tdr112afternoon all15:16
tdr112irc meeting tonight15:17
tdr112hey cztab15:23
czajkowskiweek booked in ireland for July15:30
slashtomoh? when in july?15:40
czajkowskibe in dublin one of the 5-8 days15:41
slashtomcan we get together and steal cztab's ID to prevent her leaving?15:43
slashtomshould we arrange an ubuntu hour for when you're over?15:49
czajkowskiI'll let you know closer to the date as it depends on an apointment in dublin what day I'm there if that's ok15:50
czajkowskiebel: http://www.kindle-maps.com/blog/yes-it-is-possible-to-cross-dublin-without-passing-a-pub.html16:47
czajkowskiis making its way through ubuntu channels16:47
ebelthat in fact, would be me who did that16:47
ebelWas just talking to a journalist and getting photographed.16:48
* ebel shall have to look in papers tomorrow16:48
czajkowskiso adding that bto the ubunut ie team report :D16:51
ebelsure :)16:51
ebelopenstreetmap is open data.16:51
airurandoevening tdr11219:55
infoturtlehow do guys19:58
airurandowho is going to chair?20:02
ebelI could... if no-one else wants to20:03
infoturtlego for it!20:03
tdr112go for it20:03
MootBotMeeting started at 14:03. The chair is ebel.20:03
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:03
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-06-1520:04
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-06-1520:04
ebelour agenda20:04
ebel[topic] Review of previous action items20:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:04
ebelwho wants to talk on that?20:04
airurandothere was only one from may20:05
airurandoebel    tog, dublin meetup 2pm saturday for hackathon to work on reapproval page20:06
airurandotdr112 and I did meet up at TOG with czajkowski online20:06
airurandoprogress was made.20:07
tdr112a lot of work done more to do20:07
infoturtlehooray for progress!20:07
airurandoI know ebel did some fancy work also on the reapproval page20:07
* tdr112 still has to do the work he said he would 20:07
airurandopage is at:20:07
ebel(re-approval is later on agenda, we can talk then)20:08
airurandojust about to say that.20:08
airurandothat ends it for the reviow of previous action items.20:09
airurandoshall we move on ebel?20:10
ebel[topic] June Geeknic: Post-event review20:10
MootBotNew Topic:  June Geeknic: Post-event review20:10
airurandovery quick.20:10
tdr112a few new faces , which was good20:11
tdr112airurando: has photos20:11
airurandoGeeknic took place during the lunch hour of 3DCamp in Limerick on Sat 11 Jun 11.20:11
infoturtlegood to hear it went well20:11
airurandophotos here: http://pix.ie/ubuntuie/album/41263620:11
airurando3DCamp was very enjoyable and while the geeknic was short and small it was good fun.20:12
airurandoI recommend this kind of regional event whenever the opportunity arises.20:13
airurandotdr112 gave a presentation at this barcamp and he was excellent.20:13
airurandodetails of the event can be found at  http://3dcamp.barcamp.ie/20:14
airurandothat it for this one from me.20:14
* airurando finishes dinner20:14
ebelairurando: can you take over?20:15
* ebel phone call20:15
airurandoohis that possiblw?20:15
airurandowe'll muddle through20:15
airurandonew topic20:16
tdr112ebel: in the paper http://www.independent.ie/breaking-news/national-news/computer-solves-joyce-pubs-riddle-2676281.html20:16
airurando[TOPIC] August Geeknic: Initial discussion20:16
airurandothoughts on the August Geeknic anyone?20:17
airurandoDublin I suppose?20:17
airurandoleaving out the bank holiday leaves:20:18
infoturtlejust starting the ball here, I'm down for any of those and will make this one20:19
slashtompoll it?20:19
infoturtlenot picky on the date20:19
infoturtlepoll might be best20:19
airurandoyeah we can doodle.20:19
airurandodo we agree to leave the bank holiday off the list?20:20
airurandoslashtom: location suggestion?20:20
infoturtleI've always been a fan of easter island, but it's a bit away20:20
airurandotdr112 any ideas?20:21
slashtomhow about walk then geeknic?20:21
slashtomgreystones to bray?20:21
airurandohow far is that?20:21
slashtomiirc tdr112 has done that walk20:21
ebel1 or 2 hr walk iirc20:22
* ebel off phone20:22
airurandoand geeknic in Bray?20:22
airurandoback to you ebel20:22
slashtomor greystones, both have dart stations20:22
airurandoI'm happy with whatever is decided20:23
infoturtlesounds like a class plan!20:23
