James147ubuntu__: and to launch a gui app as root use kdesudo00:00
iDanielSandoes some1 have experience with the Startup disk creator?00:00
areichmanPythonSnake: can I use dvd::rip to take an iso file, select certain titles and rip/compress them to a variety of formats?00:01
James147!ask | iDanielSan00:01
ubottuiDanielSan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:01
ubuntu__James147: grr gparted won't let me delete an HFS partition00:01
ubuntu__surely there is a way to nuke this disk00:01
James147ubuntu__: try fdisk ^^ :)00:01
PythonSnakeareichman: never tried it.00:02
PythonSnakeareichman: here is a link that can fix your problem http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/311331-How-to-fix-audio-out-of-sync-in-a-DVD-without-any-reconverting .00:02
James147ubuntu__: its like cfdisk, but less interactive and much more useful and likly to work00:02
ubuntu__James147: it didn't even see the hfs+ partition00:03
areichmanPythonSnake: I saw that link, unfortunately that's for the dvd itself, which works great for me. It's the transcoded file that's out of sync :-(00:03
areichmanoh wlel, I'll try a few more things00:03
areichmanthanks for your help00:03
iDanielSanfine. just tried to do a bootable usb stick with the startup disk crator. can't make the iso image my source00:03
ubuntu__James147: installing hfsutils and seeing if gparted picks up on that00:04
James147iDanielSan: iso image of kubuntu right? (or a ubutnu varient)00:05
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iDanielSanno it's puppy00:05
PythonSnakeareichman: maybe set fps manually00:05
James147iDanielSan: I think usb-creator only works with *ubuntu... though I could be wrong. Try unetbootin its works with almost everything00:06
froi think i killed dpkg00:06
iDanielSanthy James00:06
PythonSnakeareichman: you can try SMPlayer to sync it00:08
PythonSnakeby using the + and - keys00:08
James147!details | fro00:10
ubottufro: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:10
ubuntu__mkfs.ext3 -L "data" /dev/sdc1 must take a few minutes?00:11
frook iam running 11.4 just installed it run n apt-get update kde crashed on me while update running in background had to reboot logged back in now iam getting a E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.00:12
ubuntu__i figured it would be seconds00:12
James147fro: have you tryed the suggested?00:13
ubuntu__can cp give me a progress bar or am I just dreaming :)00:13
James147ubuntu__: -v will tell you what its copying atm00:14
ubuntu__hehe yeah its one file 44GB00:14
frojames147 yes00:14
froit doesnt seem to work but iam stupid ;P00:14
ubuntu__i will use du -h00:14
James147ubuntu__: i like rsync -P  for that... it gives you a progress per file and if you stop and start it again it will continue00:15
James147fro: what does running the suggest command tell you?00:15
James147!pastebin | fro00:15
ubottufro: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:15
frothanks ill play a little bit more n try n work it out00:16
ubuntu__getting input/output error to the drive... wtf00:19
PythonSnakehi m4v00:20
ubuntu__I think this file system is barfing on the big file00:22
ubuntu__44GB file too big for ext2 maybe?00:23
James147ubuntu__: think it depends on the block size00:25
James147^^ at least accoring to wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext2#File_system_limits :)00:25
ubuntu__i wonder if fsck tells me that00:26
James147    /sbin/dumpe2fs /dev/hda2 | grep 'Block size'00:26
ubuntu__whatever that's doing its taking too long :)00:28
James147didnt for me :S00:28
ubuntu__maybe its because I am copying from same drive00:28
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James147ubuntu__: then according to wikipedia you can have up to 2TB00:31
ubuntu__yes but it also says that some userspace programs can't handle over 2GB00:31
ubuntu__funny that would be cp though00:31
James147ubuntu__: yeah, try rsync00:31
ubuntu__i did same issue00:32
ubuntu__and scp also00:32
ubuntu__i just copied the individual files00:32
James147^^ though I think cp can handle larger files then 2gb... sware I have move bigger files then that before, though never 44g00:32
ubuntu__well its still copying right now00:32
ubuntu__44g is kinda insane00:32
James147it is00:32
ubuntu__it was a tarball of part of my photo archive00:33
ubuntu__which is RAW images00:33
ubuntu__25 megapixels each00:33
ubuntu__im glad i checked this file system before installing linux on it00:34
ubuntu__i thought these files were gone00:34
ubuntu__This is my first time back in linux in a while00:37
ubuntu__I've been runing win7/mac for about a 2 years now00:37
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hays_off I go to install kubuntu00:48
ubuntu__is it normal for kubuntu install to be stuck at 18%?01:13
ubuntu__should I just abort and start over?  reboot?01:13
areichmanubuntu__: I've seen it before and just had to give it a loooong time01:14
ubuntu__?? what's it doing?01:14
areichmanI have no idea01:14
ubuntu__the hdd light is on01:14
ubuntu__well ok I will go leave it afk then01:14
areichmanis it partitioning a drive?01:14
ubuntu__well perhaps though I thought it did that already01:14
ubuntu__maybe not though01:15
ubuntu__it says "copying files"01:15
ubuntu__but maybe its partitioning my drive01:15
areichmaninteresting. I would let it go01:15
Guest74449am besten das andere cd laufwerk nehmen, oder von usb stick installieren..01:17
lcbhãn? :o01:21
Guest74449 01:38
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jordan__i have a question where are the theme files store at for icons?03:08
James147jordan__: /usr/share/icons or ~/.local/share/icons03:15
James147possibally ~/.icons :p03:15
jordan__well thats a problem03:15
James147jordan__: why?03:16
jordan__ccause the icon im looking itsnt there03:16
James147jordan__: what are you looking for?03:16
jordan__im using the MIB theme03:16
jordan__kfind cant even find it03:16
jordan__but the folder icon is someone cause the theme is working03:16
James147jordan__: in kfind are you using wild cards in your search ? (ie *MIB*  ?? )03:17
jordan__im wondering where are the theme packages are ostored at03:17
jordan__james i dont know03:17
jordan__im using kfind through dolphin03:18
jordan__it doesnt pop up anymore03:18
jordan__so what ever the default setting is im using03:18
James147jordan__: then your not using kfind ^^03:18
jordan__i didnt know what03:19
James147^^ as far as I know thats the nepomuk search tool that has been intergrated into dolphin03:19
