magn3tsthat'd be nice too, yes, definitely00:21
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DaekdroomThere's something weird with the Unity launcher.02:05
DaekdroomIt's lacking something.02:05
KM0201Daekdroom: it didn't work at all for me, couldn't click buttons, etc.02:06
DaekdroomIt's working here, but the lack of the shining frames when I hover the icons with my mouse...02:07
DaekdroomOr is it that it's taking too long to show the tooltip containing the app name.02:09
guest_I am unable to boot off an amd64 live usb due to /run/udev error. Am i missing something?07:20
snadgesup in da oneiric house ;p10:10
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dsathe1hello there12:24
dsathe1anyone has the issue of boot hanging at battey state ?12:25
dsathe1on boot when using gnome 3 ppa12:25
bazhangfor gnome3?12:25
bazhangthats 11.0412:25
bazhangwhy ask here.12:25
dsathe1i guees similar issue could exist on 11.1012:25
dsathe1OMg bazhang wher do i ask12:25
dsathe1its ubuntu specifig12:26
bazhangdsathe1, this is support for 11.10. you ask the ppa maintainer.12:26
dsathe1arch has no such bug >.<12:26
ikoniagnome 3 is not supported12:26
ikoniaask the guy who manages the PPA you got it from12:26
dsathe1please someone here ought to have gone down that path12:26
dsathe1official gnome 3 ppa maintained by ubuntu12:26
dsathe1afaik ubuntu team maintains gnome 3 ppa12:27
dsathe1on launchpad12:27
bazhangdsathe1, but they did not. so please stop asking12:27
bazhangdsathe1, you were told this in #ubuntu , why come here and continue12:28
dsathe1bazhang:  could you plese tell me what is channel for for gnome shell12:28
dsathe1is it on freenode or irc.gnome.org12:28
bazhangdsathe1, I no of no such channel12:28
bazhangerr know12:28
head_victimdsathe1: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team has a mailing list12:31
dsathe1hmm thanks will pop in a mail :)12:32
dsathe1just hopin could get it sorted on irc , faster in  most cases12:32
head_victimYeah sorry I have no idea about gnome 3 at all :)12:34
dsathe1coz o this i cant log into unity either, have to drop to a tty n fire up x from there , g3 is default session, passing a param to startx not working either12:36
bazhangdsathe1, you're still asking. please don't continue.12:37
nperryRunning aptitude safe-upgrade from natty to oneiric and i seem stuck at14:08
nperryResolving dependencies...14:08
nperryopen: 272605; closed: 342451; defer: 105; conflict: 38414:08
IdleOnestuck how long?14:09
charlie-tcaaptitude safe upgrade is not a valid way to upgrade from natty to oneiric14:25
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo14:36
penguin42ok, time to reboot into oo14:53
Ether_ManUmm. Im trying to get Samba4 to run, but samba-tool is currently not wanting to play nice with me :). It complains about the module talloc not being installed. Except it is. However from the path of the python files it uses, it seems it is trying to use python2.6. Except the python installed, as well as the python-talloc installed, is 2.7. Can I get samba-tool to use 2.7 instead, or is it safe to simply symlink the 2.7 version into t14:59
Ether_Manhe 2.6 module dir?14:59
Ether_ManOr perhaps there's some package that provides the 2.6 version module?14:59
penguin42it's got to be said OO is a bit sick15:16
penguin42has anyone else got problems with unity-panel-services failing and the menu bars blinking in and out of existence on all the apps?15:17
* penguin42 files it as bug 80475415:26
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 804754 could not be found15:26
* penguin42 wonders how to make it useable again15:26
Ian_CorneI've update and rebooting15:30
penguin42metacity --replace has got stuff usable15:32
nperryidleone it gets to a certain point and stops doing what its doing16:02
nperry2702 root      20   0 3088m 2.5g 1132 S    1 67.3   6:46.02 aptitude16:27
nperry67% ram usage16:28
nperryResolving dependencies...16:28
nperryopen: 242150; closed: 303889; defer: 71; conflict: 30116:28
