bluebomberI passed LPIC101 at SELF!00:10
bluebomberWoohoo! :)00:11
ejvwas it hard?01:43
munzcongrats bluebomber! hard?01:57
cjohnstonbluebomber: congrats03:13
bluebomberYes. I barely passed o.O03:14
itnet7cjohnston: I am not sure if I met the guy from Maitland? What's his name or nick?15:30
nigelbdantalizing: ping15:53
nigelbdantalizing: do you have comments to add for https://launchpad.net/~dantrevino15:55
nigelbtoday is bad paste day.15:56
dantalizingoh i have all kinds of comments for https://launchpad.net/~dantrevino15:56
dantalizingthx nigelb 15:57
dantalizingnigelb mhall119 i have a question16:02
dantalizingoops meeting16:02
dantalizingnigelb: mhall119 so.... why is some of this stuff not being hosted on something like Google App Engine?  Besides the burning desire to run *on* Ubuntu, and the NIH syndrome, it would be cool to get some of the built in scalability/reliability from GAE.16:35
dantalizingGAE runs some django-like bastardization16:35
nigelbdantalizing: well, mainly because of private data.16:36
nigelbthe sponsorship data is private and internal to Canonical.16:36
dantalizingkinda flimsy, but it was more of a rhetorical question. i didnt figure they'd want to move. and i'm certainly not in a better position than others to determine the "right" way to architect thier stuff16:38
dantalizingjust seems like a good alternative16:38
dantalizingand probably cheaper16:38
dantalizingless ubuntu win though16:38
nigelbbut this way we have people who have access to that machine16:39
nigelbsince I've never used GAE, I don't know what kind of access we get when deployed to it16:40
dantalizingdefinitely not physical or remote access, but thats kinda the point16:40
dantalizingthrow your app up, scale it16:40
dantalizinganyway ... just throwing it out there16:41
nigelbI don't think we've ever had scaling problems16:41
nigelbMost of our issues were that some things are just wrong.16:41
nigelbalmost all of summit is code hacked together, and then someone prays that it runs16:42
dantalizingthats the only way to fly16:42
nigelbUntil recently, we didn't event write code for it until a few weeks before UDS ;)16:42
dantalizingi heard mhall119 was gonna put an api u16:42
nigelbYeah, I talked to mhall119 about that last night. But realistically, it might not happen this cycle.16:43
dantalizingbecause he's a slacker16:43
nigelbnah, because I'm the summit guy now16:43
nigelband I've got too much on my plate to write an API too in the next 4 - 5 months16:43
dantalizingcongrats/good luck16:43
mhall119yeah, nigelb was gonna add an API16:44
mhall119not me16:44
nigelbIf I can find the time, definitely, I'd love to have it.16:44
dantalizingit should be a requirement for all webapps16:44
nigelbIt would be nice to subscribe to sessions and have notify-osd notify you when the next session is due16:44
* mhall119 hates Mono16:44
nigelbmhall119: why are you working with Mono?16:45
mhall119nigelb: can't you do that with the ical + (evolution|thunderbird)?16:45
mhall119nigelb: attempting to write a quick Tomboy plugin for pastebinit16:45
nigelbmhall119: personalized icals are hard aren't they?16:45
nigelbmhall119: Ohhhh, nice16:45
mhall119nigelb: summit already has personalized icals16:45
nigelbmhall119: Oh.16:47
nigelbmhall119: In which case, I can tick that dream as "fulfilled"16:47
Shadowchaserhello all 21:39
Shadowchasergot a few questions to ask anyone kinda new to ubuntu so still on learning curve  21:48

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