charlie-tcaI didn't know about it earlier today00:09
GridCubeit says its using a kernel  number 3.0... something is this correct?00:10
charlie-tcaIt's the newest kernel, probably 3.0.1 or -1, and trying to upgrade pieces of it to 200:12
charlie-tcaThat's the one!00:16
charlie-tcaThanks, micahg 00:16
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knomecharlie-tca, dvd/video file playing in parole is either "open disc" or "open file" :P03:10
knomecharlie-tca, media -> open for files, media -> dvd -> (probably) "from disc"03:10
knome(don't have dvd in the drive now, so can't check, and i need to sleep)03:11
knomeso, good night03:11
knomecatch you later03:11
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charlie-tcaslideshow is now for Edubuntu15:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 800211 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu desktop installation shows edubuntu slideshow" [Undecided,New]15:27
charlie-tcaOMG! We have a Xubuntu session today on the fresh installs16:05
charlie-tcacody-somerville: thank you for helping get that done!16:05
cody-somervillelol. not sure how much credit I can take for that :P all I did was make a little bit of noise16:06
charlie-tcasometimes that is all it takes is making noise in the right places16:06
mr_pouitno, nothing has been done in lightdm16:13
charlie-tcaYou fixed it?16:13
charlie-tcaThank you, mr_pouit. I am glad we have a session again!16:14
charlie-tcanow to get a live desktop working... 16:14
mr_pouityeah, that one was a fix in xubuntu-default-settings (that's the only recent change I made, so I suppose it's the culprit)16:18
mr_pouitfor the live session, yeah, it depends on lightdm :p16:19
charlie-tcaI'm on a roll for strange requests today. The next bug report will be for the "download updates while installing" on the dekstop cd being checked by default16:21
mr_pouitI've pinged cjwatson about the slideshow issue16:21
micahgcharlie-tca: that's a feature :)16:21
charlie-tcano, the technical board disapproved it16:22
mr_pouitubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu is in the seeds, yet -edubuntu is selected, which is a bit weird16:22
mr_pouitubiquity-slideshow-xubuntu is in the seeds, yet -edubuntu is selected, which is a bit weird16:22
micahgcharlie-tca: I thought that was for tracking...16:22
charlie-tcamr_pouit: shouldn't the slideshow default to Ubuntu unless specifically called?16:23
micahgdownload updates is just installing the latest from -updates/-security during install16:23
charlie-tcamicahg: it was early last cycle that the update thing was discussed16:23
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: afaik, it won't if there's another slideshow variant installed16:23
charlie-tcamicahg: the reason it was turned down is that not all countries/individuals have the bandwidth for that16:24
charlie-tcaWe could cost people a LOT of MONEY by using up bandwidth allotments for the mont16:24
micahgah, ok16:25
* micahg is spoiled w/a 20Mbit connection16:26
GridCubegood morning16:27
charlie-tcayeah, even in america now, a lot of people have caps16:28
charlie-tcaGridCube: good morning16:29
GridCubeXD you are disscusing headware?16:29
charlie-tcano, download ability during a monthj16:33
GridCubeoh XD 16:33
GridCubeHere, in argentina, i've never heard of download caps, except for cellphone based conections16:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 800261 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubquity installer automatically checks "Download updates" " [Undecided,New]16:39
charlie-tcaWe have caps in the United States now, depending on the provider16:40
charlie-tcasome as low as 50GB monthly16:40
charlie-tcathat bug in ubiquity is reported to #ubuntu-installer, cjwatson is aware16:43
charlie-tcaGridCube: images are working today, including xubuntu session if selected.16:46
charlie-tcaHowever, live desktop is still broken16:46
GridCubeok :) then gonna do the alternate test16:54
charlie-tcaGridCube: do not try to login without selecting a session17:22
charlie-tcaIt will cause a bad failure, and you have to restart to login again17:23
GridCube(on a complete unrelated topic, related to yesterdays freaking incident, today i bought a new keyboard because my old one was behaving really weird, could that make the system to behave that badly?)17:24
charlie-tcaThat can make it not respond, since it doesn't know the keyboard is doing anything17:25
