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gustonegrois there any way to get the *orig.tar.bz2 file from a package that was uploaded and then deleted?18:25
gustonegrobecause the package and corresponding orig.tar file are not really deleted, I cannot upload a replacement package.18:30
Ampelbeingustonegro: correct. you'd need to change the version to upload the package again. To get the original files, you might get lucky with http://ppa.launchpad.net/<YOURUSERNAME> and look in the subdirectory for the ppa.18:37
hyperairgustonegro: if you wait long enough until it actually is deleted, you can reupload.18:37
hyperairusually that means > 24h i think18:38
hyperairi've done it once before18:38
gustonegroAmpelbein: thanks.  my problem was that I modified the *.orig.tar file slightly18:38
gustonegroeven though I had changed the version in the changelog, it was rejected at upload (because the original orig.tar was modified)18:39
gustonegrohyperair: thanks.....I thought it was never really deleted.  good to know that it is.18:39
gustonegrois there a way to tell launchpad to use my ppa when building a package within my ppa?18:50
pmjdebruijnis automatically uses local packages I think18:50
hyperairgustonegro: you can also add other PPAs as dependencies.19:00
hyperairjust fyi19:00
hyperairmok0: o/19:00
mok0Hy, Hiperari19:00
hyperairhiperari indeed. =p19:05
blkperlim getting a lot of page has timedout errors on launchpad rightnow19:40
wgranthyperair, gustonegro: You can never upload the same filename with different contents again. That would be a lie.20:12
wgrantThe original files are deleted a week after they are deleted.20:12
wgrantBut you still can't reupload.20:12
wgrantblkperl: Which pages?20:12
hyperairwgrant: i've done it. bug somewhere perhaps?20:14
wgranthyperair: Perhaps a year or more ago.20:14
wgranthyperair: Back then there was a bug for orig.tar.*, but not for other files.20:15
hyperairi see.20:22
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