jordan__thats what im using03:19
jordan__i feel silly now since the mepomuk icon appears to the right03:20
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jordan__The theme im using doesnt have a game icon03:21
jordan__so im going to make one for it03:21
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jordan__james147, is there a specify place where a theme file is located?03:26
jordan__cause you can flip to different theme03:26
jordan__it just doesnt unpack all the png then disappears?03:27
jordan__k i found them03:31
jordan__james thanks for the help03:32
jordan__i search for a different theme in kfind03:32
jordan__it found Hycons03:32
jordan__their in .kde/share/icons03:32
LaserJockcould somebody give me a ping real quick, I'm trying to test some notifications03:35
frogonwheelslarsivi: ping03:51
frogonwheelslarsivi: sorry.03:51
kiki__anyone ??04:28
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inferencehi, i recently installed 10.04, and the installation hung on "Running dpkg"07:42
inferencei rebooted, and the system appeared to run fine07:42
inferencebut when i run aptitude.. it has about 300 language packs that are missing dependencies07:43
Snowhoginference: Run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -f    Repeat until no more packages are identified to be installed/upgraded.07:49
inferenceyeah.. i've been doing that..07:49
inferencei've hit enter about 10,000 times07:50
inferenceall it's getting are these language packs i do not need07:50
Apple_Catif you get sick of pressing y, you can always use aptitude -y07:54
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evoainI need help on how to use this irc08:18
inferenceevoain: what do you want to know?08:20
inferencefor quassel or something?08:21
evoainbasic ones. Like joining, registering and others...08:21
inferenceoh, say "/join #channel"08:22
inferencewhere channel is the name08:22
inferencelike.. /join #reddit08:22
inferencestart typing someone's nick and then hit 'tab' to complete it08:23
inferencesay /msg nickname to message ppl08:23
inferenceto register.. try saying /msg NickServ help commands08:23
inferencehas lots of good stuff08:24
evoaininference: How do I register a new user name?08:25
inferencesay:    /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <e-mail-address>08:27
evoaininference: Thank you buddy08:28
evoainhold on08:29
evoainwhere do i type user name?08:29
inferenceit registers the username you are using08:30
evoainand for another user name...?08:30
inferencehmm.. i remember something about associating nicks08:30
inferencelemme look08:30
Unit193inference: You can group them08:31
Unit193You have to change to that nick08:31
evoainUnit193:  How?08:31
Unit193 /nick Username08:31
inferenceoh, say /nick <new name>08:31
evoaininference: Unit193: Thanks a lot guys08:32
Unit193inference: You did all the work and I still get some thanks ;)08:32
inferencecool beans08:33
inferenceim bored.. like.. starving for interaction while pressing enter relentlessly on this retarded apt-get -f install process08:33
inferencenow it's doing nothing08:34
Unit193apt-get -f install -y ?08:34
inferencejust repeating Media change: please insert the disc labeled Kubuntu.. in the drive /cdrom/ and press enter.08:34
Unit193Hmmm... Sounds like you have the CD still in the sources.list08:35
inferencedependencies are all screwed up08:35
inferencewhenever i try to run apt-get install anything... it tells me that about 200 language packs i don't need are missing dependencies08:36
inferenceso i ran apt-get update && apt-get -f install08:37
computer_is there a website search engine that is open source based09:14
valoriemaybe others09:15
computer_do u have a list?09:16
svakshaxapian engine is used by debian on your local desktop search too09:16
valorieI bet google does09:16
valorie"open source website search engine"09:16
svakshacomputer_: wikipedia09:16
svakshahas a list09:17
computer_open source with no filters09:17
computer_i will try xapian, thanks all09:19
computer_i want to be able to search the web using a search engine that is open source and does not filter anything? anyone?09:26
computer_i dont think xapian is exactly what i was looking for09:27
valoriesearching the web is an entirely different proposition09:45
valorieweb search means running huge servers, spidering, enormous databases, etc.09:45
valorieGoogle runs on linux09:46
valoriebut you'll never find an open source resource like that, IMO09:46
valorieit costs entirely too much09:46
dissehey guys, the last days was an flashplugin-nonfree update in my kpackagekit. I've installed it and now it's not working :( I tried reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree, but this had no effect10:28
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szalmoin BluesKaj13:05
BluesKajhey szal13:06
dissehey guys, the last days was an flashplugin-nonfree update in my kpackagekit. I've installed it and now it's not working :( I tried reinstalling flashplugin-nonfree, but this had no effect13:22
BluesKajdisse, open a terminal , sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer13:25
giowckdisse: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/50108/how-can-i-get-flash-working-on-kubuntu-11-04-64bit/50117#50117 for a temporary fix13:25
giowcki had the same problem13:25
disseaah, k, thy13:25
Peace-BluesKaj: hey13:25
disseblueskaj method wouldn't work?13:25
BluesKajhi Peace-13:26
disseI mean not to be temporary13:26
BluesKajdisse, the command will work permanently 'til the next changes are made to the default13:27
disse--reinstall worked13:31
giowcknice, it works now also on my pc. Yesterday the flash package didn't work. Seems to be fixed :D13:36
BluesKajdisse, I should have mentioned the reinstall command removes the the previous configuration file and replaces it with the new version which reconfigures all browser flash plugins.13:51
disseaah, thy13:51
BluesKajso a mere reinstall with package manager won't make much difference13:52
BadenserHi there. I am using Kubuntu 11.04. (and so KMail 1.13.6). Since one of the last updates, I have problems with my identities: When creating a new mail or reply, the identity was taken that was assigned to the current folder or to the original mail before. Now kmail takes the last identity used.13:55
BadenserAlso the used "sent" mail folder is sometimes wrong. it uses a folder not assigned to the used identity but of another ...13:55
BadenserDid I do something wrong?13:55
