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charlie-tcaeverything except the live desktop appears to be working in Xubuntu today18:32
scott-work_i will be grabbing that image tonight then :)19:03
ailoHappy news. I just bought a firewire device23:11
ailoFocusrite pro 4023:11
ailoJust about to see if I can get it to work23:11
holsteinailo: d00d23:12
holsteinthose are SO nice23:12
holstein[lsd] has one23:12
ailoI've been thinking about it for a year or so23:12
ailoJust sold an amplifier and saw the price had dropped, so I had to go for it23:13
ailoSeems to work, but I get xruns using 512 f/p on Natty23:30
holsteinlsd said he was getting 10ms stable23:35
ailoI may have an irq problem23:35
ailoTried the mixer, but jack quit on me23:35

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