EpicCyndaquilwhat's the command to lock the display in xubuntu?00:16
xrdodrxEpicCyndaquil, xflock400:20
jimrewthank you for helping me with compiz :)00:43
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Alexandre_i installed xubuntu on my notebook hp pavilion 208004:07
Alexandre_when a rebooted my pc04:07
Alexandre_it freezes on a black screen04:07
Alexandre_someone can help me?04:07
Soupermanitoafter loging in?04:12
GrumpywolfeHi all does anybody here use gmail chat04:58
xrdodrxGrumpywolfe, occasionally04:59
Grumpywolfewell I can connect but the mic does not work in the firefox with gmail chat or pidgin05:00
Grumpywolfebut can recorde my voice05:00
xrdodrxMake sure Flash is configured properly.05:00
GrumpywolfeI did not have flash in at first will try agin05:01
Grumpywolfehave flash plugin for browser do I need a differnt one05:03
xrdodrxI don't know really, I'm sorry :/05:03
xrdodrxI only use the text chat usually lol05:04
GrumpywolfeI just tried again and no good just can hear my wife but she can not hear me05:04
Grumpywolfeno problem it was an idle05:06
GrumpywolfeI even fired up firefox in a term to see if there was any error messages but none05:06
Grumpywolfedone installing so have to reboot see ya all05:09
Deathspawnanyone know how to configure dual monitors so that it isn't the same image on both of them?05:46
SysiDeathspawn: nvidia/ati tool or arandr08:04
xeranasmorning, I need help.. i need know more about xubuntu sessions logic, can someone paste some link to explanation how it works why it so different from gnome2 ?08:46
Sysibecause it's not gnome2 or ment to be it08:47
Sysiwhat are you having problems with?08:47
xeranasyes ie after restart 3 instance of pidgin runing08:48
xeranasnot sure why, do on start it counts from autostart too (runing pidgin was saved on last seesion) so I try figure out why some programs runs muliptle instances after restart :/08:49
xeranastrying search on internet explanation about xubuntu sessions,  but no luck :/08:52
Sysisome problem with session saving, you could try rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions/ and then save session on logout08:52
Sysiif you want to save session08:52
xeranasok I will try08:53
xeranasthx <Sysi> looks issue with pidgin fixed09:05
xeranasnow only one issue left - how to save 'Change layout option' for Keyboard Layouts.. it reset to blank after restart09:14
grumpywolfeHi all I had some time wanted to ask if any body can help me get the mic to work in google talk14:14
lostsongrumpywolfe: have you checked to see if the mic is muted ?14:28
grumpywolfeyes I have I can use sound recourder and recourd a sound but not use google talk14:34
lostsonare you using pidgin or empathy ?14:34
grumpywolfeand I have tried pidgin same thing not going out14:34
grumpywolfeget a lot of feed back14:35
lostsonin the plugins section for pidgin do you have voice and video settings checked and configured14:35
grumpywolfelet me check again14:36
grumpywolfeI think I do now but cant test at the moment will have to test later thanks for the info but what about firefox and google talk14:39
grumpywolfeI use it a lot to call my kids and need it14:39
lostsoni have never tried it firefox14:40
lostsoni use the chromium daily builds personally14:41
grumpywolfein the sound setup i see this one is hda intel alsa mixer the other is pulse audio mixer so I need to set one for the mic14:42
grumpywolfehave to go to work see ya later thanks for your help14:45
lostsonhave a good day at work and your welcome14:46
jm__hello how can i change the name of a file ?15:33
Sysiright click -> rename15:38
jm__thanxx Sysi15:39
jm__but how i could rename a pendrive for example'15:41
Sysiwith gparted15:45
jm__oh ok15:46
Sysiwhat would be best FS for linux/mac-driven external hdd, hfs+ without journaling?16:26
Sysithen it would be read-only with windows.. i almost count that as plus16:27
Sysintfs-3g failed on mac, i don't feel like buying driver for windows filesystem to be used with mac/linux16:28
Amacidia||hows everyone doing today?18:02
Amacidia||XFCE is pretty nice.18:03
PhorcePis there an xubuntu-specific version of this? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/netboot.tar.gz18:07
Soupermanitodont know18:07
Soupermanitowait thats the one you can use to choose pakages while installing?18:11
Soupermanitothen you should be able too chose xubuntu-desktop instead of ubuntu-desktop18:11
PhorcePhmm, I can give it a shot...18:13
Kurdistanhey guys/girls.18:38
Kurdistanhow is xubuntu 11.04 progressing?18:38
Kurdistanmost bugs fixed?18:38
xrdodrxKurdistan, xubuntu 11.04 has been released for about a month now :)18:39
Kurdistanxrdodrx, yes I know. Natty (Ubuntu) have been problematic.18:39
xrdodrxThat all depends on your perception, I guess.18:40
xrdodrxWhat specific problems did you have?18:40
Kurdistanxrdodrx, I have read reviews of xubuntu natty, seems to be hit.18:40
Kurdistanmaybe the best xubuntu ever?18:40