nperrythink it may be broke :/16:28
BUGabundohow will that ever run on a server with 128MBs of RAM16:28
BUGabundodon't force upgrades with broken dependecies16:29
BUGabundoI've had some in queue for weeks16:29
nperryI've got 4gb btw :p16:29
BUGabundome too16:29
BUGabundoand now swap16:29
BUGabundonot enough16:29
nperryI'm not, I've just ran safe-upgrade16:29
gnomefreaki broke it :(17:22
BUGabundognomefreak: aahahahahaa17:24
gnomefreakwhen booting kernel during when plymouth should be running it stops after battery "ok"\ message17:24
gnomefreaki doning updates maybe it will fix itself but i cant get udev failure out of mmy mind17:24
gnomefreak"run/udev" is failing and falling back on "udev/.udev" at least im fairly sure that is the message17:26
BUGabundothat's OLD17:26
BUGabundobeen there the all cicle17:26
gnomefreakold yes but still broken17:26
gnomefreakyep it has17:27
gnomefreakafter updates if i still cant load i will try another kernel if i have one17:27
gnomefreakBUGabundo: do you know what loads after battery check?17:28
gnomefreaki have a feeling the updated udev the other day caused this issue17:28
gnomefreakwell maybe my printer will be fixed but nothing in updates that would fix this issue from what i can see17:30
gnomefreakbe back smoke17:30
BUGabundono idea gnomefreak17:33
gnomefreakwill apport run in a text browser if i have default set to ff7*18:04
gnomefreakwell nevermind i saved it in /temp i can send it when i get up and running again. be back18:05
gnomefreakwell it seems other kernels are failing the same way. during battery checj screen flashes slightly than battery chceck gets ok and stops18:10
carl0s-phatch.. that's supposed to be able to resize images in batch isn't it? All I can see is everything-but-resize. And nautilus-image-converter doesn't work/show-up in nautilus, neither does nautilus-image=manipulator. groan :(18:48
carl0s-Also, you know before this Unity window-border-up-top business, well, I could close or minimize a window that didn't have focus. Now I can't. I have to focus the window first, then I can access its close/minimise windgets, then I can click on them. So I have to click in the middle of a window/app first if I want to minimize it.18:49
carl0s-I'm feeling stressed out :(18:50
carl0s-and because I don't have a toolbar/taskbar at the bottom, I have no idea what's gonna come up when I hit alt-tab. Unless I hit "Super" first, then maybe I can see what's running, and what might get switched to with an alt-tab.18:51
carl0s-Am I just old fasioned, or are the people who make/design this stuff totally lost without my input ?18:51
carl0s-yeah.. it's a photo-batch thing18:52
bazhangyep used it quite a bit18:52
carl0s-I searched for "resize" in synaptic.. I have used phatch before though a long time ago. I've generally been using the nautilus plug-in though up until Oneiric.18:52
carl0s-i'm just gonna have to gimp each picture one by one aren't I.. :(18:53
carl0s-oh hang on, phatch has a "scale" option. that'll do ;)18:55
oCeanI would just use convert --geometry in a for loop :)18:56
carl0s-meh :p18:56
oCeanthat's just because I'm lazy18:56
carl0s-I could, but I'd have to google bash's for terminology cos I never use it.18:56
carl0s-I can guarantee I'd miss out a semi-colon or something18:57
carl0s-phatch says IOError: decoder jpeg not available. grrr.18:59
JanCcarl0s-: do you have al recommended dependencies for phatch installed?19:04
carl0s-JanC, possibly not, although I do have the python image library, and whatever else apt chose for me19:06
JanCcarl0s-: and you can tell unity to keep the launcher always visible  ;)19:06
carl0s-I have just gimped them one by one anyway19:06
JanCthe GIMP has a batch plugin too  :P19:07
carl0s-I'll look at that then ;)19:07
oCeando the for loop!19:07
carl0s-too late now. I could do it in dos ;) for %a in (*.jpg) do resize *.jpg *.jpg.resized19:08
carl0s-easy ;)19:08
carl0s-I guess with bash I just need a semi-colone or two, and a done at the end or something, right? :)19:08
