ckontrosScottL: Yo. I guess there's really no need.21:33
holsteinckontros: you talking about the meeting?21:41
holsteini think everyone bailed out right?21:41
ckontrosYeah. As per the list anyway.21:42
holsteinyou cant get any good help these days ;)21:43
holsteinckontros: i started that wiki page, and ScottL really hooked it up with a nice grid21:43
holsteinis there anything else like that i can be doing?21:43
ckontrosWell, it's par for the course really. People bail. Its live. :)21:44
ckontrosholstein: Not really. There's some technicals to get in place before others can jump in. Its really early. Dont sweet it. ;)21:45
holsteincool, just let me know if theres any little busy work things like that i can help with21:45
holsteinim far from contributing code unfortunately21:45
ckontrosholstein: You running XFCE?21:45
holsteinckontros: i plan to ASAP21:46
holsteinprobably get the xubuntu 11.10 whenever it builds21:46
ckontrosOk/ I should have a XFCE theme soon for folks to test.21:46
holsteinrun it on something21:46
holsteinckontros: sure, im looking forward to it21:46
holsteinthe screenies you guys were tossing around look awesome21:47
astraljavaI concur, especially the one I responded to on the list.21:58
ckontrosThe one Izo posted isnt gonna happen. I dont wanna sound shitty, but I clearly posted what was going on. What I was gonna use. The desktop screenshot he posted was fine but isnt what we're gonna do. That why I wanted this meeting. To be clear on things.21:59
astraljavackontros: Yeah okay. I don't mind whatever individual thing is being selected. I'm just overall amazed at the level of awesomeness you guys can deliver. :)22:02
ckontrosGotcha. Be sure that whatever we actually do ship will be just as awesome as previous releases. (even thought the past few haven't been refreshed.22:03
astraljavaI hear ya.22:03
ckontrosPM if needed.22:33

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