ispikedrecently got an apple magic touchpad. I want to disable the 3-finger tap = love handles feature of unity, but there doesn't appear to be a way00:05
ispikedI can disable the unity MT grab handles plugin in ccsm, but this doesn't appear to have an effect00:06
ispikedI was looking at this code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/src/GestureEngine.cpp00:06
ispikedit appears to be always on with unity... like there's no config setting...00:07
ispikedlike I would have to recompile a new version to disable it00:07
ispikedyes / no?00:07
hichamthere is a patch for that00:08
hichambut I don't know if it applies to latest unity version00:08
ispikedI'm running 11.0400:08
ispikedhicham: do you have details on the patch?00:09
ispikedmaybe someone did a ppa with it? *crosses fingers*00:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 780028 in unity (Ubuntu) "Please allow building without utouch" [Undecided,New]00:10
ispikedhicham: oh, you must be the author :)00:12
ispikedhicham: thank you. will see have a go at building stuff later00:17
codebrainzhi.  does appindicator prevent it's menu's items from receiving the "query-tooltip" signal?00:18
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codebrainzis there any libappindicator devs hangin out here?00:54
codebrainzoh well.  If anyone happens to have any clue about libappindicator menu signals, I've posted a test case here: https://gist.github.com/103691000:59
smspillazthumper: actually, I think I've fixed this already01:55
thumpersmspillaz: even better01:55
smspillazthumper: the one that Hobart reported is a different issue though01:56
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didrocksgood morning07:46
andyrockgood morning08:20
andyrockis a DX designer around?08:49
andyrock_didrocks, can you look to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/79989008:52
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 799890 in unity (Ubuntu) "In Unity the distinction between GVolume, GDrive and GMount is a bit confusing." [Undecided,New]08:52
didrockshey andyrock_08:53
didrockshow are you?08:53
andyrock_didrocks, fine thx!08:53
andyrock_what about you?08:53
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didrocksandyrock: I'm fine thanks :)08:55
didrocksandyrock: so yeah, agree on the issue, but a designer should answer to that one08:55
didrocksandyrock: you should put the unity upstream and downstream task incomplete btw as long as there is no ayatana-design answer08:56
andyrockdidrocks, i have to change the status to icomplete?08:56
didrocksandyrock: yeah, as we can't work on the unity side as long as design didn't answer08:57
didrocksandyrock: then, when design will answer, my script will do the right thing depending on the status08:57
andyrockdidrocks, ok... i am going to add a need-desing tag to08:57
didrockseither revert to triaged08:57
didrocksandyrock: no need for a tag, the ayatana-design task should be sufficient08:57
andyrockdidrocks, ok thx08:58
andyrockanother thing... some titles here https://bugs.launchpad.net/~unity-community-hackers are not properly...09:00
JohnLeaandyrock; ping09:02
andyrockJohnLea, pong09:02
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andyrockJohnLea, you disappeared? :)09:11
JohnLeaandyrock; hyia09:11
andyrockJohnLea, you ping me right'09:13
JohnLeaandyrock; you were looking for me earlier?09:13
andyrockoh i need a designer yes...09:14
andyrockif you have a moment can you look into this (https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/799890)?09:14
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 799890 in unity (Ubuntu) "In Unity the distinction between GVolume, GDrive and GMount is a bit confusing." [Undecided,Incomplete]09:14
andyrockJohnLea, ^^^09:23
JohnLeaandyrock; thanks for the bug.  It looks like the question is a) do we represent each GVolume independently in the launcher if they belong to the same GDrive or b) do we only represent GDrives in the Launcher, and if the GDrive has multiple GVolumes, represent them inside the root of the GDrive.  Instinctively I prefer option A, and when we have to work around the issues of eject on either GVolume ejecting the GDrive and all other GVolumes on the same drive.09:29
JohnLea What are your thoughts/09:29
JohnLeathen ^09:30
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andyrocki prefer A too...09:33
andyrockJohnLea: we show eject, etc. only if the GDrive is removable and it have just one GVolume09:34
andyrockthe solution b is a bit difficult since GVolume can have no GDrive09:35
JohnLeaandyrock; I agree09:35
andyrockJohnLea, can you update the bug so?09:35
JohnLeaandyrock; could you amend the bug report with your "Desired solution:" underneath the description you have written and I'll review and signoff09:36
JohnLeaandyrock; I was just asking the same ;-)09:36
andyrockJohnLea, Ok...09:37
JohnLeaandyrock; thx!09:37
andyrockJohnLea, done09:39
JohnLeaandyrock; in your solution, how would you eject a GDrive when it had multiple GVolumes, if only the GVolumes are represented in the Launcher, and they don't contain an eject option?09:43
JohnLeaHow about: "- We represent each GVolume independently in the launcher if they belong to the same GDrive,09:45
JohnLea- The quicklist for each volume contains an "Eject parent drive" and/or "Safely Remove parent drive" option."09:45
andyrockJohnLea, ok but are so long! :)09:46
andyrockin this case we should only change the label :)09:46
JohnLeaandyrock; I've updated the bug09:48
JohnLeaandyrock, thx!09:48
andyrockJohnLea, thx also09:49
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andyrockJohnLea, about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/76464111:46
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 764641 in unity "Dash - dragging a file outside of the Desktop Dash should close the Dash" [Medium,Triaged]11:46
