rippsDoes anybody have any clue how well the integrated intel graphics on an core i5 2400 is compared to an nvidia gt 240?07:39
tjaaltonwhat do you mean?07:48
tjaaltonit's perfectly fine for a "normal" linux desktop07:49
tseliotSarvatt, tjaalton: didn't we use to strip the OS ABI tag from Mesa's libGL?10:41
tseliotthis patch: http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/100_no_abi_tag.patch10:47
jcristauwasn't this made unnecessary by your alternatives stuff?10:47
tseliotyes but I'm now reconsidering this as the alternatives system kind of breaks dlopen()10:58
tseliotI think we can get both things to work10:58
jcristaudlopen("libGL.so.1") should still work...11:00
tselioti.e. libGL.so.1 will be a slave link in /usr/lib and point to either the lib in /usr/lib/mesa/ or the one in  /usr/lib/$driver11:00
tseliotright now we don't have any libGL.so.1 in /usr/lib11:01
jcristaui know.11:01
tseliotonly libGL.so is there11:01
tseliotI think someone reported a bug about it11:01
jcristauso dlopen("/usr/lib/libGL.so.1") won't work.  dlopen("libGL.so.1"), otoh...11:02
tseliotah, I guess the bug report was about apps which specified the full path11:03
tseliotyes, that was the case. Thanks jcristau11:09
jcristau(the linux libGL ABI spec says it should be in /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 so in theory it should work.  i don't know what apps rely on that part of the spec though)11:14
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Amaranthhrm, I see a mesa update in oneiric, scary16:09
Sarvattvery :)16:43
tjaaltonoh right, now that llvm is in main16:47
Amaranthoh, it's not anything mesa 7.11, i'm probably ok16:59
Amaranthlast time I checked 7.11 stuff still breaks my gles16:59
Prf_JakobAmaranth: bug filed?17:00
AmaranthI believe one was filed17:00
AmaranthIt was something in the build system disabling GLES for intel when using the shared glapi stuff17:00
Prf_JakobHmm ok17:01
AmaranthI spoke to RAOF about it at UDS and he said a bug was filed and he was going to look at it, I believe I found the bug that same day17:01
AmaranthTrying to find it again now17:01
Amaranthhrm, now I can't find the bug or the gles code in mesa to find the problem again17:05
Prf_JakobThings have changed in that area I think.17:06
Amaranthiirc -DFEATURE_ES2 was getting lost when building with --enable-shared-glapi, but only for intel17:07
AmaranthI'll have to see if xorg-edgers has a recent looking mesa snapshot to see if the problem is still happening17:07
AmaranthPrf_Jakob: Looks like that bug was fixed, I'm on a mesa snapshot from the 16th and have gles219:31
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Sarvatthttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+localpackagediffs allowing ia32-libs diff computation and doing it on the fly every time? incoming DoS23:04
Sarvattxserver-xorg-video-ati has taken about 5 minutes to compute so far :(23:05
brycehSarvatt, I assume it caches the result after doing it once23:15
brycehSarvatt, out of curiousity what are you looking at in -ati?23:16
Sarvattbryceh: what happened was i clicked calculate diff for ia32-libs which will take a year and probably be 1GB+, switched pages to cancel and tried to get a diff on -ati. turned out i'll have to wait until ia32-libs is done :)23:17
brycehhm, I've several natty -intel bugs marked now as "fixed" due to ickle's dropping of uxa 3d pipeline23:18
Sarvattdont think its worth picking up that commit to SRU?23:21
brycehwell I'm thinking about it23:21
Sarvattpeople using xterm will complain no doubt :)23:22
brycehSarvatt, what do you think?  I've got it packaged and am going to slam it in a ppa at least23:22
brycehSarvatt, why's that, does this optimization path solve a problem for them?23:22

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