownis there a way to update from JJ to something newer ?15:28
ikoniakillerklown: ok, so why are you not looking on the old release server ?15:28
ikoniafooman2011: how did you get on with your raid15:28
BorgTK2001killerklown: yep15:28
fooman2011hey ikonia15:28
fooman2011thank you my raid is ok now :)15:28
pozicI don't see any difference when I do that.15:28
ikoniafooman2011: that's great nes15:29
killerklownbecause i have no idea how to do it :-) ?15:29
fooman2011I have a new problem about the Wake on lan now15:29
fooman2011it's a strange problem15:29
ikoniakillerklown: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/15:29
BorgTK2001killerklown: Not offical, but: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu9.04-jaunty-jackalope-to-9.10-karmic-koala-desktop-and-server15:30
jm__hello how can i change the name of a file under xubuntu please'15:30
ikonia!upgrade | killerklown15:30
ubottukillerklown: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:30
ikoniathat is official15:30
fooman2011When the user stop the PC using the "halt" command, the wake on lan is OK (I mean i can turn on the PC from a webpage). But when a script called by cron turn off the PC (using "halt" too) the wake on lan is NOK.15:30
=== uri is now known as uri247
killerklownthx both of you guys, you rock !15:31
pozicWhy don't Unity and Unity2d share the same menu entries?15:31
BorgTK2001pozic, I think they will by the time 12.04LTS comes around15:31
ikoniafooman2011: I'm surprised, I'd expect "halt" to not have WOL enabled15:31
fooman2011I have tried to add "ethtool -s eth0 wol g" in /etc/rc.local and /etc/network/interface without any success15:31
BorgTK2001but this time around, 10.04 is a test bed for unity-2d15:31
pozicBorgTK2001: I detect sarcasm.15:32
=== uri is now known as uri247
BorgTK200110.04 should be 11.0415:32
jm__any xubunter here'15:32
Shaba1what is and xubunter?15:32
fooman2011ikonia: it's seems to be more secure to unactive WOL at shutdown...15:32
ikoniajm__: #xubuntu and just ask the question15:32
CentallithA user that uses Xubuntu.15:32
llutzfooman2011: place a short script containing  "/sbin/ethtool -s ethX wol g" in /etc/network/if-down.d/15:33
ikoniafooman2011: I'm just surprised WOL responds at all after a halt15:33
jack_bt5hi guys - just quickly i am trying to connect to #backtack-linux but it says i am banned15:33
BorgTK2001pozic: deadly serious. I'm an LTS user exclusivly, and very disappointed Unity is not available for me till 12.0415:33
CentallithOkay, so is there anyone who knows how to restore the "Applications" launcher to the Unity dock? I seem to have removed it somehow.15:33
ikoniajack_bt5: ask for help in #freenode15:33
fooman2011llutz: ok thank (what is this directoy ?15:33
jack_bt5thank you15:33
pozicBorgTK2001: well, I can certainly understand why they did that.15:34
llutzfooman2011: script in there will be run after network-iface is taken down (ifupdown/network-manager)15:34
pozicBorgTK2001: Gnome 2.2<high> was a good release.15:34
bullgard4[OO.o 3.2, HSQLDB] My OO.o database Base form opens showing the record #44679. How can I chang this to #1?15:34
pozicBorgTK2001: Unity didn't crash for me yet, but otherwise is simply not finished.15:34
ikoniabullgard4: #openoffice.org15:34
BorgTK2001pozic: I really love Lucid - very so very stable15:35
pozicBorgTK2001: I liked 10.10.15:35
zxiestHello :-)15:35
BorgTK2001pozic: Unity is definitely not finished yet :)15:35
zxiestIf I stop a service, would it restart when the server reboots?15:35
ikoniazxiest: depends if the service is set to auto start15:35
pozicBorgTK2001: I like the double tab to get to the starter menu.15:35
zxiestikonia how can I check whether a service is set to auto start?15:36
pozicHeh, it appears to be a single tap in 2d.15:36
BorgTK2001pozic: :)15:36
pozicConsistency went -> that way.15:36
ikonia!upstart | zxiest15:36
ubottuzxiest: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:36
zxiestubottu thanks -)15:36
zxiestikonia thanks =)15:36
vibhavzxiest, You thanked ubottu?15:37
=== res22_ is now known as res22
zxiestvibhav auto complete fails15:37
pozicvibhav: there is no need to discriminate bots.15:37
pozicvibhav: you are one too after all.15:37
vibhavvibhav,  Oh really?15:38
pozicvibhav: yes, you are a finite state automaton with finite life-span in a finite universe.15:38
ikoniaguys, please not in the support channel15:38
vibhavWe are all discussing offtopic thingies , lets go to #ubuntu-offtopic15:39
vibhavikonia, OK15:39
=== XuMuK|ZNC is now known as XuMuK
fooman2011llutz: i tried. i have added the script15:40
bullgard4ikonia: I know #ubuntuoffice.org. Do you?15:40
fooman2011llutz: seems doesn't work :(15:40
ikoniabullgard4: I don't know that channel, only #openoffice.org15:40
bullgard4ikonia: I know #openoffice.org. Do you?15:40
ikoniabullgard4: yes, that's why I asked you to take you're question to the channel15:40
mads-How would I recover the history from another user on my computer? I have sudo access15:41
ikoniamads-: look at their .bash_history file in their home dir15:42
pozicByobu says that F9 should bring up the menu, but it doesn't. The other F keybindings do work.15:44
pozicHow can I get F9 to do something useful?15:44
BorgTK2001Hi GregAce - can we help?15:44
GregAcehey guys I have a problem with my keyboard15:44
BorgTK2001OKies, GregAce15:44
GregAce@BorgTK2001, yep15:44
GregAcemy keyboard is doing something funny15:45
GregAceworking well here15:45
GregAcebut in the terminal is doing funny stuff15:45
escottpozic, double check that f9 isn't bound to something else in the window manager with ccsm (compiz) or gconftool (metacity)15:46
GregAcebut only when I'm editing someting in VI or installing stuff with cpan15:46