BluesKajBadenser, maybe the user acct and identity settings aren't correct14:04
Badenser"not correct"?14:04
BadenserI rechecked everything ... I'd say they are correct - but what could I miss?14:05
BluesKajBadenser, I haven't used kmail in a while , but recall the settings can be confusing between user acct and identities\14:05
BadenserI think I am aware of the concept. And: it worked fine in former KMail releases14:05
Badenseras mentioned: the problems came up in one of the past updates14:06
BluesKajright ...after kde4 I found kmail clunky to set up and use , too many options for impatient ppl like me14:07
Badenserit also worked on KDE4 once14:08
BluesKajI know that last comment doesn't help , but that's the reason I switched to gmail14:08
Badenserthis wouldnt help.14:10
Badenserand btw, the identities stuff is great as I have some accounts with several different identites ...14:10
Badensereven evolution doesnt do it better14:10
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BluesKajyes Badenser , agreed ...I liked the dentities and used that feature as well14:12
* genii-around sticks with his Pine14:13
* szal had no problem porting KMail settings from KDE3 to KDE414:13
* Badenser neither14:13
szalbut then again, that was 2 years ago, so don't ask me for details ;)14:13
* Badenser had problems with one of the last Kubuntu updates (unfortunately cannot remember which)14:13
BluesKajit might be coincidence , but just around that time my mailserver switched to hotmail  so the pop3 mail settings no longer worked , had to switch to pophm and smtphm14:15
szalbut I switched distros quite a few times w/ these settings and never experienced any oddities14:15
Badenserother question: where could I continue debugging?14:15
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wohnpalI am trying to format a HDD I have using mkisofs using kde 11.04... however mkisofs oder mkisofs.ext4 is not installed, how can that be?15:21
wohnpalI thought it was part of the standard linux programs15:21
BluesKajwohnpal, I think genisoimage has replaced mkisifs15:23
BluesKajerr mkisofs15:23
lcbanyone with an idea why this portable scan device IRIScan keep being recognized as a Plustek OpticSlim M12?     http://paste.ubuntu.com/636920/15:32
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claydohlcb: probably as that is what scanning chip the device is using15:37
lcbclaydoh: yes but... not working15:38
claydohdo you have the needed firmware file?15:39
lcbclaydoh: yes, installed. is at the end of that pastedbin15:41
PythonSnakeis there antivirus for kubuntu ?15:41
lcbbtw, are wildcards allowed at 'overrides'?  'override "plustek-opticslim*"' or even verride "plustek*"15:42
claydohlcb: I don't know15:42
lcbPythonSnake: the one i know, better and popular by demand, clam antivirus15:42
claydohI doubt it in this case15:42
lcbclaydoh: it's ok :)15:43
PythonSnakedo we need antivirus ? lcb15:43
claydohsome scanners are a pain, tho these days  a lot of then Just Work, the rest are annoyingly difficult :/15:44
lcbPythonSnake: very subjective matter. if there is an antivirus for linux, probably there are virus for linux.15:44
lcbi never digged on that15:44
claydohPythonSnake: antivirus fo linux, generally not needed15:44
PythonSnakelcb: ok i'll get than one thanks15:45
PythonSnakefor the best security :)15:45
claydohthe antivirus stuff is mostly for thing like mail servers, where the virus can be transferred to others15:45
BluesKaj!virus | PythonSnake15:45
ubottuPythonSnake: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:45
lcbPythonSnake: all antivirus are system ressources consuming, so better avoid... unless any good reason to believe the system is compromized by it15:45
PythonSnake except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba) means that I download something and copy it to windows ?15:47
lcbclaydoh: about the scanners being a pain.. indeed. i got this one long time ago and never tested it under linux. now i need it and... not working ;)15:47
lcbPythonSnake: windows would not "contaminate" linux15:47
lcbPythonSnake: better use a good one on the win side15:47
claydohlcb: from a quick googling it might be possible, tho I haven't looked too deeply15:47
lcbclaydoh: i'll try later or another day. thanks a lot :)15:48
PythonSnakeok so no antivirus :)15:48
PythonSnakethanks for the info15:48
claydohlcb: no problem. I used to have to compile sane and the gt68xx module by hand Back In The Day to get an old Mustek scanner to work lol15:49
lcb!info clamAV > PythonSnake15:51
lcbclaydoh:  :)15:51
PythonSnakelcb: fail ?15:51
lcb!info clamAV15:52
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97+dfsg-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 123 kB, installed size 592 kB15:52
lcbPythonSnake: that's the one most (virus paranoid) people uses15:53
PythonSnakelcb: do you use bouncer ? (another topic :))15:54
lcbPythonSnake: yes, the one you see when /whois lcb15:55
PythonSnakelcb: do i need server for bnc ?15:56
lcbPythonSnake: there are several, i believe ZNC is the most used. i'm using one recommended by freenode.net and for me was easy to install and activate15:59
PythonSnakelcb: do I need a vpn ?15:59
lcbi wanted something to run at that time (when activated) so i didn't put too much time on it15:59
lcbPythonSnake: no. if you do a search on the freenode.net page i believe there is some info on it16:00
PythonSnakelcb: does it run even if my pc is off ?16:00
PythonSnakehi alicia__16:02
alicia__is the first time im using the kubuntu irc16:03
lcbPythonSnake: nooo. that's another thing. sorry, i'm using an irc cloak.16:03
PythonSnakelcb: how to be online even if my pc is off ?16:04
lcbPythonSnake: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks16:04
lcbPythonSnake: with the BNC (bouncer)16:05
lcbhello alicia__. welcome to the firstimers :p16:06
PythonSnakelcb: I've tried ZNC but when I turn my pc off, i become offline16:06
alicia__Im trying to add new networks16:06
lcbPythonSnake: never used. i'm planning in trying it this year, or next16:07
alicia__how can I change my nickname?16:07
lcb---> /nick NewNick16:08
PythonSnakealicia__: /msg NickServ register <password>16:08
AlexZionhi guys ,there is a way to get a  "Language Selector" on the Login screen  ?16:10
lcbAlexZion: i believe the default login screen comes with a lang selector option, not sure. did you change the default GUI style?16:17
AlexZionlcb , actually I changed the theme but I think there wasn't on the default screen as well , anyway , I'll check it better ...16:20
