uni4dfxwhere can i find the latest ubuntu/debian builds?19:05
SpamapSuni4dfx: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart21:25
uni4dfxah but those are really outdated21:26
SpamapSthose are the latest *ubuntu* builds21:26
uni4dfxwell yeah, i was just hoping for v1.121:26
SpamapSSo are we. :) The delta got a bit out of hand last cycle.. hopefully that will be resolved soon.21:27
uni4dfxany clue whether they will be ready til june?21:28
uni4dfxor at least IN june21:28
SpamapSNot sure. I know that there's an ongoing effort to push the Ubuntu-only changes into the 1.x branches... but it has hit a number of roadblocks.22:27

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