GridCubebut i still do not understand how i lost posession of all my folders, it was like all the sudden i was loged as a different user, tho whoami said i wasnt17:26
charlie-tcaI don't know. I do know a bad keyboard can make strange things happen17:27
* GridCube wonders if the fact that a mercury thermometer breaking over the old keyboard could have caused the problems to come... XD17:32
ExioGridCube: o.O17:32
charlie-tcamr_pouit: thanks for that slideshow help!17:42
charlie-tcawe are gaining today, even if it is not great leaps17:43
charlie-tcaGridCube: lofl :)17:44
GridCubequestion: will x/ubuntu ever use wayland?17:49
charlie-tcaI would guess it will eventually17:57
GridCubemmm okay, i was just reading about it and sound interesting, though new18:00
Unit193If GridCube is doing alt, should I do Live? I do not like the sound of wayland18:05
GridCubei don't understand why it downloads so much things, if i just downloaded the image :/18:06
charlie-tcaIt has to download the updates that have been added since the image was built. They are done around midnight UTC18:08
charlie-tcaso, that is about 17 hours old already18:08
charlie-tcamr_pouit, micahg : my bug tracking chart for Oneiric Ocelot18:18
charlie-tcahm, updates to the wiki.ubuntu.com without getting error pages 18:20
charlie-tcaKind of strange now18:20
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astraljavaEverything but live, eh? Okay I can give alternate i386 a go then.19:18
charlie-tcaplease do19:23
charlie-tcadesktop images install from the menu, too19:23
charlie-tcajust can not have a live session yet19:23
astraljavaSure. Was there a new way of installing that on the usb stick nowadays? I forget, but recall reading something about that.19:26
astraljavaOh and are we using that spreadsheet thingie for testing?19:27
astraljavaWell, rather keeping a score on testing?19:27
charlie-tcayeah, you can write the image to usb using dd19:29
charlie-tcaastraljava: The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue #221 for the week of June 14 - 20, 2011 is out! get it from http://ur1.ca/4hp4m !xubuntu !ubuntu19:30
charlie-tcaTo write the images to USB drives, you can use19:31
charlie-tca# dd if=debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso of=/dev/sdX19:31
charlie-tcatesting results at 19:31
charlie-tcaor use http://2tu.us/3dmh19:32
astraljavaOh dear gawd.19:39
astraljava/dev/scb != /dev/sdb19:40
charlie-tcaum, no19:43
charlie-tcasure doesn't, especially if you happen to have scb also19:44
astraljavaFortunately didn't. :D19:44
charlie-tcaor sdb, depending on which one you overwrote :(19:44
astraljavasdb was what I wanted, but luckily I have only one hard drive and no other devices other than the DVD writer. :)19:46
charlie-tcaI could have erased about 350gb with that, myself19:50
astraljavaAbout the same, as I just backed up my whole work machine cavalcade. :D19:51
astraljavaOkay, seemed to work with the correct device node. :D19:57
* micahg doesn't think regular users should be using dd for imaging...19:58
Unit193But Mac has no other built in way to put them on USB! ;)19:59
charlie-tcaUsing oneiric, they are not regular users20:01
charlie-tcamicahg: did you get the bug list for oneiric? I don't put syncs and merges and such in it, just high or critical bugs20:02
charlie-tcanormally. THere will be some medium bugs too20:02
micahgcharlie-tca: yeah, I got a copy, no need to track syncs/merges, we have the other wiki page for that20:02
charlie-tcaIt just gives us a quick reference when looking for bugs20:02
charlie-tcaI tried it in natty, but I don't think I kept up with it. I usually do it on my own computer20:03
charlie-tcaI have used that same tracker for bugs since karmic, though20:04
charlie-tcaOkay, better go get the baby now.20:05
astraljavaDoesn't get to the desktop.20:33
astraljavaMust be something wrong with this hardware.20:35
astraljavaGotta read up on lightdm.20:38
knomehttp://demo.knome.fi/imgcapt/gmb/ - a better demo on imgcapt20:42
GridCube:( i won't be able to end the tests today21:35
GridCubeit takes too long and other people has to use this computer21:35
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charlie-tcaastraljava: the login after entering name depends on selecting the xubuntu session23:18
charlie-tcano session selected = no destko23:19
charlie-tcano session selected = no desktop23:19

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