lcbAlexZion: System Settings | type in the search box (on the top right) login16:21
=== disse is now known as disse|off
AlexZionnoway lcb, no language selector .... :(16:24
=== disse|off is now known as disse
lcbAlexZion: there might be a way of having it. google a bit on it16:25
AlexZionok thanks lcb ...., actually would very interesting to insert it in my themes ....16:26
AlexZionlcb, do you know a good point to start building a new bootsplash ?16:27
AlexZionI mean some good tutorial link  :)16:28
lcbAlexZion: sorry, no :(16:28
AlexZionahh, you don't have to be sorry about that ... ;)16:29
lcba huge crash on the tour of france16:32
causticsandWhen I try to change my printer details in system settings>printer configuration, I get the error, "The service 'Printer Configuration' does not provide an interface 'KCModule' with keyword 'system-config-printer-kde/system-config-printer-kde.py' The factory does not support creating components of the specified type.16:42
causticsandI found a few posts from years ago where some people had a similar message, but the "fixes" haven't worked for me16:43
causticsandAnyone else had this issue and resolved it?16:43
causticsandLinux version 2.6.35-28-generic (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu5) ) #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:00:26 UTC 201116:44
causticsandWhen I try to change my printer details in system settings>printer configuration, I get the error, "The service 'Printer Configuration' does not provide an interface 'KCModule' with keyword 'system-config-printer-kde/system-config-printer-kde.py' The factory does not support creating components of the specified type.17:03
causticsandLinux version 2.6.35-28-generic (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu5) ) #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:00:26 UTC 201117:04
nikitisHey i have a scripting issue.17:22
nikitisI'm trying to get kubuntu installing via debootstrapping on an "undisclosed" device that I cannot reveal.17:22
nikitisProblem is.  Once I chroot the base system.  the script which was on the pre-chrooted environment gets cut off due to chrooting17:23
nikitisIs there a way to make the script survive the chrooting process?17:23
=== bandi is now known as Guest75824
BATinikitis: hmm, you are running a script, which does chroot? then split the work between out-of-chroot and in-chroot scripts17:30
=== disse is now known as disse|off
nikitisBATi: how would that work?17:40
nikitisBATi: would the first script be able to send the command to run the other script?17:40
MonikaI have accidentally removed a USB stick that was not unmounted. Now it is not recognized anymore, it's not mountable and not even the partition manager can see it, so I can't even format it. Any ideas how to repair it?17:41
BATinikitis: chroot /newroot /path/to/script17:41
BATiMonika: hmmm, does at least system see it, when you plug it in? you can check it by inserting it and running "dmesg" from konsole17:45
nikitisBATi: so like # LANG=C chroot /mnt/kubuntu /kubuntu-installer.sh ?17:45
BATinikitis: well, I'm just offering general solution for running something in chroot, never used debootstrap myself, but something along those lines...17:47
BATinikitis: ...should work..17:48
MonikaI'll try that17:52
nikitisBATi: before my line that kills the script is LANG=C chroot /mnt/kubuntu /bin/bash17:55
nikitisis that because i'm telling it to just go back to bash?17:55
nikitisBATi: or could I just leave out the last part entirely17:56
BATinoaXess: no, you are telling it to change root a run interactive bash in it...17:56
BATinikitis: ^^17:56
BATinikitis: the script which calls chroot will continue after you logout from chrooted bash (ctrl+d, exit...)17:58
shane2peruok, I click on a text file and it opens in kate, I click another text file and it opens in the same kate and the other one disappears??  can't I see both at the same time?18:03
nikitisBATi: so should i wait to chroot until the end of my script?18:03
BATishane2peru: you have both files open, the first just hides... enable tab plugin in kate to see them nicely...18:05
shane2peruBATi: thanks18:05
BATinikitis: depends on what you are trying to achieve... if just chrooting and running some script inside chroot to do some changes in chrooted environment, then it does not matter... if you want to end up in interactive shell inside chroot, it would be wiser18:07
=== PythonSnake_ is now known as PythonSnake
BATinikitis: eg. lets have a script called setup.sh, in that we copy needed files into chroot, and add script which will run inside called modify_env.sh so I can call "chroot /newroot /modify_env.sh && echo "Chroot modified"18:09
causticsandWhen I try to change my printer details in system settings>printer configuration, I get the error, "The service 'Printer Configuration' does not provide an interface 'KCModule' with keyword 'system-config-printer-kde/system-config-printer-kde.py' The factory does not support creating components of the specified type.18:13
causticsandLinux version 2.6.35-28-generic (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu5) ) #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:00:26 UTC 201118:13
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haysi got a dpkg error when installing kubunut18:46
haysit was pretty vague saying it might be an error due to an old livecd or maybe error in package.  no package was listed18:46
haysi am using the 64 bit 11.01 livecd downloaded yesterday18:46
haysgreat and now my boot sector appears to have been nuked18:48
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BluesKajboot sector ? are you going to dual boot ? hays18:51
hayswell that was the plan18:52
haysof course now my boot sector is screwed up18:52
BluesKajhow do you know?18:52
hayswell, because the system won't boot18:52
BluesKajwindows won't boot ?18:53
haysthe system does not boot18:53
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hayshmm well damn18:55
BluesKajok, now try holding the shift key down , when the bios page comes up , and then you should get a grub menu18:55
BluesKajwithout the live cd of course18:56
haysjust sits there cursor blinking18:57
BluesKajhold the shiftkey for probly about 15-20secs18:58
haysyep i did18:58
haysnothing happened18:58
BluesKajyou need to reboot then hold the key18:58
haysI did.  Twice.18:59
BluesKajhays does the live cd boot ok ?19:00
haysheaded to a terminal right now19:01
BluesKajok sudo update-grub19:02
