Red_hi guys.... can someone tell me how to join multiple channels of a server on Xchat-gnome Irc client06:20
radjahziki have ubuntustudio 11 and sometime its frizz18:21
radjahziki can made anything i'm obliged to reboot18:22
radjahzikhave you an idea18:22
radjahzikcan i setup the memory or else ???18:24
radjahzik__how switch off a window frizzing18:40
radjahzik__is there a trick?18:41
radjahzik__like CTRL + ??18:41
holsteinradjahzik: o/19:16
holsteinwhat do you mean by 'frizzing' ?19:16
holsteinradjahzik: i would look at http://loco.ubuntu.com/19:19
holsteinUI issues are going to be generic to both ubuntu and ubuntustudio19:19
radjahzikplease help me to config jackd21:26
radjahziki install him no problem21:26
radjahziki set a config  no problem21:26
radjahziki add a effect  no problem21:26
radjahziki start a rec application and the computer frizz "stop "21:27
holsteinradjahzik: what are your JACK setting?21:27
holsteinmaybe just relax them a bit21:27
radjahzikCalg plugin21:27
holsteinframes/period 102421:27
holsteinand periods/buffer 321:28
radjahzikok that done 64 ms latences !!21:29
radjahzikno 69.721:30
radjahzikbuffer was  221:30
radjahziknot 1024 but 6421:30
radjahzikpriorité 6021:30
radjahzikso priority ??21:31
holsteinradjahzik: nope21:31
holsteinchange the settings21:31
radjahziki try it21:31
holsteinthe frames/period21:31
holsteinthat you have set to 6421:31
holsteinthat is really pretty extreme21:31
holsteintry 1024 like i suggested21:32
radjahzikit was realy cool21:32
holsteinand also, 3 persiods/buffer21:32
radjahzikbut no stable21:32
radjahzik ok21:32
holsteinthat should give you a lot of latency21:32
holstein70ms or something like that21:32
holsteinBUT, you will start it, and try what you were trying21:32
radjahziki'm try21:33
holsteinand if its stable, you'll know you are asking the hardware to do more than it can do21:33
radjahzikand i here the latence !!21:33
holsteinIF, you want some realtime effects capable of lowerlatency that is lighter on the system21:33
holsteinlook at rakarrack21:33
holsteinyou'll have to decide what you want to do as far as a compromise21:33
radjahziki'm direct in connect21:33
holsteinradjahzik: ?21:34
holsteinthat doesnt matter21:34
holsteinthe latency is what JACK is set to21:34
holsteinradjahzik: if you want guitar effects21:34
holsteinuse rakarrack21:34
radjahzikjust voice21:34
holsteinand start lowering the frames/buffer settings21:35
holsteinradjahzik: still, you can use rakarrack if you want21:35
holsteinits just really light weight and stable*21:35
holsteinOR, just accept the higher latency21:35
radjahzikwhich value can i modify to chose less than 102421:35
holsteinOR, get a more capable sound card21:35
radjahziki have 4 Go21:36
holsteinradjahzik: the frames/buffer settings21:36
holsteinand periods/buffer21:36
holsteinthose are the 2 you change21:36
radjahziki try 512 /2 buffer21:36
holstein62 /2 is quite extreme21:37
holsteinmy firewire device can do that21:37
holsteinbut not on more than just a few channels stable21:37
holstein128 /2 is about as hard as i push it21:37
holsteinand thats just for live effects like what you are doing21:37
holsteini use 1024 /3 for mixing21:38
radjahzikand on live you use 128 /2 ??21:38
holsteindepends on what i need to do21:39
holsteinif its just one line with one effect21:39
holsteini might try 64 /221:39
radjahzikjust want to rec like live21:39
holsteinradjahzik: then, you dont need low latency anyway21:39
holsteinjust record, and dont use JACK to monitor21:40
holsteinand you wont hear the latency21:40
holsteinand you can use your current hardware :)21:40
radjahzikyes on my Maudio micro21:41
radjahziki have no choice21:41
radjahzikits usb micro in/out21:41
radjahzikand with linux its not config playback direct21:41
holsteinradjahzik: uses the madfuload package?21:41
radjahziki must use jack to connecty in /out21:42
radjahzikwhat is that ?21:42
holsteini think i have that device though21:42
holsteinand an maudio transit too21:42
holsteinthe latency is pretty bad*21:42
radjahzikfor the moment its good21:43
holsteinhey, its what you got21:43
holsteinbut, the latency is not good :/21:44
radjahzikwhat do you use to rec after jackd21:45
radjahzikjack rack its enormus21:46
holsteinradjahzik: i use ardour mostly21:47
radjahzikits 128/321:48
radjahziki test its cool21:48
radjahzikno bug21:48
holsteinradjahzik: cool, that'll do21:48
radjahziki dont arrived install protools21:49
radjahzikbut with jack i can be have a great tools yet21:49
holsteini prefer ardour21:49