xrdodrxKurdistan, I can't really say :)18:40
xrdodrxThis is actually my first release of Xubuntu, having used Ubuntu since 6.06/dapper18:41
KurdistanI am confused what to choose in the world of buntus18:41
xrdodrxbut it works quite well with minor bugs18:41
Kurdistanxrdodrx, I use now, Ubuntu 10.10 (perfect 10 :=) ).18:42
xrdodrxwell remember it's up to you if you want to upgrade18:43
xrdodrxmaverick is supported for another year on the desktop18:43
Kurdistan:)  thats true18:43
xrdodrxbut yeah, I'd definitely recommend xubuntu 11.04 to anyone :D18:44
KurdistanI think I will wait to the battery-time bug will be fixed18:44
Kurdistanif it will be fixed during natty18:44
xrdodrxKurdistan, I have that problem too :x18:44
Kurdistanxrdodrx, it is the reason why I dont make upgrade (new installation) becuase it feels to risky.18:45
Kurdistanwhy break something that works?18:45
Kurdistanubuntu maverick have been fantastic so far18:45
Soupermanitoif it aint broken don't fix it18:47
drcIf you can't fix it, don't break it :)18:48
Soupermanitothats more difficult18:49
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jozefkwhy can't we change the icon of a  dir in thunar? to use different icon then the default one19:45
Sysiunnecessary feature :P19:46
jozefkbut I like to do it19:47
jozefkXFCE is also unnecessary19:47
jozefkwe should all be happy with CLI only that's it19:47
jozefkit's not about unnecessary or not. it is not more necessary in Nautilus then in Thunar but in Nautilus it is possible to do it. no matter if it is necessary or not19:49
Sysithat's why smiley19:49
Sysilight-intended stuff usually lacks something, that's why it's light19:50
jozefkah I see19:50
jozefkI don't think it would be to bigger with that option really19:50
jozefkno tabs no panes no nothing in Thunar :)19:51
jozefkthat's already enough to make it light. I think.19:52
jozefkbut this is nothing special I believe so19:52
jozefkor at least if all dirs would have the same icons. that would be better for me19:53
jozefknow I have some default dirs with default icons and if I create my own dirs I can't change their icons19:53
jozefkthat sucks :)19:53
Sysithere's a file under ~/.config/ where those default folders are set, you can propably edit it19:54
Sysidunno if it somehow could work for other directories too19:54
jozefkI found some instructions but things were missing in this version of xubuntu. don't know about previous version. I didn't use xubuntu before. even xfce almost not at all19:56
Sysii started with xfce because i had little ram, i got more and tried gnome, it felt lacky19:57
jozefki liked gnome2 and never had any complain about it. but I use xfce now coz I don't like gnome3 and unity19:57
jozefkand kubuntu was a little bit ugly for me19:58
jozefkother kde distros didn't worked good enough for my taste :)19:58
Sysignome3 isn't bad, alttab just is weird and it isn't quite made for dualscreen19:58
Sysii have fedora kde, thinking of going back to xfce19:59
Sysi(too) familiar with it19:59
jozefkI don't like it. I tried fedora 15 live and didn't like it. gnome3 version19:59
jozefkfedora kde would be good I think but I don't know. I like xfce also20:00
Sysinautilus is bad to, but the basic idea is great20:00
Sysieven if workspace setup isn't as good as with xfce20:00
jozefkdolphin is crashing too often for me. nautius is not perfect. but it works better than dolphin20:00
jozefkThunar works the best20:01
Soupermanitoi don't know20:01
Sysidolphin has never crashed for me20:01
jozefkyes missing tabs and panes but that's not that important for me :)20:01
Soupermanitofor me the last thunar has been... weird20:01
Sysiplasma/kwin has, twice20:01
jozefkdolphin is crashing for me from time to time20:01
Sysithunar 1.2 is laggy, otherly good20:01
Soupermanito:P tabs on windows are not that useful20:02
Soupermanitoor folders i mean20:02
Sysii like my filemanager simple20:02
jozefkkde is not that stable I think. they do too much experimenting with nepomuk and other things like that20:02
Soupermanitoi like my filemanagers to be two panels sides20:02
Sysithey're releasing stuff too often20:02
SysiIMHO being able to drag multiple files is only reason to use GUI for data managment20:03
jozefkmost probably. I would like kde without nepomuk. I don't even know what is that nepomuk for :D20:03
Sysiyou can disable it20:03
jozefkyou can but then, most probably, half of KDE will start crashing20:04
Sysididn't do that for me..20:05
Sysientire kde just got stuck when i had problems with memstick20:05
jozefkbut I like how KDE looks like. except it was not that nice in kubuntu. xfce looks beautiful anyway :)20:05
jozefktoday I format one usb flash drive with gparted to fat16 and copied two files on it. opened in win7 and it worked fine. I went to printing store to print out those files and they could not open the usb flash at all in win xp20:07