haysboth of my hard drives appear to have linux partitions on them19:04
haysthat's wonderful19:04
BluesKajno ntfs ?19:05
haysalso, cfdisk isn't working i have to use fdisk19:05
haysi think my data is gone19:06
hayshave to say ubuntu aint lookin too good right now heh19:08
BluesKajhays, how did you partition the space for kubuntu ... auto, guided or manual ?19:12
haysauto only showed my windows partition, so I went to guided and selected the other drive, which was empty19:13
haysI am very thankful I moved all my data to a FreeBSD machine19:14
haysSo reinstalling windows won't be too much an ordeal19:14
BluesKajso which hdd is set as default boot in th bios boot sequence?19:14
haysIt went CD-ROM then the Windows Drive19:15
haysyep data definitely gone19:15
k3njiyHeya, my gfx-card got attacked by dust puppies and burnt out. now i need a new one. can anybody suggest a good cheap one?19:16
haysnvidia 460's are pretty cheap these days19:16
BluesKajpersonally I would burn a gparted live cd and make absolutelu sure that your windows drive is reformatted19:16
haysthe SEs are a particularly good bargain if you don't need a lot of performance19:16
BluesKajis or isn't19:16
haysBluesKaj: I did.  I booted into puppy linux19:16
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k3njiyhays: well since i do play games sometimes i would like one thats not too crappy. had a 8800gtx before.19:17
k3njiyhays: it has to have dual dvi since i have a dual monitor setup19:18
haysI have a GTX 460 (not SE) and its pretty good.   There is supposed to be a good 5 series out there too19:18
haysPalit makes a GTX 460 2GB which looks interesting19:19
BluesKajI picked up a 8400gs for 40 bucks US at tigerdirect but beware of their discount plan ..it's a 3rd party scam IMO19:19
k3njiythx i will check them out.19:21
haysk3njiy:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681426107719:22
k3njiybut you all recomend nvidia instead of ati?19:22
haysthat's the 2 GB that looks interesting.  I have the 1 GB19:22
haysk3njiy: im out of date with respect to linux and nvidia vs. ati19:22
haysI've heard the ATI drivers have come along way though19:23
haysThe Palit one I linked is also nice because its not so freaking LONG   I have an MSI also and its like almost twice the length.  makes it a pain to fit in the case19:24
k3njiyhays: thx, but since I'm in europe it's suboptimal for me to order from the us...19:24
haysoh well im not saying use newegg just talking about one thing I like about the palit cards19:25
k3njiyhonestly never heard of them but they look nice! thx! you're happy with the palit card you have? might go for a less expensiv one, under 100€ since i need food every 2-3 days....19:26
k3njiythink i will go for the PALIT GTS450 1024MB, looks nice. thanks hays19:29
haysYeah I've been happy with them.  not sure the conversion rate see if you can get the GTX they are better I think19:29
BluesKajaati drivers till suffer somewhat from develpment in linux ...IMO nvidia is till more up to date19:30
haysoh under $100 yeah thats probably good19:30
BluesKajdual dvi outs ?19:31
haysim left wondering if I should even try to install linux again after that experience wow19:31
k3njiydual link dvi, whatever that might be...19:31
haysFreeBSD's boot loader wigged me out though19:31
haysI think you can drive two monitors from one dvi port but ive never done it19:32
haysmay need a special cable19:32
k3njiyprobably an adaptar of some sorts19:32
k3njiyjust wondering if linux can managed a duallink.....19:33
BluesKajhays  broken url19:34
haysah well.  yeah its just a cable19:34
BluesKajhays , if you run freebsd , then whynot linx as well ? :)19:36
haysI've moved around over the years19:36
k3njiyhays BluesKaj: thanks guys, i will stick to nvidia, look at the palit cards and going afk now again (hackers is on tv ^ ^ ) cya19:36
BluesKajhavent run bsd in 5 yrs or so19:37
haysI have it on a server.  I did it because of zfs.19:37
haysI have a RAID-Z1 in there.. which is like a RAID-5 on crack19:37
BluesKajk3njiy, later19:37
hays6 TB storage online19:37
haysdesktop has win7, laptop has macos19:38
haysspent the last few days trying to hacknit0sh the system with no luck whatsoever19:38
haysthen figured why not stick linux on the drive19:40
haysthinking maybe i could see how linux support for virtualization is, running win7 and macos in vbox or something19:40
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BluesKajodd that both drives got formatted ...almost as if they're striped , if i can recall my raid memorybank19:44
haysyes very odd.19:44
haysIntel IHC10R controller..  I think those are pretty well supported in linux and everywhere19:46
haysit is times like these I wish I had a better than 3.0M DSL connection19:48
hayswhen downloading an era of Windows updates19:48
haysWindows should have a way to let you burn a CD that like recovers your system files in a way that they are current19:48
haysAlso this continues my streak of bad luck with Asus components19:51
haysI swear, I think I am just going to buy Gigabyte motherboards from here on out.19:51
haysmaybe that is superstitious19:51
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PythonSnakeI got small fonts20:02
BluesKajkmenu>apps>settings>syten settings>application appearance>fonts .. PythonSnake20:06
BluesKajkmenu>apps>settings>system settings>application appearance>fonts20:07
PythonSnakeBluesKaj: What are defults ?20:07
BluesKajdepends on your resolution20:08
BluesKajyou can adjustall fonts too20:09
PythonSnakeI think it's fixed20:11
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mranimaCan some one answer me this, why is it when I watch videos on you tube or any video site the flash video freezes not like freeze that it stops but like it freezes during the video.20:42
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Linkmastermranima: are you using rekonq?20:44
mranimano i using Chromium.20:44
mranimawith rekonq idk, don't like it.20:45
LinkmasterTry using FF or Rekonq to do it20:45
mranimaon firefox it happens as well.20:46
Linkmasterhave you tried reinstalling flash?20:46
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mranimai'll do that.20:47
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elkng"universe/m/mc/" <- there are some files: "mc_4.7.0.9-1_i386.deb" and "mc_4.7.0.9-2.debian.tar.gz" is the second one the source for this package ?20:56
elkngif I want to download all packages do I have to download only *i386.deb files from all those directories ?20:56