radjahzikme problem was the bug21:50
holsteinJACK is not trivial21:50
radjahzikso linux fo life !!!21:50
holsteinradjahzik: however, thats not a bug21:50
holsteinJACK doesnt care how hard you want to try and push it21:50
radjahzikhowever you have21:50
holsteinyou can just make your system lock up trying to use it21:51
holsteini personally appreciate that21:51
radjahzikyes me toot21:51
holsteinletting me find my own hardware limitations21:51
holsteininstead of settling on a pre-determined middle ground that everyone can use21:51
radjahzikno driver for my microphone21:51
holsteinradjahzik: USB mic?21:51
radjahzikits simply to find21:51
radjahziki like it21:52
holsteinwhat is it?21:52
radjahziksuper sound21:52
radjahzikM audio Producer21:52
holsteineh, im not a fan of those USB mic's personally21:52
holsteinbut, im glad its working for you :)21:52
radjahzikthere is a out fo head phone on it21:52
radjahzikyes i have find just jack is able to config the out in direct21:53
radjahzikthe driver oss that maudio speak are not working21:53
holsteinso, it does work?21:53
radjahzikjust use jack21:53
radjahziki have try it on much distrib21:54
radjahzikim on ubuntustudio 1121:54
radjahziki know with linuxmint 9 no problem to21:54
holsteinradjahzik: i would plug in the USB mic21:55
holsteinopen a terminal, and see if you see it running the command21:55
holsteinand also with the commands21:56
holsteinaplay -l21:56
holsteinarecord -l21:56
holsteinIF you see the USB mic in aplay and arecord, then JACK can talk to it21:56
holsteinwhen you are looking at qjackctl, under the setup menu, where you are setting the frames/period settings21:57
holsteintake a look at...21:57
holsteinwhere it says 'interface'21:57
holsteinthere are actually 2 drop down menus21:57
holsteinthats where the USB mic would show up*21:57
radjahzikwhen i stop jackd the sound continue ??22:01
holsteinwhat sound?22:01
radjahzikan there is a little rumble22:01
radjahzikof playback22:02
holsteinwhat should happen is..22:02
holsteinyou start JACK22:02
holsteinthen, you start whatever apps you want to use22:02
holsteinthen, when your done22:02
holsteinyou close the apps22:02
holsteinand then stop JACK, then close it22:02
holsteini dont know what noises you have in your system22:02
holsteinits quite normal to hear hard drives spinning, and elecrital interference22:03
radjahzikah sorry  30 s  after nomre sound22:03
radjahziki have must reboot when its crash ?22:05
radjahzikis there a command to kill and start jackd22:05
holsteinkillall jackd22:05
radjahzikand start22:06
radjahzikjust jackd22:06
holsteinradjahzik: i just use qjackctl22:06
holsteinjack control*22:06
holsteinin the menu22:07
radjahzikholstein :  jackd and rec crash my system ??22:31
radjahziki m obliged to reboot22:31
radjahzikwhen i want resatart jackd , i have nomore view of interface22:32
radjahzikjackdmp comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY22:34
radjahzikThis is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it22:34
radjahzikunder certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details22:34
radjahzik23:34:07.669 JACK a été arrêté avec statut de sortie=255.22:34
radjahzik23:34:14.638 Impossible de connecter le serveur JACK comme client. - L'opération a échoué. - Erreur de communication serveur. Veuillez consulter la fenêtre des messages pour plus d'informations.22:34
radjahzikJackSocketClientChannel read fail22:34
holsteinradjahzik: try this as well22:35
holsteinclose and stop JACK22:35
holsteinmake sure you are in the audio group22:35
holsteinsudo adduser YOURUSERNAME audio22:35
holsteinradjahzik: and double check that the device you want is selected22:36
radjahzikL'utilisateur `radjahzik' appartient déjà au groupe `audio'22:37
radjahziksay that radjahzik its in already in the group22:37
holsteinyou can try starting jack as root22:38
holsteinyou dont want to run JACK as root*22:38
holsteinthis would be to troubleshoot for permissions22:38
holsteingksudo qjackctl22:38
radjahzikso ?22:38
holsteinagain, use that temporarily*22:38
radjahzikerreur communication22:39
radjahziki have to much modify the set22:39
radjahzikpriority : ?22:40
holsteinradjahzik: in qjackctl under 'setup'22:40
holsteinpriority is default22:40
holsteinyou shouldnt have messed with anything there anyways22:40
holsteinother than frames/period and period/buffer22:41
holsteinradjahzik: you can mess around with it though, but i dont think thats the issue22:41
radjahziknb of port22:41
radjahziknumber of mawimal port ?22:42