JanCcarl0s-: 'gimp-plugin-registry' contains lots of unofficial GIMP plugins, including a batch processor19:08
carl0s-hey even my dos was wrong. I meant resize %a %a.resized :p19:09
carl0s-JanC, I really like the nautilus plugins though. I hope they get fixed or start working. Would that be an Ubuntu  bug report or not?19:09
BluesKajimagemagick s great for rezing/converting jpg/jpegs19:09
oCeancarl0s-: assuming there's a subdir called 'new' I would do this19:10
oCeanfor a in *jpg; do convert -geometry 50% $a new/$a; done19:10
JanCif they don't work, a bug report is always good19:10
JanCI think teh nautilus plugin is supposedly just a GUI frontend for Imagemagick's convert19:11
carl0s-JanC, it might be.. right now though, it just doesn't add the "Resize.." option to the context menu. neither does the other one nautilus-image-manipulator.19:11
JanCmaybe it needs changes for GNOME 3.x / Gtk 3.x nautilus?19:12
JanCthat would certainly warrant a bug report  ;)19:12
JanC(if none exists yet)19:13
JanCcarl0s-: I gues you did restart nautilus, right?19:13
JanCafter installing it?19:13
JanC(and closing all nautilus windows doesn't restart it!)19:14
carl0s-JanC, I logged off and back on!19:15
JanCokay, just asking  ☺19:17
carl0s-the changelog for nautilus-image-resizer suggests it hasn't had any changed since september 2010.. nautilus-image-manipulator (which is "highly inspired by Nautilus Image Converter:") is more recent.. I'll try it again now, and go report a bug if it still doesn't show up :)19:19
carl0s-What do you all think about the right-click behaviour in nautilus? It appears to de-select what was clicked on, which I find to be very counter-intuitive. Right-click on an icon, and the icon/text/label becomes de-selected when the context menu appears. It makes you think you actually didn't click on the icon at all..19:22
BUGabundopicked the wrong time to reboot19:35
BUGabundono X19:35
BUGabundohad to boot into recovery and start a minimal X from there19:35
BUGabundohave shell, and a few apps19:35
penguin42is it just me or has the size of the default fonts increased considerably ?19:37
BUGabundohaven't noticed19:38
BUGabundobut DON'T REBOOT19:38
BUGabundocan someone put that on topic?19:38
AmpelbeinBUGabundo: is it a problem with display drivers?19:39
BUGabundoI could start it in recovery19:40
BUGabundoits a startup script19:40
penguin42BUGabundo: I updated only a few hours ago and it rebooted into the new install OK19:40
AmpelbeinBUGabundo: what exactly was the error?19:40
BUGabundoAmpelbein: humm stops on boot19:41
BUGabundognomefreak was speaking about it earlier19:41
BUGabundoif you have the backlog , pull up19:41
AmpelbeinBUGabundo: I have the backlog but there is no error message mentioned.19:42
AmpelbeinBUGabundo: and my system works just fine, updated about an hour ago.19:43
BUGabundoI know I couldn't boot kernel 3 with CIFS on fstab19:43
BUGabundo2.6.x worked19:43
BUGabundobut now, not even that19:43
Dimmuxxpenguin42: it's size 11 now and I think it used to be 10. Set all fonts to 9 is usually one of the first things I do so it doesn't really matter :P20:23
penguin42Dimmuxx: Yeh, feels like something else changed as well; not sure what - although given I can't get unity to stay up that's a little hard to change properly20:24
Dimmuxxheh unity seems to be stable for me but gnome-shell crashes in less than 1 minute20:25
Dimmuxxmy new laptop have a sandy brigde cpu + intel hd 3000 so I can't use 11.04 either :P20:26
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penguin42Dimmuxx: I suspect that'll get fixed reasonably quickly - there are normally a few devs with the latest shiny hardware20:32
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elrosdoes gnome 3.1 work for you?21:08
nperryJust fully updated to oneiric22:10
nperryWhere have my appearance settings gone :/22:10
zniavrenperry, gnome-tweak-tools does it now22:23

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