sinnockhey i am a new kubuntu user and have been having some trouble getting internet games to run on my computer. i need help figuring it out20:56
mranimaAlright linkmaster thanks Reinstalling worked! :)20:57
sinnockhey i am a new kubuntu user and have been having some trouble getting internet games to run on my computer. i need help figuring it out. i have both the rekong and firefox web browsers and java plugins installed but the games still won't run. any help would be awesome20:58
elkngI want to have local copy of repo of i386 packages, is there easy way to do this rather then "wget" ?21:00
Torchelkng: what is wrong with wget?21:01
gomiboyelkng: wget is perfect, use --mirror option21:01
gomiboy(also man wget :)21:02
sinnock hey i am a new kubuntu user and have been having some trouble getting internet games to run on my computer. i need help figuring it out. i have both the rekong and firefox web browsers and java plugins installed but the games still won't run. any help would be awesome21:03
elkngif I use wget with link "http://ubuntu.wikimedia.org/ubuntu//pool/universe/" and there are files like: "mc_4.7.0.6-1.debian.tar.gz , mc_4.7.0.6-1.dsc, mc_4.7.0.6-1_amd64.deb, mc_4.7.0.6-1_i386.deb, mc_4.7.0.6.orig.tar.gz"  it will download all those files, but I only need one "mc_4.7.0.6-1_i386.deb"21:05
elkngmaybe there are some DVD's like 8 DVD for debian, where I can just download them for later use ?21:06
bombersinnock you might need flash installed21:06
sinnockthats what i thought but i have 10.121:08
sinnockthis is what my firefox browser says: Shockwave Flash      File: libgnashplugin.so     Version:      Shockwave Flash 10.1 r999.     Gnash 0.8.9, the GNU SWF Player. Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.     Gnash comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. You may redistribute copies of Gnash under the terms of the GNU General Public License. For more information about Gnash, se21:09
bombersee if gnash is installed21:09
bomberthats a good shockwave flash player21:09
bomberwell not player but pluggin21:09
BluesKajsinnock, is kubunu-restricted-extras installed ?21:10
sinnockthanks i'll check21:10
Torchbomber: my guess would be in this case gnash is actually the problem.21:10
sinnocki think so blues but i'll check21:10
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats21:11
bomberits possible.... mine worked for a couple days with just flash installed and then it stopped working so i removed it and installed gnash and mine is all set... but every system is a little different i guess21:11
sinnockok i have gnash21:11
sinnockshould i remmove adobe?21:12
BluesKajgnash isn't the most reliable either21:12
bomberno, i wouldnt but you might wanna remover flash21:12
sinnockhow do i do that?21:13
BluesKajsinnock, did you read the post about kubuntu-restricted-extras ?21:13
bomberohh yea sorry21:13
sinnockyes i got them21:13
bomberits listed as adobe flash player...21:14
BluesKajbomber, gnash isn't a good idea21:14
bomberyou guys know better than me... i was just trying to help... it worked on mine21:15
BluesKajok sinnock the open a terminal and do , sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer21:15
sinnockoh no its fine i know little to nothing21:15
bomberthe adobe flash was working fine and then after i upgraded flash it stopped working so i had to use gnash21:16
sinnocki got runescape to work once but then it didn't work21:17
BluesKajsinnock, yes , kmenu>apps>system>terminal21:17
sinnockfound it thanks :)21:18
sinnockok so i typed in the terminal screen: do , sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer   on the next line it said: bash:  syntax error near unexpected token do21:20
Torchsinnock: well, drop the "do ," ;-)21:21
sinnock:) thanks21:21
BluesKajsinnock, just copy and paste ,  sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer21:21
sinnocki'm a smart feller :P21:21
shane2peruok, quick question, why is my computer running slower?  I click on a windows, or something, and it is like the fan speed kicks up and the computer wakes up and 4 seconds later the icon starts blinking for the window I opened, and 2 seconds later it opens?21:22
shane2peruIt acts like I do in the morning when I first wake up21:22
BluesKajusing the terminal is a good way to learn about how linux aps and packages work ...a very useful tool21:23
shane2perumaybe this is a good question for a 'smart feller'  ;)21:23
sinnocknot really XD21:23
shane2perulol. :)  Just had to comment on  that comment.21:23
sinnockok it asked me for my password and it won't let me type it :P21:24
sinnockshane: LOL21:24
shane2perusinnock: it is hidden21:24
shane2perusinnock: so you won't see it as you type, but it is there.21:24
BluesKajshane2peru, check in system monitor to see what's eating your cpu21:24
sinnock... i really am a smart feller21:24
sinnockYAY! it worked21:25
BluesKajthat's to keep peering eyes from seeing your pw , sinnock21:25
shane2peruBluesKaj: nothing.  It doesn't feel like it is lagging because it is busy with 'heavy' work, it acts like it 'wakes up' to open Dolphin, are disks spinning down??21:25
shane2peruBluesKaj: ohh, wait, top shows Xorg as using about 30% cpu21:26
shane2peruwhereas the GUI with Alt+F2 shows nothing21:26
BluesKajshane2peru, ok, hve you installed the recommended drivers in  additional drivers ?21:26
sinnockok flash plugin installed21:26
shane2peruBluesKaj: yep21:27
shane2peruchecking now to make sure they are still 'enabled'21:27
shane2peruyep, it is active21:27
BluesKajsometimes a bug appears with nvidia drivers saying the driver is installed but not being used21:28
sinnockok i'm testing a game now21:29
shane2peruBluesKaj: let me digress a minute, using another distro, if I had 100 things going on, the desktop was still very responsive click on a window and it popped on the screen very quickly, so that is probably the root of my question21:29
mranimathis might silly to ask, but is there a Oxygen theme for Chromium?21:29
sinnockthat would be cool21:30
mranimaso theres not?21:30
BluesKajmranima, barely , chromium doesn't integrate much with kde21:30
billytwowillyanybody else getting a ton of random vlc crashes?21:30
mranimaah i see.21:30
mranimathanks for letting me know.21:30
shane2peruBluesKaj: appears to have been Google Desktop indexing my files, stopped the indexing, and now everything is more snappy, and xorg is between 8% and 20%21:31
mranimaalso i haven't experience any crashes with VLC, whats happening with yours?21:31