holsteinradjahzik: yeah, dont mess with those22:42
radjahzikand ms22:42
holsteinradjahzik: *dont* mess with those22:42
holsteinunless you know what they are22:42
holsteinframes/period and periods/buffer are the ones you tweak22:43
holsteinthe other stuff *should* be fine22:43
holsteinradjahzik: double check under interface22:43
holsteinradjahzik: also, you can look under driver, and select the 'dummy' driver22:43
radjahzikhere no dummy22:44
holsteinif it works with the dummy driver, then you know JACK is probably fine22:44
holsteinradjahzik: where is says 'alsa'22:44
holsteinthats where you select 'dummy'22:44
holsteinunless its been taken out for some reason22:45
radjahzikthere is no dummy in this list22:45
holsteinradjahzik: OK, so its been taken out22:45
holsteindont worry about it then*22:46
holsteinradjahzik: im not runnin 11.0422:46
radjahzikwhat you have22:46
holsteinim running 10.04, the LTS (long term support)22:46
radjahzikubuntustudio 10.04 ?22:46
holsteinits all the same22:47
holsteinubuntu = ubuntustudio22:47
holsteini have one that i used the acutal ubuntustudio install discs for22:47
radjahzikcan y downgrade to 10.04*22:47
holsteinthe rest, i just add what i want22:47
holsteinradjahzik: nope22:47
holsteinradjahzik: you dont need to though22:47
holsteinthats not the issue22:47
holsteinthe issue is, you just started using JACK22:47
holsteinyou'll figure it out ;)22:47
radjahzikyes the furtur22:48
radjahzikwill 11.0422:48
radjahzikso try22:48
holsteinjust keep trying22:48
radjahzikmaybe a memory system22:48
holsteinyou've just changed a setting somewhere22:48
holsteinradjahzik: nope22:48
holsteinits a JACK setting22:48
holsteinim %90 sure22:48
holsteinradjahzik: those settings dont need to be done anymore22:49
holsteinmemlock and all that*22:49
holsteinradjahzik: yeah, im pretty sure22:49
radjahzikmemlock fix ??22:49
holsteindouble check the 'interface' settings22:49
holsteinradjahzik: yeah, thats *not* necessary any more22:49
holsteinany of that*22:49
holsteinno memlock22:49
holsteinnothing like that22:50
radjahzikcan you screen print you setup22:50
holsteinyou had JACK working22:50
holsteinradjahzik: but, that wont help22:50
holsteinthis is an internal intel sound card22:50
radjahzikand send me like pasteit22:50
holsteinon the machine im on22:50
holsteinand the other is a firewire device22:50
radjahzikno problem22:50
holsteinthats why this is so challenging22:50
holsteinradjahzik: your config will be different from mine22:51
holsteini'll personally guarantee it22:52
radjahzikok i reboot22:52
radjahzikto see22:52
radjahzikok i have reboot and its work22:56
radjahzikwith ardour22:56
radjahzikin ardour i selact jack22:57
holsteinradjahzik: right, you just need to spend some time with JACK22:57
holsteinits not trivial22:57
holsteinits not something you learn how to use in an afternoon*22:57
radjahzikwhen i add effec on jack22:58
radjahziki connect the output effect on input ardour22:58
holsteinconnect it however you want22:59
holsteinthats what JACK is all about22:59
radjahzikso it will be good22:59
holsteinyou can track the wet and dry outs from a guitar22:59
holsteinOR another piece of software22:59
holsteinyou can record those to tracks in ardour22:59
radjahzikusely the bug come at this instant22:59
holsteinor use them to trigger MIDI22:59
holsteinOR stream out live to the internet22:59
holstein*whatever you want to do22:59
radjahziklets test22:59
holsteinradjahzik: its not a bug*23:00
holsteinif you push JACK to hard, it will fail/crash23:00
holsteinyou also could have something sharing an IRQ with your USB or audio device23:01
holsteincheck out in a terminal23:01
holsteincat /proc/interrupts23:01
holsteinradjahzik: thats not a bug either*23:02
radjahzikwhen i back in ardour its dont made a back23:02
holsteinradjahzik: ?23:03
holsteinno playback in ardour?23:03
holsteindouble check the routing in JACK*23:03
radjahzikno i have just rec but i dont rewind23:03
holsteinradjahzik: under the 'connect' tab23:03
holsteinradjahzik: hit rewind23:03
holsteinardour is also not trivial*23:03
holsteinthere are really good documents for ardour though23:04
holsteinand the #ardour channel is very helpful23:04
holsteinradjahzik: also, check out #opensourcemusicians23:04
radjahzikok i have find roll on the travel23:05
holsteinradjahzik: sure, anytime :)23:05
radjahziki must work23:05
radjahzikso at soon23:05
radjahzikand my first test work23:07
radjahzikall is cool in 1024/323:08

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