jozefkit was weird. I came back home and tried the flash again and it is still working fine20:07
jozefkon win and lin :)20:07
jozefkhave no idea what kind of computers they are using or what they are doing20:08
jozefkyeah xp20:08
Sysireason why i started with xubuntu, i was so full of windows xp20:08
Soupermanitofat16? why not fat32?20:09
jozefkshe tried to use the flash on 3 different PCs in the store. same result20:09
jozefkI don't know why :) I just went for fat16 this time. haven't use it for long time that's why20:09
jozefkwhy not actually?20:09
jozefki didn't use XP for years already20:10
Soupermanitojust fat16 is old20:10
Sysifat16 should work everywhere20:10
Sysii had to format my stick as fat16 when i updated my bios20:10
jozefkxp fresh install + fixing the drivers + installing all apps = PITA20:10
Sysijust using xp sucks20:11
jozefkoh yeah. I think I already mentioned here once before: when you setup your linux - it works, when you setup your windows - it start dying :)20:13
Sysii could be really amazed with this mac, but i've seen so much obscure linux stuff this feels somewhat lame20:14
Sysibetter than windows, more stable than linux..20:15
Sysii maybe will try linux on this when they get broadcom drivers donw20:15
jozefkI used debian on ibook g420:27
jozefkand ubuntu worked too20:27
jozefkfedora stopped supporting PPC processors20:27
jozefki got wifi working with debian. I think with ubuntu as well20:28
jozefkmac os x is the best OS I think :)20:28
Soupermanitohavent tried20:29
Soupermanitoi dont like the metalic look20:29
Soupermanitoalso never had anything mac20:29
jozefkI used g5 ppc desktop in the office 2 years. it's great machine!20:30
Sysii don't like look of osx very much, but can't say this would be ugly20:31
jozefkand that ibook g4 was not mine. my friend gave it to me to see if I can rescue his files from HDD. coz HDD died. os x coudn't do anything. but I got the filex back with finnix linux20:31
Sysinewest MBP 13"20:31
jozefkthat's intel20:31
Sysisandy bridge20:31
jozefkit should be much easier to have linux working fine on it20:31
Sysinew, closed hardware isn't easy20:32
jozefkclosed hardware? they did something about hardware?\20:32
Sysiafaik they don't give too much specs, but bot sure20:33
Sysiat least broadcom is closed, no drivers at all20:33
Sysiwindows drivers could work trough ndiswrapper20:34
jozefkwhy people use that broadcom so much?20:34
jozefkmy wifi on this dell is also broadcom20:34
Sysiwhy not, works on propietary Oses20:34
jozefkbroadcom is everywhere today20:34
Sysii'm happy with osx and there's no possibility linux worked as well on this20:35
jozefkthat's why. we are open source users. that's why20:35
jozefkubuntu? not working?20:35
Sysibattery life will be shorter, wifi propably works worse, all little stuff20:36
jozefkI don't care about battery life. if wifi works good enough then it's ok20:38
Sysiif i didn't care i've got a pc or MBA20:42
covidiuHi. How do I edit the menu in Xubuntu? I want to remove some of the items.22:05
Guest1283hello, guys, looks like i've encountered a serious bug. i made a screenshot. http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05302011-013135am.php22:35
Guest1283that happened after i switched off wireless during apt-get update22:36
Guest1283when i tried apt-get update again, that thing appeared22:36
Kurdistanhey guys do somebody have bug-rapport only for xubuntu?23:28
Kurdistanwhich bugs are fixed and stil needs to take care23:29
grumpywolfeHi all need some help trying to get what I call the gphone the google gmail phone to work I do like xubutu but need to be able to call my kids23:31
Kurdistangrumpywolfe, you can use skype23:34
Kurdistanekiga etc23:34
grumpywolfenever tried it so not sure23:34
grumpywolfewhat does it cost to call a cell phone with skype23:35
Kurdistangrumpywolfe, no idea, :) don´t use it.23:36
Kurdistanonly have it installed23:36
Kurdistanare you going to call phones?23:36
grumpywolfeit connects but I can hear my wife she just cant hear me23:36
Kurdistanselfphones I mean23:36
grumpywolfeyes that is why I use gphone it is =free23:36
Kurdistangrumpywolfe, I am not familiar with does things.23:38
Kurdistanmaybe it´s better you ask your question in the ubuntuforums.org?23:38
grumpywolfeit worked just fine when I had puppylinux but now I want to use xubuntu23:38
Kurdistanthe official forum23:38
grumpywolfeok will thanks23:38
Kurdistangrumpywolfe, I dont think people are awake and I am not using xubuntu 11.04 yet. :)23:39
grumpywolfehey me I am trying to quit building my own and just have one that works and can just set and watch a few movies and read a ittle23:40
Kurdistangrumpywolfe,  for sound and mic device it is good to take a look pulseaudio23:40
grumpywolfewell when I installed sound record it changes my sound control panel so not able to get to the differnt sound options that I did have23:42

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