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dgroosGood evening/morning alkisg.04:07
alkisgHi dgroos, how are you?04:07
dgroosPretty early for you?04:07
dgroosGood :)  and you?04:08
dgroos6:00 AM?04:08
alkisgYeah my wife was leaving on a trip and I woke up to say bb :)04:08
dgroosI've got a quick question-- are you planning on running natty in your classrooms next year or 10.04?04:09
alkisgHere, teachers support the computer labs. So we need something stable, and with known problems/workarounds. So we're sticking to LTS releases...04:10
alkisgWe also have a PPA in case some backports are needed, which are not provided officially by ubuntu04:11
alkisgIf I were to use 10.04, I'd use 11.10 instead, even on beta, it would have a cleaner upgrade path to LTS04:11
dgroosOK, that was the sense I had gotten from you--that there is nothing ultra-compelling about natty.04:11
alkisg(ah forgot here schools open on September, close to oneiric release)04:12
alkisgIt depends on people's needs. But here most labs won't even run Unity-3D04:12
dgrooshere too.04:12
dgroosand Unity-3D doesn't do much on fat clients I'd guess?04:13
alkisgSo the only changes visible to teachers, would be firefox 4 instead of 3.6 and libreoffice instead of openoffice04:13
alkisgIt would work like if locally installed, i.e. on cards that support 3D04:13
dgroosOK--still working on defining the boundaries of fat clients.04:14
dgroosCan one put ff 4 on the LTS?04:14
alkisgAlso in newer versions package "prism" was dropped, and we need that for our edu apps. That would be another drawback to use >= 11.04. We'll try to upgrade our edu packages for 12.04, to use something else instead of prism.04:14
alkisgI think so. But it breaks some extensions from the repositories.04:15
alkisgAlso LTS releases get newer kernels more easily04:15
alkisgFor each version of ubuntu, its kernel is backported to the last LTS release04:15
alkisgSo very new labs with sandy bridge will eventually work well on lucid, but not on natty04:16
dgroosThat's a big advantage of LTS I hadn't known.04:17
alkisgOf course you can use a kernel ppa on 11.04 and get a newer kernel. It's just not supported officially.04:17
dgroosOK, I'm headed to bed soon but I've wanted to ask your thoughts on that for a while...04:18
dgroosHave a great day!04:18
alkisgYou're welcome - but remember those are just my thoughts04:18
alkisgDon't rely on them too much, see your own needs04:18
alkisgGood night :)04:19
rhce7320I have use the online upgrade to upgrade 8.04 to 10, but have ended up with a bricken pxe boot.  My experience is freebsd/Centos, so I'm progressing slowly.  Has somebody had experience in debugging tftp  error code 2 (access violation in wireshark)?11:22
rhce7320In wireshark, I see a successful DHCP dialogue, a successful arp (server gets client mac), tftp read request, tftp error, sucessful arp (client gets server mac).11:25
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stgraberhighvoltage: doh, edubuntu-live got automatically demoted to universe23:04
stgraberhighvoltage: thereby breaking the translation import23:04
stgraberhighvoltage: so alpha-2 will be shipping without translations for the edubuntu-specific installer steps (again)23:04
stgraberhighvoltage: I poked cjwatson so it gets moved back to main and added to whatever list it should be on to avoid another demotion23:05

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