shane2peruwith amarok bouncing in now and then at 50%??  I'm not evening playing music21:31
BluesKajmranima, yeah it's sad ...i complained at #chromium and they said they pass along the request ,..it's espcially bad if you run a largescrn monitor21:32
mranimabut all we can do is wait.21:33
BluesKajthe fonts on the bookmarks toolbar can't be enlarged21:33
shane2peruBluesKaj: ok, I think I got it, seems as though amarok was hung up or something21:34
sinnockok so the game still won't load... :P21:34
sinnockany othe suggestions21:34
BluesKajamarok is buggy,unresponsive and I hate the layout21:35
gomiboysinnock: give us the url of the game21:35
BluesKajsinnock, what game ?21:35
sinnockkongregate.com everybody edits21:36
sinnockit works on our other kubuntu computer and we changed them both to kubuntu at the same time21:37
SoothsayerWhat's the difference between GDM and KDM ?21:38
mranimaKDM is for KDE and GDM is for gnome :-D21:38
gomiboysinnock: did you restarted your browser after the reinstall of flash?21:38
sinnockyes but i'll try it again21:39
BluesKajsinnock,refresh any browsers that were open21:39
shane2peruSoothsayer: GDM is the Gnome boot thing, and KDM is the KDE Boot thing, they can boot anything, used to be GDM wouldn't let you shutdown kde and visa versa21:39
shane2peruSoothsayer: that is just a basic difference, I'm sure there are more indepth differences between the two.21:40
mranimayeah there is.21:40
mranimabut it depends which one you like.21:40
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mranimacan this post on Posterous http://www.kde.org/applications/internet/blogilo/21:53
Ddpbfshane2peru: actually KDM is KDE Display Manager not just KDE boot thing :)21:56
shane2peruDdpbf: ahh, ok, right, I guess it is what runs X, because reseting X is usually done by restarting the K/G DM  <-- OOOh, Display Manager. :)21:57
shane2peruthat makes sense, I couldn't think of the appropriate terms hence, boot thing. :)21:58
Ddpbfyes DM in GDM/KDM/LXDM is for display manager21:59
DdpbfI think only Xfce does not have native display manager22:00
sinnockoi... so it didn't work (restarting my browser) i'll work on it more tomarrow :P22:00
sinnockthanks for all the help guys!22:00
mranimahttp://www.kde.org/applications/internet/kget/ can Kget integrate with Chromium?22:01
BluesKajsinnock, check your graphics drivers in kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers22:02
Ddpbfmranima: I dont think so22:02
Ddpbfkget can bee integrated with firefox22:02
Ddpbf(and of course with rekonq/konqueror)22:03
Ddpbfbut you can see on kde-apps22:03
Ddpbfis there some cool app for chromium integration22:04
DdpbfI know ther is kwallet support for chromium22:04
sinnockok sorry i took so long22:09
sinnockso i have no proprietary drivers in use but i have: experamental 3D support for NVIDIA cards22:10
sinnockshould i activate that?22:10
Ddpbfif there is no proprietary drivers you allredy use22:12
Ddpbfopen source drivers22:12
sinnockok cool thanks22:12
BluesKajsinnock, no the recommended driver is what you want22:12
sinnockwhat do you mean?22:13
BluesKajis there one listed , sinnock?22:13
Ddpbfsudo lspci -knn | grep -i VGA22:13
sinnockno threres just the experamental 3D thingy22:14
Ddpbfpaste output on http://paste.kde.org22:14
sinnockpaste what?22:15
BluesKajok , sinnock , lspci |grep VGA , in trhe terminal22:15
BluesKajthat will tell you which graphics card you have so we can figure out which driver you need22:16
sinnockok cool22:16
sinnockok so i'm typing: ispci lgrep VGA22:17
BluesKajif it's just one or two lines, paste them here22:18
Graf_Westerholtsinnock, just copy and paste it.22:18
Graf_Westerholtsinnock, it is not l, it is |22:18
scott__just a quick question, is it possible to set windows programs to always be executable for Wine?22:18
sinnockhow do you do that?22:18
Graf_WesterholtYes, scott__ :)22:19
BluesKajsinnock, shift , then the \ key22:19
scott__I know you can go into Properties>Permissions in Kubuntu, but I'd like to be able to download and install Windows programs without that step :D22:19
scott__I'm careful enough about what I download22:19
BluesKajscott__, the exe are the only windows apps that will run in wine afaik22:21
Graf_Westerholtscott__, just click the exe, type in wine and check the box to allways start it with wine.22:21
scott__thanks Graf_Westerholt22:21
BluesKajor windows even :)22:22
scott__So Graf_Westerholt, when I download EXEs in the future, will I need to change the permission to make them executable?22:24
Graf_WesterholtYou do not need to change the permision.22:24
Graf_WesterholtI have never set executable permission to any exe file.22:25
BluesKajsco if you did what Graf_Westerholt suggested then when you click on the app it should auto-openin wine22:25
scott__I did22:25
sinnockok Blueskaj i figured it out. it said:  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nvidia corperation NVCrushll [GeForce2 MX Integrated Graphics]   (rev bl)22:26
Ddpbfit is pretty old gpu22:27
Ddpbfi guess ther is no proprietary drivers for it22:27
Ddpbfyou could try with 96.xx legacy22:29
sinnockhow do i do that?22:29
Ddpbfsudo apt-get install nvidia-9622:31
sinnockok i entered in: sudo apt-get install nvidia-96. and it gave me thisSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable      distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:  The following packages have unmet dependencies:  nvidia-96 : Depends:22:35
sinnockDepends: xserver-xorg-core (>= 2: but it is not going to be installed22:35
sinnockthats what it gave me22:35
Ddpbfyou have xorg-edgers installed?22:37
sinnocklet me check22:37
sinnockin kpackagekit?22:37
sinnocki entered xorg-edgers in the search box and it didn't come up with anything22:39
Ddpbfok go in konsole22:39
Ddpbfcd /etc/apt/sources.list.d22:39
Ddpbfls -l22:39
Ddpbfpaste output of this commands on22:40
Ddpbfthise site http://paste.kde.org22:40
sinnockall it gave me was this: brambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$ cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ ls -l total 0 brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$22:41
Ddpbfyou dont have any ppas22:41
Ddpbflet me chack few things22:41
Tm_Tppa isn't necessarily in sources.list.d/22:41
* BluesKaj wonders if that GeForce2 MX card uses the nouveau driver as default22:42
Ddpbfthey put nvidia-96 from maverick in natty22:43
sinnockok so what do i do with that?22:44
Ddpbfyou could try to get 3d with floss drivers22:45
Ddpbfyou could download binary drivers22:45
Ddpbffrom nvidia site22:45