ebel[agreed] poll for date of august geeknic20:23
MootBotAGREED received:  poll for date of august geeknic20:23
* airurando only has small chance of making this one anyway)20:23
airurandoI'll set up the poll (assuming it is easy) I'll chat to slashtom if I get stuck20:24
ebellocation as a poll? people might add new ones?20:24
ebeldoodle is very easy to use and set up20:24
airurandoweather was ebel will you do it so please20:25
ebeli'll do the poll(s)20:25
ebelnext topic?20:25
ebel[topic] LoCo Reapproval Application update20:25
MootBotNew Topic:  LoCo Reapproval Application update20:25
airurandosome discussion earlier.20:25
airurandonow to the nitty gritty20:25
airurandoI reckon the experience section is good as is.20:26
airurandoI believe we need to fleash out the roadmap section as much as we are comfortable with.20:26
airurandoI suggest keeping it very high level20:27
airurandotdr112 has this on his to do list but I think we should all chip in20:27
airurandoczajkowski chatted to me on this recently20:28
ebelFYI I got an email from launchpad saying ubuntu-ie will expire from approved-team group in a few days20:28
ebelon 2011-06-22. i'm guessing that's 2 years after we approved20:29
airurandoI reckon we should complete the roadmap and submit shortly20:29
ebeli wouldn't worry about it too much20:29
czajkowskiwell ye will expire on the 22nd20:29
infoturtleoh no20:29
czajkowskibut the meeting is the day before so we can go before re approval then20:29
infoturtleall of us?20:29
czajkowskior we can give ye a months grace20:30
czajkowskiinfoturtle: the team.....20:30
airurandoshould we try to get the submission in for next Tuesdays meeting?20:30
czajkowskitbh the wiki is in great shape and I say yes20:30
airurandogreat stuff.20:30
airurandoI'd be +1 for the next meeting also.20:31
infoturtlemeeting where?20:31
czajkowskiinfoturtle: on irc20:31
ebelre-approval meeting next tuesday? possibly.... what time? I don't have time to do much work on wiki page betwen now and then...20:31
infoturtlecan do!20:31
czajkowskiin https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda20:32
czajkowskithe wiki is in great shape folks20:32
czajkowskia little road map20:32
czajkowskiand tis fine20:32
airurandoebel: all that's needed is a bit of work on the roadmap20:32
czajkowskiTRUST ME20:32
czajkowskiI do have one massive question for folks though so when we;re on AOB stab me please20:32
airurandoebel? slashtom?20:34
ebelwell if i don't have to do anything....20:36
airurandoI'll hook up with tdr112 before the weekend20:37
czajkowskithe wiki is a really good aplication20:37
airurandoebel if you could review and submit on Monday20:38
ebelthough if we can wait, we might get more people at the IRC meeting....20:38
ebelmore to time to organise people to get them there20:38
czajkowskias long as it's in the hour before the meeting tis fine20:38
airurandowe can start plugging it tonight20:39
airurando6 days left20:39
airurandosurely thats enough time no?20:39
* ebel is 50/50 so will go with consenseue20:39
czajkowskiI'll also be there and not voting as council20:39
ebel[vote] Should we submit our re-approval for next tuesday?20:40
MootBotPlease vote on:  Should we submit our re-approval for next tuesday?.20:40
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot20:40
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-ie20:40
MootBot+1 received from czajkowski. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 120:40
MootBotAbstention received from ebel. 1 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 120:40
MootBot-1 received from tdr112. 1 for, 1 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 020:40
MootBot+1 received from airurando. 2 for, 1 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 120:40
MootBot+1 received from infoturtle. 3 for, 1 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 220:41
czajkowskitdr112: what's your reasonsing do you think it's not ready ? or you won't be there20:42
ebelczajkowski: we can re-apply the month after right? or what?20:42
czajkowskiwell we have 2 options.20:42
tdr112i think we need more time20:42
czajkowski1) add the wiki application to the bug20:42
czajkowski2) we extend the time by a month or so20:42
czajkowskiso up to ye really20:43
airurandotdr112: what do you think is lacking20:43