andyrockfor dash you mean "lense" right?11:47
JohnLeaandyrock; yes11:47
andyrockJohnLea, what about if we have a full screen (or netbook) dash?11:48
JohnLeaandyrock; if you are in a netbook you are a lot less likely to have many window open.  Also you can also drag and drop to any window via the Launcher spread (when we have all the bugs with this fixed)11:50
JohnLeaandyrock; this is a handy shortcut11:51
JohnLeaandyrock; so drag item to Launcher icon, all windows of the app spread, you can then drop the file on any window in the spread11:51
andyrockJohnLea, i did not understand. Now the dash disappear as soon as the start drag...11:54
andyrockJohnLea, maybe i did not understand the bug11:55
JohnLeaandyrock; I was describing how you can drag and drop an item from the dash to any application or open window when using a netbook.  This isn't the focus of this bug report though11:56
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JohnLeaandyrock; the reason the dash currently disappears as soon as you start a drag is that we ran out of time to build the correct functionality in the Natty cycle; it was not trivial to implement and there were higher priority issues11:58
andyrockJohnLea, so dnd from a full screen dash will not be possibile... in other words :)11:59
JohnLeaandyrock; dnd from the full screen Dash will be possible via the Launcher in full screen mode (but not via the desktop)12:02
JohnLeaandyrock; it is just that the dragging via Launcher works very well when on a small screen, and dragging via the desktop works badly in a small screen context.  If you want to say open a .png from the Dash in say Firefox, you will only need to drag and drop the .png file on to the Firefox icon in the Launcher.  If you want to drop the .png file in a specific Firefox window you will drag of the the firefox launcher icon, a spread will appear and you will drop12:05
JohnLea on the desired window12:05
andyrockJohnLea, ok... this let me think that yuo want to use in other way the dnd within the border of the dash... :)12:05
andyrockJohnLea, ok now i understand! :)12:08
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kennydudeHi. is there anyone here who can review branches to merge?13:31
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andyrocknjpatel, about this: https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/launcher-devices-improvement/+merge/5410019:15
andyrocknjpatel, the work is almost finished19:16
njpatelandyrock, nice!19:16
andyrocknjpatel, tested (no crashes)19:16
andyrocknjpatel, on three different computers :)19:17
andyrocknjpatel, i want to resolve this bug too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/79989019:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 799890 in unity (Ubuntu) "In Unity the distinction between GVolume, GDrive and GMount is a bit confusing." [Undecided,Confirmed]19:17
njpatelandyrock, hah, nice!19:18
njpatelandyrock, in the same branch?19:18
andyrocknjpatel, yes... i should open a new branch?19:19
andyrocknjpatel, is just a small change among the 1483 lines (+669/-548) 10 files modified19:21
njpatelandyrock, this merge looks a bit messy, do you want to open two new branches, one with the work you've done so far, and the next one based on that but with fixes to make GMount/Drive/Volume less confusing?19:21
njpatelandyrock, or  just unpropose this and repropose it so we get a clean history19:22
andyrocknjpatel, ok... i will open two new branches...19:22
andyrocknjpatel, when i finish the work19:23
njpatelandyrock, awesome stuff dude!19:23
andyrocknjpatel, i other changes for devices managment (just coding ones) but in this moment i have no time19:25
andyrocknjpatel, school exam sucks :)19:25
* andyrock i have other changes (ops...)19:26
njpatelandyrock, heh, indeed. just ping me when your ready I'll make sure to get it reviewed19:26
njpateldon't want big branches outside of trunk for too long19:26
andyrocknjpatel, thumper should review it too :)19:27
tedgkenvandine, https://launchpad.net/ido/0.3/0.2.9021:00
tedgkenvandine, Doesn't seem to be a packaging branch for IDO?21:00
kenvandineoh... there isn't21:03
kenvandinetedg, thx21:03
apwis there a way to start say a gnome-terminal such that it does not aggregate with the other gnome-terminals on the unity launcher21:39
rickspencer3apw, can you tell me more what you mean by aggregate?21:39
apwfor instance if i have a .desktop file which uses Terminal=true i don't want its windows aggregated with the gnome-terminal ones21:39
apwrickspencer3, ^^21:40
apwby aggregate i mean count towards it number of little arrows on the left21:40
rickspencer3sorry, then I dunno21:40
apwas if it has its own .desktop i want it to have an arrow by that .desktop on the bar, and terminal to have its own21:41
rickspencer3I guess create a new .deskop file just for gnome-terminal and name the app something different?21:41
rickspencer3I mean "new" as in "additional"21:41
apwrickspencer3, no that doesn't work, as they all are gnome-terminals and get mixed up as the same21:41
apwi _think_ its using the x Class to separate them, so i may be able to use some incantation to control this21:42
tedgkenvandine, So if you guys put the GTK2 and GTK3 indicator in the same package that means you're going to get stuck with a GTK2 dep.21:54
tedgkenvandine, It seems you need to split them for any hope of removing GTK2 off the CD, no?21:54
kenvandinegtk2 build dep yes21:54
tedgYou'll have a runtime dep of libindicator3 vs. libindicator21:55
kenvandinebut we create separate binaries21:55
tedgSo there'll be two binary packages?21:55
tedgAh, okay.  I thought you told me you weren't going to do that.21:55
kenvandineno, we have to :/21:55
tedgYeah, I think you do.21:56
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