Ddpbfand install it22:45
sinnockok do you know what the url is?22:46
sinnockurl address22:46
* Ddpbf does not have nivdia22:46
sinnockor is that not the right term?22:46
Ddpbfi guess this is it22:47
shane2perusinnock: you have nvidia?22:47
sinnockya why?22:47
shane2peruwhat is the problem?  I have nvidia, but I use the drivers in the repos22:48
shane2peruhaven't had any issues22:48
shane2peruI'm no expert, but do have experience with those things22:48
sinnocki've been trying to get my computer to run internet games22:48
BluesKajsinnock , open kmenu>apps>sttings>systemsettings>desktop effects ..are the desktop effects enabled ?22:49
sinnockand i have no idea what i'm doing22:49
sinnocki turned them off22:49
shane2peruoh, but not a nvidia problem necessarily then22:49
Ddpbfsinnock: do you have falsh installed?22:49
sinnockflash? yes22:49
sinnockadobe 10.1 i belive22:49
BluesKajDdpbf, yes he has..22:50
Ddpbfwhat web browser do you use22:50
sinnockrekong and firefox22:50
sinnockcurrently recong22:50
Ddpbfq not g22:50
Ddpbfrekonq :)22:50
sinnock:l i'm smart...22:50
sinnockok so i'm using rekonq22:51
sinnock:P LOL22:51
sinnockshould i turn the desktop effects back on?22:51
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Ddpbfmaybe you dont have enough CPU or RAM for flash games22:52
sinnockthats entirely possible22:52
sinnockthis computer was around when there were dinosaurs22:52
BluesKajsinnock, that's your choice I just wanted to se if the composting was doinfg direct rendering and 3D on the graphics driver22:52
sinnockhowever i can run AOW on my computer22:52
sinnockoh ok22:53
Ddpbfps do you use NoSript or flashblock on FF?22:53
sinnocki don't know22:54
sinnockhow do i find out?22:54
Ddpbfbelieve me if u dont know how to find it ou do not use it22:54
sinnockoh also when i had windows xp on here i could run them moderately well22:55
sinnock:) LOL22:55
shane2peruperhaps as a thought sinnock you need to clear the browser cache?  maybe?22:56
sinnockok how do i do that?22:56
shane2peruI don't use rekonq, in FF I think it is ctrl + shift + delete??  or something like that.22:57
BluesKajsinnock, try this in the terminal , sudo apt-cache policy nouveau . paste the output thats beside the "installed"22:57
sinnockN: Unable to locate package nouveau brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$22:57
Ddpbfsinnock: first do cd ~/22:58
BluesKajok thanks sinnock ,that helps22:59
sinnocki think i did something wrong. it gave me this: $ cd~/ bash: cd~/: No such file or directory brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ cd~/ N: Unable to locate package nouveau bash: cd~/: No such file or directory brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$ brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$  bash: brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.list.d$: No such file or directory brambleclaw@sdfghi231:/etc/apt/sources.li23:00
Ddpbfsinnock: just restart23:00
sinnockthe computer?23:01
Ddpbf*close konsole and open new one23:01
sinnockoh ok :P23:01
Ddpbfuf is ouch in serbian23:01
sinnockok i'm supposed to enter sudo apt-cache policy nouveau in the konsole right?\23:03
sinnockbrambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$ sudo apt-cache policy nouveau  [sudo] password for brambleclaw:  N: Unable to locate package nouveau brambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$23:03
sinnockthats what it gave me23:04
Ddpbfapt-cache nouveau23:04
ubottunouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.23:04
sinnockbrambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$ apt-cache nouveau E: Invalid operation nouveau brambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$23:05
Ddpbfwait a minute23:05
BluesKaj invalid operation ?23:06
Ddpbfapt-cache show nouveau23:06
Ddpbfno no  no23:07
Ddpbfapt-cache show xserver-xorg-video-nouveau23:07
Ddpbfit is right name of package i guess23:08
sinnockbrambleclaw@sdfghi231:~$ apt-cache show xserver-xorg-video-nouveau Package: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau Priority: optional Section: x11 Installed-Size: 300 Maintainer: Ubuntu X-SWAT <ubuntu-x@lists.ubuntu.com> Original-Maintainer: Debian X Strike Force <debian-x@lists.debian.org> Architecture: i386 Version: 1:0.0.16+git20110107+b795ca6e-0ubuntu7 Provides: xorg-driver-video, xserver-xorg-video-10 Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libdrm-nouve23:08
sinnock 2.4.23), libudev0 (>= 147), xorg-video-abi-10, xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:1.10.0-0ubuntu1~) Filename: pool/main/x/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau_0.0.16+git20110107+b795ca6e-0ubuntu7_i386.deb Size: 83674 MD5sum: c0a5cc94833c14d7d00ebcf1db1ee851 SHA1: 832125a3dc878d2df463194c4608bd48e7506469 SHA256: 26829dfa5881a37c572d25078c7c045e38034fd25125d059931571e35fbe076b Description: X.Org X server -- Nouveau display dri23:08
sinnocka further description)  provides support for NVIDIA Riva, TNT, GeForce, and Quadro cards.  .  Although the nouveau project aims to provide full 3D support it is not yet  complete, and these packages do not include any 3D support.  Users requiring 3D support should use the non-free "nvidia" driver.  .  This package is built from the FreeDesktop.org xf86-video-nouveau driver. Homepage: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ Bugs: https23:09
sinnockSupported: 18m Task: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-mobile-desktop, kubuntu-mobile, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-uec-live, xubuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-backend-master, mythbuntu-backend-slave, mythbuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-frontend, ubuntu-netbook23:09
BluesKajsinnock, okokok23:10
Ddpbfsinnock: please but please do use http://paste.kde.org23:10
Ddpbfjust go there and paste output23:10
Ddpbfthen gave us link23:10
sinnockok sorry23:10
BluesKajnot necessary , it's not in use23:11
sinnockok how do i add to the pastebin i've already created23:11
BluesKajBBL ...dinnertime23:12
Ddpbfi am sorry i have to go and sleep it is midnight in europe23:13
sinnock:) ok23:13
sinnockthanks for all the help!23:13
Ddpbfsinnock: just go in url bar23:14
Ddpbfand copy url23:14
Ddpbfsomething like this23:14
sinnocki thought you'd left sorry23:14
Ddpbfi get to go sleep now23:15
sinnockthanks for all the help23:15
Ddpbfgod night to me and all people from europe, good morning america23:15

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