czajkowskigiven I look at these the whole time, the wiki page is in fantastic shape20:43
czajkowskitis clear20:43
czajkowskidetails all th work20:43
ebelmajority seems to be in favour...20:44
airurandotdr112: more time for what?20:44
tdr112i wont hold it up20:44
tdr112go for it20:45
czajkowskioki dokie20:45
airurandois it agreed so?20:46
czajkowskicount is 2 so yeah seems so20:46
airurandotdr112, if something is niggling at you speak now.20:46
czajkowskionly issue as far as I can see is the flicker images missing which I dont know why they are20:47
tdr112nope i will fix it over the next few days20:47
czajkowskitdr112: I'm doing nothing all weekend hollar20:47
airurandodoes ebel have to submit it?20:47
airurandosay on Monday?20:47
czajkowskituesday is fine20:47
ebel[agreed] re-approval on tues20:47
MootBotAGREED received:  re-approval on tues20:47
czajkowskijust add it to the wiki the hr before20:47
airurandoright oh20:48
airurandofingers and toes crossed.20:48
czajkowskistop over thinking20:50
ebelso who is doing the nitty gritty submission stuff?20:50
czajkowskiwhatcha mean20:51
czajkowskinitty gritty ?20:51
airurandoebel: czajkowski said we just need to add it to the wiki20:51
ebelwho's submitting it20:51
czajkowskianyone can add it to the wiki20:51
czajkowskiso if yer finsihed over the weekend just add it20:52
ebelok, who ever is the last to finish on the wiki adds it to the agenda for the loco council20:52
ebelnext topic?20:53
ebel[topic] ubuntu-ie.org hosting options20:53
MootBotVote is in progress. Finishing now.20:53
MootBotFinal result is 3 for, 1 against. 1 abstained. Total: 220:53
MootBotNew Topic:  ubuntu-ie.org hosting options20:53
airurandoI put this up after ebel's mail20:54
czajkowskiwell I can ask BK to do it again if we like20:54
ebelwe can20:54
czajkowskiI know thethomaseffect asked about domains names to be pointed but we needed to confirm the hosting20:54
ebelcause our BK sponsored hosting is due to expire soon20:54
czajkowskiand then a mail to be sent to RT@ubuntu.com which I'll sort20:54
infoturtleI was working on that too and then got stuck with it20:55
ebela few people (on the mailing list) have offered hosting20:55
airurandoappreciated for sure20:55
ebelHowever we need a webmaster/webmistriss not a host....20:55
czajkowskiwell we have 2 people working on a site20:55
thethomaseffectApologies, I'm here20:55
czajkowskiah ha20:55
czajkowskithethomaseffect: aloha20:55
ebeli have forgotten what was going on with the web hosting...20:56
thethomaseffectHallo :)20:56
czajkowskiI need someone to tell me what dns to point to where so I can resolve that issue20:56
ebelwhat's the problem with DNS?20:56
czajkowskiebel: I dont know it was mentoned in here by thethomaseffect20:57
czajkowskiI assumed to point to new hosting20:57
ebelthethomaseffect: can you give an update on the new hosting?20:58
thethomaseffectThe address needed is somewhere in the blacknight CP I'm quite positive, but since I've no experience in repointing domains I wouldn't be entirely certain20:58
thethomaseffectebel:  Sure, any parts in particular?20:58
airurandoAll well above my head.20:59
ebelwell, i dunno... eh is it ready to go live? what have you done with it? how does it compare to the old hosting?20:59
czajkowskithethomaseffect: have you seen http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-webthemes21:00
ebelshould we contact BK and ask if they can renew the hosting? or what?21:00
thethomaseffectI seen mention yesterday that ubuntu uk use wordpress instead of drupal. Wordpress is a lot easier to maintain and would fit the site better, since it's mostly used for news. I think since it's not an issue to archive the old site at archive.ubuntu-ie.org it would be a good move to use it.21:00
thethomaseffectczajkowski:  Had a quick look, though design isn't an issue as soon as domain is repointed21:01
czajkowskithe only reason I would chose BK is well we have some of them on here and on the ML21:01
ebelyou don't *need* to change DNS / repoint domains to test. You can edit /etc/hosts (if that's what's blocking you)21:01
czajkowskiand it's nice to support irish21:01
thethomaseffectebel:  I've done a theme, I'm cautious of installing any CMS unless it's on the domain that'll be the one used in the live version21:02
ebelonce we have it ready, we can repoint the DNS to the new server21:02
ebeldo/did you have access to the blacknight hosting to set things up?21:02
thethomaseffectcouldn't I just put up an under consturuction page and link back to old site?21:02
airurandoczajkowski: will you ask BK as you offered?21:03
czajkowskican do21:03
airurandogreat stuff.21:03
airurandoebel action for czajkowski21:03
ebel[agreed] ask BK for more hosting21:03
MootBotAGREED received:  ask BK for more hosting21:03
MootBotACTION received:21:03
ebel[action] czajkowski to ask BK21:03
MootBotACTION received:  czajkowski to ask BK21:03
ebelthethomaseffect: well we /could/, but that's not very user freindly, and you can install any CMS on the BK hosting and then we can send users over when it's ready?21:04
thethomaseffectebel:  In the installation, all the links will be pointing at the wrong address. It'll be the absolute one rather than the one that'll be used. It's not good from a security perspective. It's possible there'll be no issue but what can go wrong, will21:06
thethomaseffectonce the domain is repointed, unless i have personal stuff, i'm confident i can have most stuff migrated in just 48 hours21:06
czajkowskiok so atm, don;t we have access to the hosting21:07
czajkowskiso can we try it out21:07
tdr112Kill all Zombies21:07
ebelwe ourselves can't change the DNS, we need canonical to do that.21:08
thethomaseffectmyself and infoturtle ran into PHP issues while trying to set things up on the absolute url also. We could reach a index.htl but not a drupal/install.php21:08
czajkowskiebel: see that there is the info I need21:08
czajkowskiif you tell me what you need changed21:08
czajkowskiI'll do the mail and go talk to IS to get it done21:08
ebelthethomaseffect: you have access to the BK hosting, right? can you start looking at installing things?21:08
thethomaseffectonce the somain is sorted out I'm sure it won't be an issue, my own hosting is blacknight and it was smooth sailing installing drupal and wordpress21:08
czajkowskibut I am cluseless as to what you want DNS changed to21:08
ebel(I'm trying to make sure I'm not blocking anything)21:09
thethomaseffectebel:  like i said, i did, and can't until there's a domain21:09
* czajkowski is lost 21:09
ebelright, so ubunut-ie.org and www.ubuntu-ie.org need to point to the new blacknight host then?21:10
ebel(any other domains)21:10
thethomaseffectand afaik no21:10
ebelI'll figure out the details fromk BK, then send them to czajkowski. who can pass that email onto canonical/whoever (since they know who)21:10
ebelthen we'll tell ye and ye should be good to go?21:10
czajkowskiebel: thanks21:11
czajkowskiif you tell me what I'll email it and then get it done ASAP21:11
ebelnext topic?21:12
ebel[topic] Launchpad team are sprinting in Dublin (from tdr112)21:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Launchpad team are sprinting in Dublin (from tdr112)21:12
ebeltdr112 around?21:14
czajkowskias far as I know there is a pub picked21:14
czajkowskipossible the barge21:14
czajkowskiclose to the hotel where they are staying lower leason st21:14
ebelok. what dates is this? we could have an ubuntu hour? or similar?21:16
czajkowskicant find the emails :s21:17
czajkowskiearly july21:17
czajkowskias far as I can tell21:17
ebelso while away...21:18
ebelunless tdr112 had anything special to say.... (or anyone else)?21:18
czajkowskiit;s a laucpad21:19
czajkowskiCanonical platform team and linaro over here21:19
czajkowskiover 300 of them21:19
czajkowskipretty much as big as a UDS21:20
airurandowhen is this happening?21:21
czajkowskibegining of July21:22
ebelwe should try to meet up?21:22
czajkowskiaye tdr112 has contacted mat revell21:22
czajkowskifrom the laucnhpad team21:22
tdr112i will send the details about the meet up when i know21:22
czajkowskiand the arangement is for a night in a pub21:22
czajkowskiah there he is21:22
ebelso tdr112 you'll keep us informed?21:24
ebelnext topic? (AOB?)21:25
ebelczajkowski: you wanted to say something?21:26
czajkowskinope covered above21:26
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:27.21:27
ebelthanks everyone for coming21:27
airurandothanks ebel21:27
czajkowskiebel: breaking news headingline22:04
ebelyeah tis craxy22:50
ebelit's all from Press Association. they do stories, then newspapers print them22:51
ebel(hence why it's the same story everywhere)22:51

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